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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we begin in sonoma county, where the calls are growing louder for the mayor of windsor to resign over sex assault accusations. good evening. delegation spans 16 years and left the small town reeling. they got reaction from residents. we will have that story in a moment. but first tonight the chronicle is reporting that a fifth accuser has just come forward. they have turned the matter over to windsor police for investigation and is evaluating its duties and options under the circumstances. >> people of all ages gavin san mateo to unite against the wave of anti-asian attacks and discrimination attracting national attention. organizers focused on the future of the movement and what they can do to keep the community safe. we also saw a display of unity in san francisco. the archbishop led a prayer service at st. mary's cathedral
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to stand in solidarity with the asian community. betty yu is live there now, and this service only came after the archbishop condemned the wave of violence against the asian community. >> reporter: that's right. today's event here at st. mary's cathedral was really organized as a response to the recent rise in hate, dissemination and violence against asians, much of it happening right here in san francisco. to show support, people gathered here on the plaza earlier around 2:30 this afternoon. they joined the diverse catholic community here, they prayed and held rosaries. archbishop says that he wanted to show care for one another and for this 80 that we all love. now as you said he also condemned this recent rise in violence against asian americans, he called the brutal acts of disturbing, and very
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alarming. supporters also prayed inside the church, for healing and for peace. >> it makes me very disappointed that things like this have been happening so close to home. like i know san francisco to be a wonderful city but it really makes me sad to see people like me being beat up and it is just, i can't, it is very hard to understand. >> we consider an attack on vonn bell group as an attack on all of us. they have been a vital and integral part of our city from the beginning so i knew as a faith leader and especially one here in san francisco, we had to respond. i put out a statement but i knew we needed to do more than that. >> reporter: many supporters told us that they were very heartened to see people of all raise showing their support. they also mentioned that here in san francisco alone, more than 21st end of the population is chinese, that is not including other asians, so he said showing unity and showing
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solidarity in this moment really does have a big impact. >> san jose's grace baptist church will also hold a community townhall tomorrow in place of traditional worship, following a hate filled attack on its online easter sunday services. reverend george oliver had just opened up the zoom celebration for prayers when two men crashed in with loud music and a string of racist, homophobic and anti-semitic slurs. they are investigating it as a hate crime and tomorrow's townhall start at 11 a.m. at the church on san fernando street. guests can attend in person or online. calls for the mayor of windsor to resign after sex assault allegations that's been 16 years. john ramose reports they have left the small wine country town in shock.
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>> reporter: dominic foppoli had it all. young, wealthy, one of the young lions of the north bay wine empire, but now, at least the public's side of that has come crashing down. in a small town like windsor, news travels pretty fast. >> it was on our facebook pages, everybody going back and forth. >> reporter: the mayor, dominic foppoli of the foppoli wine business is being publicly accused in graphic terms by four women of aggressive, even predatory, sexual assault. >> those are really detailed and it is not like they're from one particular group. they go across years. >> reporter: she met the couple at times and came away with a strange feeling. >> you just kind of got the survival of like spoiled brat boy, and i just didn't take it. >> reporter: he is well known and well connected in the community and is sometimes referred to as a prince of wine
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country. but support for him is drying up quickly, even before an official investigation. local congressman jared huffman and mike thompson have both called for his ouster. eight local mayors have signed a letter demanding his resignation and the league of california cities have stripped him of his leadership post. but it is in his own town that many people are drawing a hard line. do you see any way that he could hold onto his mayor ship? >> absolutely not. >> there cleaning house on many levels. it's happening everywhere, and i think it is a good thing and there is a heavy price. there's a lot of sadness in this town. there's a lot of anger. and there is also a lot of sadness that this happened. >> there are reports that his alleged actions were reported to city hall back in 2017. but nothing was done and the santa rosa democrat news paper just published an apology for not following up on the tip. in big cities that may be considered politics as usual but in small towns where everyone knows each other, there is less tolerance for it.
