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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 12, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from our roof top camera looking at the beautiful sparkling bay bridge. the lights were dancing a bit. good morning. it is monday july 12. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's get a first check of weather and traffic beginning with mary lee. a cooler start. already monday. here we go. we are looking at cooler temperatures, a lot more comfortable than especially inland over the weekend. foggy in san francisco, a little bit mist and drizzle this morning indicating stronger on shore flow beginning to kick in. temperatures are in the 50s this morning and as we head through the day today, upper 50s, cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast. around the bay, 60s with westerly winds, that sea breeze as well around the bay.
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inland, 79 in san jose, 867 concord and livermore, 84 santa rosa, 88 fairfield. to talk about the rest of the week ahead coming up, lethgiann the roadways on this monday morning? good morning. if you are headed out it's already busy into the altamont pass. brake lights out of tracy as you go onto 580. things look better approaching the dublin interchange. at the 242 highway 4 connector there is over night road work in effect. also not far from the freeway, a building fire, fire activity in the area and willow pass road. 680 is at the limit with no delays. the bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good. easy ride as you head into san
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francisco, no metering lights yet. san m bridge, no delays between 880 and 101. we have breaking news in the east bay, going live to concord where there is a huge fire as you can see, an active fire fight. this is on willow pass road. gianna mentioned it. it appears to be a chinese buffet. there is a second story as well. there is significant damage as you can see. the fire fight is continuing. we did get this picture from firefighters when the building was really roaring. this is east of 242. lately they've been doing more defensive operations. as you can see from the picture on twitter, the building was fully engulfed in flames once firefighters got there.
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also modera and mariposa, there is a big fire and dozens of people have been evacuated. this is in the central valley. it's picked up to about 4,000 acres after starting overnight. a huge battle for firefighters. this video is from 10:00 last night and it's grown since then, filmed along road 810. we will keep our eye on that fire and justin andrews is on his way to concord to find out more about that fire. >> thank you. the search will resume in east bay hills for a missing man. >> he told his wife he was going for a run saturday morning and hasn't been seen since. he told his wife he was going to run for an hour. three hours later, she reported him missing. he is 37 with a thin build,
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brown hair, brown eyes, last seen in running clothes and a white shirt. he is an avid long distance runner with no known health conditions. all day yesterday pleasanton police, sheriffs deputies, chp were searching the area using drones, aircraft, off road vehicles but still no sign. >> his phone was left in the car with his id which is apparently normal for him. he is a pretty active runner and he is all about the speed. he doesn't like to carry a lot of things. >> friends and family have joined the search. neighbors are being asked to check sure violence for sightings. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call police immediately. this morning's commute is costing drivers more. aaa reports the average cost of gas spiked 40% nationwide since the start of the year. bay area drivers are paying some of the highest prices in years. here is a look at some of the
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averages. 4:37 in oakland and san jose and 4.46 in san francisco. oil supply hasn't caught up with demand. shngup. gal star's onchavez has the cheapest prices with 3.99. some drivers say they can save $10 to $20 by filling up there. experts say it's a good strategy. >> people aren't going to the cheaper one necessarily. if everybody went to the cheaper gas station the more expensive one would be forced to lower its price. >> some of the cheapest gas notice entire area is in vallejo at 3.69 a gallon. someone playing with fireworks over the weekend ended up destroying a house in antioch. the woman who lives there said she came home saturday night to find her home on fire and two
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cats missing. fireworks started a blaze half a block away destroying a fence and two cars and that fire probably sent embers into the attic. neighbors say they've complained about nightly fireworks but it hasn't helped. >> they were right at the corner of my house. i was going to call the police but i see a police car drive by and he didn't even stop so i figured what's the use? >> it ruined my house. it ruined everything i own. >> some good news for the missing cats, they did come back yesterday. firefighters across the west are battling more than 55 major wildfires. the beckbourth complex fire has exploded in size, torching a small town and threatening homes on the nevada border. fueling the flames, extreme drought and intense heat. the latest from palm dale.
