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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 15, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, concerns about delta variant spreading. how bad is it here? one month into reopening, why business owners say we have a long way to go. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. we have live team coverage starting with anne makovec and the covid update given minutes ago. the director of public health called the delta variant covid on steroids. he expressed real concern when it comes to an up tick now especially when it comes to inequity along racial lines. taking a live look at the city of san francisco now, these are the latest numbers as of july 7
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month. still a of 373 cases daily. the mayor just said the up tick is focused on unvaccinated minorities. >> what we will see, what the data shows us, is that with this new delta variant, we will see higher infections of those not vaccinated and we can anticipate there will be at least 250 more deaths and disproportionately, those people will be african americans and latinos. >> every person hospitalized indeed san francisco hospitals for covid-19 now is unvaccinated. 75% of people in san francisco are fully vaccinated. >> thank you. justin andrews continues team coverage live from re
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checked with businesses now back open for a month as of today. >> reporter: we talked to a breakfast spot here in red wood city. the catering manager, she calls the last 30 days a life saver but are they worried about the delta variant? >> no. we are really not worried. >> reporter: a month since the state reopened, things are slowly picking up in red wood city. >> it's amazing. we had several months of dire times where we had to lay staff off. it's nice to welcome our employees back. >> reporter: the gm is serving food. they've had to shut down, reopen, change hours, now only open during the daytime. >> hope this passes sooner rather than later so we can get back to a real normal life. it's not quite normal yet. >> reporter: varit is driving surges across the country, even in
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california. new cases in almost every state are up at least 10%. doctors keep reassuring us if we have been vaccinated we should be protected from the delta variant. remember though, cdc says no vaccine is 100% effective. this couple is glad to be back. >> it's going back to the old times, i think. we have seen changes in this place but it's nice to get out and see something familiar, the people, the food. >> reporter: the gm says she keeps welcoming back customers enjoying their beg outdoor space but some customers still haven't come back. >> missing some regular customers. we had a lot of elderly people that would come regularly and we have yet to see some of them. >> reporter: dr. fauci recommends that we wear a mask while indoors. he says that will cut the spread of this new kpix5. then there is this, u.s.
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surgeon general issued first health advisory of the biden administration. he calls health misinformation an urgent threat to public health saying american lives are at risk. >> we are pushing back against misinformation that we are conveying accurately that the vast majority 99.5% of people going to hospitals are not vaccinated. >> the surgeon general cited a study which says even brief exposure to misinformation made people less likely to want a vaccine. there is also increasing concern about low vaccination rates among adolescents. about 25% of 12 to 15-year-olds are fully vaccinated as students get ready to return to the classrooms in the fall. new covid cases are up 50% or more in 32 states including california. more shaking today not far from last week's big quake in the south tahoe area. today's quake was a 3.7 near smith valley, nevada. no reports of major damage.
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last week's quake was bigger, a 6.0, sending boulders crashing to a highway. people felt it in some parts of the bay area. fire watch, dixie fire is exploding in butte county miles from the town of paradise which was devastated by the camp fire in 2018. since sparking tuesday the fire has scorched more than 2200 acres and has triggered evacuation warnings. no containment so far, it is burning in steep terrain making it harder to access. the concern now, wind conditions shifting directions of the flames. our drought emergency is not helping wildfire conditions and we are getting a new snapshot of just how bad it's gotten. meteorologist mary lee is here with more. the latest drought monitor was released just this morning. not a lot of change from last week, still looking at exceptional drought in maroon for north bay as well as east bay, tri valley, san francisco county and extreme drought for
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peninsula in red and the south bay. for the entire state, almost the entire state under a severe drought. that's third worst drought category, extreme drought for 86% and exceptional drought, 33% of the state. just to show you the drought conditions at this time last year and a big difference, about 22% of the state was under severe drought. a drastic change from last year at this time. it's only going to get worse as we are looking at of course dry weather throughout the rest of the summer and likely into fall. we'll have more on what you can expect as we take you through the rest of this week into next week, coming up. >> thank you. stay up to date with drought conditions by zip code and the latest water restrictions at today volunteers will be out for one last day of searching for missing runner in official search for philip kreycik was called off last
