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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 21, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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forecast. hi. >> hi. yeah. good morning to you. we are looking at the winds definitely a lot calmer compared to the gusty conditions we had yesterday. here is a live look. you can see that gray start to the day. we have that fog around the coast and around the bay. temperatures inthe 40's and 50's. current winds and you can see just five mile an hour winds at sfo. 12 in concord and 17-mile an hour winds in fairfield at the moment. as we go through the day looking at the daytime highs, cool along the coast and around the bay. 56 pacifica, looking at 59 san francisco, 65 oakland. the inland locations with that sun, temperatures a little warmer. mid-70s in san jose, concord and livermore. good morning. we are going to start off with
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road work that is affecting your drive this morning. if you plan to take 84 in sonell. still completely shut down in both directions due to overnight road work. this project is going to extend until saturday evening so, use an alternate if you can. in the meantime they hope to have lanes open in the next ten to 15 minutes. they were supposed to open at five. running a little late on 84. that closure both directions in sonell. other than that it's the usual stuff on the roadways. we are seeing traffic start to build for that ride in to the pass. business as usual with some slower speeds out of tracy as you get onto 580. checking the travel time right now. looking at 33 minutes. the live news desk. let's go live right now to minneapolis, minnesota. city that was spared violence yesterday after the verdict came in the trial of derek chauvin who is now guilty of killing george
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floyd after three weeks and 45 witnesses. the jury took ten hours to come up with guilty verdicts on all charges in the trial of derek chauvin. you can see him being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. he showed no reaction as the verdict was read. the judge is expected to sentence him in about eight eggs. here is a look at the charges. he was found guilty of second degree murder with the possibility of 40 years. third degree and manslaughter. there are three other police officers who will face trial in august on charges of aiding and ettiin ge d's death. been journey. today we are able to breathe again. >> a huge sigh of relief for george floyd's family celebrating the guilty verdict
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yesterday. >> they were joined by crowds across the country, demonstrators took to the streets marching in places like san diego, new york and atlanta. many saying there is still more work to be done to achieve racial justice. >> here in the bay area oakland police increased patrols but there was hardly anyone inside at oscar grant plaza. the day brought back painful memories for the uncle of oscar grant. >> family is concerned no amount of justice will bring him back. you know, butta at the same morepainful. t bn muer that uld >> san francisco mayor also reacted to the verdict last night saying in part, this verdict does not bring back the life of george floyd. it can't replace the years of his life that were rob from him or the life experiences and memory that would have been made with his
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friends and family. what this verdict does reflect is that the tide is turning in this country. the warriors organization said it's encouraged by the verdict but the long journ, y must continue. the a's said they remain committed to promoting equity and the 49ers say they continue to support organizations creating racial equality. our coverage continues in the next half hour. we will take you live to minnesota with a closer look at the trial and more reaction. happening today a sheriff's deputy is expected to be charged with killing an unarmed man two years ago. according to the east bay times deputy andrew hall will face charges in the death of a man in 2018. the 33-year-old was spotted on a security camera wandering around. police were called and he drove away leading officers on a low speed pursuit
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ending in downtown danville. video released by the sheriff's office shows the deputy exited his car and ran toward the other vehicle and then opened fire. the sheriff's department launched an investigation and then allowed hall to return to duty. the da's investigation was still open when hall shot and killed a homeless man in danville last month. the family of tyrell wilson is suing the sheriff's office and danville police. the da's office said it cannot comment on an ongoing criminal investigation. and update on the kristin smart murder case. investigators say she may have been buried under the far yeanthey have evidence her body was recently moved. smart was last seen leaving a party with paul flores in 1996. he remained the prime suspect for 25 years leading up to his arrest last week.
