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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 2, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn. bay area looking live outside on this friday morning from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. good morning to you. it is friday, july 2. >> did you say friday? >> yes, i did. >> we made it everybody. let's get a first check on weather and traffic. we begin with darren. been here all week. it is friday. >> it is friday. one thing i don't want to leave out, that camera len was showing was totally getting misted on. the drops were pouring off of it. it is another morning like that. it looks better on the golden gate bridge today. you can see the entire city skyline. that is more than we can say for the first half of this week when the clouds were so low you couldn't. it is cloudy out there.
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the temperatures are all right around 60. for the daytime highs numbers very similar to yesterday. 71 in the bay. it will be cloudy where you are. just know unless you are at the coast or in the immediate bay you will see sunshine by late morning just like yesterday. how does the drive look? >> hey, good morning. happy friday. lets head to the south bay right now where chp is working on an early morning crash involving one vehicle. southbound 87. one lane is at least blocked for recovery work. not seeing a lot of brake lights. it is still very early and it is friday. plus a holiday weekend. a lot of folks may be taking an early weekend or a three day weekend. golden gate bridge looks good. no delays coming from 101. northbound clear. at the bay bridge very quiet conditions as you head out of the the east bay, oakland, emoryville across the deck into san francisco. right now that will take you
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about eight to nine minutes to get into the city. if you are taking the san mateo bridge give yourself -- [ indiscernible ] developing this morning a threat from the feds to san jose city leaders. remove a massive homeless encampment or risk losing funding for future airport projects. the camp is on vacant land. the city bought it as a buffer between airport and community in case of a plane crash. city officials there say they are -- there are around 200 unhoused residents living at the encampment. homeless advocates estimate there are double that amount. earlier this week a city parks and recreation assistant director told us they would not conduct sweeps, only clean ups. one unhoused resident said he witnessed a sweep. >> you guys just witnessed a mow over three tents and a structure
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where people were living. i'm confused -- where is the social workers? where is behavioral health? where is the help for these people out here? >> an airport spokesperson said they must find a balance between keeping the property safe and finding the homeless a place to relocate. they have asked the faa till the end offual to figure out a plan. right now rescue efforts are underway in florida. the search was halted for more than 15 hours yesterday over safety concerns. cbs with the latest on the investigation and what president biden is promising after meeting with first responders. >> officials are planning for the likely demolition of the part of the building still standing in surfside, florida. even as rescue crews continue their work. >> this is a decision we need to make extremely carefully and methodically as we consider all the possible impacts to the pile of debris and to our search and
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rescue operation. >> that operation was halted for 15 hours on thursday after discovering part of the structure had shifted. >> our monitors went off. we were monitoring the cracks. we had three that signals there was some -- expansion with those cracks. >> president biden and first lady jill biden visited the community yesterday. >> what you are doing here is incredible. >> the bidens met with first responders, paid their respects at the wall of hope and memorial and spoke with families who are missing loved one. >> a whole nation is with these families. they see it everyday on television. they are going through hell. >> acting as consoler in chief, mr. biden drew on his own experience of loss when his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident in 1972. >> it is bad enough to lose somebody but the hard part, the really hard part, is to not know whether they survived or not. just not having any idea. >> the president pledged the federal government would cover
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100% of the search and rescue cost for the first 30 days. back to you. >> officials and rescue workers are closely watching tropical storm elsa check this out. deputies had a big fireworks bust. dozens of explosives were seeds yesterday in newark filling the entire back of this van. just a reminder fireworks of all kinds including sparklers and fire crackers are banned in most parts of the bay area. in los angeles neighbors are demanding answers. atf investigators are still sifting through evidence. they started the process of re-creating the disaster to see exactly what went wrong.
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this morning alameda county bomb squad said they are coordinating with the investigators in l.a. to ensure something similar doesn't happen here. the east bay agency also tells us they have got three bomb trailers, one designed to handle five pounds of explosives like a hand grenade, another that could contain 10 pounds of explosives. the third is designed to hold 4040 pounds of explosives scomble -- >> we have people at home making fireworks. >> the agency also has a self cob stanned vessel to transport homemade fireworks. it is a large sphere made of reinforced steel and lead. basically a portable bob range to with stand a detonation on site. we have our eye on a maximum enforcement period out on the roadway starting this evening. taking a live look at the bay
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bridge right now. very quiet at that point. with the holiday weekend coming up, there will be a lot more traffic on the road and a lot more bad behavior that the chp is trying to head off. from 6:00 tonight till midnight monday night all available officers are going to be out there watching for anybody driving under the influence, anybody distracted driving, speeding or any acts of road aggression. taking a live look at the san mateo bridge right now. during last year's independent innocent day enforcement period which was odd cause we are in the middle of a pandemic, at least 36 people were killed in crashes. more than 700 drivers were arrested on suspicion of dui. we have been talking about some of the traffic patterns we will see this holiday period and we will hear from one of the higher ups from the chp coming up at 6:15 in a live interview about how they are preparing for all oh this.
