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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 27, 2021 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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live from the cvs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming
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on cbs and bay area, new mask gue lasthoom the cdc, what is now changing for fully vaccinated americans. good afternoon, i am len kiese. >> and i am michelle griego, live look at the warehouse were president biden announced the rules easing previous restrictions for millions of americans. cbs reporter, natalie brand, has the latest on whd e ve angot your shots . >> reporter: president bideern asked all americans to wear masks for his first 100 days in office, now his administration is relaxing some of those recommendations. >> starting today, if you are fully vaccinated and outdoors, if you are outdoors and not in a crowd you no longer need a mask.
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>> reporter: fully vaccinated people can take off masks while exercising outdoors, attending small outdoor gatherings with a mixture of those little vaccinated and unvaccinated, and dining out or restaurants with friends from multiple households. >> we know the virus spreads well indoors, until more people are vaccinated and while we still have more than 50,000 cases per day, mask use indoors will provide extra protection. >> reporter: the new guidance comes as the administration redoubled efforts to reach out to those that are electing to get vaccinated. >> this is another great reason to get vaccinated, now, now! >> reporter: the number of daily doses administered fell from a high of 3.5 million two monday. >> the federal government helps ready to put shots into arms as quickly as possible.
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>> reporter: the cdc says there are seven states, alabama, alaska, georgia, louisiana mississippi, west virginia, and wyoming now administering less than 70% of doses delivered, most states are still above 85%. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. >> the cdc announced they are seeing a 21% drop in new coronavirus cases across the country as compared to last week. governor gavin newsom relereewin stthe ceennter for disease cont and prevention masking recommendations, and the science and data as our guide, we are moving to align california's guidance with these commonsense updates. santa clara county again offering drop-in vaccines today to anyone 16 and older regardless of whether they have an appointment, kpix 5 picked up on the turning point for the counties wrestling the demand weeks ago. >> reporter: this decision was made late yesterday when they found the only 400 people had signed up for vaccinations today when they have room for 3000, at the last minute they decided to open it up to walk- ins. word is just getting out of
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starting today in santa clara county you do not need an appointment to get a vaccine. dale keats heard the news on channel 5 last night and was first in line this morning. >> reporter: does is make it easier? >> yes. >> reporter: how? >> if you're free, you can do it, come in and that is a lot easier than having to wait for the date you have to, and the time you have to come. >> reporter: doesn't get much easier than that. >> no, it does not. >> reporter: the fairground xcode hall, one of 13 across the country set aside 500 doses for walk-ins, the new approach will last through sunday, after that they will reevaluate to see how it went. >> we have seen a big decline in number of patients making an appointment. >> reporter: jennifer lava helps run the site and says the county is at a turning point, they havea big infusion of doses from the feds on top of
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their weekly shipment from the state. 65% of everyone over 16 have at least had one dose, 37% of residents are fully vaccinated. with walk-ins, health officials are trying to reach folks who do not have easy access to the internet to book online. >> we know it technology there is a learning curve and not everyone can navigate that well. so, yeah, the walk-ins is really key, if they can get a walk-in, we can get them vaccinated. >> reporter: madison got an appointment for a walk-in slot, no one in line and virtually no waiting. >> it's a headache or a hassle. >> sometimes it is the overthinking, just, i have to take the time out of my day. i would just work and it was nice to see the phone call and say let's get it over with >> reporter: let's get it over with. >> exactly. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do. millions of americans are missing their second vaccine dose , more than 5 million, about 8%, missed their second pfizer or moderna doses as of early april according to a
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report, the reasons they are skipping include issues of the second test and people already feeling protected with their first shot or if they feel sick. i am anne makovec, new video in from a cliff rescue that just took place in san francisco at fort funston, check it out, a woman and her dog went over the cliff at fort funston, the dog was off leash and went over and got stuck 50 or 60 feet down the ledge, his owner, a woman, then tried to rescue him but got stuck herself and could not make it up or down. firefighters tether rescue workers to a rope system and sent them down with harnesses r fry silycess her e e kly up m r
