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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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bogus botox for years and making nearly $1 million doing it. new video of police breaking up a friend party at fort mason. good evening. we begin on a drought watch and outdoor watering restrictions start next weekend in marin and on tuesday, sonoma county is expected to proclaim a drought emergency after another dry winter. we are at lake sonoma to report what that means for county residents. >> reporter: this is the tram at the lake sonoma marina and there is no water and it is close. officials say lake sonoma has never been lower than this time of year. there messages don't wait, conserve now. the receding shorelines show how to dry winters have affected lake sonoma. >> it is really worrisome and depressing because we always come every weekend and to see this like where the water usually is and where it is now.
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>> reporter: this family remembers the last time the lake filled up. >> we came on valentine's day of 2017 and the water level was to the skylight. >> reporter: it saw the highest levels in 2017 and the marina store was flooded. look at it now. lake is gone down by more than 100 feet. >> we are looking today at the lowest level our reservoirs have ever been since they were built. >> reporter: the spokesman for sonoma water said lake sonoma is the primary water source or about 600,000 customers in the north bay. the lake gets its water strictly from rainfall and nothing from snowmelt. >> right now, we need our residents to start conserving water. there is no water to waste. >> reporter: he says the drought has been hard on them. they don't get water from any agency but just rainfall. >> we voluntarily cut back anyway because we are and well and we do see an impact over a few years of not having the
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water table that we are used to. so for us, we will let our lawn go, and we won't perhaps do the same sized garden as we would like to do. >> reporter: many say they will conserve as if water is liquid gold. >> if i have to turn off our sprinklers on the lawns and not wash cars. >> conserver you can because it takes all of us. >> reporter: officials say depending on the success of conservation efforts now, that will dictate what restrictions look like later this summer. the board of directors for east bay mud is meeting on tuesday to decide whether or not to officially declare a stage i drought. if they do, customers could be asked to voluntarily cut their usage by 10% starting on saturday. we are tracking california's dry weather and website and had to to check the specific conditions in your zip code. turning now to the rain we got today. the april showers were enough
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to give the richmond and the golden gate bridge a quick rinse but not enough to slow down traffic. >> the cameras on the top of the hopkins hotel and the showers rolled through. so anything else on the horizon, or is that it? there is a little left over rain in the east bay right now but that is it. even on the high side of this forecast, the rain we could have gotten at its best would not have been enough anyway to have any impact on that. like we saw with the reservoirs in sonoma county. we only have 507 inch of rain in those places and i will show you the totals in a second. it is still raining in east bay . this is the focus of the showers now and the hills that surround the tri-valley and 680 it is mostly up in the hills and if we come back out for a wide look and put it into the future cast, it does a good job
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of picking up in general where the action is and it shows us where it is going. it will start to turn off your quickly. this will be over the next few hours as we go through the remainder after the noon. it will get cold. the storm came in on a cold front. so when the clouds clear out, we will have all of that cold air left over from the system and we will go back down into the middle or upper 30s for morning lows in the north bay and most of it will go down in the mid 40s. this will be a colder night than what we have had for the last few weeks. that is the next thing to think about and there is not a lot of rain here in sausalito that pocket of south marin picked up about 4/10 of an inch of rain and everybody else on here is is about 1/10 at best. wait until you see the warm-up coming our way for much of next week and i will be back with that in the forecast in a few minutes. if you want to keep up in the forecast on the go or sign up for breaking news alerts download the news app. you can use that qr code on
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your screen. we dove vi showing police breaking up a big party at san francisco's fort mason. the person who captured this video tells us that berkeley students got together there for cal day, the event that usually is for prospective students to get an idea of how life is there. some students decided to come to san francisco instead when it was supposed to be virtual and they left a mess behind. we stopped by the park today and it was all cleaned up. it was unclear if anybody was cited or arrested and police say they will look into it tomorrow and we reached out to cal for a comment but we have not heard back. health officials are standing behind the decision to resume use of johnson & johnson's one dose vaccine and they are doing that after a handful of reports of rare but serious blood clots. offices representing the county said we a joy -- agree with statements that the risks are extremely low of developing the
