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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 13, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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the city of oakland is running out of time to keep the a's in town. >> it is pretty much a given that they will leave the oakland coliseum site, but will they move across town? or will they move across state lines? dennis donald is joining us. the commissioner warned oakland to not be surprised if it is the latter. >> we are one week from the oakland city council vote on the plan for a new ballpark at howard terminal. dave has said that the stadium vote is make or break for the future of the deans in oakland. he's checked out several sites in vegas and has another visit on the books for the day after that vote. rob manfred showed his cards on the vegas situation. he said las vegas is a viable
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alternative for a major league club. taking this as a bluff is a mistake, there is a decision board for oakland as to whether or not they want to have baseball moving forward. so, is the threat real? the raiders moved to vegas. 49ers moved from san francisco, to santa clara. i think you have to take the threat as real. it certainly feels like d-day for their future upon us. >> we will see what happens, in a week. a search for a missing jogger in the east bay heals hills is intensifying. there is an unprecedented effort in alameda county. ondrea borba is in pleasanton where hundreds of volunteers are also helping. ondrea? >> reporter: those volunteers are in addition to 120 boots on
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the ground with law enforcement, search and rescue teams out in the east bay hills, and as the sun continues to go down, heatseeking drones will take to the sky once again, looking for a heat signature of a human. four days, 16 mi.b2 covered, an investors are no closer to locating the missing men. >> we believe he is either up in the mountains, or he parked his vehicle and is somewhere else. his whereabouts are unknown. >> reporter: a watch and a spot of blood have been found, but neither belongs to philip. drones have been looking for heat signatures in rough terrain, looking for any sign of the missing father. >> we have 4k quality video to analyze and look at that footage to see if we are missing anything. we have 4k quality, we can go into extreme detail and easily be able to see a human form on
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screen. >> reporter: meanwhile, hundreds of volunteers are conducting a grid search, with mountain bikes, fanning out in we talked d to philion an app. >> we had two bikers, five hikers, and we alternated. we work timing down and back up as long as it was safe for us. it took about four hours on a 2 mile trail. >> joe found a water bottle and logged into a database after a search crew returned this afternoon. >> this water bottle was deep in the ravine. it was in an area where you cannot just hike down. it was deep in and stood out, with the lights. >> the santa clara city council is meeting right now to discuss a local drought emergency, and
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moving into the second stage of the water shortage plan that would limit outdoor watering to three days per week and would ban irrigation during most daylight hours. usage would be restricted on construction sites and golf courses unless recycled water is available. >> we live in a corner lot. we let a lot of the lawn go. >> customers are being asked for deeper cuts. another 15% on top of the 10% people in pleasanton, dublin, santa rosa and livermore were asked to conserve weeks ago. paris and sonoma county strike teams are on the fire lines near yosemite to boost the current 15% containment on
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a 9500 acre river fire. this one has doubled in size since sunday. it is burning close to highway 41, that is the southern entrance to yosemite national park. our cbs correspondent shows us the scene. >> reporter: this fire is heading up. the wind is changing direction. the crew is trying to stop the flames from jumping over. >> reporter: the river fire is one of 60 burning in seven western states. the largest is the bootleg fire in oregon which threatens power transmission lines that serve california. then there is the beckwith complex north of tahoe, which has forced firefighters to run for cover. [ music ] this dramatic video was captured in the small town of doyle. that's where at least 20 buildings have burned. there's no word on any injuries yet. water and wildfires are top priorities in the state budget that the governor just signed,
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it includes $2 billion for forest management equipment and wildfire resilience efforts, along with just over $5 billion in drought support, in water supply projects. the budget allocates about $12 billion to tackle homelessness as well. nearly $7 billion is for rental assistance and small business leaf, and another $600 stimulus check for nearly 2 out of every three california residents. >> the pendant park let's will be now a permanent feature on the road to recovery. the vote came down from the board of supervisors 90 minutes ago, good news for restaurants as they've struggled to bring in customers during the pandemic, but not everyone is thrilled. >> you can't park anywhere to accommodate the locals, so remove them. locals park in those spots. >> inside was good. having 30, 40 more seats outside. >> business will have to remove their permits every renew their
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permits every year. in san jose, the return of light rail service has just been indefinitely postponed. the transit agency planned to resume service by the end of the ittoed running may 26 after an employee shot and killed nine coworkers at the waterloo bay railyard. workers are still trying to process what happened. commuters tell us it has been tough to get around. >> it has been really hard. without the light rail, it is really inconvenient. >> we are trying to work diligently and compassionately to get light rail service resort. >> the agency hopes to phase service back in over time, perhaps over the next three months. >> still to come, a small plane crashes into a house near monterey. >> i feel bad for these people. >> what we've learned about the ill-fated flight, and why it could have been even worse.
