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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 9, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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i can't wait to open up the door at home and jump on the couch. >> nice! >> happy friday, everybody. the news continues all day online. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's friday, april 9, 2021. i'm gayle king, that's anthony mason and that's tony dokoupil. we have breaking news for you this morning, britain's prince philip died at the age of 99. the long life and legacy of the man queen elizabeth called her rock. one person is dead and six are wounded in a mass shooting in texas, part of a staggering national trend. the latest on the violence as president biden calls for more action on guns. and north carolina puts a temporary pause on distribution of its johnson & johnson vaccine at some vaccination sites in the
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state. what's behind the decision and reality check from our dr. david agus. but first here's today's "ye opener." it's your world in 90 seconds. >> we give thanks as a nation and a kingdom to the extraordinary life and work of prince philip, duke of edinburgh. >> prince philip, husband of queen elizabeth, has died. the flag flying half-mast. >> we can't really think of the queen's reign without imagining philip a couple steps behind her. >> there is no gap in national law. >> i heard boom, boom, boom, boom. >> gunman opened fire in texas killing one and injuring five before he was arrested. >> this is an epidemic for god's sake and has to stop. >> powerful testimony in the derek chauvin trial saying george floyd died from a lack of oxygen. >> the jury hearing from one of the most renowned breathing experts. >> because of the knee, it was almost as if the surgeon had gone in and removed the lung. two sites were temporarily
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shut down due to adverse reactions to the johnson & johnson vaccine. all of that and -- >> check out the dog. he wants no part of dog day. >> all that matters. day one of the masters is in the books. >> rory mcilroy brings perhaps the most memorable moment, not with a birdie or bogey but a daddy, hitting his own dad with an errant shot. prince philip, duke of edinburgh. >> he was amazing in his support of his we've, the queen. >> he's been my strength all of these years and i and this whole family, this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than we could ever claim, nor we shall ever know.
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oh, what heartbreaking news today. and if you're just waking up in the west, you may be hearing this for the first time, queen elizabeth's husband prince philip died at 99. he served the queen and his adopted country for more than three quarters of a century. britain's prime minister said this morning philip earned the affection for generations. charlie dagerred is outside the palace where the british flag flies half-staff. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, gayle. there you can see the flag flying at half-staff. we got word, there was a simple station just before air that prince philip passed away at windsor castle, where he had been staying since march 16 and when he had been discharged from hospital. what we were told is a successful heart procedure. well wishers and world's press have descended here on buckingham palace where the
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official announcement was posted earlier today. boris johnson the first of international leaders to post their tributes. they said arrangements will have to be made in view of the covid-19 pandemic in mind. london is in lockdown. nearly all plans will be approved by her majesty, the queen. plans have been in place for years in accordance with prince philip's wishes but, of course, those plans had to be readjusted under the current circumstances. but we're told it was always going to be a small funeral. for now we have to remember although prince philip is a public figure, he was a husband, he was a father, grandfather and great grandfather. and the royal family will enter a period of mourning that may last for weeks. anthony? >> charlie d'agata outside buckingham palace in london, thank you. prince philip was only two months short of his 100th birthday. only the queen played a longer public role in britain than he did and his death leaves a giant hole in her life and in that of
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the royal family. mark phillips remembers the prince who stood by his queen for 73 years. >> reporter: his role in life was to walk one step behind the queen, but even back there, prince philip was able to carve out his own reputation and role in history. elizabeth was the shop window of what philip famously called the royal firm but he reputedly ran the business's back room. >> essentially the queen has has always worn the crown. >> reporter: philip had been born into the greek royal family in 1921 and educated and had a naval career in p britain. by luck, or many thing by royal design, he was chosen to escort the young president-elect on a tour. the queen's cousin, market
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rhod margaret rhodes, recalled the impression he made in a conversation several years ago. >> of course, prince philip was the most utterly good looking, fighting god. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a dream royal romance became a spectacularly successful royal marriage. she provided the con the kncont and smile and philip provided the support and from time to time controversy. some thought he was a gaff-prone fountain of political correctness. he once asked aboriginals in australia whether they still threw spears at each other. he told british students in china they would get slitty eyes if they stayed too long. closer to home he once asked driving instructors how they kept the students offer the sauce long enough to pass the test. he just said he thought -- he was very funny.
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prince philip said if ever you see a man opening a car door for his wife, time for a new car or a new wife. he was a shrewd observer. >> reporter: and a shrewd operator, credited with defusing the great royal crisis around princess diana's funeral. it was philip who convinced harry to walk behind the coffin. i will walk with you. harry said it's a atraumatic experience no child should have to endure but it was a lesson in royal duty. royals don't gush, except sometimes. we don't know what philip thought of the queen's tribute to him on their golden wedding anniversary. but it could serve as his epithet. >> he has quite simply been my strength and stay all of these years, and i and this whole family and this and many other
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countries owe him a debt greater than we shaw ever claim or we should ever know. >> joining us from london, wesley kerr. good morning to you. prince philip has literally british passport number one. he was the first gentleman in the land. right now on social media, everybody's got a quote, some off-color, some obscene, some of them even worse, but when you think of the long life, there's not only comments but much more to it. what do you think his legacy will be? >> i think the queen was the most loved woman in britain and philip the most respected man in britain and united kingdom and also throughout the commonwealth. it's wealth remembering the queen is still queen of 15 other countries, canada, australia, new zealand. so they were absolutely relentless in the amount of travel that they did throughout the world and throughout this country, over 250 tours -- volunteer tours together. he himself is thought to have made 900 tours. she's traveled a million miles. when you add that his additional
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work, he supported thousands and thousands of charities and lots of small events. but enormous attention to detail. and i encountered him in the 1970s when he came and spoke at my university, came and spoke very fluently at cambridge for about an hour with students, really connected with us. i remember the day i graduated, he was told by somebody i plan to be prime minister of jamaica, and he said, kind of a typical remark, why on earth would you want to be prime minister of jamaica? turns out to be the best career advice i ever had. so he just -- i think the so-called gaffs were actually just quips to lighten the mood. so he's very, very relentless in the royal life. he did 22,000 engagements, over 5,500 speeches, often impromptu speeches. he would -- she's met 3 million people. you can probably increase that
