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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 6, 2021 3:12am-3:43am PDT

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what remained ofof the condodo towers brought down ahead of the storm. tonight, more bodies found and clues uncovered. is a construction mistake to blame for the disaster? spreading fast: new infections of the dangerous delta variant surging in the south among those who aren't vaccinated. in california, cases up more than 500%. why dr. fauci now says some people who have gotten shots may still want to mask up. long road home, nearly 50 million americans back at busy airports and on crowded highways trading in fireworks for frustration. is this a preview of summer travel? country club murders: an intense manhunt tonight after a beloved golf pro is gunned down. the gruesome discovery inside the truck the alleged killer was driving. recall: families and businesses nationwide urged to throw out 8 million pounds of poultry, the dadangerous babacteria jusust fd and what youour family n needs o knowow. on a mission, she's 96 years old and still helping children thousands of miles away.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> garrett: good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm major garrett in for norah we're going to begin tonight in florida where much of the state is under tropical storm and flash flood warnings and watches with tens of millions of americans now in the path of elsa. florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for 27 counties. people who live in low-lying areas are being asked to evacuate over concerns they could be inundated by fast- moving water. power companies are also moving crews into position tonight, fearing downed lines could leave people without electricity for days. as we come on the air, elsa is pounding cuba, triggering mudslides and high water after it plowed through the caribbean over the weekend. the storm which was briefly a hurricane could regain some strength as it moves into the gulf of mexico, but, tonight, it is not expected to hit the miami area head on. that's where officials
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demolished what remained of a collapsed condo building overnight fearing the storm might blow it over. cbs' lonnie quinn is trackinge elsa for us tonight but first cbs' mireya villarreal is going to lead off coverage from tam to lead off coverage from tampa mireya, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, major. right now the officials are calling this the calm before the storm, but a county just north of here, there are evacuations underway, and a shelter will open up tomorrow morning, as elsa creeps closer to the coast. florida now bracing for this-- tropical storm elsa slamming into cuba tonight with 60-mile- per-hour winds, dumping up to 10 inches of rain in some areas. the storm has been battering the caribbean since friday. at least three people were killed. elsa hit barbados as a category 1 hurricane, uprooting trees and blowing away several homes. now a tropical storm, elsa is expected to strengthen overnight, threatening residents all along the florida coast from the keys to tampa.
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officials say it will not impact the search and rescue mission in surfside. >> we are, at least in terms oft the surfside with this storm elsa, the news the pretty positive. >> reporter: elsa is expected to bring strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding in the next 24 to 48 hours. worried residents filled sandbags anticipating the worst. you're taking it seriously. >> yeah is that why. you never know what could happen, so we're taking all safety precautions so you'll be ready. >> reporter: the sand right now at that location that we were at two times, so people are taking this seriously. the wind has started to pick up just in the last few minutes. the mayor tells us they haven't had a storm hit this area in at least 100 years, a major storm, that is. the next ten to twelve hours will be key in figuring out
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exactly where tropical storm elsa will make landfall. major. >> garrett: mireya villarreal, dealing with the wind. lonnie quinn is tracking the storm. what is the latest? good evening. >> reporter: good evening, major. the latest is we have a 50-mile- per-hour tropical storm, a mid- grade tropical storm but elsa is moving northwest at 14 miles an hour, around havana, cuba, 105 miles south of key west. we do not see else making landfall in the keys. tonight, it will exit cuba and actually get stronger over the florida straits. nice calm water. by 9a.m., 60-mile-per-hour winds. by 5:00 p.m., as far north as tampa, and then a landfall in florida early wednesday morning, 5:00 a.m. around big bend, florida, tampa, jacksonville, points north. by 2:00 a.m. thursday, dealing with a tropical depression as it stays over land and moves in the charleston area.
