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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 27, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> depends on where you are. we are looking at those daytime highs on the rise for today. that will be the case actually over next w days. geready r e teatures, warming up for us. here is a live look with our roof camera of the moon. actually of the pink full moon there. pretty sight as we start off the day. we are in the 30's and 40's this morning. a cold start to the day. grab that jacket if you are heading out the door first thing this morning. we are looking at temperatures cool. at least along the coast in the mid50's. around the bay in the low to mid-60s's but check out inland. we are talking 70's to low 80's this afternoon. this is just the start of a big warm up for us as we head through the middle part of the week. on furcast just to show you all of that sun. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. we have one trouble spot. a crash as you head westbound
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580 toward that dublin interchange. more detail in now. c . couple cars. it's over to the right and it's pretty early for this portion of 580. we are not seeing a lot of brake lights. tow crews headed out to the scene. if you are going onto 580 out of the tracy area, getting in to the pass, that's a different story. getting busy for super commuters making that trek in to the pass with your travel time 34 minutes to go from 205 toward 680. new trouble spot along 101. new video fr a ly asn se a of first responders remained on scene. the crash happened near lawrence expressway. one of the vehicles landed on its side. a man who witnessed said is he
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shaken up. >> probably going pretty fast to get off the pavement. it's like a movie. it's like flipping over the air and slamming in to wall. >> no word on what led up to the crash or if anyone else was hurt. coronavirus. vaccinated americans could soon have new guidance on wearing masks outside. it could be another benefit of getting the vaccine as health officials continue to urge everybody to get a shot. the cdc is expected to come out with the new guidelines today. >> the risk of infection outside is really minimal. if you are vaccinated and outside its even less. so, what we will do through the cdc is soon, very soon, clarifying the situation about masks and vaccinated people verses unvaccinated. >> more than 28% of the country is vaccinated against coronavirus. the president is set to
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update the state of the pandemic later today. >> here in the bay area today santa clara is at a turning point in the pandemic. there's now so much vaccine supply that they are trying something new. taking walk ins with no appointments needs. let's get over to kit who is live in san jose. good morning. >> good morning. we are coming live from the expo hall. this is at santa clara county fairgrounds. starting today, lasting through the end of the week you can just show up and get a vaccine. this is all possible because santa clara has gotten a big number of dose feof its weekly shipment from the state. 65% of everybody in the county over 16 has gotten at least one dose and 37% of residents here are fully vaccinated. with so much supply the county is trying out walk in appointments to get to people
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who are having trouble using a computer to log into a website and book a shot. >> we theygh look around for appointments. try to figure out the internet. they can come down, walk in and get your vaccination. >> and on your screen right now is a list of all 13 sites where you can just walk in and get a shot subject to availability of course. you will see there is a focus to reach the hardest hit communities in east san jose and south county. this new walk in approach starts today and lasts through sunday. it could extend next week. live in the county fairgrounds. going live to oracle park. giants fans can now buy tickets for the team's vaccinated only section. the tickets for games starting this week. the move is part of the city's plan to allow more fans at the ballpark it. would more than double the capacity. the stadium is likely to open at 50% capacity come
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may. today sonoma supervisors are set to announce a drought emergency. that's after two mostly dry winters. efforts now will determine the extend of mandatory restrictions later. going live to the east bay. another big bay area water district is poised to vote on if customers can conserve. east bay mud is considering declaring a stage one drought. if they do customers will be asked to voluntarily cut their use by 10% starting saturday and continuing through the rest of the year. officials in the south bay will also get updated on water supply. the valley water district board will hear recommendations that focuses on conservation and demand. on saturday marin water will
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start enforcing mandatory restrictions on outdoor watering, that includes no car washing at home and no refilling pools. we we are going live now to the state capitol in sacramento where the governor is officially facing a recall. the campaign to remove him from office has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. recall supporters have more than 1.6 million signatures, they are talking about his response to the coronavirus process which has been more heavy handed. this is only the second time in history that a governor has qualified for a recall campaign. the first time was gray davis in 2003. we know what happened with
