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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  April 28, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now on kpix5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area we are looking live from our treasure island camera out at the city of san francisco. the lights of the sales force tower. we also have another light outside. look at that. almost a full moon. looking at it i would have thought it was a full moon but it's light. >> the expert. got us together. >> i believe anything she says. good morning. it's wednesday, april 28th. >> good morning to you on this wednesday. our expert and such a smart woman, mary lee with the forecast this morning. >> love you guys. yeah. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. of course yesterday we had the full moon. that super pink moon. it still looks beautiful as we start off the day. the moonshining brightly. the temperatures are running in the 40's and 50's as we start off the day. it's a chilly start. not quite as cold as yesterday.
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as we head through the afternoon check out the daytime highs. we are talking close to 70 degrees in san francisco. oakland at 74, looking at 80 degrees in san jose and concord topping out in the mid- 80s's. we are well above average for this time of year. anywhere from five to 12 degrees above average. just to show you on future cast, all of that sunshine as we head through our afternoon. let's check in with gianna. hey. good morning. you know not too bad. i just checked and chp cleared a crash westbound 580 at that 2o 5 connector. things doing okay in the pass. just a little bit of slowing as you connect from 205 and then a few brake lights. other than that it's a good time to be on the road yare up rly. idgetollplazwithno intos. the rest of the bridges are pretty quiet. live look at the san mateo bridge. give yourself 12 minutes. that's your travel time westbound between 880 toward
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101, westbound being the commute direction. things pretty quiet there. no delays on the golden gate. the live news desk. monitoring the search for whoever is responsible for hitting a person in the back with an arrow yesterday. it happened in the afternoon in san jose. here is a map of the area where the attack happened. this was on sierra grand way at south capitol avenue at about 2:30 a valley transportation authority employee was walking in a residential neighborhood when he was hit in the back with an arrow by an unknown attacker. that person was taken to the hospital and we are not sure of that person's condition. here is a picture of the arrow involved that was apparently -- just shot at this employee. we don't know obviously the motive in this case. sheriff's officers looking for
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any clues right now. they have a tip line set up. i will have all that information for you on my twitter page. back to you. right now the largest bay area county is asking it's residents to start conserving water. >> this is before it's too declare a drought. last night santa clara boers reported ground water levels are okay because residents have saved water for the last few years but to keep it that way they plan to buy water from outside the county and dip into its storage bank. they also voted to ask residents to conserve 25% of their normal use. >> there are programs for everybody. who is paying that water bill should feel the desire to reduce their water use and we have a program to help them. >> board members voted to pay homeowner itself dollars instead of one to replace their lawns with
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drought tolerant drought landscaping. east bay mud is asking its customers to use by 10% starting saturday. the north bay, sonoma county's reservoirs are the lowest they have been since they were built. supervisors declared a county wide drought emergency. we are tracking conditions and restrictions around the bay area on the website. go to for the latest. new rules for people who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus. the cdc said you can ditch a mask outside. you can eat, drink and walk around maskless if you are outside, alone, with small groups groups or with members of your house. the state of california would also adopt the policy. a professor said a move like this will inspire the
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vaccine hesitant to get their dose. >> when people see the mask mandates get pulled ofreally mo people on the fence to say i will get vaccinated. >> masks will still be required in large public settings. clinics are taking walk ins for a coronavirus vaccine for anyone who is 16 and older who lives or works in the county. 13 sites across the county will be putting aside 500 doses for walk ins. here say look at one of those clinics at a baptist church in san jose. for now the walk in vaccines will last through this sunday but could be extended depending on how things go. for details on getting your vaccine in the bay area you can download the app. we will have that code for you again in just a few minutes as we go to break. going live to the white
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house right now. today is the president's 100th day in office. tonight he will address congress for the first time. it'll be different than past presidential speeches due to the pandemic. laura podesta has the preview. >> the president delivers his first address to a joint session of congress tonight. among the priorities the 46th president is expected to highlight free preschool for 3 and 4-year-old's. the white house said the investment will pave the way for the best educated generation in united states history. >> he will use the speech as an opportunity to talk about many of his other priorities, including police reform, immigration, gun safety. >> the president will likely urge americans to keep up the fight against coronavirus with a focus on july 4th. >> this is our target date to get life closer to normal. it'll begin to celebrate our independence from the virus. >> a political analyst said he has made inroads during his first 100 days in
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office. >> it is important and significant that president biden has been able to get support among independents and even a slimmer of republicans. >> he credits the president a political style. >> he doesn't seem to have any need to be center stage. >> he is a likable man. he is a modest man. >> key policy differences are likely to keep the two sides apart on major legislation. >> he believe that we are one tax increase away from prosperity. >> south carolina senator tim scott will give the gop response following the president's speech. laura podesta. for the first time two women will be behind the president when he gives his speech. we are finally getting a look at an arrest that the family of an east bay man
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said ended in his murder. alameda police released body camera footage yesterday of the arrest and last moments of mario gonzalez and we want to warn you the video is graphic. >> hey, bud. how is it going coming to check on you and make sure your okay. someone called and said you were maybe not feeling great. >> alameda police got two calls last week saying a man was acting strangely in a park. they speak with him for about ten minutes, trying to get more information from him. then officers moved in to restrain him, trying to put his hands behind his back. he resisted for several minutes before officers take him to the ground. police then noticed something is not quite right, asking if he had a pulse. gonzalez later died at the hospital. his family said they watched police murder mario and are demanding justice. >> they no have the right to
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kill him. we human. we not [inaudible]. >> alameda police, interim police chief said the body camera footage only shows part of the story and the department is waiting on the results of the autopsy. in a statement the city said it has launched three investigations, two criminal and one independented adding it's committed to being transparent in the aftermath of the death. across the united states police and protestors clashed in north carolina last night. several demonstrators have been arrested for violating curfew. they are calling attention to the deadly shooting of andrew brown jr. it happened last wednesday. they were out past 8:00 p.m. in elizabeth city. deputies say that brown was shot during a search warrant related to felony drug charges. the autopsy revealed brown was shot five times, including when he was turned away from officers.