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flores pleaded not guilty monday to first degree murder. his 80-year-old father entered the same plea. up tick in coronavirus cases is forcing a set back in the north bay. marin county was expected to be the first in the bay area to move in to the state's most relaxed yellow tier but state officials announced yesterday that it'll stay in the orange for now. officials hoping to get an increased supply of the coronavirus vaccine. projections blue shield of california show the county's weekly supply co triple bne. we may see more fans in oracle park. the giants are expecting to welcome more fans to the vaccinated only section. they are prepared to double the capacity. the stadium is likely to be up
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to 50% capacity by may. more progress on the road to recovery. some students will head back to class for in person learning today. the district is capping classes at 50% in elementary and middle schools. that means no more man 15 or 16 students in a class. last month santa clara set up a vaccination site just for teachers as they prepared to head back to school. they repurposed the county fair grounds and averaged around 500 shots a day. its been years since we had to shorten the showers and let the lawns go brown. water restrictions are back for at least one bay area county. emily turner is live from the marin water district with the new rules. >> last night right here at the marin water trick. it'll be everybody that is going to have to shorten those showers. for months you know the agency has been asking people to conserve their water, to shorten showers,
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not to water their lawns and to do that voluntarily. starting on may first it'll be mandatory with reservoir waters so low. this is what it looks like in the north bay and some of the reservoirs. large dry patches in the middle of them now appearing with more water pumped out to meet the demand. reservoir storage is at 52% capacity. the area has gotten less than half it's usual 50 inches of rain. >> driest year in 90 years. we have had -- an a very low amount of rain. you just have to walk around the water shed to see what the situation is. >> and here are the rules that will be enacted. watering lawns would be once a week, no refilling the pool, no home car washes. warnings will be issued for first time violateors and then fines of $25 and up to
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$250 for multiple infractions. it'll affect about 200,000 people in central and southern marin county. this has been 30 years since they have had to do anything like this. reporting live. emily turner. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. farmers fighting clue mate change. the smart techniques to cycle through the seasons. >> all right. it's a foggy start to the day along the coast and around the bay. the winds have relaxed though as we look to the afternoon daytime highs. very similar to yesterday. cool by ter and mild inland. as we take a look at the roadways off to a great start on the bay area bridges. we are tracking brake lights in the pass. your travel times coming up. and a live look outside from the mark hopkins camera as we look south on this wednesday morning. it's 5:09.
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this california family is on the job helping our state's recovery. you see by keeping their vacation in california they're supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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. all week long, a special series for earth day. eye on earth our planet in peril. farmers are often the first to feel climate change
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and many are starting to fight back. where one farmer is making a difference with climate smart techniques. >> tray hill lives the impacts of climate change as the seasons cycle through his maryland farm. >> our springs colder and wetter, summers hotter and dryer. it's something that affects my lively hood and the future of my farm. >> he has learned ways to fight back. the 4th generation farmer started adopting climate smart farming 20 years ago. he plants cover crop after harvesting his commercial crop to keep the soil nourished and he avoids tilling or plowing to keep the dirt intact. >> that's what soil should look like. this soil is actually capturing green house pollution. >> what does that mean >> lots of carbon that was -- carbon in the air no longers. it's now in the soil and it'll stay here. >> hill is working with a seattle start up company to help measure how much he is
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reducing his carbon foot print. >> have you to sequester the carbon. we do rough one ton an acre. >> he sells his carbon credits on a market place where businesses or individuals can support the cause. >> i get to pick my price. it's essentially an auction block. >> it's a win win. the biden administration hopes to encourage. >> it could be that agriculture and forestry could accounter to 25% of the response to climate change. >> a senior adviser on climate change at the u.s.d.a. said the agency is working on developing new tools, maybe even a carbon bank to bring more participants to the table. >> we can get more of the investment and benefit the climate. >> i think the opportunities are endless. >> the goal is to encourage a new crop of farmerngway