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back to you. from the roads to the skies, taking a live look at sfo this morning. reporter brit takes a look at the travel surge amid the spike. >> what a difference a year makes. >> this fourth of july travel is back. >> you don't really appreciate how much you missed it till you get back to doing it again. >> flying, the tsa said more than 2 million people went through airport security checkpoints this past sunday. it expects to see even more travelers this holiday weekend. on the roads aaa expects more than 43 million people to travel by car. more than even before the pandemic. but you will pay up at the pump. gas prooilt prices are forecast to stay above a $3 average through the summer. >> people may generally feel more comfortable traveling by
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car. it gives you a little more control over protecting everybody in the family. >> because lets not forget the pandemic isn't over and the highly contagious delta variant has spread to all 50 states and d.c. >> you can still celebrate if you are vaccinated, you have a high degree of protection. if you are not, you should wear a mask and you should think very seriously about getting vaccinated. >> mother nature will challenge some celebrations, too. it is expected to be dry and hot in the west. rainy and muggy in the south and along the east coast. not that it is expected to slow down travel much. >> you will have a lot of company on the road and in the skies and around you at all times. remember be patient. >> i'm brit conway reporting. the airport said this could be the busiest travel period since the pandemic. time now is 4:40. one east bay county has the highest sales tax in the state but it is coming with a battle.
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the niners going retro. the inspiration behind these throw back jerseys later keep your eyes peeled. chp will have a large presence on the roads this holiday weekend. their maximum enforcement plan. looking live at the city of san francisco and the bay bridge from our treasure island camera. it is 4:41. home t to great apappliance brands l like lg.
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look live at the state capital this morning it is now official. california voters will decide whether to recall governor gavin newsom. the election was connected to happen in of november but now rnc committee woman says this is going to be a summer filled with political ads. >> we are going to be bombarded with a barrage or advertising in california like we probably never seen in modern history. it has already been pretty bad from governor newsom. i feel like he is my bff. he sends e-mails to me every few minutes. >> according to a political science expert from san jose state university there is another reason to hold the recall at the earliest possible date. >> the longer these go on, the more expensive they become. my money is still on newsom to prevail here. it would be career suicide for another democrat to join this effort.
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>> the recall election is expected to cost more than $270 million. to alameda now where shoppers are paying more with every purchase. as of yesterday the county has the highest sales tax in the state. in six of its cities its even higher. nearly 11%. now the alameda county tax payer's association is challenging the sales tax hike on multiple grounds. while that gets sorted out the additional taxes getting collected can't be spent. >> so that is what we are challenging is the county is intentionally trying to get around these parts that requires a two-thirds voter approval. >> $2.15 for a $20 mouse. pretty ridiculous. >> i was surprised by the amount of that tax. >> the state is requiring all of the tax money go into escrow accounts. why you won't be getting
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anymore surprise medical bills. plus the billionaire race to space blasting off. here is elise. >> wall street ended higher thursday. the dow gained 131 points, the nasdaq was up 18. the s&p 500 added 22 hitting a new high. investors will be waiting for the labor department's monthly jobs report out later this morning. surprise medical billing is largely coming to an end. that is thanks to new rules put into place by the biden administration. the rules are made possible by the no surprises act. a law congress passed last year. former president trump signed it into law. it will restrict excessive out of pocket costs when people unknowingly get emergency or non-emergency care from
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providers outside of their health plan's network. the billionaire twice space is moving at light speed. richard is planning to travel to space aboard a spacecraft as early as july 11th. that is nine days ahead of jeff's trip. both billionaires are on their company's inaugural missions as they try to create the space tourism industry. that is your cbs money watch report. for more head to we are counting down to the niners preseason. >> with just a little over a month left 49ers fans can get their hands on some new retromerch. the team just released these throw becky -- throw back jerseys. 49er legend posted this with jimmy g asking how about this combo? the rest of the team will sport them on the field for four home
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games. a reminder kpix is your home for preseason football. we are already counting down bring you all the action live starting saturday august 14th. >> the count down clock is on. can't wait for football to start again. i like that combo. looks good. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. we will start off with weather. darren, what is friday looking like? >> a lot like thursday did. the issue with friday is there is even more drizzle out there than there was yesterday. don't be surprised if you step outside, definitely in the city but also east bay hills, anywhere near the coast or even the immediate bay where we have a deep marine layer, things might be a bit cam outside. it is down right soaked on the camera lens. this is the one that sits up on knob hill. you get a little higher into the cloud, you will be able to get more water on it. that view looks impressive. you have to remember it is just steady mist which as long as it
