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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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outnumbered when it comes to the number of sideshows and shootings they had in a span of roughly 12 hours. we want to show you a map of where all these shootings occurred. there were a total of seven shootings, which started sunday night and carried into late this morning. as of now, police are reporting two deaths, one as suspicious and the other being called a homicide, which happened just after midnight on bancroft avenue. oakland police responded to the first shooting at just around 6:25 last night with a 29-year- old shot multiple times on elizabeth street. just about three hours later, the call of a second shooting came in, less than a mile away. chief laurent armstrong saying a 15-year-old was shot by celebratory gunfire. >> this is one of the more violent fourth of july's that i've ever seen when it comes to celebratory gunfire. typically we have a lot of fireworks act the.
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that's always concerning. but this year, the level of celebratory gunfire was something like we haven't seen before. then there was this. police say a sideshow in east oakland had about 300 cars and 200 spectators. the police department had tried to prepare for july 4th and had dedicated units to handle these sideshows and fireworks, but because of the shootings, those officers had to be diverted to handle violent crime. >> we are talking about 12 hours of nonstop chaos throughout the city, both of violent and sideshow. that's what's concerning. so if there's any idea of does this police department need resources to address these issues, for sure we do. it's clear we do. it's clear that the problem we are facing is a challenge for us to manage, and they're not going away. they have continued to be here this entire year, and we clearly know that we were outnumbered yesterday with sideshow vehicles and spectators. >> you can hear the frustration in the chief's voice there,
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andrea. you mentioned in the 16-year- old was shot by what they called celebratory gunfire, so do police think that was the main reason for these shootings? >> the teeth actually says that he believes the vast majority of these shootings are related to celebratory gunfire, but he says at this point they still need to investigate each case independently to come up with a motive. >> all right, andrea nakano, thank you. we brought you the police chief's press conference live this afternoon on cbsn bay area and we are streaming 24 hours a day on and on the kpix app. police in santa rosa are investigating a deadly shooting at a fourth of july block artie. take a look at the aftermath of that party. police say just after midnight a silver honda pulled up to the party on beachwood drive. someone inside started shouting gang-related phrases and then opened fire, hitting four people. a man died, a woman and teenage girl are in critical condition
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tonight. a teenage boys expected to survive. we know the shooters were gang-related based on the challenges coming from the car. we are working with the victim and the people at the block party to see if there is any actual gang participants there or just that perception that they were and maybe they were targeted for that perception alone. >> police believe someone at the block party shot back at that car, which then crashed into a parked car, and the suspect ran off. it was a busy night for firefighters in contra costa county, as kpix 5's john ramos reports, they had to put out more than 50 fires, all of which were mainly sparked by fireworks. >> here in contra costa county, officials say the number of fires were down this year and they're hoping people are starting to get the message. still, the number of illegal fireworks that were used was neither safe nor sane. >> reporter: people living on ross circle in martinez got a
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scare last night when a fire swept down a hillside toward the rear of their houses. neighbors say they heard fireworks being used on the street above shortly before. they had to hurriedly prepare to flee their home. >> people need to understand it's not just them, they need to understand that they are putting other people's lives at risk, too. >> reporter: firefighters arrived quickly, and no homes were lost, and con fire spokesman steve hill said the 48 grass fires and five structure fires they were called to is about 20% to 40% fewer than last year. he said most residents obeyed the ban on fireworks, reporting illegal use and calling in any fires very quickly. >> so we got some help from our residence last night. we are very thankful for that. we could use some more, because there is still an awful lot of fireworks being used out there. >> reporter: he said hundreds of pounds of fireworks were confiscated by law enforcement in the week leading up to the fourth, but the fire danger wasn't limited to illegal fireworks. the professional show at the concord pavilion had to be
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stopped twice so firefighters could extinguish small fires on the hillside above, alarming some of the spectators. >> now we have two fires, they stopped the show, and i think it's too risky to continue. we should probably stop the show and that's that. >> reporter: but hill says the show had been approved by the fire marshal and posed no danger. >> that area was carefully evaded to prevent the spread of any fires that would've started, so the city did everything we asked them to do, and a lot more, actually, to make sure that was safely conducted. >> reporter: but he doesn't think it was a good idea. >> forget about a good idea. it was a very bad idea to do that. >> he doesn't understand why a fireworks show would be held at a venue that backs up to open hills, and even if it was deemed to be safe, he wonders about the message it sends to be public. >> this is not right, telling other people don't do it, and
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you go ahead and do it in your backyard, which is no good at all. >> reporter: perhaps it is a sign that public attitudes toward fireworks on the fourth of july are changing. people are beginning to question whether the beloved tradition is really worth the risk. in martinez, john ramos, kpix 5. >> con fires is what really helped last night was the weather. the air was cool with enough humidity to keep any fires that did breakout from spreading. the san jose fire departments as they responded to 20 fireworks related calls on the fourth. the police department issued 10 citations and seized nearly 550 pounds of fireworks. new at 5:00, a woman is in stable condition after fire crews rescued her near fort point in san francisco. u.s. park police found her needing help near marshall's beach. no word yet on the extent of her injuries, or even how she got into trouble in the first place. live look outside dublin,
