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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area
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studios. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsf bay area looking live from the roof camera. one more day of cooler weather and then temperatures are goingg weatr antrafc. we start with male joak itall in. we are looking at those comfortable temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year. seasonal conditions before that big warm up in store for us. here is a live look at san francisco and you can see the drops on the live camera. drizzle around the coast and bay. similar to yesterday. we have that on shore flow kicking in for us and that ocean breeze for sure. that's why temperatures are seasonal for this time of year. similar to yesterday. upper 70's to low to mid8o's. some of the warmest spots in the low 80's. around the bay in the 60's with
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partly sunny skies, eventually seeing that clearing in the afternoon and then along the coast with those clouds in the upper50's. cool, cloudy and breezy conditions along the coast. high pressure builds in starting tomorrow. we will talk about how warm the temperatures will climb coming with a look at traffic. good morning. it's getting busy if you are going into the pass. we have the brake lights building out of tracy, onto 580 itself. overnight chp issued a wind advisory for the pass. if you are driving in a high profile vehicle things may be gusty as you head through there. chp working on a crash south 680. looks like it's over to the shoulder. aren't seeing a lot of brake lights. we will watch that. other than that things are fairly quiet. look at the travel times, everything is in the green. that's good news including that 580 commute. the bay bridge a great start as
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you head in to the city. got an eye on the peninsula. that's after the police department issued ana alert about a possible mountain lion sighting. here is the neighborhood where someone said they saw a big cat overnight. the 800 block of loyolla drive. a passerby said they saw a large mountain lion jump a fence in the area. they thought it was around 130 pounds but police went out and checked the fence and the surrounding area and didn't find anything. of course if you see a mountain lion call authorities. don't try to confront it yourself. we will keep you posted if there is any more sightings. happening today the oakland police chief said enough is enough. is he due to talk to us later this morning announcing a new initiative calling for an end to violence in the city. it's called stand up for a safe oakland.
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on saturday he will kick it off for the rally at lake merit. he was planning the event before the violent 4th of july. during that time officers dealt with seven shootings, a suspicious death. illegal fireworks and a massive side show. >> someone that was born and raised in oakland i think it's so important that we all come together. that we come together and take a stand against gun violence in our city. everybody deserves to live in a safe city. >> the chief is asking the community and city leaders to join him at saturday's rally with kicking off at noon with the lake merit theater. we are hearing from the husband of an innocent bystander hit by gun fire during a 4th of july party in santa rosa. three others were hurt and one person killed. meghan jones had just returned to a house when she was shot. santa rosa police say more than
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20 rounds were exchanged as a silver honda accord drove through. her husband it was a cruel prank. >> just everything thupper stomach. it went through her intes tines. >> jones has now had two surgeries and is in critical condition. yesterday she was able to squeeze her husband's hand. as for the other victims a 16- year-old is out of the hospital but a 17-year-old girl remains in critical condition. too florida. teams looking for victims of the building collapse were forced to stop for a couple hours because of the weather. eight more bodies have been pulled from the rubble. the teams have not seen any signs of life. looking live at clearwater beach. elsa was weakened to a tropical
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storm. it could still bring life threatening storm surges and heavy winds. hurricane warnings remain in alonorida's west coast. the storm is headed for the state's big bend. >> maximum sustained winds estimated to be 70 miles an hour and potential for higher gusts. >> watches and warnings are in place in much of the state and extend into the carolinas. >> if you look at how lopsided the storm is anything to the east of the eye will have some storm impacts for sure. >> it's outer bands lashed the keys on tuesday. >> rain is coming at all angles. you can see by the palm trees its blowing everywhere. >> many said that storms are a fact of life in the sunshine state. >> being here so many years i think we have them here and there. it's like you kind of get used to it. >> this is a paradise that everybody loves so much.
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this is the price we pay. >> foul weather forced rescue crews to suspend work at the site of the condo collapse but the area was spared a direct hit from the storm. cbs news. the national weather service said that the wind speeds will drop shortly after it makes landfall but it'll likely remain a tropical storm for several days. happening today work starts on a major project aimed to prevent flooding in santa clara county. chopper 5 giving us this bird's eye view. the valley water district is building a larger outlet tunnel at the anderson dam which will allow them to release more water during the storm or an emergency. hopefully preventing flooding like we saw in coyote creek in 2017. work should take about three years. just a matter of days dozens if not hundreds of struggling residents could be pushed out of mountain view.
