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breaking news, multiple people shot in what police are calling a mess casualty situation at a fedex facility. this is a day we've been waiting for for a long time. >> all californians over the age of 16 are eligible for the vaccine. the bay area site where hundreds of appointments just opened. santa clara county restaurants come together for huge show of support for the asian community. what will it take to bring the bay areas once bustling districts back after the
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pandemic? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth. police are on the scene of what they are calling a mass casualty situation at a fedex facility. within the last half hour police revealed that someone shot multiple people at the facility near indianapolis international airport. the suspected gunman then killed himself. so far police have not provided a specific number of victims or their conditions. investigators do not believe that there is any further threat to the public. our morning team will have all the latest updates from indianapolis starting tomorrow at 4:30. tonight, the doors open for every adult to get a covid vaccine statewide. now it's just a matter of being able to snag an appointment. anyone 16 and older is eligible
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to get their shot, putting us on track for a full reopening of the state by june 15th. andrea nakano is live in larkspur where hundreds of appointments opened today. >> reporter: i just checked moments ago before going on air and there are about 1500 appointments available at this location, that is down from 3000 i saw earlier today. people are starting to sense that the end of the pandemic may be near. >> hopefully, getting back to a more normal life. even though there are still many more steps, it is one step closer. >> reporter: you no longer have to be an essential worker or have a pre-existing condition. you only have to be 16 and older and have an appointment to get the vaccine. >> this is a red letter day, day we've been waiting for for a long time. >> reporter: now the tricky part is to get an appointment. maggie tried but couldn't find anything at all.
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>> i'm not very excited but i'm not overly disappointed. >> reporter: later in the day more than 750 appointments became available at the larkspur landing site in marin. shortly after, roughly 2000 appointments became available for next week. dr. george rutherford sees this progress as a sign of almost wiping out covid-19. >> this is a big step forward to ending all of our problems. >> reporter: summer already making plans, traveling is at the top of the list for miko. >> it would be great to get the vaccination before we go to thailand. >> i am really looking forward to travel but at this point i don't think, even if i get my vaccination that i will immediately try to travel. >> reporter: dr. rutherford says that the vaccination is
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open to 16 and older but expects that to drop to 12 and older in a few weeks after the vaccine gets fda approval. >> a lot of people want to fill those slots up. one more note, if yoyou had the pfizer covid vavaccine, yoyou m have to o get a third shot in t next year. the pfizer ceo says people who are fully vaccinated will likely need a booster shot in the next 6 to 12 months. that will help protect against you, evolving, covid variants. large crowds of protesters taking to the streets in response to a pair of deadly police shootings. in chicago demonstrators gathered to demand charges against the officer who shot and killed a 13-year-old. today the city released body camera video and it shows the officer confronting and chasing the teen in an alley after responding to reports of shots fired on march 29th. police say this video proves
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that the boy was armed and turning toward the officer. but, a family attorney says the footage shows he did not have a gun in his hand when the officer fired the deadly shot >> the officer screamed at him, said show me your hands, adam complied, turned around, his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest. in brooklyn center minnesota protesters took to the streets for a fifth night to demand accountability in the shooting death of 20-year-old dante right. today officer kim potter went before a judge for the first time. she faces a second degree manslaughter charge for the death. and not far away, the defense rested today in derek chauvin's murder trial. the officer charged with murdering george floyd declined to take the stand in his own defense. closing arguments start on
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monday. in san francisco, a large rally in the mission district. they are voicing their outrage over recent police shootings nationwide. a dozen southbay restaurant owners are taking a stand against asian hate by inviting diners to sit down for a unique fundraiser. maria medina is in mountain view tonight with more on the culinary contribution. >> reporter: many came out after learning that part of their money would go into stopping hate. >> i want to make sure i was giving part of my proceeds toward this campaign. >> reporter: doreen is one of the many customers who donated
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by dining. stephen says after hearing about the string of violent attacks against the aapi community, particularly the elderly, he knew he wanted to do something to help. >> i want to do something, but i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: stephen owns a restaurant in castro street and came up with the idea to take profits and donate them to stop aapi hate. but stephen didn't stop there. he was able to get other restaurant owners in mountain view, palo alto and los altos to participate, 13 in all. >> it is cool because it is not just asian restaurants. >> reporter: stephen and a few of his customers say it is a cause he wants to be a part of because of the fear they have for their own parents. >> we have talked about getting them some sort of like pepper spray, it is disheartening.
