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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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warning that the video is graphic and it begins g al at the end of a dead-end street. they speak with him for 10 minutes before attempting to put his hands behind his back. he resists before officers taken to the ground. as gonzalez continues to struggle one officer positions his body over gonzalez. it is hard to say how much if any weight was used. ater about five minutes gonzalez loses consciousness. >> the officers continue to work on gonzalez until the
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paramedics arrived. they also administered narcan. you later died at the hospital the police killed my brother in the same manner that they killed george floyd. they took a calm situation and made it fatal. it was painful to watch the disregard for his humanity. but the family is demanding an independent investigation. they also want the officers names are released. in his statement the city says that they have launched three investigations. saying that they are committed to full transparency and accountability in the aftermath of the death of mr. gonzales. much more on this breaking story ahead at 6:of n jo. two peoparte
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collision at an intersection that may have started with deputies trying to pull over a driver picked this unfolded last night in san jose. here's more on that story from devin fehely. >> reporter: this happened just before 10:00 p.m. obviously at the time the street was dark and a little more deserted. the driver and passenger in the second car was right there making a left turn. ended two innocent bystanders who had the misfortune of being in the intersection when the crash occurred. the force of the impact sent the victims car airborne before it crashed into the wall along the lawrence expressway. >> it was like a movie. >> reporter: exactly what happened is under investigation
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by the san jose police department. the sheriff's office said that one of their deputies was pursuing this white honda accord and they tried to pull the driver over. he sped off and ran a red light is the victims car turned into the intersection. allen said that a sheriff's deputy arrived seconds later. the driver of the honda and a 17-year-old passenger were loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive their injuries and have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, evading and officer and drug and gun possession charges. the true tragedy of the story is that the driver and passenger in that second car. the medical examiner's office has not released their name. somewhere out there there is a heartbroken and a grieving family tonight. devin fehely, elizabeth cook.
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new video shows crews clean up after a car slammed into a cupcake shop the crash ended up bursting the waterlines. >> officers said that a woman was driving her car and an ex- boyfriend was frustrated and slammed into the back of her car that slammed into the back of our bakery. >> we were making the cupcakes and we heard a loud boom and water started sliding down the hallway. >> likely no one was seriously hurt. a big announcement for people who are fully vaccinated
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against covid. president joe biden announcing the new rules about wearing a mask. book starting today if you're fully vaccinated and you are outdoors. and you're not in a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask. spike here's more on that story from kenny choi . >> reporter: if you are outdoors and fully vaccinated and you're going for a jog or a walk you can take your masks off. there are some exceptions and to be clear that mask mandate has not been lifted. the governor is considering losing some rules. when you are in small groups, or alone the guideline is that you no longer have to wear a mask. spike it is exciting. it's nice to take a breath of
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fresh air without wearing a mask. >> for going to the farmers market it's probably not going to change that much. truck it has been a confusing ever-changing landscape from masks not needed in the beginning to the gradual removal of masks. >> a lot of people are not wearing masks outside. >> reporter: before going on a walk pat talked about taking her mask off spike is to protect other people. 's but to in the pandemic and to have people be safe with each other. masks are so important but what about people who have not been vaccinated?