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by another million. they're seen by vast numbers of people. when they first went to australia back in 1954, they were seen by three-quarters of the entire population of australia. the many state visits that have been made to your country. he always -- i think if you want to look at the secret of ee liz beng's success over this astonishing 69-year reign, i think he's been key to her success and happiness. it's actually been a remarkable love story. >> wesley, it's gayle king. i know you have an encyclopedia-like knowledge when it coombs all things royal but it's so good to see you again. i know many people thought he rallied, it seemed, in the hospital when he left last month after undergoing hoort procedures. we were encouraged by that. it was very sad to wake up and hear this news today. what does it say to you they were back at windsor castle? i always hear that's the queen's favorite place. >> i think it's the windsor dynasty and that's been a royal
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castle since 1066 and she's the fourth monarch since 1066. this is where she spent much of her childhood, the second world war. he used to see her in pant amimes during his naval career and he was present at the japanese surrender in the bay of tokyo but they used to do christmas pant mimes during the war. so this was his favorite retreat, lovely suite of rooms, 13,000 books there and water colors he did there. >> are family members there, wesley? do you know if family members are there right now? >> two of the sons, andrew and edward, actually live on the windsor estate. andrew about two miles away, edward three or four miles away. i would be very surprised, subject to lockdown, and edward's wife sophie, who's very close to the queen and their
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children, but i would also be surprised if charles is not there and anne i would have thought would travel there. we don't know the circumstances of the death. he did look very ill when he came out of hospital, but they always wanted him to end windsor, which is he will be buried in the st. george's chapel, where the funeral will be. >> given his role in the royal family and in many cases as an adjudicator of disputes within the family, what would you say his loss will mean to the royal family? >> i think his loss is not unexpected but i think his legacy is secure. i think what everyone is concerned about prince charles, who i think has greatly risen in public esteem and we see his very happy second marriage. charles is the most prepared monarch in british history. there's william lined up and george lined up. yes, i mean, there have been difficulties with harry and meghan but harry is one of seven grandchildren so i think his legacy is that the british
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monarchy is a very popular institution with maybe the support of 70% of the public, and i think the queen will certainly go on for some time in as much as she can. but i think this is an enormous blow for her and very, very sad thing for britain. >> it is. wesley kerr, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. turning to other news, health officials in north carolina have stopped administering the johnson & johnson covid vaccine at three sites after at least 26 people reported adverse reactions, including fainting. four people were hospitalized and they're expected to recover. one day earlier, colorado officials said 11 people had reported adverse reactions to the same vaccine, that's out of thousands who had received it in those two states. >> the cdc said it's aware of several incidents of dizziness in other reactions in iowa, colorado, georgia and north carolina. it did not blame a particular vaccine.
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johnson & johnson said it shared its assessment with each report with the fda and other health authorities and there's no greater priority, they say, then the people the company serves. earlier we spoke with cbs news medical contributor, that's dr. david agus, about the safety of the vaccine. >> 4.5 million people so far have been administered this vaccine and no serious adverse reactions. the reactions we are seeing in north carolina and colorado, everyone got better. dizziness, nausea, fainting, nothing serious. so it's scary getting a vaccine. you need to drink water and have a snack before you go. the hope is this is just that, this is just nerves causing people to get nausea and dizziness. >> there seems to be one thing after another with the j&j vaccine. how significant is that? >> it's significant. all of this came from a plant that we expect the biotech company emergent to have a large
7:15 am
supply in the united states. 15 million doses had to be scrapped because of an error and that plant is yet online and yet approved by the fda. so we don't have this delivery. many states had expected it. >> the supply that is there and people have already gotten it or thinking about getting the j&j vaccine, your bottom line is what to them? >> get it, get it, get it. it's an excellent vaccine. it's one and done. these are minor reactions and a very, very small number of people. i'm not concerned at all. the cdc issued a statement it isn't concerned. get the vaccine. it will save you from the virus, which we know has been ramifications. >> david agus, thank you very much. on the very day president biden announced new actions on gun violence, there was yet another mass shooting in america. one person was killed and five others hurt at a cabinet making business in bryan, texas yesterday. the suspect later wounded a state trooper before he was arrested. here's some context to this.
7:16 am
in the last seven days, 345 people have been killed by guns nationwide and last year more than 19,000 people died from gun violence in the u.s., that's according to the gun violence archives. opening fire leaving one person dead at the scene. a source said he was armed with an assault-style rifle. by the time he arrived, the suspect fled the area. five people with gunshot wounds were immediately taken to the hospital. another person was also hospitalized after suffering an asthma attack. about an hour after the shooting, sources tell cbs news multiple law enforcement agencies tracked the suspect to his home about 30 miles away. as police attempted to apprehend the suspects, he opened fire,
7:17 am
striking a trooper. >> the trooper who was injured was flown to here at st. joseph's hospital, where he's in stable condition. >> reporter: the suspect was finally taken into custody about an hour later. police have identified him as 27-year-old larry bollin. police say he's an employee at the facility and has been charged with murder. >> everybody is shocked because the guy was a very peaceful guy and calm. he was very calm all the time. >> reporter: amelia rodriguez, a worker at the facility, described the hectic atmosphere as the shooting broke out. >> it was like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. it was like living a horror movie. >> reporter: investigators have yet to determine a specific motive for the shooting. in the meantime another tight-knit community is left struggling to find answers. >> we live in this nation that got all of the blessings and i don't know what just happened. i don't get it. >> we do know that the trooper is in stable condition right now and the other four victims are still considered in critical
7:18 am
condition. we also just received new information on this case. larry bollin, the suspect, is being held in a local jail on a million dollar bond. he's been charged with one count of murder but it's likely he hb back in court later this afternoon to face more charges because of those other victims that are still currently fighting for their life. gayle? >> another heartbreaking story. that lady is right. i don't get it. a lot of people don't get it. i just hope we don't get used to this. thank you very much. ahead -- expert witnesses ahead at the derek chauvin trial undercut defense argument on how george floyd died. what the
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this is a news morning update. >> good morning, it is 7:26. local officials say despite an expected 90% drop in johnson and johnson vaccine, it will not have a big impact on the overall supply of vaccines here in the bay area. counties may have to prioritize the second dose appointments until production ramps up nationwide in early may. governor newsom's new plan to prepare california for wildfires includes more than half $1 million in funding. 125 million will come from greenhouse gas funds and 411 million from the general fund.