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rare disorder. california has given out more than 28 million doses so far with 11 1/2 million people fully vaccinated with another 6.5 million halfway there. custer county has given out 1 million so far and starting tomorrow it will be easier to get one there. the counties opening walk-in clinics at the pittsburgh youth development center in st. john missionary baptist church in richmond which opens up at 9:00. at 11:00 the east county senior coalition will host the first of 2 free drive-through events were seniors and caregivers can get groceries and covid shots. they will be available at the senior center in brentwood. on the road to recovery, push to move events that bay area senior centers out of the parking lots and back into the buildings. leaders in st. clair county are calling on the public health department and state to come up with a plan and guidance on how to reopen senior center safely. before the pandemic facilities like the saratoga area senior coordinating center would have more than 1000 older adults
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walking through the doors every week for organized activities. but more than a year after the shutdowns began it is still closed leaving the seniors with nowhere to go to stay active and socially connected. community leaders say senior centers prevent older adults from ending up in nursing homes. it is time for the state come up with some guidelines to get them back open. here is the executive director. > none of us have guidance so it is up to us to make up the rules as we go and it's not a good solution when you talk about a population the most impacted in terms of their risk level. we are advocating for some more thought to be put into that from the public health department and state. the center is hosting a walk-in campaign to get seniors moving called put your best foot forward and it will be going on the entire month of may and every dollar raised will be toward supporting older adults in the community and online registration opens
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monday morning at sas area doctors accused of rebranding knockoff skin fillers as botox in jupiter and selling them to patients were quadruple the price. federal prosecutors say doctor lindsay marie clark made nearly $800,000 on this scheme from 2016 and 2020 and accused of instructing her staff to light a patients about what they are getting. if convicted she could face three years in prison and a $10,000 fine. any decision on her license to practice would come separately from the state medical board. the effort to recall the mayor of windsor could begin tomorrow. the democrat press reports that's when they will file a notice of intent and he has refused to resign after six women accused him of sexual assault. the 38-year-old denies the allegations. if you live in berkeley the city wants your input on how to
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spend nearly $40 million in federal funding and it would prioritize a list of programs and services for low income residents and that includes homeless services and housing development or rehabilitation projects and the public can weigh in tuesday evening at 6:00 when the city council meets on zoom. and endangered whale washes ashore in san francisco. what researchers say killed it. as air travel takes off again, sso is warning travelers to expect delays for months. april showers were a bit underwhelming in the bay area but plenty of places are seeing spring snow. a former giants superstar pitches a no-hitter, but weight. the big game won't go down in the books that way and we will explain why just ahead in sports check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites. ♪ one more bite- ♪ ♪ just ♪ ♪ gimme one ♪ ♪ more bite. ♪
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and endangered whale that washed ashore in san francisco this weekend died from a ship strike and that is the conclusion from the bay area marine researchers. they examined the carcass that landed and determined the 46 foot juvenile male had blunt force trauma to its neck and it is the fifth dead whale the washed ashore in the bay area in the past month thfowere which began the northern migration in april. more san francisco unified students will be back in the classroom starting tomorrow and middle schools and high schools will welcome back students with special needs and other higher risk groups and returning any students in grades three through five who didn't go back last week and happening tomorrow the san jose sharks will welcome fans back to the tank for their game against the
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arizona coyotes so proof of vaccination or a negative covid test as part of the price of admission. rapid tests will be available at the gate. of course, masks are mandatory. looking ahead, the new hillsdale station opens the riders in san mateo county tomorrow and the new elevated station as part of an ongoing project to separate the train tracks at 25th, 28th and 31st avenue's and that will improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians and make traffic go faster. the new station is located four blocks north of its previous location. a big runway overhaul that starts tomorrow at sfo. the airports longest runway 28 right will be closed for four months for repaving, taxiway construction and also expansion and lighting improvements. it is expected to reopen by labor day. travelers should expect occasional delays and mostly in the late afternoon or early evening arlsand
