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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 2, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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getting in full swing. we are live at sfo with the best and worst times to fly out. a crack down on the roads. we are talking speeders, aggressive drivers and anyone under the influence. we are live with the chp. plus. >> how east bay bomb squads are making sure fireworks busts don't end like this. the a's are allowed to have full capacity but the stands won't be full at tonight's welcome back game. why the team says bart is to blame. good morning. it is friday, july 2nd. >> of course it is a holiday weekend coming up. we have you covered with traffic and weather. metrologist darren is in for mary lee. kind of a misty start. >> hate -- it has been that way for the last several mornings. this is the top of the hotel looking atop the city. it is a good example of how some of the favorite spots have been
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getting it steady. the coast, the city, think of the east bay hills. if you look back at the city you can see more of the city today than you could earlier this week. it is cloudy in san jose. that tells us even though it is misting, the marine layer is high enough that it is extended fairly far inland. everybody is waking up to cloudy skies. if you are right near the bay or the coast, expect it to actually be mist. current numbers out there right now in addition to a couple of hundredths of inches of light rain have it sitting in the low 60s. daytime highs today should go to the low 80s. low 70s for the bay. >> it is looking really good. it is holiday light if you are headed on the freeways. you will see busier conditions on the roadways this afternoon as everyone tries to get out of town to enjoy this three day weekend. right now 880 both directions all clear. if you are waking up early heading towards the freeway, you are looking good between high ward, oakland, all the way towards the bay bridge.
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if you are headed towards the maze there, traffic is light. westbound traffic is clear. the commute direction heading towards 101 and foster city. no metering lights or delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is an easy ride so far. taking a live look now at sfo. this fourth of july. travel is back. >> more than 47 million people are jetting or driving away this holiday weekend. justin andrews is is live at sfo tracking some of those travelers this morning. justin. >> people know how to catch those early flights. we are seeing the crowd picking up right here. they are getting their tickets so they can check in their bags, so they can board their flight. very exciting. it has been a while since a lot of these people have been able to travel because of the pandemic. experts say traveling is in full swing this summer because some people have been waiting for
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more than a year to get away. [ indiscernible ] bay area travelers sure are. the numbers show it here at sfo. it is expecting about 40,000 passengers per day over this holiday weekend. san jose projects numbers at about 15,000, eve two day period. oakland international airport plans to see 160,000 travelers. all these numbers though are still below the pre-pandemic levels. clear signs things are slowly getting back up. we talk to kelly, a flyer. she is headed to cancun for a bachelorette party. she told me she is ready for the fun. >> super excited. i feel like since covid has hit we haven't been able to go anywhere. it has been exciting for us. >> can you tell me where you are going? >> we are going to cancun. we are going for a bachelorette party. we are going for about a week. it will be really fun.
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>> telly said she is always catching early flights because she can get to her destination early and she says she can beat the crowd. >> kelly has it right. we all know the airport can be a lot to deal with. when is a good time too to fly? >> according to aaa they say travel before noon. the worst time? between 4:00 and 5:00. so be sure you get here before noon. you have about, what, six hours? >> yeah. a little bit of time. >> all right. thanks so much. and if you haven't filled up your pump before the holiday weekend you might be in for a shock. bay area gas prices are soaring. we saw one station in walnut creek yesterday with premium prices all the way up to $4.79 a gallon. that is well above california's current average of $4.28 a gallon. as for averages in the bay area,
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according to aaa it is around $4.34 in oak land and san jose. san to rosa and san francisco jump up to $4.33. i'm ann at the live news desk. the latest jobs report just came out. looks like the u.s. economy has gained 850,000 new jobs in june. that is better than expected. about 100,000 jobs better than expected. meantime though the unemployment rate has risen to 5.9%. we will see how the stock market think of that when the opening bell rings at 6:30. back to you. you are dealing with the -- a very important national holiday. you can still celebrate at the same time as you get your message very, very clear.
