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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  June 24, 2021 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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beautiful shot to see there. >> the pride colors to go around the captioning sponsored by cbs >> senator sheldon whitehouse is defending his family's ties to an exclusive beach club after facing growing criticism over its apparent lack of diversity. the rhode island democrat says that he reached out to bailey beach club in newport, which denied being all white, but this latest backlash did make senator whitehouse reevaluate his memberships to other similar establishments, including a sailing club.
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>> announcer: it's the "a late s "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight a reawakening smm plus stephen welcomes robert duvall, featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: chris, chris!
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yeah. ( audience chanting stephen ) >> stephen: hey! please have a seat, ladies and gentlemen! welcome, welcome one and all to "the late show." i'm your host stephen colbert, and i am so glad -- ( cheers and applause ) -- so glad that quarantine restrictions have been lifted. it's the only reason i can be with you all tonight, you wonderful live audience. ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) nothing like a thursday crowd. >> jon: thursday crowd! >> stephen: but as nice as it is to be emerging from lockdown, there are a few downsides. here in new york to-go cocktails and alcohol delivery ends today. ( booing ) see, new york? the people want their booooooze! ( cheers and applause )
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now, back at the height of the pandemic, the state changed the rules and allowed restaurants and bars to start selling alcoholic beverages to-go. but recently, governor cuomo declared that new york's state of emergency will end thursday. kicking off a new state of emergency where i can't get a bicyclist to bring me a margarita in a wet paper bag so i can sip it out of a promotional blue bloods coffee mug in my bathtub. ( laughter ) otherwise known as thursday. speaking of new yorkers in desperate need of alcohol, there's bad news for former new york mayor and - ( booing ) paparazzi shot of dorian gray, rudy giulani. wait, jim, i want to go back. give me another. former new york mayor and big toe with dentures goblin who ate your teeth, squirrel who traded his nuts for
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a shot of vodka rudy giuliani. you may recall that earlier this year, mr. giuliani, while working for a certain former president, tried to screw american democracy. that's not a metaphor, he did it next to a sex shop. ( laughter ) well, now, ladies and gentlemen, the dildos have come home to roost because -- ( laughter ) earlier today, a new york appellate court suspended giuliani's law license. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: wow! wow! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: sure, why not? this is a dramatic fall from grace. in the city he was mayor of, rudy giuliani can no longer practice law. and if last year has proven anything, it's that when it comes to law, rudy needs a lot of practice. ( laughter )
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giuliani was america's mayor. before that, he was the crusading federal prosecutor who busted up la cosa nostra. now, he's lost his career. how's he gonna eat? and more likely, drink? ( laughter ) if he needs cash, he could always sell the fracking rights to his skull. ( laughter ) ♪ up from the ground came a bubbling crude ♪ ( laughter ) shortly after the ruling, rudy's son andrew tweeted his defense of his father. >> i am infuriated by all of this, and any american that believes in an independent justice system, this is going after one of president trump's closest allies. >> stephen: and furthermore -- ( cheers and applause ) -- furthermore, the justice system framed this camera angle to make me look like an angry leprechaun-- now give me back me
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lucky charms! sorry, rudy-tooty, you were saying? >> i stand by my father. he did everything ultimately by the book. >> stephen: it's nice that he stands by his father. but next time, he might want to stand on that book. rudy's legacy isn't the only thing crumbling, so are our roads and bridges. but that might be changing. i'll tell you all about it in my new segment: "the road to, someday making a road open." last night, a bipartisan group of senators announced that they had agreed to close to $600 billion in new spending on roads, bridges and other traditional infrastructure projects. very important, for republicans to agree, those roads and bridges had to be traditional. i'm talking about one way streets, male roads, female bridges and tunnels, as god intended. don't try to sneak in one of those european roundabouts. i'm not into that lifestyle.
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that's an automotive rea reach-around. you don't fool me. ( laughter ) this morning, senators went up to the white house to meet with biden, and after going over the details, the president emerged with an "histor-ish" announcement. >> we had a really good meeting and to answer your direct question, we have a deal. >> stephen: wow, a deal! that president is a real deal-maker he should write a book about makin' deals. call it something like the art of the joe. or the deal of the biden. or deal or no deal. something. i don't know. ( laughter ) one person may have been feeling a little left out during that photo op, vice president kamala harris. ( laughter ) ow! ow! damn. that's gotta hurt. okay, we're all taking a group photo. kamala, little to the left. little to the left. keep going. okay, get behind the pillar, an perfect, thank you, we're done.