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california lawmakers advancing a plan to make sure problem officers don't bounce around from department to department. last night the senate passed a bill to create a process to strip the badge from officers involved in serious crimes or misconduct. the bill would make it easier to sue officers for excessive force. time now is 4:41. rent prices on the rise. >> coming up, say good-bye to pandemic pricing as restrictions let up bay area rents are on their way back up. and we want to take another look outside from our treasure island camera out at san francisco. see the top of the sales force tower >> i do. >> i thought those were birds. >> what are they >> our director said turkeys. >> i think he is a jive turkey for telling you that. >> 4:41. we will be right back.
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. big revenue growth for a couple of tech giants and give away to thank health care workers. diane king hall with the latest business stories in today's money watch. stocks were mixed on tuesday. the dow added three points, the nasdaq fell 48 and the s&p500 was down a fraction
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of a point. two big tech giants saw big revenue growth. both google and microsoft reported better than expected numbers. profit rose to almost $18 billion for google. big gains in youtube viewer ship helped its bottom line. apple and facebook report later today. the deadline for americans to get the more secure real id needed to board flights has been delayed. the department of homeland security extended the deadline from october 1st until may 3rd of 2023. dhs blamed the pandemic for making it harder for states to issue compliant licenses. only 43% of americans have the is giving away burritos to health care workers as a thank you. medical professionals can sign up to receive them on thursday.
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the chain is also launching a gift card program where it'll match 10% ofpurcses for to cbs money at the cbs broadcast center, i'm diane king hall. we knew the day would come. it's still lower than before the pandemic, bay area rent prices slowly creeping back up. new numbers from apartment list show they increased for the third straight month. dublin is the most expensive with a one bedroom around most expensive. berkeley is pledging to build new affordable housing. they will set aside $53 million, making the largest investment in the city's history. the project will be built on the ashby and north berkeley bart station parking
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lot. let's get a check of the weather with mary on this wednesday morning. >> good morning. we will turn up the temperatures through the afternoon. warmer compared to yesterday. you are going to feel that warmer weather, especially inland into the 80's later on today. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera. you can see the transamerica pyramid. we will starting off with clear skies and temperatures in the 40's and 50's. not quite as chilly as yesterday morning but still grab that jacket if you are going out the door, looking at 52 in concord right now. looking at oakland at 53. 47 in livermore. san francisco 51, san jose 50 r ase go thh we are looking at those daytime highs with that sunshine. well above average for this time of year. we are looking at close to 70 degrees. oakland at 74, 80 in san jose
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and mid-80s's for concord. anywhere from five to 12 degrees above average for this time of year. one of the warmest days of the week coming our way this afternoon. off shore winds are helping those temperatures to rise even more as we head through the day today. as we look to tomorrow we will start to see a bit of on shore flow, that on shore breeze returning, especially along the coast. a little bit cooler at least along the coast and around the bay tomorrow. in the meantime as we take you hour by hour as we head through our afternoon, you can see all of that sun for today as we look to tomorrow. some clouds at least along the coast and more cloud cover as we head through the rest of your thursday. see more high clouds moving in. with we need the rain. we are talking about dry conditions over the next several days and a rainfall verses average just about 37 to 40% of average for the water year. its been a very dry winter and
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spring for us. as we look to our drought monitor the bay area under a severe to extreme drought. this is a big concern as we head into wildfire season. our sunrise at 6:17 and our sunset at 7:57. checking daytime highs for the south bay. warming up to the low 80's. 81santa clara. 81 san jose. 82 morgan hill. the east bay, mid-80s's. concord, pleasant hill at 86 for antioch and brentwood. low to mid-80s's at the tri valley. around the bay from mid-60s's in daley city. mid-70s in alameda and upper 70's to low 80's for the north bay. here is the extended forecast and you can see temperatures are going to be a bit cooler, at least around the bay and along the coast. still warping up inland tomorrow. mild as we head through friday, slightly cooler friday though and into the weekend. all right. chess all right. let's check in with traffic.
