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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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security cameras with light fixtures rocking and in some cases water glasses shaking on tables and things like that. a lot of people in the east bay are taking to social media saying they felt this but they didn't know exactly where it was centered. >> all right. that is katie in the east bay and she felt the earthquake. we surprised to find out the epicenter was in tahoe? >> reporter: it is pretty surprising only because of the distance that the shaking actually traveled for us to be able to feel it here especially so strongly in the east bay. as you remember, we just had another earthquake about a week or so ago. when i first started feeling the shaking and my first thought was is this the big one and i think for so many people who live here in california, you start to feel those initial rumbles, and your heart starts racing because you just don't
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know how big is this going to get in terms of intensity and how long will it last and how much damage is there going to be. based on what i felt here in the tri-valley area, it does not seem like this level of shaking was enough to cause any of the widespread damage that we have seen in other situations and other earthquakes. again, i think a lot of people right now are going through their homes and checking everything out and going to their businesses trying to figure out what ended up moving around through the rattling. >> thank you so much. we will bring in paul heggen now. will take a look at the usgs did you feel it map and i will give you some perspective on where this occurred and we will start with the usual view of the bay area and we will zoom
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further to the east. it occurred very close to the california nevada state line to the southeast of lake tahoe along 395 so some problems there we will talk about in a moment and a partially populated part of the state. you can see at this map how things have evolved. the reports are filtering into the usgs and this will evolve as well as they sort out those reports and figure out which ones are real, but you see how wide an area the quake was felt over mostly around the bay area because we are so far away, but closer to the middle of this area around southlake tahoe and onto the nevada side of the border as well. we want to show you the map of where it occurred. these are the aftershocks that occurred. we are up to 22 aftershocks in the vicinity of that quake and it looks like it occurred mainly along the valley fault. if you come back here i can point exactly to what we are looking at and show you the fat and i know it is faint on the map but it is running along 395 and some of the aftershocks have been here and we talked to the usgs a little earlier about
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how an earthquake of a decent size on one fault can trigger aftershocks on a nearby fault zone so this is something we are adding up the number of aftershocks that have occurred and we will add those up and i will talk about the bay area heat in a few minutes. >> triple digits. yes. we will bring in annemarie baltey to get the science behind the quake and she is joining us now by telephone. thank you so much. can you give us some background on what we know right now? >> a little bit of feedback from the phone. can you hear us? we are having a little trouble hearing her. we will circle back. >> the quake is triggering a report of a rockslide. crews are responding to route 395 and highway 89 and traffic right now is being diverted as they work to remove those rocks. there have been a series of aftershocks and as you can imagine it is getting a lot of reaction on social media as
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well and we can look at some of our reactions and we do have a lot of viewers calling in from all over the bay area as far as rohnert park and there you go and livermore. there is katie. a slow roll and her husband didn't feel it in the next room. >> just trust the process and it swayed moderately and that seems to be common. >> in some areas people felt nothing in the brentwood area. >> it depends because some places further away than that and we felt that in downtown berkeley sitting at a traffic light at the corner of university avenue and mlk. >> this did happen in the serious of people are feeling it in the bay area and market cameron set i felt it in livermore and my wife and son did not and i think they were worried that i was imagining things or acting a little crazy things to what is now being reported on kpix 5 news. they now know i still have all
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of my marbles and that is a tweet from him. >> damon said they felt it as well. >> we appreciate viewers calling in and giving us the reaction of what you felt and annemarie baltey i believe is on the line again and -- >> i don't believe she is on the phone. >> we will get some information on what she said a few minutes ago. >> we will definitely continue to see aftershocks in the 2 to 3 range and maybe [ indiscernible ] we will start to taper off in the next 24 hours. >> this earthquake was about 6 and it's not a strike slip and this was actually a normal faulting event which means up or down relative to each other and this part once we get to the eastern sierra where part of what we call the -- or more