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that. we will see what happens here in november. the recall would need 50% of supporters and then we would see who would replace him if we got to that point. several people have stepped forward. of course we will be watching úthis. it'll be a wild six or seven months ahead of us. happening today we are expecting to hear from family of a man who died in alameda police custody about the body camera video they were shown. the department has said the 26- year-old mario gonzalez suffered a medical emergency during a scuffle with officers trying to arrest him on suspicious of theft. they didn't say more and his family said he was perfectly healthy. over the weekend student protesters marched demanding to see the footage. gonzalez's family said they will speak today at noon. the three officers are on paid leave and have not been named. a san jose woman accused of coughing in to a
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baby's face will be in court later this morning. the 66-year-old, a former schoolteacher, faces a charge of misdemeanor assault. prosecutors say that last june she got into an argument with a woman as both stood in line and then she allegedly bent over the baby stroller, removed her mask and coughed three times. authorities tracked her down with surveillance video and tip from the public. getting back on track. >> still ahead,. >> even being vaccinated it still makes me anxious. >> what will it take to convince people it's safe to return to the rails it's a chilly start to the day with morning lows down to the 30's and 40's. we will rebound nicely through the afternoon. many of news us in to the 60's and 70's. if you are going to the
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roadways its busy for that ride into the pass. i will have details on a pass at the dublin. all that coming up. and a live look outside before we head to break from the sales force
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this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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's 5 weta ma arecoidergoing ba ammutmes t transportation, a lack of passengers destroyed the area this past year. >> are with rider ship around 5%, we look at what it'll take to get back on track. >> the idea of returning to the office is a barrier itself these days. if you really want to make people uncomfortable, just ask them how they feel about rushing to packed public transit. >> getting back on public transportation, even being vaccinated makes me anxious. >> you will just catch people's germless. >> how him toos did i get sick because i was squeezes onto bart around all these people >> despite the strong sentiment against it the
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science shows public transportation is safe. a cdc study out of japan at the height of the pandemic found no super spread he events took place on trains, especially when mask compliance was high. restaurants, workplaces and concerts were primary cluster sites for coronavirus. >> transit is super safe. >> the director of transportation at sfmta. is he working with how to convince people to come back. >> from the health science perspective it's safe. people don't make their decisions based on the science. they make decisions based on emotion. >> as you may imagine, rider ship fell off a cliffa past year. most agencies including bart, muni and caltrains lost 95% of passengers at the peak of the pandemic. now riders coming back but it's slow. bart rider ship is at 14% of prepandemic levels. muni around 27% and caltrains, 7%. when rider ship dropped,
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revenue followed. losses were in the hundreds of millions of dollars. caltrain and bart in particular rely on fares for 70% of their operating budget. this cares act funding saved these agencies from financial ruin providing $705 million in relief across the region. >> there's no question that the pandemic exposed some of the financial weaknesses. >> michelle is the coo of caltrains. she said coronavirus widened existing cracks in the financial system. it also exposed other inequalities like the fact that's only people on board were those who had no choice. >> it's definitely an equity challenge and an opportunity for us. those folk that are riding bart right now. the vast majority are low income. transit depending meaning they don't have a car. >> they are an opportunity to
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reinforce a commitment to being a public service. that's patiently why bart never shut down. >> the bay area won't be asking where is bart bart is here. bart is ready. >> he also thinks increasing off peak train frequency will make up for lost revenue from white collar workers. >> i think the way bart has positioned itself on being nextible in additional train that you can slot into service and increasing service on the weekends. i think that is going to be the key for public transit is to be the number one option for you. >> as ever, for this to really work, people have to choose transit over traffic. something even prepandemic, many were reluctant to do. >> investing in public transit is an investment in the future. >> the idea of going back to normal. i'm not sure there is a going back to what we had prepandemic. >> all three agencies were able to avoid layoffs this year. in large part because of that
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federal funding. it only lasts for so long. muni thinks it'll run out by 2023 but that's enough time to ask for more financial ppore vors. >>getogina hothe commute is going. elm for the super commuters. >> yeah. super commuters. its been tough. you have a lot of brake lights as you work there to the pass area. westbound 580 getting slow already. a lot of cars on the road. if you are coming out of tracy as you head onto 580 you will see the brake lights and we are seeing a lot of red on the seven source extending beyond north flynn. everything start around mount house. just a crash toward the right shoulder. 680 connector there. no delays after you get on 680. if you are going past there toward the castro valley y things moving better.
