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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 7, 2021 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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security concerns but hundreds will stay as a force to protect the embassy and airport. the taliban has already warned all foreign forces must be out 11th derl be tr fe the consequences. >> that afghan official tells us that the u.s. has pledged eight black hawk helicopters by the end of the week, more than 20 by the end of the month, they'll be deployed to the areas who are seeing the heaviest fighting. tensions are high in the black sea where the united states and dozen of other countries are holding naval exercises. russia threatened to of bomb through warship through what it considers it's territorial water off crime era. off crimea. >> we're sailing 5,000 miles away from the east coast of the u.s..
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as the relationship with russia has deteriorated the black sea, russia's black yard, has become a potential flash point. the upset sailors opened fire on a hostile craft and came underen em this was just a simulation. live fire with 26 allies yet america's rival four russian ships shadowing the uss ross. russian fighter jets circling near by. the commander john d john is a 20-year veteran of the navy and told us he wasn't concerned, it would take more than this. >> if someone opened fire on you
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it would warrant you taking self defense measures, if you feel threatened you have a right to depend yourself. >> last month a british naval ship sms defender subject to more tactics in the black sea. uk government denied russia's claim that it dropped bombs in the path and fired warning shots but they did threaten to attack. >> if you don't change course i will be fire. >> as tensions between the u.s. and russia have racheted up, the black sea region has become the scene of confrontations, russia sent soldiers to illegally seize control of the peninsula from neighboring ukraine and russia claiming the british ship sailing in what are now its territorial waters. the u.s. and its allies don't recognize that. russia has threatened to bomb foreign bar ship that's sail into those waters in the future.
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the training exercise was several miles away. and the uss r ardith tomahawk and harpon miesd miss isles and tore paidos. tore paidos vmt during the exercise the u.s. navy used its might to assure it's allies. >> international water space is for everybody, doesn' belong to one country. >> the u.s. is committed to maintaining security in the black sea, crucial for america's friends in this region, many countries living in close proximity to russia and fearing russian encroachment, holly williams, on board the uss ross. british prime minister boris johnson said his country will have to learn to live with the
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coronavirus, despite surge in cases with delta variant, johnson will end mask mandate and social distancing in less than two weeks. at least 86% of britain's population has received one dose of the vaccine. 64% are fully vaccinated. meanwhile, it's european union making it easy to cross borders in the region using what is called a green pass that proves i traveller has been vaccinated >> reporter: the pandemic has made travel a lot more complicated for security, for the airlines, and of course for the passenger now europe is trying to cut the red tape introducing its own version of the covid passport. check your ticket. check your bags. and now check your covid passport, or green pass, as it's call in europe. at check-in passengers can use a app to prove they've tested negative or recovered before
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boarding. like leo on course to coursica. lucky to have an app so easy to use, he says, so we gave it a try in rome. >> it seems pretty painless. i have the app on my phone. i show i've been vaccinated. hopefully it lets me pass through. >> we need to reconnect people, societies in a safe way. >> this is the chief aviation officer of rome's two airports. to ensure as an industry that this travel is done properly. the green pass is a very smart and safe tool that we are sure these conditions are observed. >> reporter: to be clear, no one is forcing europeans to use it, many still carry hard copies of their covid information and concerns about handing over sensitive health data that might be abused there's nothing on the
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app regarding your name or when you had the last covid test but the app slashes the time to check the records from different countries and languages, without the green pass, some travellers like these americans have to keep track on their own. >> i think every country should probably have something in that nationized level to ensure the citizens' safety. >> something electronic versus a piece of paper. >> now here at the rome airport the chief aviation officer told me a similar system in the u.s. would make things easy for everybody, europeans going to the u.s. and americans going to europe but considering how europe but considering how politi (ringing) - hey kaleb, what's up? how you doing? - hey, i'm good, guess what, i just had my 13th surgery. - really? i just had my 17th surgery. - well, you beat me. - well, i am a little bit older than you. - yeah it's true.