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exponential side of things but we are still part of the plate boundary system but that motion is different than what we d the coast. >> all of these are typical and they are what we expect and we have accounted for these events in our models and in our understanding of the broader plate tectonics and plate movement. we are not surprised i these events and they are simply the earth telling us that we are alive and things are happening and it is part of all the models we have built. we have been seeing up in tahoe a month or so ago and last summer and some of them in the eastern sierra but it is kind of what we expect and people will tend to remember. >> again that is annemarie baltey with the usgs giving us the latest on the earthquake. >> gabrielle is one of our producers from kpix 5 and she
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was producing at home in the east bay. can you tell us what you felt? >> reporter: yes. i was working from home and working on my newscast coming up, and i felt this rolling sensation under my feet and i heard my wine rack rattling. so i thought it first might be a truck driving by but we live in the bay area and this happens from time to time and in the back of our minds we think when is the big one going to hit. it really did surprise me. >> you kind of do a second take like what exactly was that, you have been covering the newscast the past few weeks. >> you have to rearrange your newscast for the fremont quake and then when this one happened. >> absolutely. my cat was asleep but she did kind of look up maybe a second or so before the earthquakes i thought that was funny because
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they say that animals can sometimes have a sixth sense. >> they do give you a little warning without realizing it. absolutely. >> besides a few bottles shaking and all of that, everything is good and you're able to get back to work, correct? >> you are still doing the newscast and we are having that it 6. >> we will have the latest on the earthquake. >> this is video we are looking at from the concord area and as you can see the light swaying back and forth. what i find amazing is this is a quake in the sierra at 5.9 and so many people could feel it and i did not feel it here in san francisco but people reported feeling it here. >> the fact that there were so many aftershocks she said there were at least 12 and every time she refreshed there was another one? 22 that paul is saying. >> that will continue to be the case. they were not surprised by that either that that is normal that
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happens. >> the fortunate thing it was not in a populated area in the center in the sierra so there wasn't a lot of people calling from that area. >> you know in southlake tahoe they felt that as well if we felt that here. >> absolutely. we will have more coverage and more people calling in and we thank you for all of your comments and tweets and phone calls and in the newsroom we have been getting them from all over the area and paul is standing by zeroing in on exact the where the earthquake was. as we look on a map here, it is in the smith valley area. when you think of tahoe youth think of southlake tahoe and a vacation and all of that but you can see, it is clearly a distance from the lake and from where a lot of people are vacationing right now. >> near carson city, nevada, as well. >> even when we talk to the seismologist earlier on the phone, she said that you kind of want to know the geography of the earthquake and she said
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it was very deep. for whatever that means. >> it was 6 km i believe. but nothing unexpected is what she said unless you are the one caught off guard and then it is very unexpected. >> i was trying to get a read on her voice and she sounded calm as if we have these earthquakes but of course we do live in the bay area and we have been through this before and you feel an earthquake and you have in the back of your mind you wonder. >> a little over a few hours and nerves are settling down a bit but the aftershocks, yes, it does get your attention. >> a 5.9 earthquake centered in the sierra in the smith valley stretching throughout the bay area and viewers calling in from all over, even our producer, gabriella calling in with information when she was trying to produce the newscast and she felt it. she called the station immediately and she was working from home. we do want to get some of the latest information on aftershocks from the seismologist now.
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>> 2.6 24.2 is the range of them that i know of from looking at the information. >> i believe annemarie baltey is next. she was on the phone earlier with us she haening us in on the number of aftershocks and kind of what to expect leading into the evening and we will feel some aftershocks and not to be too concerned. we will continue our coverage delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it,
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creating opportunity and a better plane now, that's making a difference.