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the biggest concern, the rainfall, storm surge and a tornado or two is a possibility as well. >> garrett: lonnie quinn with the details. thank you. now to surfside, florida where as we showed you, the remnants to of the collapsed condo building were demolished overnight. confirmed dead has climbed to, 28, 117 remain unaccounted for. manuel bojorquez is at the scene tonight with new questions about the strength of the fallen structure. >> reporter: strategically placed explosive went off at 10:30 sunday night and within seconds what was left of the champlain tower south crumbled to the ground. nearby residents were ordered to shelter in place and close windows. others watched solemnly from a distance. today officials said the demolition was necessary. >> this pile closest to the building was actually holding the building up and, therefore, it was not safe to do search activities on that part of the pile. >> reporter: these are some of the first crews to resume work 20 minutes after the smoketh
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cleared and reach areas that were not accessible before before safely including a section with master bedrooms. >> excavation will be able to accelerate because of this. it had been inaccessible and a lot of people were sleeping at that time, unfortunately, in that part of the building. >> reporter: the building's demolition could affect the investigation into the initial collapse. >> well, it just makes what we have to do a little bit more complicated. >> reporter: but investigators like allyn kilsheimer will also review photographs, including some that bring into question t the layout of steel reinforcements in the building's concrete supports. >> it doesn't mean there weren't the right number there. they may not have been arranged properly. >> reporter: we're also learning more about the lives lost, like 58-year-old david epstein, was recovered two days after his wife bonnie. their son jonathan epstein posted on facebook, my parents
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there were concerns tropical storm elsa could topple what remained of the building before crews were able to demolish it. they brought it down just in time. the outer bands of elsa are already impacting surfside, but officials say the search will only stop for lightning or winds above 30 miles an hour. major. >> garrett: manuel bojorquez, thank you. we turn to the covid pandemic and a startling rise in the and a startling rise in new cases of the delta variant, accounting for one in four cases nationwide, this as the pace of vaccinations has slowed to a crawl. more now from cbs' carter evans. >> reporter: it's been a holiday weekend where so much seems so normal. >> it's fabulous. i'm so happy, and it's nice to have everybody together.
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>> reporter: but lurking amid the celebrations is a covid reality check. >> we still have hundreds of americans dying every week of this disease. 99-plus percent of them are people who are unvaccinated. >> reporter: concern is growing over the delta variant, now the dominant strain in california and four other states. in just one month, the delta variant has exploded in california, a more than 500% increase. and it turns out masks may still be a good idea even for those fully vaccinated, says dr. anthony fauci. >> i might want to go the extra mile to be cautious enough tos make sure that i get the extra added level of protection, even though the vaccines themselves are highly effective. >> reporter: while the two-dose pfizer, moderna vaccines are nearly 90% effective against the variant, that number plummet to only 33% with just one dose. it could be trouble in texas
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where initials say more than a million residents are overdue for their second dose. >> it looks like our vaccines, at least with the first dose, don't work well against delta, so that second dose is critical. >> reporter: even with health officials pleading that vaccines are the best way out of the pandemic, a new poll finds nearly a third of americans who are not vaccinated have no intention of getting one. >> this is a very devious virus. it will find any crack in our armor it can and continues to do so. >> reporter: now, during the height of the pandemic, holiday weekends are usually followed by a suffrage in covid cases. doctors are warning a surge in areas where the vaccinations are low and if that happens it will be around the middle of july. major. >> garrett: thank you. tonight, america's roads and airports are bustling with travelers heading home from the fourth of july getaway, the
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busiest holiday weekend since the pandemic started. here's nikki battiste. >> reporter: bumper to bumper traffic, and jam-packed airport security lines across the country, all prove today is the busiest time to head home from the july fourth holiday. >> we've never seen that many people travel by car before. >> reporter: it's been a record- setting weekend with nearly 68 million people traveling, most by car. families undeterred by gas prices ticking up to $3.13 a gallon. >> a lot more traffic, a lot more gas prices going up. it's kind of annoying but it is what it is. >> reporter: at airports, 1.7 million flyers were screened yesterday. united airlines c.e.o. scott kirby says today's travel will also be a record breaker. >> we've seen a really rapid ramp-up in demand and load factors in the number of people flying. >> reporter: staffing shortages, southwest airlines offered employees double pay over the hole bay and american airlines canceled 80 flights a day due to pilot shortage. >> going to have a lot of company on the road, airports and terminals so bear in mind you may be running into the old- fashioned traffic jam.