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departures. >> delays and sfo goes hand-in- hand. but this doesn't usually. a whole lot of shaking going on under lake tahoe. three small quakes struck in a matter of minutes early in the morning probably along the west tahoe dollar fault zone and one of three that run underneath the lake. today's quakes were not strong at all ranging from 3.728 2.7, but, like with every known fault in california, it is capable of producing something bigger and those faults could spring a 7.1. if that were to happen, it's potential a 30 foot tsunami could result. the tahoe area collecting some spring snow and this was the scenic seen along interstate 80. chain control effexor in force for trucks and they could soon be required for cars if enough snow falls. >> i was not expecting this. we have been in warm weather
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here in the valley where it is really nice and i was kind of surprised. >> i thought it would be sunny appear for sure. >> you are not watching darren yesterday. that is all we talk about. a few members share this video of flakes falling and the jingle bell sound effects. why not. you didn't have us amply prepared for the snow up in the mountains. the warming trend ahead as well. thank you. greg and the nice woman in the car for following the script and we started seeing this on wednesday but this will catch people off guard up there driving over donner pass understandably to get that much snow out there and look out over the tri-valley and here is a time-lapse that s ras is is one of the more impressive views of the rain. it was on again and off again and steady at times and missed
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and a little more rain in the parking lot is what there in the foreground and that moved out from these hills and moved off to the north and dropped about 1507 inch of rain in san ramon and a little more than that around dublin proper but not much and those are some of the biggest holes and other than the rain gauge at brian's place, the southern edge of marin were a at 4/10 of an inch of rain and you can check that with mill valley with 3/10 of an inch of rain and everybody else you have five seven evidence -- inch of rain. you can see the showers that still exist and mainly focused in or around the tri-valley and that time-lapse we are looking at and the closer view shows us it is mainly up in the hills and the yellow and orange is good in the radar telling you it is down a little bit better of a clip but only doing it over the mountains. this tells us the system is
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losing some energy and needs the mountains to give it a padded boost and that will go away and if we put it back into future cast we can watch those showers come to an end as they fizzle out and drift away and it is pretty much done and it will be colder tonight and low 40s and mid 30s in the valleys. it looks pretty out there right now. left over clouds and take this in because the skies may not look like this again and you get onto the back end of a clearing storm and you get the prettiest looking sky. if you look at us in the big picture you can't miss it. the water vapor off the coast gives you the exaggerated view and this is why it is still snowing in the sierra right now. watch the direction coming up into the state and just kind of had on hitting the mountains forcing the air up and it will snow up there for the next few hours and not necessarily heavy at this point but we will continue to get another few inches here and there is still a winter storm warning up there
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expiring 11:00 tomorrow morning. daytime highs tomorrow are slowly starting to rebound and it will be warmer than today was but you don't notice a lot of change in the temperatures tomorrow and let's use concord is our example and we didn't get out of the low 60s all day and we made it up to 62 for the daytime high in concord but we are going up to 83 and by the time we get to wednesday and thursday and in other words it will be a fast turnaround but this is classic spring weather. you can do those big weather whiplash moments from one extreme to the other with snow in the sierra and two days later we are in the mid 80s and that is exact we held this week will go and as we look at it across the seven-day forecast we are out of the rain business probably for a while and we will get back into full force spring and it will be very sunny and as we get into the middle of next week. straight ahead this baseball sunday, the a's o sthtweekof winning were on the line and the giants, something we have not seen in
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eight years happened in this
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baseball up top mbas. he said all good things must come to an end. so 13 straight wins will have to do. don't even think about grabbing any of this young lady's cotton candy. the bottom of the second, austin hayes figured out jesus luzardo and it opened up the scoring in the top of the 4th of the a's got one back and a solo homer of his own for ramon and it would be a tie game so win number 14 in a row was on target until austin hayes struck him again and a 4th inning 2 run blast and it was 3- 1 in the baltimore pitching got locked in from there and it held oakland the two hits and
6:22 pm
