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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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construction company pickup into -- one woman and injuring two men. according to the charging documents, he was receiving oral sex while behind the wheel from a woman he met at the bar when the crash happened. >> i can't comment on any, you know, ongoing investigations associated with the agave sports bar, including if they're engaged in human trafficking or prostitution. >> reporter: police say the business has come under investigation on multiple fronts, including allegedly trying to stay open during the covid shutdown. >> they were somehow putting it out to the public for people not to park their vehicles in their parking lot, to use a rideshare service or to park their personal car somewhere off of the property so it didn't have an appearance that it was actually open. >> reporter: repeated calls to the business for comment were not returned. besides seeking to have the business shut down, san jose is also trying to collect $25,000 in back fines. >> i mean, i think it's pretty obvious. they have not been good for the community. >> len, what's been the
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neighborhood reaction to all of this? >> reporter: well, neighborhood reaction to the bar itself has been the driving force behind the city's action. so neighbors i spoke with today were very happy that that happened. they were also reluctant to go on camera, afraid of any retribution that may happen in this neighborhood from the owners of the establishment. i also heard from a nearby business that has a similar name, it's called the agave restaurant over on monterey highway, and the owner of that establishment says that his business has been hurt because of bad publicity from this business. in fact, the restaurant re-opened just one day after that fatal accident. >> thank you. the newest wildfire burning in california is bringing back awful memories of 2018 and the deadly camp fire. and once again evacuations are being ordered in communities outside the town of paradise. this time it's the dixie fire.
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and it's burning through butte county. it broke out last night. it has already grown to more than 1,200 acres. some of the same people chased out of their homes by the camp fire, well, they're going through the same drill again. >> had to get out of there. don't worry about the small stuff. >> the property is already evacuated. so we're prepared. i got a place in town. >> so take a look at this map. it shows how the dixie fire is burning right in the camp fire burn zone. in fact, fire crews are setting up staging areas in the exact same places they used back in 2018. now, the camp fire ravaged over 153,000 acres. it killed 85 people. it was sparked by a pg&e transmission line, which is now deenergized. the mercury news is reporting there are two other pg&e transmission lines that run through this very same region,
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but right now it is unclear what caused this fire. and right now we are following another brush fire, this one in north marin where a line of flames swept across black mountain. this fire is about 60% contained, no homes have been threatened. at the same time, a state of local emergency while the river fire rages outside of yosemite national park. the flames have burned 9,500 acres on the county line. and fire crews are making progress, upping containment to 21%, but multiple areas are still under evacuation orders and warnings. developing news, it's been five days since philip kreycik vanished from pleasanton ridge regional park, and now the exhaustive search efforts are at a turning point. kpix 5's andria borba is live in
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pleasanton with new revelations from the team leading that search, andria? >> reporter: well, we found out today from investigators here in pleasanton that philip kreycik stopped at a shipping store in oakland on his way to pleasanton ridge for that run, dropped off a package and then ostensibly made his way here to pleasanton ridge for that preplanned, 8-mile run. >> all that color that's filled in on that screen represents feet on the ground, people searching, actively moving from our operational standpoint. that doesn't include the community search team that's been doing their own searching. >> reporter: well, the search for philip kreycik of berkeley has been extensive on pleasanton ridge. the berkeley father hasn't been found yet. >> it's pretty difficult to get lost up there. i'm not saying it's impossible, but there is plenty of ways to find your way out of there. >> reporter: the active search operation will wrap up tonight. >> drainages, ridge lines,
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features that traditionally attract lost and missing people. >> reporter: an overnight report of shouting on the side of the ridge did not yield results this morning. it's now been five days since he left his home to head for an 8-mile run before an appointment saturday. he has not been seen since. >> that investigation currently is focused on his known timeline from when he left his home in berkeley until he arrived here in pleasanton where his vehicle was located at the trailhead. >> reporter: pleasanton pd says he dropped off a package at a shipping center in oakland before heading to the ridge saturday. now, the operational portion of this search and rescue will end here. the portion that alameda county, pleasanton pd and outside agencies have been controlling, they're going to move into a reactionary search mode. they're not going to have crews walking the ridge line every day like they have been for the past
