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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 1, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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streaming on cbsn bay area, a deadly few hours in vallejo. new video. what happened. plus, san francisco bay area ferry service returns. what you need to know about the relaunch. we're live the fire danger is sky high. the roads shutting down ahead of the 4th of july to keep partiers away. biden on his way to florida this very minute as the death toll continues to climb. plus. lots of questions for lapd after what they're calling a catastrophic failure. i'm len kiese. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get a check on weather and traffic. here's darren peck, in for mary lee. this is the one that sits on top of the mark hopkins.
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those are raindrops obscures the view. it is misty. east bay hills will probably get that as well. it's gray over san jose. temperatures in the low 60s. santa rosa is a cool 55. we all wake up to gray but it will burp back to the beaches by the time we get to the late morning today. we'll go to low 80s. gianna, how's the drive looking? affic alert fohighwaua this is due to an injury accident. northbound lanes are shut down
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until further not. so use an alternate in the meantime. we're seeing a lot of red and yellow. so traffic is definitely slow. other slow spot is that ride into the altamont pass coming out of tracy. those brake lights extend to north flynn. we'll check it in the next report. i'm anne makovec. we have our eye on a couple of big investigations after a violent night in vallejo. at least one person is confirmed dead. one man was shot about 9:00 on violet drive. he was taken to the hospital. no word on any suspects and a large police presence after a shooting at around 10:30. we're hearing two people were badly hurt. that is around highway 29 and chestnut. we you a many dozens of bullet
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holes and casings. that investigation is also ongoing. so far police have not confirmed anything about what happened there so we're keeping our eye on that. we'll keep you boasted. happening todayed in about 30 minutes, san francisco's bay ferry is resuming service and returning with cheaper route thes. >> in 30 minutes this brand-new ferry terminal will be open for riders. the official name, the alameda c plane lagoon ferry terminal is all lit up this morning waiting for riders to come in. taking the ferry is a good option to chill, kick back, relax and avoid the traffic on
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the freeway. the relaunch comes with fare reductions ranging from 7% to 20% off, depending on the route. it's a one yay jae temporary -year temporary promotion. it does not include south san francisco's route. some of the big new service changes include resuming the harbor bay route, adding eight new routes. the vallejo and richmond routes are seeing increases. richmond's routes will double. i threw had lot at you. there are a lot of new and expand services. that will be posted on our website. you can get that link on we'll have a live interview in 30 minutes with leaders from the ferry. you'll hear from them in about
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30. >> all right. thanks so much. two wildfires burning out of control in northern california. on the left the salt fire burning in reading. the blaze is over 1,000 acres. on the right lava fire. firefighters making progress in siskiyou county. it covers 27 square miles about half the size of oakland. going live to the east bay hills, authorities are beefing up patrols. they're warning everyone the fire danger is high and they're cracking down on illegal fireworks. the conditions are so dry in the oakland and berkeley hills that any spark can cause a fire. centennial drive will be closed to nonresidents from 5 a.m. on the 4th of july to 5:00 a.m. the next morning. >> if we have thousands of
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people and hundreds of cars, it makes it extremely difficult. >> police and fire are teaming up and they hope people will celebrate responsibly. coming up what cal fire is doing to keep you safe. president biden and first lady jill biden are heading to florida. the number of confirmed fatalities now stands at 18 with more than 140 still unaccounted for. cbs's laura podesta has the latest on the search and rescue operation. >> reporter: the death toll continues to climb in surfside, florida, now one week since the building collapse. >> it is with great sorrow, real pain that i have to share with you that two ilage d 10.