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>> i think there are a lot of men who think they are entitled and they can get away with stuff like this and he is no exception. just because he is mayor of the town and he is the prince of one country or something like that, that doesn't, it's not a real title, that doesn't give you the right to do this to woman. >> reporter: our calls and emails went unanswered today and is facebook page appears to have been taken down. in windsor, john ramose, kpix5. taking a live look out at san francisco where vaccines are now available to anyone 16 and up in several high-impact neighborhoods across the city. the zip codes are up on your screen right now. people who live there can drop in daily between nine and three at sf general, or the southeast health center on keith street. and contra costa county residents 16 and older are eligible to get vaccinated at the fema mega site over at the
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oakland coliseum. another previous age limit was 50, residents can book appointments by phone or through the my turn website. >> the question is whether supply will be able to keep up with demand. >> there's going to be a bit of a backlog in the next couple of weeks. >> the state is expecting the supply to dip temporarily mostly because of that manufacturing problem with the johnson & johnson shot. the state will reportedly get 400,000 fewer doses next week than it did this week and even fewer doses the week after. at the same time, facebook is getting into the vaccination game, opening up clinics to serve high risk groups in menlo park and in east palo alto. >> we are essentially taking our sites and converting it to a vaccination site, so we are hoping to continue these but at
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the end of the day it is all dependent on supply. shoppers and diners are walking the road to recovery through san francisco's chinatown tonight. that is where a spring relaunch of san francisco's sunday streets program got underway a day early. now it includes walkway weekends through chinatown. it will run every saturday and sunday along grand avenue between california and washington streets. and chinatown is just one of many neighborhoods across the city where you can enjoy a great meal right now. more than 150 establishments are participating in san francisco restaurant week, offering special prefixed menus is celebrating the unique flavavors the cicity has to off >> for lunch you could get two courses, the restaurants have the option of doing a deliveve a memeal kit, or an in-houses you know, outsidide or inside optionon for eitherer price e f
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that $1010, $15 or $25 and for dinner, the restaurants are offering up to three course options, that could be $25, $40, or $65 and in some cases those might come with wine pairings or beer pairings and things like that. >> it runs through april 18. well tensions are rising and one resident is working to ease those tensions using food. she leads the nonprofit called the art of serving is cooking and baking homemade filipino delicacies. she is inviting neighbors to try some food from her culture. the goal is to build bridges and help others have an understanding of asian culture. she is encouraging other asian americans throughout northern kela anya to do the same. a very special honored today for a 90-year-old korean war vet from san jose after more than 70 years. dan fish finally received his high school diploma. sara carter presented it to him at his home in a small
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ceremony. he was born and raised in massachusetts but he moved to san jose in 1956. he was set to graduate in 1950 before joining the navy to fight the korean war. because of his service, he never got the diploma, and until today. the bay area county that has been named the healthiest in the state. and in just the past hour we got reaction from the governor's office on california's latest defeat in the supreme court pick a we have that ahead. claims ripped through a historic half moon bay hotel trapping guests inside. how they escaped. quite the change for some of us today, temperature wise. we were 10 degrees warmer for a couple of locations than just yesterday. we spo
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looking like at marin, a new study ranking marin county residents, the healthiest in the state. marin came out on top of the 2021 county health rankings and
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roadmaps resort or, rather, report considers length and quality of life along with clinical care and it was not a surprise to him it was the 11th time in 12 years that marin snagged the top ranking but the report also reveals where marin can improve. the county has one of the worst scores in income inequality and got low grades on housing affordability. a fire that ripped through a san rafael restaurant is being investigated as arson this evening. broke out late tuesday night, in a building on bellum boulevard. firefighters face someone broke in and spread of flammable liquid around the place before setting it ablaze. the speaker system then kicked in before too much damage was done. investigators say surveillance video captures at least one image of the suspect setting the fire, so far that footage has not been made public. of the peninsula, two people had to be rescued from a fire at historical style historic hotel. and when firefighters arrived, two people were leaning out of the second floor window waiting
