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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 24, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, ththis is kpix 5 news a momentous night. fans finally back in the shea center for the first time in a year . to the warriors give them something to cheer about? a vaccine windfall for one county. a historic 24-hour journey. the moments the brand-new spacex group entered the space station the welcome they received. good morning. it is saturday, april 24. i'm emily turner. let's start with a check of the weather with meteorologist darren peck. >> there is a chance we could see a few light showers as early as today. should we do that, it will mainly be in the northbay. it will be cloudy for much of today. light rain possible for saturday but widespread rain for sunday. really focused on
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the first half of the day tomorrow. we will go into the details on that in the cleat forecast, coming up in a bit. it is cloudy out there today. whether it is the mid-level stratus clouds overhead for many of us or the higher clouds coming in on the leading edge of this next rainmaker, it is cloudy. apertures out there for the most part in the low 50s. for now, back over to you. warriors fans are finally back at chase center. giants of the warriors posts played games last night. some bay area basketball fans, it was the first chance and more than a year to see the warriors in person. getting to the door at chase center takes either a completed vaccine card or a negative covid test. the warriors are covering the tests either through mail-in kits or on-site rapid tests. a father-son duo from fairfield to the at-home test that the warriors provided for free. >> he did not like it one bit but it was his ninth birthday on sunday and he wanted to be here to see his favorite player , steph curry, play. he took it like a champ. a live- action warriors game --
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>> it is good for our mental health to be able to be out here and have fun. >> the city is allowing chase center to openen at 35% capacit that equates to 6000 fans per game. we will have all of the highlights from last night's game coming up in sports. some good news for the south bay. santa clara county is getting 100,000 more doses of the coronavirus vaccine next week. the news came on the same day the county announced that it has administered 1 million doses already. now there is a new challenge in reaching herd immunity. kpix 5's mariab medina reports from san jose with the hesitancy to get the vaccine. >> reporter: at risk immunity health center in san jose. there is a mission to go into the south bay's most vulnerable communities to vaccinate as many people as possible. >> no appointment needed. no id needed. >> reporter: mary alvarez, a nurse petitioner will be at the
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university ame zion church with more than 1500 doses. >> we don't check immigration status. you can say your name is homer simpson and you will get a vaccine. we just need people to come and get the vaccine. >> reporter: they focus on the black population which lags behind in vaccination rates along with the latin x community. >> some of it is access related. they have been working a lot throughout the pandemic. kids are back in school. >> reporter: county leaders plan to address hours of vaccination sites to include nights and weekends and they are trying to get the word out that supply is readily available. >> it will be at markets where people shop and potentially employers as well to ensure that we are able to meet everyone needs. >> if we don't get a vaccinated, this little bug will be able to mutate. >> reporter: mary, who holds a
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vaccine clinic every wednesday, says hesitancy is a concern that she hopes won't stop us from reaching herd immunity. >> last wednesday we were there . i had 1000 vaccines. i came back to the office with 600 vaccines because not enough people showed up. a pop up vaccination site is open for walk ups in san francisco. at least 50 shots of the moderna vaccine are available and you don't have to have an appointed. it is happening at the san francisco christian center on mission street near acton. all of the vaccinations are first doses. two doctors from ucf ayman part 2 people of color get inoculated. health officials in marin county say vaccinations are available to all adults with many sites offering same day or next day access. more than 80% of residents aged 16 and older now have received
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at least one dose, 80%. 52% have completed a vaccine series. however, 47,000 people who remain eligible are still in vaccinated. many providers in marin are providing drop in options with no appoints necessary. the cdc and the fda announced they are lifting a pause on johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine immediately, calling the shots safe and effective for most people. the single shot vaccine was shelved for more than a week due to a small number of rare blood clotting incidents and women. debra alfarone has more details. >> reporter: hours after an extra panel voted to recommend the move, the cdc and fda are lifting the pause on the use of johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine. >> after a thorough review of available data, the fda and cdc have concluded that the possibility of the so-called
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thrombosis syndrome occurring is very low. >> in the end, the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people. >> reporter: with the announcement, the vaccine can start going into people's arms again right away. millions of doses were placed in limbo 10 days ago after several women, most under the age of 50, came down with a rare blood clotting disorder. a few cases were fatal. the fda and cdc so they will remain vigilant and continuing to investigate the risk. meanwhile, health officials nationwide are fighting a battle against covid vaccine hesitancy. the surgeon general unveiled an initiative, including celebrities and social media. >> we are pairing doctors, scientists, and health officials with influencers and organizations with accounts that can reach millions of americans. >> reporter: new york city's american museum of natural history is now also serving. >> it made me feel a lot more
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comfortable. i just want to trust the science. what better place than the museum of natural history? >> reporter: those who get their shot at the museum will also receive a free admission to see the exhibit. debra alfarone, cbs news, maryland. this week, european regulators allowed the rollout of jj shots saying the benefits outweigh what appears to be a very rare risk. back in the bay area, four counties will start using the windows jj vaccine again. san francisco, marin, san mateo, and alameda counties are all making that move after the federal government lifted its paws. as more people get vaccinated and recommendation is change, you might have many questions about what activities are okay to do again. check out our website. we have a list with all of those details on . time notice 6:08. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area,
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all eyes on the red carpet for this weekend's oscars. the environmentally friendly designers turning high-end couture, green. plus, a night at the opera like never before. the bay area performance which took more than a year to pull off. here is a live look outside. a little bit cloudy this morning. we will be right back.