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if you are taking 84 out of livermore down to the sonell grade, we are seeing some brake lights here as well as you approach 680. things getting slow past that point. the overnight road work. has now cleared. 39 minutes is your travel time. westbound 580. 205 toward 680. that's the slowest spot. the east shore at 18 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 problem free and 101 out of the south bay no brake lights or issues on the freeways. we had reports of a trouble spot near allen rock but no impact to the roadways. right now traffic out of san guadupe parkway to attht. let's get lo the bay area bridges. right now is a good time to be on the roadway. n e southbound side is a pretty easy one right now. it's 5:17. time to check the forecast and a warming trend is on
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the way. we are looking at temperatures on the rise today. that will continue as we look to the next few days. get ready for that. here is a treat in the sky. check it out. a live look with our roof camera. this is of the pink super moon. a very cool sight. we are starting off with mainly clear skies. a pretty view as you kick off tuesday. looking out across the bay. the transamerica pyramid. temperatures in the 30's and another chilly start. downtown san francisco at 48, down to 38 degrees in santa rosa this morning. current winds just to show you. just calm to light conditions as we start off our day. high pressure building in this
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week. that's a dominant weather feature for us and that's why we are going to see the temperatures warming up. actually above normal highs for wednesday and thursday. on future cast all of that sun as we go through the day today that. will we the case for wednesday and thursday. 71 santa clara and san jose. 72 for morgan hill this afternoon. los gatos, as we look to the east bay from mid-70s for concord as well as for pleasant hill. antioch and brentwood. 80 degrees. fairfield one of our warmest spots at 81 this afternoon. low 70's for the tri valley this afternoon. 61 in san francisco, 59daley city, oakland and for the north bay, 70's to about 80
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degrees in napa and topping out at 78 for windsor. as we look to tomorrow, it gets even warmer. we are talking into the 70's as we look to the inland locations to even in the mid-80s's for some of our warmest spots inland from fairfield as well as for antioch and the mid to upper 60's for right around the bay. here is the extended forecast. what you can expect as we warm it up. even more for wednesday and for thursday. the warmest daysous of the extended forecast. still mild to warm friday, slightly cooler but still mild as we look to saturday and sunday. several days of this dry weather and likely as we kick off the month of may as well. back to you. >> all right. thank you. more video showing that first super moon of 2021. take a look. april's full moon is known as the pink moon. it was fantastic over new york city. this is the first in a trio of super moons followed by another on may 26th and a
5:21 am
third o june 24th. and this was the view last night. a super moon happen when is a full moon appears one pethecpse. because of s cle guests welcomed back to the happiest place on earth. who is heading to the park today before the official reopening friday. that's still ahead. and coming up at seven on cbs this morning, hear from the health and human services secretary en on the coronavirus variants. stereo and how sea weed could help
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. the time is now 5:24. a live look from the sales force tower camera looking eastover the sparkling bay bridge. happening today, let there be light. >> lots of light. disneyland's sleeping beauty castle is bright gena head of today's soft reopening.
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lit up and ready to welcome back..guests. it's pretty. cast members and families will return today. the public will be welcomed back friday. only california residents allowed who bought tickets and made a reservation. >> to get park reservations for the first day took a while. you got a really high demand. >> i will eat. >> i hear you, sister. sounds pretty good. it's one year closure disney reimagined snow white's wish ride and the splash mountain ride. disney and california adventure will open at 25 to 35% capacity. >> can't forget the plume. >> i know. looks like so much fun. time now is5:25. >> in the next half hour, with
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♪one more bite.♪ ♪just give me one more bite.♪ ♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. . right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay areawalk inomwhercan t ccin what could soon be slipped overseas. the push to get the un shots to countries. and the effort to get the governor out of office heats up. what is next as the recall campaign clears a big
5:30 am
hurdle. good morning to you. it's tuesday, april 27th. >> after a cool weekend we are starting a warming trend today today. the temperatures are going to rise through the week. >> that's right. we are going to see the temperatures warming up today and especially midweek. i have to say you both look amazing on that new anchor set. we are looking at clear skies. grab that jacket if you are going outside, maybe getting ready for work or school. 30's and 40's as we head through the afternoon. we are talking in to the 60's, 70's, even some spots, warmest spots in to the low 80's. this is just a startof a big warming trend with plenty of sun as we head through the day. i know are you tracking a crash on 101. we have a pretty serious accident on 101 southbound.
