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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to the stands. that evening. thank you for joining us. we begin with that much needed change in the weather after a long dry stretch the rain is on the way again, apparently only for a short time. this time lapse for our sales force tower camera, meteorologist darren peck is tracking what the clouds are packing. >> it looks okay right now, you can see plenty of clouds of already made their appearance over here. that is our storm for tomorrow but i want to give you just a close-up view on how this comes together. it takes until we get into sunday morning. this is 9:00 book before we get that well organized rain of showers to come right over the bay. i will go into the specific details and timing in the complete forecast in a bit but he was a general take away.
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a quarter of an inch of rain tomorrow, most of it comes in the first half of the day and the north bay will get noticeably more than the southbay. but we will sort out all the details coming up in just a bit but for now back over to you. student protesters wrapping up a rally in front of the alameda police department. there demanding to know more about how we man died in custody earlier this week. da lin is there now and exactly what are they asking for? >> reporter: the student activists just left about 15 minutes ago. they are demanding the police department to release the chest can footage of the officers to find what happened to mario gonzalez. they also want the names of those officers, that the officers, involved. most of those protesters are students at alameda high at. they marched about two miles from washington park to the police department to try to put pressure on the police department and elected leaders. alameda police say 26-year-old
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mario gonzalez of oakland died when the officers tried to arrest him on monday morning. investigators say the officers responded to reports of an intoxicated man suspected of theft. the department says there was a scuffle and the officers were trying to place the man's hands behind his back they say during the scuffle, gonzales suffered a medical emergency the and later died. that the police department would not clarify what kind of medical emergency but the man's family says gonzales was a healthy 26-year-old man. they don't buy the story, that is why supporters of the family are demanding to see the chest camera footage of those three police officers. >> i'm saddened and i'm frustrated and i'm angry. people of color should not be the ones dying by the police. police are told to protect and serve yet they are not protecting all people, they are killing people. we planned this initially for dante wright and adam toledo but then we have the murder of
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mario gonzalez that expedited the planning process because we wanted to show the community that we care, we are here for the victims, and we want to change in our community. >> we will not stop fighting until these social injustices are resolved. then we are not going anywhere, and until the police get their act together, then we are not in this not protesting at all. >> reporter: the student activists say the family of mario gonzalez supports the rally, even though they are not here today. the city of alameda says it has hired an independent old and to invest the death of mario gonzalez. that is on top of two other investigations by the alameda county sheriff's department and the das office. they plan to release the chest camera footage this coming week after investigators have interviewed those three officers. the names of those officers have not been released. now gonzales is survived by his four-year-old son and his family says he is also the full- time caretaker of his autistic brother. the family also wants an
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independent autopsy done on gonzales. for now, live in alameda, i am da lin, kpix5. with homicides skyrocketing in oakland, friends and family members of the victims left behind had a chance to honor them today. they gathered at the children's memorial statue at lake merritt this afternoon where they find balloons with the names of loved ones lost to violence and released them into the i pick her alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley's as it sends a powerful message. it is an important message to keep their memory alive, to keep their names alive. so that we, as a community, never stopped trying to stop the violence, especially against children. but people don't often think about the voices or the names of children who have been killed. and they forget about it, and so these memorials remind us that we have, we have an obligation to protect children.
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please in san jose are investigating a deadly shooting in broad daylight at a downtown high-rise pick officers responded just before noon to the grad unease and carlo street. they marketed as luxury off- campus housing for students. one person with a gunshot wound and just minutes ago we learned the victim has died. so far police have not released the victim's name or said anything about a suspect or emotive. in pleasanton and minutes under arrest and undergoing a mental health evaluation after shooting of the inside of his own home with a rifle. police he fired off about 100 rounds for a took him into custody on royal court last night. some of the bullets even hits nearby homes but no one was hurt. one person died, another hurt the minivan ran through a guardrail on 580. it rolls at least 100 feet down in embankment.