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leaders plan to install no parking laws after voters approved a ban. they will go up on 444 of the city's 525 streets. the plan is reduce the homeless population that are overwhelming the streets. >> it'll spill out into the other towns and keep going on and on and on. i don't consider myself homeless. that's my home. i love my home. >> angela has lived in the area for two years and said she doesn't know where she will end up. a family is suing tesla over its auto pilot feature. they say the technology that's supposed to make the cars safer killed her son. here is a look at the video from the crash back in 2019. it shows the tesla on auto pilot going 69 miles an hour and ramming a pickup truck which was changing lanes into the tesla's path. the crash caused the pick up to
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flip which ejected and killed a 15-year-old. the lawsuit accuses tesla of misleading customers about the safety of the auto pilot feature. >> on the one hand, you know, it's okay to make billions of dollars off a term like auto pilot. you know when it comes to someone dying as a result of that auto pilot they switch gears and call it cruise control. >> tesl a's attorneys blame the crash on the driver's negligence. time is 4:39. coming up, and streaming on cbsn bay area pg&e getting lots of bay area customers a break on their bills. and the new predictions on wildfires in california. what it means for homeowners and how you can be ready for the worst. and later new video of a crazy close call on the 4th of july. let's take a live look outside before we head to break at the beautiful eastern span of the
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lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. san francisco may be are still operating at a loss. chef dennis lee just opened sunset square slice shop last friday. the popular pizzas became a social media hit during the
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pandemic. like many restaurants debts loom overhead. the nonfrom pit sf new deal found in a survey that 60% of restaurants are currently in debt compared to 34% prepandemic. on average debt has nearly doubled from what it was in 2020 to around $114,000. >> even though we started to open up it's still a lot of, you know we feel a lot of stress coming from not only consumers but from the people we hire and the people who have worked for us so far. so, kind of simple a little bit. >> lee said that his landlords of various operations are working with him and in most cases he owes back rent. in this morning's money watch report wall street sees mixed numbers after the holiday weekend plus nintendo hopes you will pick up on an old pandemic hobby. here is diane king hall. >> a holiday short trading week with a mixed day on wall
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street. the dow fell almost 209 points. the nasdaq gained 24 to close at a new all time high. the pentagon has canceled its cloud computing contract with microsoft. the deal was signed in 2019 despite the objections of rival bidders like amazon. amazon sued claiming that the president interfered the process. the defense department insists that it's restarting the bidding process because it's needs have changed. and nintendo revealed a new switch console on tuesday. the most significant change involves the screen. the device is getting a new and slightly larger oled display. the new switch will be released in october d cost $350. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange i'm diane king hall. with an intense fire season
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underway cal fire crews are facing a hard reality of more fires starting and more acres burning. >> this morning it's feared more homes will be lost. new data reveals 40,000 more acres have burned this year compared to last year. the statewide drought isn't exactly helping. >> last year we had a little more rain, little bit more snow pack further into the springtime whereas this year we pretty much came to a dead stop in april, may. >> it seems that every summer they say this is the worst summer on record for wildfires. here we are again. >> cal fire officials say people can help by being ready for the worst like making a list of things you need to grab in case you have to evacuate. this morning you may notice burned landscape if you are on the freeway in the east bay. last night's commute turned in to a huge mess. flamesworked out along 680. the fire raised up a hillside some cell phone
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towers. before that crews were dealing another fire along i-80. we are told a car sparked the flames near willow avenue. the time is now 4:45. let's get a check of weather and traffic. we are looking at temperatures for today. right around where we should be for this time of year. this is own of the dryer months of the year. looking at dry conditions likely over the next few months. here we go a live look at san francisco. you can see that drizzle as we start off our day. our wet, live, san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera. another drizzlely start along the coast and around the bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's at this hour. so, concord you are at 57, oakland you have drizzle this morning at 56, also for livermore, 54, in san francisco, 59. san jose and 54 for santa rosa
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this morning. current visibility now a gray start to the day with low clouds and areas of fog to start off and again that drizzle this morning. it is all because of that on shore flow. still watching wetterly winds at 13 miles an hour at sfo. oakland, heyward, 14 miles an hour, 12 in concord. 29 miles in fairfield with that delta breeze. gianna was taking about the windy conditions and looking at about 44-mile an hour wind gusts through the pass. really a heads up for you super commuters. here is what you can expect today when we are cool and breezy day with that low pressure system bringing in that on shore flow. watching that ridge of high pressure over the four corners region and that will move into the desert southwest and that heat dome will be building toward us and with it we are looking at temperatures that will be on the rise by the end of the week. for today looking at that cloudy start and then as we head through the afternoon
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looking at some clearing through our day today and tracking that afternoon sea breeze once again. so winds up to about 20 to 30 miles an hour along the coast and around the bay again. the sunrise at 5:54. daytime highs for today. we are looking at 77 santa clara, 78 san jose, 82loss and gatos, 85 morgan hill and the south bay. pleasant hill, for antioch as well as for brentwood, fairfield, 89 degrees. warming up there. low 80's for the tri valley. around the bay 62 san francisco, 61 for daley city. mid-60s's in alameda looking at upper 60's for oakland and san leandro and the north bay. mid to upper 70's to low to mid- 80s's. topping out in the 90's for clear lake. here we go with that extended forecast. warming up for tomorrow, especially inland. you can see highs in to the 90's. triple digit heat. friday in to the weekend.