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as we continue to monitor the quake activity in the sierra, california's drought emergency prompting new action from the governor. right now most of the state is in the exceptional or extreme category and today governor newsom added nine counties to california's emergency drop proclamation. marin, san mateo, santa clara among them. it now covers 50 of the 58
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counties or 42% of the states population today the governor called on everyone, households and businesses to voluntarily cut water use by 15%. he said the small changes can go away. >> we see the amount of irrigation water, out on your lawns and reducing probably perhaps the time that you are in the shower and taking a look at where leaks may be occurring on your property and taking opportunity to update the efficiency of your showerheads as an example. >> with more record temperatures across the west, the governor said the state is in a position to address water issues and infrastructure for future drought conditions brought on by climate change. people in sonoma county have been cutting back on their water to help with the drought, one city can't seem to keep up. wilson walker is in petaluma were local leaders are making
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changes. >> reporter: it is funny the governor talking about checking for leaks and keep that in mind for a moment. residents were asked to cut back and save and they have largely done their part but the rest of the city still has some catching up to do. >> i checked my system and opened up my water meter and look to see if i have any leaks and try to address them as properly as i can. >> you have gone through the checklist. >> reporter: he has done everything he can to save water mainly by cutting back in his yard and gardens and he said most of his neighbors have done the same. >> most people have, i think. talking to a few neighbors and some had lawns taken out. >> reporter: while some residents have been cutting back the city as a whole is failing to make its reduction target and that is largely because of what is called institutional irrigation. >> this is talking about public lands that includes city parks
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and schools and all the city schools and includes hospitals. >> reporter: gina is the interim director of petaluma public works and she said the city is now cutting back in its 47 parks and tightening up in ty filities. otsaid be incommercial sector and petaluma is reaching out to them individually asking them to cut back. so officials do know who the main offenders are. >> yes. i mean we have utility usage. >> reporter: you are not yet publishing the list. >> to my knowledge, no. >> reporter: the city said institutional use should drop significantly by the end of this month which would come is good news to residents who have already done their part. >> cut back on shower times and turn the water off when i brush my teeth and in between lathering up and things like that. >> reporter: one local city
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councilmember has been quoted in the paper as saying maybe the list should be public and maybe it would be a little a t ercuack bi numbers going around only reflect the beginning of the real cutback . and they think by the end of this month the cutbacks the city is making right now in parks and places will bring petaluma as a whole very close to alignment with this goal of cutting back 25%. >> you can stay up-to-date with drought conditions by zip code and the latest restrictions at our website. we can't escape the drought and we can't escape the heat either. and now the earth is moving as well. and up to 28 aftershocks as well to the southeast and of southlake tahoe. beginning at noon tomorrow, we do have and he advisory going
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into effect for the santa clara valley and it is an excessive heat warning for the higher terrain of the bay area including the santa cruz mountains but also includes the inland valleys of the east bay and all of solano county. high temperatures for the advisories and the excessive heat warning and about 90 in san jose. some temperatures by saturday afternoon far inland in the east bay and fairfield and antioch and brentwood could approach 110 and even hotter weather than that. this is further inland into the central valley where they could approach 115 by saturday afternoon. we will look at what is happening right now. we look to the west where we have seen a lot of fog recently and the marine layer has been squashed by this heat dome building and so we see a little bit of sunshine peeking through along the coast and temperatures are hot with 98 in concord and 99 in livermore and 91 santa rosa and only 84 in san jose. ble 67 and a san temperatures francisco 74. these temperatures are warmer than they were 24 hours ago and
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talk about a 10b0 to 20b0 warm- compared to where we were on wednesday and temperatures will be a few degrees hotter again tomorrow and the fog is not going to be nearly the factor it has been for the past 10 or 12 days basically. a very limited fog developici so to along the coast and some of that spilling to the golden gate through friday morning but it dissipates rapidly and unobstructed visibility even along the coast indicated by the forecast models as we head toward late mornings we do see some sunshine and it should warm up a bit more than today. low temperatures dropping down into the upper 50s and low 60s and staying in the upper 60s here but at least we are cooling off at night and after a hot day inland, we get some free air conditioning overnight and early morning. but it will be brief. tomorrow, the water, we are fine. mid 60s along the coast and mid- 70s in the city and upper 70s to 80 in the east bay but 90 for san jose and further into
