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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 15, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at togo's. now at 11:00, a live look from sacramento. tonight two bay area men are accused of plotting to bomb targets at the state capitol. what we've learned about the suspects and how their plan was thwarted. >> these domestic terrorism cases are usually initiated by an undercover operation. california's biggest county bringing back its indoor mask main date. could the bay area be next? plus -- >> just overnight we became overly full. the shelters are overburdened. >> tonight why bay area animal rescues are saying they are suddenly overwhelmed. and -- >> this newly released
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surveillance video shows the frightening incident that landed a former 49er behind bars. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look from sacramento tonight. two bay area men are accused of plotting to blow up democratic targets at the state capitol. kpix 5's andrea nakano joins us live from vallejo where the second suspect was arrested, andrea? >> reporter: liz, ian rogers from napa has been in custody since january, but authorities just arrested jarrod copeland from vallejo here yesterday. according to the doj, not only did these men talk about it, but they had enough fire power to carry out their attacks. authorities already caught up to this man, ian rogers, from napa on january 15th. they searched his home and his business, british auto repair,
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where they seized a collection of guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and five pipe bombs. the indictment describes how rogers communicated with 37-year-old jarrod copeland on multiple messaging platforms. authorities say rogers wrote i want to blow up a democrat building bad. copeland responding, i agree, plan attack. >> the rhetoric that he's espousing on his chat that, you know, talked about all the hate and discontent he had for if, you know, if trump didn't win the election. i mean, those kind of things, people take that real seriously today. >> reporter: kpix security analyst and former fbi agent jeff hart believes someone on the inside came forward to authorities. >> these domestic terrorism cases are usually initiated by an undercover operation or an informant or somebody tipping somebody off. >> reporter: dojha rs to copelandfter we go to war. the 20th was inauguration day as president joe biden took over
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the white house. after rogers was arrested on the 15th, investigators say copeland, who lives in vallejo, reached out to a leader of a maly sha group and was told to delete all communications. by the time doj seized copeland's devices on the 17th, messages to rogers were deleted. >> andrea, do we know if anymore arrests are expected in this case? >> reporter: well, the fbi and san francisco is still investigating this case along with the fbi in sacramento and the napa county sheriff's department. so more charges and arrests could follow, but there is that issue of the deleted evidence. but jeff harp also told me that at least with these two men, the u.s. attorney's office wouldn't have taken on this case if it didn't have enough evidence to get a conviction in this case. >> all right, andrea, thank you. a man in the south bay also under arrest tonight after police found a small of
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weapons and a racist manifesto. a business owner spotted him near rev auto sales in campbell about midnight on friday. his security camera picked up this guy lurking around cars. police tracked down the man in his truck where they found the weapons and the evidence. >> good thing i was up and i was able to call it in, because i think we prevented a tragedy from happening. >> indicating hatred of black people, hispanic people and jewish people, an intent to wipe out those populations. >> 32-year-old wesley charles martinez is now facing a long list of weapons charges. if convicted, he faces a maximum of five years and four months in prison. violent robbery in oakland's chinatown. and we have to warn you, it is very disturbing. the chinatown chamber of commerce president tells us it happened this afternoon on ninth street between harrison and
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alice. the video appears to show two suspects beating an asian man to the ground and pistol whipping a good samaritan. we are still waiting to hear back from opd for more information. california's biggest county taking action amid an alarming rise in covid-19 cases. l.a. county is bringing back its indoor mask mandate. and tonight kpix 5's maria medina looks into whether the bay area could be next. >> if there is ever a wake-up call, it's right now. >> reporter: exactly one month after governor gavin newsom celebrated the state's progress in the fight against covid-19 and re-opened california, health leaders in los angeles county announced an indoor mask mandate once again starting this saturday. >> i think what people didn't expect, myself included, was the rapid dominance of delta. >> the natural question is, are we headed in that direction again? >> that's a great question. i would say i'm kind of in the middle of whether or not we'd