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in a fi >> the u.s.d.a. said it's currently soliciting feedback from farmers and holding a series of meetings with people in agriculture and forestry to talk about the next steps. fast food chain said it's doing its part to help save the earth. taco bell is giving their used sauce packets a second life away from the trash. the chain is partnering with teracycle, to melt them down and remold them to be used as something new. restaurants reopening for indoor dining now facing a new crisis this morning. the number of workers available for work has significantly decreased. restaurant manageerns now struggling to find enough staff as they prepare for their grand reopenings. >> its been difficult. i think for a number of reasons. i think certainly our own scale. we are going to be massive. we have nothing but just socially distant outdoor dining space. >> some managers are finding the supply and demand
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is out of whack with many employees interviewing at multiple restaurants. happening today yosemite will begin taking reservations for day visitors. they can be used starting may 21th. reservations will be limited and are expected to fill up quickly. they will cost $35 a car. the park is using m of the tier status to determine capacity. that county is in the orange right now. it's 5:16. let's check on the roads. >> it's looking not too bad, especially at the bay bridge. i think we all should plan a camping trip. if you are going out the door, headed toward the bay bridge it looks good. your ride across the east bay into san francisco is delays or issues there which is a great. most of the bay area bridges are quiet. golden gate all clear. looking foggy but overall the traffic, the drive is
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looking good from southbound 101 from richmond san rafael to the golden gate bridge. haven't had any issues this morning. if you are taking the san mateo bridge live look. we are getting crowded on that westbound side but it's about a 13 minute commute between 880 toward 101. 880 all good. live look near the coliseum you can see traffic is moving nicely in both directions. where we are seeing a few brake light is that ride in to the pass. it's the usual stuff as you come out of tracy getting onto 580. it extends to just about north flynn and once are you past that looks better toward the dublin. speeds dipping under 30 miles an hour in some spots. keep that in mind if you are headed out the door. you know what to expect. 36 minutes, 205 toward 680. that's the travel time for that ride in to the pass. everything else looks good. east shore all clear. highway 4 and 101 out of the south bay, not seeing any troubles yet. if are you working through
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sonell84 now open. that overnight closure is happening the rest of the week. right now all lanes are clear. you should be good to go on 84 right around main street. if are you taking 84, traffic is slow as you approach 680. it was chilly yesterday. yeah. the winds made it feel even chillier yesterday with that on shore flow. for today, not as windy as yesterday but temperatures very similar. a live look with our san francisco camera with the mark hopkins cam a. it's a foggy start to the day. we are be looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's. jackst thing if to ab at u e work or school. 52 in concord. oakland at 51. livermore 48, 49 downtown , 50 degrees in santa rosa at 43. current winds, 12-mile an hour winds in concord, calm conditions, heyward and
5:19 am
santa rosa. six mile an hour winds in livermore. a big difference with those winds that have definitely calmed down this morning. we are looking at a gray start to the day for many locations with areas of fog along the coast and right around the bay this morning. as we head through the afternoon, mild temperatures inland, temperatures actually a little warm erin land this afternoon. cool by the water along the coast and around the bay. that will be the case not just today but actually through friday. big changes ahead as we look to the weekend. we are talking cooler temperatures and rain chances for our weekend, especially by the end of our weekend. i will show you this in just a moment. the upper level storm system that brought the gusty conditions yesterday moves inland and away from us. that is the reason why we will see the winds that will continue to let up for us. big changes coming our way for the weekend. this low pressure system will bring a chance of rain finally as we look to sunday
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and into early next week. still tracking on shore flow for today. breezy in spots, just that time of year. that springtime weather pattern for us. as we look to tomorrow still looking at that on shore flow. again not as windy as yesterday. as we head through the day on future cast that sunshine inland, possibly right around the bay but still that cloud cover along the coast. daytime highs for the south bay. a little warmer. 73 santa claire a.74 san voice and morgan hill this afternoon. as we look to the east bay, 76 concord, pleasant hill, antioch, 79 degrees, 80 in brentwood. in the low to 70s fothe tri valley as we look around the bay from 59 in san francisco, 58daley city, mid-60s's for oakland and san leandro and the north bay low to mid-70s this afternoon. here is the extended forecast. very similar for your thursday and friday. there we go with below average temperatures for the weekend.