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if you are vaccinated, you have a high degree of protection. if you are not, you should wear a mask and you should think very seriously about getting vaccinated. >> this morning the u.s. will fall short of president biden's goal of getting 70% of all eligible adults vaccinated by the fourth of july. here is where we stand right now. 63.9% of people other 12 have gotten their first dose. only 54.9% are fully vaccinated. deputies in alameda county just made a big fireworks bust. check out the hall in newark. dozens of explosives were seized yesterday. in los angeles this morning neighbors are demanding answers after an lapd fire work seizure ended with a huge explosion that hurt 17 people. atf investigators have started the process of re-creating the disaster to see what went wrong.
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this morning the alameda county bomb squad says they are coordinating with investigators in l.a. to ensure something similar doesn't happen here. the east bay agency also tell us they have three bomb trailers, one is designed to hold up to 40 pounds of explosives. >> we have people that are at home making fireworks, cardboard tubes packed with powders. sometimes they up it to the next level and begin to make high explosives. >> the agency also has a self contained vessel to transport homemade fireworks. gun sales are soaring in california. a new report shows handgun sales hate new high in 2020. more than 680,000 transactions, a 65% increase from the previous year. this morning san francisco police are looking for a second suspect in the murder of 6-year-old jace young. the little boy was shot and killed near lay year ago while watching fourth of july fireworks in the bay view.
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earlier this year police arrested 18 #y50er78d james. they are looking for a second suspect identified as 18-year-old deshaun lumpkin. he is considered armed and dangerous. the time is now 6:07. no more tickets for tonight's a's game. >> it is not because the game is sold out. why the a's are blaming bart. what you should expect. we have a live interview with the chp. later airlifted to safety. one bay area hiker pretty lucky this morning after what happened on mount diablo. and lets take live look outside from our mark hopkins camera as we look out east. you see
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. thisis is sam wiwith usaa. do you s see the towow truck? yes, t thank you, , that was f. sgt. houstston never expectcted this toto happen. or that her grgrandpa's dodog s would be left behindnd. but t that one c call got her a a tow and rerental.. ...p.paid her clclaim... ...a.and we evenen pulled a few ststrings. makiking it easysy to makake things r right: that's w what we're e made fo. usaa. whwhat you're e made o, we're e made for.. get a quotote today. bart vaedy -- is is ready for a return to full service. >> a target date had been august 30th.
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it is now august 2nd. starting on july 15th, bart will resume limited late night service on thursdays, fridays and saturdays. the reopening can't come soon enough for the oakland a's. the team had to stop ticket sales for tonight's game because bart won't run past the post game fire work show. >> we sold 35,000 tickets and we are not selling anymore unfortunately. >> bart told us it hasn't built up the staffing yet to stay opened that late. >> they also say the a's have known that since may. bart also posted a notice for fans on june 4th. it is 6:12 right now. lets get a check of our weather and traffic. first we will check in with darren and your fourth of july forecast. hi darren. >> good morning guys. i want to get through today and then i will show you the fourth of july. there is no difference. we will not change much between thousand and sunday which means it will probably be cloudy for
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that san francisco fireworks show happening at 9:00 on the water front. let me show you the view right now in san francisco. look, it is misting on the lens. that is the top of the mark hopkins hotel. it has been a good example to show us how persistent depth of the marine layer has been to keep misting out. it is cloud grow most other locations where it is not misting. just like yesterday these clouds will burn back by late morning to pretty much right here. you will never really get sun here today and like the last few days. temperatures the low 60s for the most part. it super 50s for the inland valleys of sonoma. if we take the marine layer now, show you how it melts back to the immediate coast and right through the golden gate by the time we get into the early morning hours. that is 1:30 in the afternoon. complete opposite of early morning afternoon. you see the clouds there coming in across the bay. a little bit of light rain