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see that mandate. >> reporter: cases in theay area are also increasing, but dr. peter chin-hong says the number of deaths remain stable. the difference between the bay this state and ine dring this pt now. and that is the choice that people are making, so that's why we need to mask, especially indoors. >> this is my first dose. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, the push to get vaccines into the arms of one of the most hesitant age group, those 18 to 25, is obvious. santa clara county's public health department staged a night clinic or mobile lab at san pedro square, among bars and restaurants. >> i was worried about myself and my family, especially because we have a kid. but now i feel a little bit more protected. >> reporter: jose via and his wife spotted the clinic on a walk through downtown, but as of 7:00 p.m., three hour into the
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clinic, only a dozen people got vaccinated. >> what i am concerned about is that if this variant starts to really spread, that we'll have an even more transmissible variant come along down the pike. >> mariae cases creeping up. yesterday the state announced that our seven-day positivity rate is now over 3%, how concerned did the doctor say we should be about that? >> reporter: well, you know, both doctors, again, agree that this is a wake-up call for those unvaccinated to get vaccinated. and dr. chin-hong says our numbers here in the bay area are actually relatively low considering how contagious the delta variant is and when you look at other parts of the country where their positivity is in the double digits, ours are in the single digits. >> high number of people vaccinated, maybe that explains it. maria medina reporting live, thankou. tonight the uc system is
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announcing all students and staff must be vaccinated before they return to campus in the fall. according to the order, unvaccinated students will not be able to attend in-person class, events or live in the dorms. tonight the biden administration calling out big tech for allowing vaccine misinformation to thrive. today the u.s. surgeon general issued an advisory on the dangers of health misinformation. he is urging big tech and social media companies to do more to stop the spread, saying that it's putting lives at risk. >> they've allowed people to intentionally spread misinformation, what we call disinformation, to have extraordinary reach. >> and nationwide, the number of daily vaccinations has dropped by more than half over the past month. new at 11:00, during the covid lockdowns, record number of people brought new pets into theirom man cases, adopting from shelters and rescues. but as kpix 5's katie nielsen
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shows us, shelters are now seeing the opposite -- record numbers of people looking to surrender their animals. >> this is annie a 6 week old puppy at rocket dog rescue. they used to have a waiting list for people lookingde winding down, a lot has changed. >> reporter: rocket dog rescue in oakland has so many dogs right now, they've set up makeshift kennels in their lobby. >> just almost overnight we just became like overly full. the shelters are overburdened. >> reporter: she founded the rescue 20 years ago and says she's seeing record numbers of people wanting to surrender their dogs. she's getting dozens of emails and text message requests every day. >> i've never had this many rehoming ever. >> reporter: she says two things are happening -- some people adopted dogs at the beginning of the lockdown, and now that they're going back to work or traveling, they don't want the
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responsibility of a dog. and others are simply dealing with the hardships caused by the pandemic. >> 60% of the rehoming applications that we're getting now are people that are being forced out of their homes, being evicted or having to care for an elderly parent or move back in with a family member. >> reporter: it's a trend playing out across the bay area. contra costa animal services says their owner surrenders are ticking up as well, with 23 in april, 32 in may and 40 in june. >> it's just horrible. you know, i don't think that any other rescues or shelters were prepared for this. >> reporter: at the same time, she says they're seeing fewer people looking to adopt. >> we go to a couple of adoption events, and everybody would love the puppies, but they weren't getting adopted. >> reporter: she says until the trends turn around, she and other rescue groups will do the best they can to make space for dogs needing a new home, even if that means keeping puppies in the lobby. in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix 5. new at 11:00, parents are
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being warned about a rare summer outbreak of a virus that attacks the lungs. rsv infects the lungs and breathing passages. healthy people typically experience mild cold-like symptoms, including cough, congestion and fever, but the virus can be serious among infants and the elderly, leading to as many as 14,000 deaths each year. rsv usually crops up during the winter, but the u.s. is seeing an unusual summer surge this year. doctors say that parents should keep a close eye out for cold-like symptoms and don't assume it's just a cold. well, still ahead tonight, newly released video showing the frightening scene that led to the arrest of former 49er star richard sherman. volunteers looking for a missing runner in the east bay are taking a new approach
