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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  April 10, 2021 2:57am-3:28am PDT

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students off the sauce. he was unrepentant. >> i can't suddenly change me whole way of doing things. i can't change my interests. i can't change my way i react to things. >> reporter: the queen didn't want him to change either. >> he quite simply has been my strength and stay these whole years and i and his family and this and many other countries owe him a debt greater than he will ever claim or we shall ever know. >> reporter: prince philip was more than just the queen's consort, he promoted his own causes, animal rights and environmental issues, children's charities, sports, arts, he lived a long and full life. norah. >> o'donnell: mark phillips, thank you. turning to news back home and the covid 19 pandemic. tonight more than one in three americans have more than one covid shot and more than one in five are fully vaccinated. many americans have questions about the johnson & johnson shot after a very small percentage
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had adverse reactions. hear's cbs's nikki battiste now with what you need to know. >> reporter: johnson & johnson's vaccine facing a double dose of problems. georgia the third state to temporarily shut down a site after eight suffered adverse reactions to the j&j vaccine. in north carolina, 18 people reporting side effects. in colorado 11 reacting to the shot with simple temperatures ranging from dizziness, nausea and fainting. >> this is a really potent vaccine and some of the potency relating to very rare side effects we have to be aware of. >> reporter: all three major vaccines produced adverse reactions to people nationwide, j&j, just one tenth of one percent of all people reported side effects. the another problem, distribution, the company scaling back shipments next week. in michigan, dreadful deja vu,
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hospital i.c.u.s reaching capacity. >> michigan is a hot spot now. >> reporter: the governor asking for a two week pause on indoor dining, in-person learning and youth sports, a driving factor in new cases among kids. pfizer is the first company to seek emergency use authorization to give its vaccine to children as young as 12. confusion in california, those running one site with extra doses telling people to show up. thousands did, most turned away. in new york city, variants making up of 80% of new daily cases, almost half homegrown, another 30% driven by the u.k. variant which is believed to be up to 70% more contagious and more lethal. given the u.k. variant dominating in the pus, how effective still are the vaccines. >> the current vaccines that are out there in the public work against all the variants. the american public should rest assured scientists pivoting
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along with our knowledge to be able to take care of this, and the benefit of the vaccine tremendously outweigh any potential down side. >> reporter: here at lenox health, greenwich village, about 1300 people a day are receiving a dose of pfizer. the doctor told me side effects from any vaccine are normal and people should not panic. norah. >> o'donnell: nikki battiste, thank you. tonight we've got an update on your lead story last night. the man charged in a deadly shooting rampage in texas is held on more than $2 million bond. police say 27-year-old larry bollin worked at kent moore cabinets in bryan, texas and killed one person and injured five others there thursday afternoon. bollin is accused of wounding a trooper before he was arrested at his home. tonight that trooper is in stable condition. all right, now to testimony from a key witness at derek chauvin's murder trial. the medical examiner who ruled george floyd's death a homicide. his testimony is important because chauvin's lawyers were
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hoping it would bolster their claim that drugs and heart issues were to blame for floyd's death. cbs's jamie yuccas reports from minneapolis. >> reporter: tonight, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on george floyd took the stand. dr. andrew baker told jurors, that, while heart disease and drugs played a role, it was the interaction with police that caused floyd's death. >> the law enforcement subdual restraint and neck compression was more than mr. floyd could take by virtue of those heart conditions. >> reporter: on the death seskt dr. baker listed the drugs found in floyd's system and heart ailments as contributing conditions, not causes. >> mr. floyd's use overfentanyl did not cause the subdual or neck restraint. his heart disease does not cause the subdual or neck restraint. >> reporter: during cross-examination the defense focused on floyd's drug use. >> you're aware also of the methamphetamine found in