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still. next couple of mornings will keep doing this. it keeps misting. daytime highs mitd umid to upper 70s for the south bay. this is great. we are keeping these numbers a little cooler than average. this pattern has been locked in for the last several days and will don't be locked in until the end of the 7-day. i do have to show you a warm-up in store as we start to get towards the end of next week. here is a quick jump ahead. i know this this looks like a couple of maps i just showed you but this is different. this is the fourth of july, the evening, 9:00. by 9:00 the marine layer will have had several hours to start bah building back in. it will be gray. those official fireworks displays happening in the bay. if you are in some of the inland
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valleys, you should be good for the official fireworks shows that will be happening. in the 7-day forecast notice there is no change. day time highs till the end of it look at thursday. it looks subtle. it is noticeably warm by thursday. things will start warming up again. we are seeing a few brake lights building into the pass this morning. things starting to get busy for that morning commute westbound. tracking some slower speeds. other all it is not bad. in fact it is still considered friday light. it is a holiday weekend. loot of folks may have the day off or gearing up for afternoon travel. eastbound will be busier later on as well as 80. you will see some brake lights there. right now things are clear, no delays. we are seeing some slow
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conditions westbound 37. taking a look at traffic in the south bay right now, it has been a nice ride out of san jose this morning. 101 clear to 80, 87. 101 through morgan hill we are not seeing any issues there. if you are taking 101 later on, especially southbound you are l see some slower speeds as folks get out of down for the weekend. look at our travel times in the green. main travel times showing some nice conditions as well on 580, 80, highway 4 and 101. also keep in mind if you from take public transit right now everything is on time. that is a look at your current traffic conditions. it is a get away friday. we are all gearing up for this holiday weekend. >> california patrol is crack down on reckless drivers. we are joined now by ross lee.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so how are you all stepping up enforcement this holiday weekend. >> we are stepping up our enforcement this holiday weekend through what is nope as the maximum enforcement period. that will be a time where our officers are coming out and focussing on safety and enforcement and doing that through having all available officers working on the road starting this evening, just after 6:00 p.m. and going through monday. that will be through monday night a midnight. we will be looking for impaired drivers and speed violations. >> what are some of the tips or add vice you can give to make sure that everyone has a safe weekend as they are on the roadways? >> we want to make sure that by getting the message out
6:18 am
now we are hoping that we are gaining -- compliance from people and we are hoping that people are buying into that message. what people can do is making sure that we are giving ourselves plenty of time to get to our destination. we are leaving not being rushed, having patience while on the road because there will be an increased amount of traffic, making sure that we are not tailgating. if you will be behind the wheel, no distractions. wear a seatbelt. if -- if anybody is out celebrating over the weekend, make sure we are designating a sober driver. >> all right. is all sounds like good advice. thank you for joining us this evening. as you hit the roadways, be calm, be courteous. pack your patience. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. the time is now 6:18. coming up, the vaccinations now underway at the oakland zoo. what we found out minutes ago. looking for something to do
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welcome back. the time is now 6:22. giving you a live look outside from our mark hopkins camera morning looking south. good morning. it is so good to see you. so what do you have for us?
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>> so great to see you. fireworks are back. >> well, official fire work shows are back. they make a welcomed return to te bay area this weekend from san francisco to the south bay to the east bay and thanks to covid-19 vaccines and our reopening, the show in san francisco will commence sunday july 4th, 9:30 over san francisco's water front. it is bound to be spectacular. these fire work nights are never hot and balmy in the bay. [music playing] music too my ears. san francisco's symphony takes to the stage this sunday for
6:24 am
july 4th. this symphony performance on sunday will be extra special and patriotic because it is july 4th. check the festival site for more info. there it is, boss baby 2. it is my movie pick of the week. a fun animated family rump telling the tale of sibling rivalry between a 7-year-old boy and his baby brother which is complicated by the baby in question is in fact an undercover agent from the all powerful baby cop. it is a fun rom. lots of the fun for the whole family.
