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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at seven:00, bay area businesses already hit are bracing for more protests ahead of a verdict in the death of george floyd. >> we were broken into, the window smashed out. >> parents protest to reopen schools in fremont. their message to the district.'s make we have waited long enough and these kids have been patient. >> from shortage two surplus, how santa clara county was able to add thousands of new vaccine appointments. >> the bay area counter that could be the first to move into the less restrictive ow ti rit noon the kpix5 news at0 reamn cbsn bay area, it is a patient in the bay area and across the country as the jury deliberates in the derrick shelby and
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murder trial. good evening and i am ken bastida. >> juliette goodrich is in oakland with the business owners still cleaning up from last week's unrest. >> reporter: is open getting ready? it has been ready. here is a visual sign from last week's protest. there barracks is still up, and businesses are still boarded up. they are hopeful it is only a precautionary measure. a protest across the nation leader led to storefront windows smashed, building spray- painted, cars at a dealership set on fire. days later, the cleanup continues. >> this is not the first time was right this has been loothav been boarded up. >> i have painted all of these and removed them. >> this is the third time.
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>> we are broken into, the window smashed out. they say repairs will be put on hold for now. this is in preparation of what could come. >> we have boarded up because the windows are smashed out on friday. we opted to not have them fix this week when we knew that the show been verdict would come out. >> reporter: many hope that it will lead to unrest and violence. >> i don't believe in damaging the businesses. doesn't make any sense. >> certainly were supportive of the peaceful protesting. you know, we are owned by a woman of color. >> there should be amazing peaceful protesters if he is charged and if he is acquitted, then i don't blame people for coming out here and showing support for the black community. >> reporter: they are working together along with other local
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agents these. the national guard has not been called in at this point. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix5. for weeks people who have been trying to sign up for a shot have been complaining about the lack of supply. now suddenly, there is a surplus . so much so that thousands of appointments are available. the county received 300,000 doses of the vaccine strain the federal government. >> to be sitting and waiting and not having the vaccine to get the job done, and now i think everyone feels very gratified in the work they're doing every day. >> i was like mom, get a plane ticket for june, you're coming out here, we are going to be
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vaccinated. >> for the latest and how to make an appointment, check out our resource guide at a live look outside to marin county, which could announce tomorrow which is moving into the less restrictive yellow tier. making it the first bay area county to do so. in the yellow tier, they would be able to open indoors at 25% capacity, breweries, movie theaters, places of worship engines can operate at 50% while indoor dining would stay at 50%. the changes would take effect on wednesday. in fremont parents are fed up, some of them with the online learning are taking action now. maria medina reports that they >> reporter: there are a few dozen parents out here holding signs and blow horns and chanting open schools. they've got a deadline for the district, bring back students to the classroom by april 26,
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or they will file a lawsuit. now the parents, some who are here today, hired a law firm in southern california that help to other parents put pressure on schools there to reopen. here in fremont the teachers union made demands to reopen schools but those talks fell apart recently. some felt the union demanded too much and that would put the students in the middle of the district ultimately deciding they would stay at home and not adopt a hybrid schedule like many other nearby districts. here is what parents told us just a while ago. >> we have several schools, private, public, charter, that have figured it out and they are back, so we just want our turn. we waited long enough and these kids have been patient. >> we are being very hopeful that they will open up and at one point, they just that we can't do it. >> reporter: some demands include a stipend for teachers for working more hours during a hybrid schedule but right now there are no plans for in person or a hybrid schedule for this summer or fall.
