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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 29, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it's thursday, april 29th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." >> i can report to the nation america is on the move again. [ applause ] >> biden's big night. the president gives his first address to a joint session of congress. the key takeaways and the gop response. search warrants executed. whderal investigators lph ul a e outpacing demand. whone mar tylone cld hoands o whone mar tylone cld hoands o covid vaccine doses today. captioning funded by cbs good morning. good to be with you.
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i'm anne-marie green. president biden marks 100 days in office today. he'll head to georgia where he will meet with former president jimmy carter and headline a drive-in rally to push his american families plan. last night he unveiled a $1.8 trillion proposal during his first address to a joint session of congress. he also spoke about the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, police reform, and the nation's infrastructure. a cbs news/ugov poll finds 85% of americans approved of mr. biden's speech. it is important to note, though, just like in the past, those who watched are most likely to be from the president's own political party. laura podesta is in new york. laura, it was certainly an important night for the president. >> reporter: it was. good morning, anne-marie. it was his opportunity to instill confidence and to lay out his plan for the next four years. and it's an ambitious plan. here are the highlights from last night's address -- [ applause ] painting a picture of a nation on the rise, president biden
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said america is coming out of the coronavirus pandemic stronger than before. >> america is on the move again. >> reporter: at his first address to a joint session of congress, the president unveiled his american families plan. a $1.8 trillion proposal that expands education and family care. >> no one should have to choose between a job and a paycheck or taking care of themselves and their loved ones or parent or spouse or child. >> reporter: he also pushed his american jobs plan. >> the blue collar blueprint -- >> reporter: which includes building the country's infrastructure. >> jobs, modernizing our roads, bridges, highways. >> reporter: hdefended the sse nsover plmangess th for mbs and $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to just begin to pay
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their fair share. >> reporter: during the speech, the president urged congress to act on police reform. >> let's get it done next month, by the first anniversary of george floyd's death. >> reporter: and voting rights. >> congress should pass hr 1 and the john lewis voting rights act and send it to my desk. >> reporter: tim scott who delivered the republican response said the president is reaching not across the aisle. >> the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further apart. >> reporter: one moment of partisanship came when president biden called for a new health agency to fight diseases like alzheimer's, cancer, and diabetes. president biden will be meeting with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in the coming weeks. as you mentioned earlier, he heads to georgia today to kick off his getting america back on track tour. >> all right, laura podesta in new york. thank you so much. ahead on "cbs this morning,"
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we'll get reaction on president biden's speech with republican senator rick scott and democratic house speaker nancy pelosi. there are major developments involving rudolph giuliani, the personal attorney of former president trump. federal investigators executed search warrants at his residence and office yesterday, taking electronics and other items. as nancy chen reports, giuliani has been under investigation over his business dealings in ukraine. >> reporter: in a surprise early morning raid at rudy giuliani's home and office, federal agents seized computers and cell phones. authorities are looking into whether giuliani helped ukrainian officials garner favors from president trump in exchange for dirt on democratic rival biden and his son hunter. >> we're seeing evidence of rrt. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan and the fbi had tried to serve a search wart last year but were met with
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resistance from justice department officials appointed by president trump. at the time, giuliani was helping lead president trump's re-election efforts. the warrants are evidence that the case against giuliani is heating up. investigators persuaded a judge that there's cause to believe a search of giuliani's property will turn up evidence of a crime. >> my guess is that the prosecutors were somewhat suspicious, that there's something that he hasn't been turning over voluntarily and that they tried to get it this way in a surprise way so that he was unable to manipulate and turn over just the documents that he wanted to turn over. >> reporter: giuliani's son called the raids disgusting and absolutely absurd. >> if this can happen to the former president's lawyer, this can happen to any american. >> reporter: through his lawyer, giuliani accused federal authorities of a corrupt double standard. nancy chen, cbs news, new york. protesters in elizabeth city, north carolina, hit the streets overnight after a judge ruled body camera footage in the deadly shooting of andrew brown
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jr. will not be publicly released because it could jeopardize the investigation. demonstrators defied an 8:00 curfew set by officials this week. several people were arrested. yesterday a state prosecutor said the footage shows brown hitting law enforcement deputies with his car before they opened fire. >> movement of the car is forward, it is in the direction of law enforcement and makes contact with law enforcement. it is then and only then that you hear shots. >> i heard statements being made where he might have hit the deputies. he might have did that. show us the video. . coming up, a discovery from the ice age. that and more coming up. bounty, skin and nails gummies.
