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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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well as some other areas, like burglaries and car break-ins. >> reporter: introducing the midyear crime statistics in san francisco, chief william scott wanted to send this message to criminals. >> you will go to jail, we will catch you eventually. >> reporter: there have already been 26 homicides in san francisco this year, up four from 2020, and the most startling spike of crime is incidents of gun violence. 119 shootings compared to 58 incidents at this point in 2020. while appearing frustrated about arrests made by sf pd that haven't been prosecuted by the da's office, chief scott would only offer this criticism. >> if a person has been arrested five times, when do we detain them, even if they got ankle monitoring, because they can still commit crimes. we know this because we've been able to prove crimes that way. and we detain the person on until they have their day in court? >> reporter: scott said these are just statistics, that each member of a family affected, he
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was pushed into the ground and killed on a morning walk in the anza vista neighborhood. >> we don't want another family to be attacked like my father. >> reporter: mayor lund inbreed says accountability is needed all the way through to prosecution and that her budget includes funding for 11 more positions in the district attorney's office to combat crime >> there's also women whose sons have been murdered and they want the killer of their kids brought to justice. >> reporter: car break-ins made in for mr. videos that have gone viral on social media are up by nearly 700 cases year- over-year. >> it's personal to me when people look at our city and they think what they see on the video is what this city represents. we all live here, work here. this is a great city. >> i'm wondering what will the police department actually be implementing to combat crime? what can they actually do? >> they say they are down 400
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officers right now, can, but some of the specific plans include 16 extra offi in high tourist eas, liwharf/ghirl whe we've se thca they want a presence thmayor w foot patrols by police, police out walking the beach, making their presence known in neighborhoods, making it less friendly for criminals. >> what i'm hearing is more police. what people have been saying for a while now. let's take a live look at san jose, where the city recently approved a plan to reduce gun violence. it includes a mandate for gun insurance and the video recording on all gun purchases. san jose mayor sam liccardo met with president biden and other officials at the white house to discuss how reform can be done nationally. >> the president is genuinely engaged with local communities, trying to understand what's
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happening on the ground and looking croat to flee for partnerships that will enable us all to reown communities. >> mayoral accardo spoke with kpix 5 ahead of his meeting with the president. you can watch his entire interview on on the fire watch, crews are up again severe drought conditions, gusting winds in their battle against several big wildfires. right now it's the beck worth complex, officially the largest california wildfire of the year, growing to more than triple the size of the city of san francisco. the flames torching dry timber, burned more than 99,000 acres. that is up from more than 55,000 on saturday. but fire crews say they're gaining some ground. containment there up to 23% no regettg w video of some of the destruction from that wildfire. authority say it scorched through the small community of
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doyle and it has burned more than 20 structures. we heard from one man who got caught in the flames while trying to evacuate. >> 200 feet high and then the tornado, fire tornado started. it dropped back down like a tall man just blew up that whole field and just kept on going, left me standing out there, singed arms and a horse and a mule. i went, i'm still alive, i don't believe it. >> another fire burning in mariposa and madera counties, it is burned 4000 acres since that broke out yesterday, the flames burning 16 miles from the southern entrance to yosemite national park. the so-called river fire only 5% contained. it is triggering some mandatory evacuations now. one couple shared this video of the flames racing toward their home. they tried to slow the flames with a hose but they had to evacuate at the last minute. >> ashes were falling just everywhere and he was still with ting at the flames getting closer to the house, 20 feet
