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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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rain off the coast now. but it gets here tomorrow morning. first half of sunday is going to be a bit wet around here. we will time the rain coming right up. plus, an up tick in youth crime in the east bay. the concerning trend and what's being done to address the problem. >> this spike we have seen has been alarming. we have had to make several arrests. >> a scary scene in one bay area neighborhood after a man pulls out his gun and starts shooting. i am still in shock. >> i was looking out my window. and new video of a car engulfed in flame on the bay bridge. breaking news out of the south bay, we had a magnitude
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3.6 earthquake hit near morgan hill just before 10:00 p.m. much of the bay area felt it. it struck on or near the calaveras fault. with a 3.6, no reports of any damage or injury. also at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, rain returns to the bay area. here is a live look outside san francisco. you can see water drops on our camera. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. let get right to meteorologist darren peck. >> the rain we have seen like on that lens is pretty much a steady mist. the kind of stuff you can't measure. nonetheless, it is wet out there already. however, that is the main 8:00 start to march that line of rain aross the entire area. to give you a quick overlook, at how much rain we will get
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out of this,10thto a quarter inch of rain throughout the bay area. we can't rule out the possibility of stray showers in the second half of the day. maybe even an isolated thunderstorm just off to the northeast parts of the bay area. i will go into all the details on that and we need to talk about the snow in the sierra. i will see you with all that in the complete forecast in a few minutes. new at 11:00, an alarming trend in the east bay. police are seeing more children as young as ten years old committing serious crimes. kpix5 is in san leandro with more on what can be done to stop these crime sprees. >> reporter: police say there is certainly an up tick in violent crimes committed by groups of young people in san leandro and oakland. the police chief called on the
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community to steer these juveniles in the right direction. the victim can be heard saying are you serious? before he body slams the young man. the move sent the suspect's gun into the streets. he screams while his partner begs the victim to let him go. san leandro police say they took off in a small white kia suv which was used earlier in the day on april 9th. a trio of juveniles tried to rob a man that had just taken out cash from the atm. at this chase bank on fairmont drive. the victim claimed to be an off duty police officer and successfully scared off the suspects. >> we have seen an increase in youth crime. we have seen a series of robberies. thefts, as well as carjackings that we believe young people as young as ten years old, being involved. >> reporter: the oakland police chief called the trend
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alarming. he is working with the alameda county probation department and councilmembers to find alternative programs. >> we know that the pandemic is having a tremendous impact on young people. they don't have extracurricular activities or school. and so, we know they are being impacted. so we just want to make sure we give them some positive outlets. >> reporter: a few day after this attempted carjacking, oakland police arrested three young suspects inside the same get away car for their involvement in an armed robbery. the juveniles were released to their guardians but three days later, san leandro police arrested an 11-year-old, 12- year-old, and two 14-year-olds in another carjacking on bejiere avenue. two of those suspects were involved in this case. and oakland police says as schools and rec centers reopen and youth sports resume, they will serve as deterrents. in san leandro, betty yu, kpix5. well, being on the subject
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tonight, san jose police are investigating a shooting will theft a man at a downtown high-rise. the building is marketed as luxury off campus housing for students. so far, the victim has not been identified. there is no word on a motive. a pleasanton neighborhood is slowly returning to normal after police say about 100 gunshots rocked the neighborhood last night. police say that a man pulled out his guns and just started firing from inside his home on aroya court. kpix5 reporter da lin is there with more on what happened and why. >> reporter: the walls are riddled with bullet holes. people from as far away as downtown pleasanton heard the shots loud and clear. and that is three miles away. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: a neighbor shared this dark cell phone video recording some of the gunshots while she was hiding. >> as the night went on longer and longer, we heard more and more shots. >> reporter: isabel gonzalez lives two doors down from where
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it happenedment she called 191 just after 10:00 friday night. >> i was scared. i was looking out my window thinking maybe i should get away from my twin doe. >> reporter: the man who lives in this condo kept firing a series of gunshots every 10 minutes. lasting an hour. pleasanton police say the man fired roughly 100 rounds from inside his home. police kept telling people to shelter in place. >> i was hiding behind the trees. then they said on the loud speaker, for your safety get out of here. i guess he was starting to shoot the rifle. that is when i left. >> reporter: neighbors say police rescued the next door neighbor who was trapped. her bedroom was right next to the man's condo. luckily, no one was shot. >> there are smiley faces at his door and using his gun to protect himself and he ran out of ammo so he jumped out the window and came over here because he felt like he needed help from what was at his doors
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but the threat was him. >> reporter: police say the man appeared incoherent. he is a veteran living with his wife and three kids. the wife and kids were not around. a woman who went into the house to talk. >> he was always outside playing with his kids. playing catch. i used the see them playing catch and want to go join in. he seemed like a great dad. >> reporter: the neighbors praised the police for doing a great job of resolving the situation. the man is locked up at county jail. they will offer him mental health services. in pleasanton, i'm da lin, kpix5. now, the latest on the coronavirus. contra costa county is ahead of schedule and has vaccinated more than 1 million people. the original map was to hit that number by may 31st. also tonight, san francisco, alameda, san mateo, and marin counties say they will be using the johnson & johnson vaccine. it comes after the cdc and the fda lifted the pause in the one- dose vaccine saying it was
