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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 13, 2021 3:12am-3:42am PDT

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the record-breaking highs out west. texas two-step. democratic lawmakers flee the lone star state, the last-ditch attempt to stop voting restrictions, and where they are tonight. in the streets, cubans fed up with the communist government stage nationwide protests. coronavirus sweeps across the island. the edge of page, the billionaires race to the stars. richard branson would lead to rocket rides for everyday americans. how a british paratrooper fell 15,000 feet into a california kitchen with his parachute still attached. and meet the painter whose superpower is kindness, how he's transforming lives with drips erpaint and drops of joy.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us on this monday night. we are going begin with breaking news involving two coronavirus vaccines, just as the delta variant to have the virus have rapidly spreading a peoe who haven't been vaccinated. now as we come on the air, the f.d.a. has issued a new warning labeled for johnson & johnson single-dose shot, an unusual move that comes after the agency linked the vaccine to a rare syndrome affectings the nervous system. the dills order called the guillain-barre can start with tingling sensations in the arms and legs and in some cases lead to paralysis. still, scientists say there are only a few cases connected to the vaccine and that the j&j shot is safe and effective. now the new warning is being added just as covid infections are spiking, up by 30% nationwide in just a week. expertthis summer surge is being fueled by the highly contagious delta variant, calling it the most dangerous and con stages strain of the virus so far.
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now the spread of the variant is one reason pfizer wants approval to give booster shots of its two dose vaccine after some studies showed immunity began to fade after about six months. nikki battiste is going to lead off coverage tonight from new york city. good evening, nikki. >> reporter: norah, good evening. it's younger adults with covid filling up hospital beds at a staggering pace. only half those ages 18-24 have received one dose and now new warnings tonight about the johnson & johnson vaccine. the f.d.a. tonight is adding a new warning to johnson & johnson's one-dose covid vaccine, after about 100 people who got the shot developed a rare but serious auto immune disorder that attacks the nerves called aga guillain-barre. the cases have been seen in men 50 and over about two weeks after receiving the shot. benefi o vaccine faris rks givee
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we'veeen thit of the influenza vaccines a couple of decades ago. the good news, it looe it's extremely rare. >> reporter: this after pfizer met this afternoon with top white house officials to discuss possibly offering a third shot of its vaccine to high-risk americans who have been already immunized. the company says its internal data shows antbody levels jump five to ten fold after the booster. for now the government says booster shots are not necessary. >> there is a recommendation for providing boosters for a select portion of the population, perhaps people who are older, more than seven or eight months from completing the original vaccinations. it's not a general ream days for the entire public. >> reporter: the highly contagious delta variant continues to spreaamid warnings parts to have the u.s. could become breeding grounds for more new and dangerous variants that could evade
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vaccines. >> if the delta variant is allowed to accelerate, sure, i think we could see additional variants emerge. >> reporter: since just last week average daily cases in the u.s. are up 30%, more than a third of them in five hot spots, and health experts are blaming the unvaccinated for the spike. >> it sounds like essentially we're going backwards. is that the case? >> we are. we had this beat, and i said, if we can fully vaccinate the american people, we can resume pre-pandemic life. and now we've squandered that opportunity partially, at least in parts to have the countries. >> reporter: in a statement j&j says it's in discussions with the f.d.a. and other regulators. the company adds cases of guillain-barre are rare, but j&j supports raising awareness about all possible side effect. norah. >> o'donnell: nikki battiste, thank you. turning now to the dangerous heat and deadly wildfires in the west. at least half a dozen states are
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under excessive heat alerts and more than 300,000 acres in the west are burning. one fire is threatening to take down a major power grid that connects california and oregon. here's cbs's lilia luciano. cal, the horrific sound of a fire storm, and the gut-wrenching sight of homes consumed by flames from a massive fire north of lake taho. in this a fire torrent fueled by intense heat and winds. parks memories of 2020, the worst year ever for california wildfires. this year, twice as many acres have already burned. the largest so far is this fire in northern california, three times the size of san francisco, erratic winds proving dangerous for firefighters. in oregon, the nation's biggest fire is continuing to grow expoflengsly. >> we are seeing, you know, doubling in size of the fire
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every 24 hours. >> reporter: and that wildfire near the state's southern border has affected power lines now affecting the grid in parents of oregon and california, making conditions worse unrelenting heat, weeks of record-breaking temperatures throughout the west. las vegas tying its all-time record of 117 degrees, the hottest it's ever been in grand junction, colorado, 107. in death valley, 130, four degrees shy of the hottest ever recorded on earth. new concerns tonight about a wildfire near yosemite national park. >> ashes were falling just everywhere. >> we had a beautiful house. might be all gone, and what do you do? you start over. so we don't know. >> reporter: these simply put are the worst possible conditions for firefighters. temperatures are well above 100 degrees, there's no rain and, tonight, hundreds of residents are in the same position as the gordons, they just don't know if their homes
