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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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surprise. >> it's a very nice afternoon here in the city of campbell. people are out and about. they're shopping, they're dining. a lot of them are not wearing masks so this is a big wake-up call that the pandemic is still with us. and a lot of people aren't happy to be asked to put their masks back on. >> reporter: word that the county was once again asking people to put on their masks while indoors, regardless of their vaccination status, came as a disappointment to many. >> i feel that we are just now starting to get back to normal, and asking the people, especially you are vaccinated, to put their masks on once again, i feel like it's not fair. >> reporter: santa clara county does have one of the highest vaccination rates of any large county in the nation, with 76% now fully vaccinated. but even here, the virus and
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its variants are spreading. >> unfortunately, even though we had very high rates of vaccination, the excellent protection that that affords, we are still seeing our case rates rise. >> reporter: dr. sara roth and says cases are still well below the winter surge but have tripled in recent weeks. >> especially among the young vaccinated population, including those who aren't yet eligible, like our youngest community members. >> reporter: she says asking people to put masks on indoors, in public, is a way to ensure that on vaccinated people are wearing their masks. >> we were hoping that we were coming out of the pandemic, especially here in the bay area, with so many people that have been vaccinated. i think approaching herd immunity. so it's unfortunate that we are possibly going to fall back again. >> reporter: these diners, who said they were vaccinated and unmasked only to eat save a spike could've been avoided. >> people who are vaccinated slip by and think it's okay to not wear a mask anywhere. >> you don't have proof of it so you're going to keep continuing to get people sick. >> reporter: and one man who said he is not vaccinated said he would probably not wear a mask unless it was mandatory. >> i think once again it will be back down to my body, my
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choice. i want to make my own decisions. i don't think we should be gilding anybody. >> these are recommendations, but if businesses want to require it indoors at their business, can they enforce that? >> they can't really enforce it in a legal terminology, but their way around this is to get more outdoor dining. as you can see, it's a very popular option here in the bay area, with the weather so nice. they want to have more outdoor tables for a longer period of time. hearing campbell, these outdoor tables will expire, or at least come up before the city council again in december. so they want to have it out here where it doesn't become an issue, where the air is free- flowing. indoors, though, they do have some say, is no shirt, no service, that type of thing. they don't want to have to come down on patrons just as people are coming back into the restaurant, so they really want to try to avoid the situation, have them eat outside and have everybody happy. >> many big fans of the outdoor dining, so hopefully they extend that. california has reported
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more than 4600 new cases as of yesterday. that brings the seven-day positivity rate to 3.7%. compare that to one week ago today, when the seven-day positivity rate was 2.3%. for the second straight day, new video of a violent robbery in oak linda's chinatown. both crimes caught on camera. kpix 5's donna lynne actually pulled up to the scene as the robbers were driving away from today's attack. >> i came here to cover yesterday's robbery both came across another robbery at the same location. as i pulled up i saw two wome one had a bloody hand, another woman was sitting on the ground with injuries to her knees. >> reporter: this vick them tells me in mandarin, three people robbed her and her mom. she says the robbers took both of their purses. it happened just before noon at the corner of harrison and
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ninth streets. you can see a four-door lexis pulling up. three people ran out of the car and went after the two women. this grandmother in her early 80s tells me in cantonese, they had them in the head and punched her daughter repeatedly until she fell to the ground. she says the robbers then took their purses. the victims and witnesses say the lexis had no license plate. investigators believe the three robbers and the getaway driver were involved in other robberies in north oakland and emeryville today. >> i'm sorry this happened to you. you were holding something? >> i'm holding my bag. >> that's how you cut your finger? okay. >> reporter: police don't know if today's robbery is connected to yesterday's robbery. it happened at 3:15 in the aternoon. the same surveillance camera at the chinese independent baptist church also captured the robbery. a car pulled up, two men with guns robbed a disabled man who walked with a cane. police say he's in his 50s. a bicyclist saw the robbery and
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tried to stop it. a robber pointed a gun with an extended clip at the good samaritan, to back off. he pistol whipped the bicyclist. the two robbers took some items from the victim and left. a cell phone video shows the victim screening. >> moving too >> reporter: police say they are stretched to the limit in terms of resources. >> we have a an increase of 52% of robberies throughout the whole city, and we also have an increase of 91% of carjackings. >> reporter: people who live and shopping chinatown tell me they're very scared. these two robberies happened during the day, with a lot of witnesses nearby. in oakland, i'm darlene, kpix 5. we now know three people died when a small plane crashed in napa county todawas over the the faa says the pilot was