7:27 am
the giants will welcome fence back to oracle park for the team's home opener. -- will be required to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result. the stadium will be at 22% capacity. >> taking a look at traffic. westbound 24, that is where we are seeing some's logo conditions. briefly issued the traffic alert. it has been a trouble spot in that number three board. everything is now open lanes are clear. the damages done. it is still pretty slow as you work your way through. also another trouble spot reported on 24 westbound near broadway. given some a few extra minutes as you are working your way to that area. things are looking good at the toll plaza. looking at partly sunny skies, breezy conditions in spots this morning. as we had to the day, i strong onshore for flow. temperatures, just a little cooler. we will see the sunshine. 58 in cisco, 64 oakland.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." the prosecution in derek chauvin's murder trial is strongly attacking the defense argument that the fired police officer is not what killed george floyd. prosecutors called three medical experts to lay out exactly what they say led to floyd's death in minneapolis. and as jamie yuccas reports, all of them dismissed the defense theory of a drug overdose. we have to warn you that this testimony may be hard to listen to. >> a healthy person subjected to what mr. floyd was subjected to would have died. >> reporter: dr. martin tobin who has written what's considered the bible of textbooks on lung function testified that george floyd died
7:31 am
due to the weight on his neck and back, leaving no room for his lungs to expand. >> half of his body weight plus half his gear weight is coming down, that's 91.5 pounds, is coming down directly on mr. floyd's neck. the cause of death is a low level of oxygen that caused the brain damage and caused the heart to stop. >> reporter: in a video so disturbing, we are not airing it, tobin showed in slow motion floyd taking his last breath. >> when he last take a breath, the knee remains on the neck for another three minutes and 27 seconds. after there's no pulse, the knee remains on the neck for another two minutes and 44 seconds. >> reporter: the defense argues that the drugs in floyd's system as well as his underlying health conditions led to his death. but tobin was clear throughout. >> if somebody is suffering from a fentanyl overdose, you would see a depression in the
7:32 am
respiratory system -- >> yes. >> did you see any depression in mr. floyd's ability to breathe whatsoever before he went unconscious? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: thursday's last witness, dr. william smock, backed up dr. tobin's assessment. >> mr. floyd died from position as asphyxia, he died because he had no oxygen left in his body. >> did you consider other possibilities as causes that you evaluated and dismissed as unlikely? >> absolutely. >> reporter: joe tamburino is a criminal defense attorney who is not affiliated with the case. if you were defending derek chauvin, would you tell him to testify? >> at this point i would tell him to testify because there's been such damning that's gone in. really what -- why not? >> reporter: the city's chief medical examiner is expected to testify today. he ruled floyd's death as a homicide, and the cause as cardiac arrest complicated by restraint and neck compression. that means the defense can make
7:33 am
a case that chauvin complicated floyd's death but did not actually cause it. anthony? >> thank you. a new report suggests florida congressman matt gaetz paid money to an accused sex trafficker who then gave it to three young women. the story on the "daily beast" website follows a "new york times" report of an investigation into whether gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. chief wash correspondent major garrett shows how gaetz faces more potential legal trouble. >> reporter: the new report overnight alleges gaetz sent close associate and accused sex trafficker joel greenberg $900 in two late night venmo transactions in twants. according to "the daily beast," greenberg used the app to send three women, including one who had recently turned 18, varying sums of money that amounted to $900. in the once reportedly public venmo transactions examined by "the daily beast" but not independently reviewed by cbs news, greenberg made the
7:34 am
payments to the three young women with a descriptions, tuition, school, and school. greenberg's expected to plead guilty to some federal crimes. that deal could involve cooperation with a separate federal probe into gaetz's conduct. according to sources familiar with the investigation, greenberg used so-called sugar daddy websites to find female partners for gaetz. greenberg's lawyer met with reporters yesterday. >> i'm sure matt gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today. >> reporter: the federal investigation into whether gaetz had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old girl grew out of the greenberg probe. the gaetz investigation has since widened into other matters. it was launched during the trump administration with attorney general william barr's approval. gaetz has denied all allegations of sexual mi given, said, we uniformly reject these allegations as false. we've subsequently learn a
7:35 am
second senior aide to gaetz resigned overnight. he's scheduled to address a women for america first event today at former president trump's golf club outside miami. gayle? >> that will be interesting. more to come for sure. thank you very much, major. ahead, only on "cbs this morning," margaret brennan speaks with the family of an american being held prisoner in iran. why they're concerned that new diplomacy could complicate his situation. we'll be right back. feel the c clarity off non-n-drowsy clalaritin. and 2424-hour relilief fromom symptoms s caused by over 200 indoor and ououtdoor allelergens. try clarititin cool mimint ches for powerfrful allergygy relf plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear. ththey say to o bring onlyy whwhat you canan carry. and it l looks likee you can cacarry a coupuple bis anand helmetss and a fifirst aid kikit anand everythihing you needed out here.e.
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talks are underway in vienna this week to potentially return the u.s. to a landmark 2015
7:40 am
nuclear agreement with iran. but those efforts could be complicated by the country's continued imprintment of four americans -- imprisonment of four americans including businessman emad shargi. senior foreign affairs correspondent and you know her as "face the nation" moderator margaret brennan, spoke with the businessman's family at their home in washington. our family has been torn apart. my husband has been taken. >> reporter: it has been more than four months since bahareh shargi has seen her husband's face. the mother of two was at home in washington, d.c., in november when she watched news of his arrest in iran. >> he was given 35 pages of bogus allegations he had never seen before and a ten-year sentence. >> reporter: for what? >> this is a very good question because he didn't even have a chance to read these 35 pages.
