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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 23, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now 7:00, promising life cut short. stray bullets turns deadly, leaving friends and family members in the east bay heartbroken tonight. >> his laughter is missing, his smile is missing. his charisma. new body camera video of a deadly bay area police shooting right outside a hotel, what the suspect yelled at officers moments before. a storm system is steadily getting closer. it will bring changes to the bay area. the fit radespread rawe month. i am tracking at our by hour. after 400 days, warriors fans are finally back inside.
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we're live. >> to hear the actual squeaks on the, on the wood floor, that is going to be fun. right now, and streaming on cbsn bay area, a college student's life cut short by a stray bullet. tonight the search for whoever pulled the trigger. as kpix5's da lin reports, he said he was doing all the right things to work toward a bright future. the oakland teens was an intern here at berkeley is alternative. he was left not just by the folks who work here but also by teachers and his counselors. yesterday would have been his 19th birthday. instead it turned into demetrius flemings funeral. family and friends released doves to honor him. >> things are not the same. his laughter is missing, his smile is missing, his charisma.
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>> reporter: this is his mentor and supervisor at his internship for the last two years. they had worked together the day before a stray bullet killed him on april 10th. oakland police say he was a passenger in a truck driving in the area of international boulevard and 68th avenue when a stray bullet hit him. >> i want a mural of him, back of him in the hallways. i just don't want people to forget. >> reporter: they say he was a hard-working teenager who did everything right. >> he pretty much grew up in the church. >> reporter: he says demetrius had been going to gospel church since he was five years old. the bishop says he was always the life of the party, fun, loving, and a prankster at times. >> we took them to camp, and the first thing he did when he got off the bus, he ran off into the woods and found a snake, came back with the snake and started chasing all the kids around the camp. he was
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always that kind of a guy. just a fun guy. >> reporter: aside from his internship, he was working part- time at the dollar tree and attending berkeley city college. family and friends say he wanted to earn a degree and take care of his family. >> we talk about police officers killing people in the street but we don't talk enough about killings that go on in the neighborhood almost every day. we have 44 homicides. >> i hope somebody comes through and gives us the justice we need. we are not at peace right now. >> reporter: a ceremony to honor his life at his internship tomorrow. police say no suspects at this time and they are asking folks to come forward with information. in berkeley, i am da lin, kpix5. a live look outside, here is a view from pacifica. pretty much tells the story. have clouds and fog out there, a little wind blowing in as we wait for our first round of n a long, long time. chief neurologist paul heggen is here and we are very anxious to see a little rain.
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>> it is odd that you are excited about a rainy weekend but let's get into the details of when this will move in. tomorrow look stride, couple of stray sprinkles. anything outside you have to get done, looking okay. the rain moves in late saturday night into the pre-sunrise hours of sunday morning. the most widespread and heaviest will fall the first half of the day on sunday, still lingering showers into sunday afternoon but they will become fewer and farther between so if there is something outside you have to get done on sunday, later in the day will be the driest time, even a few breaks in the cloud cover. how much rain are we talking about? not going to be a drought buster but at this point in the rainy season after such a long break over five weeks as we have seen widespread rain we will take it. 10th of an inch to a quarter inch inlet in east bay and the santa clara valley. around half inch as you get closer to the bay and higher amounts for the north bay. that number around kentfield is pretty reasonable for some of the higher terrain of the north bay, about three quarters of an inch of total rainfall and it will happen pretty quickly. hour by hour with future cast coming up in a few minutes.