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>> reporter: the cdc said for those that are not vaccinated it is still okay to go for a jog or a walk. they are discouraging large gatherings where it is all in vaccinated individuals. if you are unvaccinated and you gather with a small group. the cdc is saying it is a safe to take the mask off. governor newsom says that after reviewing the mask recommendations with the science and that data as our guide that we are aligning california guidance with these common sense updates. that california's positivity rate is at 1.2%. more than 28 million vaccine
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doses have been administered. nearly 6 million and hardest hit communities. appointments are no longer necessary to be vaccinated in santa clara county. they started offering walk-in shot for anyone that is over the age of 16. health officials made the decision when they realize that 400 people signed up to get shots. and they had enough doses for 3000 people. the reason for the surplus. the county has gotten a big infusion of doses from the feds and the state. >> it was nice to get a phone call and not have to think about it and just get it over with. >> walk right in. 13 sites will be putting aside 500 doses for walk-ins. here's a look at one of those clinics in san jose at the
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manual baptist church. the county plans to shift and expand their mobile clinics to help hard-to-reach communities. new at 5:00. one of the bay area's biggest water districts has declared a stage 1 drought. the east bay municipal utility board of directors made a unanimous decision to ask their customers to voluntarily cut their water usage by 10% before things get really bad. >> the prospect of coming close to matching the year that awaken my water conservation
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awareness. i hope we are not close to 1977. but the district will look at buying supplemental water. the voluntary usage request goes into effect on the saturday. sonoma county supervisors just declared a countywide drought emergency. they said that the reservoir like lake sonoma are at the lowest levels since they were built. on saturday marin county will enforce restrictions on outdoor watering on public and private property. violators will face fines. and the santa clara district board will hear recommendations from a demand management committee aout measures that are needed there. we are tracking this dry weather on our web site check for specific conditions
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in your zip code. just ahead, a woman tries to save her dog and ends up getting stuck down the cliff herself. still having got around to getting your real i.d. what you need to know about the new deadline? drycleaner struggling to survive the pandemic. the create a way that one bay area shop is thinking beyond clothing to stay afloat. 10-15 degrees warmer inland. and wednesday looks even warmer. we will zoom in for a closer look in the full forecast oh man... let's get you to this moment. p, that's it. of relief... [joyfully laughs] protection... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated!
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noah just got vaccinated... hope... so that we can get to all the other moments. let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. let's get it... together. so we can be together. let's get to immunity. now's your moment to get vaccinated. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours?
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julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. a construction worker had to be rescued from a transient santa clara county. this
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happened along continental circle. crew member was working on the road when he fell into the hole. firefighters were called to help him get out. he was rushed to the hospital with moderate injuries. a successful rescue mission in san francisco. firefighters saved a woman and her dog from a cliff. the dog went over and was stuck 50 feet down the ledge. the owner tried to rescue him but then got stuck himself. they tethered rescue workers and sent them down with harnesses. >> we set up the system and we were able to ac remove her and her dog from any harm. >> no injuries were reported. this is an off leash area. firefighters want to remind you that if you are hiking follow the signage. and if your dog goes over the ledge call 911 instead of trying to rescue the dog
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yourself. a berkeley woman is facing hate crime allegations. police say the couple thought they saw as a delivery truck going to fast. they confronted the driver. and allegedly used force to prevent the driver from leaving. and used hateful language against people of color. los angeles police shot and killed a man after he went on a deadly rampage. police say he shot several thre- by shootings. two people were killed. and he led police on an hour- long chase that ended miles away. investigators said that he shot at police and one officer returned fire, killing him. the fbi is opening a civil
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rights investigation into the killing of andrew brown. after his family received an independent autopsy report that showed that he was shot five times. sheriff deputies in north carolina were serving brown with a felony warrant last wednesday. he was shot as he tried to drive away. his family viewed a small amount of body camera footage that shows brown had his hands on the steering will at the time. >> he was not fleeing. he was running because he was scared for his life. >> yesterday i said he was executed. and the autopsy report shows me that i was correct. those three gunshots to the arm. that's enough. but the sheriff's department is urging individuals to stay
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patient while they look into the case. seven deputies are on leave pending the results of the investigation. the deadline to get that real i.d. for travelers has been pushed back again due to the pandemic. the department of homeland security is delaying it until may 2023. the original deadline was the 2020. it will be required for airline passengers over the age of 18. and those entering a federal building. on an interim basis passports and global entry cards will qualify for getting you through airport security. let's call and chief meteorologist paul heggen. >> you can see the wind direction at ground level. there's going to be offshore
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wind trying to take over. they will kind of balance them selves out. and then is at upper levels of the atmosphere rearrange themselves, those onshore breezes will return and that means cooler conditions. enjoy that warm weather tomorrow. right now it is in onshore breeze at ground level. 15 to 20 mile-per-hour stained winds. you can see as we look down towards oracle park it is currently 59 degrees in san francisco temperatures further inland are in the low to mid 70s. substantially warmer than where we were at this point yesterday. if you're headed down to oracle park that onshore breeze will
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be noticeable as temperatures drop four more degrees. mostly clear skies overhead and we will see very little fog tomorrow morning. temperatures will drop down into the 40s. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s with low 40s in the mid-bay valley. no fog to start the day and what little there is will retreat quickly. plenty of sunshine and that lack of fog means of the suns energy can go into warming up the atmosphere. if you combine that with that might offshore breeze and temperatures will be 5 to 7 degrees above average. temperatures ll lo and that's at least 10 degrees above normal. let's zoom in for a closer look.