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passenger was not wearing a belt and was thrown out of the vehicle and died at the hospital. the driver was trapped inside it was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. it is the third rollover crash in that area in just the past two weeks. the san francisco school board is now facing a lawsuit over its decision to end merit- based emissions at the high school back in february the board voted to accept students into the school through a random lottery instead. at the time it cited a lack of diversity and pervasive systemic racism at lowell as the reasons. the chronicle reports the lawsuit filed yesterday urges the board to overturn that decision. attorneys for the plaintiffs say it is about improving education for all people, not excluding others pick him the lawsuit argues the board failed to properly list the resolution and their agenda and give the public enough time to review it before the vote. now the road to recovery, six flags is hanging up the help wanted sign, running an online hiring fairport is every
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kingdom in vallejo, and in concord. now hiring for all sorts of positions from food-service to write operations and being a lifeguard there. both the full and part-time jobs available. it runs through next sunday. did you feel it? the stands are still shaking in san jose because the earthquake season opener win against fc dallas happens today. they welcomed back fans to the newly renamed paypal park in san jose and unlike the sharks, warriors and giants, they are not requiring proof of vaccination or even a negative test to get in the gate. that is because the venue is completely outdoors pickle masks were still required, and attendance was capped at 20% but it was a hearty 20%. >> super excited, it has been well over a year since i've been able to support the quakes in person, so i am ecstatic to be here. >> everybody has the mask on. they will be social distance. we are good to go.
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ready for the game. >> reporter: we'll have the highlights from today's home opener ahead in sports. as more people get vaccinated you are probably wondering what other in person activities are safe to do again. we have a list on our website at at the same time police departments across the bay area invited people to hand off unwanted or ask hired pharmaceuticals for dea's national drug take back day. i did not know there were such a thing either. there has been in deadly overdoses during the pandemic. this giveback program is meant to give people a safe way to get rid of the medications they don't need and all is to be done very carefully. >> you can throw it away in the trash, bad for the environment and these are just things that have accumulated over the years, i'm not prescribed and i'm not taking them, to get them out.
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the takeback events held all over the bay area but if you missed them a lot of police departments will still accept your prescription meds at the front desk but call ahead to be sure. hard to believe just a month ago we were talking about how hard it was to get a covid vaccine appointment. now that narrative has flipped as bay area counties flush with shots are running low on takers. and it could be a win-win for california. the proposal that could take billions of gallons of water while generating clean energy at the same time. steering ships, the new biden administration rule that could reroute a lot of bay area
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a live look at the port of oakland, where changes could be coming to the way larger ships move in and out of the bay. it is part of president biden's plan to protect humpback whales. administration just designated more than 116,000 square miles
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as. habitats. that includes most of the california coast. marshall fishing and shipping is still allowed but now the coast guard and national marine fisheries service will have to work together to map out lanes that don't disturb the humpbacks. as we wrap up earth week, we are taking a look at an idea that could be a real win-win for california. velena jones a proposal to harness the clean power of the sun while saving billions of gallons of water. everyone is dependent on water and energy. here in california, we struggled with both. >> it is a win-win. researcher brandy mcewen found covering 4000 miles of california's canals with solar panels would prevent loss of water from evaporation, and create even more energy by cooling the panels to increase power. >> we are also looking at trying to do that without disturbing ecosystems.
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>> reporter: evading evaporation could save an estimated xt for million gallons of water. that would be enough to irrigate 50,000 acres of farmland, or provide to the residential water needs of over 2 million people. >> reporter: the solar panels would create 13 gigawatts of power every year. that is a sixth of what we make today. canal systems in india are already using the model. is a fermented, california would be the first in the nation. >> smart solar development, and incorporating battery storage. we can make both power and water are more resilient to climate change and its impact. >> reporter: the environment engineering professor at uc davis says the concept has value, but could run into problems long term. >> putting solar panels on tops of canals makes it harder to get access to the canal for maintenance and for emergencies.
