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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  April 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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vaccinated at the oakland coliseum site but there is still a question, will there be enough supply? i spoke with kim from contra costa health about how they plan to keep up with the demand. >> i do that anybody would notice any difference, really. the difference is in where the supply comes from so we are really happy to partner with alameda county to make sure this important resource stays in our community. >> this is the partnership without or with alameda county and the state so is there a change in the number of doses were able to deliver? >> so not yet. what we have worked out with the state is that they will provide have to doses and then each county will provide a quarter of the doses, so it really depends on how many the counties can allocate and the state will match. right now our commitment is 10,500 doses a week, and as long as we can maintain that we should not see any change at
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the coliseum. >> the county is welcoming people 16 and older to sign up for the vaccine so i'm imagining that is a lot of people and are you ready? has the staffing change? are you able to make up for fema leaving? >> we actually opened the and up last week in our county so we s saw a huge spike in reques at that time and then as always happens, we see the request drop off over time, so we are really not all that worried about capacity and the ability to handle that at the coliseum or really at any of our sites. we currently offer the next seven days have about 5000 appointments available's though i can't say strongly enough, booker vaccine appointment now. >> you got the spots in the vaccine so how long can it stay open? >> so right now we are committed to four weeks at the site, there's a possibility that alameda county might stay longer but for us it is a four week commitment. we have information how to sign up for the vaccine, just
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head to coverage california lost a new special enrollment period under the american rescue plan. now the goal is to give californians the opportunity to save more on health insurance, benefiting low and middle income residents and communities of color. nearly 1.4 million consumers will automatically pay less for their current insurance and in an effort to encourage residents to enroll in health insurance, they are launching a $20 million outreach campaign. for more information, you can justst head toto ouour websitit now w at 5:5:30 we are keep anan eye on thisis protest, thi happening now in brooklyn center, minnesota. a large gathering there showing new police by footage camera.
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20-year-old dante right was shot a and killeded in that tra ststop. it was yeyesterday afafternoon. the police chief today saying he b believes the officer thoug she was deploying a taser on him, what gotten back in his car as police were trying to make an arrest instead of the taser she grabbed a gun. the shooting touched off protests last night and more pros test tonight and will keep an eye on them for you. president biden has nominated former richmond police chief chris magness to lead u.s. customs and border protection. it is the largest federal law enforcement agency in the country. he let the richmond police department from 2006 to 2015. he did have some success reducing the number of shootings and killings in richmond and he worked to rebuild community trust in law enforcement. he currently serves as chief of
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police in tucson, arizona. this new position does require confirmation by the u.s. senate. disgrace hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is fighting extradition back to california to answer to a new indictment on nearly a dozen counts of sexual assault. at a virtual hearing in buffalo, new york, his lawyer cited a paperwork technicality. he is already serving a 23 year sentence in erie county for and sexual assault. a relative of the southern california woman accused of killing her three young children says liliana coria had not been well since giving birth to her second child they were found dead in an apartment this weekend. their mother later arrested in kern county. relatives say she had been in a
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bitter custody battle with the children's father and had taken them from the couple's northern california home back in february. >> life is destroyed, the family is destroyed. these poor babies are gone. it didn't have to be like this. >> they got a court order for emergency custody back on march 4th but it was not enforced. a southern california man jumps into action after his numbers home explodes. tina patel has how that man managed to save those children and the grandmother. >> reporter: even though debris was everywhere and he could smell gas, he ran into his neighbor's home.
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>> i did not want anything to happen to the kids. a made a decision last night that anything happened to me then so be it. >> reporter: he took the kids out of the home that one back into his search for the relative. >> reporter: the mother or grandmother, she was in really bad condition. shed a major structure on top of her.'s though i did what anybody else would have done. >> reporter: one man suffered critical burns and they had used chain saws to cut through the debris and free another man underneath what had been the garage. >> it was just a faint tapping sound that one of our firefighters was able to hear and we were able to take in there and determine in fact there was somebody completely trapped. >> reporter: this morning investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the lotion. they ruled out a gas leak. they say the gas line was ruptured after the explosion. >> we did find some evidence of marijuana being grown there, and the equipment that that takes to be grown is part of the active investigation. >> reporter: neighbors want to
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know what caused the explosion. seven homes were damaged and the cleanup will take a while. he stepped on a male it will need to be treated at some point but he is just grateful no one was killed. >> it was just terrible. >> at least 13 homes had to be evacuated. emergency crews determined that the nearby damaged homes are still safe to be occupied. most homes across the bay area are getting ready to mark another pandemic ramadan. it begins tomorrow as a month of prayer and reflection. those who observe the holiday fast from sunrise to sunset, partaking in nightly fees. we spoke to some people in san bruno who say this year feels a little brighter than last year. >> it is going to be an opportunity to compared to last year, to be able to be come you know, with the folks from the community again, just to be around people again, people that are outside my household again, it is going to be, i mean, it's going to be similar to what it used to be like which is a time to just come
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together and worship together. >> this year's ramadan ends the evening of may 12th. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, financial relief could soon be coming to families who lost loved ones to covid-19. an aggressive arrest as a u.s. army lieutenant sues two police officers. coming up all new at 6:00, vaccinations opening up to bay area teenagers this week. we look at the safety of the shot for young people. a san jose planning commissioner is pushing the city to do more investments here in the alan rock neighborhood which has been hard-hit by the covid-19 pandemic. the unusual idea to revitalize and often overlooked part of time. >> they have the opportunity to really reimagine san jose. kpix5 news at 6:00 is coming up next.