5:31 am
this is in the area of san martin, north and southbound are backed up because of this. if are you going in the commute direction that's where most the delays though the crash is on the flip side. a lot of activity and slowing. you have three left lanes blocked as well as wood debris. five cars with one vehicle reportedly to have manager front end damage. lot of activity in and around that area. see something slow speeds, try to avoid it if you can. westbound 580 for super commuters getting busy. 41 minutes, over toward 680. a slow ride out of tracy and still a crash at the dublin interchange. take a live look at the white house this morning where the president will make remarks on the current state of the pandemic and the white house coronavirus response team. likely to have more information about updated guidance from the cdc. that is as the cdc expected to announce new advice for vaccinated americans
5:32 am
including new recommendations related to health care settings and whether or not people need to wear masks outside. this is something that has been highly debated as the research comes in and looks like people who are fully vaccinated, even with a breakthrough case, carries much less virus which means it is less likely to spread to others. as of last night the language was still being finalized from the cdc but we are expecting announcement from the president, the task force and the cdc about how our summer will look when it comes to being able to be outside with our without masks on. we will watch that. kit has more on how you can get to be part of the vaccinated club if you are into it. >> thank you. we are live here at the santa clara county fairgrounds. this is the expo hall. you make the entrance on gate d. there's now so much vaccine here in the south bay that they are trying something
5:33 am
new. starting today, and lasting through the end of the week you can just walk into more than a dozen large sites and get a dose. no appointment needed. health officials are trying to reach those who don't have easy access to the internet. santa claras ha the gone a big infusion of dose from the feds. 65% of everybody over 16 have gotten at least one dose and 37% of residents here in santa clara are fully vaccinated. >> we are starting to see a drop off on demand. in the past we -- you know we had a high demand and the supply was low. now we have enough supply we are seeing a drop off on demand. >> we want to basically eliminate the disease. that's more important than just getting herd immunity. if you look at other diseases we have seldom been able to get to herd immunity but have still been able to eliminate the disease. >> here are some of the top
5:34 am
sites where you can get a shot subject to availability. there are 13 sites stretching mountain view to gilroy. this new walk in approach starts today and lasts through sunday. it could extend through next week. you can get the full list on the website. we are live in san jose. new video of a train carrying much needed oxygen into a railway station early today in india. the train had traveled more than 700 miles to get the drugs to the area. the trucks then went to hospitals facing oxygen shortages because of severe surges in cases. in washington the white house said it'll share its stock pile of the oxford vaccine with the rest of the world after the medicine passes an fda safety check. >> the united states is promising to send oxygen and other supplies to india. >> given the strong number of vaccines we have
5:35 am
authorizes and available in large quantity, we do not need to use the oxford in the fight against coronavirus over the next few moss. >> south bay congressman also supports sending unused stock piles to india. they have approved that vaccine for use already. >> we can't give those shots to americans because the fda didn't approve them. >> indian americans are trying to help with the crisis. the bay area has onest largest indian american communities in the united states. many have relatives suffering during the crisis. a couple in palo alto said family members are reporting that hospital staff infrastruc are kie f ge sick others get scared don't show up to the hospitals and facilities. >> it's hard to be so faraway and helpless. >> couple has launched go fund me accounts and a website.
5:36 am
that site is connected to international relief agencies now working to ship hundreds of oxygen units to india. for more news like you this can download the app scanning the qr code on the screen. live now to sacramento. the campaign to remove the governor has collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. backers have more than 1.6 million signature is. this is just the second time in california that a recall attempt against a governor has reached that stage. the campaign sites several reasons for the attempt including the governor's coronavirus response and economic down turn. the rnc committee member from california claims the re a paan effort. >> the governor is out there with his ads trying to claim this is a republican conspiracy of some sorts. i can tell you that in the dozen lawsuit that i have filed against the governor last year regarding his coronavirus lockdowns, many of
5:37 am
the plaintiffs were democrats. >> successful recalls are rare. the only time it ever happened in california has against gray davis in 2003. a separate vote at the same time would pick a replacement. today the city's board of supervisors will meet to discuss the funding it's small business emergency relief program. a new report puts san francisco on its list of cities where small businesses were worst hit by the pan democrat inge. the worst new york with revenues falling 16%. san francisco was second on the list followed by hawaii and santa monday monica. some of the worst hit businesses are starting to return to prepandemic levels. tesla reporting it's first quarts sales rose more than 70%. here is the year to year numbers. 5.9 the billion to more than 10 billion. they said its model 3 was the
5:38 am
best selling sedan in the world. the company looking forward to sales of its redone model s and the tesla semi commercial truck later this year. this is the 7th straight quarter the company turned a profit. wall street making gains and if you are a spotify user brace yourself for price bump. >> good morning. as the president gears up to mark 100 days in office wall street is marking it's own milestones. since he took office the market has seen inprecedented performance. stocks have logged the best gains since the 50's amid the recovery efforts. the s&p500 which is the broadest benchmark has jumped more than 24%. united states based modern will get help from
5:39 am
the french. they have inked a deal to produce vaccine beginning in the fall the production would be based in the united states. get ready to pay more for spotify. they are boosting prices for family plans in the united states by a dollar to $15.99. for now the other plan also remain the same. all existing users will have one month grace period before the price hike. >> and i will let you finish but -- i hear kanye has -- made some big bucks at auction for sneakers. >> yes. yes. the kicks sold for $1.8 million. it marks the highest public reported price for a sneaker sale. the rapper wore the shoes at the 2008 grammy awards. >> okay. you said $1.8 million for worn shoes. >> for used shoes.