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few days. they are moving on. the volunteers, however, who are working on the other side of foothill high school from where i am standing say they will continue their search, elizabeth? >> andria, thank you. and looking live out at the port of oakland, the effort to build a new stadium for the oakland a's at howard terminal has turned into a billion dollar game of chicken, and the team's president is now threatening to move the a's out of oakland a group housing activists and chinatown residents ral lid today, demanding 35% affordable units in any new developments. but the a's president says the community stands to make at least $#450 million from tax adventure news with the new ballpark. it will all boil down to a vote of the oakland city council next tuesday. >> we're down to our last at-bat. we've already failed at another downtown site at laney college. the coliseum is not an option. it's howard terminal or bust. >> yesterday baseball commissioner rob manfred added even more pressure by saying if
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the howard terminal deal is not approved, the a's should begin looking for other cities to move to. well, the city of mountainview facing a lawsuit after a new ordinance that would make it virtually fehely with tt story. >> reporter: housing advocates allege that the city's crackdown on rv encampments is effectively a purge of the poor. in a lawsuit filed today, they claim that the policy is unconstitutional and inhumane. >> they're outlawing the housing insecure. >> reporter: for people living in this encampment, you are likely looking at the sum total of their earthly possessions. an rv that doubles as shelter and a few things they can fitúi. having it towed, she says, would upend her existence. >> if i were to ask somebody if there was to be an earthquake and your house falls down, what are you going to do?
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>> reporter: she's one of six plaintiffs challenging measure c, a voter-backed ballot initiative that rolls out restrictive new rules about where rvs, home to some of the city's poorest residents, can and cannot park. through a translator, this plaintiff spells out what's at stake. >> mountainview is my city too. i have a community here. my children go to school here. >> reporter: a spokesperson from mountainview says that city staff is reviewing the lawsuit, and that measure c is about safety, writing in a prepared statement, due to their size, an oversized vehicle on a narrow roadway can encroach into the vehicle lane of traffic, increasing the chance of collision for motor vehicles and bicycles. >> any argument that this is a traffic safety ordinance is incorrect. and that instead they're trying to deal with what they describe as the, quote unquote, rv problem. >> reporter: housing advocates estimate there are more than 200 people living in rvs across the city. and the lawsuit, they say, will
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likely determine if they're uprooted or allowed to remain in the homes they've made for themselves. >> they just want to survive and do their best to stay in the area and have a chance to be here. >> reporter: the attorneys who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the folks living in these rvs say they're open to negotiation with the city, but they think it will ultimately take the court system to get this all sorted out. in mountainview, devin fehely, kpix 5. a deadly crash today along the san mateo county coast. a car plunged over a cliff along highway 1 earlier today, crashing just north of pescadero state beach. the female driver died and was pulled out of the vehicle. >> we have a lot of easy turns where in a matter of feet there's know room to make a correction. >> cal fire told kpix 5 this is the second time in two days that a vehicle has gone over a cliff in san mateo county. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, some new video in the search for a pair of
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burglars armed with power tools. plus, new information on a plane crash in the middle of an upscale monterey community. and san francisco's biggest vaccination site closing its doors while a new covid variant becomes a growing threat. the fog backed up faster and farther today, so temperatures are about 3 to 7 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. it's going to be the opposite pattern tomorrow. we do have warmer wea
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redwood city police working to track down a couple of suspects who use power tools to break into stores. police say on june 27th these two guys used a battery-operated angle grinder to break into main street market where they stole over $8,000 in goods. and then on july 2nd, the pair tried to break into the b and w market. police released these pictures of the suspect, who had a small dog with them during the burglary, and if you recognize them, you're asked to call the redwoody polic> we're als ttwo women died in a small plane that crashed into a monterey mansion. >> the twin engine cessna 421 plane crashed into a home near the monterey regional airport yesterday morning. reports say a woman from pacific