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>> reporter: they are working with partners to develop a pilot project to see if it could become a reality. >> we are completely dependent on water and energy. years of drought, climate change, fires, increased demand. we have to take both steps. >> california has a goal of getting 50% of its power from renewable sources by 2030. the department of water resources says it is reviewing the canal study. by the way we're tracking california's dry weather on our website. go to draft to check the specific conditions in your zip code and since we are on this dry topic, here is the midst talk about what is happening tonight. let's put some good news on this. we are getting rain, but i don't want to sell this is the kind of rain that would have a measurable impact on the deficit we are in. we are maybe going to get a quarter of an inch of rain across the bay area. and even if we get on the high side, right now, we are the
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fourth driest winter on record for san francisco. if we add a quarter of an inch of rain to that, through tomorrow, we will still be the fourth driest winter on record for san francisco. we missed out on a lot, so perspective needs to be kept on this. more importantly it will rain on your sunday so let's talk about what you should expect to get outside. you can already tell stuff is going on, clouds are looking different today, little bit more brooding look to the sky than what we had around here. that is the view looking off to the east from our camera on top of the mark hopkins. let me show you what the system looks like out in the pacific
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because you can already see the clouds taking on that characteristic dip out there but it really shows up when you look at it on the water vapor. there is the storm, right there. future cast picks up on it, put a little bit of rain right in the middle of it, brings that forward and here is the general take away on why it really is sunday morning that will be the focus. there is a timeframe. sunday morning at nine a.m. and they will organized rain that will be driven in a long a cold front. here we are in late april and this will be, a cold front is where you get your best organized rain, breezy, cooler tomorrow. not going to get out of the upper 50s for pretty much for most of the bay tomorrow. concord, livermore, san jose, santa rosa, almost a 10 degrees drop for you guys tomorrow and when you add in the breeze and the rain, going to feel a lot cooler. let's look at it in detail. and there is the front. starting and the north bay first, works its way down to the heart of the bay as we get to the late morning, that gets us to 11 in the morning, noon, still pretty much over the heart of the bay and we will advance into the early afternoon. you can see some of the stragglers are just now clearing the santa clara valley, so that gets us to about 7:30 tomorrow. and that is pretty much when this winds down. notice it is still snowing in the sierra at that point.
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that's going to be an issue for travel in the mountains. more on that in a second. let's talk about how much you might get. member the timing is the majority, 1st half of the day sunday with better totals in the north bay pick a we could pick up a quarter of an inch of rain for many spots in the north bay and down here to the southbay and in the east bay pick of the totals are much less. that is typical. more mountain barriers to get rained down into the valley and the totals are usually going to be a little bit lighter there and the system is usually weekends by the time we have gotten that first half. if we look at the other side of the states, there is the snow in the sierra. most of that coming on sunday. that is a foot of snow on donner pass. that is i-80 pick of anybody takes a drive over the sierra, 90% of us are going over i-80. we can go highway 50. that would be. summit. those are the two main ones. anyone in the bay area would go to and from tahoe or reno or anywhere else. this is sunday. anybody likely trying to get back home on sunday is going to
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be in for a major surprise. very few people are expecting a foot of snow in the sierra with the winter we've had in the weather we've had lately. this is the classic scenario that catches most people offguard. you definitely need chains of their it is also the kind of scenario where there could even be closures for a time, maybe. it depends on how they do with that. winter storm warning's start tonight, 11:00 it goes until monday at 11 a.m. so that could be the most impactful part of this whole thing. luckily there were not be that many of us in it and here at home it won't be anything to worry about. morning lows tomorrow, backed into the upper 40s and low 50s, daytime highs tomorrow, this is difference pick of these numbers over here in the 50s were well into the mid and upper 60s today, but it is not only the drop on the thermometer. it is also the 20 mile an hour wind that comes through on that system that gives you wind that makes it feel cooler, so keep
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that in mind and now that we've talked about tomorrow feeling cooler, look at the seven-day forecast in the middle of next week. we are going to back up to the mid-80s for daytime highs, so this is a short little storm that will come through. it impacts sunday and that is it. i monday we are already rebounding but by the middle of next week we are back into full force overdrive pollinated springtime weather. all right, over to you. straightahead in sports, i'm talking football, not the nfl variety. i'm talking actual football. you know it as soccer. san jose earthquakes, they had a
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major league soccer up top, and the san jose earthquakes today gave it stands a show. a look inside paypal park.