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>> they are picking on defenseless, typically the elderly. i have to tell my mom to really be careful. >> reporter: stephen is not sure how much money that effort will raise but says it's more than just that. >> it's more about the awareness of people coming together. >> reporter: if you couldn't come out to the 13 restaurants involved, stephen says he's already thinking of expanding the efforts to other parts of the bay area. a los gatos of bakery owner is facing charges accused of sexually assaulting female customers during breadmaking lessons. last month les gato started investigating a report of a sexual assault at mom's bakery, downtown. the 75-year-old owner befriended multiple female customers under the pretense of offering breadmaking lessons. however, during lessons, police
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say the owner would inappropriately touch the women against their will. he was arrested at the bakery yesterday. the detectives believe the owner could have assaulted more community members. live events returning to san francisco. tonight, what would really take for downtown to bounce back? >> all these things will take quite a while. a major push to fix california's unemployment system has cleared a key hurdle. why the pandemic has people going crazy for chickens.
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on the road to recovery, a live look where live indoor events like conferences and receptions are once again allowed beginning today. it is a welcome news, but for most small business owners, making a profit from any kind of event is still months away, if they open at all. susie steinman takes a look at what it will take for downtown san francisco to bounce back. >> you hear the clinking of the dishes and the chattering of the crowd and you recognize the sounds that you hadn't heard in a while. >> reporter: as san francisco starts to slowly reopen, a trickle of patrons have found their way back to places like this tavern. the general manager says it is still slow. >> i describe it as slowly watching paint dry. it is slowly happening, there is no significant movement. it usually will be a couple more heads at a time.
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>> reporter: located in the heart of the financial district, they survived the pandemic, but barely. going from 100 employees to 14. have you been able to make money this past year? >> no. >> reporter: the executive director of the restaurant association is a small business owner herself. she says loads got her through but revenue is gone. >> we need workers back in the downtown area. >> reporter: salesforce recently announced plans to reopen its headquarters in downtown san francisco in may but also recently declared that the 9-to-5 workday is dead and expects employees will only be in the office between one and three days a week. the more companies that embrace this hybrid model, the longer it will take downtown san francisco to fully recover.
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>> it might not be as busy on mondays and fridays. >> all of these things will take quite a while. it will have to exercise some patience. >> reporter: the president and ceo of the san francisco chamber of commerce has been tracking the precipitous drop in foot traffic of the small businesses that are open and use of public transportation. all are down by around 50%. he sees the vacancies, boarded up buildings and migration as an opportunity to bring the old san francisco back. >> i'm a strong believer that there is a small business renaissance opportunity for downtown. >> i don't believe the buildings will stay empty forever. >> reporter: tony says that for him it was adapt or die.
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it may be the only way to stand a chance. >> mayor lenten breed is making a push to prioritize small businesses. she is challenging san franciscans to buy from local businesses for 30 days straight. she also introduced a measure to streamline the permitting process and create a 30 day turnaround to conduct business in union square, downtown and south of market. a packet of reforms aimed at fixing california's badly broken unemployment system is moving ahead in sacramento tonight. the bills that cleared a key committee would allow for a direct deposit of benefits, and more languages for written instructions and mandate better explanations about tonight claims. the agency has been plagued with fraud and technical problems since the pandemic again. most recently, 178,000 people who need to refile for continued benefits after a year
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out of work could not do it because the online button was broken. tonight, there is some good news. new jobless claims have fallen to their lowest level since the start of the pandemic and have been cut in half this week compared to last week. the pandemic is coming home to roost in our backyards, literally. if right now there is a backyard chicken craze going on. breeders with the american poultry association say demand for checks have exploded since the start of the pandemic. the manager of one sacramental feed store says he's never seen more chickens fly off the shelves literally and figuratively, at one point the store had to limit 3 to 6 checks per person. >> i think it was fair man. i think the easiest way, when survival mode kicks in,
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figuring out how to feed your family. >> some customers are turning to chicken rearing as a hobby while others want a reliable source of protein in case of an emergency. regulators are stepping up their oversight over pg&e after finding that they failed to properly trim trees near power lines with in areas of the highest risk of wildfires. they completed 1800 miles of tree trimming in 2020 but focused at work on the least risky areas. the california public utility commission is requiring pg&e to submit a plan to correct its safety issues within 20 days. it is the lowest level of oversight the state could have done. this comes as governors and says he may need to declare a state of emergency over the states drought conditions. an emergency declaration would