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row was flying the plane, and kpix 5 just confirmed that the passenger was a woman from rancho cordova. her dog was also on board. right now san francisco closing its largest mass vaccination site, but there are some new concerns about this surging delta variant. >> and now the state's positivity rate is on the rise. it was at 0.8% this time last month, and the day before the fourth of july they were at 1.8%. today covid positive tests are coming in at a rate of 3%. kpix 5's wilson walker spoke to health experts about the delta variant and what you need to know if you are vaccinated. >> so we did a lot of volume and, you know, that's what we needed to do. that's how we got to 76% of san francisco fully vaccinated, one of the highest rates in the world. >> reporter: 160 days and just
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about 333,700 shots later, it's time for this building to resume hosting conventions because getting vaccinated is now impossibly easy now. >> almost everybody i know is vaccinated, which thrills me. >> reporter: that's 76% of city residents fully vaccinated. you'll find similar numbers around the bay area. and for anyone who falls into that category, here is some reassuring news, even in the face of the delta variant. >> 99% of all the cases occurring in the u.s. right now, certainly hospitalizations and deaths, are among unvaccinated people. >> reporter: some parts of the country with low vaccination rates are paying the price. >> these are places that didn't have huge surges. they don't have a lot of natural immunity. and they have the delta variant. and they have low rates of
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vaccination. that's where you're seeing the super surges. in the bay area a slight uptick of hospitalizations among the unvaccinated. >> reporter: that vaccination divide might raise concerns back here -- >> oh, mayor london breed is not going to like what i'm going to say here. i'm worried about tourists coming into san francisco that haven't been vaccinated from those areas of the country. >> reporter: but for anyone worried about that, there is some more reassuring news and more reason to get vaccinated. >> it's really important for us to keep on stressing to those who are vaccinated that you are safe from the delta variant, but it's likely that you're safe if you had natural infection as well. >> reporter: there are a couple places in the country with really low vaccination rates, and there is no surge because so many people there had acquired the disease or the virus at some point. now, back here, they're literally just closing the doors behind me. there were three high volume sites in the city, and all together they distributed about
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42%, 43% of all the shots administered in san francisco. so the large sites really turned out to be a huge part of it here in the city. and as you saw, a successful push now over 80%. live here in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> and if you've thought about it and you want to get a shot, you can still get one. somewhere you can get vaccinated. wilson, thank you for that. okay, looking live out at san francisco. it's been much cooler than it was last week, paul. it was even colder than alaska yesterday. explain that. >> yeah, temperatures only made it up into the 50s. and anchorage, alaska, managed to climb to the 60s. you could say i live in a place colder than alaska, at least once a year. we look downtown, i love this perspective. a nice view with the marine layer, and how deep that marine layer is. the camera is 2,400 feet up in elevation. the marine lay ser 2,000 feet deep. that's a deep layer that's going to spread inland and the fog is
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going to spread out. the temperature in san francisco did climb into the 60s earl yes today. now it's down to 59. 65 for the east bay and oakland. temperatures now just below 70 degrees in santa rosa. in the 70s for san jose, livermen the usual hot spots far inland in contra costa county, they're in the 80s, which includes brentwood. 84 degrees. not bad at all for a july evening. but still that's warm if you're wearing a fur coat. so closer to a sunset walk a good idea for this guy if he can be talked out of his chair. go ahead, get exercise, take advantage of the cooler than average temperatures. the gusts are going to gradually calm down as we head through the evening. it's not an overly breezy evening, but the wind is noticeable and will be as we head through the next 24 hours. the winds pick up again as we head through the day. it's a windier day with that strong onshore wind pushing the air farther inland. after temperatures did climb to the 80s for most spots this
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afternoon it's back into the 70s for most locations tomorrow with fog to start the day. as usual, the inland visibilities will improve rapidly as we head towards 10:00 a.m., but around the bay and along the coast, it's a slow go. i don't think the clearing line makes it across san francisco by thursday afternoon, so temperatures are cooler. hour by hour temperatures, here we go, as we go through the day on thursday, we start off in the 50s. inland spot that is get rid of the fog first, you climb into the low 70s and upper 60s by lunchtime. a slower warming process for the bay and coast. 50s along the coast, 60s around the bay. mid-70s for the santa clara valley, for the north bay valley, low 80s. as we look towards the weekend, temperatures are going to warm up inland. a much slower but noticeable warm-up around the bay and even along the coast with a little more sunshine trying to peek through even up to around 90 degrees inland by monday and tuesday. but again, that's not bad at all for the middle of july. a closer look at tomorrow's high