7:41 am
>> reporter: emad shargi, a dual u.s. and iranian citizen, has been held at iran's notorious prison on murky national security charges ever since. the u.s. state department says he's wrongfully detained. the saga began 2.5 years ago during the couple's visit to see family in tehran. >> it's the nightmare we're not making up from because it truly happened at 2:30 in the morning when i was woken, and there were -- i don't know, 15, 16, 17 people in the house. >> reporter: who were these people? >> the interesting thing is that they were in plain clothes. a lot of them were masked even though there was no covid at the time. >> reporter: after eight months, emad was released, and bahareh returned to the u.s. hoping he would soon follow. iranian authorities never let emad leave and arrested him again just weeks after president biden was elected on a pledge to
7:42 am
restart diplomacy with iran. >> i don't know about is he being held as leverage. i just know he is an innocent man. he is the father of two beautiful young ladies who -- who used to play on this playground here. >> reporter: their father missed both of their college graduations. do you have any idea why the iranian authorities would take your father? >> yeah. it's because he's an american citizen. i mean, there's a history of this happening, to be used as leverage. >> reporter: you feel like your family's stuck in the middle of this international crisis? >> completely. it's just like -- my dad's just a dad. let him come home. we are not your pawn, we are not to be used for a political agenda. >> reporter: secretary of state blinken assured the shargis and families of the other american prisoners held by iran that their return is a priority. in february, the administration
7:43 am
revealed to cbs news that it had contacted tehran about them. around the same time, it also offered to talk about rejoining the obama-era nuclear agreement. >> nuclear talks are big, and they will take some time. but families like ours are just these little families living our lives, just -- just release emad. >> in the image i'm working toward is having him walk through our front door. like that is all i want, and that is what i dream about. him coming home, walking through the door. like surprising us and then -- i wake up, and it's of course a dream. >> reporter: the shargi family's concerned about emad's health, the risk of covid, as well. the biden administration officials tell me they are doing all that they can, but anthony, it's not really clear what that means. iran's foreign minister said publicly the country's open to a prisoner swap, but the window of opportunity may be closing given
7:44 am
the upcoming june elections in iran. >> boy, you certainly feel for that family, though, margaret. we sure hope they see emad come home. thank you so much. you can watch margaret brennan on "face the nation" sundays at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. next, cell phonene repair. did d you know liberty y mutual
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7:49 am
70-year period. that's not a lot of weekend days. >> one of the things i think we should not forget is prince philip is viewed through the prism of queen elizabeth. he was a young naval officer who fought in world war ii. he is himself a prince. he was the son of prince andrew of greece and princess alice of denmark. so already royalty before he married queen elizabeth. >> he was very accomplished. you always see him through her prism, you're right. he was quite an accomplished person -- >> 20-year-old second lieutenant, he fought in world war ii bravely, won a lot of medals for that. >> a varied life. some of his comments have been seen as right wing, conservative, upper crust. he was also president of the world wildlife foundation for 15 years, advocating for endangered animals. he's a complicated and interesting figure. >> a life well lived. >> i was going to say, exactly right. here's some of the other stories we think you'll be talking about today -- a florida man has been released from prison after serving more than three decades for a crime he says he didn't commit.
7:50 am
[ cheers ] >> jubilation. 63-year-old crosley green and his family had this emotional reunion tuesday. he was convicted of murder in 1990 even though there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime. a federal judge overturned the conviction in 2018 ruling prosecutors withheld evidence from defense attorneys. erin moriarty has followed this case for decades. he asked for his release due to covid health risks in prison. green will live under house arrest with a family member during the appeal. >> i've been following the reporting on this. i love seeing these stories, they never get old. makes me sad and angry that it has to take this long to get to this point. we're all glad he's out. >> state's still fighting it. >> the state is still fighting it. 1990. a long appealing. we'll see how it goes. fans, i include myself in
7:51 am
that -- they want levar burton to be "jeopardy!'s" next host, and he is ready for it. they have created this petition which is now collected -- get this -- more than 200,000 signatures calling on jeopardy's producer to hire him. he's known for hosting "reading rainbow" and roles on "star trek the next generation" and "roots" told me he is more than ready to take on this gig. >> the people have spoken. and all the support and love that i've gotten, you know, throughout this period has been phenomenal. the fact that there are so many people rooting for me, whether i get the job or not, i have won. i really have. >> burton said he would be happy to host "jeopardy!" since it encourages folks to be in love with learning. that's what he's been all about. >> wouldn't it be nice -- did you get the sense that he does want it? >> he told me, "i really want it." >> it's interesting. 21 seasons on "reading rainbow." he's my second choice, vlad
7:52 am
duthiers is my number one -- >> no, he didn't know he was talking to the competition. i didn't think of myself as the competition. >> good on him for putting it out. >> he's putting it out there. and dick van dyke tweeted, "i think levar burton should be the next hope of "jeopardy!". >> maybe they would let him do guest hosting. >> he should be given a shot for sheer. i think he'd be a great host. >> i do, too. >> thanks. >> yes. ahead, more on the prohibits to prince philip. that's next. that's next. it's my 5:52 woke-e-up-like-ths migrgraine medicicine. itit's ubrelvyvy. for anytimime, anywywhere migraraine strike, without woworrying if it's totoo late, oror where i a am. one dose c can quicklyly stop my migrainine in its t tracks withthin two houours. unlike o older medicicines, ubrelvlvy is a pilill that directly b blocks cgrprp prote, believed t to be a cause ofof migraine.e. dodo not take e with stronog cycyp3a4 inhibibitors. most commomon side effffects were nausesea and tirerednes. ask about t ubrelvy. the ananytime, anynywhere migraine m medicine.
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good morning. it is 7:56 on a friday. the county sheriff is now investigating sexual assault allegations against the mayor of windsor. four women told the chronicle that the mayor assaulted them between 2003 and 2019. his attorney, denying that allegation. today is the second vaccination event at chinatown's largest senior living facility in san francisco. the clinic is at the center on pacific avenue. the film festival, kicking
7:57 am
off today. you can stop by the drive-in theater. those screenings are of going to screen online. still a couple of trouble spots improving out there for this friday morning. if you're headed toward the castro valley, we have a few brake lights from an earlier crush on 238. west on 580 has seen some brake lights because of that. give yourself some extra time if you're headed over toward the freeway. we are seeing some positions south of there as well. if you're headed westbound on highway 4, things are a little bit crowded out of pittsburgh into bay pointe, and again as you get on the 242 connecting to 680. your travel time is in the green. ? we are looking at quiet conditions for today. that will continue with the afternoon sunshine. you can see some sun on our san francisco camera as we look across the bay. our temperatures will be a little bit cooler competitor yesterday with that onshore wind flow that has the breezy conditions. upper 50s to
7:58 am
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it is it is friday, april 9th, 2021. welcome back to "cbs this morning" this. we have breaking news. britain's prince philip has died. he stood with queen elizabeth for all 73 years of their marriage. >> we'll look at the long life of the duke of edinburh. >> how the queen will try to fulfill her life-long role without him. >> first, this hour's eye opener. prince philip died this morning at 99 years old. >> plans were in place for years in accordance with prince
8:01 am
philip's wishes. the plans were adjusted under current circumstances. >> what do you think his legacy will be? >> i think the queen is the most loved woman in britain. i think philip was the most respected man in britain and united kingdom. also throughout the commonwealth. >> essentially the queen has always worn the crown and prince philip was allowed to wear the trousers. >> it is to her moj usty and her family that our nation's thoughts must turn today. because they have lost not just a much-loved and highly respected public figure but a devoted husband and a proud and loving father, grandfather, and in recent years, great grandfather. >> yeah. of course that's where we are going to begin with the breaking news from london where prince philip died this morning. he was two months short of his 100th birthday.