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in fremont, maria medina, kpix5. meanwhile thousands of bay area students did return to the classroom today . oakland unified reach a tentative deal with the union, and welcomed back elementary and middle schoolers. today in san jose, the evergreen school district brought back about half of their students. berkeley unified welcomed back high schoolers and south san francisco school district reopened kindergarten through fifth grade. let's take a live look at san francisco where the city has canceled any for 20 celebrations for tomorrow. today, crews were spotted putting up temporary fencing around golden gate park hippie hill. it is the second year in a row the city has canceled the marijuana celebration. usually the area is packed with tens of thousands of people but given the pandemic, the city says it is still too soon for such a big gathering. and san francisco police tweeted this, saying, "take the high quote this year and celebrate with your butts next
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year". streaming on cbsn bay area, former 49er alex smith calls it a career. so what is next for the veteran quarterback? plus the bay area city looking to impose harsh new fines for people caught dumping their trash. >> we have an unprecedented level of garbage around the city, dumping. later, another person dies at a california skydiving center. this march the 22nd death at this place, so why is this facility still able to operate? warmer temperatures on sunday but that on shore breeze kicked back in. still whipping the flag downtown and that meant cooler temperatures especially near the water. 50s in the city, also 50s at half moon bay, near 80 degrees inland, the cooler air makes its way farther inland tomorrow. we take a look at that and actual rain chances farther down the line in the forecast,
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coming up. coming up on the tonight at 11:00, plan to drill for gas and the east bay is causing an up door. that is because the proposal would be drilled in the protected marsh. >> there is no compromise here. absolutely no compromise. if you are not producing oil and gas, you're bringing it from dirtier sources. protection or profit? part of our weeklong coverage of climate issues. we are partnering with cbs2 news for eye on earth. our planet in peril. that is tonight
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alex smith has not played for the 49ers since 2012 and he is forever linked to the organization. smith announced his retirement earlier today. dennis o'donnell joins us more on alex smith's decision, and getting to go out on his terms. >> here we go again, liz and ken pick of the 49ers are expected to take a quarterback
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with the third overall pick in next week's draft. it will be the first time the 49ers kicked a quarterback in the first round since alex smith. >> how does it feel to go to work for an organization with names like montana, young, garcia? is there a certain amount of pressure? >> i think it is exciting, i think it will motivate me to continue the legacy of those quarterbacks. >> he put together a 16 year run in the nfl. the first eight coming with the 49ers. the former number one pick announced his retirement today. he went five and one as a starter with washington just last year, following his incredible return from 17 surgeries for a broken leg ter thame everything i got, i can't wait tois possible.
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but first, i'm going to take a little time to enjoy a few of those walks with my wife, and my kids have no idea what is coming for them in the backyard. >> they put out a statement saying alex smith will always be part of the 49er family and guys, alex never never won a super bowl, but certainly one the hearts of nfl fans everywhere. on the fire watch, new video of some crews battling a wildfire in mendocino county. the so-called turnout fire has been burning between ukiah and boonville. it now covers about 185 acres. he's only 20% contained. taking a live look outside, beautiful, sunny day inland, at least, a little fog along the coast. paul heggen is here and we could actually see some rain in the forecast? please say it is
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so. >> believe it or not and we are not doing some bait and switch belated april fools trick here. we are talking actual rain chances which is good because we already have that turnout fire burning in mendocino county. we start with the conditions there. with outlined with the hotspots are to the southwest of the northeast of boonville. temperatures on the middle parts of the 60s, the humidity levels climb. the problem that they are battling is first of all the terrain but weatherwise it is the gusty wind. sustained wind and their racing along, some gusts up to 30 miles an hour, the wind is going to remain elevated to the rest of tonight. here's the good news. we are looking at rain chances down the line. 50% chance, that is still a coin flip pick up that far down in the line, this is day six of the seven-day forecast. 50% is significant and that number should climb higher and higher as long as the data keeps pointing in the same direction. not a huge rain event, 10th of an inch to a quarter inch of
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rainfall that we reach the point in the rainy season where we will take what we can get. looking outside right now we are just getting little fog in the distance, that will make its way back in later on tonight. temperatures in the 50s around the bay for downtown san francisco and oakland with temperatures farther inland in the 60s and will mostly end up in the mid to upper 40s but the gusty wind that is with us right now are still going to be noticeable as we head into the rest of tonight. 50 to 20 miles an hour to the first half of the day tomorrow and 20 to 25 mile an hour tomorrow afternoon and still in onshore wins it will push that cooler air even farther inland. that will have an impact on the temperature pattern tomorrow afternoon. in terms of fog will be low cloud cover for most of us as opposed to clouds sitting right on the ground in the form of fog. it should back up toward the coast pretty quickly. that is also a consequence of the gusty wind, keeping the atmosphere start around and we should see uncharted visibility by midday and into the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. temptress depend on how much that cool air, the onshore breeze will push in. mid to upper 40s to around 50 degrees, maybe slightly above
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average for this time of year. along the coast temperatures only warm up about five degrees in the morning to the afternoon. mid 50s for hides along the coast, upper 50s in san francisco but mid 60s on the east side of the bay. upper 60s in the santa clara valley, close to average this time of year and warmer temperatures the farther inland you go. those temperatures are maybe a couple of degrees above normal. not much change day to day as we head into the rest of the week. sadly warmer near the water, wednesday and thursday, then we start to cool off as we head into the weekend and there are the rain chances. sunday will bring us the best chance of rain into sunday night, maybe a few showers lingering as we start off that last full week of april. i have another update, we get the more data to look at between now and 11:00. here is look at your top headlines. former vice president walter mondale has died. he is credited with transforming the role of vice president while serving under jimmy carter. he was also the democratic nominee for president in 1984.