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( laughter ) in a speech about the deal this afternoon, the president tried out a new rhetorical flourish. >> i don't in any way to dismiss what senator murphy says about the environment. i don't dismiss it at all. just remind him (whispering) that i wrote the bill. (stage whisper) on the environment. (normal talking) guess what, employers can't find workers. (stage whisper) yeah, pay them more. (normal talking) you said people are waiting for relief. (whispering) i got them. 1.9 trillion's relief so far. >> stephen: mr. president, you know i'm a fan, but the way you lean forward and whisper -- guess what? (whispering) it's a little creepy. a little creepy. ( laughter ) nice catch. there's big news from the world of musictainment. talking about pop superstar and lucky cat next to the cash register, britney spears. talking about britney spears.
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britney has been under something called a conservatorship, which is a legal arrangement in which a court grants someone power to make financial and life decisions for another person. britney's main conservator has been her father, jamie spears, who has used his position to control every aspect of his daughter's life. he restricted everything from whom she dated to the color of her kitchen cabinets. (as dad) your honor, avocado cabinets with a terra cotta backsplash? clearly, she's a danger to herself and cupboards. a lot of people have spoken out in favor of britney, but there's one person we haven't heard from publicly: britney... until yesterday, when she testified in court and she said she's been intimidated and punished by her father, and her management team. and that they should be in jail. that's right. britney told the judge: (singing) ♪ they're not that innocent ♪ ( cheers and applause )
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spears said the conservatorship has total control over more than just her finances, explaining i have an i.u.d. inside of myself right now. i wanted to take the i.u.d. out so i could start trying to have another baby. but this so-called team won't let me go to the doctor to take it out. that is awful, and sexist as hell. i find it hard to believe that joey fatone would need a court's approval to take off his chastity belt. ( laughter ) here's how messed up this situation is -- because she doesn't control her own money ms. spears has to pay for lawyers on both sides, including those arguing against her wishes in court. that's insane. everyone in her life is profiting from keeping her in this situation. i think this legal expert said it best in 2007: >> leave britney alone! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: a prophet.
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britney had a clear request for the judge: i just want my life back. and it's been 13 years. and it's enough. yes, it's enough. and i have something to say to the court. your honor, this conservatorship over britney spears is "toxic." ( cheers and applause ) the fact that this is legal is "criminal." ( cheers and applause ) every time i think of the "circus" around her, i "scream and shout," because this is "crazy." britney is saying "i wanna go" because all these people want a "piece of me." but their response is just: "gimme more." britney, "don't cry." you are "stronger," than these "womanizer"s, and we are "lucky" to have you. jamie spears: your daughter deserves to be in control of her own "work, bitch."
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♪ and anyone who doesn't think so is "crazy." i already used that one? well, "oops i did it again." ( cheers and applause ) ♪ we've got a great show for you tonight, my guest is robert duvall. but when we come back, we bid adieu to the gentle giant of late night, conan o'brien. (mususic) (mususic)
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♪ >> stephen: jon batiste and "stay human," everybody! ( cheers and applause ) ♪
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>> stephen: there you go! >> jon: yeah, yeah, yeah, hi! >> stephen: jon, i like the whole vibe. i like the band in that outfit. it looks like the band when you go to heaven and you're st. peter. something angelic about this >> jon: we're going to play that heavenly fiewks more them >> stephen: as you do every night. ladies and gentlemen, today marks a bittersweet milestone in the legacy of late night, because after 28 years and 4,368 episodes, conan o'brien's late-night run is ending. conan's had an amazing tenure-- it started way back in 1993, when he began hosting "late night" at the tender age of nine. following puberty, he moved to "the tonight show," and then spent 11 years at "conan" on tbs.