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>> reporter: wildfires in the west exploded overnight forcing evacuations and turning deadly. two arizona firefighters were killed saturday when their plane crashed while surveying flames. in oregon, bootleg fire is the biggest wildfire in the country and california's beckwourth complex has doubled in size daily for the past three days. extreme heat and drought are fueling flames. more than 30 million are under excessive heat warnings and advisories with several cities hitting record triple digits. also distressing farmers, the heat torching their crops. >> we'll be down 20% in production across the board. >> reporter: fighting against the heat to save their harvest, their berries were nearly
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baking at one point, more than 120 degrees hot. >> it created a really difficult situation. >> reporter: how unexpected was this? >> this is probably the best growing i have seen with the heat wave. it damaged the fruit and also damaged the new shoots for teerp effect thatthe longer the heat wave lasts, the more damage it will do to future crops, not to mention droughts it is prolonging and fires it is fueling. this morning cal iso is asking residents to reduce power consumption after bootleg fire in oregon knocked out interstate power lines. covid cases are increasing again in much of the u.s. mostly from the highly contagious delta variant. talks are set for this week on whether fully vaccinated people should get a third shot. covid infection rates have risen this past week in more than three dozen states. new cases are up by more than
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60% over the past week. less than half the country is fully vaccinated and highly infectious delta strain makes up more than half of cases. >> the numbers don't lie. in those states where you have a low degree of vaccination, that's where we are seeing surges of infection which are followed by surges in hospitalization which will ultimately lead to increases in deaths. >> reporter: as the nationwide push for vaccinations continues, pfizer says it will meet with federal health officials as soon as today to discuss a third booster shot for those already fully vaccinated. the company is seeking emergency fda authorization. some studies suggest the vaccine's efficacy wanes over time and pharmaceutical giant says a booster could up a person's antibodies five to ten fold. >> i would suspect if there is a recommendation on providing boosters it will be for a
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select portion of the population, perhaps people older. >> reporter: sunday israel announced it would begin offering a third dose of pfizer's to individuals with weak immune systems. it is weighing whether the booster will be available to the general public. an israeli study on pfizer vaccine finds while protection from hospitalization remains high. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, what google employees can expect as they return to the office today. plus your money watch report is coming up. a live look outside at san francisco, kind of foggy on this monday. this is our treasure island ca
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today hundreds of google employees are heading back to work in the bay area two months ahead of the company's full reopening. the company will welcome workers in mountain view and red wood city on a voluntary means those assigned to an office have option to return for the rstime since e rkers wh decline to reveal vaccination status will be required to wear
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masks and test weekly for covid. a chance to win a pair of tickets to space plus what to expect as earning season kicks offofinanchall has your money watch report. wall street's three major indexes finished with record highs on friday. the dow jumped 448 points. nasdaq rallied 142 and s&p 500 rose 48. earning season starts back up this week with financial heavy weights jpmorgan chase, bank of america, wells fargo, citigroup outlining their results tuesday. pepsi and delta also report this week. richard branson and in lactic ccessfully travel to ace they're giving away two tickets on the same flight for the spacecraft. you can enter for free but
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others can enter with donations for nonprofits. a dron the small screen. the super hero flick racked up 80 million in domestic box office sales its opening weekend, biggest draw since the pandemic began. black widow brought in 60 million for disney plus sales. the company charged $30 to access the movie through the streaming service. it hit $78 million in international ticket sales. for more head to i'm diane king hall. it is 4:45 on this monday morning. so good to see you. didn't the weekend go by fast. >> like that. >> like that, i know. let's get a check on traffic and weather. we are ready for a cool down. the weekend was very hot
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especially inland, temperatures were 90s to triple digits. we will cool it down as we kick off a in you work week. you can see that fog on our mark hopkins hotel cam, hard to make out san francisco. we are looking at mist and dizzy along the coast and around the bay indicating stronger on shore flow beginning to kick in. that's the reason why we will cool it down. even inland you will notice that difference, a lot more comfortable for you. 57 concord, oakland 54, 52 san francisco and santa rosa, san jose 58. current visibility, you can see that fog along the coast, around the bay. it's a gray start for inland communities as well this morning. checking the wind, looking at light westerly wind, seven at sfo and oakland, 15 concord, delta breeze kicking in in fairfield at 33 miles per hour.
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with that stronger westerly flow, that's the reason why we are going to cool it down. let's go to our micro climates and what you can expect. along the coast, upper 50s, cool, cloudy, and breezy. around the bay, 60s this afternoon, mild and breezy with westerly winds and that sea breeze at least around the bay as well. inland we are talking daytime highs into the 70s and 80s with that sunshine. we are looking at warm conditions, just not as hot as over the weekend inland. the satellite and radar view, that strong ridge of high pressure that brought the heat is going to continue to weaken and push away from us. to our south, this low pressure system developing offshore will bring and usher in the stronger sea breeze. with westerly winds we will cool it down as we look to a new week. let's take you hour by hour with our winds.
