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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, lookk live from exclusive mark hopkins camera this morning, looking east. good morning. it's thursday july 15. >> you are skipping along. >> i hit the fast forward button. let's go back four days. the 15th. >> i am michelle griego. we don't want to be four days older. but we do want a check of weather and traffic. we are looking at low clouds, areas of fog, areas of drizzle as we start our day with that on shore flow. grab that jacket. it will be cooler today with the strongeran breeze. inctthe coolest day out of thekup looking to our weekend especially inland. here is what you can expect through our afternoon, highs six to eight degrees below
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average, 60 in san francisco, mid 70s san jose, topping out at 80 in concord later today. we'll talk about the rest of the week into our weekend and next week with the warm up in store for us in a few minutes. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic on this thursday morning. good morning. as we look at the roadways north bound 680, chp is working on a crash. all the activity is over to the right shoulder. just a minimal impact there. brake lights out of tracy to mount house to asno you get on 580. sluggish conditions. it looks better once you pass that point. an over night closure on 84 as you work near main street. lanes should open up by 5:00. i am makovec at the live news desk. we just got new information in in what might have been going
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through the mind of the man who shot nine of his co-workers at the vta rail yard last may 26. the mercury news reporting this morning that the man harbored dark thoughts about harming two specific people. that is according to a report from an encounter with some customs agents at the san francisco airport. that was when he was returning home from the philippines in 2016. the two names of the people he harbored dark thoughts for were redacted from the report. we still don't know if they were among the people he shot or even if they were vta employees. but the feds labeled this a significant encounter with that man, his personnel file of course indicated a record of trouble with his co-workers. d.a. in santa clara said he received a copy of the redacted report last week. we will stay on top of it. volunteers will be back out at 9:00 for one last day of
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searching for the missing runner in alameda. the mist rye deepens. there is still no sign of 37- year-old philip kreycik. police say he mailed a package in oakland before his run. they're looking into what was in the package. investigators are. >> he is somewhere in the area. second scenario, he parked at the trail head and he is somewhere else. that is why our investigation is ongoing and looking at all possibilities. >> police investigators are not calling this a criminal a vestigation. missing persse. >>delta ridr d rges >> it is fafothose not vaccinated. latest seven day positivity
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rate for california is 3%. at this time last month it was .8% from january to april. cdc reported a little more than 10,000 break through infections. that number is even higher as states loosen restrictions. >> it sucks when you are like well i thought i was safe. not so much. >> doctors continue to reassure the public as long as you are vaccinated, the risk of infection is low. >> 99% of all the cases occurring in the u.s. right now, certainly hospitalizations and deaths, are among unvaccinated people. >> new cases in almost every state are up at least 10%. a napa doctor facing federal charges for allegedly selling fake vaccine cards and frauding patients with a vaccine alternative. a licensed natural pathic
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doctor, the criminal complaint alleges how she falsified, fabricated, altered cards for kid to submit to schools. she's accused of offering a type of pellet she claimed would offer life long immunity to covid-19. >> i didn't know anything about it. it's crazy to think it could happen in such a small town. people believe what they want to believe these days. >> we reached out for comment but have not heard back. she faces up to 25 years behind bars if convicted. millions of families will be able to access a new rounds of federal funds. the american rescue plan congress passed in march boosts child tax credit. elise preston tells us how it works. >> reporter: a memphis real estate agent saw business drop dramatically when the pandemic started. life changing news hit the mother of two. during the pandemic you battled lupus and breast cancer. >> i have been battling lupus
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since 2017. i had breast cancer surgery february 25. that was a huge under taking, just taking the time off and recoup asian. >> reporter: she had to stop working for months of recovery and bills piled up. now millions of parents are getting extra money from the government. child tax credit is up from 2,000 to 3600 for kids under six and 3,000 for older children. half the money will be paid over six months. parents have to claim the rest on their tax returns and families have to make under a certain amount to qualify. for a married couple filing jointly, that's $150,000 or less. people who started making more money this year and no longer qualify for the credit need to go to and opt out. >> if you get it and don't qualify you have to pay back
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that money to uncle sam next tax season. >> reporter: extra free and working again, the extra money is welcome. >> we are at least able to put a dent in some of those bills. >> reporter: helping her veshe year behind her. >> families that make no income will also receive the credit. mixed stocks yesterday plus why johnson & johnson is recalling products from a popular skincare line. diane king hall explains in today's money watch report. stocks were mixed wednesday. dow gained 44 points. nasdaq fell 32 and s&p 500 added five. >> over first half of 2021. >> reporter: the federal reserve chair put investor inflation fears at ease.
