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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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people have contracted covid- 19. it may sound alarming, but even residents we talked to say look at the big picture. >> it is not 100% foolproof like any other vaccine. >> reporter: it is called a breakthrough case when somebody is fully vaccinated and two weeks behind does 2 get sick. >> it is not surprising. in fact, we are probably going to expect more. truck this doctor of uc berkeley puts it this way. >> you have a code of armor on but we know that armor is not completely protective. and so you have to consider yourself protected to a large extent, but you still could get infected again. so you still want to be careful. >> reporter: of those 39 breakthrough cases, only one was hospitalized and was released in 48 hours. >> the vast majority of people who get infected did after they have been fully vaccinated either don't have any symptoms or they are very mild symptoms.
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>> reporter: the pfizer and moderna vaccines are 90 to 95% effective. both doctors say the 39 breakthrough cases in sonoma are statistically in line with those numbers and that this is likely happening not just in sonoma county but throughout the state and nation as well. juanita is fully vaccinated and said she plans to keep on masking and distancing. >> it is not just about me. there is a whole community and we don't know the science of it all. >> no vaccine he said protects you 100% of the time and you just got some new numbers on breakthrough cases. >> reporter: i did. just in the past are we get some numbers from the centers of disease control who have been tracking as nationwide and across the country they have
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seen about 5800 breakthrough cases of covid-19 after full vaccination and that is after 66 million americans have already been fully vaccinated against this disease. if you are looking for a statistic it is .008%. >> that is pretty good odds with this vaccine and that it is working for most people. thank you. here are the coronavirus headlines of the day. solano county is the latest in the bay area to expand vaccine eligibility to people ages 16 and over and the expansion starts tomorrow statewide. stanford just started testing the pfizer vaccine on kids 5 and under. a larger study of kids ages 5 through 12 is coming later this spring. and a federal advisory committee said it needs more time to consider the risks of the johnson & johnson vaccine. it remains on pause after six reports of blood clots in the more than 7 million doses given. for the latest on the vaccines and how to make an appointment, we do have a resource guide at
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a march and vigil are being held this evening for a man shot and killed by daly city police. we do have some video coming in now with demonstrators saying the death of the 44-year-old roger allen was unjustified. police say he picked up what appeared to be a gun during a routine traffic check and got into a struggle with a police officer. they say one officer shot him fearing for his fellow officers life. the gun ended up being a fake and the district attorney's office is now investigating. happening now, the windsor town council is holding an emergency meeting to consider demanding the mayor there re- sign and city officials are discussing what to do over allegations of sexual misconduct. he is accused of sexually assaulting at least six women and the city and county and state officials have already called on him to resign and he
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is denying the allegations. new, with the national focus on poor treatment of asian people, today and east bay city reach back on hundred 45 years to acknowledge and make amends for a shameful moment from its past. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: they say justice delayed is justice denied but when it comes one apology, it may also be true that it is better late than never. like a lot of places when it comes to its treatment of asian people, the city of antioch has a lot to apologize for. today the mayor signed a proclamation condemning the recent attacks on asian and pacific islander residents. >> today, i am delighted to find this proclamation and to uplift the fact that our city won't stand by hoping things get better. >> reporter: it is in the town's early history that the true shame lies and despite having built the transcontinental railway and delta levees that put antioch
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on the map the town passed a law forbidding chinese people from being out at night and later it was discovered they built secret underground tunnels between buildings so they could make it home safely. >> it is ingenious and resourceful and it is like run a set of town, but we need to be here. so if you don't want to see us after night, we will take the tunnels. >> reporter: but at the historical museum there is little evidence the chinese were here. that is because in 1876 an angry white mob forced all of the chinese to leave. when some tried to return, they burned chinatown to the ground. today on that very spot the mayor committed to redesignated the area as the chinatown historic district with historical markers, public art and a permanent exhibit at the antioch museum. perhaps the most important thing of all, an official apology from the city. >> when you do something wrong, you don't apologize, you may repeat it because so what.