11:53 pm
not to mention his brief spinoffs, "conan the tank engine" and conarcos." tonight's his last show, but like a kid who keeps saying he's running away, he'll be back before you know it with "conan," a new weekly variety show for hbo max. conan and hbo max, which i assume is short for hbo max weinberg. and just to get ahead, i'd like to wish conan a fond pre-farewell for his upcoming triumphant decade on streaming, and the next eight years on gas pump tv plus network and his late 2040's run on "html" a microchip-infused jelly that's injected directly into viewers' amygdala. it really feels like the bear is masturbating directly into your brain. ( laughter ) conan's a dear friend and a lovely fella. he has been nothing but a strength and a great source of advice for me as i took over a late night show, and i want to
11:54 pm
congratulate him on 24 incredible years and several perfectly fine ones as well. ( laughter ) i hope he makes the most of his six days of retirement before starting work at hbo. i've asked one of my writers, brian stack, who worked with conan for many years, to come out here and share some memories of working for conan. brian, come on out here. brian stack, everybody. there you go. brian. >> thank you. >> stephen: brian, how long did you work for conan? >> 18 years. >> stephen: so you must know the true conan that no one is allowed to see. are you ready to dish the ugly dirt about your old boss? >> sure, if that's what my new boss wants. >> stephen: yes, it is. let 'er rip. he can't hurt you anymore. >> ok. here goes. this is probably something i definitely shouldn't say: he's irish.
11:55 pm
( laughter ) >> he is. >> stephen: yeah, we all knew that, brian. >> you didn't let me finish. he's irish-'catholic'. there's different types. >> stephen: i understand. i did let you finish, and, come on, you were there backstage, dark secrets. cameras off. nobody's looking. what happened? >> ok, here's one: conan is really tall. surprisingly tall >> stephen: yeah. that's his whole deal. he's slenderman ron weasly. come on, brian. he's leaving late night. he has no power over you. he no longer controls your career like a puppet on a string. talk! >> well, okay. this one is definitely going get me in trouble. his middle name is, get this, christopher. just weird. >> stephen: brian what's going on? did conan make you sign an n.d.a.? >> you mean like something where i'm not allowed to reveal details such as whether i've been asked to sign an n.d.a.? >> stephen: yes. >> yeah, i signed one of those.
11:56 pm
( laughter ) actually, on second thought, it may not have been an n.d.a.. it might have been a get well card. >> stephen: okay, clearly you've got nothing. ladies and gentlemen -- >> we got him a card because he got a pretty nasty contusion when he tripped after we robbed that hospital? yeah, yeah, that's right. we needed the money to buy cocaine for our orgies at betty white's underground sex dungeon? ( laughter ) and conan likes his snow really pure. he'd always say, c'mon, brian. you're on team coco. that stands for conan's cocaine. ( laughter ) >> stephen: wow. yikes. that's probably enough dark secrets. >> and then pat sajak made us all drink endangered leopard milk out of lincoln's skull. crazy. ( laughter ) and you know that thing is not water-tight. milk everywhere. >> stephen: ok, brian. >> i remember it well, cuz it was right before conan started selling counterfeit penicillin to clinics all over the developing world. ( laughter ) he knew interpol was closing in, so he had to go into hiding with
11:57 pm
the ukrainian arms smugglers he knew from when he used to run aks to the mujahideen in the late 80s, back when he was writing for s.n.l.. they had summers off. i'll never forget what he told me before he filed off his fingerprints and had his face reconstructed using cadaver flesh sourced from a chinese political prison. he looked me in the eye and said, brian, if i can give you one piece of advice, it's never tell anyone i'm going to murder jeffrey epstein. ( laughter ) so wise. ( applause ) >> stephen: he will be missed. he will. >> stephen: brian, thank you so much. brian stack, everybody congratulations, conan, see you in betty white's sex dungeon. when we come back, i sit down with robert duvall at his virginia ranch. ♪♪ - [a[announcer]] dearesest smoke shshacks, defenders s of the dryry ru. thank you u for givingng yourl to a 2 20-pound huhunk of bris.