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six flags is hiring for discovery kingdom in vallejo
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and hurricane harbor waterpark in concord. it is running a national hiring week through 2 may. company say area parks have openings for a number of different positions including food service, write operations, and lifeguarding. full and part-time jobs are available. six flags is encouraging people to apply on the company's website. 16 months ago, the san francisco opera closed their curtains and the stage has been empty until now. the show is back on and we saw the stage come back to life in marin county. >> reporter: this is the first live performance in front of a crowd since december 2019. yes, the audience is in a car but live theater is finally back. >> ♪
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>> reporter: this performance is months in the making. >> we have been going around backstage saying happy opening- night for people. in the usual year, it is exciting to do but in this year, it has never been so much. >> reporter: with strict testing protocols, performers were able to rip off their masks and have voices heard loud and clear with some pandemic restrictions. >> if they're singing at each other, they have to be further apart. if they're singing at each other, they can be further apart. >> the song is being her to the radio of each car. >> reporter: instead of the pit, the orchestra is in a tent with socially's distanced and maxed musicians. one lot has a direct view of the stage and another has access to a big-screen.
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a night at the opera has never felt so different. >> this is the way to do it in the car. i can lean back my seat and relax. i can stretch out. i am not dressed up. i am wearing -- i will not tell you what i am wearing. >> reporter: the san francisco opera estimates with a new venue 40% of the audience members are first-time opera listeners. being he reminds them of what what life was like before the pandemic. >> it will be the person we have heard people sing for more than a year. >> it feels almost like a feeling that our world is getting better. >> reporter: just a side note about the lead female performer. she is actually nine months pregnant and her understudy is watching her closely just in case she has to step in. at the san francisco opera in san rafael, andrea nakano, kpix 5.
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it is cloudy out there to start this day. it will stay cloudy for most of today. we might even get a little bit of light rain today. it would mainly be in the north bay. it is the rain that is coming tomorrow that is really the headline. on the forecast, a live view from the top of the salesforce camera looking to the east. you can see the bay bridge there. that is the scene from treasure island. we are all right around 50. you can see how widespread the gray is. even when our mid-level marine layer clouds burn off, it will be tough to tell because they will be replaced by the higher clouds that are on the leading edge of this storm which is already out here. we take that rain and bring this forward in futurecast, the leading edge of the showers for the main event are not until tomorrow. however, we will likely see a little bit of light rain before we get to sunday. here is today, late this
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morning. there are a few light showers moving across the north bay. i just don't want you to be too surprised if you do get a little bit of light rain today. from the golden gate, south, but it is not a high likelihood. from the north bay, a pretty good possibility. here is the main event. this is tomorrow morning. a big band of widespread rain moves across the bay area. by 9:00 it is coming across the golden gate. it is in the south bay by noon and then it is pretty much done. the second half of sunday, we should be finished. there might be a few straggler showers that come through in the afternoon but the bulk of the rain we will see on sunday is coming just before sunrise until the early afternoon and nighttime. the south and east bay maybe get some higher amounts. the north bay, we factor in the light rain we might see today as well. here are today's daytime highs. let's start out in the south bay
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where we will stay in the 60s all day today. we are only going to 66 in sunnyvale. pretty much 265. san mateo, 65. mid-60s for the far inland east bay. numbers up north, holding that same story. low to mid 60s for most locations. we will top out in the low to mid 60s as we get up into mendocino. what happens after this rain? sunday is really the highlight of the whole 7-day forecast. once we get past sunday, showers clear out and then we are right back out to the races again. we will be back into the mid- 80s for daytime highs in a hurry. maybe not monday. by tuesday, we have jumped up to 73. by wednesday and thursday of next week, mid-80s. sunny and warm, right back into spring. all of that grasses and pollen producing plants will have gotten a nice watering to keep allergy season going. >> you say that so nicely.