5:40 am
exactly. >> with the feet sweat in them and everything. okay. >> i mean like if we do that, no. nobody is paying that much for our used shoes. we have to donate them. they will be like excuse me. you pay me for those. >> right. they better help you walk on water for that price. >> exactly. >> we will see you again at 6:30. >> you don't think his feet smell like roses >> i hate to think about what anyone's feet smell like. >> good point. >> he has the money to make they will smell like roses. >> true. time is 5:40. the census totals in and it's a historic report for california. >> for the first time the state is losing a congressional seat. the funding hanging in the streaming on cbsn bay ar . grab that jacket if the doo
5:41 am
as we head through the afternoon sunshine and warmer temperatures. many of us into the 60's and 70's and this is just a start of a warm up across the bay area. and if you are commuting in to san martin there is an injury crash causing delays and look at traffic in the pass. thank you for joining us. we will be right back.
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5:44 am
. going live to capitol hill. this morning california is loosing some of its clout in congress. it's gifting back a house seat for the first time after census data revealed record slow growth in the golden state it. will mean the loss of a vote and some federal funding. >> it's devastating. it affects everything from medical to health care in general, schooling, and it also goes to things like roads and water. >> texas is growing so fast that it's gaining two spots in the chamber. florida and four other states also added a seat. california is among seven states losing one. texas will still trail california by 14 seats but our delegation goes from 53 members to 52. many are questioning the data because it was gathered during a pandemic. >> we under counted people in urban areas because they are the area that are hardest hit and people
5:45 am
don't want to open their doors. >> states will have to the opportunity to redraw districts, how that's done varies state to state. new report finds 202 was the deadliest year for police chases in california in 15 year. according to a news group data from chp shows 41 people have died in police pursuits. since 2006 more than 470 have died including 281 driver who were fleeing police. ten law enforcement officers. >> those high speed chases have become a side show. >> not that we just want to chase them until the wheels fall off. we are always looking at the if the need to catch them out weighs the risk to the thinking about. >> a bill to allow california cities to install speed cameras just cleared a major hurdle. the measure passed a major
5:46 am
committee. the cameras will catch speeders and send them a ticket in the mail. the may on the road to recovery the orchid show will play again at san francisco's davies hall. >> live concerts are set to return may 6th. like other events in the city people will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result and due to coronavirus restrictions there will be a limited number of people allowed in. the time is now 5:46. let's go to gianna now to see how that commute is shaping up. good morning. >> good morning. it is a busy one. especially for our super commuters. we have a crash on the southbound side of 101. toha la
5:47 am
up in the next couple minutes. the three left lanes are shut down. they have a lot of debris. vehicle hit wood debris and may have hit a center divide and cause aid trickle effect with other crashes. its been a big mess in this area. we will watch this but they should have lanes open here pretty quickly. if you are headed toward the pass another super commuter route, we have brake lights westbound as you work from 205 onto 580. we have delays on 205 start around mount house. at the dublin interchange that earlier crash he with had involving a couple of vehicles now clear. definitely backed up just a bit as you work over westbound 580 onto 680 itself. 680 looks good in both directions. no metering lights just yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. more crowded out of oakland, emoryville and starting to see brake light across the upper deck into san francisco. golden gate bridge looks good
5:48 am
out of marin. southbound 101 from the richmond. san rafael bridge into san francisco. taking you about 15 minutes right now for your travel times. san mateo bridge the travel time is only 13 minutes westbound between880 and 101. grab the jacket. cool but that will change. we are looking at clear and cold conditions as we start off the day. here is a lovely view. beautiful as we look east across the bay bridge and east to mount diablo and the golden colors in the sky. a pretty view as we start off tuesday here. the temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. we are looking at concord at 45, oakland, san jose, and -- in the 40's. lookingat 38 in santa rosa. winds calm it light as we kick off the new day. high pressure building in this week. that's the reason why we are going to see temperatures on the rise. today the start of a warming