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inland but milder weather. let's check in with gianna. how are the roadways looking at the gusts up to 44 miles an hour. yeah. let's start there. we are starting to see the brake lights in to the pass. chp did issue that wind advisory overnight. it's a bit gusty for folks traveling over toward that dublin interchange, especially if you are in a high profile vehicle. care of. we have brake lights building, slow and go just as you connect off 205 getting onto 580 and it's sluggish as well approach that north flynn exit. travel times in the green. we are at 31 minutes from 205 toward 680. keep that in mind as you head out the door. couple of accidents, chp is working on south 680 right at sycamore valley road. it's blocking at least one lane. the left lane on that westbound side of the ramp getting onto
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680. mainlines of 680 still moving at the limit in both directions through danville and another crash just reported. this is southbound 280 right at that 380 connector through san bruno. chp headed out to the scene. bay bridge toll plaza quiet, no delays. metering lights are off and traffic moving at the limit out of the east bay into san francisco. >> thank you. a brake for pg&e customers struggling to pay their bills this morning. the company is extending its moratorium on disconnecting utility services until september 30th. they also said that it'll auto enroll eligible customers under a new extended payment plan to help out once the moratorium ends. game one of the nba is sist d wadon fobe the cardinals? we are on deck. here is a live look outside
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in downtown san jose on this wednesday morning. the clock ju
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good wednesday morning. starting off with low clouds, areas of fog and patchy drizzle this morning. looking at seasonal daytime highs. looking at 89 in antioch and right around 62 in san francisco. now here is dennis with sports. good morning. a suns guard waited 16 years to play in the nba finals and he played in game one. first finals game in phoenix
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since 1993. campo cleared to play. he had anth the chs s loz. paul knocks down six of seven in that third. nine assists. suns up 15. paul was in the third. phoenix had the 18 point lead by the time paul was done. game high 32 for that man. 118-105. their first win since the ford administration. matt olson will take cuts in the home run derby in denver. olson is currently six in the american league. stevens back in the line up for the first ti sinju
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. houston. it's the only double steal. martin threw it ceer field. basset had a 4-1 lead. alvarez hit one for the crawford. a 3-1 jack. game tied at six. in comes -- to beat the team. out goes jose. 8-6 lead. they score 7 unanswered and win 9-6. throwing out the first pitch at oracle. two outs in the eight. forest popped it up. three cardinals are there. giants with in a run.
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the two quarterback legends, e hole by dechambo. goes in one up right off the bat. they are playing at high altitude. check out brady. is he almost 400-yard from the tee. he hit it on a fly. how do you like it? they never trailed on the back nine. had a putt for 16 for the win. 3-2 brady. rogers will arrive in lake tahoe today for this weekend's celebrity shoot out and championship. odds are that charles barkley will once again miss the cut. that is a latest in bay area
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sports. if you love building sand castles but need inspiration we may be you out. >> looking at the world's largest sand castle. it took 30 to shape it. they just needed 5,000-tons of sand. it's 69 feet high. >> it's pretty cool. it even has a reference to the pandemic. a someone sleeping while holding a giant syringe. i thought it was a bottle. >> i thought so too. >> y. >> it's a syringe. >> whatever your drink of choice is. a neighborhood on high alert. where a mountain lion may have been spotted this time. and next on kpix5. >> the driest year since 1976. >> county lake bone dry.
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this is kpix5 news. > breaking new on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the president of haiti assassinated in his own home. únew details j and trash all over bay area freeways. it seems like it's only gotten worse. the mission today to change that. after the most violent july 4th on record in oakland a big announcement from oakland's top cop. not accepting and then giving it a couple seconds and it kicked in. >> a mother goes to get her son's shoes and winds up
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getting shot. what happened. new video to show you this morning. a crazy close call inside a california high-rise. and another mountain lion sighting reported in a bay area neighborhood. we have a lot going on. good morning to you. it its wednesday, july 7th. good morning to you. let's get a first check on weather and traffic. we start with mary lee and the big warm up on the way. >> yeah. i'm watch that ridge of high pressure that will build in and with it the temperatures will be climbing, especially inland. we will talk more about that heat wave coming up. for today, our really last day of the seasonal temperatures with that pacific ocean breeze kicking in for us. you can see that drizzle. once gena long the coast around the bay, and the peninsula you are dealing with that drizzle. it's a cloudy start for all of us with temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. as we head through the afternoon we are look at the daytime highs right around
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where we should be.


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