6:25 am
. and finally i should be wearing a british flag. tomorrow england the euro cup quarter final take on ukraine. find a pub noon saturday. enjoy the game. this could be the first time that england wins. i know you are big soccer fans and you love your english team. where is your british flag this morning? >> the same place where your shirt is. >> yeah, exactly. >> there we go. >> it will be fun. have a great july 4th. we get to be out and about free and liberated and of course i love all things america. that is why i'm here. happy july 4th and to you both, have a great weekend. cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers, liam. so great to see you. we will see you next time. 6:25 is the time. afternoon adventure turns into a carry situation. >> we will show why one bay area
6:26 am
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morning headlines. this could be the biggest travel weekend since before the pandemic at sfo. the airport is expecting 40,000 people to go through security each day looking live at the bay bridge. keep your ice peeled for the chp this weekend. they are be out in full force urging drivers to slow down. maximum enforcement starts tonight at 6:00 and runs through monday. 850,000 jobs were added to the economy in june. that was more than economists expected. the nation's unemployment rate is now at 5.9%. good morning everyone. it is 6:30 on friday july 2nd. >> good morning to you. >> let's get right over to metrologist darren peck for our holiday weekend forecast. >> the holiday will look and feel a lot like today which means it will be gray skies to start tout morning. it will probably be gray skies in the immediate bay for any of those official fire work shows. >> i will have more on that
6:31 am
coming up in a bit. look at the light rain we have gotten on our lens on the top of the mark hopkins hotel. we are right in the immediate bay. even walnut creek has gotten 100th of an inch of rain. it is cloudy just about everywhere. we are in the low 60s. the clouds will burn back for everybody. the coast and the golden gate by late morning. san francisco may not see a lot of blue sky today. be back with more on this coming up later. it is friday light this morning. if you are getting ready to hit the roadways, we are clear on most of our bay area bridges. eastbound 92 at the high wise we are getting word of a broken down vehicle. it is stuck in the lanes. chp not on scene or tow crews. it is the non-commute direction. hopefully won't be too bad for
6:32 am
the morning ride. westbound we are starting to see more volume. we are starting to track a few brake lights now as you head into the pass. i was nice while it lasted. things are changing getting a little busy coming out of tracey. you be tapping the brake lights as you work your way towards north flynn. tens of millions of you will be traveling for the north. the first time in a long time. lots of restrictions have been lifted. >> justin is live at san francisco international this morning. how it is looking out there right now? >> 6:30 in the morning and things are rocking and rolling right here at sfo. you see the clouds have picked up over the last two hours or so that we have been right here. these people know the routine. this is the best time to travel because if you do it after noon day, it could be a mad house according to aaa.
6:33 am
these people know the routine. if you are watching at home right now and still waiting to get to the airport, you better throw some extra patience in your luggage. you will thank me later. trust me. we talked to kelly. she is headed to cancun for a bachelorette party. she said last year was rough when it came to traveling. she's super excited. >> how has it been in morning? they say the worst time to travel is after noon. you got the idea you are here before noon. tell me about the process this morning. >> i'm always morning person so it has been pretty natural for know pick morning flights. i don't know about the afternoon. >> kelly is one of thousands travelling from sfo. 40,000 passengers are expected each day this weekend. over at san jose international airport, 15,000 over a two day period. at oakland's airport it is set
6:34 am
to see 160,000 travelers over the whole weekend. more than triple what they saw last year. all these airports say these numbers are certainly more on the incline but certainly nowhere near what they saw during the 2019 levels. that was prepandemic. crowds are forming right now. lines are forming. it will be a jam packed day when it comes to traveling in the air. back to you. >> all right. thank you. going live to wall street now. the stock market opening just minutes ago. the dow is up about 60 points. investors weighing in on the june jobs report. bay area based robin hood has filed for its ipo. its aiming for an ipo of over $40 billion. right now rescue efforts are underway once again at the partially collapsed condo site off florida. the search was halted for more than 15 hours yesterday after
6:35 am
discovering part of the structure had shifted. president biden and first lady jill biden paid a visit to that area yesterday. the bidens met with first responders, paid their respects at the wall of hope and memorial and spoke with families who are missing loved ones still. >> it is bad enough to lose somebody. but the hard part, the really hard part is to not know whether they are surviving or not. just not have any idea. >> the president pledged the federal government would cover 100% of the search and rescue costs for the first 30 days. a live look at the radar. tropical storm elsa strengthened into a hurricane this morning. the first this year and it is already battering the eastern caribbean. some breaking news overnight. a significant milestone in the
6:36 am
withdraw of u.s. troops from afghanistan. all military forces have now left the sprawling air base. for almost 20 years it has been the primary military base used by the u.s. to wage its war in afghanistan. the unceremonious departure a few hour guys -- [ indiscernible ] the base is now in the hands of afghan security forces way ahead of the deadline that president biden set to have all u.s. forces out. that is by september 11th of this year. back to you. we have a new picture of california's drought emergency. this morning the latest drought monitoring map sun changed from last week. as you can see shortly large swath of the state are in the worst exceptional drought category. chopper 5 flew over the delta yesterday for a look at the very low water levels there. it is dry, it is hot.