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>> the allergies have been real. >> i say that as an allergy sufferer myself. the rain on sunday will wash a lot of it out. we will get a short break. we are not out of this until we get to july. >> buckle your seatbelt, everybody. a celebration yesterday with governor gavin newsom joining in for the ceremony from the early reopening of highway 1 near big sur. >> three, two, one. >> the stretch 20 miles south of big sur has been closed since january when a mudslide washed out a large section of the road. crews had to fill in the canyon below before they could rebuild the roadway. the lack of rain helped them get ahead of schedule. the job is not quite done. caltrans will work on drainage and guardrails through early summer. the fashion industry is a major cause of the united
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nations environment program. with all eyes on the oscars red carpet tomorrow, one organization is showcasing conscious fashion. >> reporter: this year's academy awards will have a different look because of the pandemic. for one organization, the commitment to red carpet passion and protecting the environment remains the same. >> what we try to do is make it very fun. > reporter:r: a femalele lea orgaganization starteted by su amos cameron committed to driving change in the fashion industry by going green. according to the you and alliance for sustainable fashion, the fashion industry is the second biggest consumer of water and is responsible for 8% to 10% of global emissions, inteternational flflights, and maritime shipping combined. >> when i say sustainability especially when it comes to passion, i don't necessarily think formal.
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>> we hahave vegan, plant-based passion along to vintntage up cycycle passion. >> reporter: for more than 10 years, the organization has challenged designers to create oscar worthy dresses with the environment in mind. the ethically custom-made gowns and tuxedos have been seen on many. thisis year, they are teaming u with matererial innovators who will be wearing the echo could totour on the red carpet this year. there message will be clear. >> we need to try to educate people and empower them. >> reporter: they are hoping to turn the red carpet moment into a sustainable fashion movement. the red carpet redress campaign also works with a diverse and inclusive range of talent. the diversity should be the standard, not the exception. >> did we end the work week on an uptake? straight ahead,
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welcome back. that is the message at deb nation last night as the warriors were finally able to give the home crowd a show. >> we will be oh, , i've traveveled alall over thehe country.. talking g about saving witith geico. but that's's the imporortant b, innit?t? showing upup, saying " “hell! fancy a a nice chat?t?” thenen we talk l like two old frieiends about t sticky buns and alall the savivings yoyou could geget byby bundling g your homee and cacar insurancnce. but here's's the real l secre. eye contacact. you feelel that? we jusust had a momoment. [c[chuckles] who would'd've thoughtht it? geicico. save eveven more whwhu bundle home and cacar insuranc.
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good morning, everybody. i've got these guys. what a show last night. this had everything. it had the crowd back. it had the energy and the team that right off of it for the home crowd. the first home crowd in 409 days. let's pick it up here. get the energy. electric last night at chase center. picking up 3rd quarter, get out of the way. scored 23 off the bench. final seconds of the quarter, time for a buzzer-beater. by the time he hit, they were
6:24 am
of 12. we will let that one go. they were not going to give up a 4th quarter lead, not last night. draymond green set up curry, lit it up. green had 19 assists. look at that. defender all over curry and he still hit it. look at the reaction. what a performance in front of the home crowd. what a team as the dubs have won seven of the last 10. >> our fans coming back in the arena, we want to get them a win . the first one back in 409 days or something like that. that is a long time. the extra boost from them definitely helps fulfill their presence. it sounded like way more than 1900 people. that was definitely appreciated and much-needed. >> reporter: as for baseball, the grade for oakland? all a's again.
6:25 am
12 straight wins. look at the skipper. bob melvin dishing out knuckles last night picking up top of the second. look at that. a hole big enough to score sean murphy a small ball but it was 2-0. thinning, dials up the long ball. a fifth inning 428 foot blast. final of 3-0. third longest win streak in oakland a's history. in the meantime, we have fans young and seasoned. the marlins and giants. giants trail bottom of the third. eight two run homer. the giants have won five out of six. they are hot. alex wood, right place at the right time. the snack off the come back. he allowed one hit in seven innings. get this. they trail the first place dodgers by one game.