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>> rorthdrare fied as lucia and emma guara. the bodies of their parents were also recovered. >> given the unprecedented nature is a tragedy but the loss of our children is too great to bear. >> reporter: search crews continue to dig through the rubble hoping to find survivors. >> the chances are low. we do believe we can find life. >> reporter: rescue teams like indiana's task force one is headed to florida. >> will go down there in anticipation of relieving those working on the pile. >> reporter: today president biden and first lady jill biden will fist with the families of
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survivors and first responders. crews have managed to build a ramp that could allow the use of heavy equipment to help open up pockets to search. this morning experts said the delta variant will likely become the dominant strain in the u.s. in the coming weeks. meanwhile, with no approved vaccine for children under 12, some doctors are advising parents to be aware of the following scenarios. >> are vaccination rights high or low. it depends on your exposure as well. are you in a job or work setting where you're exposed to people who are unvaccinated and unmasked. >> the best recommendation if kids are old enough to wear a mask, they should wear one
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indoors. san francisco student ambassadors are helping state and local leaders get the word out. >> there's in question that all california schools are moving to be open in person during the fall. we all know that the game changer is getting a vaccine. >> tony thuman spoke while visiting burton high school last night. the direct hopes all students ages 12 to 18 will get their shots before classes start august 16th. going live to oakland. the mayor is expected to give updates to the initiative. the goal for the upcoming school year is expanding access to a computer, internet and tech support for all ousd students. the time is 6:09. as gardens go brown, one
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community is helping out by going green. still ahead on kpix5 and cbsn bay area the unique plan. another shark attack off the california coast, this time in southern california. what life guards said he was doing when the shark bit. >> that should not have happened and we do not know why. >> a lot of questions remain about a fireworks explosion in southern california. what police were doing before the big boom. >> as we take a look at the roads, the metering lights are on. i will take a look at napa county. let's take a look
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a bay area city is taking o eeoooor devery of recycled water from the city's treatment plant. >> if you show up in the morning it's between 20 or 30 trucks waiting for water. it's crazy, you know. >> right now the city is currently delivering recycled water to about 350 homes but they expect that number could double in the coming weeks. starting today college athletes can cash in and get paid for their name, image and likeness just like pro athletes do. it's a huge game changer. wisconsin quarterback graham mertz debuted his trademark logo. and iowa player bohanen is
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selling his apparel. they can't be offered money in the recruiting process. >> juniors in high schools are getting high powered jeans talking to them. how much of that will actually benefit the player in the long run versus cause a huge distraction. >> there are concerns about how young athletes will be impacted by the rules as well as finding time to deal with studies and promotion. another shark attack, this time in southern california. >> this happened while a 15- year-old was kayaking with his dad off of catalina island. >> their boat was bumped by a shark of unknown size and type. the person's hand was in the water and they were bitten. >> the teenager was airlifted to the hospital where he underwent hand surgery. doctors say he is now in stable condition. we want to get a check of
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our weather and traffic. first we'll go to traffic and see how the roads are looking. good morning, gi. we'll go to nap a county. we have a traffic alert near harraah street. you're seeing a backup. use an alternate. looking at the maps, all that red even purple indicates road closure. highway 12 through that napa county area. metering lights are on. look at that. that backup is building. bumper to bumper traffic pat the pay gates and up the incline. so if you're making that commute out of the east bay into the city, you've got that to deal with.
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it will take you about 15 minutes. checking the altamont pass, we are status quo at mountain house. the travel time now 49 minutes to go from 25 to 680. once you're on 680 traffic is clear. westbound is clear clear. westbound 4 is getting busy through pittsburg. if you were a taking hickey boulevard, traffic coals in place. looks like traffic is moving okay at the limit but that offramp is backing up. keep that in mind. we've got brake lights northbound 101 coming out of the south bay. it is busy from san martine. time to check your forecast and cooler temps. cooler. it's going to be a few degrees cooler for most locations.