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>> no injuries reported, fort funston is an off leash area, firefighters want to remind everyone, if you are hiking, follow the signage and if your dog goes over, call 911 instead of trying to rescue the dog yourself. len? thank you, today sonoma county supervisors will proclaim a ground emergency, they have never seen lake sonoma solo this time of year, that is after two mostly dry winters in a row. going live to the east bay, another big area water district is poised today on whether customers should conserve. east bay is deciding whether to declare a stage one drought if the board does i, 1.4 million customers in alameda will be asked to voluntarily cut usage by 10% starting saturday and continuing to the rest of the year. >> if weall take some onsi thd k voluntarily and e commdationth
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when the rainy season comes around, get back to normal a lot faster. tonight, officials in south bay will get an update on the water supply as they consider conservation measures, the santa clara water district board will have recommendations from a committee that focuses on conservation and demand management. on saturday, marine water will enforce mandatory restrictions on outdoor watering, including no washing at home and no refilling swimming pools or water fountains. we're tracking california's dry weather on the website, go to to check the specific conditions in your zip code. in san jose middle school teacher is in custody, police arrested ronald gardner on april 15, he was a track and field and soccer coach at sierramont middle school, he was also a science teacher, one person reported to investigators that gardner
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molested him while attending the school from 2002 until 2005 . another person reported that as well during the same time span, we reach out to the school that have not heard back yet. happening today, we are expecting to hear from a family of a man that died in alameda police custody about the body camera video they were shown yesterday, the department said 26-year-old, mario gonzalez, suffered a medical emergency last monday during a scuffle with officers who were trying to arrest him on suspicion of theft. they did not elaborate on the incident, his family says the young father was perfectly healthy. over the weekend student protesters marched to headquarters demanding to see the footage and that is where they say they will speak today, the three officers involved are unpaid leave and have not been named. developing in north carolina, relative shot and killed by sheriff's deputies requested an independent autopsy seeing andrew brown junior was shot five times, including in the back of his head. sheriff's deputies were serving
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him with the words on locharges he was shot while in his car, on monday they reviewed a small amount of body camera footage showing he had his hands on the steering wheel at the time of the shooting. there demanding the release of the entire video. >> it was a horrific scene and horrific video. they will not release the video so painstakingly we have to keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together. >> brown's test led to days of protests and the sheriff's department is urging people while they look into the case, seven deputies are on leave pending results of the investigation. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs bay area, more perks for fully vaccinated san franciscans, the move to allow more fans and oracle park. the balance of political power could be shifting across the country thanks to the newly released censudata, am laura podesta with more on what this could potentially mean for you.
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instrument developing in the south bay, police investigating a deadly crash in san jose, first responders remained on scene overnight, san jose police said two people died near lawrence expressway and many way, one car landed on its side against the wall, the sheriff's office said deputies were trying to pull over one of the vehicles but it did not stop and collided with the úoth >> new at noon, parents, students and teachers rallied outside an elementary school today demanding the district is not close the school, they say closing rancho elementary would further segregate the school district, they also say it would pack classrooms and overcrowd classrooms, the school district says it needs to consolidate due to declining enrollment and revenue. >> for the class of 2021 in san francisco, the mayor signed off on outer graduations, the san francisco unified is allowed to host outdoor dens with social
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distancing for high school seniors, 4000 graduates will be honored in staggered ceremonies june 1st through the third. going live to oracle park, giants fans can buy tickets for the vaccinated only section starting this week. this is allowing more fans at the ballpark more than doubling the capacity. vaccinated sections will allow the stadium to see fans closer together, they will likely open at 50% capacity come may. looking live at the big board, how are stocks doing, the dow is up about 35 points, we are learning much more about the u.s. population and potentially the future of our political landscape as more people move from blue states to red ones. cbs reporter, laura podesta on the release of the 2020 ns >> reporte the u.s. s gring at slowest rate in nearly a century, just under 331.5 million people nile call this country home, the census has more people are moving south