8:02 am
philip also known as the duke of edinburgh was released from a london hospital after treatment for a heart problem. the buckingham palace said in a statement this, his royal hien high necessary passed away this morning. they're all hearing about this news. they've been hearing about this news all morning. >> yes. well, actually, it was just over an hour ago that we got the brief announcement from the palace, that he had passed away peacefully this morning at windsor castle just a couple sentences. no further details. the official announcement was posted as is tradition on the gates of buckingham palace not long after that. the prime minister boris johnson said it was with great sadness that he heard the news. he said like the expert carriage driver that philip was, he helped steer the monarchy.
8:03 am
he said now the nation's thoughts must turn to the queen and her family, because they've lost, as you saw in the lead-in, not just a much-loved and highly respected public figure, but a devoted husband and proud and loving father, grandfather, and in recent years great grandfather. now, prince philip had been station at windsor castle with the queen since being released from the hospital on march 16th after what was described as a successful heart procedure. he'd been in the hospital for a month, and as you said, 99 years old. it was always a worry that he'd been hospitalized for so long, but he did leave sitting up in the back of a car and there were high hopes. the queen always described philip as her rock. someone she could turn to, and he was seen as someone who held the family together. in fact, he was the longest-serving british consort while many would like to turn out and pay their respects, we have now learned from the palace because of the covid pandemic, they want to avoid large crowds
8:04 am
so the funeral will be a largely private affair held at windsor castle with the family. >> all right. charlie, thank you. at the queen's coronation in 1953, way back in 1953, the prince kneeled before her and pledged to be her faithful servant, and he was. mark philips has a look back at the long life of the prince. >> for someone whose place in life was to walk one step behind the queen, prince philip carved out his own royal role. >> so essentially, the queen has always worn the crown. >> reporter: jiles ran one of philip's charities for years. >> and prince philip was allowed to wear the trousers. that's the way it worked. >> reporter: fit philip was cho many think deliberately to escort the young elizabeth on a tour. it was the beginning of a hugely successful royal partnership.
8:05 am
but not one without the occasional controversial. philip famously nonpc was the prince of the royal gaffe once asking australian aboriginals if they still threw spears or telling british students in china if they stayed too long, they'd get splitty eyes. but he was also the one who dif used a crisis around the funeral of princess diana by convincing william and harry to walk behind their mother's of fin if we would accompany them. royals don't often gush, but on their golden wedding anniversary, the queen did. we owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim or we shall ever know. >> mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> for more on the death of prince philip, we're joined by dr. amanda foreman. we've been talking about prince
8:06 am
philip as a husband, a busy steward to the royal family. when you look back at his life, how do you think he'll be remembered? >> we'll be remembered as a great modernizer. for inst prince philip brought the family into the royal eye. he was the one who insisted that there be cameras at the queen's coronation. and although he never had the kind of role that he was really suited for, and he was a war hero, by the way, he made his mark in other ways. for example, the world wildlife foundation of which he was a patron and president from 1962 on ward. at a huge push because of him. he had a great enthusiasm. that's what he'll be remembered for, the energy and drive and vision, and which he then implemented. >> how do you think his loss will be? we have a sense of how it will be felt in the uk itself. but in the broader monarchy and around the world, how do you think it will be experienced?
8:07 am
>> well, prince philip was obviously very much connected to the commonwealth as is the queen. but he was the first spouse as it were, he was the longest-serving consort in history. 72 years. and he set the agenda for how husbands can support his much more famous and much more powerful wife. and i think that is his greatest legacy. he has shown in modern times how a successful partnership can be. he was a feminist before he even realized he was a feminist, and that is his greatest legacy. >> let's talk about their successful partnership, dr. foreman. listen, they were together for over 70-something years, 72, 73 years. she described him as her strength and her stay. i love the poetry of that. can you talk about their love story? she was always queen for as long as they were married. for some men, that might have
8:08 am
been a very difficult role. >> yes. and it's well known that he did find it difficult at times. and there were one or two well-documented rocky patches in the early years. he was devastatingly handsome. my own mother once saw him at a dinner and after she said he was the most charming man she had ever met. so he could really turn on the charm. but she was dazzled, the queen, by prince philip. it was probably the most good looking royal in history. he had a terrific ifphysique an terrific energy. he clearly wore the trousers in that he had his opinions. he knew what he was thinking. he was never easily swayed. so she could depend on him in a way that no one else could. >> amanda, how would you describe his role within the royal family itself?
