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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 1, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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this morning. the news continues all day. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great thursday. good morning, to you, our viewers in the west. welcome to cbs this morning on this thursday, july 1st, 2021 already. i'm gayle king that's anthony mason. that's tony dokoupil. le's go. bill cosby free after a stunning court decision and our jericka duncan was the only network reporter to speak to him inside his home. what she learned. a criminal indictment expected to be unsealed today against the trump organization and its long-term finance chief who turned himself in this morning. we explain what it means for the investigation of the former president himself. a historic decision by the
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ncaa clears the way for college athletes to earn money off their fame. james brown on how it could transform college sports. a new tribute to princess diana at her former home on what would have been her 60th birthday. prince william and prince harry put aside their differences to honor her. as you know they would. but first today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> he served three years. >> too long. too long. >> he did it with dignity and principle. >> bill cosby once again a freeman. >> cosby arrived home after pennsylvania's highest court through his conviction. >> it brings tears bececause he did s such awful things. crews are sorting through the rubble in surfside trying to find survivors. >> it's absolutely still a search and rescue mission. >> former president donald trump visited the southern border
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criticizing the biden administration for the policies. >> it's sick in the border. >> donald rumsfeld has died. >> he oversaw the u.s. invasions of afghanistan and iraq. >> all that. >> and a major shicht and under growing pressure the ncaa will left college athletes profit on their names. >> all that matters. >> lindsie flach announced she will be competing 18 weeks pregnant. i once had to run for the bus with a belly full of doritos. >> on cbs this morning. stepback three-pointer, puts it in and the foul. >> the phoenix suns is head to the nba finals. chris paul led his team with 41 points last night in the 130-103 route over the l.a. clippers. >> chris paul is in the nba finals. what do you think when you hear that sentence. >> man, it sounds damn good. >> phoenix, let's go, we did it.
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>> suns for the win! woo. >> this morning's eye opener presented by progressive making it easy to bundle insurance. still celebrating in phoenix. and good news for them. welcome to cbs this morning. we're going to begin with the new fallout from the startling reversal of the sex assault conviction against cosby. the 83-year-old was released yesterday after serve nearly three years in prison. the judge determined that cosby should not have been prosecuted but didn't weigh in on whether he is guilty. our national correspondent jericka duncan spoke with cosby in his home shortly after his release. we should point out she was the only network correspondent allowed to do that. how did the meeting come together and what did he tell you? >> you know, gayle, it happened very, very quickly. we were taken inside the home as soon as i walked in. i sort of waited there in the
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kitchen. andrew wyatt, bill cosby's publicist went upstairs to see if mr. cosby was interested in speaking with me. this is something we asked about earlier in the day. we were not allowed to have cameras. i didn't have my phones. i went up the stairs, saw mr. cosby in his bed. he was wrapping up a phone conversation. and he briefly spoke to me about five minutes. he was clearly excited to be home. he was overjoyed and said that he felt vindicated. definitely though a different feeling for his many accusers. >> how do you feel mr. cosby. >> bill cosby smiled and flashed the peace sign outside his home wednesday shormt after the pennsylvania supreme court throughout his 2018 sex assault conviction. in my conversation with cosby inside his home he told me the ruling sends a message around the world. he said that what happened to him was unjust and justice was finally served. in a radio interview after his
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release he spoke about people wrongfully imprisoned. >> i met them in there, people who talked about what happened and what they did. and i know there are many liars out there. but these people can't get lawyers. >> the court ruled that cosby had been denied a fair trial when he was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. it cite add non-prosecution agreement cosby made in a 2005 civil suit brought by constand. as part of the agreement cosby was assured he would not face criminal prosecution if he gave a deposition in the civil case. >> i'm stunned. i -- i'm still processing my feelings. >> victoria valentino was one of more than 60 women to accuse cosby of abuse. >> how is everybody? >> once lovingly known as america's dad west cosby was the first major celebrity to be convicted amid the me too
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movement. valentino was in the courtroom for the 2018 conviction. she told us back then what the ruling meant to her. >> it says that no matter how wealthy, how powerful, no matter how famous, you are not above the law. >> she says wednesday's decision sends a different message. >> it sends the message that the law is not on our side once again. women have been just thrown under the bus. >> spokesperson andrew wyatt echoed what cosby told me. >> this is vindication for bill cosby and justice for bill cosby. >> what about our civil liberties? what about our constitutional rights to breathe free and not be in danger now that our rapist is free? >> cosby was serve time for drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at this very home, again, back in 2004. andrea constand released this statement saying the decision
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for her was disappointing and she was concerned about what this meant for other people who would come forward with allegations of sexual assault. gayle. >> jericka, i want to go back to the circumstances of the interview it sounds surreal not only allowed inside the house but then you're told jericka come upstairs to the bedroom. what was that like? what were you thinking in that moment? >> reporter: i think, gayle, surreal is the best word to use. often times as a reporter you're out here trying to get the story on a day like this we all know that people wanted to hear from bill cosby, even though he did come out earlier and it was sort of a display of he is fine, he is well, he is excited. he didn't say anything. and my question to his publicist was is there any way we could talk to him? i think it just started with that question and then as you know i've been covering this story for the last five or six years. i looked back at some footage one of the first stories we did
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in 40u. of course, the charges came in 2015. the trial in 2017. the conviction in 2018. so there is a history there of communicating with people on all sides of this story. and i think just simply asking, is there any possibility of getting a conversation or getting a better sense of what he is doing and how he is doing? and it just so happened that yesterday was the day. and we were able to go inside. but i think as you put it at the top surreal, bizarre when you think about this is the very place where andrea constand said a crime was committed. and we were in that home. there were even pictures during the trial, i remember, of seeing the kitchen. it was starting to make sense as i'm in the kitchen standing there. two of his assistants were in the kitchen at the time as i waited to find out if we were going to have a chance to have a quick conversation with bill cosby. >> jericka, thank you. cbs news legal analyst rikki kleiman. she has been following the case against bill cosby for us since
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2015. good morning. >> good morning. >> as you heard jericka say, bill cosby said he felt vindicated. did the judge in the ruling vindicate bill cosby. >> not in any way this is not about exoneration or vindication. bill cosby is not pronounced innocent, not even pronounced not not guilty. what this violation was seen by the court -- and remember the court gave a 6-1 opinion about a constitutional process violation. it was 4-3 about what the remediy was. so what the court did was it said that there was once a promise by a prosecutor that bill cosby relied on that promise of no prosecution to his detriment. because he answered questions at a deposition in a lawsuit brought by andrea constand, the victim in this case. then those statements were used against him in a criminal trial.