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the 90s into the santa clara valley and in the north bay mostly reaching and low to mid 90s but it will get hotter the further north you go in sonoma and napa counties and the real heat is in the tri-valley getting above 100 degrees in the same thing east of mount diablo to 105 for the hotspots and the fire danger index because the wind will be lighter is not going to be off the charts. we will see these maxing out halfway up the scale inland in solano county and contra costa county and then the numbers drop overnight because the humidity levels go up and it climbs back up a little bit higher and just a shade higher on saturday but as the heat wave continues into the second half of the weekend the vegetation continues to cook and cook and the heat is a cumulative effect on people as well, so don't get warn down by the heat and make sure you take some breaks and stay hydrated and the usual common sense advice. this is not going to be record- setting temperatures but it will be hot away from the water. temperatures returned to near
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normal or maybe below normal by the middle of next week. eventually, this will wrap up and we will update on the heat and the number of aftershocks in the high sierra. new details emerging about a horrific bear attacks that killed a northern california woman. it happened while the woman was camping in the remote town on montana. authorities say a bear pulled her out of her tent while she was sleeping and it has left the community on edge. >> reporter: the small quiet town here stayed busy after a deadly bear attack in a campground. >> i was a backcountry guide for number of years so i've had encounters with bears but never here in town. >> reporter: town of just 75 people and a few restaurants and bars and plenty of wilderness. the sheriff said he can't confirm the kind of bear yet but said all finds point to a grizzly. >> it is certainly traumatic for not only the people here but the family members here.
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>> reporter: officials closed all entrances to the town until noon while they slept the scene and continued searching for the bear. this is a popular spot for cyts cyclists stay in town. >> reporter: lee was one of thousands annually who biked that trail and despite the number of bike rider scott a bear attack like this is where. >> to my knowledge i don't recall a bear attack here. >> reporter: that is why the unprovoked and seemingly random attack leaves residents with questions and grief. >> very unusual, obviously, but heartbreaking. >> it is heartbreaking. she was visiting from chico and camping with two other people at the time of the attack and wildlife officials say the other two used a bear spray to force the animal away. >> reporter: coronavirus cases keeping fans away from the olympics and
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japan has announced a state of emergency weeks before the of the games. >> the games will continue, but the fans are now banned from the stadiums. tokyo has seen a rapid rising infections and japan's prime minister says a six week lockdown is crucial to stopping the spread of the virus. olympic organizers agree to ban fans from tokyo stadiums and arenas and fans are angry about the rule and sports psychologists say it could hurt the athletes. >> for those top performers, it will feel strange and they make them concerned that they may not deliver their best performances. >> hopefully they are safer though. it is the fourth time japan has declared a state of emergency since the pandemic began. a popular online dating services pain $2 million to settle a lawsuit. was sued by a state task force and the santa clara
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county das office announced the results including changes to the terms of service. they own several sites like plenty of fish and okay cupid and tender. the company is accused of charging customers for automatic renewal without their express consent. and they failed to inform them how to cancel. still ahead, and aggressive step in alameda county to stop destructive wildfires about the majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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because that's power down time.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. and now we are following the breaking news of the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that hit the sierra and a rather large part of the bay area and it struck at 3:49 p.m. in the area of smith valley. >> video into the newsroom and viewers have been calling into report the quake from across to the east bay and north pay and san francisco. >> another look at some of the shaking and you can check out video from a viewers chandelier swaying back and forth and a swarm of aftershocks is being reported and at last check 28 of them ranging in magnitude
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from 2.6 up to 4.6. >> there is also a concern that the quake and aftershocks could trigger rockslides. we will go torewhitcenter and w our usual view of the bay area see you can get your bearings and it happened on the eastern side of the sierra but close to the california nevada border and to the southeast of southlake tahoe and reports of how strong the shaking was and have been widely variable in terms of the did you feel it map and reports being made by the us geological survey and i know it is a splotchy map here, but this gets filtered out by zip code so that is why you see the pattern you do and the strongest reports are closer to the center of that earthquake, but it is a sparsely populated part of california and mountainous terrain along 395 and it has caused some concern but toward the lower end of the spectrum even as close to the center of southlake tocco --


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