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in just a few hour, richard sherman is scheduled to head back to court, and tonight new surveillance video is providing a firsthand look at the former 49ers star allegedly trying to force his way into the home of his in-laws. reporter alison grande on the frightening scene early yesterday morning. >> reporter: richard sherman is seen on a security camera at his in-law's house in redmond trying to get inside. he appears angry, desperate, and investigators say he was intoxicated. while he's outside, panicked
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relatives are inside. his sister-in-law called 911. >> my sister's husband is trying to break in the house. he's literally crazy. i have a house full of kids. my dad -- >> tell me exactly where exactly is he trying to break in? >> he tried to break in the front door. he has the door code. >> reporter: sherman 's wife was inside too, hunkered down and hiding. >> he's on antidepressants. he was threating on the kill himself. >> reporter: sherman showed up after crashing his suv into a construction site on 520 then driving the wrecked car to a nearby arby's parking lot and abandoning it. the state patrol gave us these photos. >> literally it was -- happened right here as far as his car ended up here in this little parking lot here. >> reporter: -- works at mattress depot and saw the skid marks and rubber in the park lot. >> that's just from the tires probably. allegedly the tire popped. and so i think this is about as far as he could go until he couldn't drive anymore. >> reporter: so sherman took off on foot to hn-las house a
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few miles away. >> now, according to the police report, sherman's father-in-law armed himself with a handgun and used pepper spray against the nfl star. richard sherman was released on bond earlier today. hundreds of volunteers spent another day searching for a run who are mysteriously vanished on what was supposed to be a one-hour trip with no success. volunteers gathered in the parking lot of foothill high school again to begin searching pleasanton ridge park for philip kreycik. they also started plastering fliers all over the city of pleasanton and today in hopes that somebody recognizes the father and husband. >> they are 100% in this. they believe that philip is out there alive, and their message to the community is thank you so much for helping us and we're still here. and we're going to bring him back alive. >> well, the search effort is being coordinated through a
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community facebook page. volunteers say they will keep looking until they find him. right now b.a.r.t. is providing late night service for the first time in more than a year. the last trains to leave the station are at 11:30 p.m., and service will continue on thursday, friday and saturday night for the rest of the month. starting monday, august 2nd, b.a.r.t. will extend its operating hours to midnight on weekdays and saturdays. tonight crews from san francisco are joining the fight against the nation's biggest wildfire that's burning in southern oregon. the bootleg fire exploded in size again overnight. flames have already scorched more than 225,000 acres. the fire is just 7% contained. and tonight mandatory evacuations have been ordered due to the dixie fire. that one's burning near the plumas and butte county lines. flames have charred nearly 5,000 acres since tuesday. thankfully that fire is burning
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away from the more heavily populated areas, including the town of paradise where the camp fire killed more than 80 people back in 2018. and our morning team will have the very latest on all the fires burning across california, in fact, all over the west, tomorrow starting at 4:30. paul heggen standing by, and you've been watching kind of the air quality and also what our weather conditions here could soon hopefully not provide, but the risk that we have. >> always something we have to watch. our air quality isn't going to suffer because of the fires that are ongoing right now, but everything around the bay area is still tinder dry. the vegetation, the fire fuels at near record levels so. the blue line is where we've been since the beginning of the year, and the red line, that's the record low. and that's where we are for the median vegetation, the shrubbery, small trees. the larger trees also very near record lows. this is a cause for concern because there's an outside chance we could have some dry lightning strikes by early next week. let's take a look at the fire danger index as we head through