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>> after he was told they would not be used against him. >> of course. >> of course, the judge basically said the prosecutors didn't play fair? >> the prosecutors -- it's not that they didn't play fair. it's that they literally violaed the constitutional right of the 14th amendment to due process of law. we have to remember that the criminal justice system is a system that works because people trust each other's agreements. so that's why the court said if prosecutor one makes a promise like this and you rely upon it to your detriment, it must be reversed. >> people -- were you surprised by this rikki? >> the reason i don't think i was shocked is because this court only takes 2% to 4% of the cases that they're asked to take. cosby asked for a lot of errs to look at, only looked at two. they were very interested in this situation. >> rikki, people are angry,
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frustrated. should they be angry at the initial d.a. entering into the agreement with bill cosby or the prosecutor who brought the case and had it overturned. >> i think that anger will serve only to upset the whole thought of women coming forward. i understand why they're angry. i was a sex crimes prosecutor. i sat on the board of a rape treatment center. if i were one of these women oh or any woman i would be angry. however, what they have to remember is that a jury of his peers found him guilty. and that that is a really important factor. the fact that there is a process or a constitutional due process violation does not change his area of guilt. remember this. in the remedy which means no further trial because of due process that became the 4-3 decision. and they said it was a rare remedy but that it was necessary. >> all right. rikki kleiman, thank you.
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always good to have. >> you thank you. now to breaking news from the supreme court which has just decided a case that could affect republican efforts to tighten voting laws. jan crawford comps the high court. jan, what happened? >>ing andly justices upheld two provisions in arizona saying they were not racially discriminatory. one kicks out any vote cast in the wrong precinct, the other bans ballot harvesting that's where third parties collect piles of ballots and turn them in for people. these provisions were in place before all the other more recent efforts we're seeing. they're not as controversial. narcotic the biden administration told the justices it didn't disagree with the trump administration that trees provisions are lawful. others have said this ballot harvests could be outlawed because it's easy to commit fraud. now the justices agreed saying arizona didn't intend to
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suppress the minority vote. so this case is important now for the next case. the next legal battle over all these voting laws, democrats say the new laws suppress the minority vote. the biden administration is actually suing georgia saying its new lieu violates the voting rights act because georgia intended to pass laws that would block black voter turnout. today's ruling would provide guidance for lower courts. although the court is not making the big sweeping statement on a new test or anything like that. it's going to save that for the next cases. >> jan, today's also the end of the term, some progressives urge liberal justice stephen breyer to retire while the democrats control the senate. what are you hearing? >> nothing, anthony. i got to say there is no indication he is stepping down. i think it will come as a surprise to the court. he is in great health. he is active, got a lot of public speaking outside the court and plays such an important role on that court helping bring the justices
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together. that's going to be very important next year when they have a lot of controversial cases, including a challenge to roe versus wade. >> thank you, jan. joining to the blistering heat wave in the pacific northwest where the death toll could reach the hundreds. more than 60 deaths confirmed in oregon. mst caused by the abnormallily high body temperatures. washington state officials link at least 20 deaths to the heat. the number is expected to rise, unfortunately. north of the border in british columbia, the province is investigating nearly 500 sudden and unexpected deaths that may also be related to all of this heat. and this morning former president trump company and long-term chief financial officer are formally accused of tax related crimes. trump organization cfo allen weisselberg turned himself in a few hours ago to be arraigned in court on criminal charges. jeff pegues is outside the kmous
7:15 am
in new york city. good morning to you. >> reporter: tony, all eyes on the upcoming arraignment where we will see weisselberg for the first time since he entered the courthouse early, early this morning. his attorney releasing a statement saying that he will plead not guilty and fight the charges in court. the charges against the trump organization and cfo allen weisselberg relate to alleged failure to pay taxes on corporate benefits and perks. weisselberg's former daughter in law turned over several boxes of documents to prosecutors. >> he lives in a bubble where believes everything trump says. >> weisselberg operated behind the scenes not only as cfo. but the former taxi cab driver has been the trump family as personal bookkeeper. >> replacing george this week is my chief financial officer allen weisselberg. you think george is tough wait until you see allen.