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you know what this means? by the close of business sunday, the a's and the giants could own first-place in the respective western divisions. we will leave it at that. i will see you later. that is exciting. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, putting a base to the voice. >> i am terrified to hear it in her voice. >> the emotional reunion for a woman caught up in a mess shooting and how the emergency dispatcher helped her stay safe. a piece of royal history going up for auction. why was this bicycle dubbed the shame bike? i'm morganan, and therere's me to me thanan hiv. momore love,..... morere adventurere,...
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back. thank you so much for joining us. let's start this half hour with a quick check of our weather with meteorologist darren peck. >> it will look like rain for most of us. some of us may get a few light showers today. not a big deal. it is more of a technicality that i've got to cover. i am the weather guy. when it will rain, you got to pointed out. it is tomorrow when we get the widespread rain which in itself -- we don't have a significant storm coming our way. widespread rain after not seeing any, that story we will
6:30 am
go right back up into the mid- 80s. i will sort all of this out coming up in the next few minutes. san francisco was among the cities taking part in a national prescription drug take- back day. it comes as the country is seeing a spike in deadly overdoses during the pandemic. today, the d.e.a. is collecting tablets, capsules, and packages, no liquids though. in the south bay, drug takebacks are happening a four locations in san jose from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. they include a parking lot on alameda, a police substation, and community centers on camden avenue and south baxter avenue. the effort to recall the mayor of windsor could officially begin on monday. the press democrat reports the chair of his recall campaign will file a notice of intent. dominic propos lee has refused to resign after six different
6:31 am
women accused him of sexual assault. the 38-year-old denies all of the allegations. taking a live look at the white house this morning, president joe biden has wrapped up a virtual two a climate summit where he stressed tackling the climate crisis and creating jobs go hand in hand. as natalie brand reports, some republicans say biden's climate goals are harmful to u.s. workers. >> reporter: president biden is making a push for a green economy on day two of his climate summit with world leaders. >> when we invest in climate resilience and infrastructure, we create opportunities for everyone. >> reporter: ahead of president biden's remarks, the department of energy announced more than $100 million for new projects aimed at helping workers in hard-hit powerplant communities. >> as we transition to a clean energy future, we must ensure that workers who have thrived in yesterday's and today's industries have as bright of tomorrow in the new industries.
6:32 am
>> reporter: some republicans have insisted those plans could harm communities that still depend on the fossil fuel industry and also argue significant emissions reductions cannot occur without cooperation from the world's biggest polluters. >> democrats deal on our own country is not something our biggest foreign competitors seem to share. >> reporter: president biden has signaled the u.s. would work with adversaries to tackle the climate crisis. >> it makes overwhelming sense, as much of the president of russia and i disagree. two big nations can cooperate. >> reporter: while some of the world's largest polluters, including russia for china and india are dissipated in the summit and talked about goals, they did not set new specific reductions targets. president biden committed the u.s. to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. the administration says the number of countries who participated in this week summitry committed to their reduction holds and some even
6:33 am
increased them including canada and japan. developing this morning, the indonesian navy says debris from a missing submarine has been found. the vesselis lost in the sea with 53 crew members on board. hopes of finding the crew alive are now fading as their oxygen supply is expected to run out today. part of a torpedo launcher and bottle of grease or some of the items found floating in the sea. the u.s. has deployed a poseidon submarine hunting aircraft to assist in the search and rescue operations. a search is intensifying for a killer who struck on a popular hiking trail in a southern california. authorities have now posted a reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. this follows the discovery of a man spotty a month ago on a trail around mount baldy in the angeles national forest. a woman who visits the area often says that she and her boyfriend
6:34 am
noticed the body after being parked in the turnout. >> we know that something right because we saw someone laying on the ground. we did not know where he was from. we know that he died by himself and no one was there to help him. >> detectives evident by the victim as 63-year-old gerald perdue, an avid hiker from san bernardino. they still don't know who shot him in the torso or why. >> while this appears to be an isolated incident, the sheriff's department would urge those hiking the mount baldy area to use caution and certainly not approach anyone they might find that would be armed. >> the victim's son says his father was recently diagnosed with ms and used a cane but still enjoyed his walks in the canyon. friends and family are remembering a father and his young daughter who died in a suspected arson in oakland. mourners gather outside of their home yesterday where 37- year-old and his 1-year-old daughter died. police say someone threw objects
6:35 am
through the windows which sparked a fire last saturday. they believe this is tied to a string of crimes which began after a homicide earlier this month. he worked as a clerk at that store. the mother who is nine months pregnant is still hospitalized with burns and a reward of up to $400,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. a woman has rvived a recent mass shooting and a fedex warehouse in indianapolis and has gotten an opportunity to thank a 911 dispatcher in person. amber cazares was inside the building eight days ago when a former employee, armed with two assault rifles, opened fire. she says turmoil raised around her and the dispatcher's voice remained steady and calm. >> i wanted to make sure she was safe and she was hid where she wasn't going to be in danger and to make sure she knew that there was somebody there for her that entire time.