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if people apologize, it means they realize it and they won't do it again so this is very important to our community. >> it doesn't make up for what happened but at least it is no longer being ignored. >> in 19 6099.9% of antioch residents were white but in 2010 white people became a minority for the first time with 10% of the population identifying as asian-americans. san jose is opening its first park honoring filipino americans near north capitol avenue in east san jose called delano park and the name pays homage to the delano grape strike in which workers protested poor working conditions. it is a term best translated as older brother and the park is expected to open by this summer. they are looking for witnesses in a hit-and-run that left a contractor hurt. they say about 5:00 this morning a dark-colored sedan
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hit the contractor on bayview avenue on ramp to 580 and it was westbound. they took off. the worker suffered major injuries and was airlifted to a trauma center. cruiser investigating a fire at a vietnamese restaurant on center road. they say it started outside and then spread inside at 6:00 this morning. a body was found at the site. no word yet on whether the death and fire are connected. still ahead, san francisco is about to loosen more restrictions. >> what is opening up more in a matter of hours? and approval for new high rise in the south bay, but the one thing that is still missing before they build it. a problem for shops around the bay area and why the main ingredient is in
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take a live look at san francisco right now on the road to recovery and the city is reopening more and more and beginning tomorrow around eight a clock a.m. indoor ticketed and seated events will be allowed up to 35% capacity. as long as people show proof of vaccination they can get the tickets. outdoor venues may expand
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capacity up to 50% and outdoor dining and bars will expand to allow eight people per table. today the san francisco mayor reissued a challenge for people to shop and dine small for all of next month. >> all of the things we may typically honestly order on amazon, we can find now at shops right here in our city and right here in our neighborhoods. the san jose skyline could be radically transformed by this 18 story high-rise and yesterday the city council gave a real estate developer's proposal the green light for the project but there is one thing still standing the way of construction. the developer still needs a tenant. the betting and building market street towers will have half 1 million square feet of office space and a rooftop garden. what is behind of drop in
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demand from the free meals at schools? in the forecast, you can tell it is spring and there is light snow falling in the sierra right now and we will look at what that is all about. we have to talk about what is about to happen here at home in your seven-day. the daytime highs nearing 94 inland spots coming right up.
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we do have some breaking news we want to tell you about right now. in san jose, police are at the scene of a shooting right now. this happened on the 900 block of north fourth street downtown. police report that one person has been shot and is suffering life-threatening injuries and that is all we have. we'll have more on this as we get it in. as students return to in person instruction, they may notice more homeless camps near campus and we spotted one near fisher middle school in san jose today. the alan rock school board telling us they popped up during the pandemic. >> some of the sites of the encampments we have received reports in the past by people from the neighborhoods as well as pictures and that there was individuals walking around with rifles. that there was drug feels going on as well as prostitution taking place in human trafficking. >> the school district is urging the city council take
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action in the asked to the city directed a draft a plan in a few weeks. it was a lifeline for many families with children when the pandemic started. now for the first time this week schools in san jose notice that fewer families in their free drive-through lunch program. and knew it 6, we have been looking into why. >> reporter: while there continues to be a lot of need in this community the number of people driving by to sites like this to get a free school lunch is now significantly. could be the assignment people are returning to work and recovering economically? >> reporter: steaming hot chicken bites and rolls and fruits and vegetables is what is on the lunch menu at this elementary all of it free to families with children are practically anyone driving up was hungry. >> it helps us out and gives us a good feeling. >> because they need it and
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also they are thankful for us being here for them. truck she has been feeding hungry children for 35 years in the district and all through the pandemic but lately they have noticed some unexpected changes in the demand. >> lately, it has been dropping a little bit. took this week the school district said it is feeding about 2800 students, about 300 fewer than average, and about 900 fewer than peak periods over the past year. nobody is a sure it is down that we could see another sign of the reopening of the economy. >> as parents go back to work it will be more difficult for parents to stop by and pick up meals. >> reporter: or because parents are working again, some could be less needy and the numbers could go down more next week when students return to school for in-person classes. the food is a critical lifeline during the worst of the pandemic and it continues to be important for the some families. >> the children will only be going back for an hour and a half so i can't back to work because i have nobody to take
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care of the kids. truck she said it helps that her kids loved the food. >> what is your favorite? >> eggrolls. the nation's facing a bow but shortage. shipping containers are piling up in the ports and it's denying the little tapioca balls to use in drinks and they say they have no idea when the orders will come in and it could take months for the supply to get back to normal. looking live in the sierra right now, that is true and we have plenty of fresh snow with up to 1 foot in the mountains above lake tahoe and there may be more on the way. this is weird because they are