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first time in a year fans were in the stadium against fc dallas and read. he is on the loose. a breakaway second half goal here, and it was two nil and two minutes later checks a move by the kids. just 17 years old, his first goal for the year. centers they treated their fans 33-1 victory. the first win of the season. and va, the warriors are often they host the kings sunday, playing at home is a special now. 1935 members of dub nation were inside chase center last night for the warriors win over denver. first home game with the fans and in 409 days. steph curry launched and had 32 points. together with the career-high tying 19 assists from draymond green. that was some home cooking. >> our fans coming back in the arena, you know, you want to
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get them a win the first time back and, what was it, 490 zero something like that? that is a long time. it sounded like way more than 1900 people, so that was definitely appreciated and much needed. the second half you go on a run and kind of close the game, it was close to, not 19,000 but it was, it was meaningful. >> they were back last night. he suffered a concussion a week ago after this tumble in boston. good heavens. no regard for his body. he needed 35 stitches. worth it for the oakland native. >> i will make that play 10 times out of 10, in the heat of the moment i want to win that game and that is the winning play and so even though we lost, man, i will still make that play. i love this game. it is the best job in the world, i wouldn't trade it for nothing. if i had to end all today come you know, i would be happy with where i'm at and what i've accomplished in my life. i would be happy with come you
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know, the name i've made for myself thus far in the nba and just amongst my peers so that is where i'm at with it. i'm just happy to be here. after last night's game, he visited with klay thompson hereby the bench. the body language looked as if thompson really misses not playing. who could blame him? he has not played in the game since june 2019 because of a torn acl and torn achilles. and asked, curry declines to share with the two talked about. to the pga, we got a date or crossing. this is in new orleans. the best ball format zc classic. would you be a little nervous hitting a few feet away from a gator? here is cameron at 18. i just couldn't do it. i would be running. anyway. he played safe and he states safe. he is tied for second with his playing partner. switch it over to 17, this fella can putt. you don't believe me? how about a fresco? he and charles lead the field
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by one. hey, we like the looks of this, tiger woods posted a photo of himself upright with crutches in a walking boot. first picture of what's since he suffered multiple like injuries in a february car accident. says his golf course design quote is coming along faster than i am but it is nice to have a partner. his dog. a quick peek inside redwood high school, giants volleyball. that season is now open for business. one of a handful of sports that are up and running at a very pandemic influence truncated schedule pick of the giants routed them early this week's that is one game down, just for left for these outgoing seniors. >> volleyball has always been a happy place for me. and so having that element gone from my life was really hard. now getting it back it just feels 10 times better because i realize how much i cared about
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sports. >> we only have five shots to win five games. tampa bay bucs tight end rob gronkowski, he won number 48 at arizona. he returns to campus to make the guinness world book of records by catching a football dropped 600 feet from the helicopter and he did it. that is equivalent of two football fields back to back, 600 feet. they mocked him for that. great catch. will have baseball later on in the two for saturday night show including the a's going for 13 and a row at baltimore pick of the giants entertaining miami. >> i know when you do the involvement shots it is one take pick was that a one take from the chopper? >> it was a one take. how about that? >> just like yours. >> every time, of course. i'm john ramos in marin county.
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we have that story coming up. another strange side effect of the pandemic. the shortage driving housing construction costs through the roof. another mission accomplished for spacex. they welcome new arrivals who got there recycled rocket.