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from the house, and i just said, we've got to go. >> they went. it's the bootleg fire near southern oregon that has grid operators in california the most concerned. fire creating so much smoke and ash, it's interfering with transmission lines to the south, causing it to lose connections. that means california lost roughly a 10th of its energy source. the flames exploded over the weekend, burning more than 153,000 acres. the fire so intense deputies may start arresting people who refused to obey the evacuation orders. that wildfire now prompting kauai so to issue another flex alert for this evening. right now the state's current energy demand just under the forecast peak. residents are urged to conserve water until 9:00 tonight by turning thermostats to 78 degrees or higher and not using those large appliances. back to you guys. chief meteorologist paul heggen joins us now. it's a lot cooler today but we
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still have a flex alert. >> this flex alert is not because of the local conditions necessarily in the bay area, itndmeth mu of the state is still very hot. so at least if you're going to turn up your thermostat this evening, our temperatures have retreated significantly from where they were on the weekend, especially saturday. now in the 60s and 70s, 80 is the warm spot in concord. that's 25 degrees cooler than we were saturday afternoon. tomorrow is going to be another hot day inland so that's why we are concerned about the power grid as a whole, statewide. around the bay area we are in the cooler colors but you look further inland, temperatures in the 90s to over 100 degrees. we deatvalle map indthghest nub 125 degrees there is acally slightly cooler than the 130 degree temperatures they've seen for the past two days. around the bay area our
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temperatures are going to remain pretty consistent the rest of this week. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend in just a few moments. three months police on the lookout for a called involved in a fatal hit and run. this happened on june 30th. a 69-year-old livermore man was hit by a car along peralta boulevard near duster barry way. he died from his injuries a week later. police released this image of the suspect vehicle today. a dark colored sedan. officers say the driver hit the victim from behind and drove away after stopping briefly. in the past hour, chopper five mac flew over pleasanton ridge regional park, where an intense search continues for a run vanished over the weekend. nearly 100 volunteers have split up into 20 teams to find philip kreycik. authorities are also using drones, fixed wing aircraft, and off-road vehicles. the 37-year-old's wife reported him to sing on saturday. she says kreycik parked his car at the mueller ranch staging area and said he was going on an hour-long run. he's been using ever since. and a set up date in the
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search for a missing swimmer in alameda county. search teams believe they have found the drowned in lake duvall. they made the discovery after using sonar and robots to scour a very deep area of the lake. marin health officials are among those reporting and up tick in covid cases and 70% of the new cases tested were linked to the delta variant, but there is some good news here. marin has one of the highest vaccination rates at 92% and they are encouraging everyone who is able to get the vaccine. also today, news that the fda is adding a new warning for the johnson and johnson covid vaccine. they say there is a small possible risk for the rare guillain-barre syndrome in which the immune system attacks the nerves. cdc has detected about 100 preliminary reports of that condition out of more than 12.8
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million people who received the johnson and johnson shot. the cases were reported about two weeks after vaccination, mostly in men over 50. we asked a ucsf infectious disease expert about those findings. >> a warning is there, there is a warning on the vaccine for myocarditis. there is a warning back to johnson and johnson, they're all rare but these are warnings for people and clinicians to be aware of. >> so far, no link has been found between them. and the pfizer in moderna vaccines, meantime pfizer is presenting data to u.s. health officials which it says shows fully vaccinated americans may need a covid-19 booster shot. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, new video of the details on what happened here. us the bay area has its ion crisis plunging cuba into unrest. a split right now in the local
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community. >> i can't necessarily argue with that. >> if this continues this week than they're going to have problems. tesla ceo elon musk lashes out in court.
