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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 13, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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-- right now at 7. >> the bay area pauses the johnson & johnson vaccine in the scramble to reach those that could be most at risk. >> you're absolutely working to make sure that we outreach the communities. >> family and friends remembering the father and his young daughter killed in a horrific crash in contra costa county. >> it is a nightmare. a nightmare. and i want to wake out of it and i can't. >> the team is calling it operation dubbed nation and a behind-the-scenes look at the changes to keep fans safe at chase center. right now on the news at 7:00 streaming on cbsn bay area, at east seven bay area counties have temporarily shelved the one dose johnson &
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johnson vaccine after reports of an extremely rare but serious side effect. good evening. tonight the chances are one in 1 million, but the feds are urging states to pause j&j distribution. california has complied after six reports of serious blood clotting but we report from santa clara that bay area counties don't expect a lot of disruption. >> reporter: you may think having to pull one of the three approved vaccines and circulation would be not catastrophic but potentially disruptive, but johnson & johnson was the last to be approved and they had some manufacturing issues and the bad batch of 15 million just last week and so the bottom line is the bay area counties didn't have much and were not expecting much and are taking this temporary loss of the johnson & johnson vaccine in stride. >> the county system and other providers will pause the administration of the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> reporter: he said santa clara county will shelve more
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than 13,000 doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine until the cdc can determine it is safe. the bigger challenge she said is reaching out to the more than 60,000 people in the county who have been vaccinated with the j&j shot warning them of potential side effects like blood clots. >> we certainly have utilized that done in we did vaccines where it may be difficult to get people back and since all of this just happened this morning, we are working absolutely to make sure that we outreach the communities. >> reporter: across the bay area the one shot vaccine was often used to vaccinate the homeless, a group that advocates say is especially vulnerable due to its lack of access to medical care. >> there is a lot of
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information and a lot of caregiving to this and a lot of attention paid to it and there will be people maybe get the shot and develop symptoms who don't know what it is and many people here don't even go to the hospital. i have seen it. >> reporter: the johnson & johnson vaccine was the third to be approved in the u.s. and represented a small portion of the bay area school for all stock piles a vaccine. more than 13,000 doses in santa clara and 4000 in alameda, 1200 in marin and 500 in san mateo and san francisco for example. the public health officials say they switched j&j vaccine appointments to pfizer or moderna and a small bump in the road they hope to expanding eligibility to everyone 16 and older. >> the county health system staff have been working tirelessly for this moment and we built the infrastructure and the capacity and now finally supply has arrived. >> reporter: public health officials here say they are getting a one-time infusion of more than 300,000 doses from the federal government and they say that will lessen the impact of having to pull roughly 13,000 johnson & johnson doses out of circulation. in santa clara, reporting. governor newsom said the
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johnson & johnson vaccine represents 4% of the states weekly allocation and shouldn't impact overall distribution. >> we won't delay our efforts later this week to open up vaccine eligibility to all californians 16 and over and that is on track. you can look at san francisco, which just expanded vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and up. st. clair county did the same thing after announcing a big infusion of vaccines and it is expecting nearly 300,000 moderna and pfizer doses this week alone. for the latest sexy news and information on how to get an appointment you can check out the resource guide on our website. tonight family and friends remember the father and his young daughter who were killed in a horrific crash. it happened last night on john henry johnson park way in pittsburgh. police say a suspected dui driver crashed into the family's car
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and three young kids were all ejected including a seven-year- old girl who along with her father did not survive. the other children are in stable condition and the other driver was arrested for driving under the influence. >> my stomach was hurting and i was crying. you know, it hurt. >> this is a nightmare. and nightmare that i want to wake up out of and i can't. we need your prayers. it is just going to be a hard road and a long journey. >> some new details about the suspect accused of the brazen carjacking enrichment and here's a photo. when police arrested him we blurred out his face because he is a minor. the owner of an auto dealership said the suspect asked to buy this white audi but when it came time to pay, he demanded the keys and then sped off hitting one of the workers in the process. >> that worker ended up with some scratches and bruises but will be okay.