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news. anybody who maybe was frustrated by the online appointment hustle or did not want to have to wait and really long lines, now is the time. at the supply of coronavirus vaccine ramps up, demand is dropping across the bay area. people who are eager to get in line probably have by now. as john ramose reports, many counties now face the challenge of convincing those who didn't get it to get it. we are talking about how difficult it was for some people to give vaccinations been out a lot of places like marin county, most of the barriers have come down. the vaccination experience was not what she was expecting. >> there was easy parking, no crowds. >> we surprised? >> yes, i was. we had no wait, we just walked right in. >> reporter: marin county fairgrounds light, they now have more vaccine than they do
6:31 pm
takers. appointments are still a good idea but even those who walk up without one can get vaccinated. anybody who may be was frustrated by the online appointment hustle or didn't want to have to wait and really long lines and thought you know what, i will just it wauntil that is not a thing anymore, now is the time. >> reporter: at this point over 80% of eligible marin residents have received at least one shot and more than half are fully vaccinated. >> reporter: or hesitant to do it. i know that there are people who are reluctant, or who believe that there is some a reason not to do it, i think it's kind of silly. >> reporter: it's true that there are some people who just don't want the shot, but others can't easily get to the mass vaccination sites. for them the county is now doing outreach, setting up pop up clinics and the neighborhoods. >> it is providing bringing vaccine closer to those communities that may be come you know, accessing marin
6:32 pm
center is a barrier. >> reporter: the goal is to reach herd immunity for at least eight out of 10 people being fully immune to the disease. and a youtube video, the county's public health office there explains why that is. the likelihood that the virus would find a host, someone who is susceptible, when 80% of the people around that he person are, are protected is much, much lower, right, so we are starting to get into the concept of herd immunity. that is where the true hope lies. that is how we are going to be able to, as a community, find an end to covid-19's reach. >> reporter: in san rafael, john ramose, kpix5. they also have more vaccine that it knows what to do with. it is expecting another hundred thousand doses from the feds next week. in addition to its state supply. county leaders are now expanding vaccine clinic hours to include nights and weekends
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with the hope of getting more people in the door, especially members of the black and latino communities. >> we don't care about immigration status, you can say your name is homer simpson and you'll get a vaccine. so we just need people to come and get the vaccine. santa clara county just surpassed the million dose mark. they expect to hit the same milestone this weekend, more than five weeks ahead of its may 31st target. california has given a nearly 28 million doses so far, more than 11 million people now fully vaccinated. another six and half million are halfway there. a few minutes ago governor newsom tweeted that california will immediately resumes date wide use of the j&j vaccine. he added, "grateful to count myself as one of the 1 million californians to receive the safe, effective vaccine." but will people actually take it? the rare complication the temporarily shelf the shot could add to vaccine hesitancy.
6:34 pm
neck more than 9 million doses of johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine are ready to be administered in the u.s. >> since vaccines are known and potential benefits outweigh the known and potential risks individuals 18 years of age and older. >> reporter: this comes 10 days after the cdc and the fda recommended a pause in distribution of the vaccine over rare blood clots. this was a necessary step to keep the public save come to figure out what kind of a risk we were dealing with and then get the best information to people. health experts like the director of the national institutes of health estimate that between 70 and 85% of the country needs to be immune to the virus, either through vaccination, or previous infection to suppress the spread. >> this vaccine is our ticket to rod. this is our ticket to freedom, of returning back to normal life as we knew it before the pandemic, so all of us should want to get vaccinated.