6:37 am
the -- [ indiscernible ] >> we saw folks were arriving with heatstroke that had to emergently be rapidly cooled, packed in ice in order to get their body temperatures down. >> around 100 deaths have been blamed on the weather. on the fire watch crews had their hands full with several major wildfires north of the bay area. they burned through more than 30,000 acres combined in shasta county. all three fuelled by strong winds and a historic heat wave boiling the west. investigators say the fire may have been started by a vehicle traveling on i-5. it is now official, california voters will decide on september 14th whether to recall the governor. the election was expected to
6:38 am
happen in november but now rnc committee woman says this is going to be a summer filled with political ads. >> we are going to be bombarded with a barrage of advertising in california like we probably never seen in modern history. it has already been pretty bad from governor newsom. i feel like he is my bff. >> according to a political science expert from san jose state university, there is another reason to hold the recall at the earliest possible date. >> the longer these go on, the more expensive they will become. my money is still on newsom to prevail here. it would be career suicide for another democrat to join this effort. >> the recall election is expected to cost more than $270 million a lot of people are excited about this. fleet week is roaring back to san francisco. it is going to be just like pre-pandemic days. >> the best thing we will
6:39 am
bring -- that is okay, bring the hand. the best thing we will bring is young sailors, marines and coast guard men and women to be part of this city and to meet you. >> fleet week is set for october 3rd through 11th complete with big ships, live bands and of course the blue angels. >> if you haven't seen the blue angels in person, you have to check it out. 6:39 is the time now. the new mission now underway at the oakland zoo. plus new video from contra costa county. one bay area hiker is pretty lucky this morning after what happened on mount diablo. and a van full of fireworks. lets take another look at the big board. your money watch report is coming up next. how wall street is reacting to the newest jobs report just released this morning.
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gray skies out there this morning. i will go into all the details in a second. here is a quick look ahead to your fourth of july. it will be just like today which means more sunshine than anything else from those locations. low 80s inland. mid 60s in the bay. there is an issue that fog for fireworks displays in the bay. we will talk about that coming up in the forecast. how did the jobs market fair in june? plus the reaction from wall street. elise joining us live from the cbs broadcast center in new york. good morning. >> good morning. well trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. lets take a look right now. the -- the markets are pretty mixed. the dow is down about 9 points. meanwhile the s&p 500 and the
6:44 am
nasdaq are both up this morning. the nation's job market is back in focus today. according to the labor department 850,000 jobs were added to the economy in june. that was more than economist had expected. the nation's unemployment rate ticked slightly higher. all right. new video many into the newsroom shows a trail rescue on mount diablo. a man having a pled cal emergency called for help. it happened yesterday afternoon near the juniper trail. the trail was inaccessible by a vehicle. the a chopper had to be called in. a chp chopper air lifted the man to a staging area where he was taken to a hospital. lazy day on lake superior in michigan turned anything but that when a section of a 200-foot cliff suddenly gave way. the collapse kicked up some pretty sizeable ways. they were far enough away on
6:45 am
their pontoon boat to stay dry. looking live at highway 880 in oakland where the chp will be out in full force this july fourth urging drivers to slow down and enjoy the holiday from tonight at 6:00 through monday july 5th. a max enforcement period will be observed. chp officers will be looking for drivers speeding, driving under the influence or are distracted. we are being urged to be patient. officers will be on alert for any aggressive driving and acts of road rage. >> have patience on the road. make sure we are not tailgating. if you will be behind the wheel, no distractions. wear a seatbelt. if anybody is out celebrating over the weekend, make sure we are designating a sober driver. >> a lot of people wanting to get away this weekend. they will hit the roads. we will see what the roads are looking like right now for the
6:46 am