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the u.s. is sending $100 million worth of much-needed aid to india which has become the epicenter of the coronavirus. india just set another global record with 375,000 cases in a single day. it also reported more than 3,600 deaths in last 24 hours. experts believe the actual numbers are higher, but it's unclear just by how much. troops packed supplies at travis air force base in california yesterday.
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the white house said oxygen cylinders will be delivered along with n95 masks and rapid diagnostic test. the u.s. is also sending manufacturing supplies so india can make more than 20 million astrazeneca shots. meantime, roughly 4,000 covid vaccine doses could expire in philadelphia if they're not administered by the end of today. fema officials are running a vaccination site in the city's convention center, and they're concerned the supplies are outpacing demand. >> city has a lot of vaccines in cold storage that do have to get used in a very short time. we encourage everyone to get your vaccines. lot of opportunities for walkups. >> for the first time in more than a month, the u.s. is averaging less than 2.5 million vaccinations per day. vaccinations are down nearly 25% after peaking on april 11th. in california, disneyland's sleeping beauty castle will be lit up again or was lit up again
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ahead of the park's long-awaited reopening tomorrow. the happiest place on earth will welcome guests for the first time since it was shut down by the pandemic more than a year ago. most of the rides and attractions are expected to be open. crowds will be kept to 25% capacity, though. employees and guests 2 years and older will have to wear masks. there was an ice age discovery in a homeowner's back yard, and federal charges were announced in the killing of ahmaud arbery. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the atlanta journal constitution" reports a federal grand jury in georgia indicted three white men on hate crimes charges in the killing of ahmaud arbery. gregory mcmichael, his son travis, and william roddy bryan were charged with attempting to kidnap the 25-year-old black man in february of last year. arbery was chased and shot and killed as he was jogging through a neighborhood just outside of brunswick. the three men also face state murder charges.
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the "las vegas review journal" says an animal skeleton found dating back thousands of years was found in the back yard of a home. workers digging an in-ground pool unearthed the remains five feet below the ground. the bones from a horse or similar mammal between 6,000 to 14,000 years old. they date back to the earth's most recent ice age. >> we had joked friday while they had started digging that, great, maybe they can find a dinosaur and it will pay for our pool. obviously when they told us they found some fossils that was a shock to us. >> scientists say that the area where the bones were found was covered in springs during the ice age and served as a watering hole for wildlife. and "the new york times" says michael collins, who piloted the apollo 11 spacecraft while neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon, has died. collins died of cancer yesterday
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in naples, florida. he orbited above the moon alone as the two other astronauts took the historic first steps on the lunar surface in 1969. collins later became the director of the national air and space museum in washington. michael collins was 90 years old. still ahead, actor elliott page opens up. page sat down with oprah winfrey in his first on-camera interview since coming out as transgender. . i embrace getting older. i'm so much more confident now. but i don't love that as i age, i could develop gum issues. new colgate renewal reverses early gum damage, for a beautiful, revitalized smile. i can't wait to see what comes next! reverse early gum damage with new colgate renewal. (vo) pro plan liveclear, a breakthrough 10 years in the making that reduces allergens in cat hair and dander. outstanding nutrition with the power to change lives. this is purina pro plan liveclear. lately, it's been hard to think about the future.
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check out this daring office space, if you want to call it that. these men are dangling on a cliff over the irish sea. jason give inhas a taste for adventure, obviously, and says it was the perfect spot to put remote working technology to the test. on the cbs "money watch," a ban on menthol cigarettes is expected to be announced, and taco bell is giving away free tacos. diane king hall is in new york with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this morning the labor department is due out with its report on new weekly jobless claims. meantime, stock futures are indicating a higher open after a drop on wall street. the dow fell 164 points. the nasdaq lost 39, and the s&p 500 shed three. president biden is expected to propose a ban on menthol-flavored cigarettes as early as today. the administration is facing a deadline to respond to a lawsuit demanding the fda take action on a 2013 citizen petition seeking a ban on menthol cigarettes.