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>> reporter: but a large number of americans are unmotivated to get the vaccine, or no interest in getting vaccinated at all. this week the kaiser family foundation released a report, which estimates vaccine supply may begin to outstrip demand within the next few weeks. john lawrence, kpix5. a huge fetal possession for late rapper dmx took over brooklyn today. the truck caring his casket drove to new york city where the streets were packed with motorcycles, and exotic cars. his memorial service was held at the berkeley center for close friends and family. the chart topping rapper died earlier this month after he had a heart attack. today president biden followed through on a campaign pledge to formally recognize the 1915 massacres of armenians in the ottoman empire as genocide. it is statement the president said the american people honor, "all those armenians who perished in the genocide that
6:36 pm
began 100 60 years ago today." he went on to say we do this not to cast blame, but to ensure that what happened is never repeated. the statement met with approval on the streets of east hollywood, where hundreds marched to commemorate the estimated 1.5 million armenians killed in turkey starting on this date in 1906. los angeles is home to the largest population of people of armenian descent, outside of armenia. and citizens also marched through the streets of armenia to market genocide remembrance day, while turkey does not deny that many died in the area, it is rejecting the term genocide saying the deaths resulted from the civil unrest of the ottoman empire's collapse. armenia's prime minister called president biden's statement "an important day for all armenians.". the turkish force minister said the country "entirely rejects" the u.s. declaration which he said was based solely on
6:37 pm
populism. for decades u.s. presidents have acknowledged remembrance day to mark the events but they have avoid using the term genocide to avoid alienating our nato ally. the former soviet republic of ukraine marks the 35th anniversary of the worst nuclear accident the world has ever seen. in 1986, a reactor at their chernobyl power plant exploded during a botched safety test. it ultimately sent conservation across much of europe, and forced thousands to evacuate. 31 plant workers and firemen died in the immediate aftermath. thousands more died later because of cancer and other radiation related illnesses. 35 years later, the surrounding ghost town that was once home to 50,000 people remains a wilderness of empty buildings, scrubland, and rubble. all hope is likely lost for the crew of a missing indonesians marine pick of the country's military declaring
6:38 pm
today submarine sank and cracked open with 53 crewmembers inside. the navy says the presence of an oil slick is clear proof. and so are the items they were covered in the vessel over the past two days. indonesia had initially considered the submarine missing that even if the crew had survived whatever accident took it down, the oxygen supply would have run out by now. a huge milestone for spacex. it's crew dragon and endeavor spacecraft has successfully docked at the international space station for the second time. this, 23 hours after they blasted off from florida on a recycled rocket. >> in a delicate dance of spacecraft marked itself but one of the stations docking ports, and all that was left for the iss crew to do was to get the door. the crew joined the seven other astronauts already on board. they exchanged hugs.
6:39 pm
it is the biggest crew the space station has seen in years and it is creating some logistical challenges they've only got three toilets on board. seven sleeping pods, and not a lot of space to move around. >> it has changed quite a bit since the last time i was here. i've never seen so many astronauts on board, i've never seen so many different spacecraft on board. we can't wait to start the work on this space station. we can't wait to see what the head on the adventure for us. >> it will be prefer the assets were set to head back to earth next week as the six-month mission is just beginning. got some $2000 just lying around? that is just enough to buy you a bottle of bourbon and a bicycle. the rare items going up for auction. one city is taking a different approach to putting up houses. isis your famimily ready for an e emergency?? you can prprepare by m mappingt two waways to escacape your ho, creaeating a supupply kit, and includuding your w whole fafamily in prpractice driri.
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just rethought bay area housing prices cannot possibly get any higher, a lumbar shortage now is driving new construction cost through the roof. pandemic shutdowns led to a huge boom in home improvement projects of the past year. that is on top of regular construction. the national association of homebuilders says would cost are adding $24,000 to the price of the average new house. >> i think prices will ease a little bit in the summer, the average lumber historically has been between three and $400. right now it is over $1000. i sit in the seven, $800 range by summer. >> reporter: experts believe it will slow down a little in the
6:43 pm
coming months as americans shift the spending from do-it- yourself to travel and entertainment. >> plenty of empty shipping containers with nothing to and back to china, and so, salt lake city just built a six three apartment complex entirely out of containers. and is already proven to be pretty sturdy. >> we had an earthquake right in the middle of it but we kept working through the earthquake, to the pandemic and it has been an interesting project, to say the least. >> the developers say they are at least containing costs. tenants will pay hundreds of dollars less in rent. you've heard of the beyond burger. now, taco bell is jumping on the plans based bandwagon. the chain is testing a new meat alternative taco ahead of an expected launch of new beyond meat offerings. so the main ingredient is seasoned plant-based protein made from peas and chickpeas. if you want to try to have to act fast and drive far.