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>> plus, a california floodplain were stored in the middle of the drought for a fraction of what it could have cost, and all it took was a decision to leave it to the beaver. >> they work for free, and they do it really well. >> and, what is an even harder shot to pull off than a hole in one? these teens caught the answers on camera. >> it's a really bad idea. >> around the bay area, the fog is taking over downtown san francisco, temperatures are well below average, more of the same is in store tomorrow, and maybe a little more sunshine. we will take a look at
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a dramatic scene in an upscale monterey community, this afternoon a small plane crash into a home, causing it to erupt in flames. this happened earlier this morning, not far from the monterey regional airport. kit spoke with the owner of that home. >> we are here at the entrance to the subdivision just outside the city of monterey. the crash site is about half a mile from where we are now. the faa says is it is a twin engine, from the looks of the crash site, which is pretty severe, no word yet of any survivors. >> we received an emergency dispatch that a plane had crashed into a residence. >> these photos were taken by the regional fire district and give some idea of what our fighters are dealing with. by the time they gto the large home on the 7500 block of seo vista, it was 60% in engulfed in flames. >> it had spread to other parts of the property, starting with
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some spot fires and brushfires. >> the force of the impact created a debris field several hundred yards wide. portions of the engine, the wing, and the skin were pushed from the crash site. it is unknown if the pilot or passengers on board survived. we spoke with the property owner, roger, uses the house as a second home. it was vacant, at the time. >> my wife and kids were not there. we felt so bad for the people on the plane. i don't have any information on that. they lost a lot more than we did. >> it is windy out in the hills. the firefighters did a good job keeping the flames contained two 1/8 of an acre in size. we also got reports of a piece of of the plane found 1 mile street east of here. it is unclear if that piece of the plane felt prior to the crash, or if it was thrown at long distance. the faa will be here tomorrow.
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>> here is a look at your top headlines, the cdc is entering a surge in cases of covid, south and west, especially in under vaccinated areas. >> the driving spread of infection is people wanting it to be over and acting as if it is over, and really abandoning even more modest cautions like mask wearing, that would help. >> some areas are recommended that people go back to wearing masks indoors, vaccinated or not. the delta variant is fast- moving and spreading. >> this is nothing more than a political stunt. >> we are doing this in support and in defense of the highest ideals of the nation. >>, harris met with erik kratz who fled washington to prevent washington colleagues from enacting new voting laws. democrats argue the new
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legislations are designed to discourage minorities from voting. president joe biden visited the philadelphia site where he called out and unfolding assault on voting rights. >> jim crow assault is real. it is unrelenting. and we are going to vigorously challenge it. >> and the tokyo olympic village is now open to athletes. thousands will call it home during the games and will undergo daily covid testing and will not be allowed to leave, except to train, and compete. masks are mandatory. singing and chanting at events is banned. and the games start in 10 days, believe it or not. >> it will be something to watch. speaking of stunning athleticism, if you don't like heights, consider yourself warned on the next one here. a group of slack liners just set the new world distance record, walking 1.3 miles
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between a pair of mountaintops in sweden, on this wobbly strip of nylon that is just 2 inches wide, 2000 feet above the ground , at that kind of altitude, the sport is actually called highlighting. and a group of texas teens caught some social media lightning in a bottle when a bolt connected with their ball at a top golf in san antonio. this actually happened back in may. much like the ill-fated ball, that video has blown . comparatively uneventful paul is he, and summer in san francisco, this is what it is.