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we have road work at full roadway completely shut down. this untiat least five this morning. this is ongoing road work. this will be in effect overnight until friday. if you do travel in the overnight hours, make sure you are aware of this closure on 84 and again causing a bit of a brake lights as you approach the scene because of that detour that's in place. taking a look at traffic. 580 westbound. we have brake lights. it's a slow ride out of tracy as you work onto 580. looks okay past north flynn with no delays approaching the in. it's a quiet utouof san jose. clnggoing through there. along the peninsula, no brake lights or issues. 280 clear. your travel times in the green. that's great news. westbound 580. 205 toward 680. 31 minutes. east shore only 14 minutes
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highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 all clear as well as 101. that travel time 36 minutes from san jose over toward sfo. live look at the bay bridge. so far so good. no metering lights. easy ride into san francisco and we are off to a great start on the bridge. coming up in sports, why steve kerr is calling himself out after last night's game. and could the giants get out of their own way against the rockies last night we are on deck. and here is a like look outside from the sales force tower looking south. it's jack, toss me the frisbee. i can do you one better... with cheddar. everything's better with cheddar. like my new cheddar biscuit breakfast sandwiches with cheddar baked right in. only at jack in the box.
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. good wednesday morning to you. so glad we are almost through the rest of the week here. looking at 4:52 and we will warm things up. even warmer compared to yesterday. in fact one of the warmest days of the week. low 80's in santa clara, san jose, also for morgan hill. the east bay mid-80s's. concord, antioch and brentwood. the tri valley. close to 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. 66daley city. mid-70s alameda and for oakland. upper 70's to low to mid-80s's for the north bay. good morning everybody. if the warriors want to avoid playing the nba's new play in tournament they will have to catch dallas. last night a stampede by the mavericks. steve kerr not a happy camper. hard to blame him. warriors turned the ball over
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half. seth lost the handle. tim hardway jr. part of a 28-0 dallas run. the warriors couldn't throw it in the ocean. shot just 20% of the first half. went scoreless through over nine minutes. kerr looked up and saw a grand total of 29 points in the first half. luca was questioning the play shots. all kinds 39 points for him. dallas led by 43 at one point. they won 133-103. the ball through 31 and 31. >> i did not have them ready to play. clearly, biggest game of the year and we interest it was over before it started. they came out like a -- it was a playoff game and we came out like it was an exh ib
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ition game. very disappointing. >> nothing close to 4th quarter come back for the warriors. the giants -- a little 9th inning magic last night. he missed the stopsign and collided with another player. rockies score on a collision force of their own for the first win of the season. derek gone off mcgee. 4-3 colorado. 9th inning. back come the giants. crawford, you can tell it good- bye. game tied. we go to extra. power hour continues. put one into the new bullpen which used to be bond's country. two run shot. a's taking on the al champs. brett phillips was one of the ray's postseason heroes and he picked a great time for his first home run of the season. two run shot. very strange play in the 7th.
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seth brown slices one to left. it landed fair but brown had no idea. check out how long he stands at the plate before running. that's a single. brown never came around to score. movement 8th inning. tying run on. ramone thought he got it. thought he got it but that is warning track power for laser. braves win 4-3. one of those rare nights where the a's and giants are in the column. that's the latest in sports. see you tonight. . mass vaccine sites closes down. >> next, why county leaders say the shut down will help them focus better on harder hit communities. . and drought restrictions are coming to the east bay. it could be the first of many this summer. we have a live report coming up. and a live look outside
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before we head to break from our mark hopkins camera, this time pointed east on this
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. right now, start now before it gets worse. the urgent call to cut water use in theeast bay. >> fully vaccinated residents can head outside without a mask. why experts hope it'll inspire the hesitant to get their shots. and the new effort to support victims of hate . . temperatures on the rise
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this afternoon. in fact one of the warmest days of the week as we look to a strong sure. a veat and the transamerica pyramid. a chilly start. grab the jacket first thing this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. still looking at those chilly conditions with clear skies as we head through the afternoon. check it out. 62 in pacifica. close to 70 degrees in san francisco. 74 in oakland. our inhand locations low to mid- 80s's. 87 degrees in fairfield. to show you all of that sunshine as we go through the day today. let's get a bridge anna > u gettg out the ly this moing anmaking that ride out of marin to san francisco on the golden gate it's looking good. live look and you can see traffic is not too bad. pretty much not there. the road work north of there has been clear and they


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