6:44 pm
at this point it is only being tested at one location in orange county, and only through thursday. on the other end of the gastronomic spectrum, the oldest bottle of bourbon whiskey in existence. it is headed for the auction block. the old angle view bottle says it is from evans and ragland in lagrange, georgia, a small sample of the whiskey sent off were testing revealed it was bottled sometime between around 1760 and 1800. somewhere in the 40 year period. the company things it was originally a gift that has been safeguarded for generations. could go up to $40,000 when it is auctioned off at the end of june. a bicycle princess diana once sold for a few bucks is expected to fence a king's ransom. she wrote the 1970s raleigh traveler to work every day when
6:45 pm
she was 18 and dating prince charles. but she sold it shortly before their royal wedding in 1981. after palace aides called it unsuitable. >> this was the last link to her freedom before she was put in a diligent cage. >> with the popularity of the crown, does that add value to it? >> absolutely. it is so hot now, anything to do with the royal family. >> do think people will buy this to write it? >> that would be sacrilege. >> the bike is expected to fetch as much as $30,000 when it goes under the hammer on wednesday. still ahead, a bike could have helped despair get san francisco a lot faster. instead, he walked here all the way from los angeles. the motive behind the unusual mission. literally sitting on a gold mine but one sierra community is not sold on the prospect of digging for it. you could see the change happening in our weather today.
6:46 pm
just one look out over the bay, you can see that low brooding marine layer really building and the gray skies. timing out tomorrow's rain, how much we going to get and why mid-80s and sunshine is not that far off after that. the forecast is coming
6:47 pm
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6:49 pm
the new gold rush in the sierra foothills. one mining company says there is still plenty to be found in graph valley. heather janssen shows us that everybody is sold on the prospect of looking for it. >> reporter: in downtown grass valley, they show it is known for its rich wild west history and its role in the gold rush. including the idaho maryland mine, untouched in 1956. >> at the time they plan to double the production so they were going to go from thousands per day to 2000 per day. >> reporter: the ceo seeing the golden opportunity. >> based on that we thought they would be a lot of goals left. >> reporter: gold is still there. now it is working with nevada county to try to permit the area, capitalizing on the prospect of reopening the mine, claimant would boost the economy and add hundreds of jobs.
6:50 pm
>> not a trade-off environment. because we designed it to have no impact on the environment. they say otherwise, including tony, who lives nearby. >> there are potential for great impact. >> at his home -- >> we live right about home here. those jobs are worth the devastation that will occur. >> reporter: concern for damage to his neighborhood water supply and the environmental impact to all. >> the prophet of something with these high risks would be made off the backs of the citizens. >> despite these neighborhood worries, he stands by the safety. working underground mine is not the same as working in
6:51 pm
residential construction. >> and by mental impact report is expected soon, and after that the public will get the chance to formally comments before the county votes. we have got some liquid gold on the way of our own. with how far behind we are in the dragic could consider this that. will cool you today from our camera on top of the sales force tower, looking out across the top of alcatraz come up toward richardson bay and what would have been the rest of tiburon and maybe even a little sausalito but you couldn't see it. that is a beautiful deck of stratus clouds. coming in across the bay, and you watch this, you can see, you know, the choreographed ballet of all of the different sailboats, ferries, alcatraz both and the whole thing and most important of this view besides how cool it is is the fact that it shows us that there is a change coming.