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it's also grayer and mistier. look at the drops on the lens. this sits on top of the mark hopkins hotel. we'll call that mist. a few places will see this at the coast, the hills whether in the peninsula or east bay hills. don't be surprised if things are damp. the fog is higher. yesterday at this time we would be hard pressed to see the traffic clearly on the golden gate bridge. today you can see it. even though the fog has lifted, the stratus clouds. for the last two days it's been clear. that's the same story everywhere. santa rosa, you're the same way. all the inland areas same thing. low 60s for most of us with mid- 50s showing up in santa rosa. if we put this into the futurecast. even though it's gray now it
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will melt back with the exception of a persistent band that will hang over the city east bay. it will be just like yesterday where the clouds never quite clear. it will stay gray. cooldown because of all of. that low 70s for some of us. mid-70s for much of the south bay. 74 in mountain view today. let's get over into those warmer spots for the inland areas. even here we're a couple degrees cooler. low 80s. danville, 76. 80 in pleasant ton. back in the median bay, today is mid-60s. we'll be in the low 70s for much of marin. by novato mid-70s. santa rosa 81. that's cool and low to mid-90s for temperatures up through lake and mendocino county.
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all right. we'll warm up a little over the next couple of days. we've really gotten caught into what's a pretty good pattern for us this time of the year because it's very typical. everything we saw is what early july should look and feel like. no extreme heats. let's keep it nice and come and misty as long as we can . >> the adventure of the worldwide web. it contains the language underping the internet as we know it including http and html. cheers as they cruise into the harbor. the long journey that ended for these bay area rowers.
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welcome back. giving you a live look at san francisco the four-man rowing crew with the goal of reaching hawaii set a world record. >> they have now touched land after 30 days at sea, slashing their previous record by nine days. listen to those cheers. all the excitement as people welcomed them home. the rowers pulled into waikiki beach. morn
6:25 am
celebrating earning a world record for the all-male crew to row the mid-pacific ocean in an open class row boat. what firefighters are most worried about. >> we ask cal fire live in the next hour, plus this. >> he deserves to be in there. he's evil. >> a woman accuses bill cosby. why she force this decision could have a domino effect. >> and the ferry has arrived. people have boarded it. it's ready to take off from san francisco. we'll have a live interview next. >> and here is why that ferry may benefit you. you can see
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for $19.99 a month for 12 months and get a flex 4k streaming box for free! switch today. if you're just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. police investigating a shooting. markers, bullet holes and casings next to a black car on chestnut street. we do have calls in to vallejo keep you posted. fire danger in the east bay hills.
6:30 am
authorities are shutting down roads to crack down on illegal fireworks. this is the salt fire. it sparked yesterday. the blaze is over 1,000 acres. good morning, everyone. it's 6:30 on july 1st. i'm michelle griego >> i'm len kiese. >> darren, a bit cooler today. >> hearing you talk about the fires, this is the time we are totally insulated from the weather. it's misting right now over much of the city. if you're near a hill it's misting. don't be surprised. that's what it locks like on the golden gate. no fog advisory. the fog is a little higher but it's a far more widespread
6:31 am
gray. so san jose, for no inland valleys santa rosa, inland areas waking up to gray skies. those clouds will hang on persistently. this is july gloom. low 80s for daytime highs inland. that means a couple degrees cooler. we'll be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. gianna, how's the drive looking? >> it's starting to get busy. if you're getting ready to head out the door taking hay hey 12, near dugan or haire, there was a traffic delay. use an alternate. try to avoid it when you can. again, injuries reported in that crash. at the bay bridge toll plaza,
6:32 am
metering lights are on. we're seeing delays on all approaches, especially that east shore freeway. len? gianna, thank you. a live look at the ferry building. bay ferry service will resume. >> justin andrews is there. justin, you've already seen the first passengers. >> reporter: yes, we have and the ferry is taking whoever right now. you see it backing away. the first passengers are onboard headed to san francisco. this morning i have joining me thomas hall. first of all, how did you feel. >> we're excited to relaunch the ferry service in addition to this new alameda sea plane
