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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 27, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> i hope we are not close to 1976. >> reporter: board members evoke the driest year on record and declared a stage 1 drought for the east bay municipal utility board of directors. the district will start purchasing additional water via the dry year rights on the sacramento river. >> when we take this initial drought action, were asking for customers to reduce their water use and we bring in additional sources of water. that's to protect ourselves for next year and the year after. >> reporter: they said this will ultimately cost water and money. they are trying to stay ahead of a drought that could be just beginning. >> the expectation as the climate changes is that we will see more extremes. we will have very wet years and
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more and more dry years. >> reporter: and years nowhere in between. the watershed is 100 miles away and coming off the second driest year on record. the system is already making plans in case the situation continues to get worse. and that's not just long term. there could be more restrictions added in the months ahead as the situation develops there's more to be learned about how the state manages water and what water supplies look like for this district. it is entirely possible that more cutbacks will come. reporting live, wilson walker. chief meteorologist paul heggen joins us with where we stand so far this year.
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>> we are at 40% at best for the ount in we should have received for the season. when you look at the moisture contained there is a couple of different ways to measure this. this is the moisture content and this tracks how dry the smaller vegetation is this is very reactive to any chance of rain. we are at record low levels. the blue line is where we are now. with that last chance of rain on sunday we are closer to what is normal for this time of year. the problem is that the smaller pieces of vegetation dry out quickly. with dry weather in the forecast will be closer to that record low. we can look at the amount of moisture in the larger vegetation like trees. this doesn't react to every little rain chance. but it's running close. and as we head into the driest
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time of the year with normal amounts of rain for the year it looks like we will be hugging that red mine. it could be a busy season. i will be back for the rest of the forecast for the week and just a few minutes. in sonoma county the reservoirs are the lowest that they have been since they were built. supervisors declared a countywide drought emergency. on saturday marin county will enforce mandatory restrictions on outdoor watering. violators will receive a fines if they do not adhere. recommendations from a conservation committee about what measures are needed. coming up at six:15 p.m. how homeowners are making modifications to their pipes to reuse water as we head into the drought.
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tapping into the benefits of gray water to help conserve water. now to developing news out of the east bay. andrea nakano is live with the latest on a family calling for criminal charges. >> reporter: as you can see there is a vibrant memorial for mario gonzalez. people have been stopping by adding flowers to the memorial. the incident started when two calls to the police department about a man acting strangely. >> some of the footage that you are about to see may be took the incident happened on april 19. the officer approached mario gonzalez and asked if he was okay. gonzalez was incoherent and hesitated to give his name. they spoke to him for 10 minutes before trying to put his hands behind his back. he resisted before officers took him to the ground.
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as gonzalez continues to struggle in officer positions his body over gonzalez. from the video it was hard to say how much weight was used. after five minutes gonzalez loses consciousness. >> everyone can watch the video and make judgments. but we have to be careful. this is just one part of the story. the family held a press conference. his brother said that what the police did was unnecessary and unprofessional. and took a minuscule event and made it fatal. >> i am in shock. the police department lied. they said my son was fighting. i said you made a mistake. but there is an autopsy being done to determine the cause of death. and toxicology tests are being done to see if he was under the
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influence of any substance. there are three investigations into this incident. reporting from alameda, andrea nakano, kpix 5 news. two people are dead after a driver tried to speed off from a traffic stop. sheriff's deputy was trying to pull over this white honda accord last night. the driver sped off and read ran a red light. the honda slammed into a vehicle killing both people inside. >> it's like a movie, flipping over the air. no serious injuries when a car crashed into a's san francisco store. the owner of
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the cupcake shop said a driver slammed into another pushing into the store and breaking a water line. no word yet on if police arrested that the driver. still ahead. new cdc guidelines allowing people to spend time outside without wearing a mask. could california be close to loosening their mask rules? what in east bay employee said about these renderings that could co
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a live look a cross of san francisco. were many people will be breathing a sigh of relief without a mask. new cdc guidelines ease mask wearing restrictions for those that are fully vaccinated. and people in the bay area are excited to walk outdoors without a mask. here's a very latest from kenny choi. >> i don't know if that's a good idea. the question begins when did california loosen the mask rules?
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>> we do expect them to lift the mask mandate ? >> the cdc said that no masks are needed for vaccinated people in small groups or when walking, jogging or bicycling >> it's the in between parts that will be confusing to people who interpret it differently >> i would err on the side of caution. masks will still be required in large public settings. >> it is exciting. it's nice to take a breath of fresh air without wearing a mask. i think it will be a transition going back to regular life. but i'm glad to know that we are safe. >> reporter: to be clear the mask mandate in the state of california has not been lifted.