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new video into the newsroom of a nasty crash in san francisco's financial district. a white van slammed into the city national bank on front street. the van apparently crashed into a red suv before plowing in to the bank. it's unclear if anyone was injured. new at 6:00, the state has just released new guidelines for masks on k-12 school campuses. we learned last week that masks will be required for all california students indoors regardless of vaccination status. now word that students who refuse to mask up will be banned from campus. they will get some other type of instruction. the state's attorney's are tougher than cdc guidelines, which say vaccinated students could attend class without masks. new at 6:00, the bay area cuban community is closely following the crisis that's plunging the island nation into unrest right now. kpix 5's len ramirez live in san jose, where some locals
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are fiercely divided. >> the cuban-american community here in the bay area is very diverse. they do agree that these protests to be happening out in the open in cuba is very rare, because it's very dangerous, but there is a healthy difference of opinion on u.s. policy towards cuba and what to do about these protests. >> reporter: protests in the streets of havana, perhaps the largest mass demonstration against conditions in cuba and the communist government in decades. surprising, according to cuban- americans in the bay area. >> they're taking their lives in their own hands now, because they could get arrested and put in jail, and you disappear in cuba. >> reporter: amari pi gonzales, who broadcasts oakland a's games in spanish, was born in cuba but left after the takeover. >> something the cuban public rarely does. >> reporter: arturo riera, also known as mr. latin jazz, is a cuban-american with an extended
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family still on the island. he's also my brother-in-law. >> the cuban people have accepted many, many things over the last 60 years, including economic downturns like this one, but they say they never felt anything like this. >> reporter: vera travels frequently to cuba, often organizing musical exchanges with cuban artists. he says there's constant shortages of food and medicine, and covid is making things even worse, with surging infections and death. he says the u.s. has the power to change things by easing up on tough economic sanctions in place for decades. >> the party line is that the embargo would just simply end, than a lot of these troubles wouldn't be occurring. and frankly, i can't necessarily argue with that. >> reporter: president biden tweeted the united states calls on the cuban regime to hear their people and serve their needs at this vital moment, rather than enriching themselves. pi gonzales blames the current conditions on the communist
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government. >> they trade with countries who are developed countries, so it's mismanagement by the government, unfortunately. >> is there any chance the biden administration will lift the sanctions? obama did it. what about biden? >> the president was asked that today by reporters. he declined to comment but he did indicate that the administration would have more to say on that later this week. he is under enormous international pressure to lift those sanctions. in fact, the u.n. general assembly again voted to denounce the sanctions for the 29th straight year, and a lot of u.s. allies are calling on him to lift the sanctions. we should find out more later this week, as i mentioned, but there could be a way out for the president, cause this is closely tied to covid. so any relief or any easing up could be attributed to covid, not necessarily in support of what's happening with the communist government. >> len ramirez reporting live from san jose. tesla ceo elon musk is
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making headlines tonight for some fiery testimony. >> he lashed out in today while defending his company's solar deal. the tesla founder was caught on camera leaving a delaware courthouse today were a group of shareholders is suing him, claiming the 2016 acquisition of solar city, which musk partly owned, was more for his benefit. the wall street journal reports musk fired back on the stand today, saying he doesn't enjoy being ceo of tesla and would rather focus on design and engineering. he also called the shareholders attorney a start bad human being. the city of santa clara is expected to officially declare a local drought emergency tomorrow, and that the city would restrict outdoor watering to a maximum of three days per week. restrict irrigation on golf courses and prohibit filling water features. let's check in with paul right now. i left the house, it was 83, 84
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degrees. got to san francisco and it's raining. what is going on? >> just drizzling on you. it's been a couple days, 50 degrees temperatures in the city and another one tomorrow. i have only 58, low cloud night. through the rest of below normal high temperatures continuing through the rest of this week. just a little weak and warm. it's not going to be hot but just a couple degrees each day as we head through saturday and sunday before temperature jump back up, maybe slightly above normal inland next week. let's look at some sunshine. if you live in the city you did see any of that today. there it is in the tri-valley, looking out over dublin. 75 degrees in livermore, 55 degrees downtown san francisco, 60 degrees and open. now much warmer on the east side of the bay. the warm spot still conquered at 80 degrees, but that's 25 degrees cooler than 48 hours ago. if you want to head out for a dog walk this evening, your pups are not going to mind the cooler temperatures. storm has the right kind of coat to keep him warm with