6:33 am
route. it's been exciting for all of us. >> reporter: this morning we've been talking about a lot of the changes. talk about the changes that riders can expect. >> we're offering more service than ever before, 30% more. we're the first bay area transit agency to come back to precovid levels. we don't want people this get back in their cars. we want them to have the ferry as an option. to further incentivize them we have lower fares for the next year. it will only cost you $4.50 using a clipper card one way for alameda, richmond and oakland. >> reporter: yo telling us earlier that's probably the cheaper route. >> we have a mobiling ticket
6:34 am
partner called hop through. they may not have clipper cards right there. you can buy the tickets on hop through and activate them at the same time. >> reporter: thank you for talking with us. we talked to a rider. he said he's taking the ferry, having breakfast and coming back. it's one good way to avoid the traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> anyway you can do that, it's a good thing. >> let's do it. >> justin, thank you so much. lots of questions after a bomb squad truck explode while police were carrying 5,000 pounds of fireworks and homemade explosives. some of the explosives were being stored in the trailer. it blew the windows off nearby homes. a tip led officers to the
6:35 am
location. this morning we are hearing from the police chief. >> they were reselling it. >> the force of the blast damaging several cars and belong out the windows of nearby homes. 17 people were injured including ten police personnel. police were planning to safely detonate this when that explosion happened. >> something happened in that containment vehicle that should not have happened. we intend to find out why. >> police are calling it a catastrophic failure. going to wall street, the dow is up just a bit 340 points. new pandemic low. number ans 364,000 claims last week
6:36 am
evidenced the job market is rebounding. your money watch report coming up in a few minutes. going live to surfside, florida. they're about to update us on what is going on at the condo collapse. the death toll 18. more than 140 are unaccounted for. those numbers could be changing. president biden and first lady jill biden expected to arrive in florida any minute now. this is video of them leaving the white house. they will be meeting with family members of those missing and thanking first responders for their very hard work. they have been at it for 12- hour shifts. the building came crashing down one week ago today. they are building a ramp to get
6:37 am
into some of those areas, get their heavier equipment in there and hopefully open up new tunnels, new pockets to search. a heartbreaking discovery yesterday. in the meantime the bodies of two children, ages four and ten, lucia and emma guara. the bodies of their parents were recovered yesterday. there are concerns about a couple of strong storm systems. the storms are approaching in the atlantic. so a lot of factors going on there. of course, we'll keep our eye on it. developing this morning. top trump organization executive allen weisselberg has surrendered ahead of charges on tax crimes. the manhattan d.a. will announce the charges against the trump organization and weisselberg later this morning. they have been indicted for
6:38 am
alleged tax related crimes. the charges will focussen whether the company gave perks to top executives without reporting them properly. disgraced actor bill cosby is waking up at home after a court threw out his conviction. the judges argued that his due process rights were violated. testimony was later used against him in court. they said cosby only talked because a previous prosecutor agreed not to charge him. >> we can't have a system where prosecutors pull out the rug from you because of politics >> cosby was nearly three years into a three to ten-year sentence. emotions running high for one of bill cosby's accusers. helen hayes said at a tennis
6:39 am
tournament cost by stalked her and groped her. >> he deserves to be there. he's evil. it brings tears because he did such awful things. >> hayes now lives in san anselmo and is 86 years old. she said she hopes the judge's decision doesn't deter others from speaking out. the former sitcom star is refusing to talk on camera but in an exclusive interview he spoke. with fire danger so high heading into the holiday weekend, what is cal fire most worried b we ask cal fire live. plus, imagine going to get some breakfast and find out a bear beat you to it. we'll have more on. that a look at the new alameda
6:40 am
ferry terminal. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. looking east from our mark hopkins camera. how the markets are reacting after another positive day. diane, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. trading has been underway for ten minutes. right now the dow is better by 36 points. the nasdaq is on the plus side. the s&p 500 has a gain as well. a snapshot is out. 364,000 people filed for unemployment benefits last week. that was better than expected.