8:09 am
and what do you think his absence will mean? >> well, his absence is really quite serious, because in private gatherings he was the one who did the bbqs. he was the one who in a way was the kind of practical glue that kept the family together. and so his loss is going to be very, very serious. he was the one who was always happy to do the tough talking and every family needs the tough talker. now they don't have one. >> no. it was really sad to hear the news. listen, when you're 99, we all know that your time is certainly limited but the fact that he survived the heart sshurgery an walked out of the hospital, many people were hoping he'd make it to his 100th birthday on june 10th. more to come on the story, certainly. thank you for joining
8:10 am
8:11 am
♪ ♪ don't have to be rich to be my girl. don't have to be ♪ >> you know the lit "kiss" from prince, one of the most influential artists of his generation. prince's music and influence live on in new and very relevant music. gayle will sing the entire song for you. coming up -- five years -- >> the screaming part. >> tony will not. ahead, what "60 minutes" cameras captured when they went inside his vault of unreleased
8:12 am
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small l decisions s make a world d of differerence. ikeaea. ♪ ♪ such a shame our friendship had to end purple rain purple rain ♪ >> that's prince's 1984 hit "purple rain," of course. it's been almost five years since the legendary artist's death. his music lives on. a new album "welcome to america," will be released on july 30th. it features never-before-heard songs that prince recorded years before his death. the powerful work expresses his
8:17 am
hopes for a better future and a renewed fight for social and racial justice. "60 minutes" has a first listen to the song of "welcome 2 america" from paisley park where prince lived and worked. >> reporter: the prince estate invited us inside studio b. we sat at prince's sound board with his longtime keyboardist and music director, morris hayes. >> have to ease into it, you know. ♪ >> reporter: he gave us a preview of that missing album, "welcome 2 america." ♪ ♪ land of the free home of the brave ♪ ♪ welcome 2 america ♪ >> reporter: delirously versatile, prince wrote the songs, played the songs, and played most instruments.
8:18 am
he asked hayes to add production value. >> he said, here's the record. i want you to over produce it. anything you don't want i'll take it away. ♪ ♪ we will not raise your taxes ♪ ♪ read our lips ♪ >> it's been interesting after hearing this song, you know, a lot of this i hadn't heard for years. you know, we did it so long ago. and then when you see what's going on, when you see how everything has progressesed, it's interesting because like i said it hits home to me like, wow, like he was talking about there way back then. here we sit. ♪ welcome 2 america one of the greatest exports was a thing called jazz ♪ ♪ >> was he saying about america? >> well, i think the saying that we really need to do some soul searching. we're going to need to look at where we are and see where we
8:19 am
can fix what we can fix. and that's where prince was, i think, with a lot of things was always about turning the mirror on ourselves and kind of seeing what is -- what is out here and what can we do about it, what should we do about it. ♪ >> reporter: you think prince would be pleased this album is being released? >> i think so. given the situation of where things are in the world -- because he could have released it eaven before he passed away. there was years between when he did it and passed away that he could have released it. >> reporter: what does there tell you about him? >> it tells me that prince was not concerned about money. he wasn't concerned about being in the hit machine. he wasn't concerned about most of the things that most artists think about when they're delivering music. prince was, to me, one of the most purest form of musician that was ever to me. ♪
8:20 am
♪ get down transformation happens deep within ♪ >> n ♪ >> and jon wertheim joins us. am i excited about this record. my first big question is how much more of of this is there where that came from? it's a lot of great stuff. >> oh, man. we could have a prince album a year for centuries. i mean, there are, exaggera exaggeration, there are thousands and thousands of sojs in the vault -- songs in the vault. he didn't see fit to put them in the public domain yet. there's a trove of material. the quantity is -- it's impossible to exaggerate how much more there is, anthony. >> why didly hold so much -- why did he hold so much material back? >> because he felt like it. i mean, it's just -- you really got an insight into his genius. you know, it's one of those words we throw around liberally. but no smaller word.
8:21 am
he just didn't feel like it was the right time, and his band mates are like, i don't understand, this is ready to go tomorrow, this -- this is relevant, this is produced, this could be a hit. he didn't feel like it was the time. >> how is the estate choosing what to put out, jon? >> that's a great question. and there's this dispute that hasn't been settled about the estate. and i think it's a real balancing act. this question -- prince passed away without a will. so there's not a lot of guidance, and i think there is this question of what would he have wanted, what are the artist's wishes. this has value. so there is a balance, and they have brought in sort of outside consultants to help. this is going to be a real issue going forward. again, there is just an absolute trove of material that hasn't been released yet. >> is there any plan beyond this album to put out more material immediately that you know of, or not yet? >> yeah. i don't think immediately. prince as an artist was prolific putting out albums despite all the cache of material he didn't release. it was about an album a year.
8:22 am
the estate seems to be going at about that pace. there is not the last prince album that will be released, that we can say with some certai certainty. >> that's the good news. thank you so much. you can watch jon's report and hear more of prince's new music sunday night on "60 minutes" here on cbs. >> a shame we have to wait until july to hear it. sounded so good. >> gives you something to look forward to. >> it really does. it really does. very nice, jon. ahead in "unifying america," how a wealthy california beach community is confronting a racist past that forced a black family from their oceanfront property. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ ahead and only on "cbs this morning," we'll talk with the points guy about traveling this
8:25 am
summer. find out where americans are planning to go now that many of us are vaccinated, and how the cdc guidelines could affect your trip. all that and more. local news coming at you next. . good morning, it is a 25:00. new video from an attack on market street in san francisco last month appears to show the suspect was himself a victim of an attack moments earlier. 's public defender city made a mistake and took elderly asians for his assailants. the former prosecutor tells us that does not justify the attacks. cal state university will not require staff or students to be back vaccinated against coronavirus. the school is still encouraging anyone eligible to receive the vaccine. guidelines vary by campus to
8:26 am
warriors fans will return to chase center april 23rd. the arena will be open at 35% capacity. everyone coming in must show proof of vaccination or negative to covid test within 48 hours of the game. look at the roadways right now, if you plan on getting out of town today, 50 el dorado county, heads up shut down both directions due to a rock slide east of echo summit. keep that in mind. closer to home, looking to travel times, slow spot westbound highway 437 minute travel time to go antioch to the east shore freeway. no accidents, just busy there. tracking brake lights across the upper deck of the bay bridge. we will keep quiet weather going across the bay area. more sunshine to the afternoon but breezy today. tracking strong, onshore flow. temperatures cooler because of those breezy conditions today. mid-50s along the coast, upper 50s to mid-60s along the bay
8:27 am
and it led mid-to uppe 60s
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8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is now time too bring you you some of the stories that are talk of the table. and mr. mason is up first. >> do you see mcilroy's shot at the master's yesterday. it was good. >> from a left -- >> that wasn't just anybody he hit, that was his father jerry. mcilroy said he hit the perfect shot and it just went a little bit too long and he said it was perfect. i think he's okay. he didn't limp away.