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for rescue. it was safely taken down by latter. none of the people were able to escape on their own. nobody was seriously hurt, that historic and stood on main street since the year before 1906 quake. been there a long time. the investigator started in a closet, spread to a hallway. the exact cause is unknown. last night a suspected drunk driver was arrested after plowing right to a 711 store front, an suv slammed right into a front window, hitting a redbox display and shattering the glass. no word of any injuries. that would include a pair of small earthquakes that rattled parts of the bay area this morning, 3.0 four northwest of livermore, just before five in the morning, and then a couple of hours later, in a site that is used to have a lot of earthquakes because of
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the geothermal fields, there was that little 3.4 by calistoga, there was no reports of any damage. and no reports of any rain. looks like status quo as far as leather is concerned. >> reporter: that is his favorite. i had not heard that one. >> he never used to tune it and watch, is that right? >> when it comes to the weather, you and i are never in the same room at the same time. >> you're standing right over there. >> the only one of us is doing the weather at a time. let's get into this forecast. we had a big change today, if you were inland. livermore, i'm talking to you but it is not only livermore and this camera technically sits up above dublin looking at the direction of livermore but it is the entire tri-valley, the whole diablo valley, concord, pleasanton, everybody out here, cooled down by about 10 degrees today, a big drop from where we were. if you look at the current numbers, scratch that, you do
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not call them, you warmed up by 10 degrees. that is the whole theme of my story. if you look at the numbers, we are in the mid to upper 70s out here. everybody else right now is in the low 60s, if you go into the immediate bay and if we switch the way we look at this and colorcode the map for where we warmed up the most you could see the big orange pool of where the temperatures went top, right about 10 degrees and the reason why that happened is because the wind started to lighten today, so we are going to switch the map and you will see the colors reversed. we go from where the temperatures warmed up today, and instead of looking at that we are going to look at where the wind is the most noticeable today. and everything disappeared over here. because the wind were not a factor. but over here, along the coast, they are still going. we have gusts getting into the 25 mile an hour range of the coast and this is our time of year for this. we go into the sea breeze on steroids routine for the next several months. and you really start to see the huge differences now between how it feels near the coast, to how it feels inland and since
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that breeze lightens up a bit today, we were able to really warm up if you were inland and as we look at tomorrow, we are still going to have that onshore flow, it is still getting windy in the city, still getting windy on the coast and in the immediate bay but it won't be as windy inland and we will keep the temperatures pretty much right where they were for today. for those numbers that i just showed you. and the unfortunate timing of this is we get into late spring and early summer when we start to really increase the wind. that is also when we are putting the most pollen in the air. it is the most unfortunate combination you can have if you are an allergy sufferer and if we look at the next few days, today on the top of that list, getting into the high category for mulberry, okun ashby, basically tree pollen if you are a grass sufferer, you can throw that in as well because that is always pretty much a factor for us. so it is a combination of high wind and high pollen count and it is just the time of year.
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there is no way around it, really. that is the view from the top of the sales force tower. perfectly clear looking down 80, same story here, that is the future of the whole east bay and the numbers will stay pretty comfortable except for the north bay where we have to go back down to 39 for the morning low and daytime highs tomorrow, this map looks almost exactly the same as the number i just showed you for what the current temperatures are right now, and we are pretty much right at the daytime high. we usually have that right in the late afternoon, so it is almost an exact replay in terms of the way things are going to feel both temperature wise, wind wise, allergy wise, and no rain wise. you can play that out here, as well. there's no chance of rain here for the next seven days and really not anything worth getting too excited about once we get past the seven-day forecast. so pretty typical as we get into the mid to late april, this is kind of what it does around here. over to you. breaking news, where good
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news for both bay area baseball teams, and it was moving moving is at the masters. this guy moved his entire house to augusta. we tee it
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everybody, it is about 1020 a.m. in japan, those folks are woke up to huge news from the masters, weatherhead augusta national, in our 15 delay. justin rose walked off the leader, he returned with a huge target on his back. san francisco born wolves villa torres snagged the lead on 10, with a long birdie. the leaderboard got crowded on the back nine. 61 foot putt on the par five, fifth team, and the eagle has landed. we have or way tie at the masters. they did not last long. after a long drive by 15.
6:22 pm
takes advantage. the soft conditions. he kicked in that for eagle. has the lead out right. he was on fire down the stretch. another birdie. just throwing darts. suddenly decades lead was three, 11 under. they will take a four shot lead, into tomorrow. he has never won a major but he was a low amateur at the masters. good job for him. giants may not have a lot of players left from the world series title teams, but to our remaining and they came up against the rockies this afternoon. sporting the field. the headband turned out to be a good luck charm.