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next couple of days. with below average temperatures again tomorrow, this is about as low as we see these numbers during the month of july. only two or three on our zero to ten scale. it looks like they'll be higher for the second half of the weekend. a few spots up around four, but the temperatures slowly warming up. at least we're not going to see really dangerous fire weather conditions unless we get some of those cloud to ground lightning strikes. and that's the wild card. it's monsoon season for the desert southwest. tucson picking up moisture over the past two weeks. there's a chance that moisture is going to head up towards the bay area. not a lot of it, but the brown, the dry air, being displaced by this green area, that means that we're talking about enough moisture for at least some cloud cover overhead. there's a low lightning threat. it's not something we can rule out. it's not something you should lose sleep over, but it's something we're going to keep an eye on as we head towards sunday and monday of next week. in the short term, what we have out there right now is more fog
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surrounding the buildings of downtown. 53 degrees downtown. one of the coolest spots, along with santa rosa. we're only going to cool off another couple degrees as the fog continues to spread out. it's going to be out there to begin the day but backs up wards the coast by early afternoon. temperatures begin the day, again, a degree or two cooler than now. except santa rosa, you're in the upper 40s. still below average, # 0s for the coast, 60s around the bay with a mix of 70s and 80s farther inland. even the warm spots are below 90 degrees. for san francisco, a warm-up as we head towards monday. it's a slow warm-up, but the same trend is in place for oakland and san jose, with san jose's temperatures reaching the low 80s by the beginning of next week. a cooldown by the middle of next week. inland, the east bay, you're the hot spots with highs around 90 degrees sunday, monday and tuesday. not quite as hot for the north bay, mid-80s, with temperatures along the coast staying right
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liz, how many times? has ever >> oh. >> paul, howany times? >> definitely more than six. >> okay, try being a bridesmaid six times at a major golf tournament. that man is louis. sunshine early at royal st. george. just off the english channel near the cliffs of dover. san francisco-born will had the shot of the day. eagle on 12th. he shot one under. phil mickelson probably wanted to jump off the cliffs of dover, shooting an 80, his worst opening round ever in a major. jordan spieth last major win 2017, british open. in contention again, jordan had six birdies. runner up louis is knock, k knoc ohesh o
11:26 pm
or after firing a bogey-free six under 64. he leads spieth and brian harmon by one, the ultimate bridesmaid. bryson dechambeau tied for fourth after shooe shooting1. he hit only 4 of 14 fairway. after his round, naturally, he put the blame on the driver. >> with the driver right now, the driver sucks. it's not a good face for me, and we're still trying to figure out how to make it good on the mis-hits. and you know, i'm living on the razor's edge. >> the maker was not happy with the comments. their manager said it's just really, really painful when he says something that stupid. he has never really been happy ever. it's like an 8-year-old that gets mad at you, says i hate you, but then you go, no, no you don't. dechambeau said he was sorry. tomorrow he'll blame his putter. here we go again, folks.
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today's yankees/sox game was postponed after six new york players, including all star aaron judge, tested positive for covid-19. also covid issues with the u.s. men's teamas postponed friday's game versu australia. all star bradley pced i heth and safety protocols. not good, not good at all. nba finals, they're still buzzing about giannis' block on the suns' deandre that would have tied the game. bucks went on to win, to tie that series at 2-2. giannis played 43 minutes, but somebody wanted to know why he left the bench early in the first quarter. >> what the hell you guys say politely, i want to take a tinkle? i went to take a tinkle and came back. that's it.
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that's polite, tinkle is polite, yeah. >> now, bastida, i know what you say besides tinkle, but liz, what does bo say when he has to tinkle? >> i got to go potty. >> potty. what do you say? >> i don't want to tell you. >> he says i want to go potty too. >> we need a break. >> all right, dennis, thanks. tonight an old classic is getting a new look. the revamped ride
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in just a few hour, disneyland will be re-opening its new, revamped jungle cruise ride. >> and it's going to be more inclusive. for years, the park has been criticized for the ride's controversial depictions of indigenous people. in january, the company announced it would rethink the classic attraction and will ensure accurate representation of the cultures. the ride will re-open
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well, the late show with stephen colbert captioning sponsored by cbs >> senator lindsey graham has promised to go to war over chick-fil-a after some notre dame students asked the university not to add chick-fil-a to their campus over its anti-lgbtq stance. the senator tweeted... ♪ >> we will not chew salads into the night! we will not taste fruit when we bite! we are going to eat whoppers with a side of chicken fries! ( cheers and applause )


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