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night. crews combed the park for five days but found no sign of him. investigators say he mailed a package in oak land before his run. they're wondering if he made it to the park or if something else happened. they're still treating this as a missing person case. president biden is hosting german chancellor angela merkel and it's likely to be her last visit as head of state. earlier she had a breakfast meeting with kamala harris at the naval observatory. she said she was delighted to meet with first madam vice president of the united states. starting today millions of families will be able to access a new round of federal funds, boost in the child tax credit. it is up from $2,000 to 3600 for kids under six and 3,000 for older children. half the money will be paid over six months. parents have to claim the rest on their tax returns and families have to make under a certain amount to qualify. for a married couple filing
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jointly that's 150,000 or less. irs will send money based on last year's tax retrn. people who started making more this year and no longer qualify for the credit need to go to and opt out. >> if you get it and don't qualify, you have to pay back that money to uncle sam next tax season. >> the white house says nearly 4 million families in california will get a check this month. fewer americans signed up for unemployment benefits last week. first time filings fell by 26,000 to 360,000. that marks pandemic era low and moves needle closer to prepandemic levels. let's take a look at the big board, dow is up pots new, lyft resuming shared rides option which was paused during the pandemic. it will allow users to car pool with others again driving down
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the cost of trips. lyft is doing sledder roll out starting monday in chicago, denver, philadelphia. masks are required. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, bart giving riders another option. >> late night service starting today and more expansion on the way. meet the bay area jefferson award winner and hear about her mission to grow a healthier east bay community. patients who survived covid infection, even mild ones, are facing a new dilemma. >> now you have this added, i feel, burden of the cowhalat 's nexmine. >> it is an active area of investigation. >> covid setbacks for a growing number of individuals suffering from a
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we are getting a look into potential future of policing in the bay area. the san francisco sheriffs office host the the show this morning highlighting some of the company's products like the newest body worn cameras. >> everybody is under a microscope now. what you want to do is have accountability and transparency for law enforcement officers it see what they were facing. when you are wearing this camera, you are live up close and personal. this can also live stream events. >> the company demonstrated less lethal products like tasers. for the first time in over a year late night bart service is returning. four trains will serve eight stops in san francisco and east
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bay. this runs thursday, friday, saturdays for the rest of the month. >> this is a step for people who are out on the town or who have to work in the restaurant or hotel industry. we're going to have these four trains that will leave at 11:30 from embarcadero or civic center stations. >> the service will be replaced on august 2 when service is extended. the city brings back the music and market weekly concert series. >> welcome back. we are excited to have everybody and host everybody again. city staff and everybody has been trying to work towards getting everything back together and bringing people back into our living room. >> the event kicks off with the farmer's market at 4:00 on willow pass road and grand street. live music by the band zydeco flames is set to begin at 6:30. she used to work behind a
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desk as a school administrator. today she's out in the elements cultivating a healthier community from the ground up. this week's jefferson award winner. >> the kids always would come to me and go miss wanda, here is the seed from my apple from lunch. wanda recalls how an apple tree took root. as executive director of common vision she oversees a dozen partnerships that teach thousands of students fruit and vegetable gardening. >> i want to be the best model for how to take care of your body, how to take care of community and grow community, how to take care of the environment. >> reporter: she's expanded the nonprofit work since 2019 from statewide tree planting to growing bay area campus gardens. she's training instructors to incorporate outdoor labs in
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their curriculum. >> welcome. >> reporter: she even created momma wanda video series so students can keep learning while sheltered at home in the pandemic. >> the gun shots were heard by the kids. >> reporter: for at risk kids who are no strangers to neighborhood violence, wanda says the growing cycle teaches lessons in death and life. >> you are not different from the trees. that tree needs water. that tree needs good fertilizer. that tree needs sunshine, fresh air, love. >> reporter: besides food from the gardens wanda and volunteers have found ways to feed others in the last year. they're packing up food donations to distribute to families and homeless encampments each week. parents like monique are grateful. >> it's helping people out and it definitely helped me and my family, especially during the pandemic. >> reporter: to volunteer larry davis, wanda is an inspiration.