morning commute. hi. >> hey, good morning. it will be really busy this afternoon. enjoy that three day holiday. right now it is getting busy as well. if you are up early getting out the door, you will see a few brake lights. it is not as bad as it is a monday through thursday. still friday light for the most part. just a heads up things starting to slow down just a bit this n that area. eastbound you will see busy conditions later on this afternoon especially after 2:00. hopefully you can leave early. right now your travel times are still in the green. not bad. 29 minutes westbound 85 -- [ indiscernible ] things still moving at the limit there. i want to let you know we are getting word of a traffic alert southbound -- the 70 time 5 705
6:47 am
a.m. ferry has been cancelled. ace rail, caltrain, bart, the rest of public transit is on time. back to the freeways we go. we have reports of an accident. there traffic a little slow any ways. couple of things to look out for on the san mateo bridge. we are seeing a few brake lights on that eastbound side. we have reports of a stalled vehicle blocking lanes. knew crash in that same area near the high-rise. this is the non-commute direction eastbound 92 as we look live at our san mateo bridge. it is still moving at the limit. 6:47. time to check your forecast. >> i like that i can see a little bit of sunlight breaking through the clouds from that view over the san mateo bridge. if you are in the tri-valley, it is anything but. take a look at that gorgeous time lapse here. this is from a mountain up on
6:48 am
the north side of the valley called high land peak. it is great over view. it is gray there. it will be gray just about everywhere. it is gray here at the golden gate bridge. it is gray here from the top of the mark hopkins hotel where it has been misting on the lens. we call that marine layer mist more than anything else. forecast for the fourth of july, i showed this to you a few moments ago. that is for your plans during the day. here is where we have an issue. this is 9:00 on sunday. in other words just as we get towards the prime time where -- any official fireworks displays would be happening and it will be gray in the immediate bay. by the time 9:00 rolls around, the clouds will have built back in so that weather weather it is the show planned for the water front or anything else that is always right in the immediate
6:49 am
bay will likely look like pretty colorful blurs through the clouds. if you are inland you should be a go. okay, as far as current temperatures right now we are all right around 60. daytime highs will go pretty much to the same place they were yesterday at this time. i will give you the quick over view on where we will be for daytime highs. the snapshot for -- most locations in general. you will see it is low to mid 80s for most inland locations. san jose is going to 80. santa rosa will go to 82. upper 60s to the mid 70s for most locations right in through the immediate bay. what happens over the next seven days? well for the first six of them nothing. no change. we will keep the forecast exactly the same. mid 80s for daytime highs inland. morning clouds which burn back to the coast in the golden gate by late morning. then it starts to warm up. if you look at thursday, end of
6:50 am
the 7-day forecast we will finally begin to break out of this pattern which has been nice. it has kept us cooler than average. there is a warm up coming. we will have much more on that as we get closer to it. it is not getting here till the end of next week. back over to you. all right. new this morning a vaccine roll out at the oakland zoo. the first to get their covid shot, high risk animals including tigers, black bears, mountain lions and ferrets. next are chimpanzees, fruit bats and pigs. animal health company is donating 11,000 of its covid shots to zoos across the country. time now is 6:50. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> with fire danger key high law enforcement doing everything they can to get fireworks off the streets. we will show you the big haul at alameda county. plus playing the blame game. why the a's say it is barts fault they had to stop selling
6:51 am
tickets early for tonight's game. . >> good morning. we are in florida where the search survivors of the condo collapse resumed overnight. president biden met with survivors and victim's families. hear what he told them. also as millions of americans hit the road this july 4th weekend, gas prices are soaring. we will give you tips for your holiday travel and help you plan your summer vacation. also meet a high school principal who delivered a moving pesonal message to every member of the school's graduating class. that would be more than 450 students. all that and more at 7:00. lines are long here at sfo. you see them forming right now. travelers are ready to take on to the skies for the holiday weekend. i'm justin andrews. we are live coming up next. streaming today on cbsn bay area an artist talks to black renaissance host about her life, music and latest
6:52 am
studio album. you can watch at or on the kpix app. it is 6:51. lets take quick look outside from our mark hopkins camera. we will be right back with your top stories.