7:16 am
>> barbara res was an executive vice-president of trump organization. >> did allen weisselberg do anything with former president trump's knowledge. >> nobody does anything major without trump's knowledge. and usually approval. >> on a visit to texas wednesday mr. trump ignored questions from reporters. >> will you respond to the charges. >> he is my friend. >> in a statement former president trump said his company's actions were standard practice and in no way a crime. a lawyer for mr. trump told cbs news he does not perceive charges against the former president himself. >> the investigation continues. >> but harry litman, a former federal prosecutor says mr. trump is not out of the woods. >> reporter: what does this mean for former president trump. >> this indictment anyway looks to me like the culmination of a pressure campaign against allen weisselberg. >> reporter: what prosecutors really want is for weisselberg to flip, turn on hiss about. but soon after he went into the
7:17 am
courthouse here the trump organization released a statement saying, quote, weisselberg is now being used by the manhattan d.a. as a pawn in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president, who is not expected to be here today. but his attorneys -- they're going to be in court as trump org is arraigned this afternoon. gayle. >> thank you very much. president biden and the first lady just arrived in florida to visit the site of last week's catastrophic building collapse. search teams found the bodies of two children, 4 and 10-year-old, a brother and sister. they are parents were found in the rubble. bringing the death toll to 18. 145 people are still missing at this time. omar villafranca is in surfside. omar, good morning to you. it's always tough we know children are in the building but always tough to hear the children and see their faces. i know you just received the
7:18 am
update. what have you learned. >> reporter: a little bit of breaking news, a setback really. after 2:00 a.m. this morning the search and rescue operations at the building behind me were stopped. why? because they sensed movement in that building behind me sensors picked up movement 6 to 12 inches. no one in the building but the responders are on the mound. that was enough to pause everything and get everybody out of the way for safety purposes. we don't know when the search and rescue picks up. we're also hearing for the first time from people inside the building who narrowly escaped the collapse. one woman was asleep heard a loud crash, woke her up. she called her brother and left a voice mail chilling describing the chaos. take a listen. >> oh, my god! what the hell? oh, my god! yanni. the whole inside of the building is gone. >> rescue crews did build a ramp
7:19 am
to bring heavy equipment in but with the new news we don't know how that's affected. also worth noting is that people are keeping an eye on two systems in tatlantic and to see how they may affect the search and rescue. >> the last thing we need is more bad weather. thank you very much
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning, ; 26, i am michelle griego. 2 shootings and delay overnight, this is of a crime scene on sonoma boulevard near chestnut street, run 10:30, the car is taped off in the parking lot of the evangelist temple and appears to of been shot at. authorities in the east bay doing everything they can to crackdown on illegal fireworks headed into the fourth. the conditions are so dry in the oakland and berkeley hills, any spark could cause a catastrophic fire. a four-man rowing crew which took off from san
7:27 am
francisco with the goal of reaching hawaii has set a world record. they have touched land after 30 days at sea, slashing the previous record by nine days. at the bay bridge toll plaza, lights are on a traffic backed up, working on vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge, adding to an already busy right. more in the west end of the san francisco side, blocking at least one lane of traffic is busy as you had past the area as well. travel times, busy ride west lawn 580, 48 minutes to to a five, 680, highway 4 sluggish, crash with injuries involving an overturned vehicle, north on 29th house of hill boulevard in calistoga. it is grade, the cameras you are showing, another one, the golden gate bridge, it isn't foggy on the deck of the roadway. but it is still gray for most locations. as we take a look at the rest of the bay area, it is gray in
7:28 am
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♪ yeah a lot of athletes feel good round. well back to cbs historic diggs by the college athletes have a new way to make money. they can't get paid to play. but they can sign deals to earn an income from their personal brands as in their name, image and likeness. the move comes after two dozen states passed laws allowing the athletes to be paid. mola lenghi spoke to three popular college athletes, including a pair of star twins about what promises to be a game-changer for college sports. >> this is crazy.
7:31 am
>> just after midnight college basketball stars hanna and haley cavinder found out they scored the first endorsement deal. >> the contract was successfully signed. cavinder twins boost mobile. >> the twins playing for fresno state received a deal with the cell phone company boost mobile. >> the opportunity is insane and so exciting for hanna and i. >> now it's hanna calveder to her sister haley player of the year in the mountain west. stepping back, 5-point gain. >> they are not just stars on the court but on tiktok where they post videos for the three million followers. >> this is something we've been superpassionate about for a couple of years now just making content like starting our own brand. so i think it's just superexciting to see you can obviously monetize it now. >> the cavinders are among other top college athletes hoping to turn to profit. under the new policy student athletes can earn money for things like social media posting
7:32 am
with appearances, autographed signing and endorsements. the policy is at the temporary until a federal bill is developed. >> what does it mean for female student athletes. >> huge for female athletes. >> nick oh ole auerbach is a sports reporter at the athletic. with limited opportunities for female college athletes to play professionally, the new rules will open doors. >> this is for a lot of them the window where they can make the most money and they're the most mrketableable. i think you're going to see, a-walks them be able to cash in on that while they are associated with college programs. and they are getting the eyeballs. >> the ncaa was under increasing pressure to allow athletes to earn money, especially after the u.s. supreme court recently unanimously ruled the organization could not cap education related benefits. >> it's like christmas almost. >> washington state university football player dallas hobbs has been pushing the ncaa to make this move. the graphic designer and artist says he is ready to show off his work in a way he wasn't allowed
7:33 am
to before. >> we've never seen what college athletes are doing off the field. and this is something that can show that. they will be able to show to the younger generation, i no longer have to be truly an tlt. you can show our a businessman, artist. >> are you concerned at all that the sport does get lost in this. >> i don't see too much concern over that. i think if anything it's going to be more peer. because you're seeing all aspects of an athlete. >> for the cavinder twins who for years have been sharpening skills on the court and building brand online, the opportunity to turn a profit is a whole new ball game. >> it's really cool to think we can work with companies on the side and be able to set ourselves up for success. >> for cbs this morning, mola lenghi, new york. and cbs news special correspondent and host of the nfl today, james brown joins us now. j.b., good morning to you. >> wow to talk to the baseball
7:34 am
player good to be you. >> i paid ncaa but i don't think anyone would have fade oh for my autograph. there are a lot of athletes that would get money for the autograph. how is this going to affect college sports going forward. >> tony, i'm sure you figured this out as an ex-college athlete as well. this is a new frontier, the rules are not cast in stone. it's interesting to see how it shakes out. but i love the approach that mola lenghi took with the report to show the potential impact for women who have not been treated fairly and equally in pursuit of opportunities as well. because of the social media platform and the opportunity to maximize their name, image and likenesses is beyond what even their schools could do for them. >> j.b., how do you think it affects recruitsing? how could it impact where guys and gals decide to go with talents? >> great question. the landscape will not be an even one until the feds,
7:35 am
congress steps in and comes up with a uniform rule in terms of what should take place. so this is a temporary waiver, as you understand right now. but clearly the powerhouse programs and conferences will have distinct advantage over those i guess less popular and smaller areas. and without the same business opportunities as the big schools would be. >> the ncaa has been around for 115 years. why do you think this change happened now? >> i think there was a move afoot that would not yield any other result other than this one. to be fair about this, from my humble perspective, i think it's been a paternalistic attitude the ncaa has had towards athlete. it was a train they could not stop. it already left the station. >> forget ncaa rules, the guys and gals have to worry about irs rules. pay your taxes start making the money. j.b. thank you.
7:36 am
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putting aside it seems a troubled relationship, at least for now. m imtiaz tyab is at kensington palace where the statue stands outside diana's former home. imtiaz good morning.