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it ready to go back to work. over the past year more than half 1 million american families have had to bury loved ones who died of covid-19. now, they can apply for federal aid to offset some of those costs. fema is offering up to $9000 per funeral to people who can prove that their loved ones death was directly or indirectly caused by the virus. that is causing problems for families of some covid patients, though, because the death certificate apparently
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did not note the diagnosis. >> the audacity of not knowing that it wasn't covid when they were clearly in the covid icu. >> the phone him to apply for aid is on your screen. 844, 684 6633. applicants must show funeral expense documents as well as. u.s. army lieutenant is suing to virginia police officers after a traffic stop this past december. new body camera footage shows the officers pointing their guns at him and then pepper spraying him. >> put your hand out the window. >> you can the him holding his hands out of the window of his new car. he repeatedly asks why he has been pulled over before the officer pepper sprays him through the window.
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that officer has since been fired. >> i was pulling over to this area. i have respect for law enforcement. the officers that days adopted for not having tags but the temporary dealer plates are clearly visible on the body camera footage. the virginia attorney general is now investigating the police department involved. coming up, getting ready for takeoff, what airlines have to do to make sure idle planes are safe for an expected surge in travel.
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happening today, warriors single game tickets are now on sale pick of the seats are up for grabs. season ticket holders began purchasing their tickets at nine this morning. to club members will have to wait until one this afternoon. warrior insider and santa cruz members could buy their tickets at 4:00. they will be allowed for the
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final nine home games getting a 20 third. tended limited to 35% capacity. fans will also need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 48 hours of the game. it is a big week for people who want to go back to disneyland. the park open reservations today. so the first group of reservations is only for people who have purchased tickets pre- pandemic. so they can start reserving spots right now. on thursday the system will open to all california residents and the park reopens on april 30th at limited capacity. a live look at our major bay area airports. the airline is preparing for ace hummers bike in travel. this means blowing the dust off planes that have sat idle since the pandemic began, among other things. reporter paul on how those airlines are getting those planes ready for takeoff. >> reporter: the pressure is on
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and american airlines told the maintenance base. here crews are preparing planes to meet a new surge in air travel. hundreds of commercial airliners sat idle on taxiways ramps, even runways through much of the pandemic. now, americans says all of its planes will be flying again by the end of the month. no easy task. >> in many ways emma they have more maintenance requirements on the aircraft that has been in storage or is in storage then we do if the aircraft is out actively flying. >> they are spending 1000 hours to revive just one plane here. part of their work includes federally mandated inspections of the boeing 737. it is the world's most popular airliner. american alone part 300 of them because of the pandemic. the faa says the planes sitting idle could cause a critical valve to fail risking catastrophic dual engine power
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loss in flight. >> all of the things that could have been negatively impacted by the fact that it was parked have been analyzed, addressed, and resolved. and so i can assure you 110% that these aircraft are safe, and they are ready to fly. >> reporter: planes have been stored exclusively outside for months on end and crews came out here about every 10 days to check things like the engine, uncover them and fire them up and also check the landing gear, the tires and the brakes. about 100 planes were stored out here at the peak of the pandemic but now there are only a few left. >> there's a lot of pent up travel demand and we really want to be there and be ready to move our customers to wherever they want to go safely, efficiently, and make sure we are putting on a good product. >> we all hope that as well. they say it is pilots that will beef thoroughly rechecking in classrooms as well as simulators but were coming back on the job.