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>> reporter: experts say about 90% of travelers took a car this weekend to avoid clouded planes or trains and mask mandates. and those gas prices, expect them to keep going up in july. major. >> garrett: nikki battiste, thank you. a notorious group of cyber crooks linked to russia are demanding $70 billion in bit coins to unfreeze hundreds of computers around the world. more from catherine herridge. >> reporter: the software company kaseya is scrambling ransomware attacks in history. cyber criminals with the russian linked group r-evil burrowed into the systems friday and affected hundreds of clients over twelve countries, including swedish grocery chain co-op which had to close most of its 800 stores a second day because
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because the cash register to have to r software shut down. the breech targeted widely-used software and took company data hostage. >> something that we haven't really seen, certainly hat this scale before. >> the. >> reporter: the hackers are demanding $70 million to unscramble and release the data. another group tied to r-evil was responsible for the colonial pipeline attack in early may, and r-evil neared the j.b.s. meat processing plant hack over memorial day weekend, bringing in $11 million. this latest breech rolled out over july fourth frustrating efforts to identify american victims. >> so doing it over a long holiday weekend potentially impedes the response time. >> reporter: in michigan saturday, president biden said intelligence officials are investigating, after he warned the russian president last month to reign in cyber criminals or face a strong u.s. reaction. >> if it is either with the knowledge of and/or a
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consequence of russia, then i told putin we will respond. >> reporter: the company told reporters its swift response limited the damage. long-term cyber security experts tell cbs news ransomware attacks can compromise personal information and open the door to identity theft. major. >> garrett: catherine herridge, thank you. tonight the vatican says pope francis is recovering after the biggest health scare of his papacy. part of his colon was removed doctors removed part of his colon was removed sunday. he was suffering from diverticulitis. the pope, 84, is expected to stay in the hospital for about a week. there are new developments tonight in afghanistan as the u.s. winds down its war. the taliban retook the northern region overnight, sending more than 1,000 afghan soldiers fleeing into a neighboring country. for thousands of afghans who helped during the 20-year war, time is running out. cbs' charlie d'agata is there. >> reporter: serene was on day
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one as interpreter with the u.s. combat platoon wen a roadside bomb struck his vehicle. >> it was my first and worst experience. >> reporter: much worse was yet to come. he and his father abdul had gone to sell the family home when taliban militants came knocking one night. >> we just saw people climbing the walls, people with long beards, guns in their hands. they came inside and they kept questioning, we know who you are. >> reporter: he said they had no choice but to try to flee. >> when we were running away, one of them shot at us and they killed my father. >> reporter: so you made a run for it? >> yeah. >> reporter: they shot your father dead? >> yeah, they killed my father. >> reporter: he's among 18,000 interpreters and their families who top the target list of taliban revenge attacks once u.s. forces leave. the u.s. state department is
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working on mass evacuation plans to get them to a third country while their special immigration visas are processed. a potential airlift of 60,000 to 70,000 people. jafari knows there's no guarantee, but he's speaking up despite the obvious risks. >> we are right now in the final stage. they're going to slaughter us anyway. >> reporter: they are now in a race against time to get out of the country before the taliban gets them first. charlie d'agata, cbs news, kabul. >> garrett: there is still much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." the intense manhunt after a pro golfer is shot dead and more bodies found at the scene. a recall of 800,000 pounds of frozen chicken. what you need to know if these products are in n your freeeeze. .
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>> garrett: tonight, an intense >> garrett: tonight, an intense manhunt is underway for the gunman who shot and killed a pro golfer at a country club in kennesaw, georgia. police say eugene siller was shot by a man who drove a pickup truck on to a golf course saturday. two more bodies were found in the bed of the truck. the motive for these shootings is not known.