6:44 am
meantime adp said 694,000 jobs were added. the biggest were in leisure and hospitality. education and health services saw a jump. tomorrow the government will release its monthly tally ju. len? >> all right. diane king all from thank you. a couple woke up to make some breakfast only to see a bear beat them to it. cell phone video shows the bear chomping down on food in the freezer. help wanted breakfast food, obviously. aside from the screen door, help didn't break anything before showing himself back out. >> it was all right. i've been here 15 minutes. i'm ready to go. >> he's out. >> it was crazy. >> he had what he needed
6:45 am
>> this may not be the first house this bear hit. the couple said a similar suspect got into their neighbor's kitchen. fish and wildlife said they are becoming more bold around people, especially hungry juveniles. >> they always find their way to the fridge, though. >> they know where the food is. >> they know what's in there. let's get a check on weather and traffic. gianna, how are the roads looking. it is busy unfortunately, a serious crash has lanes blocked in the napa county area. between dew hig and haire, there is a closure there. it's popping up on the censures. use the sensors or avoid that area. it was reported about 5:30 this morning. serious injuries. so it is taking some time to
6:46 am
clear. that's one of our busiest spots. bay bridge, toll plaza, rings . usisin fu lays pthis u work your way past the upper deck. as we take a look at highway 4 there is a trouble spot 242 southbound. looks like one an is blocked on the connector road. keep that in mind. also headed out into the altamont pass, it's slow coming out of tracy toward north flynn. we're tracking lights. tracking travel times. 46 minutes westbound 580 toward 680. east shore freeway, highway 4 to the maze will take you 19 minutes. you were a looking at a 41 minute drive to go from antioch
6:47 am
tymialong the es area. cot. you ted wi that's what i will begin with. my worst camera using that just to drive the point me. that it's misty out there. drop a lens. this is from the top of the mark hopkins. you can't pick out the top of the sales force camera they're looking at gray. at least this is better than yesterday. it was so low you can barely see the ferry building. this morning it's just lifted enough that you should be okay driving across the bridge and with the clouds having risen high are now, that means they've been able to spread out farther across the bay area. it's interesting how this works. if the clouds lift this gets less gloomy there. now the clouds can reach
6:48 am
farther inland. san jose you're waking up to gray skies. and since the same story in the north bay here are the numbers. low 60s just about everywhere. now you can see how widespread the clouds are. melt it all back. by late morning, except if you take a look at the immediate coast. it's never going to clear today. clouds will hang out right over the city and the east bay for most of the day. in a scenario like this everybody get as cooldown. temperatures get into the mid- 70s. we'll go to 78. mountainview hit 74. san mateo sit 72. we'll be in the low 80s. 80 concord. danville goes to 76. back over on the side the mid- 60s for the east bay communities. the forecast had a lot of you
6:49 am
making it to 70s. didn't quite get there. with the clouds we're keeping you in the mid-60s. novato goes to 76. 81 by the time you get up to santa rosa. that goes to mid-90s. seven-day forecast shows us we'll stay just like this. this is classic for this time o uld warn people about, june and july. this is no sky july. by late morning you'll have plenty of sky. temperatures are not going to change. this whole pattern is not going to change, certainly from the holiday weekend. and then there are your numbers in the mid-80s inland and low 70s for much of the bay all right, guys, i'll see you with more later. fire danger a huge danger.
6:50 am
the extra steps cal fire is taking. we are live next. and the ferry just took off 20 minutes ago right here at the brad new alameda ferry terminal. i'm justin andrews, i'm giving you the changes. streaming on cbsn in the bay area area it's windy. we will have our weather extra segment. you can tch it on or the kpix app. take a quick
6:51 am
delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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our photojournalist giving us a look at the east bay
6:54 am
hills. illegal fireworks have authorities on high alert. thank you for joining us. >> good. >> got to ask you first. what do you first worry about heading into this holiday weekend? >> conditions across california are extremely dry. we have a drought. obviously, the fire risk has increased. that increases more with camping and recreational vehicles. with the 4th of july, the illegal fireworks, all of these, one spark will spark a fire. >> we've been hearing illegal fireworks going off for weeks now. is it worse this year? >> the problem seems to be getting worse every year. last year was one. some counts calling it almost like a war zone.