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let's take a look at what is happening out there weatherwise. breezy tomorrow, the stronger wind, stronger onshore wind will kick in and that will drop temperatures inland compared to where they topped out today. near normal for the rest of the week so it will not be overly cool and dry weather continues for the for siebel future. more on that in just a second. a little bit of see hayes as we look toward downtown from treasure island. temperatures, this is not appear to be the correct map because there were 80 degree temperatures farther inland today, the numbers do not update. let's take a look at current temperatures. 80 degrees in concord, 82 in fairfield. how is this for a bay area temperature map? 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s to. tomorrow will be a narrower
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difference. 50 along the coast but only into the 70s farther inland because the wind will be stronger. noticeable right now mostly in the 15 to 20 mile an hour range but the wind you can at about 5 to 10 to these numbers and that is where we will see the wind gusts peaking by tomorrow. mostly mid to late afternoon. temperatures tonight are going to drop down into the 40s, 40 degrees in santa rosa, the school cool spot. and then we do manage to warm up once the fog and low cloud cover retreats which it said should do pretty quickly partly because the stronger wind kicking in and started around the atmosphere so by mid to late morning, on objective visibility should see plenty of sunshine, just a bit of cloud cover sticking right along the coast. temperatures will be 2 to 3 degrees below normal, low to mid 60s for san francisco and oakland but at or above 70 degrees most inland locations, even a few degrees above average once again for concord but falling short of that high
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temperature today they did reach up to around 80 degrees. let's zoom in, mid to upper 50s along the coast, mid 60s for the south end of the bay with upper 60s to around 70 high temperatures. that is almost exactly normal for the middle of april. tempatures farther inland reaching up a little bit farther into the 70s, just upper 60s to around 70 degrees for most of the tri-valley but the warmest temperatures will be on the east side, just because you like at the influence of the stronger onshore wind, so temperatures there still reaching up to the mid to upper 70s. around the bay right around 60 degrees in san francisco, low to mid 60s for the east side of the bay with high temperatures in the north bay a mixture of upper 60s and low to mid 70s. some of the warmer spots farther inland, reaching up into the middle portion of the 70s. a few spots in mendocino and lake counties staying in the 60s. once temperatures get above average it looks like they will stay that way for a while. the two week outlook, this is the 8 to 14 day outlook, it shows a significant chance of above average temperatures for basically most of the western third of the country from the rocky mountains westward but to
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go along with that, also a significant chance of below average precipitation. in fact near zero precipitation anticipated. we've had no rain during the month of april but at this point only five times on record that there has been no measurable rainfall during the month of april, in downtown san francisco. this might be one of those months because we don't have any in the seven-day forecast and things are not looking very good farther down the line either. temperatures close to normal by the end of the week and there is the weekend warm-up with temperatures up into the 80s inland by sunday and monday. we will have your dog working forecast for this evening coming up at six a clock. new at 6:00, really for restaurants. the big-ticket help from pg&e and who is eligible. a major bay area employer has announced a back to the office state for vaccinated employees. what could that look like and can you -- if mandated to get vaccinated?
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still ahead here at 5:00, california college stud
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there is a special kind of trauma, children separate from
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a parent can experience the effects of which sometimes linger foror years. but this week students rising above scholar has been both heartache and healing when she reunited with her dad. >> i've gotten used to it. >> reporter: she appreciates the solitude of her east bay apartment, as she chuckles online studies for six classes at sacramento state. >> i went to school with great positive attitude. >> reporter: but the successful college sophomore still feels the pain of her father's alcohol-related incarcerations. the first when she was in middle school. >> i was sort of confused because i was come you know, younger, and i love my dad, i love him so much,'s though it did hurt, it hurt a lot not having him by my side. >> reporter: he would because rain again as he struggled with sobriety. well her mom would struggle financially. >> my mom is a superhero. she did keep our family going.
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>> reporter: they leaned into their faith for comfort. >> i would pray, i would come with my mom, go to church when i could. attend bible studies when i could. and just pray for my dad to change. >> reporter: those prayers were heard. her dad is now in recovery, working at a job he loves, and reconnected to his daughter. >> i definitely feel like this whole experience did help him and so, that is what brings the compassion. >> reporter: in a passion for helping others. she is studying criminal justice with plans for law school and later a career as a defense attorney. >> i would see how my dad's public defender would help him and i found that great so i was like wow, i want to be like that one day, i want to be able to help others, i want to be able to be there for them. >> reporter: she wants to be there for her family as well. she is the first to go to college, the fulfillment of her parents dream. >> they came here to this
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country for the american dream to pretty much have me go to school to finish college, have a career. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am michelle griego. >> to learn more about students rising above and it scholars, go to our website, sra. now at six:00, bay area offices. get ready to welcome back employees. what they are allowed to require before you walk through the doors. calling on the city for help. the new plan to revitalize a struggling stretch of san jose. cash for restaurants trying to recover from the pandemic. who qualifies and where. good evening, i ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. we start with a major bay area employer announcing a reopening date. new at 6:00, andria borba is live with who is finally coming back to the office. >> reporter: we talk about salesforce. they plan unwelcoming in vaccinated employees back in
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mid may. we spoke to medical and legal experts about what that could look like. while carter has returned to fort street, for traffic is barely return to the financial district but that could soon change in salesforce reopens which will begin with small vaccinated groups of employees allowed inside. ucsf professor dr. monica gandhi says it is a. is a mac the cdc set for a reason that vaccinated people can be around each other without masks and distancing. >> reporter: they will fully reopen when new cases are below 1%, so it will allow employees to keep working remotely if they want to through the end of 2021. dr. gandhi says ventilation inside buildings only becomes a concern for the unvaccinated. >> they will need to keep on distancing, they need to mask, and there should be some window opening for that. >> some universities have said students will have to be vaccinated before returning to mp


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