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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a scam artist. >> my jewelry. oh, thank you so much! oh, thank you so much! >> byrd: you're welcome. -- captions by vitac -- live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . and now at 5, windy and dry conditions fueling this east bay brush fire and we are live with what they say sparked the flames. we are watching the marine layer build in as we speak. already coming into the golden gate, and what does this mean for the fireworks? we'll have that coming up. after more than a year of health restrictions, how the bay area is getting out and about to celebrate the fourth of july. thank you for joining us. we begin with the fast-
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moving brush fire in contra costa county. da lin is live with fires burning in concord. >> reporter: that is right. firefighters put out that quick vegetation fire around 3:00 this afternoon and right now they are doing mop up duties right now and you can see a lot of firefighters have their chainsaws going and cutting branches and trees because some of them are still burning and smoldering but we want to show you a time-lapse video to show you the progression of this fire that started around 1:00 and because of how dry and windy and hot it was, authorities put a lot of resources into this and cal fire and the east bay regional park and east contra costa fire protection district and the sheriff's department and everybody jumped on this very quickly with over 100 people i am told out here assisting and fighting this fire and we
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understand two air tinkers also came out and it is unclear if they made any drops because they have so many people out here. they say they were able to contain this to about 35 acres and i want to show you a picture which shows a car and we are told by the chp this started out as a car fire and the driver apparently hit a barrier and that caused the car to go on fire and that car fire then spread to nearby vegetation and that is how this began at about 1:0 7 pm and we do understand a person was treated and we believe it was the driver of that vehicle. we also have some additional pictures courtesy of the local authorities as well as firefighters were working on this fire. they are very lucky that this didn't threaten any nearby homes and this is kind of in a region where the homes are still about one or 2 miles away so they were able to knock this out pretty quickly. i do want to come back live
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here. right now it is still very hot. it has been very windy. i came over from san francisco where it was kind of freezing cold coming over here. it is hot and windy. firefighters are concerned and they're asking and reminding folks because of what happened here, they are reminding folks please don't light up any illegal fireworks and just one spark and also with a high wind it could cause this to go badly. so live here in concord , kpix 5. and fire erupted at a mobile home park in san jose around noon today on jackson avenue authorities say the fire started and destroyed one unit. the flames and smoke damaged the two units next door. nobody was hurt and the cause i under investigation. we are looking now across the bay area and a great day to go outside for fourth of july fun, although as was pointed out, it was warm and concord freezing in san francisco. the question is will the fog
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play ball with firework show? as you will know, this is only classic july weather and it is a whole different world here at the golden gate bridge than it is near concord where he was for that fire. the clouds being driven onshore here part of the wind coming up through the delta and making it windy through the passes. if you look at how widespread that cloud is that is the classic marine layer on the coast and there it is hanging out of the golden gate and if we put in the future cast, watch the way it plays out. this is what it has done almost exactly for the last four nights. by the time we get to 9:00 tonight, the marine layer is back into the immediate bay and if you look at a close-up the city will certainly be blanketed but if you just go over the hill there is another fire -- fireworks show happening in pleasantville and the marine layer stops at this point in the east bay hills. by 9:30, it should still be clear over here. i will be back with the rest of
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the forecast coming up in a few minutes. a big fourth of july celebration returns to the coast. we are live at half moon bay were a lot of people were excited to gather again. >> reporter: right now, things are just wrapping up with today's 50th celebration and it was extra special because last year's parade and festival were canceled and a lot of old traditions returned and so did the smiles. >> ♪ >> reporter: they sing. they danced and they waived the american flag. as classic cars and military vehicles and even horses made their way down main street. >> it is good to be free again without the masks and at least outside. so we want to enjoy the fresh air. and also celebrate this
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since we have been cooped up for a year. >> is a pleasure to see the people and it is great people watching and dog watching and baby watching and be part of the community again. >> it is nice to be out with everybody and not have to wear a mask which is nice. >> reporter: many in the crowd still kept there is on. >> a little nerve-racking still. masks on and off but i think overall being outside and being able to enjoy the fresh air and see other people is really great. >> reporter: for the first time since 2019, friends and neighbors and families, even dogs, lined the historic street and this was a celebration of independence and one of making it past the reopening. >> i am so excited to be out. this is our first time here actually. it is good to be back. >> reporter: highlights included community leader in grand marshal beverly ashcraft who celebrated her 90th birthday. canine companions and horses that showed off their tricks. >> happy fourth of july.
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>> reporter: in addition to the food vendors and the activities for the kids, there was also a free vaccine clinic. we will have much more on that coming up at 6:00. looking live at pier 39 now where we are just a little bit over four hours away from the big fireworks show on the waterfront. you might get a better view of another firework show in the east bay and the city of pleasant hill will be launching fireworks at 9:15 tonight and shot off from college park high school, but no gatherings are allowed on campus. some streets in the area will be closed off and officials recommend people watch the show from home or a nearby spot. patriotism shining bright on social media today. here are some posts we are seeing. show us your photos and videos and how you are celebrating this independence day. just use the hashtag kpix.