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another round of warm weather expected to get the bay area. chief meteorologist paul hagan tracking those conditions for us. >> you wouldn't guess that things are going to really warm- up just based on today's temperatures, which are really comfortable for early july. the warm spot on the map now, 85 degrees in fairfield. think back a year, the fourth of july weekend, we had near triple digit temperatures for inland parts of the bay area, and it is cooler near the water, 69 at sfo, 61 degrees downtown and 59 degrees at the moment at half moon bay. but the overall weather pattern is going to shift as we head through the rest of this week. near-normal, even slightly below normal temperatures tomorrow and again on wednesday, but then, by thursday and friday, a big old heat dome over the desert southwest is going to be expanding. it's not going to set up camp right on top of us, so we're not going to completely lose that onshore wind. a warm-up certainly is in store along the coast and around the bay, but it's going to be a hot weather pattern for inland parts of the bay area begin thursday. take a look at how high things are going to climb on the thermometer coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. coronavirus coverage now. the delta variant has become
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the dominant strain of covid-19 here in california. here's how fast it is spread. in june, more than 35% of cases in california were identified as delta. in may, it only accounted for about 5.5%. >> we are dealing with a variant that's much more contagious and also potentially much more dangerous. the good news is that vaccine -- if you're fully vaccinated, meaning two weeks after your last shot, you are really protect it against the delta variance, against being hospitalized with the delta variance. >> today, governor newsom highlighted the delta variant's dominance in a tweet, also writing, quote, the science shows that getting vaccinated can help protect you. getting a shot is free and can save your life. coming up at 6:00, will there be a covid surge after fourth of july gatherings? bay area experts weigh in. teams in florida are now searching through fresh rubble at the deadly condo building collapse. crews found more bodies after they used explosives to bring
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down the remaining tower. cbs reporter manuel bojorquez has the latest from surfside. >> reporter: rescue workers resumed climbing mounds of debris at the site of the collapsed condo in surfside. after explosives were used to bring down the last remaining section of the complex. >> they were on that pile that had been difficult for them to access, so they're making a lot of progress. >> reporter: as teams expanded their search to areas that were previously inaccessible because of safety reasons, they discovered more bodies in the rubble. >> since the first responders were able to resume their work on the collapse last night, we have very sadly recovered three additional victims. >> reporter: tropical storm elsa partly prompted the demolition. experts were concerned the rain and wind could crash the remaining section of the building. >> the showers and thunderstorms will have some brief but gusty winds and these winds could still be quite strong. >> reporter: 12 days after the collapse, officials acknowledged tearing down the
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high-rise marks another painful chapter for families. >> the weight of that building coming down, those buildings coming down, is on this entire community, and it's been a long ride for us. >> reporter: destroying the building will also affect the investigation. >> it will complicate it some, because we will have to do it from new debris, rather than from what's standing in the air. >> reporter: officials say teams of scientists and engineers were able to take pictures of the structure before it was brought down sunday, and conduct interviews for what's expected to be a long and difficult investigation. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, surfside, florida. >> 28 people are now confirmed dead. 117 are still missing. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a hockey player killed by a fireworks blast. what we are learning about this freak accident. plus, tropical storm elsa makes landfall in cuba,
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a tragic fireworks accident has killed a professional hockey player who was celebrating the holiday near detroit, michigan. columbus blue jackets goalie matiss kivlenieks died yesterday after he was hit in the chest by an errant fireworks mortar. kivlenieks was in a hot tub with other people at the time. doctors say he died of chest trauma. he was only 24 years old. team operations president says it's a devastating time for their organization. san francisco fire crews rescued three people today after their house caught fire. it happened on 20th avenue. fortunately, they are all okay, but now they're looking for a new place to stay. no word yet from investigators on how the fire started. fireworks were to blame for this fire near pier 92 in san francisco. it sparked last night, continue
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to smoldering, and then flared up again this morning. a fire boat was called in to assist. no one was hurt. fire watch, pictures of the charred forest left by the lava fire in siskiyou county. it burned about 25,000 acres in the shasta trinity national forest. they say it is now 39% contained. firefighters say cooler temperatures, low humidity helping contain the flames. should be actually high humidity, i believe, if it's more humid, helping contain the flames that were sparked by lightning. this new time-lapse video of the lava fire, you can see it's creating huge plumes of smoke drifting into the sky. look at that. full containment, they say, expected next week. the salt fire, north of reading, in chester county, that one has nearly doubled to more than 11,000 acres. it's only 20% contained since it started june 30th. flames have destroyed 27 homes, 14 other structures. evacuation orders do remain in place. now to our storm watch, we had a live look where people in
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florida are bracing for tropical storm elsa. the national weather service predicts it could hit the florida keys tomorrow, and florida's central gulf coast by wednesday. the storm is currently sweeping over western cuba, with heavy rain and strong winds topping more than 50 miles per hour. elsa made landfall earlier today in a rural area where not many people live. unfortunately, the storm has turned deadly nearby in the dominican republic. authority say at least two people died after the winds caused the walls of their houses to collapse. take a live look at crown beach in alameda. people certainly enjoy being a last day of the long holiday weekend before most head back to work tomorrow. so a nice day to be out there.