6:23 pm
put the wheels on, high gear, giants of 1-0. top five. brian mcmahon, to run shot off. gave the rockies a three-one lead. that is already his fifth homer of the year. next inning. the go-ahead home run. the second of the year for three giants. ninth inning. i called this guy automatically key. he gets the outs, just for saves already. the bullpen allowed just one hit in four shutout innings. they when the game. the third straight 4-3. taking a live look, 2-0, blasted to
6:24 pm
run home run. the first homer of the year. a shot to left, but mark cannon got a run. they lead i-one. the bases juiced, a bloop single to center. but the astros rally off oakland pan, and into the gap. josc 3 on the triple. downtown seth brown living up to his nickname. solo shot, top of the second deck, his first of the year, oakland wins his second straight 7-3 so they take two out of three from houston, nba, the warriors host the rockets and the second back to back games, and the game cannot comes soon enough for golden
6:25 pm
state after last night's brutal loss to the wizards. the warriors were up three, 10 seconds left, for washington bradleys was fouled. knockdown for 344 point play. last chance, damion lee, pass up a shot and threw it away, and washington won the game one- 10 -- 110-107. >> that is solely on me. it feels like there are four, five games that we have left out there, and could have and should have one. there is not a whole lot we can do about that now. so we have 20 games to go, and we have to pick ourselves up. the masters does not start really until the final nine holes on sunday. i have cheese pimento sandwiches, unlike any other.
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on religious gatherings. reaction from both sides. the california volunteers coming out of retirement to fill a critical need. >> this was an amazing opportunity to be able to get back. it is sending fast. the conflict thing claims about what is being done behind dozens of deaths.
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you are watching kpix5 news. >> governor newsom four times previously, right, has been reviewed from the supreme court pick at this point, you think at this point, he would have learned his lesson. unfortunately not. >> california overruled, for the fifth time the highest court in the land has lifted a state health restriction on religious gatherings. >> and a narrow 5 to 4 ruling, late last night, the supreme court overturned a state health order limiting home-based religious worship like bible study and prayer meetings to no more than three households.
6:30 pm
the center for american liberty sued on behalf of the santa clara county pastor and a woman who hosted backyard bible study sessions. they discriminated against it is a faith by holding them to a different standard than other activities. >> if you will express or restrict expression, have to do so that is mutually applied. what we have seen here is five times now you have seen the supreme court rebuke gavin newsom, rebuked the ninth circuit and i think you even sent a little bit of frustration from the court. >> the governor's office told us we've always put the health and well-being of californians first, resulting in the lowest positivity rates in the country. california has led the nation in safer reopening because our decisions are based on what the science and data tells us. meantime the center for american liberty says it is keeping a close eye on the prospect of vaccine passports and if the state implements a policy of requiring them, the center plans to do. california happy or has the
6:31 pm
third lowest case were in the country this past week averaging just seven new cases a day. fewer than 2% of coronavirus tests are coming back positive. meantime nearly 20% of californians are now fully vaccinated, and another 16% have had at least one shot. with so many californians now eligible for shots, there is a shortage developing of people to administer them. reporter marlee ginter spoke to professionals were coming out of retirement to join the front lines. >> reporter: retired nurse laura has has her work cut out for her. a long line at this covid vaccine clinic, many out here are volunteering as retired dentists, nurses, or emts. >> this was just an amazing opportunity for me to be able to get back and give back.
6:32 pm
>> in participating in a team effort. we are doing this together. we are all in this together. >> reporter: but first they had to go through training, learning the nuances of each vaccine, from how they are stored to the possible side effects, then they are rolled out on the front lines. >> health department are also looking voluntary, so everybody is looking for these people, basically. >> she owns 10 acres pharmacy in sacramento, like many others, she is pressed to get enough staff trained in administering the covid vaccine. in fact, i did a simple search online for covid vaccine jobs, discovering a long list of pharmacies looking for workers. that is why they are encouraging people with any healthcare background to get trained on the vaccine. >> it is not just about who can get vaccine, it is about a community effort of all of us working together to be able to ensure protection or our community and i want to make sure our community is protected. >> sometimes you can have a few more side effects. >> stepping out of retirement
6:33 pm
and back into training, a community effort to keep everyone protected. >> really is remarkable to be able to give the vaccine. >> out have to say, it has really been one of the most fulfilling things that i've done as a nurse practitioner. >> that was marlee ginter reporting pick if you're interested in helping out, the state health department has a dedicated covid-19 call center vaccine volunteers. a big crowd turned out today to support the asian community and stand up against the wave of hate and dissemination but organizers say it is not enough to just start showing up. wilson walker on the next steps that they want supporters to take. >> we have to protect our brothers and sisters, no matter what color, what size, who they are, where they come from. it is on us. >> today's rally and march in san mateo included many of the themes we had been over the past several weeks. it was youth driven, organized by high school students, and included a diverse set of
6:34 pm
attendees. while today's event was inspired by recent instances of hate, there was a lot of discussion about the future of this movement. >> we need to do more than stand in solidarity. we need change, and change is a process, not an event. the what can we do beyond coming out here today? what comes next? what comes next? >> reporter: on one hand many of the attendees would like to see greater security measures, more prosecutions and an emphasis on safety. >> i think there's a lot that can be done. number one, the watch groups need to expand, we have gotten a lot of requests from people in san francisco, to expand into different areas. and actually, we just had a training session this morning. >> reporter: is also a lot of discussion about political action in various forms, especially from the younger voices who are organizing these events. >> run for office. call your senators.