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♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back! folks, last week, i had the extraordinary opportunity to sit down with legendary actor robert duvall. duvall, now 90, has appeared in some of the most iconic movies of all time -such as "the godfather" 1 & 2, "apocalypse now," "network," "m.a.s.h.," and "tender mercies," for which he won academy award. bob and his wife, luciana, were gracious enough to invite me down to their beautiful ranch in virginia for a conversation about acting, marlon brando, and his new film, "12 mighty orphans." robert duvall, thank you so much for sitting town with me today. it's an absolute hohonor to talk to you. >> thank you for coming all the way down herere to virginia to tatalk to me.. >> stepheen: it is a absolutely no tririal to comome to youour bebeautiful fafarm and youour beautiful l house.. >> thanknk you. >> stephphen: how mamany acres o yoyou have herere and h how many hohorses? >> oh, w we have onene horse ths
12:03 am
ababout 32 yeaears old butut hes like 15. we have 36060 acrcres. > stephen:n: is it i importat for r you to nonot l live in hollllywood, to o not be i in los anangeles or n new york?? >> o oh, well, i i lived inn new w york, and d then i wououlo californrnia and comome back, bi dodon't care t to go too eitithe now. i like it t out here.e. >> stephen: it's pretty quietet. dodo you like e people? >> y yeah, i dodo. i likeke characteters. i wawant to hold a definiitive character r party someme day. you'u're invitited. ( laugughter ) you're a a characteter. >> stetephen: i'm honored.d. yeyeah. >> stephenen: you sayay you enenjoy -- i'v've read youou eny being aa chaharacteter actor. you ththink that's's bet that tn being g a leader m man? why? it seeeems like m more workk b e aa leading maman just gets a shw and can bebe himseself. a chcharacter actotor hasas to a characteter. > i've donene both. i lilike to do chaharactersrs. >> stephenen: is it the
12:04 am
characacter's intetention, whahe wants ouout of the s scene? >> i i just folollow thehe s sc. you jujust, you know - -- >> s stephen: but h how dodo you open up t the scrcript and h ho- because e anyone couould followe scriript. how were y you taught t to actuy apprproach the t truth of t that characteter in the script? >> i jujust follow w the scripe scene e to the nexext scene to e next scecene and jusust see whee ththat goes, you know.. >> stetephen: i h had a coconversationon recently witith anththony hopkinins about h howe apprproaches thehe characterer e saysys exactly the e same thing. i'll s say to you whahat i s sao hihim, you makake it souound v y easysy, but certrtainly thehereo be m more than following ththe script.. whatat is it youou are doingng n actotor to stand thosese words p ofoff the pagege? >> welell, i talk,k, you listet. you u talk, i listeten. jujust like wewe're doingng now. it boils d down -- ththat's thee beginnnning and t the end ofof , lilike right n now. you try y not to plalay the r r, but you u can p plan certaiin t,
12:05 am
hopefufully, and i if it doesest workrk, you knowow, an emotitiol thining, but i if it doeoesn't , ththen it doesesn't work.. but t if it worksks, it worksksu know. but ththere are didifferent wawu can gogo about getetting toto cn thingsgs, you know. >> stephen: you're first film famously is as boo r radley in o kill a mockikingbgbird." boo is simply the off-sccreen susubject of s so much off the . it actuallly s starts off,f, ths the summer we decide to get boo radley to come out, and you're not seen until the very end of the film. >> right. >> stephen: it's a distinctive moment. it's a very -- the per force is very halting, very tender at the same time. it's very innocent figure. but you don't say a single line. did you ever have a line? >> at the end, whenn t they're leading meme home, w we're goino take youou home, andnd i say
12:06 am
sosomething likike, wherere areu taking me?e? or w where. that was a all. but theyey cut the l line. >> s stephen: yyou say gus mccray, , your character from lonenesome dove, is your favorie personal character. what is it about him? >> i don't know. just the complex nature of his character, you know. he's -- he said how can we kill all the guys that were good guys to begin with? you know, he had a certain visionary in a certain way. we walked into the ward roam one day ofof loansome dove and said we're making the godfather of westernsns. i i was fortununate to be i in t fathther one andnd two and lonee dove. when i i talked t to marlon n b,
12:07 am
he'd never heard of lonesome dove. that's hard to believe. >> stephen: when you were doining the godfatther,r, did yu haveve the sensese you werere in someththing speciaial. > godfatherer one, defefinit. >> s stephen: dodo you rememembr whwhen? >> about a a third way througugi figugured this i is somethhing special.l. >> s stephen: i i know in ththew film, , 1 1 12 m mighty orphannh you play mason hawk is a finanae year f for the childldren's f fl teteam. >> masononic orphananage, yeah.. >> s stephen: ththe scene thatau playay in it is w with your o d friendnd martin sheenen. > yeah. >> stephphen: who, o of cocours, yoyou starred d in apopocalypsew wiwith in 1979. the scenee was improrovised.. >> i didn'n't have mucuch to d . rorooster mccoconaughey isis a d frfriend of mine, matththew's or brother. i said give me your daughter and we'll come in and we sat there and improvise. >> give me a program for the game. >> i will, for sure.