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>> she's god's gift. she has a living heart. >> reporter: volunteer benjamin home agrees. >> she's just amazing at bringing people together and making projects happen. >> i love the sound of that. >> reporter: in the process. >> i am teaching you how to grow yourself. >> reporter: for expanding nonprofit's vision to nourish through food, gardening, education, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to wanda stewart. >> very nice. if you would like to nominate an unsung hero for a jefferson award go to and click the nominations tab. >> great work out there. let's get a check of our weather now with mary. i love wanda. she's such an inspiration. it is a cool day across the bay area. you can see on our mark hopkins hotel cam, still looking at drops on our live cam. so still tracking a little bit mist out there along the coast
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and around the bay. that really indicates that on shore flow and ocean breeze kicking in for us. temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday at this time. we are looking at the mid 50s in downtown san francisco, oakland in the upper 50s, mid 60s in santa rosa, low 70s san jose and concord, mid 70s for livermore. we are about five degrees cooler in oakland compared to this time but the 24 hour temperature change, five degrees cooler in san jose and four degrees cooler in concord, hayward, fairfield. checking winds, you can see blustery conditions at sfo, westerly winds at 23, 15 hayward and concord, 21-mile per hour winds in fairfield. summer sea breeze kicking in and that's why we are looking at today, the coolest day of the week, stronger on shore flow. as we go through our day, sunshine inland but still looking at the cloud cover along the coast and around the bay. as we look to tomorrow, low clouds, areas of fog stream right back in for tomorrow and
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then looking at clearing for most of us through your friday. in fact slightly warmer friday and start of a warming trend into the weekend.. daytime highs below average for this time of year, six to eight degrees below average. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect. slightly warmer friday and continuing with the warm up as we look to saturday and sunday especially inland. you will feel that difference and continuing to watch temperatures climb as we look to early the next week. in fact monday looks to be the warmest day out of our extended forecast. back to you. >> mary, thank you. coming up, a sun kidnapped and found decades later. his
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this next story reads like a movie plot. >> it really does.
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parents in china were reunited with their son 24 years after he was kidnapped. here they are hugging for the first time in decades. he was two years old when he was taken. he was playing alone outside the home in 1987 when he was abducted and sold to another family. police found no trace of the toddler. >> his father quit his job and cris crossed the country on a motorbike to try and find them, the flag of his missing son waving behind him. he slept under bridges and begged for money when it ran out. his devotion inspired the chinese blockbuster lost in love. >> police cracked the case this week. they used dna to identify a teacher, the same teacher who went missing still living in the same chinese province. >> over the years, the father of the boy has helped seven
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other families find their lost children and raised awareness about child trafficking. >> the whole time holding out hope he would find his own. >> right there in the same province. i can't even imagine the heartache. a big from the host about tonight's first house guest eviction. on the drew
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at 5:00, count down on for nfl preseason, how niners are gearing up to welcome fans back to levi. that story and more at 5:00. let's get a last check of weather now. meraout ere. ul afternoon inlt san jose, you can see that sunshine. a different story in san as we look west, it's a gray afternoon. you can see with our san francisco cam temperatures will be on the rise friday and into the weekend and early next week. back to you. >> thank you. it is a big night on big brother. tonight's episode will be live and will include the first house guest eviction of the season. host says she sometimes has an idea of who it's going to be but you never really know. >> it's happened a handful of
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times where live show producer will say two minutes to air. the house is flipping right now. they're flipping. there is drama and screaming right now. just hang on. we don't know what will happen. >> watch big brother at 8:00 right here on kpix5. >> big brotand screaming. >> it's a winner. >> it's a winner. that's it for kpix5 news at noon. >> our next newscast
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>> steffy: i'm so happy liam and--and bill are finally out of jail. >> ridge: we have your brother to thank for that. >> steffy: i can't even imagine what vinny must've been going through. dying by suicide to set liam up. >> brooke: all so you could be with hope. >> thomas: yeah. i--i had no idea what he was going through. obviously he was struggling a lot more than i realized. the good news is that the truth is finally out. >> brooke: liam is very grateful. >> ridge: and we're all grateful to have you back safe and sound. >> steffy: i can't believe justin held you captive. >> thomas: yeah. it kind of feels like a bad dream. but what's important is that nothing terrible happened to me and, uh, liam is back with his family. so... >> ridge: and all of this because spencer once again made a bad decision.


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