jed will tell you he was tough. it got away from him and the 8th. and surehanded. the a's also gave up five walks and he scored 5 in the inning and eight minus one is the final and still first in the al west but say goodbye to the winning streak and in tampa tomorrow. >> we have been playing really good baseball and eventually we were bound to lose a game and we ran into a guy that was throwing well today and the ended up kind of opening it up there at the end so i like where we are at and we get to start a new one tomorrow. >> in the meantime the giants. if they can't take over first place, second place? end of april? will you take it? the wet stuff was the star today and the umbrellas were up at third and king in the marlins and giants played for the stuff and the grounds crew was extra tired today and am trying to keep the field dry and didn't bother logan from swinging the bat and down the gap and he had a two run triple
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and the last giants pitcher to triple was in 2013 and webb had a 4-0 lead in the 6 and look at the movement on this pitch. he tied a career-high 8 strikeouts and this is the fill in for johnny? seven shutout innings. and look how close he came to a home run in the 6 inning. the bat away and they warning track. the top of the seventh and even when webb got into a jam the skipper kept him in the figure it out and he had chad to grounded into an inning ending double play. he was behind the dish and the shutout he had five straight and jesus aguilar went deep in the eighth and eight 2 run blast and they held for 4-3 win and they won the series and carry a record of 14-8 when
6:24 pm
they host the rockies monday. >> now i know why hitters like hitting so much. when you hit it and it feels good and feels like nothing and it was a lot of fun doing that and i was definitely a little tired after i got to third. >> we did wait for this one. madison bumgarner throwing zeros in a doubleheader and froze atlanta star who had seven strikeouts for madison bumgarner and no hits and two batters later marshall minded out to right for a no-hitter . those only count in a nine inning game. >> i want to say two things and i will go celebrate with the guys. i want to thank the shadows in atlanta and they helped out and that was awesome and i want to think rob manfred. >> and now to mark and cameron and they partnered up in this and the pga team event the missouri classic and new orleans. how is this for short payment
6:25 pm
16. a share of the lead here and please the gallery here in this went to a sudden death playoff and we know he can put but he missed it and they double bogeyed so cameron smith had the door open for him and he got it. the two aussies split a $2.1 million check and brooke henderson was the winner in los angeles and the warriors and kings, moving pictures coming up on game day tonight. >> looking forward to that. thank you. southbay armenians are rejoicing that an american president would acknowledge their people were the victims of genocide. we will have that story coming up. a new cbs news poll is throwing cold water on america's hopes for herd immunity. bay area coastal residents
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have their eyes on the rising sea levels. the fight over what to do about homes now at risk. let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite.
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you are watching kpix 5 news. year after year and decade after decade we were told it was not the right time. what i would say it is never the right time to do the wrong thing . >> president biden entered new territory this weekend with a single word. that word was genocide. he is now the first president to use it to describe the 1915 massacre of armenians by the turks. >> today armenians today celebrated what they see as the end of the nile. we were there.
6:29 pm
>> reporter: for 106 years the turkish government has denied that it committed genocide. it is a word they don't use and they don't like it when others use it as well. in a statement yesterday president biden said the american people honor all of those armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today. it was the first time the term genocide has been used. the santa clara supervisor, who is of armenian descent feels it is about time. >> year after year and decade after decade, we were told it was not the right time. what i would say it is never the right time to do the wrong thing. denial is the wrong thing. >> reporter: in 1915 with world war i underway, the ottoman turks began in ethnic purging of the armenian homeland. >> hundreds of thousands of armenians died, and by the end of the war, more than half of histic homelands were n living
6:30 pm
destroyed. >> reporter: it is estimated that 1.5 million people were killed. but ever since, turkey, and important nato ally, has pressured the u.s. from refrain from calling it a genocide. today at a remembrance ceremony at saint andrews armenian church in cupertino the normally somber attitude was tinged with gratitude to president biden and local congresswoman anna eshoo has campaigned for years to call the atrocity a genocide. >> i thanked him for his consistent support and said he had the opportunity to make history. he did. >> reporter: she is also armenian and work to get a genocide recognition letter of resolution to the house in 2019 were passed overwhelmingly. some say it was that backing by the congress that made it possible for president biden to choose the words he did. >> the word is important because each one of them mattered. each life, a loved one.
