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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 18, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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neighborhoods on alert after this mountain lion was spotted roaming around a bay area city. i think it is important to know who is and who isn't. >> 70 shots fired at a bus full of people celebrating the 21st birthday in oakland. within the past two hours, we learned one of the people who was killed was just 16 years old. >> the bus was going. her car happened to get shot.
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not shot at. whoever was shooting just was shooting. right now streaming on cbs5 people are on alert. the big cat was caught on a ring doorbell camera very early this morning in portola. witnesses reported seeing a mountain lion a short time later. animal: control says it is wearing a tracking collar that confirmed the big cat was in san francisco today last active around 3 am. people living in those areas are being asked to keep an eye out for the animal. where did the mountain lion come from in the first place? we will have much more on this story within the next 14 days,
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they will have to truck who among them have been vaccinated and who does say it goes against state privacy and right and some business leaders say companies can let him playing, and you are going to increase the impact on speech rights. vaccination is tomorrow bay area counties have joined the
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yellow club. this is city can also. the gunmen ambushed a party bus. those on board with celebrating here. i believe there is more than one shooter. police estimate >>. she has things to get shot .
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cannot believe that you all, please stop shooting. i'm scared for my life, okay. please put down the guns. oakland pd is doing in for the search of the suspect or suspects it's so so is six.
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watch right now a today was for i was you counting just 38 as it is today counties water district and conditions is these are some of his right onto the governor's help we will
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cut down a 20% reduction last year and is a search is a new plan to do this we see is discussing. so do so because is was very wise so switch so is not not want street is not sitting as is getting you and
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you and is is you you section and is is is is is you and the area the three stanford having a plan to as well, is a big party
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for santa clara university after winning the national chevy should. plus, planning on going on a trip this summer, what you need to know about the risk of covid variance, even if you are vaccinated. pretty nice weather for this evening looking at the pacific with still over an hour ago until the stunned -- sun goes down with the flag waving in the wind, which will be even stronger tomorrow. we will talk about the wind advisory coming up in the forecast. let's give a shout out to some of our bay area grads. this is connor. connor will be going to college in the fall with a goal of studying medicine. you can send your grads photo to 2021 grads at no professional photos, please.
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it is a big sign that the 80s are serious about exploring a potential move out of oakland. yeah, guy has confirmed to kpix5 for a possible relocation . >> days could move to major league baseball. other cities include portland, nashville, charlotte, vancouver, and montrc failed to keep the expos in
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town. i reached out to the bay is mayor sunday. for two years, now at least they are in the ballgame. >> they've got a will windows is closed now and presumably the a's have it. >> thinks, where the university have gotten a lot, we talked to
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some former athletes today about the sudden chahange. connect i don't fault the university stanford says there is optimism that raising the funds necessary here is a live look outside in the beautiful city of san francisco, actually it is no fog right now >> we had a little bit of the darker with that drops in from
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the north. as we head towards noon, the stronger wind gust is going to make their way farther and farther inland on the coast, 30 if you have any outdoor plans with some work he needs to the
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wind advisory goes until 5:00. everyone else is in the wind advisory that goes into effect 5:00 wednesday and continues until 5 am thursday morning. very dry fire dangers in the scale only goes up to temperature is only 56 degrees downtown.
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we are into the upper 30s -- upper 40s with high temperatures 3 to 6 degrees below average for the middle of may. low to mid 60s for the east bay and upper 60s in the santa clara valley. it is starting to kick in friday and saturday and noticeable sunday, monday, and tuesday. i will have another update coming up at 11:00. that sounds good. thank you, paul. president biden is encouraging top israeli officials to wind down their attacks on gaza. israel has reported at least
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12 deaths. firefighters battled a massive blaze after an israeli airstrike. more than 3000 rockets have been fired into israel. congress has passed a bill aimed at fighting hate crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders. it would expedite federal reviews and provide grants to local law enforcement. the bill now heads to president biden's desk who has said he will sign it. together, these actions will make a significant difference in how we address hate crimes not only during the pandemic but for years to come. starting tomorrow, riders will only have estate 3 feet and set of 6 feet apart.
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all right, elizabeth, thank you. coming up, looking to book a vacation. the experts weigh in on what you can do to keep your family safe while traveling this summer. and the big hero's welcome home for the national champs, santa clara university women's soccer team
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a live look at sfo. new travel guidelines from the cdc warn americans about traveling internationally. doctors state even fully vaccinated people can still get and spread new variances. one infectious disease expert disagrees with that. >> if you are vaccinated, i am not worried about the variance. you are protected by a vaccine, and anyone who is with you who is not vaccinated yet is protected by the low case rates in that region. school of in contra costa county are being transformed into vaccination clinics. this was the scene at concorde high school today. everyone 12 and older can head
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there to get their shot. the clinics will rotate through other schools. now at seven, a popular food festival underway right now in alameda county. food lovers getting a taste of more than a dozen local restaurants in oakland. it runs for the next hour and a half. it is a chance businesses can draw in more customers. , the national champs
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the national champs are back. the santa clara i university women's soccer team landed back in the area about four drops -- four hours ago. >> they landed in san jose greeted on campus with a big
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celebration. >> all of that athletes here have all been through a lot. we know what the bubble situation has been like. >> nothing better than paying it off with the national championship. >> bronco women defeated top- seeded florida state in overtime yesterday. the broncos one in a penalty kick shootout 4-1. santa clara's first national title in 20 years. think you for watching. we will be back here at 11:00. have a great night.
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