7:41 am
>> good morning. prince william and prince harry united while they unveiled the statue at kensington palace where they losed to live together. alongside her family, the spencers. princess diana as we remember. the bronze figure surrounded by two children who are meant to represent the impact of her humanitarian work that now spans generations. following harry and wife meghan's decision to step back from royal duties last year and publicly criticize the royal family in a candid interview, harry's growing rift with his brother was laid bare and threatened to overshadow tributes to their mother. robert lacy is the author of battle of brothers. >> it's love against duty in terms of the issue involved. william defending the monarchy and harry defending his wife. >> diana's deep commitment to humanitarian work was amplified not only her dazzling presence but her ability to connect with
7:42 am
people. when she died at the age of 36, the outpouring of grief for the people's princess was unlike anything the monarchy had seen before. and the images of her two sons then just 12 and 15 years old broke hearts with every step they made on the long walk behind their mother's casket. it would be at another funeral for their grandfather prince phillip in april which saw the brothers briefly reunited since the differences came to light. side by side once again with you reportedly still not in step with one another. as william, harry and the world reflect on what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday her legacy not only endures but also continues to shape the royal family says robert lacy. >> the unveiling of the statue, the royal rebel of 30 years ago is deeply significant. it's a recognition of the changing style of the british
7:43 am
monarchy, this common touch, this love affair flirting with the media is now main stream for the royal family. >> now, here is what we know about diana at 60. she would have been the grandmother to five mall children. considering the tensions between her sons, tensions we have never seen before since prince harry decided to step back from royal duties, what we have to remember is that in her life princess diana made the very same decision. anthony. >> imtiaz tyab at kensington palace. thank you. i can't even -- when they said diana, 60. >> and the grandmother of five. hard to believe it's been 25 years since we lost her. >> i couldn't even -- i conprocess it for some reason. >> a beautiful tribute to her today. >> yes, i hope so. up next the stories you'll be talking
7:44 am
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one gramam of sugar,r, and d now with two o new flavorors! mr. vlad duthiers is somewhere watching out for a waiter to get another of those drinks with the little umbrella in it. nikki battiste -- >> i'm back. i love the music in the mornings. good morning, here are a few stories we think you'll be talking about today. a judge said no to britney spears' request to have her father removed from her conservatorship at least for now. the ruling follows a request last fall to replace jamie spears as sole conservator with a financial trust that the pop star had requested. instead the judge made the trust a co-conservator. this was not in response to last week's hearing when britney spears pleaded for her conservatorship to end. meanwhile, jamie spears is requesting an investigation into his daughter's comments in court last week which she called the conservatorship abusive. he says britney's comments
7:49 am
greatly sadden him and said he's had no involvement in her personal matters for almost two years. it's really important to note that britney spears' lawyers haven't actually petitioned to end her conservatorship. >> right. >> i'm glad you pointed out that it had nothing to do with her comments. i think people thought how could the judge rule against her after listening to her. >> a lot more to come, especially legally for britney. really sad. >> it is sad. >> so sad. up next, a story i've actually covered for this past year. allison mack will spend three years in prison for her role in nxium, the cult in new york. the disgraced actress pleaded guilty in 2019 to charges she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves for the leader keith raniere. in court yesterday, mack apologized to victims who say they were kept on starization diets and -- starvation diets and branded with initials. one victim,
7:50 am
here's what joan told me in an interview in december. >> i see the evil, and i see the sinister that lives inside of them. but i also see all of that coming to an end. >> people always ask me how could these women have fallen for this. but brainwashing is -- it's a real thing. >> really? what does allison mack say about how she fell for this, the actress? >> well, i think she now says she was brainwashed, too, by one. he had a lot of power. she lured women in and was involved for over a decade. so a lot of the victims just don't believe her. >> yeah, jessica joan called her an evil sociopasociopath. apparently the prosecutors revealed that allison mack cooperated with them pretty extensively, right? >> yes. and quietly. so allison mack gave them a recording of keith raniere describing what he wanted these branding ceremonies to look
7:51 am
like. and when you hear it, it is chilling. the jurors in the courtroom during his trial was in shock. >> she also is saying she has a lot of regrets about what she did, how she did, and why she did. wonder if she even understands what happened to her. >> it's hard to know. she has three years to think about it now in prison. and keith raniere, we should note, was sentenced to 120 years in prison for sex trafficking and other crimes. >> what were you going to say, tony? >> i was going to say she's got three years to think about it. >> exactly. she does. >> well said. >> great minds think alike. >> great minds think alike. let's lighten it up on this thursday morning. bts has a new group of fans whose dance moves are like nothing we have ever seen. take a look. ♪ that is the boston dynamics robot dogs called spot. getting down to the boy band's hit "ionic i'm on it." they move in perfect harmony.
7:52 am
look at these guys waving their paws and doing hops and jives. the video promotes hyundai's acquisition of the robotics company. guess how much one costs? >> how much? >> $75,000. >> yeah. i won't be getting one. a lot of cities are getting them. i think they can be used by police departments. i don't know why we call them robot dogs. dogs don't have snake heads. it's a nightmare machine. >> weird. >> they can dance. >> apparently the routine had to be incredibly precisely programmed. >> it's pretty remarkable. >> amazing. it's amazing. >> freaky. >> thanks. ahead, our jericka duncan again on her conversation with bill cosby. stay with that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update good morning,; 56 i am michelle griego. san francisco zoo the ferry service relaunch this morning with cheaper fares for the first time since the pandemic. discounts range from seven to 20% off the cost of the previous affairs depending on the route. oakland zoo mayor stutte to unveil updates to the current oakland undivided initiative, the coal is expanding access to a computer, internet and tech support for all oh u.s.d. students. a for monroe and crew that took off from san francisco with the goal of reaching
7:57 am
hawaii has set a world record. they are the fastest all-male crew of four to roll the mid- pacific ocean in an open class rowboat. if you plan to take the freeway this morning it is busy southbound 880, working your way out of hayward headed towards the san mateteo bridge. a couple things to look for, crash cell phone 880, after a street, fire activity on scene, it looks like the ride to the 580 area busy in both directions. over the north bay, crash on 29, 128, st. helena highway, closures in both directions, keep in mind if you're headed through calistoga. >> great start for most locations, look at the golden gate bridge, you can see the roadway but the clouds out there in full effect. san jose is great, likely be that way the next hour or so before you get into the blue sky. low 60s out there now with the exception of santa rosa, in the mid-50s. clouds gone by late morning and if you look [♪♪] alright, guys, listen up.