6:35 pm
expand photo rights. demand easy registration. transparency into the actions of officials. to tighten legislation surrounding hate crimes in force universal background checks and gun laws. >> reporter: we mentioned multiple events and that is not it for the weekend. this one were rally planned for tomorrow in downtown mountain view. wilson walker, kpix5. park officials blamed it on overpopulation, and malnutrition from two years of dismal rainfall. the defense around the elk preserve is restricting their access to water. the national park service has said that is not so. now to the storm watch the southeast to wear a strong 20 disrupted the valid of palmetto, louisiana. at least two people died, several others were hurt as the twister destroyed homes and
6:36 pm
tossed cars across the small community. to the east, a large water spout formed over the gulf of mexico off panama city, florida. cell phone video shows the gray mass spinning closer and closer to the shoreline but nobody appeared to be on the beach. across town, high wind ripped the roof of that convenience store but it did leave racks full of candy and snacks virtually untouched. there were no reports of any injuries there. and in the caribbean, a volcano that has sat dormant since 1979 has suddenly sprung to life, forcing evacuations on saint vincent. it first started spewing steam in december. finally interrupted yesterday. blotting out the sun with a black room of ash and smoke six miles high. experts say that ash fall could affect neighboring islands and force flight diversions. tonight, landmarks across london have put up messages and lowered flags in honor of
6:37 pm
prince philip. the duke of edinburgh died at the age of 99, after more than seven decades of marriage to queen elizabeth. mourners have been leaving flowers and messages for her at windsor where the princes funeral will take place next weekend. there's a great memorial at the gates of hillsboro castle. the queen's official residence in northern ireland. minstrels publicly pay tribute to his father today, as gun salutes rang out across the uk. ian lee reports from london. >> reporter: across the uk, gun salutes, and moments of silence as the nation mourns the death of prince philip. on saturday, prince charles praised his father for 70 years of devoted service to the queen. the world family, britain, and the commonwealth. >> as you can imagine, i family and i miss my father enormously. he was a much loved and
6:38 pm
appreciated figure. >> reporter: it was prince charles's first public statement since his father, mary to queen elizabeth for more than seven decades, died friday, at the age of 99. buckingham palace says the duke of edinburgh's ceremonial world funeral is set for next saturday. >> my dear father was a very special person who i think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things that have been said about him. >> reporter: you will be interred in the world vault at st. george's chapel in windsor. on saturday, crowds paid there is text at buckingham palace. >> i think that is a fair thing to say that he was my hero. >> he handled criticism spectacularly. he was the image of the monarchy in the image of that stability. >> reporter: the royal family will observe two weeks of morning.
6:39 pm
ian lee, cbs2 news, london. following prince philip's wishes he will not have a state funeral, the palace says his memorial will celebrate and reflect a life of service. breaking news just in to kpix5. a former bay area mayor under arrest for alleged sex crimes against a child. we will have details but after the break. nassib paris prehistoric flight on another planet. i'm chris martinez with how the mars helicopter could change the way humans explore other worlds. how about trying this and explaining this to one of your insurance agents? the tree removal project that fell through, literally. great party carly you must of blown your budget.