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trying to land at the airport there, when they clipped some trees and went down nearby. the plane, a beechcraft bonanza, caught fire when it hit the ground. the pilot and the two passengers on board died. the ntsb is investigating the crash. let's take a live look at the east bay hills, because we are on alert at the national weather service issued a fire weather watch. chief meteorologist paul heggen joining us in the weather center. concerns going into the weekend. >> it's a fire weather watch. this starts sunday evening at 5:00 p.m., goes through 11 a.m. monday morning. so about 48 hours from this getting started. let's go to the video wall and show you the areas we are talking about. is the higher elevations of the bay area, so the northbay mountains, east bay hills, the diablo range in the santa crews mountain 's, these are all mainly spots above 2000 feet where we are going to have the greatest threat. it's be concerned not only that
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the dry vegetation is there, especially above 2000 feet where the marine layer has not provided any moisture over the past few weeks, but we are adding the possibility of some dry thunderstorms to the mix, beginning sunday evening, continuing into the nighttime hours and into early monday morning. not just dry lightning that could spark some fires but also producing gusty winds that will be erratic in direction, helping to spread the virus. much more detail, what we know and what we are still figuring out in just a few minutes. we've got some breaking news this evening on daca, the government program protecting thousands of young adults brought into this country as very young children, illegally. a federal judge in texas has ruled the program is invalid. the judge sided with texas and eight other republican-led states. they argued president obama exceeded his authority by establishing daca in 2012. the judge blocked the feds from granting any new applications. however, that new ruling does not impact the 600,000 people already protect it by the program. >> looking live at the nation's capital, where lawmakers representing several states converged today. they are determined to keep the
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focus on their stand against states' attempts to pass controversial voting members. cbs correspondent natalie brand joins us now from washington with more on this. >> hi liz, yeah. there's a group of texas state lawmakers who are still in washington, d.c. they came here following an election bill standoff in their home state. they're doing whatever they can to keep focus on this issue, meeting with u.s. senators including senator padilla. earlier today a group of them held a news conference in front of this library in northern virginia, which is the site of a historic sit in demonstration 80 years ago over civil rights. >> i am an american and i want to vote. >> reporter: spotlight on voting rights, as legislative black caucus members from texas, maryland, and virginia pushed congress to pass national legislation. >> we, all of us, stand in
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solidarity with our texas brothers and sisters. >> reporter: democratic legislators from the lone star state have been in washington since monday, preventing the texas state house from taking a vote on what they're calling restrict voting measures. >> what is the strategy moving forward if the governor continues to call special sessions? >> what we intend to do and continue to do is to use our voice, share our story. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott is pushing back. the fight for voting rights is also taking place on capitol hill. a day after the chair of the congressional black caucus, joyce beatty, was arrested while participating in a peaceful protest. a house subcommittee held a hearing examining the potential impact of the recent u.s. supreme court decision upholding two hotly contested arizona voting rules. >> of congress disagrees with the decision, it can and it should override the court. >> reporter: calls for federal legislation have also echoed this week from the white house. >> so much of this is not new
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and is going to require us to be tireless and committed and vigilant in fighting for all peoples right to vote. >> reporter: yet gridlock remains in congress, where democratic lawmakers are pushing for two bills, including one named for late civil rights icon and congressman john lewis. >> tomorrow marks one year since his death. there are vigils planned nationwide in his honor, including one here in washington, d.c. also a few scheduled in the bay area, and organizers say they will be calling on congress to pass voting rights legislation at the federal level. >> john lewis made such an impact on this country. all right, natalie. think you. we are now 60 days away from california's recall election. is the last day for es toget onto the ballot. the each need to pay that filing fee and gather 7000 signatures. governor newsom facing a long
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list of challengers including reality star caitlyn jenner, former candidate for governor john cox, conservative talk show host larry elder and former san diego mayor kevin falconer. dozens of other people have also declared. the recall election set for september 14th. we are learning new details on the foiled plot by two bay area men to bomb the democratic headquarters in sacramento. reporter marissa perlman spoke with investigators. >> you just never know. >> reporter: sandy silva in the arden arcade area says there were no signs her neighbor, jared copeland, was involved in an alleged domestic terror threat to blow up the john l burton democratic headquarters. >> but nothing was unusual, out of place, or what i suspect anything. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say 45-year-old ian rogers and 47-year-old jared copeland started plotting an attack on targets they associated with democrats after the 2020 presidential ngto spar
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overthrow the government. early monday morning, sandy saw 14 cop cars outside her apartment and she saw her neighbor get arrested. >> and by 6:30, they all converged on that apartment. >> reporter: investigators left with dozens of boxes of evidence. we check in with john summer camp, former special agent with the fbi, on what's the risk to the public now? >> people are rattled by this. what's the threat for more terror attacks here at home? >> i guess you could say it's probably elevated. based on the last year and what we've seen politically and across the country. it seems that people are more divided, writes, on the left and the right, and very extreme on the left and on the right, and it's forcing some groups, as you see these militia groups for example, to try to form and >> m perln reporting.