6:52 pm
you could seat in the clouds here and if we look at high def doppler, the rain doesn't show up a whole lot just yet but it is out there way off the coast of northern most california. here is what it looks like at home now looking for the top of the mark hopkins pick of this is what it looks like write down 880. plenty of clouds out here and in the tri-valley. these clouds of the leading edge that kept everybody pretty much in the same spot temperature wise today. we all came within just a few degrees above or below of 60. tomorrow many of us will be 8 to 10 degrees cooler. won't get out of the mid to upper 50s for daytime highs today for many inland spot. that will be the coolest you've been in weeks. that is the storm and if we look at it on the future cast and just get specific and timeout the details, that is when the best of the rain begins. that is about 8:00 tomorrow. think of within an hour or so of sunrise tomorrow that organize cold front right there, that starts to come into the north bay first early in the morning and by the time we got him to 11 a.m., noon, it is down about the heart of the bay, coming over the golden gate. and then he gets down into the southbay by the time we get into the early afternoon you
6:53 pm
can still see that organized line right there. but it is far weaker by the time it gets down here. still going to get rain in the southbay but we will get more in the north bay and then an interesting aspect, by the time we got into tomorrow afternoon, and most of the storms ave cleared the bay area, there is an area of concern for anybody who will be in the central valley tomorrow, basically more so the sacramento valley the san joaquin valley. anybody going up five. everywhere in red here. there is an increase risk for thunderstorms as the system comes through, just the way the wind gets funneled and twisted and turned through the sacramento valley. you can get a lot of areas where the wind convergent just the right way up there. this time of year, we cannot only get thunderstorms, but maybe even of those weak tornadoes that we see almost regularly now. with everybody having phones. tomorrow would be the first day of the season where that could be a possibility. but back here at home that is
6:54 pm
not a risk for us. and there is rain, about a quarter of an inch of rain falling for much of the north bay. watch how much lower the numbers are in the southbay. very typical, probably a 10th of an inch or less and the snow in the sierra will be good. but it will be very bad for anybody trying to travel across the sierra on sunday. look at the close of you. almost a foot of snow in donner pass, foot of snow at echo summit, 80 and 50. anybody traveling between the bay area, tahoe, reno, that is how you've got to go. so on sunday, this is going to catch a lot of people off guard. i mean, a lot of people are not about a foot of snow falling on i-80, the way things have gone for the last several weeks. so just be aware of that and make sure anybody you know who is traveling in the sierra knows this. sunday, not a good time. there will be delays. morning lows in the 50s, daytime highs not getting out of the 50s and the seven-day forecast are mid-80s. by the time we get past this look at the second half
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
breaking news, you can see what appears to be or not sure, vehicle fire on the bay bridge sending smoke and flames in the air and we get more information about what exactly is happening there obviously it is affecting traffic. we will let you know but at this moment there is some sort of fire on the bay bridge. in other news, and on a completely different topic, you can see a bear roaming the streets of san francisco. don't be worry, it is not a
6:58 pm
real bear. he goes by their son. he walked her all the way from los angeles. san francisco police tweeted this photo, welcoming him to town after spotting him near dolores park. he was apparently on his way to the golden gate bridge. the man behind the mask is 33- year-old jesse who sent out on april 12 from l.a., stopping only to eat and sleep and of course, posting his progress on instagram. he got a huge following there, collecting donations that he now plans to pass onto charitable donations. >> i think it's awesome that he's doing that. it's cool that the kids got to see this because you know, that is a far walk from l.a. to san francisco, so, yeah, i think it is amazing. >> it was an impulsive decision, for sure. i didn't plan it out but i like the basics. i was like okay, cool, i'm going to walk. people started take attention to it. >> the gofundme has raised nearly $15,000 so far. his goal was $10,000.
6:59 pm
thank you for watching. we will see you back here at
7:00 pm
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