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stomach there is breaking news minutes ago, we learned a former mayor has been arrested. has been accused of having sex with an underage team. 34-year-old robert jenkins was arrested this morning. please investigate whether he sexually assaulted at least one child who was 14 or 15 years old. police the possible incident happened between december 2019 and march of this year. he is being held without bail on five felony account the debate if you have any additional information, the police need to hear from you. >> something to watch out for, when you are watching television. how scammers are targeting their victims through their smart tvs. one victim in danville recently lost thousands of dollars after getting a fraudulent error message through the amazon app along with a customer service number.
6:43 pm
so when they called, we were told to download money transfer apps. once those were installed, criminals took control of the victims phone and stole thousands. police say illegitimate technical problem usually comes with a code that customers can check online, not a phone numberer and nevever a demandnd downwnload payment apps. >> streaming giants netflix is getting even bigger. the company announcing it will have streaming rights to sony's upcoming movies starting next year. that includes the next installment in the spider-man franchise. under the new deal, so the movies will go exclusively to netflix after their theatrical releases. >> nasa is gearing up for a historic flight tomorrow that plans to launch that mars helicopter on its first mission. chris martinez on what a successful flight could mean for the future of space exploration.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: weighing in at justst four pounds, the aircraf called ingenuity is small in size but it carries some big dreams. >> this really is a big deal. >> reporter: she is the planetary science director and that is the mars helicopter is a game changer. the first aircraft ever designed to fly at another planet, arrived on mars in february of board nasa's latest rover. >> this is really going to be consequential if we can really demonstrate that we can fly on mars. >> reporter: researchers spent years developing the solar powered twin rotor machine. the biggest challenge, figuring out how to fly in the atmosphere of mars where the air is nearly 100 times thinner than earth. the aircraft operates eponymously, and if it works, the technology could be vivital for future missions on mars and other planets. >> we can use that helicopter or that ariel vehicle to fly over locations that we can't reach with a robotic rover, robotic craft, or with humans,
6:45 pm
even. it might be places we can't restore can't get to. >> reporter: on the first light nasa ames to hover the aircraft 10 feet above the ground with 30 seconds, with each flight after that lasting a bit longer. ingenuity will carry a bit of our history along for the ride, a small piece of fabric from the plane. chris martinez, cbs2 news, los angeles. stomach it is not just covid that california schools need protection from. still to come, the effort to clear wildfire danger away from the classrooms in one county before the season gets started. stomach it did feel quite different out there for a good part of the bay area today, a warm-up from yesterday to just today, as much is 10 degrees for some places. we take a look at what that means for the rest of the weekend and how we did that, anyway. stomach a play date months in the making as to best friends meet off-line for the
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6:49 pm
ever would. the 105 foot crane collapsed on the roof of his home. it was trimming trees at one house when it collapsed and crashed into the home next door. neighbors watched in disbelief as crews spent four hours carefully removing the crane. there is no word on a damage estimate or exactly how much trouble the crane operator is in. >> you hear a lot about fireproofing homes and fireproofing neighborhoods, now one northern california school district is working to clear fire danger from the school yard. anna giles shows us the preparations to protect students. >> reporter: in nevada county, the place where kids go to learn is also surrounded by some of the most dangerous fire risk in the state. nevada city school superintendent wants to be ready. >> it makes your stomach turn, for sure, because you do, as a member of this community and especially working at the school feel that responsibility for the students. we have a lot of lessons have been learned from the camp fire. >> reporter: several years ago thousands were evacuated.