5:21 am
cooler with the rain chances sunday and next monday. >>we cited again. >> happening tomorrow, space x will fly astronauts for the third time. the dragon space craft will launch to the international space station from florida. they will be using the same rocket that flew it's first crew of astronauts back in may of last year. still to come, a concert come back in san francisco. what artists can start doing today to get them back on track. and coming up at seven on cbs this morning what the guilty verdict against chauvin means for this moment in history. and meet the bystander who was one of the witnesses in the trial. and a look at the current state of policing in america. we will be right back.
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make breakfast better with cheddar. my new cheddar biscuit breakfast sandwiches. with cheese baked right into the biscuit, hickory-smoked bacon or grilled sausage, and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. . happening today. >> venues struggling to stay in business due to the pandemic can start applying for grants. the financial aid comes from the city's music and entertainment venue recovery fund. grants will be at least 10,000 dollars for each venue. the fund align was the $2.5
5:25 am
million set aside for entertainment and night life by that and put it into small businesses and who have been struggling and these venues are, i think, at the top of the list. >> eligible venues must have held a place of entertainment permit from the city prior to the start of the pandemic. the time is now 5:25. the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area we are live out of minnesota. >> and a south bay county going door to door. their goal to change your mind if you still have doubts about the vaccine. and here is a live look outside before we head to break from the mark hopkins camera this morning looking over the city of san francisco. it is now
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. live fr the cbs bay ea studios. this is kpix5 news. >> find the defendant guilty. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsf bay area reaction coming in and activists taking to the streets after derek chauvin is found guilty on all counts in the ge floyd. what about the other officers involved we are live out of minnesota. >> and a black teenager killed in ohio just hours before that verdict was read. what led up to police opening fire. >> and president has met his vaccine goal but what's next on his list the update from the white house expected today. it's wednesday. april 21st. >> your wednesday will be warming up depending on where you are. let's get right over to mary with all the temperatures on tap today. >> hi. good morning to you. we are looking at temperatures
5:30 am
very similar to yesterday. inland just a little warmer. here is a live look with our treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge. it's a gray start to the day tracking foggy conditions around the coast. our temperatures this morning are in the 40's and 50's. another chilly start. the winds have definitely relaxed though. looking at calm to light conditions for many locations as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon it'll be cool by the water, along the coast and around the bay. below average for this time of year. san francisco 59, 65 oakland. inland a rmer than average. mid-70s san jose and concord. as we go through the day, catching that clearing for most of us. i think that cloud ve stick around little longer along the coast. it's getting busy through the pass this morning. >> yeah. we are seeing those brake lights as you head in to the pass this morning. ut doorand getting ready
5:31 am
going on westbound 580 sl from that connector to just about north flynn. once you are past that things look better toward the dublin. no accidents or incidents. still 39 minutes to go from 205 toward 680. east shore freeway still clear and no troubles to report on 101. i'm keeping a close eye on highway 24. i'm getting reports of a vehicle fire westbound 24. looks like everybody is out of the vehicle. i will bring you more information on that as that comes into the traffic center. back to you. we in the above entitled manner as to count one unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony find the defendant guilty. >> it's the verdict many across the country and around the world have anticipated. 330 days after george floyd's death, and a 15 day trial. a jury found derek chauvin guilty of murder.
5:32 am
going live to minneapolis. demonstrations in the city remaining peaceful. some of the people we spoke to said they hope this sparks change to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. the country demonstrators marched peacefully, celebrating the conviction. hopefuljustice will continue for all victims of police violence. many calling for police reform. in oakland it was empty. hardly anyone showed up to oscar grant plaza and there were no protests but police had increased patrols just in case. police organizations from san francisco, san jose and los angeles have all issued a joint statement saying in part, this tragedy provides all of us in law enforcement an opportunity to improve how our nation is policed and how our three police unions are committed to enacting reform that will keep all americans safe. be sure to stay with us.