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he said he believes reports are trans torrey, a position held since economic recovery began. he added there are no plans to roll back central bank's current asset buying policies. johnson & johnson recalling four neutro gina and one sun spray after a potential cancer causing chemical was found in the samples. it is not an ingredient and the company is looking into how it got into the products. the amount will likely not pose a health risk but it is recalling out of abundance for caution. fit for 55 might sound like a work out plan but it's the european union's ambitious goal to tackle climate change. it wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. the hope is to reach net zero by 2050. fit for 55 will require
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approval by member nations which could take up to two years. for more head to i am diane king hall. a major legal victory for britney spears. she's one step closer to ending the conservatorship that she's lived under. >> her fans are celebrating. >> reporter: the rally cry for fans across the country. >> what do we want? >> free brittany! >> reporter: los angeles to washington, dc this was more than a circus. it was a real celebration of a legal win. >> it's sad that she was allowed to live in this type of situation. >> reporter: wednesday a los angeles judge ruled spears can hire her own attorney as she fights to end the court ordered conservatorship. >> my firm and i are going to be taking a top to bottom look at what's happened over the
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past decade. >> reporter: spears wants her father removed as her conservator. he is responsible for her financial affairs. the hearing came weeks after spears made stunning allegations against the conservatorship saying she was forced to work against her will and use a contraceptive device to prevent her from having more kids. she sobbed as she accused her dad of abuse. >> we will be moving promptly and aggressively for his removal. >> reporter: spears posted video of herself doing cart wheels and wrote with new representations today, i feel gratitude. she thanked dedicated fans who argue this is about mental health and individual rights. >> this is about a human being who had her civil rights, human rights stripped away. >> reporter: if she wins, spears said she may retire from
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singing. also this morning, britney wants her father charged with conservatorship abup on kpix5 a streaming on cbsn bay area, limited supply of sedans and suvs driving prices sky high. what bay area car buyers need to know. imagine waking up to this, wild weather in
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walk into any new car dealership these days and it is unlikely you will find what you are looking for. the shortage is due to a cut back in production during the pandemic on top of a trade war. >> anna warner in walnut creek with the details. >> reporter: the lot looks full at this ford dealership but the general manager says most of these cars are used. just a handful are new. >> your stock of new cars is not going to fill this lot, is it? >> correct, it's not. >> reporter: if you didn't have all these cars, this lot would be two third empty. >> it would. >> reporter: amazing. >> it is. it is something we haven't seen. >> reporter: dealerships around the country are experiencing new car shortages. inventories are depleted and demand out paced supply in the second quarter. primary cause, shortages of microchips, batteries, steel.
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manufacturers are making fewer cars. through may, ford's output dropped by 325,000 cars. gm's went down 278,000. everything is selling fast. buyers are paying more. average car prices spiked more than $2,000, up over 7% from a year ago. suvs cost roughly. >> todd turner. >> they're becoming order takers. customers go in, wait for whatever car that shows up and rush to get it before someone else. >> cars are selling very fast. a lot of them are basills putting deposits before they get here. >> reporter: a rude awakening
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for buyers. are you surprised? >> i was. i was thinking we may take this one. >> reporter: and they said no. >> they said this is the only one we have and there are 50 people who want to buy the car. >> reporter: analysts expect car buying to return to normal at the end of this year or possibly early next year when more chips are reduced. whether prices go down remains to be seen. anna warner for kpix news. bart will begin limited late night service. the system has only been running until 9:00 p.m. during the pandemic. limited late night service until midnight will continue thursday, friday, saturday nights until the end of the month when the system mostly returns back to normal. stay with us. at 6:00, we are live with a bart spokesman with everything riders need to know. 4:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting with meteorologist mary lee.