6:36 am
>> i appreciate you staying with me on the phone. >> i was just doing what i was trained to do. >> the dispatcher said she was just doing her job. caitlin jenner is officially in the running to replace governor gavin newsom in a potential recall race. political experts we talked to say that she faces an important first test. >> reporter: caitlin jenner announced she is jumping into the race for governor, describing herself as a, quote, proven winner, the only one who can put an and to -- >> it is important for her to come out with solutions. >> reporter: johnny campus says jenner's celebrity status is not disqualifying but says she will need to come up with competence of policies if she wants to be taken seriously. >> a lot of people are dissatisfied with the leadership of our governor and a lot of them think they can help our state of california. so be it.
6:37 am
let's see who has the best policy, the best leadership ability. >> reporter: she has never held elected office before. her campaign website has no policy positions but does feature a store where you can buy merchandise. many voters we spoke with were just plain skeptical. >> i am voting for gavin newsom. i am voting against the recall. >> he has not been perfect on his hair looks like a basketball coach from the 1990s but he is trying to do the right thing and i am not willing to take the risk of someone else becoming governor. >> she deserves a fair shot. i don't know she necessarily has the experience in that field but if she is running for it, i am imagining that she has done her research and that she has a plan. >> reporter: political analysts say generally to unveil those plans and soon if she wants her campaign to gain traction and credibility. >> i think she will have to show she is a legitimate political candidate, not a politician, per se.
6:38 am
she will have to bring some fresh ideas to the table. >> reporter: in the chess match that is politics, governor newsom is already using caitlin jenner's candidacy in an effort to do fundraising of his own. in san jose, devon seeley, kpix 5. a bicycle once owned by the late princess diana is about to go up for auction. the princess of wales road the 1970 traveler every day. she was just 18 at the time, mobbed by the news media as she began dating prince charles. palisades called it unsuitable for a royal so diana stopped rewriting it and sold it for a few bucks shortly before her wedding in 1981. >> this was the last thing for her to have freedom. >> the popularity of the crown, does that add value to it? >> absolutely. it is so hot now. anything to do with the royal family. >> do you think people will buy this bike to ride it?
6:39 am
>> that would be sacrilege. >> the bike is expected to fetch as much as $30,000. bidding in the online auction, if you want it, begins next wednesday. making history in the space. space -- why was this flight so
6:40 am
6:41 am
♪ rereynolds wrarap makes ththise cookoking and clcleanup thing so easasy. it speededs up this.s... so i i can get t to them. easy p prep, cook k and clean with reyeynolds wrapap. oh!! dodon't burn d down the dudu. termininix.
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a spacex capsule with four astronauts has now arrived at the international space station. it is the first time spacex has reused a vehicle for a manned flight. the dragon capsule docked autonomously at the space station this morning. the arriving crew embarked the group of astronauts already on the station and they are said to return to earth next week on a different spacex capsule. the new arrivals are from the u.s. and japan and will spend the next six months in space. a major blow to california firefighting agencies just as we are approaching fire season. the world's largest taker of its kind is now permanently grounded. what happened? >> reporter: when you see that massive aircraft in the sky, you know it means business.