8:31 am
he walked away pretty swiftly so he wasn't that concerned. >> but he loved his dad. >> his dad was confident the shot was on the course, he wasn't even looking. >> it would have been in a lot worse shape if he hadn't hit his father. maybe i'll autograph a bag of broken peas for him. >> to ice it. of all of the people. he hits his dad. my talk of the table is tony dokoupil. here is a little background. >> i will listen out for my wife in the kitchen and i will wait until she leaves so i could go in and get the water and go back to work. >> i don't know how to process that. >> i'm also confident there are other people who take steps to avoid their family members to actually get work done when they need to during the day. >> so i was talking to favorite daughter kirby who just got married in december. tlings are going well with virgil and she was downstairs
8:32 am
and he has napping and she said i was downstairs waiting for you and he said call me tony dokoupil. were you waiting for me to leave the kitchen. they've been together since march quarentining 24/7 and i didn't think taking 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day was too much to ask. they are very happily married but i thought the thing about call me tony and kirby knew exactly what he was talking about. so maybe you are right that people are thinking about this. >> i'm 100% right. >> first i was like gosh, tony, and now that happened to my own daughter, maybe tony is on to something. >> very auspicious. virgil is going to have a long and happy and prosperous -- >> no word that he made a bet on the couch the way katie did with you. >> let me know how had ends up. if you need any tips i could get you talked off the coup any time. >> people are saying call me
8:33 am
tony dokoupil. >> people are thinking about summer travel. the temperatures are heating up. vaccine numbers are going up and millions of people are ready to get onned road or board an airplane. new cdc guidelines recommend delay travel until your fully vaccinated but more people are getting vaccinated. a recent survey by the points guy say americans still favor outdoor parks and beaches. founder of the points guy website. good morning to you. a lot of question people have, what kind of deals are there, the airlines may not be in great shape and they might want to coax people out to buy that ticket. >> there are deals to be had a. but not to the most popular destinations. so summer 2021 is looking similar to 2020, national parks, hawaii, alaska, and airfares have skyrocketed but you have to
8:34 am
hunt for the deals, try to go in off-peak weeks or travel during the weekba you could definitely still find those deals. >> it occurs as more people try to travel because they're vaccinated, airlines an other businesses will start increasing their prices maybe by a lot. will we see something like price gouging this summer? >> absolutely. we're already seeing it in hawaii. it could be $500 a day to rent a car. the car rental market was gone through the roof because the car companies sold a lot of their inventory not thinking that demand would bounce back that quickly. we're seeing that with airfares. even though there are good flight deals to be had. if you're looking at hawaii and miami, hotels and flights could be way more than pre-pandemic. >> brian kelly, you look like you've gotten some sun from somewhere. looking all tan and cool with your blue eyes and your salmon
8:35 am
color jacket. and a lot more people are getting vaccinated. if you are vaccinated, where the best place to go in terms of low covid and the best deals to get there. >> so iceland is a top destination. if you're vaccinated, you don't have to worry about getting tested on arrival or quarantining. i went there and came out with $330 flight. that is a top destination and so much to do outside and not in a crowded seat. right now we're seeing a surge in france and germany. as much as i want to visit contine continental europe, it is dicey until they get it under control and the vaccine is a slow rollout. i bet greece will happen this summer. if you are vaccinated, seychelles are allowing vaccine passports and it is one of the most beautiful islands i've been
8:36 am
to. >> could i ask you about mexico. asking for a friend. >> mexico is still struggling with the vaccine rollout but if you're fully vblaccinated as th cdc came out you have a low risk to yourself. i think the caribbean, i got my golden tan in the british virgin islands a couple of weeks ago. it was amazing. not to rub it in. but yes. >> we've been talking a lot about the cruise industry trying to make a comeback. do you see a comeback for them any time soon? >> absolutely. but just said the state of florida is suing the cdc and they don't sign off and the cruises now are leaving from bermuda and jamaica as soon as this summer. so we've heard from the cruise industry that backings are way up. but you will need to be vaccinated to go on most cruises. and we are seeing foreign airlines like qantas, demanding or requiring that people be vaccinated whenever they start to fly again.
8:37 am
not every airline is going to mandate it. but the cruise ships will. >> i think we should mention, people had flights canceled last year at this time, they probably have credits and vouchers that may expire so before you book, check that. >> absolutely. check your existing vouchers, if they're expiring soon, a lot of the airlines have been nice and extended them even longer. some airlines are naughtier than others so look at the fine print on your voucher. even if you don't have travel plans today, use the voucher and book something in the future because you never know, you don't want to lose that voucher. >> right. >> can't wait for my next trip. brian. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
8:38 am
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in our series "unifying america," we are recognizing efforts to right injustices and bring communities together. pricey manhattan beach, california, now grappling with a complicated racial history. nearly 100 years ago a black family owned a prosperous resort there catering to people of color until the city used a legal tactic to seize their land and drive them out. as carter evans shows, a plan is being unveiled today that could return the land to the family's descendants. >> reporter: manhattan beach is a favorite for seeking a spot on
8:42 am
the sand or a stroll on the strand where homes can sell for upwards of $20 million. but it looked a lot more like this in 1912 when willa and charles bruce bought an oceanview lot for around $1,200. they were among the city's first black landowners. >> we had the bath house here and the dining hall. >> reporter: duane shepherd is the family historian. he says the l.a. county lifeguard headquarters now stands where willa built bruce's lodge. it became a popular destination for the black community when segregation kept them off most beaches. so people weren't supposed to cross this to go to the beach? >> they had to walk a half mile in either direction before they could get into the water. >> reporter: barricades were build, tires were slashed. and one real estate agent even admitted he was trying to end the, quote, negro invasion. >> it was a chapter of the ku klux klan. they started harassing my family around 1920. they burned a cross. they threw burning mattresses under the porch of one of the buildings. >> here were some black lives, and they didn't matter 100 years
8:43 am
ago. but i think they matter now. >> reporter: the resort was right here. >> right here. >> reporter: l.a. county supervisor janis hahn first learned what the bruces endured when the black lives matter movement sparked conversations about racism and income inequities. >> i never knew that we had a story right here in manhattan beach of an african-american family that literally had their property stolen from them. >> reporter: city leaders ultimately used eminent domain to shut down the bruces' thriving business and make way for a park. it's a legal maneuver city and county leaders now confirm was racially motivated. >> these people were terrorized and kicked out of a community where they were trying to live peacefully. >> it really was an injustice to their whole family. >> reporter: generations. >> generations who showerly would have been millionaires today if that beachfront property had remained in the family. >> reporter: over the last century, the city has grown and
8:44 am
prospered, but it ruled out reparations to the family for lost income. >> that would be considered an illegal gift of public funds. >> reporter: manhattan beach mayor suzanne hadley said the council did authorize spending $350,000 on art to commemorate the family. and this week voted to acknowledge and condemn what happened but chose not to offer an official apology. >> it's awful. it's wrong. we're not that community now. i wouldn't live here if we were a racist community. and my friends and neighbors would not live here, as well. >> reporter: last month, a group calling itself concerned citizens of manhattan beach took out an ad in a local paper claiming some are trying to create a racist problem where there is none. do you think manhattan beach is a racist community? >> so we are less than 1% african-american. that defines racism to me. >> reporter: for some 20 years, melissa clinton raised her kids in manhattan beach. back in 2015, at 2:00 in the morning, someone threw a burning tire at the family's front door.
