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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 3, 2021 3:12am-3:41am PDT

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health officials are especially concerned about the spread of the variant in areas with low vaccination rates. more now from cbs' janet shamlian. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere, america is getting ready for an unprecedented fourth of july weekend. >> just a very different mood and atmosphere, no mass, a lot and atm more people feeling comfortable coming together. >> reporter: but fears of a covid spike loom. the highly transmissible delta variant is in all 50 states, now responsible for more than 26% of u.s. cases, that's double the previous two weeks. >> if you are vaccinated, you have a high degree of protection. if you are not, you should wear a mask, and you should think very seriously about getting vaccinated. >> reporter: and there's more reason to -- a small study found the one-dose j&j provided immunity to the delta variant like pfizer and moderna. only 28 states will meet president biden's 70% vaccination goal by july 4. but more people are getting the
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shot. the 7-day average of reported doses is up more than 40% over last week. the biggest unvaccinated pockets are in the south, with mississippi lost. in texas, 31 vaccinated people have died from the virus this year, out of almost 20,000 covid deaths. with large gatherings throughout houston and across the country, harris county judge lina hidalgo is concerned. >> beneath the surface of all of that is a threat, the delta variant of covid, which has been growing and growing throughout the country. it's more contagious. a year ofcaled-back usually there are tens of thousands of people in this downtown park for a weekend of live music and fireworks. the park will be open but this year it's the fireworks only, shot higher so they can be seen from a distance. major.tance.
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>> janet shamlian, thank you. tonight a team of federal investigators has been sent to hawaii to find out what caused a transair cargo jet to lose power and crash in the ocean off honolulu. the plane sank to the bottom of the pacific but both men on board were rescued. here is cbs' carter evans. >> reporter: the pilot looks alert as paramedics wheel him in, head bandaged, one of the two crew members flying on this cargo when it crashed into the ocean off oahu. problems began 130 in the morning. >> we'll lose the other engine, too. >> reporter: they're just trying you nyirnoway. t? >> negative. and low altitude alert. low altitude alert. >> reporter: tracking delta shows the plane was going 130 miles per hour when it hit the ocean.
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>> looks like they went down in the water about two miles southeast of kalaeloa. >> reporter: night vision shows a coast guard helicopter hoisting one of the pilots in critical condition. >> the tail and fuselage was take stickig out of the water which coincidentally one to have the survivors was located on until it sank. >> the man originally waiting on that tail was now vigorously splashing in the water. >> reporter: just what caused the engines to fail on the 46- year-old plane is still unknown. carter evans, cbs news. >> tonight, president biden has formally approved a report that calls for major changes in the way the military investigates sexual assaults within the nks.thiss an ie coved pe re nowrom cbav reporter: t r to a vote of no confidence in the mostly male leaders to have the american military to combat sexual assault. among many of its "hard truths," consider this damning sentence - - military leadership has failed america's daughters and sons and
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the service members know it. >> for decade service leaders have said that there is no tolerance for sexual assault, but in practice, all too often, there is nothing but tolerance. >> reporter: lynn rosenthal headed the commission whose findings and recommendations were endorsed by both thecretarl assaulted since 2010. >> every survivor we talked to who made an unrestricted report, which means it would be fully investigated, told us they regretted it, every one. >> reporter: sara joachimstaler told norah as part of a year and a half long investigation, she faced immediate retaliation. >> they were trying to break me down. they just go aft >> o'donnell: you were stripped of your rank. >> they were trying to break me down. they just go after you because you're the victim and you're the problem. >> reporter: among the
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recommendations, bring in professionals from outside the military chain of command who actually know what they're doing. >> this is a system that has operated for decades with inexperienced lawyers and investigators and a near total lack of prevention specialists. >> reporter: in the past, military leaders have resisted many of these changes, but rosenthal said it's time for them to show as much courage in rvors doreport.l assault as main, cbs newse >>re news." why the fastest woman on team u.s.a. may not be able to run her best event at ol and what the latest jobs report tells us about america's economic recovery. economic recovery. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride?
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>> garrett: tonight american sprinter sha'carri richardson has been suspended for a month after testing positive for marijuana.woon team u.s.a. said she used marijuana to cope with the death of her mother. the suspension will keep her oee tokyo olympics. she could still run in the relays after her suspension ends. today's job reports are better than economists expected. today's job repo 850,000 jobs were created in
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>> garrett: cbs' steve hartman ends the week with a story of true love, shining through the darkest of times. here is tonight's "on the road." >> oh, my gosh. let's find the picture -- >> reporter: peter and lisa marshall are paging through the most memorable day of their lives. it looked like a lovely wedding. >> it was. it's unforgettable. >> reporter: but he has forgotten it. >> he has forgotten it. who's this? it's the saddest part because you want to reminisce and you're alone in the memory. red winged black bird. >> reporter: three years ago at the age of 53, peter was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's. eventually he not only forget his wedding day, he forgot his wife. lisa became another nameless
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caretaker, their entire history together permanently erased. and, yet, a whisper of their love must have remained because lisa said, all of a sudden, he began courting her as if they just started dating, until one day a wedding scene came on tv. peter pointed to the screen and said, let's do it. >> and i said, do what? and he pointed again. and i said, you want to get married? and he got this grin on his face, and he said, yeah. so he fell in love with me again. ♪ >> reporter: lisa accepted his proposal and a few months ago she staged a wedding for her already-husband. >> i can't even describe to you how magical it was. he was so present, and he was so happy, and it was very touching. >> peter, you may kiss your bride. >> reporter: lisa said peter hadn't been this lucid in weeks.
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unfortunately, it was a cinderella moment. the clock struck 12, and by the next morning, this wedding, too, was lost to the fog. >> yes. >> reporter: but lisa says, she fully expected that. >> i'm the one who's going to remember that, and that's going to help me heal later because it really is a true love story. >> reporter: alzheimer's can take away so much, but, fortunately, love is almost always the last to go. ♪ steve hartman, "on the road." in andover, connecticut. >> garrett: a whisper remained. and we'll be right back.h sper remained. and we'll be right back. well, geico's 85 years isn't just about time, you know. it means experience. i mean, put it this way. if i told you i'd been jarring raspberry preserves
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[♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. >> garrett: sunday on "face the nation," ed o'keefe's guets include the governor of utah including surfside, florida mayor charles burkett. set your d.v.r. so you can watch us later. that's "cbs evening news." i'm major garrett. have a great and safe holiday weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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