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found to be safe and onold ter deveped a rare type of gornor om tweeted metatewide us johnson & johnson vaccine. he added grateful to count myself as one of the one million californians to receive this safe, effective vaccine. and, supply of the covid-19 ramps up, bay area counties are facing the challenge of convincing people who haven't gotten the shot to get it now. th have mo over 80% of eligible marin residents have gotten at least one shot. and, more than half are fully vaccinated. >> anybody who maybe was frustrated by the online appointment hustle or didn't want to have to wait in really long lines and thought i will just wait until that is not a thing anymore. now is the time. >> i know there are people who
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are reluctant or who believe there is some reason not to do it. i thits kind of silly. >> as geed tivitie on our webs at new video into the news room now of a car fire that caused major delays on the bay bridge. all westbound lanes are back open after a car erupted into flames. it happened just east of harrison street just before 7:00 p.m. two lanes were blocked for about an hour. backing up traffic past the treasure island exit. no word yet on what caused the fire. days after a man mysteriously died in police custody, dozens of student protesters marched to the alameda police department to demand answers. protesters, most of them high school students, marched through the streets to support mario gonzalez who died in police custody on monday. and, they are demanding that the department release the officer's names and body cam
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footage. alameda police say 26-year-old gonzalez had a medical emergency while they were trying to arrest him. he died later but the man's family said gonzalez was a healthy 26-year-old. >> i'm saddened. and, i'm frustrated and i'm angry. people of color should not be the ones dying by the police. police are told to protect and serve yet they are not protecting all people. >> the city of alameda has hired an independent consultant to investigate the death. still ahead on kpix5 news at 11:00, an endangered fin whale washed ashore in san francisco. what experts are blaming for the cause of death. and, california breaking another housing record tonight. why it is leaving some stuck between homes. and, sin city getting ready to fully reopen. the changes you can expect to see the next time you visit las
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live look at the white house tonight. president biden became the first u.s. president to formally recognize the 1915 massacres of armanians in what was then the ottoman empire as genocide. in his statement, he said all those armanians perished in a
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genocide that began 106 years ago today. he said we do not do this to cast blame but to ensure what ppver repeated. meanwhile, the turkish foreign minister sent out a statement saying the country entirely rejects the u.s. declaration based solely on populism. for decades, american presidents have acknowledged remembrance day but avoided using the term genocide to avoid alienating our nato ally. new at 11:00, a sad discovery. a dead endangered fin whale found washed up on a san francisco beach yesterday. experts with the marine mammal center d up performing a necropsy. the whale likely died due to injuries from a ship strike. it was a 46-year-old 46-foot long juvenile.
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the median home price is now well over $700,000 in san francisco. but as the market is red hot, it is leaving some stuck between homes. >> reporter: from happy to headache. brian kenny settling into his new apartment after selling his home at an incredible price. >> the market is nuts. >> reporter: kenny got nine bids on his house ending up with 70,000 overasking. sounds like a great spot to be in. until he went to buy a new home. >> we actually called about one house, one on the market. and 12 hours, it was off the market because they had an all something like 100,000 over. >> i would say it has been pretty bananas to say the least. >> reporter: scott sweeney, a realtor, deals with 15 to 20 offers per home. he is selling on average 50,000 over asking price.
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>> it is crazy. you know. the pandemic really has changed i think what home means to people. and, what we are seeing is people now are able to work from home. they need much more space. >> reporter: the growing demand for homes, driving up prices. california just broke another record with the median home price now over $750,000. realtors recommend buyers be smart about their offers. some are offering to look past any repairs, to purchase the property as is. >> it is too bad that there's so much pressure on the buyers to try to get the contracts. especially those that don't have enough cash to make the deal work. >> reporter: kenny waiting things out in an apartment until he and his wife can finally nail down a deal on a new home. >> we had a number of offers that never went through because we would be constantly outbid by other people. and, outbid by all cash offers. >> according to red fin, homes in san jose and oakland have been selling in less than two
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weeks at a near record pace. las vegas is getting ready to fully reopen sin city. it will open to 100% capacity by june. and starting next month, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs can reopen at 80% capacity. adult entertainment venues can also return. and the statewide social distancing mandate will be removed. spacex on the big loop. soft capture confirmed. >> and there they go. rocket capsule delivered fothfs nasa astronauts to the international space station. the crew dragon endeavor spacecraft docked at the iss. there are now 11 astronauts on board. there is more on board than any time since the space shuttle era. when we used to do that kind of thing all the time. but now we are doing it a
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little bit differently. speaking of differently, rain? here is mr. peck. >> and before i get into the details on the rain, since we had an earthquake tonight, no damage from it. but it was widely felt. the map over my shoulder, you can pick out the epicenter there. 10 miles southeast of san jose. 10 miles northeast of gilroy. and as we take a look at the epicenter here, it is more widely it was felt. you can see the colors on here. the lighter the shade, the weaker it was felt. they correspond in the numbers on the scale. this was a widespread area of people who felt it. if you are one of them, it was a 3.6. it just before 10:00 tonight. and we can actually come pretty close to picking out the fault it was on. these don't always have to happen exactly on any of the known faults we have. but this one is pretty darn close to the calaveras fault. that is one of the major faults that goes particularly up through the east bay.