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keeps lightly misting it can look like there is a lot of water on a lens. the clouds are higher than think were earlier in the week. we can see the entire bay bridge from our camera that sits out on treasure island. it is not drizzling in san jose from this stuff but it is another cloudy start to the day. same story with inland locations for the east bay. the temperatures are identical right now to where they have been for the last five days of this week. low 60s for most of us. mid 50s for our cool spots in the valleys. up in sonoma if we switch from looking at the temperature map to put on where those clouds are you can see this is widespread and classic how it kind of comes in and covers up the bay area. watch it melt back. i will let this play. by the time we get to noon most of us are look at sunshine with the exception. for those of us right in the immediate bay you can see how
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the clouds hang on. you can see the clouds are just hanging on tow city and east bay. any light rain should amount to about that which is not much. half-moon bay you will probably get a little more. pacific a you will be the same. we are still talking about a full hundredths of an inch. after we get sunshine daytime highs are where they were yesterday. that means upper 70s for south bay locations. low 80s for most of our inland east bay spots. we will see temperatures struggle to get out of the the upper 60s for much of the immediate bay and then as you work your way farther north you will see the low 80s return for the communities of the valleys of sonoma county. then there are your low 90s for the valleys. all right, 7-day forecast shows you it doesn't change. not changing. light rain at the coast. temperatures in the low to mid
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80s. hey, good morning. it is friday. if you are getting out to door early you should be enjoying these conditions on the roadway. it is a nice ride so far as you work your way out of the tracey area. it is a get away friday which means you might see a lot of folks on the road ways later on today. our busier routes will be that eastbound 580 commute towards the tracey triangle. 101 will be busy, especially southbound. you will see some busy conditions on 80 as well eastbound heading towards that sacramento area. plan for that later on. right now no delays westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze 14 minutes right now. westbound 426 minutes from antioch over towards the east shore freeway. no delays right now. everything is clear there. there is a crash south 280 connector southbound 87. one slain still blocked.
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this is a one car crash. not seeing a lot of brake lights or delays. if you run up on it or head through that area, it will be minimal as you work your way through there. northbound 87 eight minutes from 85 over towards 101. all of our bridges are pretty quiet including the bay bridge with no delays. hey, good morning everybody. i got giants with a starter in the upcoming all-star game. did that create enough traction last night? look at this. details. we also got stars. who showed up for the pivotal nba game five in the eastern conference? not stars you may be thinking of.
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fofor immune s support. hey good morning everybody. i got baseball up top. lets check who is in the 50 win club? got the red sox in oakland later on tonight. the dodgers and the giants. any thoughts they could just show up at arizona and say hay we got 50, now get out of the way? didn't work in the desert. this young fella showed up in downtown phoenix. what did he see? he saw a 2-1 arizona lead in the 4th. then flores went yard. a two run shot gave the giants the lead. okay, fine. in the home half of the inning josh redding got all of it. that two run homer gave the lead back to the diamond backs. here is a game ending double play. it marked the giants fourth
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straight loss. it was arizona's night. 5-3 final. so the giants lead in the west has been trimmed by l.a. to a half game. >> right now we are not able to get that one big punch in the most important moment. there needs to be a sense of urgency when we are not winning baseball games. we have that urgency. [ indiscernible ] it was not our best baseball from any angle. >> before the game buster posey was voted the starting catcher for the national league all-star team. seventh selection for posey. fifth time he has been elect add starter. he will was the only giant voted in by the fans. the reserves will be announced on sunday. the all-star game is july 13th. lets join pitcher shawn who warmed up for the rangers yesterday pick. joey gallo, when he gets one it is no cheapy.
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two run homer. 4-0 rangers. they kept it going in the 7th. nate low here. and seth brown. watch low's second homer of the game soar. rangers win it 8-3. the second place as have lost eight of 12. nba playoffs. eastern conference game five milwaukee's giannis, no. no trey young either. who was the next man up last night? oh it was brook lopez inside. he rolled up a career high 33 points. bobby had himself a night. play off career high 22 in his first post season start. the bucks won the game 123-112. lead that series 3-2 with game six tomorrow night in atlanta.
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yes t nba playoffs keep rolling, rolling along as the drama builds. that is enough. have a great day. i will see you later. all right. time now is 4:56. falling short. >> just how far off the u.s. is from president biden's fourth of july vaccine goal. plus getting that grill fired up. some tips to make sure you don't contaminate your cook out in your next half hour. are this sumummer your b backyad will b be the placace where evereryone comeses togegether to cecelebrate. home to o great savivings this 4th o of july. lowe's. hohome to any y budg. home t to any possssibility.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. fourth of july travel getting underway. we are live with the best and
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worst times to fly this holiday weekend. a crack down on roads. plus. >> bomb squads are making sure an explosion like this doesn't happen to them after a big fireworks bust. the a's are allowed to have full capacity but the stands won't be filled at tonight's welcome back game. why the team says bart is to blame. good morning everyone. it is friday, july 2nd. i'm michelle. >> let's get right to your all important fourth of july forecast. we have your holiday weekend traffic but first another misty morning out there. >> yeah. come fourth of july on sunday it will likely be cloudy in the immediate bay. most of the rest of the bay area should have relatively clear skies. for any official


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