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still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, former 49er and stanford star richard sherman faces a judge. his plea today, charges including domestic violence. a coyote killed at a busy san francisco park after reportedly charging at young children. why experts say humans are to blame. and what caused this big mess on interstate 80
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former 49er nc hacks player richard sherman pled not guilty today to five misdemeanor charges in a seattle courtroom. the charges include domestic violence, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence. this is the home surveillance video from earlier this week. investigators say sherman was intoxicated when he showed up at his in-laws house, minutes after crashing his suv, and that he tried to force his way in. sherman's wife told emergency dispatchers he was depressed and had threatened to kill
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himself. today the five-time pro bowler released a statement on social media saying, quote, i am deeply remorseful for my actions on tuesday night. i behaved in a manner i am not proud of. i have been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months, but that is not an excuse for how i acted. sherman is vowing to get help and said he is grateful for his support system. a live look at the port of oakland in the neighborhood where the a's want to build a new stadium. we are learning there are key sticking points on a deal between the team and the city. oakland's term sheet calls for 30% affordability on housing, well the a's want a waiver and there are still disagreements on infrastructure funding. a's president dave cattle says what the city released today does not work for the team. he said that the a's offer, that's the new -- last option for a new stadium and keeping the team in oakland.
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all this ahead of a key city vote tuesday on the project. a coyote has been killed in san francisco after reportedly charging at toddlers at golden gate park. the city's animal care and control said the animal had become a serious threat to public safety after at these five encounters. experts say this particular coyote had lost his fear of humans. signs were posted around the park warning people not to approach coyotes or any other wild animals. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll have a report from the park along with tips on what to do if you actually encounter a coyote. and another coyote was spotted this morning in contra costa county. a viewer sent us this video of the animals searching for brick this this morning across the street from st. mary's college. and overflowing water tower in truck he caused freeway flooding and a big traffic mess today. happened along the westbound la north of lake tahoe, after a backhoe hit a water main. a contractor apparently trying to fix it but a valve failed, causing a surge in the pressure. >> that ended up exposing one of our pressure zones in our water distribution system to another pressure zone.
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that ended up in the overflow wing of one of our water tanks. >> look at that water overflow, the chp had to shut down the freeway for a while but the lane is now reopened. overseas, massive flooding in europe has emergency crews in a desperate search for hundreds of people missing after record rainfall. the hardest hit regions, germany and belgium, where more than 100 people were killed. powerful flash floods have also destroyed thousands of homes, leaving some communities completely underwater. one climate scientist says he is shocked by the disaster. >> manifestly one of the richest countries in the world, being caught out, which is quite disturbing in the sense that it suggests no one is really safe. >> belgium and the netherlands are also impacted. experts say the amount of rain that fell over the last two days is double what normally would have fallen for the entire month of july.
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>> they're getting the rain, we are getting the drought and things are going to warm up a little bit. the concern is we are going to be warm and we are going to add some moisture with the potential for thunderstorms later in the weekend. what's going to happen as we head into the weekend itself, we are going to see that warming trend kicking in as we get into the next couple days. back up to near normal temperatures tomorrow and again on sunday. both around the bay and along the coast, and farther inland . then by sunday we are going to be tracking this little plume of moisture heading up the west coast and some signs that may be a little ripple in the atmosphere is going to help spark some thunderstorms as well. let's get into the details of that. what we know and what we are still figuring out. we'll start with what we know. it is a setup that is conducive to the possibility of thunderstorms. not a guarantee. and they would be dry thunderstorms, because the air between the base of the storm and the ground is going to be way too dry for any of the rain that falls out of the cloud to
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actually reach ground level and put out any fires that are potentially started. fire fields above 2000 feet, exceptionally dry, near record dry levels, because despite the influence of the marine layer below 2000 feet over the past few weeks, that doesn't reach up in elevation, said everything up there an the what we know list, gusty winds and erratic winds out of the storms would allow any fires that do start to spread very rapidly. so what are we still figuring out? this is the million-dollar question, why storms even form in the first place. it's only a 20% chance that any storms actually develop at this time of year you're talking about a near 0% chance. is why we are concerned about this. are we going to see cloud-to- ground lightning or is everything going to be in for cloud lightning? if it's just the clouds trading electricity that's fine. we just don't want that sent down to ground level. and the last thing, the location of any of those cloud- to-ground lightning strikes. that's impossible.