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mr. floyd's system? >> yes. i'm not an expert in the specific toxicology of methamphetamine. as a general rule, methamphetamine is not good for a damaged heart. >> this was not a sudden death. >> reporter: forensic pathology expert lindsey thomas is a former county medical examiner who trained baker. she testified floyd died from asphyxia or low oxygen, terms not mentioned in baker's autopsy record. >> the activities of the law enforcement officers resulted in mr. floyd's death. >> reporter: meanwhile minneapolis residents are following the trial closely. >> yeah, you can just sit here. >> reporter: pastor williams has been listening to the concerns of his predominantly black neighborhood. >> absolutely afraid if a non-guilty verdict or some sort of technicality is used to keep the officer from facing responsibility for this that we'll see worse than what we saw last summer. >> reporter: the trial is moving quicker than ridge rithought, so the prosecution is now expected to where rest its
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case early next week. all eyes will then turn to the defense and whether or not chauvin will testify. norah. >> o'donnell: jamie yuccas, thank you. turning now to a severe weather threat, targeting more than 30 million americans across the southern plains and gulf coast. cbs's lonnie quinn is tracking those storms and joins us tonight. hey, good evening, lonnie. >> reporter: good evening, norah and everyone. we're talking about eleven different states under severe thunderstorm watches. a smaller system around north carolina and virginia with possibly damaging winds but a huge system in to south. let's zoom in on eastern texas, around dallas. you are preparing for the possibility -- ready -- for baseball-sized hail tonight. i mean, that could really do some damage out there. i know it doesn't look all that intense now but it's going to get worse as the night comes on. combined with strong straight lined winds, 70, 75 miles an hour, maybe stronger, and possibly twists as well. the worst area looks to be
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los angeles and portions of alabama. and the reason we're so concerned though it doesn't look that bad, it's going to get worse when storms start to bow like the arch in the front, that's the storm that's getting stronger, more intense. put the car in the garage tonight and keep the weather radio close by in case there's a tornado sparked in the area. that's the latest. baseball size hail, imagine that, coming out of the sky tonight, norah. >> o'donnell: lonnie quinn, thank you. tonight a newly released police report that reveals an empty unmarked pill bottle found in the backpack of tiger woods' wrked suv. the report also says the golf star shows signs of traumatic injure, blood pressure so low he couldn't be given pain medication. woods was so shaken after crashing at nearly 90 miles per hour he thought he was in florida when he was actually in southern california. much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." evacuations from paradise as a
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dmx who died today one week after reportedly suffering a drug overdose and heart attack. his real name was earl simmons and his performances were larger than life. dmx was the first artist to have his first four albums enter the charts at number one. he also appeared in several movies including "romeo must die" and "cradle 2 the grave." dmx was just 50 years old. tonight amazon has officially defeated efforts to unionize workers at its warehouse in bessemer, alabama. more than 3,000 workers voted and more than half said no to unionizing. the union is already disputing the outcome claiming the online retail giant interfered with the vote. tonight, nearly 20,000 people are out of their homes on the caribbean island of st. vincent. after the first volcanic eruption there in more than 40 years, the volcano sent a thick cloud of smoke 20,000 feet into the sky, spewing ash for miles.
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>> o'donnell: it's friday night, right? well, that means cbs's steve hartman is on the road, and tonight it's a story about 40 winks and 366 nights. >> reporter: 13-year-old william olmstead says, to build strong character, you need to step outside your comfort zone. so he did just that. you went outside your comfort zone. >> quite literally, yes. >> reporter: quite literally, yes. william is a boy scout, loved camping until covid came along, so he thought what bert way to challenge himself than to put a tent up behind his house in wilton, connecticut and sleep in it longer than any backyard camper ever has. every night? >> yes. ah, a year and a day! >> reporter: william's dad, bill. >> you know, stopping him from doing anything is a fool's errand. >> reporter: so william's parents went along with it, let him give up his warm, cozy bed,
3:13 am
in exchange for howling coyotes and bitter cold. blizzards, sweltering heat, and worse. i want to give you a chance to defend your parenting here. a hurricane went through at one point. >> yes. >> reporter: and you let him stay outside? >> that night we also put the tent under the deck to protect from the wind is that and how many trees did you lose that day? >> we lost six. >> reporter: and how many sons? >> none that we know of. ( laughter ) >> reporter: bill's defense, the bulk of the storm had passed by nightfall, and william is a hurricane in his own right. >> if i start something, i have to finish it, and if i don't finish it, i would be so upset. >> reporter: parents often push their kids, but it moves them no closer to success. >> ready to be tucked in. yes. >> reporter: because the prod has to come from within. >> good dreams. >> reporter: william was determined to sleep outside a full year, and this week he made it. his next goal, to end world
3:14 am
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