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temperatures in hayward dropping into the low 60s and down into the 50s as we head through the rest of this evening, and it is going to be a touch on the breezy side as well. make sure that humans are w clo overmang it fe co wind gusts er 25les an ur lot as we head through this evening and overnight tonight. onshore breeze with us throughout the day tomorrow, keeping temperatures cooled around the bay area. the warmest spots east of mt. diablo getting into the upper half of the 80s. the fog is going to be spreading out through the rest of tonight. reduced visibility's across the board but inland spots, that fog is going to back up pretty quickly. should see unexpected visibility by 9:00, 10:00. around the bay it's going to take a little longer, more sunshine peeking through the clouds for san francisco, it's going to take until early afternoon for that to back up towards the coast and we should
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see maybe a few of those breaks in the clouds. temperatures tonight dropping down into the 50s pretty much across the board, not a whole lot of variation there. high temperatures tomorrow, you can see where the sun emerges more quickly, where the temperatures warm up faster. into the 70s, inland and east bay close to 70 by noon and san jose should be reaching up into the low 70s by lunchtime as well. high temperatures around the bay only in the upper 50s and low to mid 60s. on the coast you're stuck in the 50s all day as well and those warmer spots farther east only reaching up in the mid to maybe upper 80s for highs on tuesday. temperatures don't change much, whether it's inland around the bay or along the coast as we head through the rest of the work week. just that little baby warm-up as we go through saturday and sunday with temperatures approaching 90 degrees inland by early next week, but another stretch of unseasonably cool july temperatures. cbs evening news is coming. >> here's norah o'donnell with a preview. >> coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, california's power grid under threat after fires in the west knockout major power lines. what you need to know. we've got that and more news tonight rire the cbs evening news. here in danville, i've got plenty of backup behind me
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because we just punched cancer in the mouth again. the story coming up from crow
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since 2005 four cancer research, and money for 16 educational scholarships a year, all from bob hammer and his family, from their east bay garage. and let me tell you something -- because of all of that, it's certainly why i have been part of this have a ball golf tournament every year except one. an fact, it's now in its 17th year, if you can believe that. so big they have it twice a year. this from crow canyon earlier today. all kinds of skill level, about 150 players in the morning, another 150 in the afternoon. we've been -- we even had soccer juggler hollis belcher raising money for saint jude children's hospital. you could hear this band from anywhere on the course, under the direction of hammer, who demands one thing -- have fun. >> i mean this year, $4 million is out of a garage, literally you've been to my garage.
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it's literally -- we did it out of a garage, 4 million bucks. pivot to baseball. there will be history tomorrow ni ge e. check this out. shohei ohtani gets the nod to be the starting pitcher tomorrow night for the american league and he'll also bat leadoff as the designated hitter. no player has ever pulled this off in all-star game history. otani has a major-league best 33 home runs with the angels and is the most coveted player in the game. >> we wanted him. >> so did we. >> he didn't pick us. >> i think we would all respect what he's done and meant to our game this year. this is what the fans want to see. it's personally what i want to see. >> kevin gausman and brandon crawford are in denver rep resenting the giants, who finished off a sweep of the nationals over the weekend. they have the best record in
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baseball and catcher curt casali is hoping this isn't the wrong time for a break. >> definitely proving some people wrong is nice icing on the cake. it's kind of inconvenient timing because we are playing right now, we're about to get a four-day break but at the same time we need a break. >> matt olson repping the a's at coors field, who was there with chris bassitt. the a's are 12 games over .500, second place behind houston. good, not great, according to bassett. >> overall i think we underachieved almost the whole first half. i thought our hitting was spotty, our pitching at times was spotty. obviously our record is pretty good but i think we can do a whole heck of a lot better. >> it has been a long day here at crow canyon, but we've certainly raised a lot of money again for a great cause. thanks to these people behind
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thank you for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on
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cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app. the cbs evening news is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the breaking news on two coronavirus vaccines, the new warning from the f.d.a.. the johnson & johnson shot could lead to a rare syndrome, as pfizer tells the government americans may need a third dose of its vaccine. with new infections of the delta variant surging, a new alert about the j&j vaccine after 100 people develop a disorder that attacks the nervous system. why the government says the benefits of the vaccine still far outweigh that risk. and booster confusion: pfizer meets with the f.d.a., will you need another shot? wildfire emergency: dangerous infernos race across california and oregon, engulfing homes and torching cars. one blaze, now three times the size of san francisco,th


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