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if they had below 2000 feet where the fire fuels aren't quite as dry, we'll be okay. if they strike above 2000 feet and we're off to the races. let's wrap everything up with a look at what you need to know heading into the weekend. the chance is only 20% of storms getting going, 5:00 p.m. sty nds buthyou it's um onday, th of those new fires getting starteand just no rain that does get going. we'll keep an eye on it as we head into the weekend. there is our marine layer hanging out with fog. 62 downtown. it did warm up a few more degrees today. mid-60s in oakland with 74 san jose and santa rosa and 80s for livermore and concord. heading out to the a's game, it's going to be cool. layer up, breezy as well, temperatures in the 60s for the first pitch against cleveland. the fog isn't going to be as widespread tomorrow morning and it's going to dissipate quickly. temperatures are going to warm up, we're going to start off in the 50s pretty much across the board but temperatures are going to climb into the 60s and even low 70s around the bay. farther into the 80s inland, even some 90s back on the map for inland parts of the east
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bay. san francisco warms up just a couple more degrees as we head into sunday and monday, and back down into the lower half of the 60s exley purchasing pattern for oakland and san jose with slightly warmer temperatures in the santa clara valley. inland and the east bay, you're going to be the hotspots with highs near 94 sunday and monday. into the north bagel top up in the mid-80s. not much change it all along the coast. temperatures stuck in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees, but at least a little more sunshine, and of course we will be watching that lightning threat as we head into sunday and monday. more details on that coming up at 5:30. always makes you really nervous. >> coming up, big vaccine news. the drugmaker that could get full fda approval in a matter of months. looking for a little r and
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the snp announcing today it is adding moderna to its stock index next week. shares of the company jumped 7% on that news. it wasn't the only vaccine maker to get a financial shot in the arm today. the f da granted pfizer priority review for full approval of its vaccine. a decision on that expected by january. bay area can be a stressful place, as we all know, but apparently people in fremont aren't feeling the crunch so much. out of 182 cities, fremont came in as the second least stressed in a new wallet hub su. the least stressed was south burlington, vermont. san jose came in 169th for stress. san francisco was a little less chill at 153. wallet hub used data light covid cases, average weekly work hours and suicide and
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divorce rates to come up with that list. they found that the most stressed cities are cleveland, detroit, and new orleans. driving through concorde do a stretch of 242 from 680 oeh to concord avenue in order to complete the road rehab and paving work that was started last weekend. the closure will begin at 10:00 tonight. it's going to last through 10:00 monday morning. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a ucsf doctor will join us for more perspective on the bay area's new mask recommendations, and what it will take to revert back to our drastic mask mandates. the new test in the works that could determine if your post covid symptoms are here to stay. in yet another sign that life is trying to get back to normal here in san jose, one of the largest temporary homeless shelters in the south bay is shutting down this week to make way for a new art exhibit. >> i think we succeeded at our
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mission, at providing
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news for you at 5:30. just when things were looking up, we're breaking down the new recommendations on indoor
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masking. >> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm alan martin. several bay area health directors urging everyone, even those fully vaccinated, to mask up indoors in public places. >> joining us now is doc there kirsten bibbins-domingo. she is chair of the epidemiology department at ucsf. what do you make of these new mask commendations? >> i think they're wise. i think our public health leaders in the bay area are trying to give us the warning. they're watching the rise, the uptick in cases, and even though the cases are low and the hospitalizations are low, there is clearly a trend for moving up. and in this environment, we have to be cautious. all of us have to do our part, and that is in the most risky environments, indoors, for all of us to mask up. >> you told us yesterday, we got to keep an eye on those numbers, and here we are going for it. but at what point might we go the route of l.a., we go from recommending to requiring the masks again? >> l.a. has both a larger uptick in
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cases and hospitalizations, and they have a lower vaccination rate, frankly, than the ba


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