6:55 am
illegal fireworks really have become a major issue in california. they are imported from other states, other countries. we are increasing our ability to stop the fireworks but they are so dangerous. that is why they are illegal. they are so dangerous. they cause injuries and wildfires. go to the public shows. go to the community-sponsored shows. just leave the fireworks to the professionals. >> we know some people will attempt it. what extra steps are you taking and other specific areas you are focused on. >> for the last couple of months we've been doing a number of interdictions. the arson bomb investigators have seized already this fiscal year over 280,000 pounds of fireworks, just a significant number of fireworks being seized and confiscated.
6:56 am
fines are heavy. going into the 4th of july many fire departments, including our will increase our staffing and patrols. we have a zero tolerance policy. go to your community public display show if you want to see fireworks. >> you guys are doing great work. we are hoping for a very safe holiday weekend. >> as are we. >> we appreciate your time. i'm anne makovec. let's go to surfside, florida, where they are giving a news conference. let's listen in. >> we had to halt operations in the early morning hours due to concerns about the structure. we are doing everything we can to ensure that the safety of our first responders are paramount and resume operations as soon as it's safe. engineers continue to monitor
6:57 am
the structure as we evaluate the station and all possible options and next steps including with the assistance of the state engineers. i want to stress that president biden's visit todawill have no impact. >> all right. we've been listening to this news conference ongoing right now. they're talking about difficulties they've been having because of instability of the buildings surrounding the collapse site. that's been hindering their operations. we just heard from the governor before this. he said they have removed about 1,400 tons of material from the site and they're working with engineers to balance safety. the number of people who have confirmed who have been confirmed killed stands at 18. we'll keep our eye on that. of course, we'll have the latest right after our.
6:58 am
back to you. >> reporter: i'm justin andrews live at the brand-new alameda ferry terminal. you see that ferry, passengers getting ready to head across the bay. this is the first time in a long time that riders have been able it take the ferry because of the pandemic. oh, yeah, this is a good way to avoid the freeway traffic. tickets are 7% to 20% cheaper. they've added about 30 new routes. this is a good way to chill, kick back. you can avoid that traffic on the way to work. this does not include the south san francisco ferry route. that will be to add more routes in october. harbor, vallejo and richmond. this is another good way to avoid the traffic, catch the ferry. guess what, we will get on the ferry. it will be a first-time
6:59 am
experience. i'll send it back to you. i agree with justin. it's a gray way to avoid baup e maze. ictransit. everything is on time. checking travel times. still a very busy ride into the altamont, 205. 680. darren? it's a gray start. it's misting on the lens. that's the view from the mark hopkins hotel. let me give you another vantage point. watch the temperatures not change at all. low to mid-80s if you're inland. low 70s if you're in the bay. we're staying in the pattern. average daytime highs >> thanks so much. thank you for watching kpix5
7:00 am
this morning. the news continues all day. >> "cbs thisg" isoming up next. ve a gat thursday. good morning, to you, our viewers in the west. welcome to cbs this morning on this thursday, july 1st, 2021 already. i'm gayle king that's anthony mason. that's tony dokoupil. le's go. bill cosby free after a stunning court decision and our jericka duncan was the only network reporter to speak to him inside his home. what she learned. a criminal indictment expected to be unsealed today against the trump organization and its long-term finance chief who turned himself in this morning. we explain what it means for the investigation of the former president himself. a historic decision by the ncaa clears the way for college
7:01 am
athletes to earn money off their fame. james brown on


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