6:31 pm
in silence, it is buried with denial. >> reporter: the turkish government announced president biden statement calling the word genocide a vulgar distortion of history. the armenians say words coming from the white house matter and even though they can't change what happened, at least they are no longer pretending it did not. >> bay area armenians are worried now about a rise in hate crimes directed at them. last year and armenian school was defaced by vandals and two months later the cultural center was attacked by arsonists. president biden will mark his 100th day in office this thursday. while his administration remains focused on the pandemic and economy, john lawrence reports president is also trying to build support for his sweeping infrastructure plan. >> reporter: this week president biden will unveil the latest of his economic agenda during his first joint address
6:32 pm
to congress since laying out his proposal last month in pittsburgh. >> even as he makes the final decisions that the american families plan and a speech on wednesday will represent the totality of every priority item for him and every item on his agenda that he wants to move forward as president. >> reporter: sources say the proposal includes reducing childcare costs and boosting paid family leave the white house plan would double the capital gains tax for those who earn more than $1 million annually. lawmakers countered with their own proposal and would not raise taxes and would be paid for with offsets like user fees. >> there are very few folks will argue that they don't want to see government funds invested in this one the reasons why president biden can call just about anything infrastructure and hope to throw that cloak over it. >> reporter: despite the differences it appears the lines of can location are open between the two parties. >> i talked to our ranking members and talk to our committee chairman and democrats and this is an active
6:33 pm
conversation. i think it is a good beginning. as far as the president's approval rating goes, an average of the six most recent polls shows 55% of americans are content with the job he is doing and 41% feel the opposite. we heard from vice president harris today and an extended interview with cnn. she covered a number of topics including gun-control. >> we should have background checks and that is reasonable gun safety laws and we should have an assault weapons ban. assault weapons have been designed to kill a lot of people quickly. they are weapons of war. congress has to act. >> she spent a lot of time talking about the death of george floyd. she called on congress to pass the justice in policing act that is named for him. >> we have to put an end to these moments where the public questions whether there will be accountability.
6:34 pm
questions whether there is going to be the kind of fairness that we should all expect and deserve in all of our lives and in particular as it relates to opcolo with a particular emphasis on black and brown men in the criminal justice system. >> she also talked about the president's recent decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan as the last person in the room when the call was made. she said she has her full support. a news poll shows americans are slightly less hesitant about vaccines this month and they were in march and as we report there is still a significant number of people who may opt not to get the shot. >> reporter: the push to vaccinate america against covid- 19 is moving faster than many expected but there are concerns that vaccine hesitancy can slow progress. >> we had about 141 million people who have received at least one dose and the more people you get vaccinated the more people you protect.
6:35 pm
six in 10 americans plan to get vaccinated and they have already had at least one shot but at least 20% of people say either maybe or no. >> some portion of those people we can reach with better education and getting the vaccines in the hands of people they trust like their local doctors to try to encourage them to get vaccinated. >> reporter: those surveyed still hesitant to get vaccinated indicated various reasons and the most common is the vaccines are still too untested and people are waiting to see what happens to others to get the shots. >> the cdc said about a percent of americans who had their first dose have missed their second and the numbers don't account for people who switch to a new clinic for their second shot so the actual figure is lightly less. if you have still not gotten your shot yet, it is a good time and the lines are short and you can go to our website to see what ago and we have a list of activities that
6:36 pm
are safe to do if you are fully vaccinated. a deadly fire at a hospital and investigators say devices are meant to save lives and actually spark the disaster. >> whether it is different faiths or ethnicities, the things we believe in our care and kindness. the powerful mission bringing together faith and community leaders in one bay area county.