7:58 am
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we have to talk. ♪] some people drive way too fast. why are they driving so fast? zoom. please, be careful. we get scared. - my mom... - my dad... my jiji's at work. it's thursday, july 1st, already, 2021. we welcome you back to "cbs this morning." that's tony dokoupil, that's anthony mason, i'm gayle king. bill cosby's release shocks his accusers our jericka duncan spoke to cosby himself. the podcast armchair expert has soared in popularity, cohosts talk about their recipe for success. talk to the only black brewery owner in texas. he has a new beer to bring
8:01 am
people together called black is beautiful. >> i like that name. here's today's eye opener at 8:00. startling reverse sal of the sexual assault conviction against bill cosby. the 83-year-old actor was released yesterday. >> i went up the stairs, i saw mr. cosby and he briefly spoke to me about five minutes. he said that he felt vindicated. >> the judge in this ruling vindicate bill cosby? >> no, not in any way. this is not about exoneration or vindication. bill cosby is not pronounced innocent. right now on this upcoming arraignment we'll see weisselberg. did he do anything without former president trump's knowledge? >> nobody does anything major without trump's knowledge and usually approval. mississippi state goes on to
8:02 am
win the college world series over vanderbilt. >> what a way to end it. >> this is their first national title in any sport in school history. >> that's what i was talking about. repeating, first national title for mississippi state in any team sport ever for the school. >> that was a packed stadium. >> it took them ten tries before they won, they've been there before and lost. big win. >> huge celebration for them. >> we're happy for them. >> we are. got good for the clippers today but good for phoenix and mississippi. good for us, though. >> we begin this morning with bill cosby's first morning as a free man after being released from prison. pennsylvania's supreme court overturned the 83-year-old's sexual assault conviction from 2018. he served nearly three years in prison. jericka duncan was the only network tv correspondent to
8:03 am
speak with bill cosby inside his home after his release. we understand you were actually sent up to his bedroom? >> reporter: that's correct, anthony. we were told that he was resting and he was on the phone at the time when i went into that room, all the doors were open, i could almost see through to other rooms in terms of how the layout was and his publicist was in the room as well the entire time. he actually just is briefing reporters about what bill cosby is doing this morning, that he got up very early, he's having breakfast and he's expected to meet with his wife later today. she was not here yesterday upon his release. they actually spoke but she is on her way to this location here, and he said they will then go away to a different location, another home of theirs to spend some time together. obviously bill cosby said he was happy to be home. he felt vindicated by all of
8:04 am
this. not the case we know for his many accusers. the former actors known as america's favorite dad at one point was the first celebrity to be tried and convicted amid the me too movement for sexual assault of andrea constand, a former temple university employee at his home here in 2004, the case was years in the making when you look back at how we got here in 2015, a district attorney used unsealed evidence against the former actor where cosby testified in a civil case with the promise he would not be charged. then in 2017, a judge declared a mistrial after jurors were deadlocked following deliberations, then, of course, in 2018 cosby was convicted of the sexual assault of andrea constand that brings us to this day where the state supreme court found this case should have never even went to a trial because of a document that was signed by the then district
8:05 am
attorney saying they would not pursue criminal charges. that district attorney saying that he was opening it up for cosby to then testify in a civil matter. gayle? >> thank you. that was quite an interview that you got to talk to him so soon. thank you. we are joined by janice baker k ken li, who testified and her lawyer gloria allred who have accused bill cosby of assault. janice i wanted to start with you, last night it was reported that you were processing this latest turn of events. what's your reaction today, how are you feeling? >> good morning. i'm still processing everything that's going on. i just need to remember now, and it's almost like a mantra for me that he was released on a legal technicality, and not because he's innocent. he is not innocent.
8:06 am
he'll never be innocent and i need to hold onto that. >> what would justice look like to you now? because he is claiming that he is innocent. he is claiming that justice has been served. >> he's going to always claim he was innocent. that story has never changed. but the 60 plus women that have come forward, we all know the truth. so his legacy, his -- will never be what it used to be. so a little bit of justice served there. he did serve two years, a little bit of justice in the fact that he is a disgraced former america's dad. and i can live with that. >> gloria, it's anthony. in your view is this decision a setback to the me too movement? >> no, anthony, i don't think it is at all.
8:07 am
there are many women who continue to come forward. many persons who allege that they are victims, for example, of r. kelly, of harvey weinstein in los angeles, of many other figures. and they -- women are now empowered in a way they never were before. janice was very brave when she testified, i'm so proud of her. and it is, you know, a shock. but it's also very clear that the pennsylvania supreme court did not make a decision that mr. cosby did not do what he was accused of doing. it was based on a legal technicality, on issues of due process. and it was not based on the merits and the evidence as to whether he did it or not. actually, to the contrary. the court talked about the statements that mr. cosby made in the deposition, in the civil
8:08 am
lawsuit and called those statements incriminating. >> gloria, you represent an accuser in california who has filed a civil case against bill cosby. does this decision affect that case in any way? >> it does. actually. because now that he is a free man, now that he cannot be re-tried, he cannot claim or invoke his fifth amendment privilege against incrimination and decline to testify. in our civil lawsuit, which alleges that our client, judy huff, was victimized, was a victim of child sexual abuse by mr. cosby at the playboy mansion. we have an order compelling him to sit for a second deposition, the first is under seal, in this second deposition, which we intend to take prior to trial, we intend to ask him many, many
8:09 am
questions under oath. he is going to be compelled to answer them because he can't invoke his fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimi self-incrimination. >> ja ninice it's tony dokoupil takes a toll on a person to come forward in a case like this, it takes a toll on a person to testify at trial. i'm curious, knowing what you know about the outcome, would you come back and take the stand and what would you say to other women who may be hesitating in different cases right now? >> i would go back in a new york minute. coming forward, actually, was empowering, and it gave me strength to speak out, and it also gave me -- i received so much support that it's kind of like a pay it forward thing. i have -- i just want to help other people and not let him being released from jail, not to
8:10 am
discourage other women or men from coming forward. i have no problem speaking my truth and i encourage everyone to speak their truth because it's cathartic, it's empowering, i feel stronger than i ever did before, and it's because of the support because of all the survivor sisters. we're this loving group that will reach out to anyone to help them come forward like many of us did. >> janice baker kinney and gloria allred, we thank you both if for your time this morning. >> thank you. we'll take you to a community in mexico where drinking water is scarce but everyone has access to
8:11 am
8:12 am
> still ahead, the hosts of podcast "armchair expert" are getting used to big names like president obama. >> when we started the podcast we had a wish list on the white board, and he was number one, but it was a joke. >> the part of shock has dissipated a bit, and it's allowed us to do the job a little bit. >> he's so sexy. >> we found out how they get high profile people like
8:13 am
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8:17 am
the beverage industry is one of the world's top consumers of water. coca-cola says it replaces every drop that it uses, but a cbs news investigation raises questions about how to evaluate that promise. jonathan vigliotti recently visited a city in southern mexico where coca-cola is everywhere. good morning. >> reporter: tony, good morning
8:18 am
to you. the city of san cristobal's struggle to get clean drinking water was profiled by "the new york times" in 2018. many people said the water started disappearing when the coca-cola bottling plant began operations decades earlier. coca-cola says it has exceeded its expectations for water security in mexico for several years, but we discovered something different when we recently visited and took our findings back to the company. the highlands in southern mexico are rugged and remote. when we arrived, we saw signs of america everywhere. people here are among the biggest consumers of coca-cola in the world. one study found 3% of babies and 16% of toddlers drink soda. >> drinking from a plastic bag -- >> reporter: while coke doesn't flow from the taps, critics say the plants in san cristobal consumes much of the drinking water to make soda.