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civil rights groups say black americans have been disproportionately harmed by menthol cigarettes. mr. biden's proposal would not immediately ban menthol flavors but would instead launch a rulemaking process. toyota is adding to its payroll. yesterday the automaker announced an $803 million investment to add two electrified vehicles to its production line. the move would add 1,400 new jobs at its indiana manufacturing plant. the new suvs that will be produced there include models for toyota and lexus with the vehicles featuring a semiautomated driving system. and the stars are aligning for taco lovers. taco bell is giving out free crunchy tacos in may 4th in anticipation of a lunar face they're calling it a taco moon. the moon will closely resemble a taco. it will mark the most tacos the company has ever given away on a single day. customers can get their free grub in stores that day or through the app. anne-marie?
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actor elliott page sat down for his first on-camera interview since coming out as transgender last december. the oscar nominee spoke with oprah winfrey for her show "the oprah conversation." page got emotional when winfrey asked which part of the transition has brought him the most joy. >> it's being able to touch my chest and -- feel comfortable in my body for the -- probably the first time. >> page's interview with winfrey premieres tomorrow on apple tv-plus. phillies star bryce harper says he feels good after getting hit in the face by a 93 mile-per-hour pitch. take a look.
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>> the rookie year with a -- oh, man. oh man, hit him right in the face. >> harper was hit last night by a fastball thrown by st. louis cardinals pitcher. the 2015 national league mvp suffered a cut on his nose. harper says he got a ct scan and other tests, and everything came back good. and a couple of wayward animals caused some problems in separate incidents on houston highways. a cow was spotted roaming in and out of traffic during morning hour yesterday after it got loose from a pasture. the highway was shut down for a while as the cow was corralled. there was also a car accident, but authorities said it was unrelated to the cow. then hours later, an alligator snarled traffic on a houston bridge. police used rope and duct tape to capture the eight-foot-long gator. it was loaded on to a pickup truck and moved and then set free.
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our top stories t our top stories this morning, president biden unveiled a $1.8 trillion proposal during his first address to congress last night. it includes expanding educational opportunities and childcare for families. he also renewed calls for immigration changes, gun control, and police reform. and a north carolina judge ruled body camera footage in the shooting of andrew brown jr. will not be publicly released because it could jeopardize the investigation. ith s car shs br. before they opened fire killing him last week. attorneys for the brown family said he was compliant in the clip that they were shown. the supreme court is taking up a case with important free
4:26 am
speech implications. at issue -- can a public school punish a student for what she said off campus on social media? here's jan crawford. >> reporter: when high school student brandi levy found out she didn't make the varsity cheer squad he reacted -- >> me and my friend posted a snapchat on my story. it said f cheer, f everything. i was upset at a lot of things. >> reporter: the snapchat hosted over a weekend only went to her friends, but someone shared a screen shot with the cheer coach who promptly suspended brandi for a year from the junior squad. >> i put no one's name. >> reporter: brandi and her parents sued. in nearly two hours of arguments, supreme court justices clearly were sympathetic. justice brett kavanaugh. >> she blew off steams like millions do when they're disappointed about being cut
4:27 am
from the team. >> reporter: the justices struggled with how to apply old first amendment cases focused on speech at school to today's student expression on line where kids also use social media for political views. justice sam alito -- >> i'm quite concerned about the effect of this on freedom of speech. i think we need clear lines. >> reporter: brandi says a ruling for the school district could have big consequences. >> i feel like kids wouldn't be able to express how they feel. and i feel like they're going to think that they have a certain like limitation on what they can and can't say outside of school. >> reporter: now the justices also were concerned about how the ruling might affect the separate issue of online bullying which, of course, is a real problem. but brandi's lawyer told the justices that under the first amendment schools can still crack down on severe harassment or threats, whether on the school yard or on the internet. jan crawford, cbs news, the supreme court. coming up only on "cbs this
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morning," reaction to president biden's address to congress. we'll hear from florida republican senator rick scott and later house speaker nancy pelosi. plus, a cbs news investigation into drug use and criminal activity within the rinks of the elite navy s.e.a.l.s. catherine herridge has details. and rapper lathon warwick talks about collaborating with tyler hubbard of florida georgia line. thanks a lot for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪ ♪
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