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give the governor the power to more drastically restrict water supply. the state has already started warming farmers that conditions could be very bad this year. we look at those pictures and video of those fires, it seems like it was so long ago but it's right in front of us again. >> it's right in front of us, to the point where we don't talk about fire season, it's possible anytime of the year. i will show you which categories we are in, extreme drought continues for much of napa county, solano county and it little corner of sonoma county as well. moderate drought for the santa clara valley and up and down the coast. these conditions have changed very little within the last week or so. but obviously, this is not good as we head into the driest six months of the year. it's also important to put this in perspective, how bad is this really. we don't have to look that far
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back in the past, just a few years was the last severe drought. this is the latest update from the u.s. drought monitor. we can compare this to the drought conditions back in 2014. these are very different maps and i don't need to tell you which specific categories we are looking at, you know the map on the right is much worse. it was exceptional drought for most of the state, so we are not there yet, but careening towards that if we have another rainy season that under achieves. in the short-term, no rain in the seven-day forecast, just a little bit of fog trying to creep in, temperatures currently right around 50 degrees, down to the mid-40s in santa rosa. the fog will spread pretty far into the inland valleys tomorrow morning. and when it is that widespread it takes its time backing up.
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still some fog by late morning and that starts to retreat as we head toward midday. temperature start off mostly in the 40s, except some upper 30s in the valleys of the north bay. these dogs live in martinez where temperatures will warm up to around the upper 60s by noon and mid-70s by highs, and it will be warm inland tomorrow, temperatures on the coast reach mid to upper 50s, a little warmer around the bay, close to 60 for san francisco. low to mid 70s for most inland parts of the bay area, even part of the diablo range close to 80 degrees. and well into the 70s around the bay and 60s along the coast. you don't want to miss this, coming up the a's looking
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the warriors going for their fourth straight win streak of the season. >> steph curry missed his first eight three-pointers tonight, fortunately for him and his teammates, they had his back. second quarter, wiggins with an lu, way off the mark and the ball passes out to damion lee, curry laughing at that assists. wiggins more accurate later in the quarter. late third quarter, six point lead, staff still scored 33, but tonight along to that guy, juan toscano-anderson, scoring
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a career-high 20 and the warriors went 119-101. their first four-game win streak of the season. not all good news, james wiseman rookie season is over, being out until at least september with a torn meniscus. kiana williams is going from one championship team to another. the storm drafted williams with the 18th overall pick, she laid stanford is the all-time leader in three pointers. like the warriors, the a's are stricken, looking for five straight wins after beginning the season 0-6. the a's and takers all wearing number 42 on jackie robinson day. fifth inning, matt olson, holy toledo, 428 feet, second of the
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year. rough night on the mound for detroit pictures. next batter, matt chapman to the left, and they get their fifth win in the room. >> he's been labeled the brave one strain, considered the most vile, so he will join the starting rotation this weekend. tough break for the pitching staff because they have the second lowest e.r.a. of all of baseball. two runs later, this season, than last season. it looks like a scene from an action movie. we will show you the
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we all see those crazy action movies with cars flying in the air and landing in one piece. >> officers are trying to the guy who pulled off his own crazy stunt. monday, this drawbridge was pulling up when an suv came flying by. the car crashed through the traffic arms, and launched over the drawbridge, into the air. made a hard landing on the other side, all four wheels down. >> the impact of the traffic arms actually shattered the windshield. and just last month a motorcyclist was also caught
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay captioning sponsored by cbs >> eight republican state legislators have asked to pull coca-cola products from their offices at the georgia state capitol. in a letter obtained by the "atlanta journal-constitution," the removal request is tied to recent comments from the company about the state's elections bill. >> a group of georgia house republicans is canceling coca-cola. they're saying pepsi is okay. >> hi, i'm bill shasta, owner of shasta soft drinks. you may remember us from the bottom of your uncle's cooler. as we here at shasta have watched the troubling events unfold in georgia, we just want to remind everyone, we here at shasta have absolutely no conscience. but we do have a cola. shasta a is down wiwith whateve. rrestrict voting? none of our business.


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