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in altoona iowa, investigators are trying to determine what cused a raft to flip over on a water ride at the adventureland amusement park. one person was killed, three others were injured. officials say the ride passed inspection the day before this deadly accident. a consumer warning tonight, tyson foods is recalling more than 8 million pounds of frozen fully cooked chicken products after three cases of listeria were discovered. one person has died. one person has died. the packages which are the packages which are sold under several brands including tysons, casey's general store and little caesar's have the code p7089 printed on them. consumers are urged to throw the packages out and clean anything ththe chicken mamay have tououc. upup next, shehe's 96 and d stil working hard to help children a thousand miles from her home, up next. too fast?t? try y febreze fafade defy plp. itit has builtlt-in technonoy toto digitallyly control h howh scent isis releasedd
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3:35 am
of course, i had no idea i would do it. >> reporter: at the end of her legal career, olga took a vacation to a place she'd never been. you just went to nepal on a whim? >> yes, and the minute i landed, i fell in love with the country. the children, they held my hand, they were just so delightful, and they all want to go to school. most kids didn't go to school then. >> reporter: it was there she had an epiphany. >> olga, you know what you're going to do the rest of your life, you're going to educate nepali children. >> reporter: that started a 30- year passion, building the nepal youth foundation, combating poverty, building schools and rescuing girls forced into servitude. >> we were going to not be the great white saviors but we would train them to save their sisters. >> reporter: the charity has built 7 hospitals and helped educate more than 50,000 kids. but, she says, there's so much more that needs to be done. >> i don't think about stopping, frankly, as long as i have my
3:36 am
marbles and am healthy, i will continue to do that. >> reporter: continue living a life pull of purpose. jamie yuccas, cbs news. >> garrett: next, the new challenge facing hospitals coast to coast. an e electric trtruck ththat can hauaul... ...on bothth ends. that can h help build yoyour house.. and ifif need be,, popower that h house. that feeeels like a bulletet train. and works like a freight train. the fulllly electricic f-150 0 lightning.g. alice loves the scent of gain so mumuc , shshe wished there was a way o make it last longer. say hellllo to your r fairy godmother r ali e anand long-lasasting gain n t beads. part of ththe irresiststible sct collectition from gag in! (tonya) bebecause i smokeded, i i have heartrt fai. at night, , i have to o plug myf in t to keep
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh this is the "cbs overnight news." i'm ben tracy in washington. thanks for staying with us. as companies reopen today after the holiday weekend, businesses from coast to coast are bracing to see if they've been a victim of an ongoing ransomware attack. hundreds of companies including financial service firms have been hacked by a russia-based cyber criminal group demanding a
3:41 am
$70 million ransom. the fbi says they're the same hackers who hit a giant meat packing company over memorial day. catherine herridge reports. >> reporter: hackers hit kaseya on friday. it includes swedish grocery chain co-op which closed most of its 800 stores for a second day sunday because their cash register software shut down. >> lots of criminal organizations are finding out they can get paid millions of dollars to disrupt our economy. if you compromise kaseya, you can take over the kaseya infrastructure to help broadcast ransomware. >> reporter: after recent breaches at colonial pine line and jbs, homeland security warned that ransomware attacks are likely to increase in the near and long term. >> these are largely russian affiliated entities.
3:42 am
they can operate with relative impunity because there's not any enforcement from the russian state. >> reporter: in michigan saturday, president biden said intelligence officials are investigating. >> i'm directing the intelligence community to give me a deep dive on what's happened. >> reporter: last month he warned the russian president to rein in cyber criminals or face a strong u.s. response. >> if it is either with the knowledge of and/or a consequence of russia, i told putin we will respond. >> reporter: in a statement kaseya said they are working around the clock to restore our customers and restore them to service. >> reporter: they say launching the attack on a holiday weekend allowed them to burrow into networks and they expect more victims to come forward once businesses open on tuesday. in


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