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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 1, 2021 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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-- live from the cbs bay area students. this is kpix5 news. >> now on kpix5 and streaming in the bay area, thousands evacuated as three major wildfires rage against northern california, what crews are up against right now and how the smoke will effect air quality here. >> i'm allen martin. >> and we have the latest from the live news desk. let's keep in mind it is only july 1. right now in northern california a series of fires burning through about 30,000 acres as we speak. take a look at the locations. the three biggest, the two at
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one county and another in shasta county. fueled by strong and erratic winds and hot weather. the salt fire burned through almost 3,000 acres. firefighters are trying to keep it away from i-5. it is burning to the east of the highway and south of lake head. caltrans reopened i-5 but evacuation orders are in effect. the fire by the town of lead it is 25% contained and 3,500 people under mandatory evacuation orders. illegal marijuana gross are complicating firefighting operations on the ground and winds have grounded operations from the air. and the 25 miles away from that fire, the tenant fire near highway 97 and tenant road. that has burned almost 10,000
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acres and it is 6% contained. now that smoke has beend nn cal. luckily we haven't gotn too that w. it in t deal the weather conditions with the fires. let's check with darren peck for the latest. >> i can show you the smoke plumes you were referencing and she said moving to the north. high resolution satellite is dark at this point of the day. but you can orient where you are. that's the plume of smoke coming off of several different fires. the salt fire and we've also the lava fire. that's all the marine layer out here. what we are concerned about, is how much smoke is coming off the fire and which direction it is moving. you don't see a whole lot of direct movement there. if wes into futurecast which picks up on the amount of particulate matter in the atmosphere now for the fire and incorporate on top of that what
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the mid-level flow in the atmosphere is, we will get a better yayed how the smoke will whatever. for the most part it will continue to pull to the north. a smaller fire started in thetoo i'll be ck with the forecast in a few minutes. back to you. with fire danger so high. fire department recruits are getting hands-on training right now in santa treasa county park. people living in the area were advised they could see smoke in the area between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00. >> they are two different firefighting techniques. getting the hands-on training in this type of setting is extremely beneficial for them and also beneficial for us. because it is practice for us. >> a couple of trails in the park are also closed today and
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tomorrow for that training. an illegal fireworks bust led to the blast in a los angeles neighborhood. the bomb squad truck was fireworks and otherxps all seized from the home. the force of the blast damaged several homes. 17 people were injured and one person was arrested. new details on a double shooting in vallejo. an 8-year-old child and 30-year-old woman are in critical condition. they were found outside of car outside the temple around 10:45 last night. to surf side flofr flofr are on hold after the deadly condo collapse. there are concerns about the stability of what's left of the building. 145 people are unaccounted for. president biden and the first lady are in florida today. skyler henry reports they are meeting with first responders and pledging support. >> i wanted to
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thanks. responde thankg painst the surf side building collapse. >> what you are doing is incredible. >> the president held a private mef loved ones a week after the 12-story building came crashing down. >> it is a lot of pain and anxiety and suffering and need or psychological help in the days and months that follow. and so we're not going any way. >> reporter: the search for victims was paused overnight because of the concerns for stability of the portion of the building still standing. >> we're doing everything to ensure the safety of the first responders is paramount and to continue our search and rescu operatas soon as it is safe to do so. >> engineers are on site to assess shifting of the large anng from the a
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cause damage to the support columns in the garagearea. >> president biden waited a week to visit the area to avoid he meant he deployed federal assistant to support state and local responders. >> reporter: a specialist spoke about the painstaking search for victims and the grief of the family members. >> we need to find things for family members that are surviving that we can bring to them so they can feel some kind of nearness to the families. >> commanders are hoping the president's visit will bring comfort in the mist of so much sadness. i'm skyler henry cbs news the white house. about a half hour a top executive in the trump administration pleaded not guilty to tax charges. the organization is facing charges for allegedly not paying taxes on corporate benefits and perks. a former executive vice president of the trump
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administration believes the man did not act alone but in a statement former president trump said the company's actions are a standard practice and no way a s personal book keeper. on the road to recovery. bay ferry service relaunched for the first time since the start of the pandemic. justin andrews got to take a ride and joins us live from the brand new alameda sea plane terminal. >> reporter: hi, a little more than an hour ago, the ribbon was officially cut at the brand new terminal here in alameda. people were lined up this morning ready to board the ferry and riders boarded the ferry for the first in a time earlier and, like you said, i did too. >> change the way you get coffee, one curb at a time. >> this woman co-owner of geteat