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walter mondale was 93. in minneapolis a large group of people are marching for justice and awaiting the verdict in the derek chauvin murder trial. jurors are deliberating on the former police officers fate . closing argument is wrapping up just hours ago. the prosecution telling the jury chauvin shows pride over policing when he painted george floyd down last may. the defense argues floyd died of underlying heart disease and drug use and said chauvin actions were reasonable. >> the kind of ego-based crime that the defendant was not going to be told what to do. the nine minutes and 29 seconds ignores the previous 16 minutes and 59 seconds. a reasonable police officer would in fact take into consideration the previous 16 minutes and 59 seconds. >> comments by california representative maxine waters getting a lot of attention
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during the closing arguments. walters was filmed, telling reporters she is hoping for a guilty verdict. if not she says we've got to get more confrontational in response. judge peter cahill told the defense team that the comments may result in the child being overturned. san jose is considering harsh fines for people who dump trash. a city councilmember proposed going straight to $10,000 for first-time offenders. currently there is a scale of fines starting at 2500. city leaders say they have tried to cleanup illegal dump sites for years and this could finally be a solution. >> i think the residence has had enough so they are calling upon us, elected officials, to do something about it and i think this is a good first step to address it. >> that's pretty high. i don't think a lot of people could even pay it. we are getting a look inside the new affordable
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housing project. more than 200 units are now open in brooklyn basin which is surrounded by oakland's historic waterfront. one of the properties will house families earning up to 60% of the median income. the other will house seniors and there will also be community services provided to those families like workforce courses and afterschool programs. coming up, what lawmakers are doing to get california police who breaks the rules off the force. what went wrong this time and why is this facilities still open? >> we had our shares of physicality's and probably more than some. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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downtown san francisco to the state capital, sacramento, where calls for police reform are moving forward in state legislature. the state senator introduced a
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bill that would require officers to be licensed by the state pick up that way, officers who violate professional standards could be decertified by a review panel. instead of having to wait for a court verdict. an officer is decertified they will not be allowed to work as a police officer anywhere else. >> it is similar to a disk barring of an attorney, taking a license away from a doctor, taking a teaching dental away from a teacher. >> there would also be a disciplinary panel that would include victims of police abuse, opponents worry, though, the deck would be stacked against the police. new details about the woman who died while skydiving at the lodi parachute center. investigators say 57-year-old sabrina calls parachute got tangled mid flight. the san joaquin sheriff's office says she was an experienced diver with more than 2000 jumps under her belt. the owner of the center says
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she had jumped with the company more than a dozen times. shittu parachutes out. they and tangled with each other and were not fully inflated and pointed toward the ground in a very rapid speed. >> she loved skydiving, loved it. she was always up for a new adventure, and i, i was a little reserved, a little bit, but she kind of brought me out of that, so her bravery was amazing.death at the center since it opens in the 80s. many now wondering how it is still in operation. according to the faa unless an owner packed the
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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finally come in only lasted 39 seconds. don't think that is all it took to make history as nasa's helicopter took flight over mars. the ingenuity helicopter snapped its own photo as it hovered 10 feet above the red planet showing a clear image of its shadow. it took six years to build and it is just 19 inches tall. engineers compared this mission to the wright brothers first flight more than 100 years ago. look how little it is. it's amazing. >> first takeoff and landing on another planet. a little
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