8:19 am
shop after shop here advertises coca-cola. the one thing this neighborhood does not have is running water. residents of this neighborhood invited us to see what's left in their municipal water tanks. [ speaking foreign language ] jose is telling me that these three tanks are the main source of water for this community. jose -- can you open the lid? no water. [ speaking foreign language ] >> so three weeks without water here. data from coca-cola shows 39% of the company's global production was generated in high or extremely high water-stressed regions. and some of those products end up on american store shelves. we reached out to coca-cola. they declined to speak on camera but told us in a statement they met and exceeded their replenishment goals for five years in mexico. so silvia is showing how she gets water for her house. silvia perez mendez relies on
8:20 am
rainwaters. without this water -- [ speaking foreign language ] you wouldn't have any drinking water without this water in the house. >> though. >> reporter: and with climate change impacting rainfall, silvia's reserves are running low. it's sad, we can't bathe, we can't clean, we can't drink water, she says. silvia is part of a growing group of residents calling on coca-cola and the mexican government to protect their water supply. how many of you struggle to get water every week? [ speaking foreign language ] every day coca-cola takes the water. cbs news has found the san cristobal bottling plant is permitted by the government to extract around 110 million gallons of water each year even as rainfall has declined and a growing population has moved into protected wetlands. last year the local government
8:21 am
requested the federal water utility revoke the bottling plant's water license but was denied. the utility said in a statement the plant draws water from wells that are deep underground and do not affect the local water supply. coca-cola's influence in the region began in the 1960s with marketing that had religious undertones. ♪ and in indigenous churches across southern mexico we found it used during prayers. coke also helps fuel the economy, employing 358 people at the bottling plant and supporting hundreds of shops that sell its product. but doctors say this financial lifeline for many may also be making people sick. dr. marcos arana researches diabetes in the region. >> we know that in those over 40 it's over 35%. >> reporter: over 35% have diabetes. he says without easy access to water, people are primarily drinking coke. specifically addressing our
8:22 am
findings incoca said we recogni the challenges the san cristobal community faces, and that is why we've been working for nearly a decade to provide community water tanks, rooftop water collectors, and water conservation projects. [ chants ] >> reporter: silvia perez mendez claims her community has not received any of that help. she will continue her fight for more water, she says, until she sees real change. and coca-cola says going forward it is setting specific context-based targets that seek to create water security, including planting hundreds of thousands of trees in the region. regarding potential health impacts, coca-cola says it is continuing to reformulate products to further reduce overall sugar consumption. >> thank you. one thing is clear, coca-cola should not be replacing water. ahead, the latest on that huge pileup at the tour de france. stay with us.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
ahead in our series "a more perfect union" why a texas brewery owner created a special beer with a powerful message. that's coming up on this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning, 8:25, am len kiese, two shootings in vallejo overnight. this video of a crime scene on sonoma boulevard near chestnut street around 10:30 last night. a car taped off in the parking lot of the evangelist temple and appears to have been fired at. authorities in east bay doing everything they can to crackdown on illegal fireworks headed into the fourth. conditions are so dry in the oakland and berkeley hills, any spark could cause a catastrophic fire. the mayor of oakland set to unveil updates to the current oakland undivided initiative
8:26 am
today. the goal for the upcoming school year is to expand access to computer, internet and tech support for all students. take a look at the roadways, if you are getting ready to head out the door, 101 out of the south bay. a trouble spot past 682, 80 connector, blocking traffic, a little slow, in the clearing stages of good news. 87 also slow heading northbound into san jose. northbound 238, westbound towards 880, there is a trouble spot. still clearing to the right shoulder, making it for a busy run to the castro valley why area connecting on to the limits, and a broken down feel vehicle on the bay bridge, breaking one lane. cloudy skies still, from just about all of the cameras. the one from treasure island shows low clouds, at least it is and fog with the golden gate bridge but still gray in san jose. give it another hour or two before the clouds melt back here, but at the coast and in
8:27 am
the immediate golden gate you will not get a whole lot of sunshine t
8:28 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's that time to bring you some of the stories that we like to talk about around here. we call it "talk of the table." and tony's up first. >> i have an update, a followup if you will on a story we first reported earlier in the year about the popular trading app robin hood. the financial industry regulatory authority, they oversee the whole brokerage industry, has ordered robin hood to pay almost $70 million in fines. it is the largest financial penalty ever ordered by this group called finra. and it's about, quote, false and misleading information from robinhood causing widespread and significant harm. now in particular, the order
8:31 am
highlights the case of 20-year-old alex kearns who you may recall took his own life last year after receiving a message claiming he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars on the app. his parents spoke with us back in february. >> he's been told we're freezing your account and you owe us money. >> i think he was just in pure terror about his situation. >> so robinhood later sent a message to alex suggesting that he did not owe any money after all, and there had been a mixup. in response to these fines which are quite hefty, robinhood said it improved its customer support and legal compliance teams. so this is a pretty big deal. it's more than a slap on the wrist. >> i remember your story so well. >> me, too. >> you so felt for those parents. that message that he didn't owe money i think -- that came after he had taken his life. >> yes, yeah. after it was too late. >> yeah. >> $70 million is a lot of
8:32 am
money. >> yeah. what have you got, anthony? >> i have a story of a tour boat operator who said she had the coolest night diving ever in michigan's sheboygan river last month. she found this message in a bottle. the note inside said, "will the person who finds this bottle return this paper to george morrow, sheboygan, michigan, and tell where it was found." here's the kicker -- it was dated november, 1926. >> wow. >> jennifer posted photos of the note on facebook in hopes of finding morrow. the next morning she was stunned to find thousands of people had liked her post and one of them found his daughter michelle primo through an online obituary. michelle says leaving notes around was something her dad did all his life. >> it was a total shock. but knowing my dad, he always liked to do little things like when we were building our basement, he was putting up the
8:33 am
paneling and put a vonote behin that. >> he died in 1995. it's interesting because the woman who found the bottle said she -- she spotted it on top of the fish bed, reached down and grabbed it, and noticed there of the paper inside. michelle primo said i knew immediately it was my father. and she said this happened on father's day weekend. >> aw. it also must have nice to see her dad's handwriting. when my mom died and i found letters from her, it was comforting to see her handwriting. >> yeah. >> that's something for the family to have. that's nice. >> and on father's day weekend. felt like a visit from her dad. >> meant to be. >> message through time. tony had an update -- i have an update, too. mine is about the tour de france spectator. we told you about her, the one who caused that huge pileup during the race. well, the woman is in custody this morning at a police station in northwest france. on saturday -- she's 30 years old. she was holding up a cardboard sign and mugging for the camera.