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paul is joining us and you're going to take us back to elsa. >> we're going to look at the impact it's going to have on the florida peninsula. it doesn't look like it's going to regain hurricane strength. this is where it is right now, just parked over the western end of cuba. it's going to trek to the north, over the florida keys and eventually right along the west coast of florida. let's switch from the current perspective and show you where the track is going to take it. 50 mile an hour sustained winds right now. those are going to pick up a little bit as it makes its way to the north. but the strongest it looks like it's going to get his after midnight tomorrow night with 65 mile an hour sustained winds, it has to get to 74 miles an hour to become a hurricane again. it's going to be close and we'll keep reevaluating this. looks like it's going to make landfall a little bit further up the coast, from tampa, halfway between tallahassee and gainesville, the point at which it makes landfall. still is a strong tropical storm, then it's going to quickly lose intensity and race off to the northeast. still bringing a ton of rain to the carolinas and eastern seaboard. there is potential for tornadoes with any landfalling tropical system, as well.
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our weather a whole lot more dreadful than that. we're looking at the fog, as we look to the west from the mark hopkins hotel. temperature stands at 61 degrees and the camera shaken around a little bit with a decent breeze out there this evening. that's going to be the case once again tomorrow. mid-60s right now in oakland. otherwise temperatures, 6 to 7 degrees in santa rosa, 70 to around 80 degrees further inland. 80 exactly right now in livermore and in concord. those winds are going to calm down somewhat as we head through this evening, but it's still going to be a noticeable breeze through the overnight hours and tomorrow does look at it could be windier than the conditions we had today. it's still going to be that onshore wind but the stronger wind is going to push the cooler air even further inland. temperatures are going to drop by about 2 or 3 degrees the pending where we topped out today, by noon some of the gusts up to 25 to 30 miles an hour along the coast. that were the strongest gusts are going to be tomorrow afternoon, 35 to 40 miles an hour, moving around on the road a little bit, and even further inland, numerous gusts in the 15 to 20 mile an hour range. maybe not quite as strong but it is still going to be a noticeably cool breeze throughout the day, and the fog is going to do the same thing is doing for the past week,
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even a little bit more than that. spreading inland with a little bit of drizzle, mostly along the coast as we head toward's early tomorrow morning. it dissipates inland, backs up towards the bay by noon and then towards the coast as we head into the afternoon. one more day that pattern is going to be with us again on wednesday, so the fog, the drizzle, they spread out into early wednesday morning, than the fog backs up but more sunshine even earlier in the day wednesday for inland parts of the bay area. that's when the heat roam over the desert southwest is going to be expanding toward this with some significantly warmer temperatures away from the water. tonight temperatures mostly drop down into the 50s. the warm spot will be 60 degrees in antioch, the cool spot to the north bay valleys dropping down into the low 50s. tomorrow's temperatures are going to warm up to only about five to 7 degrees below normal for this time of your. low 60s for san francisco, stuck low 60 degrees along the coast, mid to upper 60s from the east bay, only mid-70s for the santa clara valley. 74 in san jose. a mix of upper 70s to around 80 degree temperatures for the north bay and the warm spots further inland in the east bay, but even there, only up into the mid-80s. bigger changes kick in, just a
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little warm-up on wednesday but then a big jump of temperatures wednesday, we're talking inland temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. that's about where things are going to stay through the weekend before we drop back closer to normal by early next week to go around the and along the coast, temperatures are going to warm up but we are not going to lose that onshore wind, so temperatures may be climb back up to a few degrees above average but it's not going to be the heat wave that inland parts of the bay area are going to be dealing with. we'll talk about the fire index as we deal with those breezy conditions tomorrow, coming up during our 5:30 half hour. something we got to keep an eye on. sa what if f you could d push a bun anand less cararbon would de put t into the a air.