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have burned to the ground. norah. >> o'donnell: my goodness, lilia luciano, thank you. well, tonight the fight over voting rights in texas has reached a new level of hostility. democratic lawmakers bolted the state capitol this afternoon to prevent passage of a new election, yay they're prepared to stay away for weeks. cbs's mireya villarreal reports tonight from austin. >> reporter: tonight, texas democrats on the run. where are you? ( laughter ) >> i'm at the airport. >> reporter: jasmine crockett is one of nearly 60 lawmakers who fled the lone star state for washington, d.c. grinding the texas legislature to a halt and preventing republicans from taking action on a controversial voting rights bill. had they stayed in state, texas rangers could have routed them up and returned them to the capitol. >> keep saying if we have to pull the trigger we'll pull the trigger. we heard rumblings they were planning to lock the chamber and hold us in there till those
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bills got passed. >> reporter: the texas bill would mandate new i.d. requirements for voting by mail and ban drive through voting sites and 24-hour voting. 16 other states enacted similar legislation. houston representative garnet coleman is also skipping town in protest. >> we do drive by for alcohol, so you can't do drive curbside voting? where are our priorities? >> reporter: over the weekend in austin hundreds gave publictime in all-night marathon hearings with critics calling the g.o.p. back bills an attack on minority voting rights. but republican brian hughes who wrote the bill called it common sense reform. >> this bill talks more hours and more days across the state for in-person early voting. >> reporter: republican governor greg abbott calls this partisan politics and says by democrats leaving they have prevented important legislation from getting passed in the state but people who left tell me they
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plan to stay out of state at least 30 days until the legislative session is over to make sure the bill doesn't get passed in texas. norah. >> o'donnell: mireya villarreal, thank you. tonight president biden says the u.s. stands with the cuban people after the largest and most violent protest in decades against that country's communist regime. the first since the castro brothers relinquished power. manuel bojorquez is monitoring the unrest from miami. >> reporter: the protests are as remarkable as the outward displays of anger towards the government, flipping over a police car here. the regime's response was swift, violent confrontations with police were posted online until the government cut the internet off. thousands in miami have joined in solidarity. president joe biden weighed in today. >> the cuban people commanding their freedom from a authoritarian regime and i don't think we've seen anything like this protest in a long, long
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time. >> reporter: cuban president miguel diaz-canel blamed the protest on a u.s.-blacked social media campaign. manipulating the emotions and feelings of people, he said. he blames the economic downturn here on the u.s. embargo, but for in the tipping point after six decades of communist rule are shortages of food and medicine exacerbated by the pandemic. what is life like for the average cuban right now? >> very difficult and it's becoming increasingly difficult. people have very difficult time finding food, finding medicine, fuel, just the basic necessities. >> reporter: jorge duany is director of the cuban institute and pushes pressure on the biden administration to formalize cuban policy and help the cuban people without enriching their government. >> the basic message is they're reviewing the policy and will replace human rights and democracy at the center. but we don't know exactly what
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the biden administration will do. >> reporter: tonight the show of support continues here in miami's little havana neighborhood. because the internet is out in cuba and numbers are hard to come by, it is unclear exactly how many people there have been arrested for the protests, but there are reports increased was among them. norah. >> o'donnell: manuel bojorquez, thank you. and tonight the death toll from the condo building collapse in surside, florida has climbed to 94. more than 20 people are still unaccounted for. concrete samples were taken from the building today as the investigation continues. a search and rescue team from israel received a hero's sendoff before heading home. and turning now to haiti where the investigation into the president's assassination is turning up more bizarre details every day. the focus has shifted to a man with ties to the u.s. and a questionable background. cbs's mola lenghi reports tonight from the haitian capitol port-au-prince. >> reporter: tonight new details about one of the alleged
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masterminds behind the brazen assassination of president moise. 63-year-old chase wain emmanuel sanon a haitian based in florida, played a key role in the scheme and planned to assume the presidency himself. a raid on his home revealed 20 boxes of bullets a wrist of hit squad members and a d.e.a. hat, according to police. the attackers claimed to be d.e.a. agents when entering the president's compound last wednesday. sanon has spoken out against haiti's leaders in the past. >> where is the leadership of haiti? >> reporter: but exactly how is this doctor and pastor who once filed for bankruptcy became the central figure in the plot is unsheer. sanon is alleged to have hired the 26 colombians through a florida based security firm run by venezuela. months of the colombians alleged to have been involved have been awristed as well as two haitian americans who claim they were
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hired as translators. how the assassins breeched three security checkpoints is unknown and none of the president's guards were wounded in the attack raising the idea the attackers had inside help. bheenl haiti is on i think. >> security ask bad. you don't feel safe. yeah. >> they were killed. so if they can kill the president, then, of course, they can kill anybody else, you're saying. exactly. that's the reason epts with to leave here. >> reporter: where do you want to go. >> u.s.a. u.s.a. >> reporter: well, u.s. officials including the f.b.i. met with haitian authorities sunday to discuss the investigation. meanwhile, today, the white house did not rule out sending u.s. troops here, if the situation on the ground deteriorates any further, norah. >> o'donnell: mola lenghi, thank you. and tonight, it is a new era in