8:34 am
facing away from the cyclists. you see what happened after that. a racer hit the sign, fell causing a chain reaction. the tour de france, by the way, has withdrawn a lawsuit against the woman. it says that the story has been blown way out of proportion, but it wants to remind people that if you come to the tour, please hold on to your children, to your pets, and most of all, respect the riders. the sign she was holding says -- [ speaking foreign language ] a mixture of french and german that translates go granddad, go grandma. she faces two years in prison and a $35,000 fine. i don't think she should spend time in prison. i think she should pay something. maybe they need come up with a way to keep the riders separated. there's always going to be some knucklehead who will break the rules. >> it's one of the attractions of the event come is unlike any other in the world is that people can get close to the road. this kind of thing has happened before. i've seen it happen before. bu but she wasn't doing anything malicious, she was being stupid. >> a knucklehead.
8:35 am
>> i think knuckleheads can learn from this. i don't think it's been blown out of proportion. one of those riders broke both arms. that's a big deal. >> a lot of people were injured. >> this isn't a big political message. it's hello lograndma. >> yeah. turning to one of the world's most popular podcasts, "armchair expert," hosted by hollywood star dax shepard and 2019 emmy nominee monica padman and premieres on spotify today. a lot of podcasts feature interviews with big-name celebrities and political giants. we wanted to find out why "armchair expert" is such a hit. we sent jamie yuccas in to learn about their secret sauce. this is where it comes -- >> this is it. >> reporter: in this tiny l.a. attic, dax shepard and monica padman have convinced some of hollywood's biggest stars and global thought leaders to get vulnerable and share their most personal struggles. prince harry was a recent guest. >> celebrity is all about the instagram photos, making life
8:36 am
look amazing. your podcast is the exact opposite. >> yeah. we hope it's a tiny bit of an antidote to the curated life. however great you assume your neighbor's life is from instagram, of course you then heighten prince harry's life that much further and then you hear, oh, no, you cannot escape the slog of life for a human. like everyone's dealing with all kinds of things. trauma. trying to stay healthy. >> reporter: about a million people listen to each episode of "armchair expert." padman has been best friends with shepherd and his wife actress kristen bell for years. their honest free-wheeling banter about the messiness of life clicks. any topic is on the table. from padplman's latest date to shepherd's struggle with addiction. prince harry talked about mental health and move to southern california. >> living here now i can lift my head and actually i feel different. my shoulders have dropped, so
8:37 am
have hers. and you can walk around feeling a little bit more free. i get to take archie on the back of my bicycle. now that i've said that they're going to be -- >> reporter: when matthew mcconaughey was a guest, he and shepherd swapped stories about growing up in abusive homes. >> my childhood was, you know, there was a good amount of violence, there was a lot of divorces. i saw my mom get beat up. >> reporter: he revealed how his parents battled. in this podcast, pain is often processed with humor. >> after they're bloody, she's swinging this blade at him. they're dancing around this kitchen. and all of a sudden he swipes his bottle of heinz ketchup. and she's swinging like this. he's like slathering her with ketchup. >> reporter: between the podcast and real life, everything revolves around being in the moment. like monica's latest gift to dax. >> i made this calendar. he's affectionately called god bod. >> reporter: shepherd himself is in great shape so he can enjoy
8:38 am
his pastime motorcycles. >> i grew up without a dad. anything that made you a man i ran toward. motorcycles, jumping stuff, being crazy. investigation that would have gotten me like a pat on the back from my friends going you're doing this boy thing correctly i did. it's hard to know how much i really love it on its own and how much of it is part of this identity i've cobbled together. >> reporter: but last august, he was in a motorcycle accident that required surgery and became addicted to prescribed painkillers. 16 years sober, shepard hit his relapse from -- hid his relapse from loved ones before coming clean on air. >> i would take it so personally. he's lying to me. it's really powerful to see it. and then really powerful to see someone overcome something like that. >> reporter: are there things that you hope people learn from your story? >> i think as an addict when you mess up, you kind of confirm what you've always thought about yourself -- i'm a piece of crap and i am unworthy of love. i mean, the most dangerous thing
8:39 am
for an addict is just to be using and keeping it a secret. so if i was an example that you can own that secret and life can continue on and you can get back at it, then that's lovely. >> reporter: from those deeply personal and raw moments to belly laughs -- [ laughter ] "armchair expert" premieres on spotify today. their first guest, former president barack obama. >> when we first started the podcast, we had like a wish list. and he -- >> on a whiteboard. >> and he was number one. it was a joke. >> yeah. yeah. >> it was a joke. like obviously that would never, ever, ever happen. >> it was -- >> it was incredibly full circle. >> part of shock has dissipated a bit. and it's allowed us to do the job we have. monica was all a--titter. >> he's so sexy. the confidence. oh, man. >> that just blew right over my head. >> reporter: for "cbs this
8:40 am
morning," jamie yuccas, los angeles. >> michelle obama on line two for monica. i'll bet she thinks he's sexy, too. i so love dax's candor and his honesty about showing life warts and all. i like what he said slog of life for a human. when you meet celebrities and famous people, they're going through the same old stuff that everybody else is. >> it's very relatable. >> often not a pretty picture. >> yeah. it's very relatable. >> good pfor them on. spotify. >> one leg at a time as they say. >> yes, they do. ahead in our "a more perfect union" series, meet the brewery owner whose black is beautiful beer raises money for racial justice and
8:41 am