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a live look at the white house where president biden spoke about 15 minutes ago as americans celebrate the nations 245th birthday and after over a year of covid restrictions, lockdowns and mask mandates. >> this year, the fourth of july is a day of special celebration, for we are emerging from the darkness of a year pandemic and isolation and a year of pain and fear and heartbreaking loss and just think back to where this nation was a year ago. think back to where you were a year ago. and think about how far we have come. >> this evening there are new concerns about the more contagious delta variant now in all 50 states. elise preston has more from new york.
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>> reporter: in washington dc the national archives celebrated the fourth of july with its first in person event since the start of the pandemic and in san francisco this weekend people gathered from all around for a block party. >> it is great. after a whole year of following the rules and not going out and now we are finally safe and it's nice to see the smiles again. >> reporter: busy airports in crowds and close contact celebrations nationwide are raising concerns that pockets of unvaccinated americans could put those gatherings at risk. the numbers vary by state and the southern states in particular are lagging behind with low vaccination rates as the more contagious delta variant is now present across the country. utah's governor said his state is seeing rising hospitalizations. >> we are working hard to
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encourage the younger population to get vaccinated and we have 89% of those over the age of 65, so we do feel good about that and the death rate has come down because of that, but we desperately need more. >> reporter: the u.s. can close but didn't reach president biden's goal of getting 70% of adults partially vaccinated by independence day. >> reporter: the first lady spoke sunday in philadelphia, which did surpass the presidents goal. >> we are not at the finish line get, but summer has never felt more full of possibility. aaa predicts more than 47 million americans are traveling this holiday weekend which could make it the second highest independence day volume on record. vice president harris pain a visit to some california firefighters today spotted wrapping up cookies at the los angeles fire station 19. she spent time chatting with first responders and also posing for photographs. in a speech she talked about how today is not just about celebrating our country's independence but about celebrating its resilience after a year of sacrifice and loss. still ahead, a search for survivors of that florida building collapse has been
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search and rescue operations in surfside, florida, on pause as engineers prepare for the demolition of the portion of the condominium building still standing, all while racing against time as tropical storm also tracks toward south florida. our reporter is in surfside with the very latest.
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a somber fourth of july in surfside marking 11 days since the catastrophic collapse. >> this year the holiday looko very different as our thoughts are with the victims of this terriblele tragedy. >> reporter: the recovery effort in what is left in surfside is paused as engineers focus on plans to demolish the remaining unstable structure. >> our top priority is the building comes down as soon as possible no matter what time that occurs and as safely as possible. >> reporter: the exact timing is still unclear and officials are working around the clock to make sure the site is secure ahead of the approaching storm also. officials say a synthetic fabric is covering the pile of debris which crews have been combing through. >> it shows respect for the remains that are there. it is also where they can start getting back to the rescue efforts in the building. this only takes seconds to drop the building.
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>> reporter: officials say the demolition will allow workers to comb through the entire site safely. >> we pray for limited impacts of the storm in surfside so we can continue unimpeded by the storm. >> reporter: meanwhile, all eyes are on elsa and a tropical storm watch is in efeffect. meteorologists predict the storm center won't directly impact surfside, but else's outer banks could affect the town by monday. >> we are looking at, of course, storm surge and heavy rainfall and flash flooding and there could be isolated tornadoes. >> officials say the demolition should not impact other buildings in the area but did ask people living nearby to stay indoors and close the windows and doors. pope francis is hospitalized in rome following surgery on his large intestine. that announcement as the press office said he tolerated the surgery well and according to the vatican he was diagnosed
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with symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon and a condition involving narrowing in the large intestine and is young man the pope had one lung removed but overall is believed to be in great health. a fourth of july fireworks show is canceled tonight after the fireworks were accidentally set off during the setup. some beachgoers and ocean city capturing this video early this morning and the local fire department said tonight's fireworks were unintentionally discharged from the truck carrying in them out to the sand and caused a big scare on the packed boardwalk. >> at the truck out there there were huge explosions around the truck and it looks like it is the truck that delivers the fireworks to the displays later. and that is where it looked like it was happening to me. >> a worker from the firework company had minor injuries but is expect to be okay.