6:50 pm
these photos showing flames just feet away from their school bus as they make the journey to an evacuation center. >> it is not just in somebody else's come you know, neck of the woods. it is all of us, it is hit really close to home for our community. >> reporter: so they launched a massive effort to clear trees, and inspect classrooms for fire risk. we are just yards away from the building where students would shelter in place if a fire were to pass through. this area used to be so dense and filled with trees that you wouldn't be able to see me where i'm standing right now. >> it started with the removal of the diseased trees, then we went to thinning out the trees and clearing all of the underbrush. >> reporter: all that clearing is a barrier against fire. the trees removed are now rows of firewood available to the community for free. a symbol of the massive progress made and more to come. >> it just motivates you to continue the work further because you do have a
6:51 pm
responsibility to protect the students in your community. >> that was anna giles reporting. in a few weeks, they will start fire prevention work inside the classrooms. they will replace wood paneling and install new vents that can actually block out the ash. >> doll and had darren has been talk about blocking out the pollen. >> we are talking about that in the last half hour. this is not only the time of year when we start putting those pollen in the air, it is the time of year when we get our most consistent onshore wind, the sea breeze on steroids that just moves the pollen around so effectively. today we got a little bit of a reprieve from that, and did have an impact on the temperatures and the way it felt out there. what a pretty time-lapse, by the way, looking off towards the east but i want to move on from that and i just want you to be where we did the warm up the most. santa rosa, livermore, 10
6:52 pm
degrees warmer today than yesterday, concord, nine degrees warmer but when you get into the bay, there really wasn't that much of a difference. san francisco and oakland were only up about three or four degrees from where we were yesterday, now that we have covered how big the jump was. there are the numbers for where we actually were for daytime highs to. santa rosa is almost 80. 78 in concord. that was a dramatic turn, it has everything to do with the fact that we had less of a strong onshore surge. that is the view looking at the scene of dublin, livermore. this is one of the places that did a big warmup. that is the live view now from the sales force tower and if you look at where the wind is, we have not turned the wind off completely. it is still going. beautifully outlined colorcode. you can see the trouble spot is. bodega bay has a 36 mile an hour gusts and in the city at 14, this is the time of day
6:53 pm
when we feel that strongest surge where the wind starts to come back and through the golden gate and work its way, trying to get up. sometimes it goes all the way and sometimes it doesn't. watch what happens tomorrow. calm scott in the morning and in the afternoon it comes back again but the colors are not as bright. so we get a little bit of a break from the onshore wind and it is pretty much going to be identical to tomorrow to what we did today. same thing with the marine layer, we are not going to be waking up to a whole lot in terms of the mid-level stratus clouds. we will have some, we had some this morning and we will have them again tomorrow but if you wake up after 8:00, nine a clock in the morning, you will miss it and it will be sunny skies once again. go back down to the upper 30s but everybody else stays in the mid-40s, for morning lows, and for daytime highs tomorrow. these are almost an exact replay of what we did today. give or take a degree or two, no real change, so the weekend
6:54 pm
will be very similar. we did a big adjustment today and now we just kind of stay here really for much of the next seven days. we are kind of locked in this pattern. that is the same storm that we looked at last week at this time. there it is spinning in the same spot. a couple of other storms up here also not able to get here. let me look. everything that is going on out here and nothing for us except a little bit of the marine layer that built-in along the coast and even putting this into the long-range forecast, just letting it go, watch the dates up there. that is taking us well ahead now into next weekend, and now we are looking back toward like april 20th, still, unsettled weather out here, in other words, mild storm minutes but none of it can get here so there is no rain in the forecast and we don't have any dramatic changes now, either, over the next seven ys. daytime highs will stay in the mid to upper 70s for inland locations, if you are in and you will stay in the mid to
6:55 pm
upper 60s for much of the bay and it will stay in the upper 50s to low 60s up the coast. probably going to look like this for a while. this is the time of year where we get locked into a pattern like this. hang in there, allergy sufferers. the pollen is bad, the wind isi
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
stomach a friendship tilt over distance learning is now finally moving into the real world.'s to las vegas elementary school girls have a bond too strong for the computer screen. take a look.
6:58 pm
it was a surprise birthday, it is the price for seven-year-old julia and she did not see this coming. she actually met her second grade classmate for the first time in person. they became fast friends on line when their substitute teacher left to the online class meeting open for the kids to chat, so the girls have been chatting every day's but now they can finally have fun in person. >> i felt like jumping in excitement. we react, i played, i got so excited inches that i had a lot of energy and i kind of miss her right now. >> it was amazing. it but happy tears to my eyes. >> after finally meeting, the girls are now back at her elementary school full-time. they get to spend a lot more time playing together. and going to school. >> thank you so much for
6:59 pm
watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. until then the news continues at but for now have a great saturday evening and we will you is your fafamily readydy for anan emergencycy? you can n prepare byby mappingt two o ways to esescape your r , crcreating a s supply kit,, and inclcluding yourur whole family in n practice d drill. for hehelp creatining an e emergency p plan, visisit a little p preparationon will m make you and your f family safefer in an n emergency.y. a a week's s worth of f fod anand water, r radio, flasashl,
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