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a series "a more perfect union" aims, and i would say succeeds, in showing that what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. black is beautiful is not just a saying anymore, it is a beer. marcus baskerville, owner of the only black brewery in texas, is serving up a pint for a good cause. he's raising awareness and money for social justice and racial justice and police reform, all of it with a cold stout. janet shamlian shows how a local fundraiser turned into an international movement bringing peer with a message of equality
8:45 am
to millions. you typically don't see people of color within the brewing industry or the taproom settings. >> reporter: secretarmarcus bas started home brewi iing start focusing on the brewery. >> reporter: now there's something special on tap. he spent the past year representing people of color with a new beer called black is beautiful. this bottle is pretty spectacular. >> there's the phrase say there's names. we chose to list all of the victims of police brutality on the front of the label. that's just what we could fit on the label. we're at civil rights 2.0. you look at the murder of breonna taylor, the murder of george floyd, all of those start to hit home. >> reporter: when those happened, that kind of stopped you in your tracks? >> yes. i thought i have to do
8:46 am
something, and let me use the platform that i do have which is beer. >> reporter: all proceeds from the chocolate stout beer go to local charities supporting racial equality. >> whichever way you like to do it, that's fine with me. >> reporter: in san antonio, that's a group mentoring 16 to 24-year-old at-risk minorities on topics like science and leadership development. program director bernadette ellis kyle says the $46,000 the group received has been life changing. >> it has been amazing. it allows an opportunity for the young individuals to get a high school diploma. >> reporter: beer is making lives better here. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and like any good beer, it's better when shared. he made the recipe public, encouraging other brewers to join him in crafting it and donating the proceeds to a social justice foundation of their choosing. how do you go from having the beer here to reaching out to brewers all over and talking
8:47 am
them into joining your vision? >> right? we're in a predominantly white industry. so to name something black is beautiful and then ask 99% of the brewing industry to participate in something that's in support of minorities, it had me a little concerned at first. man, the brewing industry showed up and showed out. >> reporter: in an outpouring of support, more than 1,200 breweries from the u.s. and 22 countries have debuted the ale, raising more than $3 million. ryan palmer of california's claim state brewing company says he knew he had to be part of it. >> i had no concerns how my customer base would feel about it. and if they had a problem with it, they probably weren't the customer base i was looking for. beer is the ultimate social drink. just the very title of the beer could be something that creates conversation between two strangers. i hope people could become friends, see past their
8:48 am
differences. >> reporter: no thoughts of going back to the bank? >> never. no. >> reporter: can you afford to keep doing it? >> so during covid it was very tough to see $40,000-plus come out of revenue. it's bigger than us. like if we're going to lose a little bit of money to see a smile on 100 kids' faces that are able to receive new computers, then i'm going to continue to do it. >> reporter: that's something most can raise a glass to. for "cbs this morning," janet shamlian, san antonio. >> we can sure raise a glass. >> what do we have here? >> go marcus baskerville. i'm going to watch you to. >> i have a sip -- >> you've got a straw. you can go for it. >> she abstains. >> i just don't drink. i had a bad experience in high school. >> this is really good. >> i'm still scarred by it. please enjoy. >> it's fair to say that black is beautiful is beautiful as a beer. it's -- >> a stout is very nutritious. this is basically a breakfast beer. it's appropriate time of the day to have it. >> yeah.
8:49 am
>> go marcus baskerville. just think what he's done, how he's started -- love that. >> very good -- >> nobody wants to talk about marcus baskerville? >> we are talking about marcus. >> is the beer really good? it's very cold -- marcus, bravo to you. two thumbs up you give it -- >> yes. and underscoring the other axiom in addition to black is beautiful, beer is proof god wants us to be happy. >> i subscribe to that. >> yeah. >> i also like brian -- what's brian's last name? brian palmer in the piece. i love what he said, listen, if people have a problem with the message, maybe it's not the customer he's trying to attract. >> $3 million, amazing. >> bravo to brian, bravo to marcus. >> we'll see you for the good-bye. we'll be right back.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
anthony and tony's still
8:53 am
here enjoying libation. i'm curious, are mugs of beer normally this big? >> they should be. >> yeah. >> let's put it that way. >> and cold. >> seems unusually large to me. >> this is the right size, gayle. >> black is beautiful. that will d it for
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning, a: five and five, two shootings in vallejo, this video of a crime scene near chestnut street around 10:30 last night. a card taped off in the parking lot of the evangelist temple and appears to have been shot at . authorities in the spay doing everything they can to crackdown on illegal fireworks headed into the fourth. conditions are so dry in the oakland and berkeley hills area, any sport could cause a catastrophic failure. san francisco's the ferry service relaunch this morning with cheaper fares for the first time since the pandemic.
8:56 am
discounts range from 7% to 20% off the cost of the previous fares depending on the route. >> as we look at the roadways right now, i want to draw your attention to the bay bridge toll plaza were traffic is backed up, the lights are on, and we got word of a new accident reported just past the pay gates, 200 yards, a trucking vehicle involved in the crash. it is blocking at least one lane , and pass that another accident near treasure island. adding to busy commute as you work your way out of the east then to san francisco, the new sfa fairy may be an option if you're headed in the city. golden gate bridge moving at the limit but keep in mind the toll increase starts today. still looking pretty gray, the view from the golden gate bridge, just as gray here over the city, there's the scene at the toll booth. it is grade down the santa clara valley, many of the in in lynn valley's waking up to gray skies, that is different, yesterday you didn't, but you all get sunshine but the time we get in the late morning.
8:57 am
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