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and west, illinois, pennsylvania, michigan and west virginia are losing one of their seats in the house of representatives. the same goes for here new york which is rarely lost a seat, it would not have if 89 more people had been counted. california lost a seat for the first time ever. >> cost of living, people are not moving to california the way that they used to because it is really expensive and much of california. on the flipside, organ, california, montana and others are picking up a seat, texas is picking up two, four of those six states voted republican in the 2020 election. >> is a nice confirmation of moving away from california into texas largely on the face of housing. many question the census data because it was gathered during the pandemic. >> we undercounted in urban areas because they were hardest
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hit by covid and people did not want to open their doors. >> reporter: in addition to determining how much we each state holds in the house of representatives, the census determines the allocation of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding. laura podesta, cbs news. weather, we have meteorologist, mary lee, we did not make our daily walk today. >> i missed it, hopefully we can do it tomorrow, it will be another nice day, if you have not had a chance to get out, you have the rest of the afternoon and tomorrow we will see sunshine as well, temperatures even warmer as we look to tomorrow, i live look with the salesforce tower camera, north across the golden gate and you can see plenty of sunshine out there. we are looking at temperatures much warmer compared to yesterday, in the 50s, 60s and even 70 degrees right now for santa rosa. looking at 69 concord, 58 livermore, 68, 58 in oakland,
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san jose at 66 with the sunshine. you can see the 24 hour temperature change anywhere from a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time to as much, livermore, 12 degrees warmer compared to yesterday, 10 degrees warmer in santa rosa, 13 withtrd as we h towards the next few days where the temperatures are even warmer still. high pressure building in this week, that ridge will strengthen as we look to tomorrow, above normal daytime highs for wednesday and thursday. showing you all that sunshine expected as we had through the afternoon, that continues for wednesday and for thursday. again, even warmer still for tomorrow and thursday. sunset at 7:56 p.m., sunrise at 7:16 a.m. daytime highs in the mid to upper 50s, around the bay low to mid 60s, inland 70s to low 80s with some of the warmest spots.
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as we go through our day, at least through the week for wednesday and thursday, we will warm things up, significantly, then still mild to warm on friday, slightly cooler for the weekend, still mild with the sunshine and a bump in our temperatures for monday. you can see several degrees and several days of these warm temperatures, at least over april and starting that new month of may. >> it has gone by so fast. >> it has. >> all right, mary, thanks. still ahead on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbs and. >> the apps we used track online habits to send targeted advertising, while that is now changing for those that will an apple device.
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apple is giving customers a new choice when using apps. >> the new operating system comes with privacy controls where users can tell existing and new apps they do not want online activity tract, this is designed to limit digital
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advertisers, people will get a pop-up notification asking for and send targeted ads, facebook and other developers are opposed to the change that was rolled out yesterday. coming up, shattering records, the hot ticket sneakers worn by a
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coming up at 5 p.m., drycleaners struggling to stay in business during the pandemic, the creative way when bay area shop is thinking
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beyond close to stay afloat, that's ray coming up at 5 p.m., when this check of weather mac, with mary. you can see the bay area bridge and san francisco, greasy in spots, temperatures in the upper 50s in concord, close to 70 degrees right now, at least in concord, oakland 58, 68 livermore, 60s for san francisco and san jose. 70 for santa rosa, we will watch the temperatures climb as we go throughout the afternoon, even warmer for wednesday and thursday, the warmest days in the extended forecast, mild to warm on friday, slightly cooler for the weekend, still on the mild side for several days of dry and quiet conditions. back to you. finally, a pair of kanye west shoes sold for a record price, they went for $1.8 million to a sneaker investing platform. the private sale marked the has publicly recorded price for a
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sneaker sale, the rapper wore the shoes during his performance at the 2008 grammy awards. >> years ago. >> in comparison, michael jordan shoes hewo during a game, though sold for 560,000. >> really! >> kanye west just got $1.8 million, wow! >> unbelievable. >> guess he is the bigger goat. >> do not tell michael jordan that. he
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>> liam: is this real? am i really coming back home with you, and beth, and douglas? >> hope: i think it's about time, don't you? >> liam: i really didn't wanna pressure you, you know, i... >> hope: oh, no. i know. and i'm grateful for that. it's just, honestly, i'm more worried about you especially recently. but hopefully, now that you have your life back and your family-- >> liam: and my wife. my beautiful wife. >> hope: i know it hasn't been easy.


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