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the indonesian navy has declared all of the crewmembers aboard a missing submarine dead after new images revealed the song in wreckage. the news comes the day after debris believed to be from a submarine was found floating about 2 miles from where it
6:39 pm
lost contact. the vessel went missing during a military exercise in the valley straight last wednesday and authorities believe the heavy pressure caused the whole to crack in three pieces. 53 crewmembers were on board. and now to a chaotic scene in iraq. authorities say at least 82 people are dead following a massive explosion at a hospital that is treating covid patients. this happened last night and back dead and crews were still working to put out the flames today. investigators think a number of oxygen tanks exploded and that caused the fire. health workers and neighbors scued more an anth are worknow pefranci who concluded an historic visit to iraq last month is remembering the victims. you shared the news in his sunday address of the vatican today and asked the faithful to pray for them. back here, community and faith leaders gathered for a prayer vigil in santa clara. the mayors of san jose santa clara fremont and saratoga
6:40 pm
joined church leaders for a united we stand prayer rally that called for unity and blessings for all ethnic groups in our country. >> i think what we do is coming together, we show whether it is different faiths or ethnicities, things that we believe in our hope and care and kindness for our communities. >> the thing we are talking about and the reason we are getting together to pray is not just a token thing of getting people of different nationalities together, to do some sort of event. we actually believe there is a tremendous power when we get on our faces and humble ourselves before god. >> the same message was shared next-door in san jose were a rally was held to stop asian hate at cesar chavez plaza. it is suddenly less appealing in parts of the bay area. why other coastal homeowners may be forced to retreat or abandon their properties altogether. a popular brewing company
6:41 pm
turns out a bad beer on purpose . the message it is trying to send about climate change. we are starting to get a lot of breaks of blue sky out there but we are not done with the rain yet everywhere. we will spotlight who has a chance to see some of this on high definition doppler and we will turn our attention to the warm-up coming our way for
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
there is a new beer out from new belgium. >> prepare yourself. it taste bad, and it is supposed to. you may have heard of fat tire. it released a new version called torched earth ale made lalitingredients futu erbe rced hops, it uses hoexts dandelion so the result is a terrible taste allegedly in the goal is to raise awareness about climate change. >> with all go get some. but first let's talk to darren about the change in the weather
6:45 pm
the next two days. >> you could've watched all the climate change coverage we have been doing this last week rather than getting people a sour beer. the place to be for rain for the past few hours has been the tri-valley and i have a beautiful time-lapse to show you what this is look like if you have been missing out on rain for your part of the bay. the starts at 5:15 and look at the drops on the lens and the break of sun and the wet parking lot. this has been fun to watch, but it has not been widespread. it has really been kind of hung up over the tri-valley for about the last 2 1/2 hours really and this is been the place if you wanted to find rain. even with that the rainfall totals are not really all that here and we are still only looking at 1507 inch of rain. i will use san ramon as an example and that is the biggest total and up-to-date right now and 1607 inch of rain so it says a lot about the nature of the rain we have been getting end fairly light. it comes in pockets and mill
6:46 pm
valley got 3/10 of an inch of rain and sausalito for tents. it was localized there. but everybody else is right around 1/10 of an inch of rain in san francisco so far 1307 inch of rain. that is where the rainfall totals it now. let's show you what is coming up next. we can say goodbye to the majority of the rain here and let's get the high definition doppler on the screen. the focus was down on the tri- valley and we can see the sweeps going around there and watch what happens as we come in for a close-up look where the rain is now going across 580 right at the intersection of 580 and 84 to the heart of livermore. and that is because we have a stationary band of rain sitting right there over you guys and if that is where it is right now, let's go back to the
6:47 pm
future cast and play this forward and we will show you what happens. it does pick up beautifully where the showers are and then as we go through the remainder of this evening and we say goodbye to the rain that we have been getting and we have to move on to the next side of the story which is the warm-up. we still have a beautiful afternoon and evening for cloud watching but really it is the warm-up that will start taking precedence and before i get to that we are not done in the sierra. there will be snow that falls in the mountains still from now to the remainder of tomorrow morning and it is not much with a few inches. it is enough that there is a winter storm warning stilunins. that will be a headline for anybody still traveling through the sierra from now until 11:00 tomorrow morning. let's look at the temperatures. tomorrow is not a big rebound for us. we don't really see the big jump into temperatures so much. we will go to the mid-60s for inland spots and we were pretty
6:48 pm
much low 60s today for a daytime high so it is a subtle increase. watch what happens as we color- coded the map. you see the big blue spot over california? the key on top shows us we are above average temperature wise for this time of year, about 10 degrees. and as we advance through the week we will shift and it fills up with yellow and orange by the time we get to thursday and friday. the scale shows you much of the west indeed and not just us but much of the west including california will be in the order of about 10 degrees above average and maybe even 15 degrees above average because when you start seeing a daytime high for inland parts of the bay area in the mid 80s the low to mid 70s would be average. so maybe about 10 or 11 degrees above average so another words we are going right back into sunny and warm and well above average which is a theme. we had a brief had turned from a storm that came through and give us nice rain and not nearly enough and now that it is gone, we go right back to
6:49 pm
what we have been doing for much of spring. we will be
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
in our series eye on earth, our planet in peril. coastal communities are grappling with rising sea levels causing global warming. >> there is a local example in marin county that touched off a fight about what to do with houses at risk.