6:43 am
the 747 global supertanker, the largest taker of its kind in the world, but a spokesperson confirmed to me that firefighting beast is now grounded. >> is that a concern for us here in california? >> it certainly is unfortunate. we would rather have that asset available to us like we have in the past. >> reporter: the news comes following the worst wildfire season in the state's history with the most acres burned, more than 4.3 million. the supertanker used 119 times last year alone in california. i reached out to the u.s. forest service. they would not answer my questions but sent me this statement. >> usda forest service is aware of the suspicion. the global supertanker is currently on a call when needed contract for aerial wildland fire suppression. in the meantime, firefighters continue seeing more magnifiers. >> climate change is not going away anytime soon. now we just
6:44 am
lost a resource. should residents be concerned? >> i think the residents should be concerned whether or not that resources available or not. >> reporter: the county chief told me even without the supertanker, cal fire always prepares for the worst. >> i believe the residents of the state of california can take comfort in knowing that cal fire is prepared. the folks that fight fire alongside are prepared and we will aggressively attack every vegetation fire the way we always have. >> cal fire does still have a dozen of its own air tankers plus a helicopter. in light of that story, it is kind of nice to be able to start off with rain on hi-def doppler. not a lot here. the real focus is tomorrow. there is a chance we could get a light shower today through the northbay. look at hi-def doppler. you will see all the rain on the far northwest coast. those showers are pretty much confined. if we switch our view
6:45 am
to the camera on salesforce camera and look out to the east, you can see a few clouds out there. it stays cloudy most of today. even when we get rid of the mid- level clouds that we got out there now, the higher clouds with that storm's leading-edge will replace them. we will be looking at clouds pretty much throughout the day. we are in the 50s out there now for most locations. you can see how widespread these clouds are. you can see the mid-level marine stuff burns off by midmorning but they will be enough clouds coming in. if we track where the rain is coming from, we will bring that center all the way toward northern california with the bulk of the rain arriving for sunday. that is only half the story. we've got two days and a weekend and one of them on the leading edge of the weekend could see some light rain for the northbay.
6:46 am
any rain that we got out of this would not be a lot. just a few light showers and it will probably amount to less than an inch of rain. since it is saturday, just be aware. here is the sunday rainmaker. you can see why this would be a much different story. that is widespread rain coming in on sunday. a little before sunrise. it starts to clear down toward the center of the bay by noon. not until we get into the early afternoon before the last of the widespread rain comes to an end down in the south bay. it is really just the first half of the day sunday with widespread rain. it does not mean we are completely out of it by sunday afternoon but most of the energy by then should be focused on the central valley or as snow in the sierra. up to a foot of snow falling in the sierra on sunday. that means it will be a very slow driver for anyone who has to travel across the sierra on
6:47 am
sunday. back here at home, we pick up a quarter of an inch of rain in the south bay and east bay. maybe a bit more than that in the northbay. by monday, it is done. let's take a look at daytime highs for today. we will make it back up into the mid-60s. 66 in mountain view. 64 in hayward. milpitas, 65. numbers in the immediate bay top out in the upper 50s to low 60s. up in the far northbay, you can see temperatures holding. 7-day forecast shows us the rain on sunday coming to an end on monday and and warming up going into next week. by the time we get to wednesday and thursday of next week, it is certainly like this never happened but we will get back into a very familiar pattern for what we have been doing for much of this springs so far. well above average temperatures with daytime highs. those numbers are 10 to 12 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. >> any chance that the rain in
6:48 am
the sierra could be snow or is ski season done? >> it will fall as snow. up at donner pass, we will get about a foot of snow. it will be significant on the roadways. whether that is a major player for the ski season at this point, i doubt it. it is not the kind of thing that would really prolong any kind of season. >> sono july 4 skiing this year. >> forget it. >> bad news for the snowpack and skiers. april is national donate life month. a nonprofit based in the bay area is trying to increase awareness about organ and tissue donation. kpix 5's len kiese spoke with the founder of the organization that helps people direct donations to loved ones in need. >> we have been able to work with some sponsors and some friends and place billboards around the country reminding
6:49 am
people about organ donation. this month in particular is donor awareness donate life month. we want to encourage folks to become organ donors. >> how did you select the families highlighted in these campaigns? >> thank you for asking. we have been focusing on the south asian community in particular, this community historically has not been very involved in organ donation. a lot of stereotypes and misunderstandings and misconceptions that have arisen from some of the practices in india and other countries. so, wanting to reassure them or remind them that the organ donation process is very safe. a lot of friends and family are already donors whether they know it or not. it is a powerful impact. there
6:50 am
are two families so far that we have found and highlighted with billboards in different parts of the country. we have billboards running right now in dallas and louisiana, mississippi and here in the bay area as well. both families went through tragic situations and in the midst of those, nonetheless made the incredible powerful decision to donate their loved ones oregon's. as a result, was able to help multiple other families that were in desperate need. a hayward woman that has been a mother to more than 80 different babies over the years through foster care. we are introduced to this year 's bay area jefferson award winner. >> hey, baby girl. >> reporter: linda owens has cared for this seven week old since she left the hospital as a newborn. the baby girl is the 81st infant linda has brought into her home in 34 years as a resource parent. >> it is a challenging job but
6:51 am
it is very rewarding. >> reporter: at age 78, the retired grocery department manager fosters the baby as a single parent. sometimes, two infants at a time. she keeps a supply of baby gear" on hand, some but with her own money. although she gets paid for her work, it is a labor of love. >> this is what god handed me. a number of the newborns come to linda exposed to drugs in the womb. >> reporter: some have developmental delays. many don't sleep through the night. >> she is in a category almost by herself. >> reporter: mia buckner places children in foster homes. >> her experience, her love, the care that she provides to the babies is immeasurable. >> her experience shows, according to a pediatrician. linda has brought many babies here over the years. >> she has always been very optimistic, always determined to give these babies the best possible start in their lives.