12:08 am
mr. hawk we're delighted you're making the first game. >> thanks, sir. we have a football team thanks to you. >> thanks for bringing in the coach and his wife. how is he doing? >> remarkable. you met juanita. he's a great teacher and coach. >> we finally got a team. , thanks to you, sir. >> thanks to you. okay. it's a true stotory, a lovelely story, tyy robilities dirirectet and d luke wilsonn iss e excells ththe coach. marty,y, you havenen't seen mary sheen n in a longg time. and it's's just a lovelely movie based onon f fact, a and i didit realize that all the founding faththers were m masons exceptt- >> stephenen: jeffersson? jefferson.n. he d didn't belilieve in secrec. he was the o only o one. >> s stephen: arare you a mason? no, i don't know much about them. >> stephen: do you believe in secrecy? >> y yeah, my owown. ( laugughter ) >> stephphen: i assume you have some secrets that you're not
12:09 am
willing to share with us today. >> i'm'm not goining to sharerem with you at anytime. ( laughter ) >> stephen: when we come back, robert duvall and i watch my favorite scene of his of all time from the movie network. stick around. ♪ people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached
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♪ snood hey, everybody! -- >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to part two of my rare interview with legendary actor robert duvall. what was it like doing the godfather?r? i asassume for m men of youour generaration, actotors of your generatition, brandodo, who is e geneneration befefore y y'all -- >> he was our godfather. >> stephenen: really? dudustin hoffmfman, m myself and gegene hackmanan, we getet i ina weweek in thatat drugsttore up e in new york inin the midtowwn, d if wee mentitionened brando o oe mementioned hihim 25 t times in. the first titime gene hahackmant brando w was by accccident a ane almost cried. >> stepheen: h he bumpeped intom and didndn't know w what to d dh ththe feelingsgs? >> yeah, y yeah. genene, yeah. >> stepheen: what wawas brandndo lilike? he's an enigmatic figure to the public like me. what was the working relationship like? >> the first time i worked with
12:15 am
him was on the chase, and we talked about the script, andnd e saidid, how youu doing, t this d thatat, this and t that. i i said, o oh, we'rere going ge buddies.s. for the nenext six weeks, you never eveven said ggooood morni. so thahat was hisis deal.l. you u know. but hehe was -- i metet a guy fm england, a a very topnottchch eh actor r and he saiaid he e wente strereet corner desirre and he d he w was embarrrassed d becausee thought aa stagehhanand wanderen the e stage accicidentallyly ant was branddo. it was soo naturural.l. he said hehe saw i it seven tim. >> stephenen: i was wondedering, somemebody who admirired hihim u cacame into your own devevelopmt as a an artist, he said somemetg along g the lineses that t actig isn'n't a properer p professiona man and itit's an empty andnd meaninglesess -- >> he's spspeaking foror himsel. >> s stephen: ii u understatand,
12:16 am
but t if i -- l like myy comedic heroroes, if somomeone saidid te bebeing a comemedian is not a y thing toto do, it would affecte emotionally y to hear t that. what was t that like t to h heat from, , if you didid hear it, fa herro like t that? >> welell, he saidid a lot of fs that camame out strangely. hehe had stranange aspectsts to. i i got a letetter from him down my living g room thahat i i vals muchch as my oscar. >> stetephen: werere there anyny directctors you woworked withh e of the g great direcectorors ine 20th cenentury as welell, were there didirectors yyou wish you could d have workeked with liken houstoton or stanlnley cooperer. >> i w was going t to do his lat movie,e, john housuston, and hee didied. bubut, n no, i tend not t to geg with too m many direcectors. >> stetephen: youu don't getet along g with them?m? > yeah. >> stephphen: what d does thatt mean?? how w does thatt practctically y out?t? >> g get out of f my way. >> stephen: becaususe they would be t telling youou how to do yor
12:17 am
job?b? > maybe orr implying t that,u know.. >> s stephen: liline readinngs. well, justst hoveringng, hovevering. >> stephphen: what s should a direrector do? >> s stand back k and s see. that's what c copela does, too e what y you doo andnd b bring. what youou bring, hehe'll use i. but cocopela was veryy gooood tt way, j just, you u know, standig baback and see whatat you do. thatat's why thehey hire y you,e what youou do. when actorors get togetether, ty say what was that d director li? he leftt me a alone. oh, terrifific. >> stepheen: you'vee done soo manyny incredible f films, as si said, the godfather, apocalypse now,w, mash, t the originnalal k burnrns. fofor me, i w wouldn't s say its necessssarily yourur greatest performancnce, i agreeee with te acadademy tenderer mercies is perhaps yoyour greateest peperformance,e, an increddibly beautifuful film, b but youour