5:49 am
trend for us. we are going to see the temperatures really soar above normal as we look to wednesday and for thursday. taking you hour by hour on future cast. starting off the day with clear skies. plenty of sun through the afternoon and as we look through tomorrow, very similar with the sun and temperatures warming up even more for tomorrow. our sunrise at 6:18 and the sunset at 7:56. checking daytime highs for the south bay. 71 santa clara, 7 # for you in morgan hill. for the south bay. as we look to the east bay it gets warmer. mid7o's. concord, pleasant hill. antioch and brentwood. we are talking 80 degrees and even warmer still. my hometown, fairfield, 81, low 70's. around the bay, 61 in san francisco, 59daley city. mid-60s's for you in alameda as well as for oakland this afternoon. into the 70's for the north bay. even 80 degrees in napa and
5:50 am
reaching 78 for windsor. as we look to tomorrow again we are going to see the temperatures climb even more as we look to your wednesday with that sunshine. here is the extended forecast. what you can expect wednesday and thursday actually the warm effort days out of our extended forecast. we will watch the temperatures rise as we look to wednesday and for thursday. friday, still mild to warm, we are going to cool it down just a bit for the weekend. still mild temperature was the sunshine continues for your saturday and sound. we will bump up the temperatures as we look to early next week. dry weather over the next several days as we end out april and like lie as we start the month of may. still looking dry. back to you. >> thank you. happening today a park and zoo in san jose is partially reopening. happy hollow will open two play areas called redwood work out and adventure grove. they are access able along a
5:51 am
walking bag. capacity is limited and reservations required. pandemic puppies back in the pound. the sad trend as coronavirus restrictions loosen. that's next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn. and a live look outside the richmond, san rafael bridge. coming up today on the drew barrymore show, baby fever working with will smit
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. welcome back. it is 5:53 on this tuesday morning. as we head through our day today. plenty of sun. we will warm it up. today the start of a warming trend for us. low 70's in south bay. santa clara and san jose. mid-70s. concord, pleasant hill. 80 degrees in antioch and brentwood. around the bay 61 san francisco, mid-60s's for alameda and oakland and for the north bay 70 to 80. the desire for a quarantine friend cleared shelters last year. >> as coronavirus numbers started to go down the number of pets being returned to shelter is growing. several of the dogs thought they found a home but as restrictions lift the excitement seen this time last year is fading and people are resuming their normal activities. one shelter has seen 15 dogs
5:55 am
surrendered in the past two weeks. >> the dogs bark in the apartment because the dogs isn't person isn't home. >> restrictions lifting so we are getting e-mails people saying that they have travel plans and very vacations. >> you can help by fostering animals, sponsoring a foss for or donating. the giant adding a new kind of vip section. >> in the next half hour, the new section set for vaccinated fans only. that's coming up. and another pandemic milestone here in the south bay. they are opening up vaccine appointments for walk ins. we have a live report. and a live look outside before we head to break. a beautiful shot as we start
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
. like a movie. flipping over the air. >> right now, two people dead and a mess of debris and twisted metal. the late night south bay crash leaving more questions than answers this morning. say good-bye to refreshing that scheduling page. the county handing out shots with noa pointment necessary. and the biggest water utility could have a b big anme goodorni to you. it's tuesday, april 27th. >> you will need the jack oat but not very long. mary with that warm up trend. we are looking at the temperatures on the rise today and that will continue as
6:00 am
we look through midweek. here is a live look with our san francisco camera. a pretty view with those golden colors in the sky. clear skies as we start off the day for many locations and you can see just how chilly it is. down to the 30's and 40's. that's where we are saying to grab that jacket. 60's, 70's. 61 in san francisco. looking at mid-70s in concord. 80 degrees for antioch. you can see all of that sun as we go through the day. let's check in with gianna. it is getting crowded on the bay bridge. yes it is. they haven't turned the metering lights on but we are seeing the brake lights build for that westbound ride into san francisco. if you are going out the door expect the brake lights to get just a little worse as that morning commute gets br.


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