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it's not really surprising to hear a dog owner talking to their pet as if it can understand. nancy giles found one woman who trained her dog to talk back. >> get out of your water dish. >> reporter: anyone who ever had one knows this much. >> request you're not going to go hungry. >> reporter: dogs have plenty to say. which begs the quest what if do could talk. i mean, with actual words. now we could have a an answer thanks to christina hunker and
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stella. >> what gave you the idea to teach your dog to talk? >> it was all my work as a speech therapist. >> i was working with kids every day who use communication devices to talk and i was working with toddlers who were developing their language. >> ohhhh. >> reporter: these devices are called aac, augments and alternative communication, pushing a button on a screen, people with speech disorders can express themselves. >> spoon. >> yeah i'll get you a spoon. >> when i brought stella home i saw insane similarities between what she was doing to communicate to us whaand what toddlers do right before they start using words.
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>> reporter: stella is a catgula and australian cattle dog mix, she was found in an ad on craigslist. >> in the first days i was with stella she was a little puppy. i ordered some recordable buttons, i started with outside, play and water. about a month in she started saying her first word and from there we just kept adding vocabulary as it went. >> so the board grew, no treats needed. >> you want outside again. >> after all this isn't a trick. stella speak which she has something to say. >> how different is what you're teaching stella than simple commands like normal sit, shake hands, lay down, stay, that sort of thing. >> i didn't want her to just be mindlessly owe bead -- owe bead ient, she's
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obedient to me. she's independent thinker and wanted her to express herself. >> when she posted on social media the idea took off. >> in the past year thousands of people started teaching their dog, it's grown far beyond what i've done, that's when you know it's becoming a movement. it's beyond me. it's beyond stella. >> with all of the letters pooring in, hunger decided to right about it. >> i think it's really going to bring us a lot closer together to the animals we share our environment with. i think there's a lot more similarities than society realizes right now. >> while stella might be the star of this show, christina hunger hopes all of the attention will shed more light on her first love, the humans who rely on aac. >> when we believe in someone's potential and really give them time and patience incredible things can happen. there's a whole world going on in their minds and so much that they are wanting to say and they
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just need the right tools and the right person to help them. t
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the pandemic drove up the price of used cars and trucks by
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about 30% over the past year, that's put them out of reach for many americans. well, there's a man in south carolina who is working to change that, one clunker at a time. mark strasman has his story. >> reporter: elliott middleton knows his way under i hood, at his barbecue restaurant and in his yard, a cemetery of used cars. >> if you have a car that you think needs to go to a junk yard contact me first. >> reporter: this 1990 mercedes has more than 400,000 miles. middleton, a trained mechanic gives clunkers new life and new homes in south carolina's rural low country. >> there's no public transportation, uber or taxis, nothing like that. >> if you don't have a car out here you walk. >> you walk. >> unless middleton surprises you with car keys, single moms, older folks with doctor appointments, 32 rehab cars
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since last september. >> some folks don't need it. like that's not my car. >> does every one of these moments give you the best buzz possible. >>t's beyond anything in the world. >> his father also a mechanic abbic taught him about cars and caring. middleton gifted five cars last christmas. this 2004 souza went to a single mom. >> this is a life-saver. >> free of charge. >> what? >> free of charge. >> 86-year-old john darby gets that 1990 mercedes. >> here's the keys to it. >> thank you. >> turning over cars, turning around lives, cbs news, from south carolina. > and that's the overnight news for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for "cbs this morning" and follow online any time at comebbsnews.. reporting from the nation's
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capital i'm ben tracy. it's wednesday, july 7th. 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." lashing the coast. elsa has been downgraded back to a tropical storm, but it's still accompanying heavy rains on -- dumping heavy rains on florida and packing powerful winds. the latest on the rain, wind, and track of the storm. no signs of life. more bodies are pulled from the rubble of that collapsed condo tower. the grim message from rescue workers. claiming victory. as more results come in, a winner is projected in the race to be the democratic candidate to be the democratic candidate for new york city mayor. captioning funded by cbs good morning, good to be with you.


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