12:18 am
perfrformance frfrank hacketettn networork is one t that leaps oo me. >> i havenen't seen that iin a g time.. >> s stephen: cacan i showw youa clipip from it, my favorite scee that youou ever didid. cacan we watchch it togetherer? >> okay. >> stetephen: okayay. so this isis the scenene, justto reremind the audience here, this is the scene afterer peter f fis character, howard behl,l, afterr howaward behl has becomome a hid hehe's clearlyly not welll and s living witith mackk schumacher o is billl holden's chararacter, d he's r run awaway s someplace ay don'n't know where.. and d you want h him to o find d behlhl because e you've gotot at your h honor handsds, and you've justst been madade head o of the networork. > right. >> stetephen: and d what i lovoe ababout the scene isis that yoe an incncredible inintensity. there arare enormous choicices g madede in this movie.. >> right.. >> s stephen: itit's a satiriren manyny levels. >> right.. >> s stephen: bubut there arareg
12:19 am
perfrformance choices being mad, and i just love to watch it with you and asask you u -- > who wrotete it. >> stephphen: patty -- good guy. >> stephen: let's a watch. let's say ( bleep ) you hackett. you want me out of here, you're going to have to drag me out kicking and screaming and the whole news division kicking and screaming with me. >> you think they'll quit your jobs for you, not in this recession. >> he'll have your ass. i got a hit. he was hoping i'd fall on my show with this behl show it's a big fat pit and i won't run with him. if he wants to take it up with the board let him. do you think he's stupid enough to go to the board and say i'm taking the one hit show off the air? november 14, i will be standing up a an yew you will meeting and announce the projected earnings for the network for the first time in ten years and mr. jennings will rock back and forth and say, that's very good
12:20 am
frank, keep it up. >> so i don't have any illusions about who's running the network, yoyou're fireded. i want you o out before noonn or i'llll have you thrown outut. > stephen: : that's thehe sc. you reremember shohooting thaha. >> y yeah. just so o -- i thinknk i did ok. you'u've got to o keep it wititn yourur temperarament. >> s stephen: whwhat do you m m? you, y your tempmperament, youou knknow, your s sense of whattev, youu k know, anger,, your vulnerabilility or whahatever, s got to b be youour temperamement withthout steppiping out off th, and then itt becomes s more like acacting, butt you try t to k kt wiwith, you knknow, fromm yououm your tempeperamament. you knonow, interpret it a a c n way. >> stetephen: i assumee t that l be particularly helpful in a film w where therere are b big g choices mamade. bubuzz bill hoholden and fayeye dunawaway are making h huge chos
12:21 am
in that scscene, too.. >> r right. >> stephphen: yet all o of it seems s believabable. is thahat what yoou mean byy keg wiwithin the tempeperament? >> yeah, k keeping wiwithin the- you know, , it can bee likeke wd yoyou come ovever herere, pleas? you knknow, it's stillll youou g it witithin your s set of emotis oror your temperarament or y yor pspsyche or whwhatever youou wao callll it, without t overactingu know, it's's got to bebe in touh with youour t temperamenent. >> stephphen: one ofof the thins i love a about thatt scenene, ie alwaysys loved thahat moment t n you say, y you're f fired, i wat you ouout of heree before noon r i'llll have youou throrown outu. the gestuture youu m make righte feels likeke you're pickinng uup william h holden andd throwowinm out of thehe room, andnd thatata pupure undersstatandable visiscl intentntion i'm fefeeling fromot chcharacter. >> i r remember ththe p producee intoto my dressising room and ty someththing and i i didn't t lie guy. i saidid, will youou turn around walk t the ( bleeeep ) out o s room, thatat's what ii said to e
12:22 am
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>> you don't have to read, you don't have to know anything to see the truth that's happening every single day at the southern border. >> that's right. you don't need to learn anything. just use your imagination. i imagine the southern border has millions of immigrants pouring over it in a big frothy wave and they're all wearing happy little suicide vests. >> stay tuned for more, the joy of having no idea what the ( bleep ) you're talking abou. make the most of summer fun with savings on outdoor furniture... outdoor games... and all the essentials to grill up everyone's favorites. shop right now and take an extra 20% off! kohl's good morning more trereatment? wewe're going g to try somomeg didifferent totoday. hi! ! awwww, so o pretty. dogs bringng out the g good i.