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spot at the ferry termnal in alameda. her and husband were serving up a cup of joe for riders for years. >> we are thrilled and great to see the passengers and friends riding. >> reporter: she watched the line of riders waiting for the ferry to arrive thursday morning. ron, one of the first to take advantage of the low-cost fares, 7 to 20% cheaper, in fact. >> i'm here for the fun for taking the first boat out of the terminal and going to san francisco and having breakfast and then i'll hop on a boat and come trite back. >> reporter: thursday morning the ribbon cutting took place officially opening for riders and the ferry relaunch. >> really excited to really open back up, offer a lot more service than ever before. >> reporter: 136 weekday departures on five routes have been added. about a 30% increase from 2019. they're hoping to get riderhip back up. up in the cabin captain tom
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kersh loves to take in the bay views, winds and waves. for riders, the ferry avoids bay bridge traffic. >> beats being stuck on the bridge any way. >> are you a big driver? >> not any more. >> reporter: you can see a few more routes and services added never the next few months. be looking out for that. meanwhile leaders tell us that all of this was possible because of extra federal stimulus money. we're live in alameda this afternoon, i'm justin andrews, kpix5. still ahead and streaming on nbc n bay area, bill cosby breaks his silence after his release from prison. >> what he told in an exclusive enter spru from inside the home. and how prince harry and william put aside differences. and neighbors in a north
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oakland neighborhood are asking themselves questions after a series of suspicious fires. >> was this an attempt to really set fire or just like a warning? are they coming back? >> what residents are doing to get answers. tune in for
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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bill cosby was seen walking outside of his pennsylvania home. first full day as a free man since a court overturned a
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sexual assault conviction. jerika was the only one able to interview. >> as soon as i walked in, i waited in the kitchen andrew wyatt went upstairs to see if mr. cosby was interested in speaking with me. this was something we asked about earlier in the day. we were not allowed to have any cameras. i didn't have my phones with me. i went up the stairs, i saw mr. cosby in his bed, he was wrapping up a phone conversation and he briefly spoke to me for about 5 minutes. he was clearly excited to be home. and he was overjoyed. and said he felt vindicated. >> and she says of course the women who accused him over the years of sexual assault say it was not the case that justice was served and very disappointed by the state supreme court's decision. new at noon, closing thediti
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oakland. >> thi a big vision igo. want to recognize both the state and federal government, the infrastructure prop proceedsals coming coming out are showing broad band as a priority. that is our future. >> the state superintendent of schools also announced 98% of students have now have a device and access to internet thanks to the initiative and we brought the mayor's live on cbsn bay area, you can watch it 24/7 streaming on or the app. weekly jobless claims are trending downward across the country. in california it was down 6,900 from the previous week. a new pandemic era low was had. and here's a live look at
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the big board. the d is up 113 points. today would been princess diana's 60th birthday. >> her sons put durncunded children. the memorial is in the sunken garden where she lived. there are 4,000 of her favorite flowers around it including roses and forget me not. the princes released a joint statement saying we remember her character and qualities for the good around the world and changing countless lives for the better. time now for a check of weather with meteorologist darren peck. >> the scene has not changed all day, all day on the golden bridge we have a consistent set of stratus cloud above the road and no fog issues. you start driving up the wall to a great day, you will be in fog going ugt portion of
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if wos the ilocazed. bay area, don't have iues with fog anywhere else. certainly not here and clouds are starting to break up a bit and already sunshine for san jose. looks this way over the majority of the bay area. we all started out gray today and will likely do that again tomorrow. but by late morning most locations look like san jose does right now. 75 right now for san jose. a cool 68 in santa rosa and 67 for oakland. if we look where the clouds are, you can see them streaming in and across the city and and it will stay like that today. tonight, it will builds back in and friday morning it's a gray over for most of us. it's so thick we are getting rain. we'll do this again over the n't be surprised especially along but east bayills,
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in the city and penla even not . will be misting. mariay mt. ytime the pattern are staying cool. 78 in palo alto and 72 in fremont. 73 for san mateo today. and will be in the low 80s over here for warmer inland valleys of the east bay, below average. numbers in the back of the bay, only low 60s for most locations and temperatures in the low 90s in mendocino county and stay here, the next 7 days keeps repeating both temperatures and the overnight influx of the marine layer. back to you. >> thank you. coming up small acts of kindness and compassion, making a big difference
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she has worked in alameda county social services for more than #30e years. >> and she goes above and beyond to bring smiles to family who receive county assistance in time of greatest need. >> sharon introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner.