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let's get to the rain. a lot of it shows up on high- def doppler. what we are seeing here so far is not the actual rain associated with the storm itself. we have been getting misted on all night from a very deep marine layer and along the city. let's time out when the actual rain gets here. so far, what we have gotten is not even measurable. that's the beginning. that gets us ahead to tomorrow morning. a little after sunrise. starts in the north bay. 7:00 hour. by noon, it is already working its way right through the heart of the bay. by the early afternoon, it is down in the south bay. by the late afternoon, it clears. and we get a little bit of a break from that point on. the second half of the the day, things will be quieter. i want to go to a wider view and show you what happens. monday, 8:00 in the evening. take a look at the storms coming up through the sacramento valley. as we get into the late
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afternoon and early evening, the areas in red up here are highlighted for the possibility of the development of thunderstorms. this is the time of year where some of these thunderstorms, particularly in the sacramento valley with the way the air funnels throughment you sometimes add a little more energy. the possibility of a weak tornado cannot be ruled out. that is the sacramento valley. here at home, it is just rain. we pick up a quarter inch of rain in general for the north bay. as we look at the south bay, two tenths of an inch of rain down here. this will be significant snow for this time of year. in the sierra. we will get sunday. this could be a travel concern for anybody traveling in the sierra tomorrow. specifically, through the second half of the day. winter storm warning already in effect now having just started a few minutes ago does not expire until monday at 11:00. morning lows tomorrow come down
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to right around 50. daytime highs don't get out of the 50s all day. and once we are done with this storm, it is a fast turn around. we are going back up into the mid 80s for daytime highs by the time we get to wednesday and thursday of next week. all right vern, over to you. we have another batch of two-fer saturday night. not just one sports segment, two! a lot of content. starting with the bakers dozen strung together by the oakland as . to say they got it
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baseball up top, best story in the bigs. oakland as started off 0-6. haven't lost since. they wanted to see 13 straight
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wins in baltimore. matt olsen already up 3-0. swung into the rain soaked nightment check it off as an r.b.i. double. you want a stat? olsen is batting 441. his last nine games. starter chris was set basset: 4-1, top of the fourth. jed lowry a big blow. say hello to a 7-2 win. still in first place by a game. 13 straight wins. longest in the since 2017 ahoy there. giants hosted miami again. alex dickerson gutted a drop for a double. that was the giants first hit. he scored the game's first run. next half inning, starter kevin gausman and jesus aguilar. that pitch almost unhittable.
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miami finally got to gausman in the second. john birdie. top nine, different pitcher result. gregory santos served up a line drive two run. marlins scored four in the ninth. and won it 5-2. dodgers won so the giants are two games behind in second place. now, hang on, hang on. we got more. ahead in segment two, did you feel the other earthquake making noise in the south bay today? we will
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back with a pivot to soccer. long time coming for the san jose earthquakes. it has been a year since performing in front of . let know. fc dallas in red. christian espinosa. his second half break away goal made it 2-0. and then, ten minutes later, check the moves by the kid. cade cowell. just 17 years old. his first goal of the year. san jose treated its fans to a 3-1 victory. the team's first win of the
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season. nhl, more lover for sharks patrick marleau. got a video tribute. look at the ovation. and look how he was affected. sharks hosted the minnesota wild and a tear to the sharks fans. here is ryan suter. just 19 seconds in. boom. it goes worse, folks. later in the first period, jared spurgen. a wrist shot. he scored. minnesota won it 6-3. the sharks losers of eight straight are five points behind saint fo spot. nba. nice to see juan toscano anderson with the warriors. he suffered a concussion a week ago with this tumble in boston. good heavens, no regard for his body. he needed 35 stitches, too. worth it, he says. for the oakland native. >> i will make that play ten times out of ten. in the heat of the moment, i want to win that game.
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though we lost men, i will still make that play. i love this game. it is the best job in the world. i wouldn't trade it for nothing. if i had to end it all today, i am happy with what i have accomplished in my life. the name i have made for myself. that is where i'm at with it. just happy to be here. >> we will look for him and the dubs as they run up and down the florida chase center against the sacramento kings in front of fans but my eyes will be
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