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you see the winds kicking up, westerly winds as we head through the day. afternoon sea breeze, 20 to 30 miles per hour and futurecast with our skies. as we go through our day skies will be clearing and pushing back to the coast. eventually we are going to see some clearing even around the bay. let's go hour by hour with our temperatures. 50s along the coast. around the bay, 60s. inland we are talking 70s and 80s. tomorrow morning, starting the day with on shore flow, drizzle, mist, along the coast and around the bay with gray skies. as we go through our afternoon tomorrow, very similar with our temperatures. let's get to that extended forecast and what you can expect. we are looking at seasonal temperatures as we go through the week. by thursday, friday, maybe slightly cooler and then warming up a bit as we look to our weekend. you can see all in all
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temperatures holding steady over the next several days. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? it looks like you have an > e a trouble spot. good morning. if you are headed towards highway 4, 242, a couple things to look for. there is ongoing construction in the area as you work through there, 242 north bound. it is a full closure at least until 10:00 this morning. this was going on throughout the weekend. give yourself extra time. use an alternate. that closure will be there at least until 10:00. hopefully they'll try to wrap things up earlier there. there is a building fire not far from 242 on willow pass road near water world parkway. there are closures as fire crews work the building fire. west bound 580 busy into the altamont pass already. out of tracy, brake lights
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through mount house. extending to north flynn. that monday morning ride for super commuters is already a busy one. no delays along east shore and highway 4 is looking good as well as the south bay. here is overview of one of our maps of traffic in san jose. we are seeing lots of green which is good news. checking travel times out of san jose. north bound 101, 85 to 680, 280, only 27 minutes. olympics games opens in two weeks with a near total ban on spectators. >> the state of emergency is causing huge headaches for local businesses. the government banned alcohol sales for six weeks. bar owners are angry saying if they can't sell drinks they can't cover operating costs. state of emergency for the sake of the olympics. we shld hacked do
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earlier like other countries did. instead we have muddled along through a third and now a fourth state of emergency. >> many japanese residents are worried fearing flood of covid variants as international athletes start to arrive. 4:51. >> still ahead, today the mid summer classic kicks off, baseball's all star game. how the giants were able to finish with four straight wins. vern has more on sports after the break. let's take a live look outside before we
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and get a flex 4k streaming box for free! switch today. l get right to it with baseball. the story this first half of the season has got to be the giants. right? what in the dodgers padres world is this? i will tell you.
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it is the nice blink, wore it proudly. giants got the jump, bottom second smash from the catcher, a three run blast opened the scoring. then the all starring. third inning, strike out to end it. he struck out nine in six innings. he did get into trouble in the seventh. castro singled to left. this loaded bases. that was it. they pulled him. he got a standing ovation. on the back end of him they brought in dominic leon to get out of the jam. runners at the corners, he got chase to end the inning. giants won 3-1 so they enter the break with mlb best 57-32 record and two games ahead of dodgers in the nl west. a's fans how you living? at the rangers in that get away
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game, top second, lowry, boom time, homered for second straight day, got the a's on the board. e hyback to back big flies, 2-0. the all star chris today. he got his 10th win, tied for most in american league by the way. speaking of all stars matt olson, 22nd home run of the year, 3-0 in the fourth. he is taking part in the home run derby. save up your strength for that one. his next at bat, making me look good. a's won 4-1. they're three and a half games back of the astros in second place in the al west. downtown milwaukee, they have waited 47 years to host a finals game. packed inside and out for game three with the suns in white.
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bucks on a 16-3 role, porter jr finished that break off. led by 15. bucks up 13, johnson, pj tucker on slam, suns up 2-0, tried to punch the bucks in the mouth. look at tucker's reaction. suns kurt the lead to six. milwaukee, they didn't flinch. it was a holiday in july. he scored 21. making noise, another 40 point evening, they scored 16 straight points. milwaukee by 20, 120-100, cut phoenix series lead to 2-1. booker ineffective, virtual no show in the fourth quarter, game four is wednesday. 4:56. next on kpix5 and streaming
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but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news in concord. a fire breaks out near water world. we are live. new video just into the newsroom, a new wildfire breaks out overnight and it is ch this r a ru pprs in ameda . wh we owri ere you can find some of the cheapest gas in the bay area this morning. good morning. it is monday july 12. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. so glad to have you with us.
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let's get a first check on weather and traffic. we begin with meteorologist mary lee and your cooler forecast. we are looking at temperatures cooler and a lot more comfortable compared to over the weekend especially inland. you will notice that difference. we are starting our day with gray skies for many locations, live look at the south bay in san jose where it is 58, many locations in the 50s as we start our day. through the afternoon with strong on shore flow, westerly winds about 20 to 30 miles per hour along the coast and around the bay, that ocean breeze kicking in. cool, cloudy, breezy along the coast, upper 50s, around the bay with westerly winds in the 60s this afternoon. inland we are talking 70s and 80s compared to the 90s and triple digits we had over the weekend. 79 in san jose with clearing and sunshine, 86 in concord d li84 for sant wetalk about the rest of the week ahead. let's check with gina


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