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12:30 am
what did you think your career was goining to be? yoyou've got this s storied car. in my l lifetime, alwaways lisid with thehe great actctors of h s generation, what did you imagini supposose? > when i s started out? > stephen: : yeah. i i didn't knonow. i jujust wanted d to work, i i , yoyou know. i went to o that summerr theate, anand ula, gene hackman. but i did start out on the stage and if i had to go bacack, i prprobably couould do it i in a limited way, i guguess. >> stephenen: you livived witith hackckman for a a while, dididn? >> no. he liveded downtown.n. >> stetephen: okayay. dustin hoffmfman. we liveded uptownn with m marien whwho was a cananter, and both y brothers were singers. we had a place updown wiwith dustinin. > stephen: : what was h he le as a a roommate, messy? >> very, but funny. >> stephen: what do you remember most fondly of those
12:31 am
days of hanging around with gene hackman and dustin hoffman. >> lot of laughs. >> stephen: yeah? lot of laughs. >> stephphen: you guys would hang out? >> y yeah. i knew gene f first. hehe lived dowowntown with hisst wife.. he s said this guy's's c coming, dustin, , so he came baback. wewe would tritoto pick u up g d dudusty stilll laughs about thhe stupidest t line i evever s saw. we jusust put downn new lininoln our apartmtment and i i said toe girlrl, come up p to the apapart and s see the e new linoleum. and dudusty stillll laughs about that. >> stetephen: thatat is a faiaiy awkward pickup l line. >> oh, the wororst. >> s stephen: c cli c clint eass onlyly a year olderer than youo. did d you work w with clintnt? > i worked d with himm on one movivie. he's d done somee gooood stufff. >> stephenen: both you and cllit eastwoodod representnt a sololid 20th century american man.
12:32 am
there'e's a solid tito your perfrformances.. >> c could be. >> stetephen: do y you thinkk yu could take clint eastwood in a fight? >> i might. >> stehen: you know i'm going to ask clint. >> i have a friend from scotland. he's 65 now. he has black belt inn judo,o, si could go to him before. > stephen: : clint, soundndse duduval is prereparing foor thi. i just h heard him sayay he c cd take you. so i w wouldn't let that stand. >> it woululd be a gooood match, maybe. >> stephphen: what r role did yr training p play in youour o own particulular style?? i knowow you s studied with s sd mizener. >> yeah. >> stetephen: thrhrough your career, did you keep up with the exercises and the tools that he gave you? >> n not so muchch. >> stephenen: no? therere's one totool he usedd after i left, the r repeat exercise.. >> s stephen: ththe repeatt exercisese? >> y yeah, when n i was thereree
12:33 am
never r did that.. so when n i directted, , i u ust sometitimes. >> stephenen: i studieied the mizener r technique e and i did those, whehen i was a a youngngr i did ththe repeattining exercr. whatat do you ththink the i intf it is?s? i hadd troububle gegetting anytg from it. >> well, t to take yoou u off of yourself and put you on to the other guy. to get frorom the otherer g guyt you wawant to get witithout precononceiving oror setting a a reresult. > stephen:n: so it't's honest reaction to what you're perceiving in the other person in that moment? >> right, yeah. i did that in a couple of movies just, yoyou knoww, with kids, especially with young people. >> stephen: would you do one with me right now? >> yeah, what are you looking at? >> stephen: what are you looking at? >> i'm looking at you. >> stephen: you're looking at me? >> yeah. why are you looking at me. >> stephen: why are you looking at me? >> well, why are you looking at
12:34 am
me? >> stephenen: why are e you lookoking at me.e. > no, why a are you lookinngt meme? > stephen:n: hi are yoyou log at me? >> because i ( bleep ) want t. >> stephen: i think you got it. ( applause ) thank you, robert duvall! "12 mighty orphans" is in thea rs now. we'll be
12:35 am
12:36 am
( cheers and applause )
12:37 am
♪ ♪ >> stephen: that's it for the late show. james corden is next, goodnight. >> stephen: this little lonely guy needs to go over here. needs to go on the other side. i'm done. he wasn't so lonely 15 months ago. now he's all lonely over here. that is sad, that guy. seriously. make friends. make new friends over here. >> (indiscernible). >> stephen: no, generally losing my captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioningns


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