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fremont police have released new body where camera and surveillance video. it happened outside the hyatt. before we give you those details we want to warn you that the video may be difficult for some to watch. this all happened on april 1st. the suspect is 36-year-old stephen mosley. you can see him bolting out of the hotel there. he runs into the parking lot, officers and a police dog hot on his tail chasing after him. police say that mosley had multiple outstanding warrants. that is why they were there. and he was armed with a stolen gun. the foot chase ended in gunfire. while the canine latched onto mosleyfi drthe gun and put his hands up. at one point he yells back,
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kill me. two of them opened fire about eight seconds after surrounding him. they were identified as detective grant get, a six year veteran of the department, and detective josh harvey, an 11 year veteran. the police say while the suspect was on the ground trying to fight off that canine, these images show him pointing a handgun toward the officers. that prompted the two policemen to fire their weapons. an autopsy revealed that he was shot five times. the detectives were tracking mosley as part of a newly formed unit to crack down on a spike in gun violence in fremont of the alameda county district attorney is now investigating. santa clara county is celebrating a vaccine leon 1lln county resideat least one dose as of i that works out to 62% of all county residents ages 16 and up
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with vaccination rates climbing, some are wondering if we still need to wear our masks outside. the santa clara county public health officer said in crowds, you should err on the side of caution, but the risk of outdoor transmission is going down every day. outdoors, everybody seems to be pointing toward not necessary, here i feel fine, inside i always wear one. >> we post a list of activities that people can safely resume once they are fully vaccinated. you can find it on our vaccine resource guide at the top of a live look at chase center with the warriors are playing in front of the first hometown crowd in more than a year. andria borba is there and those fans had to bring more than just a ticket today. >> reporter: that's right, you need more than a ticket to get inside, as is with most things right now, as things that we begin to reopen. but more than 2000 members of
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dub nation are inside for tip off. warriors fans have a little swish in their step for the first game back inside chase center since the pandemic began. to get inside you need a ticket, along with either a full vaccine card, or a freshly competed test. >> i have my card here in my any pack and i'm assuming that i have to go show the health clearance at the health clearance point. >> reporter: trent and chantel fuller of fairfield to the at- home test that the warriors provided for free. he did not like it one bit but it was his ninth birthday on sunday and he wanted to be here to see his favorite player, steph curry, play, so he took it like a champ. >> reporter: in addition to the kits, there's also the option for an on-site rapid test. fans are excited to get off the sofa and in the arena. >> to hear the actual squeaks floo thatis ing to ben.
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running a bit differently, to what concessions you have to download the app. order on your phone and you go and pick up your food at a designated location within the arena. ken and elizabeth, but i can hear people, they are so excited to get inside here and see some live basketball, get out of that permanent and we all have on our so far. >> live with the hats. goes perfectly tonight. >> with people inside, that is big news. still ahead it was one of california's best weapons against wildfires. why this special supertanker has now been grounded. the governor's new plan to end all fracking in california, how he plans to pass it, even after a similar bill just
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failed. olympian reality tv star and now she is a candidate for california governor. >> if she isd imagining that she has done her research and that she has a plan. >> i'm almost thinking about changing myself, like no. >> reporter: a beloved bay area mall is officially dead. the big plan for what will take its place. another live look outside as those clouds start to build up, rain finally in the forecast.
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attention, california.
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new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. ss than $100 a month.paying $700 less, every month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. olympic gold medalist, reality tv star, transgender activist and now candidate for california governor. caitlin jenner officially launched her bid today to replace governor gavin newsom and a potential recall election. it is a proven winner, and the only outsider who could put an end to the disastrous time as governor. she has not outlined any
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policies yet but here is what voters are saying. >> she deserves a fair shot. i don't know she necessarily has the experience in that field, but i mean, if she is running for it and imagining that she has done her is hurt and that she has a plan. >> i voted for gavin newsom. voted against the recall. i mean, he hasn't been perfect and his hair looks like a basketball coach from the 1990s but he is trying to do the right thing and i'm not willing to take the risk of someone else becoming governor. >> state of california, stretch of the iconic highway 1 is back open tonight, nearly 2 months ahead of schedule. a massive mudslides completely washed away along section of the road. that happens back in january and left a huge gap south of big sur near rat creek. the crews had to fill in the canyon below and then rebuild the roadway above. guard rails through early
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summer. tonight california may have just lost a critical tool to fight massive wildfires. colorado-based global supertanker says it is grounding that boeing 747 we all saw, drop those huge loads of retardants. the reason? federal government has not renewed their contract. the aircraft has fought fires here in california and around the world and will now apparently he put up for sale. a live look outside treasure island camera, take a look at that, some gray clouds there in the distance, rain is coming. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here ahead of time. wanted to be in place before all of this got going. still got a couple of days. little tractor work to do saturday. will that be okay? >> anything outdoors if you want to check some stuff of, ifo re want