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a live look across but cisco where there is a new plan to help people fighting addiction. the city announced a new sobering center today that will open on howard street and are on this different approach to a growing problem. >> reporter: this is the first of its kind center in the bay area and we believe even nationwide and a place for people coming off of their high to safely come off of that and access more services while freeing up room in an already crushed emergency room. >> reporter: the addiction and overdose crisis in the streets of same but cisco was killed more people in the past year than covid-19 and the mayor said the same old same old is not working. >> ultimately we want to make sure it is easier to access help than it is to access and purchase drugs in our streets and that is what this is about. >> reporter: enter 1076 howard
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street an office building empty which would become 830 bed sobering center from those suffering from drug-induced psychosis and initial startup cost will be $2 million with another $4.2 million per year for staff of contracted addiction specialist to keep it running. the doctor said while life- saving drugs like narcan will be on hand the support will be more psychosocial. >> a place where people can go to sober up and where they are supported and offered treatment in a way that is a low barrier type of approach for people to recover from their acute intoxication and we did offer treatment and other assistance if needed. >> the critical care doctor said the drug abuse crisis is only growing because of the pandemic and more help is needed. >> that is why with mental health services of any form it is important and right now we have seen a real shortage in california. >> reporter: it is one of a host of surfaces the mayor wants to roll out to change the
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tide of the crisis. >> just because we don't want to see them doesn't mean they will just go away. we can to keep doing things, the same way we have done them and expect to get the same or different result. >> reporter: the concept of a sobering center is not a new one here, but back in 2003 the city opened an alcohol sobering center to get people off of the sauce overnight and get them feeling better again but this drug sobering center is a new idea. live in san francisco tonight, kpix 5. a san jose business owners facing several fraud chargers and they say the owner of all bay area florist claimed he had only a single full-time employee but investigation uncovered he was held with held wages owed to his workers and authorities are looking for other possible victims. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area casa major new developments in the disappearance of kristin smart,
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25 years later. the two people now behind bars. >> it is my hope we are able to take the first step for justice for the smart family. >> san francisco cancels 4 20 celebrations in golden gate park and the warning for people who come in to get high. the answer to protect the bay area from rising sea levels could be at the bottom of the bay. the preparations are underway at chase center ahead of the big reopening and what fans will have to do in order to get inside. a stronger onshore breeze brought cooler temperatures further inland and significantly cooler for inland parish and's of the bay area while temperatures around the bay and along the coast were where they were yesterday. more cha
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a major break this evening in a 25-year-old california cold case. the man police suspected from the start has just been arrested on suspicion of murdering cal poly freshman kristin smart. paul florez was the last person seen with a 19- year-old as the two left an off- campus party in 1996. her body has never been found, but investigators say they now have forensic and physical evidence linking florez to her disappearance. >> it is my hope we are able to take the first step toward justice for the smart family. piece for the community and some justice out there for all of us and most especially for kristin. >> he was taken into custody today in san pedro so is his father ruben accused of being an accessory. >> new study suggest a secret to protecting the bay area from sea level rise and it may lion something we are currently throwing away. the san francisco estuary institute found building up the tidal marshes using the sediment already being dredged from the bottom of the bay could do the trick and right
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now the army corps of engineers pays to have it hauled away. >> we said to ourselves how much mud do we really need and where can it come from? the great news is we actually have enough mud. >> if they would change their policies, we could promote this reuse and have it be affordable and really protect the bay area and the bay from sea level rise. >> we can look outside live and oakland from our exclusive sales force camera and pretty nice outside. >> paul is here now and as we're talking about the sea levels rising it gets overshadowed by the wildfire threat, doesn't it? >> that is top of mind each year and there is a study that came out a few years ago and a scientific peer-reviewed study that ranked the threats the bay area faces from climate change and they looked into a lot of locations and everything that goes into it wildfire threat is in the top five in the warmer
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temperatures the water deficit drought conditions that continue to be an issue but ranked above all those is the change in sea levels that could have an impact on the bay area over the next few decades and the red shaded bar, the brighter once indicate the potential impact ranked by the year 2050 but above all that changes the ocean chemistry in the ocean is becoming more acidic and they. -- that will have a huge impact on the fishing industry and economy in general so keep a watch in the long term. the short term it is breezy and cool across the entire bay area and the breeze was strong enough to pull the cooler air inland so temperatures across the border in the 50s anywhere from 53 downtown to 59 for the warm spot in san jose and we will be tracking the wind as we head for the rest of this evening because it is still breezy and 15 to 25 mile an hour wind gusts and even along the coast but late tonight likely after 11:00 or midnight those winds will die down and the wind won't be as much of a factor tomorrow and it will still be noticeable from time to time especially along the coast but it won't be as