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space travel. the historic virgin galactic flight was picture perfect, but also left people wondering will they get a chance to fly to space? cbs's mark strassmann was there for the flight. >> yay! >> reporter: giddy at the edge of space. >> this is unbelievable! this is too unbelievable! >> reporter: this moment more than 53 miles above earth cost richard branson a fortune. he can afford it. branson's billions launched virgin galactic. the company selling the same thrill ride to any wanna be astronaut with a bank account that gitters. >> i'm still floating. >> reporter: with all your trophies where does that astronaut pin rank? >> i would say it's the most important trophy. >> reporter: in eight days billionaire jeff bezos will launch with his space company blue or gin. that flight still needs faa
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approval. elon musk bought a ticket for a future virgin galactic flight. was it important to be first? >> honestly, no. >> reporter: not at all? honestly, no. we need many, many, many, many spaceships so many, many, many people can enjoy this and between us both i'm sure we'll achieve that. >> reporter: for now space tourism is wildly expensive. about 600 people have pre-paid tickets with virgin galactic at $250,000 per seat. that cost will likely go up before it comes down. the space barrons promise it will one day, as expanding fleets and regular flights help economies of scale. >> the market is gigantic but we'll be able to bring the price down, it will take a few years, and the wealthy wil pay the bills to enable us to do that. >> reporter: 165 miles southeast of here in a straight line is a massive ranch that ejeff bezos owns in west texas, and from there, next week, he'll launch on a blue origin rocket,
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the next milestone in space tourism. norah. >> o'donnell: out of this world, mark strassmann, thank you. and there's still much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." a dramatic loss on the soccer field leads to a series of dangerous threats online. the investigation that's just been launched. plus a surprise guest crashes a party in a california home coming straight through the roof. try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster
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>> o'donnell: police in london are investigating racist comments on social media. they followed england's loss in the european championship sunday to italy. threats were that's correct online. twitter removed a thousand tweets and suspended multiple accounts. a remarkable story, a british paratrooper was taking part in training exercises in california and crashed into a home near san luis by pies bo. he jumped 15,000 feet but his parachute only partially opened. he escaped with minor injuries. up next, what a transformation. how an artist's creation turned kids into superheroes. ♪
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3:35 am
>> hydrodiping is basically painting in water. >> after creating halloween masks for his own kids, he was inspired to help others. >> i was thinking, well, if this brought happiness to a kid wearing a mask, imagine a kid with a prosthetic. >> reporter: the first was fo ygo >> it literally made him run across the room like he was a superhero and he was smiling and happy. it was something that i felt changed his life. >> reporter: since then, muro has brought joy to many kids, and he does it all for free. 13-year-old abraham cisneros lost both legs last year after an infection. a double gift from muro came with a revelation. >> i think he likes to show them off because of the prints. he says, hey, look at my prosthetics, you know, their superhero. >> you're doing so good. >> reporter: you must have put a lot of love into those pieces. >> definitely. i want them to see there's still
3:36 am
good in this world. >> hey, rick. i like my legs. 'm happy, man. >> reporter: changing the life of a child, a superpower, indeed. jamie yuccas, cbs news, los angeles. >> o'donnell: all right, coming up next, what do expect if you are planning a summer getaway. overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts.
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that's tonight's "cbs evening ♪ >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." >> i'm jeff pegues in washington. thanks for staying with us. security is going to be tight in denver for the mid summer classic, the major league baseball all-star game. over the weekend, four people were arrested with an arsenal of weapons at a hotel that is just blocks away from the stadium. cops came away with 16 rifle, body armor, and more than a thousand rounds of ammunition. the fbi says it has no evidence so far that the suspects planned to target the game, the fans, or any particular players, but the investigation continues.
3:41 am
catherine herridge reports. >> we're not aware of any ongoing threat related to these individuals or this situation. >> reporter: denver police s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the maven hotel friday night after a hotel maid reported suspicious activity. two rooms at the top of the hotel were searched with multiple weapons, including rifles and drugs seized. three men and one woman face initial charges, including possession of a firearm by a previous offender as well as narcotics possession. one of the suspects, ricardo rodriguez, spoke to our denver station kcnc in this jailhouse interview. >> had a sniper rifle, probably two of them, two mid-sized -- three midsized assault rifles, ak-47s. >> reporter: with nearly three decades at the atf, scott sweeto
3:42 am
says they're looking into their digital media. >> the cell phone, the computers, hit social media companies with preservation orders to make sure that no evidence can be destroyed. >> reporter: with large crowds expected for tuesday's game and the hotel's close proximity to coors field, sweeto said -- >> everybody go! >> reporter: the 2017 las vegas shooting where a lone gunman opened fire on the crowd, killing dozens and wounding hundreds more was not far from anyone's mind. >> and that was really a seminole incident for law enforcement and hotel security. and they never really were able to look at these large events the same way again. >> i can tell you that if i would have saw something like that, if i would have seen them preparing for something like that, i would have intervened, absolutely. >> reporter: and denver's mayor said he has spoken to major league baseball and the colorado rockies, and tuesday's game is going ahead. he wants everyone to understand and to be reassured that the event and the area are safe. >> that was


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