6:52 pm
we show you that there are thr infrastructure near stinson beach. the coastal commission has ultimate permit authority here and wants to stop the building of seawalls and let nature take it's course. residence in the county are pushing back. >> we will assume there will be a fire or an earthquake and we plan for that. but, really, how much is the ocean going to go up? >> reporter: as president of the organization that represents the homeowners, he is all too familiar with the threat of sealevel rise and it was six years ago when property owners and low lying neighborhoods got a letter from the erunts for improvements to their properties. >> a lot of people delighted with their beach house and their 1 1/2 minute walk to the
6:53 pm
beach and all of the sudden they discovered that you would not be able to get a permit for anything. >> reporter: any structure within 1000 feet of the shoreline referred to as the coastal zone, could potentially be affected. >> that equates to can't sell your house. that equates to loss of the value of it. there was an extreme reaction. >> reporter: it turns out they were getting pressure from the coastal commission to update its local plan and the commission was proposing something referred to as managed retreat. essentially, that means abandoning or relocating all structures in the coastal zone and in this case the entire town rather than protecting it. >> if you say we are going to move these homes. where are you going to move them to? >> reporter: he is the point man on sealevel rise. >> these are pretty expensive areas, and where will you get the money to do that is a big question. >> reporter: he said this could prevent plans to elevate or arm a low lying section of highway
6:54 pm
1 near princeton beach. >> it is iconic to the state of california and have a chunk missing out of the middle of the highway would not be very good. >> reporter: and 2018 the county officially proposed a more moderate sealevel rise plan and they said it would change and they said the county would refuse to accept it and they said discussions came to a grinding halt until now and this year he said the county is back at the table with some new ideas. >> of the things you're looking at is employing are what are called nature-based alternatives. >> reporter: among them using dredging material from the bottom of the beta raise wetland levels in the project is already underway in the canal district of san rafael and at stinson beach the plan is to create a system by importing more sand and planting beach grass on it. >> it is something that has worked well at a popular
6:55 pm
campground that sits at the entrance of the bay. >> the family is friends of the european beach,. >> reporter: it is grown bigger over the years but he runs the camp and grow pair knows things can change several managed retreat may become a necessity. >> the beach is a moving and living thing. we are hoping that it can grow along with us in the water and we can stay here. and if things don't work that way, we do have more property that continues on up the hill. truck back here the exclusive gated community of c drift has been forward thinking. >> when it was still possible to get permission to install very expensive rock wall along the edge of the c drift properties on the ocean side. >> reporter: multimillion dollar homes and see drift are built on raised foundations but the less affluent others remain vulnerable and soon may be unable to protect themselves.
6:56 pm
>> i wouldn't want to house down there right now. >> reporter: he hopes this time around discussions on the local coastal plan will involve more compromise with a focus on a shorter 20 years instead of the coastal commission's proposed 100 year plan. >> it is true you have to look for the worst case events in planning. but you do want to have a sense they will actually happen. let's see what actually does happen and then manage it. >> reporter: they turn down our request for an interview for this story but two years ago when we visited the same topic in pacifica, their top expert said there is no more time for compromise. at stinson beach, reporting. if you final statistics. by 2100 the u.s. geological survey predicts that the ocean could rise enough to put 600,000 homes in california at some risk. also third team nature-based climate adaptation projects are
6:57 pm
currently underway locally. we have posted links to those if you want more information on our website. we want to thank you so much for watching 60 minutes is up next. >> we will see you here back at 11:00. until then our news continues on it will be warm weather ahead. darren has our full forecast up again tonight at 11. have a good night.
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and ford. we go further, so you can. >> when you first heard the word "guilty," you thought, what? >> gratitude. humility. followed by a certain sense of, i'll say satisfaction. >> tonight, the prosecutors in the george floyd murder trial tell us about the defendant, the jury we never saw, and the meaning of justice. you could've charged him with a hate crime under minnesota law, and you chose not to. ( ticking ) >> the u.s. and russia have entered a treacherous phase.


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