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blustery as the conditions we had today and as the wind dies down temperatures will drop off to the 40s which is normal for this time of year. everybody ending up in the 40s and mostly mid-to upper 40s but low 40s for the valley of the north bay and antioch be warm at 49 and then temperatures will warm up and a little more than today because of that later onshore breeze and temperatures around the bay should get up to about what is normal for this time of year and that will happen by early to mid afternoon before the onshore breeze kicks back in and pushes temperatures down and by this time tomorrow evening. inland temperatures running three or 4 degrees above normal which puts us into the mid-70s and mid to upper 50s along the coast and no big change for you and temperatures never 60s and low 70s around the south end of the bay and santa clara valley reaching up into the low 70s as well including that 72b0 high temperature the low 70s for the tri-valley with the warmest temperatures on the east side of the diablo range reaching up into the mid-70s and just slightly above average for this time of year and normal high
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temperatures around the bay with low to mid 60s in a few spots reaching up into the upper have to the 60s and the near 70 degrees for most of the north bay and no big changes we had further north either with temperatures mostly 70s and if you 60 sprinkled in in mendocino and lake counties. closer to the end of the week a slight warm-up kicks in on friday but a bigger warm-up will be noticeable saturday into sunday with temperatures inland low 80s on saturday but mid-to upper 80s on sunday and way out of the ordinary for the middle of april and even around the bay close to 70 degrees on saturday and into the 70s sunday and along the coast with temperatures into the 60s. we will keep you updated as we get most of the weekend, and i will have an update coming up at 11:00. here is a check of your top headlines and a live look at brooklyn center, minnesota. in less than one hour a curfew will go into effect for a second night in a row and protesters are marching on the streets, calling for justice after the controversial shooting of a black man. police are using tier gas to disperse the crowd.
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officials announced that officer potter is stepping down along with the police chief and he was killed saturday when potter mistook her gun for a taser. >> my son he don't have a dad and his dad didn't get to see him for his second birthday. tomorrow president biden is expected to announce you as troops will withdraw from afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of the september 11 terror attack. the trump administration had set a may 1 deadline and it only extends the presence of you as troops by a matter of months and officials say they are currently about 2500 troops in afghanistan. a live look at the u.s. capital were lawmakers and police officers and family and displaying capital police officer william evans. he died 11 days ago when a car struck him and rammed into a barricade and officer shaver
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survived the attack. president biden met privately with evans family after today's remembrance. san francisco is cracking down on 420 celebrations next week at golden gate park. the celebration at hippie hill has been canceled for a second year in a row because of the pandemic. the mayor said fences will be up and there will be extra patrols and they are setting up virtual hippie hill celebrations that will benefit local businesses. coming up more issues for people receiving unemployment benefits and why some will now have to pay back the state. plus a man may be in huge trouble with his girlfriend after totaling her maserati while trying to out run the chp. the warriors are getting ready to host fans at chase center and the big changes ahead on next week's reopening. >> the courtroom is the first of its kind for sports teams.
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i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better there are more issues for people receiving unemployment benefits. tonight southern california workers say they were told to pay back edd thousands of dollars. the latest issue seems to be with self-employed workers who put in their gross income when
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they originally applied for benefits last spring. the edd now says they need it to list their net income and that has left some on the hook and for thousands of dollars. >> and have it resolved within a number of days and not weeks or months. >> i think how we keep a roof over our head and $2200 or $2100 mortgage with no source of income since february. >> under the federal cares act states can choose to waive the overpayments if they weren't due to fraud but california is taking a case-by- case approach and edd said that workers can file an appeal. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service is offering up to $20,000 in rewards to catch the people robbing mail carriers and oak in. it has happened four times since november and twice last week. no carriers were hurt but at
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least two cases with the suspects having guns and $50,000 is being offered in each case for information leading to an arrest. the driver who tried to outrun the chp may be an even bigger trouble with his girlfriend after totaling her maserati. the agency said he took off when an officer tried to pull him over for speeding on 580 in oakland yesterday but he ended up careening off an embankment and wedging the suv under an overpass and fortunately he was not badly hurt. he does face charges
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let's take a live look at san francisco's chase center where fans will finally be allowed to watch the warriors in person next friday. today we got an inside look at how the team plans to keep fans and
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players safe in a covid world. everything from ticketing to food will be touchless. there will also be a vaccinated only section and testing available at the door. >> this is the first of its kind for a sports team to offer this level of covid-19 tests to fans at no additional cost and we are incredibly proud offer that. >> the warriors have really gone the extra yard by far and away to make this a safe experience for fans as possible. >> capacity will be limited to 35% of the warriors will be hosting the denver nuggets. this is next friday at 7:00. >> the team that eds off you're into your shows, right? the office. now you can be really into your shows with xfinity. find your favorites with just your voice. there is no fire. it was only a simulation!
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