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>> i know we don't get much lightning around here, but if you are ever in the environment where there is a thunderstorm, if you are in the open, that is a really bad idea. you need to be in an enclosed structure. low clouds and fog, tonight, no lightning, obviously, just the drizzle along the coast and around the bay as we head into the rest of the night and into early tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to continue through the end of the workweek, then we warm up a little bit as we get through the end of the workweek, especially for inland parts of the bay area. and right now, there is the fog, it is back. 56 degrees, 80 degrees in oakland, not much warmer on the side of the bay. in santa rosa, everyone's temperatures are below normal for this time of year. 70 degrees for the warm spot in concord, that fog is going to spread and spill into the inland valleys. it is going to back up pretty quickly, even faster than it did today. unobstructed by nine o'clock and 10 o'clock in the morning.
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even around the bay, visibility will be improving late in the morning, faster than what happened today. if the fog backs all the way to the coast, it will get hung up halfway across san francisco today. it moves all the way to the coast. temperatures should warm a couple more degrees, even though it is still going to be below average. temperatures tonight drop down into the 50s across the board. the cool spot is 51 degrees in pacifica and santa rosa. the warm spot, and antioch, briefly below 60. temperatures will start to warm up, depending on how much sunshine comes through. and middle 60s will probably be out of reach. temperatures warm up into the upper 70s. some trends going to make it feel warmer. lower 80s for the high temperatures tomorrow, three degrees or four degrees warmer than today. temperatures are going to be a
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little bit warmer for san jose as well, reaching into the upper 70s. 70 degrees tomorrow after a high temperature today of 75 degrees. there are little wiggles in the temperatures every day through the rest of the week, filling the map for tomorrow. 50 degrees along the coast, 60s on the bay, warmer on the side of the bay, 70s and 80s inland, but with the warm spot of 86 degrees in antioch, this is not a very july like temperature map . this is what it will look like through the rest of the week. don't be fooled by the cool temperatures. that has nothing to do with how fast you will burn. the uv index is still going to be in the very high category on wednesday, so make sure you are appropriately dressed with hats, glasses, sunscreen. maybe limit the time outside. temperatures remained below normal for the first half of the weekend. 90s inland, by monday, more of a slow warm-up around the bay, but at least a little further into the 60s as we get into the beginning of the next week. we will have another update. we will see how far the fog has progressed. that will be at 11 o'clock. >> it will still be here, i'm sure. it is not going anywhere. thank you, paul.
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>> the before and after of this project is so dramatic. >> want to make water float during the drought? leave it to beaver's. and a town unveils a new look for a controversial logo, not everyone has to make the change. [ music ] is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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[ music ] tonight, a big change in one northern california city. after months of heated debate, seville has changed a controversial logo. they started replacing the signs at city hall and other public buildings today. the original logo showed the symbol of a noose, which had origins in the gold rush days. they voted to remove it after emotional debates on both sides. private businesses will be allowed to keep that logo. some busy beavers in placer county are proving that when put to a task, they can get the job done. they needed to restore hundreds of acres of habitat because of the dry flood plane that became a risk for wildfires. they turned to nature's
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engineers. >> they can work more efficiently and intuitively. they work for free, they do it well. >> they were able to reduce the cost of the million-dollar project down to about $60,000. san francisco lands at the top of the lists of expensive places to rent, no
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a live look at the city of san francisco, the city by the bay just landed at the top of the list for the most expensive places to rent, according to new data from the rental sites, no surprise, here. they've come down a little, but
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there is no price tag for the cost of happiness. san francisco also came out as the 13th best place to live in the united states. boulder was listed as the best, followed by raleigh, durham, huntsville, fayetteville, and austin, texas. >> i would love to know the criteria for the questionnaires. we love san francisco, so much. >> let's keep the nitty-gritty city by the bay. >> i love it. thank you r
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