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the governor acknowledges that they are moving towards aligning their rules with the new guidelines. that was someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. new at 6:00 p.m. water restrictions could be
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coming to some communities. but what about ways to save water at home? a look at a growing trend that lets you use your water twice? it's been years since we have officially been in the drought the situation in the bay area. a lot of progress has been made on gray water systems that can turn wastewater into lush green gardens. when ashley does a load of laundry her garden and fruit trees get is super soaking. >> i like the fact that i using it once to wash my clothing and then a second time. >> reporter: she recently installed a graywater system on her washing men machine. valves in the ground allow the water to seep out to air great era great her flowers and
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trees. it cost $750 to install and did not require a permit. other systems that tie into the sink and shower could be upwards of $5000. because amata flies modifies the plumbing. a landscape contractor said the return on investment is better when more people live under one roof.'s but the teenagers the more graywater you will produce in the more it makes sense to do it. >> reporter: right now the santa clara water district is offering a $400 rebate. >> during the drought my trees will get water. >> reporter: the benefits are many including saving water and the time. wall getting the water she
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needs to her landscaping. we're tracking california dry weather on our website . a livermore planning commissioner is facing backlash after referring to a low income downtown project as a goeddel. there considering removing him from his position during a meeting last week he said he did not want livermore to become the go to place for low income housing. he has since apologized for his comments and said that they were misinterpreted. on the road to recovery. san francisco high school graduates will get to walk across a stage in june.
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social distancing will be required. 4000 high school seniors are expected to graduate this year alone. vaccines without an appointment that's happening all week long and santa clara county. anyone over the age of 16 can stop by any of the 13 county sites to get a shot. for now the walk-in vaccines will last through this sunday but could be extended depending on how things go. we knew this day would come. it's dramatically lower than before the pandemic. but bay area rent prices are slowly creeping back up. new numbers show that they have increase for a third straight month. dublin is currently the most expensive with a one-bedroom average unit $2700. san francisco is $2100 a month, and oakland is hovering around $1600 per month for a one- bedroom. let's check in with paul about the weather.
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big story. a drought and some communities that came on quickly. >> it has been building and then most of the bay area is in the severe or extreme drought. there's only one category above that. and no rain in the forecast. we will see changes. offshore winds are trying to kick in picket shows the upper levels of the atmosphere that are blowing from north to south. at ground level it is still in offshore wind that is gusty. 26 miles per hour and farther inland those winds are in the 10 to 15 mile per hour range. is going to be a fight with that wind being stubborn and it will eventually balance each other out. blue skies over head. not much fog early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. still low to mid 70s in santa
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rosa. nice conditions across the board if you do not mind the gusty wind. visibility tomorrow morning, i cannot say that there will be zero fog but it's going to be very limited and it will dissipate so quickly you will hardly notice it. plenty of sunshine. the energy can go into warming up the heir. if you combine that with that light when trying to kick in and temperatures will warm up around the bay. along the coast temperatures will be in the 50s. i think will briefly warm up to 60 degrees. by lunchtime those temperatures will be into the 70s and inland temperatures will be the warmest tomorrow afternoon. well into the 80s. the upper half in the 80s there. temperatures around the bay, the city is going to get up to about 70 degrees and then that onshore breeze returns in temperatures start to drop.
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make sure you keep your layers handy. it's still april. we will see that pollen count remains steady. still in that medium and high category. instead of all the way over. a little bit farther to the left . we will take any improvement that we can get. gradually cooler temperatures. it will still be warm inland. that first weekend in may looks nice. a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures coming up. the "cbs evening news" is coming up. here is a preview. coming up, can your employer mandate that you get the vaccine and then fire you if you do not. your legal questions answered on the "cbs evening news" coming up next in sports.
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the lawyers are ready. anthony had more
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the lawyers are taking on dallas tonight. one of 11 games
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remaining on the regular season schedule. the time is now to move on up in the standings. golden state is two games behind dallas. and that would get them out of the new playing the tournament. wherever they go they know they have one advantage over every team. >> let's just call a spade a spade. steph curry is that guy. i would not want to run into him, i would hate playing against him. i hate guarding him and practice. if that doesn't get you going you should hang it up. you need to check your ticket. baseball and the giants. or should i say the first place the giants made a trade. picking up an outfielder from the yankees in exchange for a
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reliever. the giants had a 12-0 game. after the game they revealed that they were due for some good fortune on the mound. >> i had a bird coupon me earlier this week and i said it has got to be good luck. and i think that showed tonight. i was happy >> he can laugh about that now. i was wondering if it was the same siegel that nearly ruined my opening day live shot. >> two minutes ago a single flew over and took a dump on my head. i had to use the mat to clean it off. my apologies.
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the catch of the day goes to gordon. a 23 pound halibut. that is a basically a dinghy. and when you catch a big fish like that in the little boat. i think that that fish took him for a little right. send us your fishing pitchers to catch it the day. >> that held it was like picking up a
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bernie man is canceled again this year. organizers say that the show will go on. the festival released the daily lineup.
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single day passes go on sale this ursday at captioning sponsored ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the new c.d.c. guidance for vaccinated americans-- when and where you don't need to wear your mask, as the biden administration tries to provide a new incentive to those without their shots. the good news for nearly 100 million americans who are fully vaccinated. what the federal guidelines say about going maskless outdoors. >> this is another great reason to go get vaccinated... now. >> o'donnell: plus, could a new at-home pill to treat coronavirus be available by the end of the year? vaccine mandates: some colleges demanding everyone be vaccinated. businesses firing employees without a shot. is it legal? f.b.i. investigation.


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