5:33 am
skyler henry is live in just a few minutes with what is next for the other officers charged in george floyd's death. and as that verdict was coming in this was all unfolding. this body camera video released just hours officer a black teen in ohio was shot and killed by police. it is upsetting to watch obviously, columbus police saying that the 16-year-old was trying to stab two people with a knife. the officer fired and she falls to the ground. the teenager was later pronounced dead at the hospital. officials are now calling for calm while this is all investigated. at this point it's not clear who may have started this fight and they haven't identified who even initially called police for this situation. overnight protesters gathering at the scene of the shooting which police had partially blocked off to traffic while other demonstrators rallied at the city's police headquarters. this is now in the hands of the
5:34 am
bureau of criminal investigation. the police chief said the officer who did the shooting is now on administrative leave. we will continue to follow this for you. >> thank you. going live to the white house now. today the president will update the country's coronavirus response. he has officially passed his goal of vaccine doses in the first 100 days of his administration. the johnson and johnson vaccine could soon be in widespread use again. yesterday the eu gave it the green light with a warning label added. on friday a cdc advisory panel is expected to do the same. the warning will include recommendations about who may be best suited to take the single dose shot. the vaccine was paused after reports of rare blood clots. however, experts say the benefits out weigh the risks. santa clara county is sending outreach teams door to door to try to reach people who may be hesitating to get a shot.
5:35 am
they are hoping to combat misinformation and help people book appointments. just under 60% is partially vaccinated. >> when we go to -- there's a lot of misinformation that leads to fear. a lot of the employees are miss informed about what exactly the shot is. >> i was afraid at first. my parents in law, they are over close to 70 years old. they got the vaccination first and they didn't have any side effects. >> the county recently received 300,000 doses of the vaccine which helped them go from a shortage to a surplus. that has let them focus on vaccine hesitation. for all the latest on the vaccines you can download the app by scanning the qr code on the screen right now. of course we will have that code for you again in just a few minutes as we go to break. going back live to
5:36 am
minneapolis where derek chauvin is in jail after yesterday's conviction. after 14 days of testimony the jury nd urs to monday afternoon and deliberated for four hours before resuming at eight yesterday morning. by 1:45 they had reached a decision. skyler henry joins us live with reaction from the floyd family and also the community. good morning. >> good morning to you. it was certainly an anxious crowd as they awaited that verdict to come down. we were outside of the county government center as it happened. a lot of tears and a lot of cheers as well once they found out that derek chauvin would be convicted of all three charges filed against him in the death of george floyd. chauvin showed no reaction as
5:37 am
the judge read the verts. he was convicted of send degrand manslaer. he was of ooin in minneapolis cheering when the guilty verdict was read. floyd's family and attorney celebrated the news >> no verdict can bring george floyd back to us. this verdict does give a message to his family that he was someone, that his life mattered. >> some of the people we spoke to said they hope a better conversation can now come about how to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. now the judge who over saw the trial will come up with a sentencing for derek chauvin in about eight weeks. there are a lot of different thing that can play a
5:38 am
part into how long exactly it can be. anywhere between 12 and a half areas behind bars and up to 40 years. >> and as we wait to see what happens with that, what is the next steps for the other officers charged in the death >> right. their trial is expected at the end of august. is it will be about august 23rd when that trial is expected to start. those three officers also involved in that accident between derek chauvin and george floyd. you have to remember this, they will all be tried together. they are charged with aiding and abetting murder. some of the defense expert that we spoke to said that what happens then was largely dictated on what would happen with derek chauvin. now they is convicted of all three charge s it'll be interesting to see what happens with those three.
5:39 am
>> thank you. meantime with sentencing week away a retired bay area judge and former police auditor weighs in. john johnson and johnson out with its quarterly report card. the big numbers expected despite the pause on roll out. as we head through the day very similar with our temperatures, cool by the water along the coast and around the bay. mild inland into the mid70's. not as windy. the winds have relaxed already this morning. as we take a look at the roadways lanes are blocked. we will have details on that and your travel times through the pass. and here is a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge this morning. this is courtesy of our treasure island camera.
5:40 am
mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move.