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wily ge dusting out of this for the most part and just enough to mess with the drive but it begs the question, how is it snowing in the sierra and here at home we barely had a cloud in the sky today? first off you can see what is going on today, not just the light snow but it turned the thunderstorms in the foothills but if you look at a closer view at the sierra crest, light snow is still falling at this point and to understand why they are getting snow and we are not getting anything you look at the big picture you could see what is going on here and you can see how there is a storm off to the east spinning around counterclockwise? you can't miss it if you look at it on the water vapor but now you see the spinning and this is another one of those storms that had really bad aim and wanted nothing to do with the bay area and it came in over the top of us and slid down on the inside of the continent and another one of those inside sliders. at least we get some light snow out of the sierra for but it will pull away over the next few days and really by tomorrow it starts to leave. look what comes back as the
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system exits the marine layer starts to build back in a not so much tomorrow but friday and when we wake up on friday morning we will get back to normal and it will be a very gray start on friday and we probably won't burn the marine layer back until mid morning or early afternoon, but the real story is not today for the marine layer but the warm-up coming our way and if you look at the daytime highs for today it is what we pretty much did yesterday and what we will do again tomorrow and friday things start to change and by the weekend it will be hot for some of us. let's use the inland as an example and the average example would be 69 and we made it up to 73 today for many inland spots but look at sunday with 90. it is early on this and that 90 is only the extreme and we are not all going there but some of the warmer inland spots can get there by sunday. tomorrow morning is no different and we go back down into the mid-40s and maybe upper 30 in the north bay and
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tomorrow's daytime highs are what we did today and you have not noticed the change it did in the seven-day forecast it really sticks out in saturday and sunday and it does not last long and week will back down to get highs back into the upper 70s by next week. the evening news is coming up. here is nora o'donnell with the preview. coming up, ac/dc advisory panel on the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine as we learn new details about the 45- year-old woman who died shortly after her j&j vaccines. that is all coming up on the news. the giants win the game but lose an ace. >> those will be shoes difficult to fill. when he goes to dinner he
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the giants are off to the best start. and it has the second lowest e.r.a. in the national league and doing his best and johnny with a shimmy and they held the reds scoreless over 5 and two thirds and he was stealing in the game scoreless with the bottom of the 5th and slater goes the other way and 0-2 pitch and crawford hustles for home and the giants take a 1-0 lead and slater is turning the heat up
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which is good news for the giants. and picked up the fourth strikeout but signaled to the dugout right away that something wasn't right and left the game with tightness on the going. in the top nine automatic mcgee with another scoreless inning got the strikeout to end it for six games in the giants beat the reds 3-0 and they finish 5- 1. >> i think it is important that we write out this momentum we have to create some separation and assess the kids. it doesn't make me sound to old, right? >> the warriors tipped off in oklahoma city as they start a five game road trip and james seis set to undergo surgery later this week for a torn meniscus which will end his season but a return to the playoffs has not yet been ruled
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off. and fremont took steph curry out to dinner to celebrate his scoring record. he won't have to worry about expecting that for thousand dollar bottle of wine. >> i said, we had dinner and we all get this bottom of line and if there is a foul i have to pay for it and not every day and somebody thought it was a joke and we definitely appreciated that. >> i wish i had joe as a boss. i won the lake of the pines finishing tournament last week and my celebration was a coors light and i had to buy it. >> and the catch of the day goes to leon phillips who reeled in this 28 inches steelhead last month at the trinity river and as you know it is famous for the beauty and it steelhead and congrats to
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leanne. if you think you can do better send us your fishing pictures to the catch of the day and when trinity, the dam was built, the steelhead virtually disappeared and now they are back in the thousands and a 10 pound steelhead is not unusual. >> it almost looked like a kayak catch as well. maybe not. i don't know. >> you ought to know because you have two of them. >> you got something but you only got 1 course. >> i got a coors light for winning the leg of the pines fishing tournament. >> is no picture? >> that is tomorrow.
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the city of oakland is looking for its own poet
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laureate. the winner of the contest getting $5000 for a two-year gig and you have to live in oakland for at least five years in the 18 and older and have at least published to works in their taking on the nation starting monday. if i were captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news: the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine in limbo. the emergency meeting tonight, and what scientists told the c.d.c.ergency meeting tonight, the new details tonight about the woman who died after her j&j vaccine. plus, could leaving the middle seat open on an airplane reduce the spread of covid? charged with manslaughter: the minnesota officer who shott. and killed daunte wright is under arrest. tonight, how could a veteran officer mistake her gun for a taser? the chauvin trial: an expert witness for the defense says many factors, like heart disease and possible carbon monoxide poisoning, contributed to george floyd's death. ending america's longest war.


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