8:45 am
they escaped unhurt, but the trauma remains. >> what it reminded me is that things haven't changed that much. that terror is still real. people who look like me are terrorized. we aren't entitled to the comfort of security. >> reporter: her neighbors rallied around her, so the family stayed. clint wonders what the city would look like today if bruce's beach had not been shut down. >> this community might be teeming with black folks if we had not destroyed that family. it changed the trajectory not only of their lives and their offspring's but of this community. >> reporter: to help usher in change, supervisor hahn teamed one state legislators to propose giving the property back to the bruces' descendants. the county would then lease the land back from the bruces creating income for the family. >> i think it's a moment for manhattan beach. i think it's a moment for l.a. county that we could maybe be a model for the rest of the country. >> reporter: do you think about
8:46 am
what willa and charles would have thought of all this? >> they would have loved it. i'm sure they're proud of us right now for fight fing to get that back. >> we're all proud of you after hearing that story. that was carter evans reporting. i mean, i love melissa where she said a burning tire was -- was thrown through the home. that doesn't actually say "welcome to the neighborhood." but the other patients in did rally, and the fact that they want to rectify it and make it better and correct it says a lot about that community. >> everybody can agree that the burning tire is a problem. more people need to agree that the historical wealth gap is a problem. >> yes. >> that goes back to property. property is wealth. it cushions your life for generations. >> this is an example of that. >> yeah. on today's podcast, richard fain, chairman and ceo of royal caribbean talks about challenges to the cruise industry and how it may recover.
8:47 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ small l decisions s make a world d of differerence. ikeaea. we're wishing you a good
8:50 am
weekend and sunny skies. do something fun. >> yeah. >> get out the house. >> ride a bike. >> fly a kite. >> i'll be doing that. >> see you monday mortganing. let's look back at all that mattered this week. >> by no later than april 19th, every adult will be eligible to be vaccinated. >> becoming eligible does not guarantee you're going to get one right away. it all depends on supply. you say climate change is a factor that is driving people to the united states. >> most people believe in climate change. >> reporter: does derek chauvin almost have to take the stand? >> the only person who can say he wasn't cause of death is derek chauvin. i don't know of a force more powerful than my family's love except addiction. >> where do you think that feeling came from? >> the trauma is at the center of it. >> come trauma? loss of your mother? >> yeah. i -- absolutely. asian americans are the least likely group to be promoted. >> nobody knew that asians had any barriers. >> we have a tendency to work
8:51 am
hard, put our nose to the grindstone hoping that somebody will notice. texas, we got a national championship! >> gonzaga was the favorite. once the ball was tipped, it was all barrelor. >> now that you've got the national title it you headed to the nba, what's next for you? >> i'm trying to enjoy the moment right now. >> oh, come on. the stick is fine but how's the -- >> i can hear you now. ♪ >> reporter: do we know who we toss back to? tony? >> to gayle. >> just like that but better. right. 2021, i'm gayle king. >> i'm such a fan of yours and have been watching you for many, many years. such a fan, anthony mason. >> you stop this now. answer my question -- >> be cool. >> i'm gayle king. anthony mason and tony de -- >> time for sports. >> the pitch to him, bouncer before third. he's coming home, and it's -- oh! >> how did the mets do yesterday? >> let's not talk about that.
8:52 am
>> a headline about them imploding. >> is that the word senior. >> yeah. >> boom. >> ed o'keefe, a washington nationals fan which i will not hold against you, thank you, ed. >> i see how it is. who took baseball? ♪ candles based on the street inspired scents of new york city. >> oh -- >> anthony, you're laughing because there are other smells -- >> they didn't include corner dumpster on a 90-degree summer day. ♪ what are you doing with a t-rex hand? >> free style. do the stake -- time for our ice capades video. >> vlad, looked like 100-year-old arthritic man. >> looks like me trying to get out of bed in the morning. >> look at economy now. look at that. -- look at me now. look at that. i only fell once. >> oh! ♪ >> thanks for watching the vlad
8:53 am
duthiers show. >> vlad, can we come back tomorrow? >> my mom wants to see you, gayle, not me. >> pretty please. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, 8:55. the sonoma county sheriff investigating sexual assault allegations against the mayor of windsor. four women told the chronicle that he assaulted them between 2003 and 2019. his attorney denies allegations. for the first time in three decades, water saving proposals are a real possibility. if approved, watering lawns would be limited to one day a week, with towns on an alternating schedule. highway one along big sur should be open by the end of the month, about two months
8:56 am
ahead of schedule. a landslide washed out a huge piece of the road back in january. if you plan on getting out of town today, heads up, u.s. 50 might be a bit difficult. caltrans tweeting out a photo of a bucks live blocking both directions east and westbound not too far from echo summit. hard closure in both places at slide park road. closer home was found for go antioch to the east shore taking 37 minutes this morning. that is the slowest spot. other than that a few brake lights across the upper deck of the bay bridge but pretty quiet at the toll plaza. quiet for weather, too. starting off with clouds. you can see a beautiful view with the camera from the observatory in the south bay. more sunshine to the afternoon, breezy with the onshore flow. temperatures just a bit cooler today. mid-50s along the coast come upper 50s low to mid-60s around the bay and mid-to per 60s
8:57 am
low 70s inland warming up as we
8:58 am
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