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. it's 5:42. track that low pressure system that brought the gusty conditions yesterday it. will continue to move inland and away from us. that means not as windy for today. in fact we are starting off the day with calm to light conditions. i'm tracking the next weather system. we will talk about the timing of the rain chances
5:43 am
coming up. now to the unexpected sales profit of the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine, plus why netflix is blaming the pandemic for its low subscription rate. diane king hall is in new york with more in the money watch report. >> good morning. signing up for a third shot. mode are, na said israel has a deal to purchase doses of its booster shot. a trial of the third shot is in early stages and is intended to protect against new variants. johnson and johnson released its report card and said first quarter profit totaled $6.2 billion, better than expected. they also reported 100 million dollars in sales from its coronavirus vaccine but that was paused last week due to reports of rare blood clots. after yesterday's close netflix reported subscriber growth that missed wall street expectations. four million people around the world signed up for
5:44 am
the streaming service from january through march. it's the smallest gain they have seen during that period in four years. last year they gained a rapid number of subscriber when is the pandemic first hit. >> could it just be that everybody is already sign up and there is nobody else could be. >> also people don't need it anymore. they are going outside again. >> that's true. they are going back to work. one company that we know is doing really well is amazon. apparently it's expanding its services again. what is going on with that >> yeah. it's like what can we do now they want to give you a new do. the first amazon hair salon is opening in london. it's not your traditional place for a cut. it'll feature new technology including a virtual tool allowing customers to tryout different hair colors. right now it's only open to amazon employees. it's set to open to the public in the coming weeks. >> that's cool technology.
5:45 am
that may you may know what you look like before you get the cut or the color. >> that's fair. they are like we will do it all. everything. all the things. >> all right. thank you so much. we will see you again at 6:30. >> you got sopampers and other products may cost more. proctor and gamble is raising prices because raw materials are getting more expensive. they said they will charge retailers roughly 5 to 9% more. stores can then decide whether to pass on the cost to consumers. new, here is your chance to snag a prop from your favorite classic movie. more than 800 items from some of the biggest films going up for auction. the two day auction starts next week featuring property from the golden age to the modern era of the film industry. among the items up for grabs a rare full sized costume from the 1979 classic alien.
5:46 am
bids can be put online. i think i found my halloween costume. >> can't wait. owjeey worny ulsoon willie mays. >> it's expected to fetch up to $60,000. he wore it when the giants became the san francisco giants in 1958. bidding ends in just 17 days. right now the latest bid is $26,000. its climbing and i know you are a big a's and giant's fan so $26,000 i know it's a lot. >> yeah. let me go check the bank. i got to send my kids to college. how cool is that to have baseball items from the say hey kid. what's not cool is the roadways. westbound 24 is a busy ride as you work your way. that's because we have a car fire.
5:47 am
everybody is out of the vehicle but the car blocking the two right lanes. things getting busy. westbound around fish ranch road. heads up if you are taking 24 over toward the maze this morning. you will have a few brake lights as you work through there. getting slow. we are tracking speeds under 19 miles per hour. we will keep you updated on that. if you are going toward the bay bridge. once are you past that things look better. through the maze with no delays. extra volume. we are starting to see across the upper deck but no metering lights at the toll plaza. things looking okay at the bay bridge. we are starting to see things getting slow and go for the ride through the south bay. northbound 101 coming away from 280. toward that 880 connector. once are you past that portion, traffic looks better the rest of the way. you will have to get through the brake lights. certainly a slow ride starting to emerge out of the south bay. it's business as usual for that ride in to the pass this morning.