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temperatures coming up at 7:00. >> sounds great. thanks, paul. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here's norah o'donnell with a preview. >> hi ken and liz. coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, america's car shortage. what's behind all the empty lots and soaring price tags. what you need to know. we've got that and more news tonight here on the cbs evening news. i'm dennis o'donnell coming up in sports. former 49er cornerback richard sherman arrested in seattle. >> one trooper did take him to the ground. >> 49ers preseason is a month away. steve young explains what's going on inside jimmy g.'s head as training
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hey, everybody, cornerback richard sherman, who spent the last three seasons with the 49ers, was arrested in washington today. sherman faces charges of burglary, domestic violence, resisting arrest and malicious mischief. started when sherman, allegedly impaired, crashed his car into a construction zone in redmond, washington, then fled the scene on foot to his in-laws house where he tried to force entry there. police responded to a 911 call, controlled him with a k-9 and took him into custody. >> as he was walking away from the officers, he walked towards
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the troopers and one trooper did take him to the ground. suffered no injuries as a result of that take down, but he was taken to the ground. >> so his chances of re-signing with the 49ers are gone. for now jimmy garoppolo is the 49ers starting quarterback, but he'll be looking over his shoulder at the rookie trey lance. i had a chance to ask steve young about their brewing controversy. >> how was the relationship between you and joe, knowing you wanted to be the starter and joe was the incumbent? >> that's a very different thing, dennis, because joe was the king, and i was hoping to get -- and get a shot. this is a situation where the team has spoken very loudly, we don't want you as our quarterback. the british open tees off in just a few hours at england's royal st. georgia's, or should i just call it the open? 150 years ago they started
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calling the open championship before there were any other open tournaments around the world. americans, of course, are slowly changing to the british open, but at least one american appreciates tradition. >> what did you call this tournament growing up, and what do you call it now? >> well, it was the british open growing up for sure. but now i call it the open championship. >> how come that changed? >> because that's the name of it. >> and of course, phil has won the british open once in his career. there's clearly no pressure to win another. check him out while bryson dechambeau tees off mugging for the camera, having a blast. and speaking of a blast -- >> that is a huge fish. >> okay, maybe not so huge, but this is the first cast by 74-year-old levi isaacs, caught it with a fly rod near
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sacramento. and since he got involved in the va's project healing waters program, which is an amazing program for veterans. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to isaac, i've caught smaller fish than you did on the water. >> he
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looking out live at sfo, the usa women's gymnastics team is on their way to tokyo right now after a sendoff at the airport. before boarding the plane, simone biles spoke out about competing in a very different olympics. >> not having spectators will be very different, because i feel like i strive off of pressure so. we'll see how it is. we can't control the variables that we're given, so we're just focussing on what we can control. >> cannot wait to see her. >> i don't think she's going to have a problem. crowd or no crowd. >> she'll be just fine. i think all the usa athletes are going to do great. it'll be great to watch so. much fun. >> well, thanks for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. and you can find it on the kpix 5 news app. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> and we'll be back here on the
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kpix 5 news at 7:00. have a good night. captioning s captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight with infections of covid exploding once again nationwide a stark new warning, a big surge could hit the u.s. if more people don't get vaccinated now. the worst is yet to come. the former head of the f.d.a. says cases of the dangerous delta variant may not peak until the fall, just as students head back to school. the new push from the white house to get young people vaccinated, with help from a pop-singing sensation. out of control: nearly 70 wildfires now raging across the west, more than a million acres torched, entire towns forced to evacuate and the new concerns, the severe shortage of jet fuel now making it harder to beat back the flames. first moments of horror.


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