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he is a yankees great and a
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bay area native. vallejo's cc sabathia, one of only 18 players in major league baseball history to achieve 3000 career strikeouts. >> but he's also dealt with personal struggles. in his new memoir, till the end, he opens up about his alcohol abuse and getting help. >> that's why i got so candid in my details, is i want everybody to be able to relate to it, and you can't have all these things, all the money come all the stuff, but still struggle with mental health and the alcohol dependence, but you can get help. the toughest thing about dealing with alcohol and dependency is reaching out and saying that you need help, and that you can't fight this alone. >> he's now been sober for nearly 6 years. in his book he talks about the struggle for black men to seek therapy, because it sometimes viewed as a week this. he also says the competitiveness in pro sports can fuel dependency, but told cbs this morning he's thankful for his success in baseball. >> my arm has taken me from
5:23 pm
vallejo, california, to this desk, and to places that i never thought i'd be able to reach, and it's just been a blessing to be able to have it until the end. >> he also gives a shout out to his wife, amber, who is now a sports agent. the san francisco giants are going to be sporting a new jersey later this week. the nlb unveiled the nike city connect jerseys today. there it is, the white and orange top pays homage to san francisco, with the golden gate bridge on the sleeves, complete with a little mist and fog there, like we've got going right now. the giants will debut these on the field during their series with the washington nationals, which begins on friday. a lot of people weighing in on the new look, and not all the feedback is good. dave writes, many people are saying the giants might miss the playoffs entirely because of the jerseys. out. derek house says he can't be convinced the jerseys are, as the youth would say, fire. but switch waves as i actually
5:24 pm
love the jerseys, am i the only one? no, because alex says, the more i look at the giants city connect jerseys, the more i don't mind it. that's a ringing endorsement. you can wait in using the hashtag kpix. >> just as long as they play well in it. >> absolutely, make the playoffs, nobody cares. >> brandon crawford likes it. while you were working from home during the pandemic, some silicon valley tech giants got some new neighbors -- dozens of homeless folks have moved into empty parks right next door. >> you just don't have to look at them. i think. >> but now they do. >> yeah. plus, fireworks suspected of sparking more fires in alameda county. the nonstop calls that
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osteo o bi-flex, p plus vitamid fofor immune s support. you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30, including oakland firefighters scrambling. their wild night rattling fireworks fires. >> talk about wild. a wild joyriding gold country. that story of how a fire truck went crashing into a business. our top story at 5:30, it's the same issue taking shape in a new arena.
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what might be the next big homeless encampment in the south bay. and good evening, i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. >> i'm alan martin. there is concern that a smaller homeless encampment in san jose could get a lot bigger, and dozens of people living on land just north of the highway 101/87 interchange. kpix 5's kiet do and on why many others may soon join them. >> as it stands right now, there is no long-term plan for housing all the hundreds of people that are living right near the airport. once that area get swept, there's a good chance all of them are going to come right here. >> reporter: we are talking about 55 acres of prime commercial real estate at the corner of 101 and highway 87, right in the heart of silicon valley. according to the santa clara county tax assessor's office, the three parcels bordered by trimble road, north first street and 101 are owned by none other than apple. the homeless encampments now have about 30 people and counting.
5:29 pm
if lynn shipman looks familiar, it's because we first met her a year and a half ago, when she was living in an rv in front of another billion-dollar tech giant, tesla in fremont. she got swept out of their back in february, 2020, and now she's been on apples property for a few months. >> when they shut down the coleman and hedding, spring street area, what do you think is going to happen to all his people? >> they're going to want to come here. >> apple is not doing anything with this land right now. why not let people stay until they do? >> reporter: while we were here on apple's property, san jose police actually recovered a stolen vehicle. the owner seemed happy but did not want to talk. >> how many places do you know in san jose or milpitas that there's this much food? >> reporter: robert karlsson says troublemakers at the apple encampment are shunned. it's a tightknit community that shares what little food and supplies they have. robert says he would be hesitant to move into government housing. >> most of the time you get a car, some clothes, that's it. these old rvs, it takes a long time to get an rv, and when we do, we don't want to let it go.
5:30 pm
>> these are some of the wealthiest companies in the world, right next door. >> if you're such a wealthy company they could be helping the homeless. they could be helping make this place better, trying to kick us out of here, don't be so big. show that you care. >> reporter: activist sean cartwright says vacant land like the old orchard supply store on byrd avenue is a prime example of how tech monies can help. >> there is no reason to even break ground for a couple years. there's no plausible defense to sit there and say i'm going to keep this land empty and not step up as a good neighbor and provide safe working to these people, who are so desperately in need. we need tech to be a good neighbor. we need them to allow safe parking for a year or two on this land until housing is built for these people. >> in san jose, kiet do,


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