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>> you got to try and hold your head up and you know it's for the kids. >> this man is living in a hotel with a four kids after a neighbor's fire burned them out of a apartment. >> it's hard you get put into a situation where you don't know what to do sometimes. >> eric is one of 200 fathers who received father's day gift bags. >> filled with items ranging from ties to toiletries. >> it is amazing that there someone out there who cares. >> andrea ford is the assistant agency director for alameda county social services department that administers aid like medicine cal, general assistance and cal fresh among others. >> we are known for assisting with benefits. so i wanted to sort of human ize for our community and for staff
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to search each other differently. >> along with the executive team she organized mother's day and father's day give away since 2016 at sites in oakland and hayward. the mother's day events distributes new or gently used purses with toiletries and makeup and scarves and this year both events served 700 people. all of the items donated by some of the 1,200 staff members she oversees and employees from other county departments. >> she inspired me. >> executive team member says her commitment is contagious. >> she doesn't see a client by looking at a case number, for example. >> thank you so much. >> enjoy your day. happy father's day. >> she sees the client as a person. >> reporter: and that's what touched eric in his time of need. >> sometimes you don't know what to do. and when they help out in those little ways it's great because you know there's some kind of hope out there. >> want them to feel special.
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we wanthem to walk away with dignity. >> reporter: so for making social service clients feel special through mother's and father's day gift give-aways this week's jefferson award goes to andrea ford. >> she and her team want to expand the event and asking for retailers to donate items for the mother's day and father's day give-aways. >> if you would like to nominate an unsung hero fwor the bay area jefferson award go to and the nominations tab. still ahead wardrobe issues post pandemic. what some people are stressing about as they get ready to ditch the sweat pants. today on the drew bare row more show, actors and a social media chef. watch today the l at 2:00 on the kpix. >> and if you noticed it's been a
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a major retailer suddenly announces earlier closing hours amid a rise in shoplifting incidents. we're digging for answers why it is only happening in one bay area city. that story and more at 5:00. finally this afternoon, getting out of lock down has a
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lot of people saying they have nothing to wear, not a thing. and a new one-poll survey say more than a thirdeyme have an or social occasions. a third say their clothes don't fit and a fifthwh to wear to wo. >> the fashion and style, everything changed. >> it changed. >> they're stuck from a year and a half ago. >> an excuse to go shopping. >> exactly right, right, darren. >> thankfully my suits are all the same from before the
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as hard as you can on this next contraction, okay, steffy? >> finn: all right. you're doing great, okay? just like this. you're doing great. >> midwife: okay. here we go. ready? let's meet your son. >> steffy: [ groans ] >> shauna: well, quinn should be ready. she's so excited to renew your vows. and, you know what, it's such a beautiful reminder of her commitment to you. >> eric: i'm pretty excited myself, actually. i can't wait to tell her how much i love her in front of everybody.
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