5:48 am
westbound 580. still slow from the usual spots. 205 at mount house extending to north flynn and starting to get slow as you work toward the dublin. 37 minutes. that's your travel time to go from 205 toward 680. as we look at the rest of the major freeways such as the east shore, highway 4 and 101 along the peninsula traffic still quiet and things moving in both directions. golden gate bridge no delays out of marin as you head into san francisco. little foggy. here is a look at the forecast. tracking that fog, especially along the coast and right around the bay. settling in for us this morning. as we head through the afternoon. daytime highs very similar to yesterday. cool by the water. mild around the -- inland locations and i will show you what to expect where you live coming up. here is a live look with our san francisco cam a. you can see that fog out there. it's another chilly start to the day. grab that jacket if you are heading out the door for possibly work or school or maybe walking the dog
5:49 am
this morning. concord you are in at 52. oakland at 51. livermore at 48. 49 for downtown san francisco. san jose at 50 and 43 for santa rosa this morning. not as windy as yesterday. the winds have let up for us. concord at 12 miles an hour for current winds. heyward calm as well as for santa rose a. nine mile an hour in san jose. it's a gray start to the day for many locations and also again tracking areas of fog, especially along the coast and around the bay. as we head through our day today, mild inland, just a little bit warmer compared to yesterday but cool by the water along the coast and around the bay that. will be the case not just for today but through friday. through the workweek. not a lot of change here. we are going to see our next weather system and at this point the weather models still keep those rain chances for the weekend. especially as we look ahead to
5:50 am
sunday into early next week and we can use the rain. the rainfall verses average. 38 to 39% of average for the water year that started october 1st. its been a very dry fall, winter and early spring. hopefully we can squeeze out some rain as we look to the end of our weekend. for today not as windy. that storm that did bring the windy conditions yesterday moves inland and away from us. as we look to our weekend there we go with the next weather system that will bring the big changes for our weekend with rain at this point it looks like sunday into monday. fought cast winds we looking at that on shore flow. that time of year. breezy in spots. nothing like yesterday and will continue with those conditions as we look to tomorrow. just to show you the skies, clearing inland, possibly around the bay with some clouds at least still along the coast. surgeon rise at 6:25. daytime highs we are looking at
5:51 am
74 for a high in san jose as well as for morgan hill and the north bay and the east bay. 76 for concord and pleasant hill. around the bay a cool day. 59 in san francisco. low to mid-70s for the north bay. here is the extended forecast. very similar for tomorrow and for friday. down to below average for the weekend. american airlines said it's bringing all pilots back on the job by the end of summer. the company will be hiring 300 new pilots by the end of year and 600 in 2022. it said it looks forward to a busy summer season. that is something they haven't done since the pandemic brought air travel to a halt last year. a teacher's take on the pandemic through song. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the behave area educators getting
5:52 am
creative. and here say live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. drivers making their way. on the drew barrymore show; that is all today at
5:53 am
5:54 am
. libraries getting ready to reopen in just a few weeks. the mayor announced yesterday that they will reopen for limited indoor service
5:55 am
starting on may 3rd. browse and bounce will be the theme. people will be limited to 50 minutes per visit. the main library on larkin street will be the first to reopen. other branches will open their doors in the coming weeks. some marin county teachers and students are sharing their school experience during the pandemic. they got creative with elton john. >> i'm still teaching better than i ever did. feel like a true survivor, when i'm teaching every kid. >> shout out to them. they sang about everything from sanitizing desks to zoom learning and social distancing. >> okay. >> moving and groovi >> can't go wrong. >> exactly. >> time is now 5:55. another school district ready to restart class at lowe capacity. >> in the next half hour, the
5:56 am
smaller learning environment for students in one of the bay area's biggest districts. and some major changes when it comes to the water you can use in marin n. and we are going to go live to minneapolis, minnesota. a city that saw more celebrations than riots in the wake of the verdict in the george floyd trial. the trial of derek chauvin. found gu are you managing your diabetes...
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> right on kpix5 streamg on cbsf bay the bay area acto ths. a local tion police shooting victim. pair of deadly shootings years apart and now a deputy could be held responsible. the charges expected today.
6:00 am
stereo and conserving your water. the new restrictions in the north bay a dry spot. it's wednesday, april 21th. as the wind dies down some spots could see a midweek warm up. here is mary with the wednesday forecast. >> good morning to you. we are looking at temperatures a little warm erin land this afternoon with that sunshine. still cool by the water along the coast and right around the bay. here is airline look with the treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge and gray start to the day. track that fog along the coast and around the bay. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's this morning. grab that jacket if you are planning to head out the door possibly for work or school or walking your furry pets there. we are looking at light to calm conditions as we start off the day. looking at temperatures. average. 65 in oakland d


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