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nobody else is hurt. now we know why fireworks go off at night time but on the other hand they may not make a splash coast -- close to the coast. there are two firework shows tonight but the bay area but the one in the city is likely to have an issue with clouds and the one over in pleasant hill you should be fine and we went into a lot of detail with that at the top of the newscast but there is a summary. i will focus on what i think will be the headline in the forecast after we get to the holiday which for the most part we have covered the weather for that and you have already lived it and you can see the red bull's-eye now. this is 6 to 10 days and this is toward the end of the seven- day and going out several days past that and the higher the degree of confidence the deeper the shade of red that temperatures will be above average. we have to start re-gearing ourselves and we have had fantastic weather for the last few weeks in the bay area. you have seen national news of record-breaking heat waves to the north and east and we have
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been okay and we had a typical june gloom and now in july and if that is the biggest of our problems we should count yourself lucky. but what would be average for inland parts of the bay area this time of year? look at the line. i am starting in on tuesday, by the way because we are a little ways out that by the time we get to saturday of next weekend, triple digits are coming back, so there is the early heads up on that and you will see this again in the seven-day, but i wanted to start with it in my time with you because i think it is the most important part of the forecast to start getting ready for this change. back to the fourth of july the clouds are already building in. you get over toward the tri- valley and it is perfectly clear and san jose is clear. everybody will be cloudy tonight. it is just those of us closer to the bay that will get clouds and there will be an issue for a fireworks but by 11:00 or midnight tonight we all have the clouds and temperatures in the low 70s now and you can see
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the clouds rebuild in the overnight hours. i will give you today's forecast for tomorrow's daytime highs and it will be very much like today and that means mid 80s for inland spots and mid-to low 70s for much of the bay and across the seven-day forecast, there is the warm-up that i spotlighted and i showed you sadder -- saturday and sunday is still there. more on that as we get closer to it. back to you. straight ahead, more a's and giants all started names are out. and we were waiting for late inning fireworks at the coliseum this fourth of july and we are still waiting. the last
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baseball up top. and sunday delivered more invites for the upcoming all- star game but the news came out during the a's red sox sunday matinee. red white and blue an old glory all of the coliseum and the very first pitch of the game and watch this. he got up and throughout hernandez and that set a tone, but nick hit a jam but he got jed lowery to kill in a's threat with 10 strikeouts and in seven shutout innings. oakland matched him and got michael swinging in the 5th and he struck out a career-high 10
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but the red sox finally got to them in the six and chad pender had issues with the wall. and he later scored on a double play and still 1-0 at the bottom of the 9th and seth brown waived strike three to and the game and the a's had just four hits in the game and a 1-0 loss and that's 10 of the last 15 and they are now three and half games behind the astros and they are at houston on tuesday. and now during the game the first baseman matt olson was selected to his first career all-star game and only has 20 homeruns this season and 4th in the american league and 53 rbis and he is the teams loan representative for the july 13 game in denver and starter chris bassitt was a surprise omission. the giants finish up in arizona tonight and the first
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pitch in 30 minutes and say hello to two more giants all stars. shortstop brandon crawford selected for the third time in picture was named for his first all-star team but likely will be replaced because he is scheduled to pitch next sunday, but buster posey will be the starting catcher. dave roberts and his team with an 11 am start at the nationals in dc and la were winners of 9 straight have caught the giants for 1st and he muscled up a pair of doubles and tony scored in the seventh back in the dodgers meet -- beat the nationals 5-1 and completed a sweep in the nations capital. pivot over and an overhead shot of detroit michigan rocket mortgage final-round and cam davis from 17 and it gave him a tie for the lead and the same
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whole troy merritt nailed a clutch birdie but it was a three-way playoff and on the second playoff hole we will track the putt for the win. and they play it on. but the fans ran to get a good spot for the next hole and on the fifth extra hole he needed this putt to extend the playoff and missed it and it gave the tournament win to davis for his first pga tour win. this is dylan woodhead and the high school alumni is one of three marin kids going to tokyo for the summer games and he has punched his ticket and u.s. water polo team.
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>> i would say in the last two days it is definitely sinking and more but i am looking forward to eventually getting to tokyo and i think the first steps through those opening ceremonies will definitely be a big hit me moment for sure. >> i needed a stool for this one. he is 6 foot seven. >> coming up tonight, the olympic swimmer natalie has three olympic send 12 medals and now she has waited into the waters of winemaking in napa valley. here is the taste. >> the transition to civilian life as a non-athlete, i will be an olympian forever but i am not a competing olympian. it is one that you have to understand that you will retire as an athlete at some points you have to have an exit plan. >> i can't wait to air that story and we will also have a story on the assistant coach, mike brown and he is now an
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it would not be the fourth of july without the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. some brave trolls -- souls chow down in brooklyn and the defending world champ joey chestnut got his 14th title and set a new record and devoured 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes and as for the ladies, michelle lesko took home the crown and she scarfed down almost 31 hot dogs and buns. and for those of you who love the story, raise your hand.
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>> vern? >> no way. 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> that captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, demolition crews in surfside, floridida, gets seteth a a storm loooming.. search foror the mimissing uspendeded. and plans to the tower are suspended. >> we need to move forward with the rescue of all those people. >> the latest on the ground and the forecast of what's to come. also tonight, america celebrates independence from covid with a return of traditions, parades, picnics and fly-overs, and, president biden


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