6:52 am
>> reporter: parents, too. erica adopted a baby girl and a foster 12 years ago. linda shared good advice about the baby she taught to sleep through the night. >> if she is in her crib, leave her alone. i know you want to play with her but if you wake her up, you will start interrupting the sleeptime. >> reporter: today, erica and her daughters to visit with linda and share the tweening's milestones. >> she turned out beautiful. it makes you feel good. >> it makes you feel like you fulfilled your job. >> reporter: when her job is done, letting go can be heartbreaking. >> i can give her a kiss on the forehead and wish her the best and say i love you. >> reporter: for her love and care for 80+ babies and more than 30 years as a resource parent, this week's jefferson awarded the bay area goes to linda owens. >> if you would like to
6:53 am
6:54 am
two new giraffes made the journey to the oakland zoo in a very tall delivery truck one of the giraffes is a 3-year-old from fresno and the other is a 10 month old from san diego. they are so cute. the oakland zoo says the two
6:55 am
little boys will help the other giraffes socialize. the zoo is hosting an online auction and you can help name the babies. the highest bidder gets to name the youngest one and meet both giraffes in person. the bay area is reopening. we are asking you to share your photos of getting back together again with family and friends, or shows wha attetention, calalifornia. new federal funding of $3 billioion is availilabe to h help more p people payy for hehealth insururance — nono matter whwhat your ininc. how much i is yours? julie e and bob arare paying $700 lesess, every m month. dee got t comprehensnsive covee for r only $1 a a month. and d the navarrrros are payg leless than $1$100 a month. check cocoveredca.cocom to s see your nenew, lower p p. the soononer you sigign up ththe more youou save. only a at covered d californi. thisis way to hehealth insurur.
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it is 6:56. a fresh crew of astronauts just arrived at the international space station. there spacex dragon capsule& honestly. then, the four astronauts made their way inside. another group of astronauts were waiting for them with hugs and handshakes all around. the arriving crew will spend the next six months on the orbiting station. from encouraging numbers in the south bay. santa clara county expects to receive 100,000 more doses of coronavirus vaccine next week. the county says it is already administered a total of 1 million doses. debris from the missing internation submarine has turned up in the bali see including part of a torpedo launcher. hope now is fading for the 53 people on board to be found alive. warriors fans are back at chase center for the first time
6:58 am
in more than a year. the arena reopened two spectators last night at 35% capacity. they needed either a completed vaccine card or a negative covid test. it is a busy looking 7-day forecast for the first part of it, specifically looking across the we can. we might have a few showers in the north bay today but it would not be much. it is really sunday, specifically the first half of the day and then we are done by monday and we warm-up next week. we will be back in the mid-80s by next wednesday. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. don't forget, the news continues all day on the cbsn bay area. we will back here tomorrow at 6:00. enjoy your saturday. we will see you tomorrow.
6:59 am
does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only n nature's bobounty doe. nenew immune t twenty-fourur hos has longerer lasting v vitamin. plus, , herbal and other r immune supupers. only f from naturere's bounty.
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", a six-month-old beagle terriers. mix is jumping at the chance to have a family. eric: thank you, thank you, thank you. best puppy kisses. narrator: he might be exactly what a couple is looking for, after a year marred by tragedy. cindy: my mother passed away from cancer, my dad died six months later. and then, a few months later, my cousin steph died. narrator: but their hobbies could stand in the way of the safe placement of an energetic, young puppy.


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