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6:55 am
i'm justin andrews live at sfo this morning. travelers are trickling in. they are checking in now. they are checking in their bags, getting their tickets. it is getting jamming packed here at sfo. they are ready to catch these early flights. they are getting their tickets and all of that ahead of the fourth of july weekend. tens of millions of you will be joining these people. triple ai said right now is the best time to travel to day so during these morning hours before noon. do not fly between 4:00 and 5:00. it said it could be a mad house. we really don't want you to miss
6:56 am
your flight. 40,000 passengers are expected each day this fourth of july weekend here at sfo. oakland's airport is set to see 160,000 travelers over the whole weekend thursday through monday. back out here live don't forget bring your mask. it is required inside the airport and also in the plane. i'm live with the latest with the condo collapse in florida. taking a live look at surfside at the remaining building that right now officials are considering demolishing because it is unstable. the building there still standing. might be for not much longer. work on the debris was stopped yesterday as engineers assessed this building. they have to consider the impact that demolition could have on
6:57 am
the existing pile of rubble because the search is still on for anybody still inside that pile of debris. meanwhile what is now hurricane elsa is looming in the atlantic. surfside is in its extended forecast cone. that area will be seeing heavy rain fall and strong winds from hurricane elsa from sunday night into monday morning. major complication there. we will get an update from officials on the ground coming up later this morning. we will bring you the latest on that. back to you. 6:57. time for a look at this morning's other top stories. >> deputies alameda county made a big fireworks bust. dozens of explosives were seized in newark yesterday filling the entire back of this van. just rate minder fire works of all kinds are banned in moth -- most parts of the bay area. let's get a
6:58 am
final check of the big board now. the dow is up about 18 points. this month's job report shows 850,000 jobs were added in june. more than economists expected. a man having a medical emergency while on a mount diablo trail has been rescued. a chp chopper was called in yesterday. it is getaway friday for the roadways. if you are out and about early, right now things are looking pretty good. of course that will look very different there afternoon as a lot of people expected to head out of down for the weekend. you will see a slow ride eastbound 80, bay bridge. 101 as well. southbound especially. right now everything is in the green. if you are up early and headed out the door, so far so good. that trouble spot we have has been cleared out of lanes and traffic is moving pretty nicely for the most part in both
6:59 am
directions. it is clear through oakland. we have a beautiful day to day. there is -- it is going to take till late morning for it to do that. we will probably never get rid of them entirely. daytime highs today will be cooler than they should be for this time of year bay bit. if you are inland we will be in the low to mid 80s. low to mid 70s in the bay. it does look really good in terms of keeping these temperatures well behaved. by the time we get to the end of the week, we will warm up into the upper 80s inland locations. there is a warm up showing up in the long range forecast. more on that as we get closer to it. holiday looks great. fourth of july should look like today. i have to say we have missed our mary lee. darren, hate been -- it has been great great hanging out with you.
7:00 am
>> thank you. thanks for watching everyone. don't forget the news continues everyday on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is up next. have a great frida good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's friday, been a long week. july 2nd, 2021. i'm gayle king. that's tony dokoupil. anthony off today. good hands with jericka. rescue crews restart the search for the missing after a 15-hour holdup. see how president biden and the first lady paid emotional respects to family members. >> breaking overnight, the boy scouts of america announces a billion-dollar deal to settle sex abuse claims by tens of thousands. why critics say the plan doesn't hold enough accountable. >> the heat wave in the pacific


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