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and then as we head inland high temperatures reach into the low 80s for an afternoon high. temperatures in the low to mid 80s and east of the diablo range you will be the warm spot with some locations in the upper half of the 80s. nothing record-setting. temperatures close to 70 degrees . a lot of upper 60s and then the north bay reaching into the lower half of the 80s with warmer temperatures as you had farther inland. inland parts of the bay area will see a slight drop in temperatures. and that strong onshore wind means a bigger drop of temperatures for thursday and friday. and then things a steady out and these are not bad temperatures for the first week in may. a little fair-weather cloud cover with plenty of sunshine. and then another warm spell
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kicks in with temperatures in the mid 80s. a little mini roller coaster ride for the next several days. what we do not see any of in the next extended forecast is a hint of rain. and that doesn't look like it's going change much. let's take a look at tomorrow's hour by hour temperatures coming up next. bay area mass transit has received a critical lifeline from the feds. what will it take to convince
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we are just two days away from the nfl draft. and it six affected to be very exciting for 49ers fans.
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dennis o'donnell is a joining us. what you have on tap for draft day ? did you see what i did there? >> i appreciate that. the last time the 49ers had a decision like this, they chose alex smith over eryn rogers. i am sure it will have a lasting impact on the franchise. let's meet the candidates. first up is mac jones. helped lead alabama to a national title. his nfl comparison is minnesotay exwhy jones d be the 49ers pick next step is lance,
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his nfl comparison is a young cam newton. and then there's justin fields he won twisty 20 and two at ohio state. he ran for 63 touchdowns and his 22 games. his dosh time was the fastest of any quarterback in the draft. is comparison is a taller russell wilson. >> we know exactly who we want? maybe. i do not feel like we need to say that. >> about the fan vote? justin fields at 43% followed by lance. vote now on twitter and on the
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you can research and then discuss and analyze till the cows come home. critical mistakes are made. i saw that firsthand in new york in the 2000 and five. >> someone should call eryn rogers and ask him who he would. >> were going to see that sound bite over and over again. 's but the 49ers passed on erin rogers but so did the oakland raiders. more local news. on how th commute is bouncing back from the pandemic. mass transit has taken a huge hit. what it will take to
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know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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at 5:30 p.m. right now on kpix 5 news, more local news at 5:30 p.m. a bay area drycleaner shows resilience in the pandemic. how they are going beyond clothing to connect with the community. bay area called students get the ultimate graduation gift ? getting their debt erased. a sign that we are on the road to recovery. the bay area commute is making a comeback. a good evening i am elizabeth cook. >> and i am allen martin. a live look at the 101 in san francisco. are a photographer is stuck in the gridlock. quite a bit busier for the afternoon commute. bridge traffic is also bouncing back. pretty light on the bay bridge. >> 600,000 cars cross the bridge . 38% boost from last year. the same comparisons reveal an
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uptick in traffic from richmond and san fa


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