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poned r another weekend maybe then you can convince your significant other to wait until sunday. more clouds tomorrow, cooler but still dry other than a couple of strays goals. i will show you those in just a second and then the widespread rain moves and sunday but later in the day sunday it does look like we're going to try out before the sun goes down. let's check out the future cast. mostly for the north bay tomorrow afternoon but in general, more clouds and sunshine with cool temperatures across the board. the bulk of the rain still offshore at midnight tomorrow night but it will make its way in as we head into the pre- sunrise hours sunday morning so even before the sun comes up there will be some scattered light showers at first more widespread and heavier rain will be moving in just after the sun comes up and it will move through pretty quickly so this will not be a torrential rainfall event. i showed you the amounts during the first segment, quarter inch to half inch on the high end of things and it will be wrapping up already for much of the bay area by lunchtime on sunday. a few straggling showers is still possible, not think it is
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going to be dry sunday afternoon but things will be trending at a drier direction with some breaks and the clouds as well. a pretty sunset by sunday evening just before 8:00 when the sun goes down this time of year. and the high sierra is no event, a winter storm warning saturday night, and into sunday night. the communities and the high sierra will pick up 6 to 12 inches of snow but in the higher peaks they will pick up close to two feet. chapel will be a mess because of the to keep in mind, traveling back toward the bay area and either rest of tonight will not be a good idea so plan ahead for that if you know anybody who will be up in that direction. there is that low cloud cover, we did see some sunshine to breakthrough for a little while even along the coast but the clouds are filling back in and we are still seeing sunshine in livermore and concord, it is temporary. the entrepreneur's will push that cloud cover across the bay and will see widespread clouds.the day on saturday. temperatures right now, everybody in the 50s, pretty much everybody will be in the 40s to start the day tomorrow but cooler temperatures for him and portions of the bay area about 46 degrees below average across the board. of course around the bay that is were temperatures have been all week. not much change either around
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the bay or along the coast. mid 60s for the south end of the bay with upper 60s and the santa clara valley, about 67 degrees in san jose. mid to upper 60s for the tri- valley tempatures just a degree or two warmer on the east side of the diablo range. a mix of 50s and 60s around the bay and mostly low to mid 60s for the north bay. a little cooler than other inland parts of the bay area because the clouds are going to arrive earlier. the rain chances will arrive a little earlier late tomorrow night. once the rain chances move through, well, we will dry out and we will warm up. even approaching 70 degrees around the bay, and even along the coast with the entrepreneur's, we can in just a bit. temperatures might top 60 degrees by wednesday and thursday. i will have another update coming up on the timing of that rain and how much we expect coming up at 11. here is look at your top headlines, johnson & johnson's one does ine ck circuln ge on the label acknowledging the very small risk of rare blood
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clots. the feds lifted a ten-day pause just hours after a cdc panel recommended it. shots could resume as soon as tomorrow. >> together both agencies have full confidence that this vaccine is known and potential benefi its known and ofand olde a big announcement from the state capital tonight. governor newsom wants to ban new oil fracking permits by the year 2024. the governor also wants to end all oil extraction in the state by 2045. environmentalists oppose fracking citing harm to people and the environments. a bill to ban fracking died last week as some democrats joined with republicans to defeat the measure. but the governor says this time, he will use executive authority to push forward. so far, r when the governor could actually push it through. coming up next, no vaccine, no problem. why a bay area sports team is
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abdoned ll, what ustesale coul revitalization. >> i grew up going to the mall, but i think this area deserves something much more vibrant. later on, the hype tonight over this special space launch. what makes this rocket so different from all the rest. >> it is hard to believe that we are here doing this. it feels like
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let's take a live look out at the richmond bridge, the city's hilltop mall. it is officially kaput. it was once a bustling shopping center home to macy's, movie theater, even an ice skating rink. however, there is a new future for the 78 acre property right off interstate 80. mega developer pro largest purchase that property with plans to demolish the mall. early designs for a replacement include housing, retail, and entertainment which neighbors have long supported. many locals have found memories at the hilltop mall and him tell us, they are not ready to
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see it go. >> i'm almost thinking about chaining myself to the mall thinking like no, we want to keep them all. >> going to be bittersweet. i going to the mall. but i think this area deserves something much more vibrant. we are hoping to's the and open space, retail entertainment and housing including market rates and below market rate housing. >> you may see yellow or red cards when they host the first person match tomorrow but there won't be any vaccine card sharks, giants and warriors, the team is not requiring proof of covid-19 immunity or a negative test. that is because the stadium is
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will another giant leap for spacex, for the first time it launched for astronaut into orbit on a recycled rocket earlier this morning. now the rockets had been launched once before. >> it is hard to believe that we are here doing this, quite frankly. feels like a dream. it is probably good to have a flight or two under its belt for the booster to have flown once or twice. >> nasa says the reusable gear absolutely lowers the cost, as for the crew, sent up today, they will dock with the international space station early
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all, everybody. i appreciate that. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. oh, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,595 bucks, it's the champs, from atlanta, georgia, it's the stark family. [cheers and applause] and they're back. from baldwin, new york, it's the hawkins family.
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