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hey guys. we are looking at drizzle again along the coast and around the bay, ocean breeze kicking in. you can see a wet san francisco cam, those wet drops on our mark hopkins hotel cam with cloudy skies and areas of fog. we are in the low to mid 50s as we start our day and again dealing with gray skies for many of us as we kick off our thursday. looking at the winds, it's a breezy start at sfo, westerly wind at 13, hayward 21-mile per hour winds. here is what you can expect. cool, cloudy breezy conditions in the mid to upper 50s along the coast. around the bay, a cool day with breezy conditions in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s and inland we are talking daytime highs mainly in d fuppes day s da tepg us on the
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presyshering in the ron shflow. we are looking at the skies clearing inland and still looking at the cloud cover along the coast and for parts of the bay this afternoon. there we go with the westerly winds kicking in. as we head through the day, afternoon sea breeze in full effect. we are looking at our sunrise at 6:00 a.m. and sun set at 8:30. daytime highs for south bay, 74 in santa clara, san jose, peninsula, san mateo at 66. inland east bay, concord, pleasant hill 80. 83 in antioch and brentwood. tri valley mid to upper 70s to about 80. 60 in san francisco, 62 east bay shoreline in alameda, mid 60s in oakland as well as for san leandro, 70 napa valley, 75
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in santa rosa this afternoon. ukiah is 90 and 93 for clear lake. the extended forecast and what you can expect. today is the coolest day of the week, a slow warm up friday and into the weekend continuing to watch temperatures climb especially inland as we look to next monday. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic on this thursday morning. any trouble spots out there or smooth sailing? there are a couple hot spots already. chp is still on scene. north bound 680, everything is to the center divide. then exit ramp to king from north bound 680, an early crash. they're still doing some recovery work. 680 might be slow and go here ene of both crashes. oach it's still early. there is not a lot of volume on the road. if those are still out there
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after 6:00, we'll keep you updated on that. west bound 580 already busy for super commuters. the ride out of tracy to 580, slow and go to north flynn. we still have this full closure of 84. lanes should open by 5:00 this morning. use an alternate in the meantime. we are already seeing things popping into the yellow zone. the rest of major freeways are in the green. that's good news as you hit the roads this morning. len and michelle. >> thank you. if you are a fan of tacos, who isn't, this might be your dream job. >> a spice company mccormick looking for the first ever director of taco relations. it's a real thing. the director will be official
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eyes and ears for all things taco. they will keep tabs on social media and develop recipes, travel, innovate in the mccormick lab. it's a part time position lasting up to four months and the pay is $100,000. ú>> what? >> okay. i am applying. >> stop going to >> i know. >> that money looks good. what does the dream pairing at
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remember this? 2016 lebron blocks in the nba finals? forget about it. one of the biggest blocks happened last night. they es between suns and cks. bucks legend and oscar, court side live, final minute, phoenix up six, booker finished are 42. but battled foul trouble under four to play booker. milwaukee scores to make it a one point game but booker should have fouled out. tied at 99, 90 seconds left, middleton knocks down the shot. bucks take the lead. an incredible block keeps milwaukee in front, play of the series. 30 seconds left. chris paul turns it over, a
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buckends with middton caing ofa point night. lwauwins 109-103 t the series at two games a piece. richard sherman who seasons arrested yesterday. he faces charges of domestic violence, resisting arrest, burglary, and malicious mischief, started with him allegedly impaired, crashed into a construction zone. he fled on foot to his inlaws, tried to force entry. police responded to a 911 call, controlled him with a k-9 and took him into custody. open, teed off. the story line, they don't like each other and everybody across
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the pond hoping they're paired together this weekend, even the golfers. >> i would enjoy it. i would enjoy it. i think it would be a lot more people tuning in. >> if we want to keep the back and forth obviously being respectful and keeping lines where they aren't crossed. yeah, it's a good environment for people in golf. >> sad news this morning, a former giants executive passed away. he spent 28 years in the team's front office and is credited with helping giants discover matt cane, madison bumgarner with whom giants won three world series. that is the latest in bay area sports. i am dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. 4:56. coccalcal's drought be worsening? we will get a better idea in about 30 minutes.
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next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, official search called off but it is not over yet. volunteers are making matters into their own hands to find the runner reported missing. marking a reopening milestone one month later. is life really getting back to normal? we're live. a live look outside before break from
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things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today. why o-cedar ? because when i get home, we like to play crocodile on the floor o-cedar easywring
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removes over 99% of bacteria, even with just water... easy and truly clean floors o-cedar. it feels great to feel at home on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area as we look live at san mateo county a month after everything reopened, cases are rising fast. now what? law enforcement calling officer much for the runner who disappeared. volunteers say it's not over yet. the last ditch effort in the east bay hills. it's crazy to think it's
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happened in such a small town. >> a north bay doctor accused of handing out fake vaccine cards. that's just the beginning of the alleged $200,000 scheme. bart after dark. we are live with the transiriee know aut return of late night service. good morning. it is thursday july 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. we are waking up to the coolest day of the week. let's get to the coolest meteorologist. we'll start with mary. love you. we are looking at cool conditions, strong on shore flow and that's why today is the coolest day of the week. if you love this cooler weather, today is your day. low to mid 50s at this hour. you see the wet san francisco cam, mark hopkins hotel cam. drizzle again along the coast and around the bay. here is what you


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