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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  April 7, 2021 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching, the news contin s captioning sponsored by cbs >> prominent trump ally congressman matt gaetz continues to play defense in a scandal involving reports of prostitution, sex trafficking, and possible sexual acts with minors. >> we're also learning that gaetz is scheduled to speak at an event put on by women for america first at a trump resort in florida on friday. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from all of us here at trump national doral resorts, thank yoyou for stayaying with u us. as a guest, you'll have v.i.p. access to any of our upcoming events, including april 9, "women for america first," with headliner matt gaetz. april 12, "hispanic cultural
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appreciation," with host stephen miller. april 14, "sanity and what it means to be sane," a ted talk by marjorie taylor greene. april 16, "black hole thermodynamics," a lecture by eric trump. and april 19, "how to bang like a porn star," with keynote speaker the dalai lama. >> announcer: it's "a late show with stephen colbert." tonight: plus stephen welcomes leslie odom jr. and michio kaku featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater office building in new york city, it's stephen colbert! >> stephen: there you go. back at you! hey, mark, how is it going? hey, chris. hey everybody out there. welcome to "a late show."
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i am your host, stephen colbert. folks, you can really feel that we're getting pretty close to the end of the covid crisis. it's not over yet. but soon, the coronavirus will be in the rearview mirror, and we'll be in the front seat, flooring it, while tonguing down with some stranger we met in a parking garage. that's what we used to do, right? that was it. i have to check my old e-viets. a third of americans are inoculated, and folks are ready to be professionally groomed for the first time in over a year. customers are excitedly returning for cuts, manicures, waxes, and facials. ideally, all at once, by a pit crew that gases your forehead and rotates your pubes. this is a challenge for grooming professionals, of course. all these gnarled, overgrown hedge-people leave barbers struggling to indentify loyal clients. it makes sense. a few months into quarantine, i barely recognize myself. jimmy, can you throw up a
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picture of me from last may? there you go. there you go. so nice of john lithgow to take me in. stylists are shocked-- shocked, i say-- by the aftermath of home haircuts. said one barber, "a lot of people couldn't get to the backs and just did the sides." if they tried to do the back, it kind of looks like the map of maine." a hairstyle they call in maine, "business in the front, lobster in the back. ayuh." waxers are also dealing with the fallout from those who experimented with home waxing kits. apparently, "the injuries have been pretty bad." i know it's surprising, but evidentially, smearing hot wax on your own junk can go wrong, especially if you're using the wrong styled candelabra. now, while things are getting better, there's a new flavor of covid going around, because according to the c.d.c., the u.k. variant is now the dominant coronavirus strain in the u.s. making it the most sickening british import since piers
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morgan. ( laughter ) they don't call it the "u.k. variant" in the u.k. they call it "the kent variant," because everything is u.k. there. there you go. not interesting, but accurate. ( laughter ) that is the "late show" pledge! you may not always be interested, but we fact checked it! speaking of awful things about to go away: florida representative and man soon to be arrested by the real police and the fashion police, matt gaetz. gaetz is currently under investigation for violating federal sex trafficking laws for alledgedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old. and i'll update you on just how sticky his icky in our recurring segment: "gaetz-gaete!" >> do you know who my father is? >> stephen: i don't, actually.
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gaetz has denied any wrongdoing, but sources say that just before the previous president left office, gaetz asked for a blanket pardon. oh, i don't think the blanket wants a pardon, i think it wants to be burned. it's seen too much. gaetz wanted a preemptive pardon for any illegal activity he's ever done, like innocent people do. and he had reason to believe he might get that pardon because of his close relationship to the former president. in his book-- and, yes, evidently, he can read-- gaetz bragged, "the president has called me when i was in my car, asleep in the middle of the night on my longworth office cot, on the throne, on airplanes, in nightclubs." the president has called me everywhere: while i was lurking in the bushes of a high school, while i was making fake i.d.s, even while i was tutoring my girlfriend for the s.a.t.s." gaetz says the president called him "even in the throes of passion-- yes, i answered." thinking about matt gaetz having
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sex, i'm in the throes of up ( laughter ) ( gagging ) but-- ( gagging ) but gaetz didn't get his pardon, because white house lawyers viewed the request as a nonstarter that would set a bad precedent. do you know how shady you have to be for number 45's lawyers to go, "no, that's a bad look. now, if you'll excuse me, i just farted on camera, my head is leaking, and i'm late for my press conference outside the crematorium dildo shop." gaetz claims asking for a pardon isn't an admission of guilt, because he wanted the former president to pardon everyone, from himself, to his administration, to joe exotic. good cover, matt. gaetz is that guy at the walgreens' register saying, "yeah, i just got this red bull, the toilet paper-- oh, how did that herpes cream get in here?
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i don't need it. no i still want it. i bumped my lip on a biscuit." but gaetz has things on his plate, other than avoiding eating off a prison tray, because amid the federal probe, he will speak to a conservative women's group at the former president's golf course. you could say that's putting the fox in the hen house, but gaetz would rather hang out with the eggs. the group gaetz is speaking to is women for america first-- or as cardi b calls them, "waf." they're the group of die-hard maga loyalists who actually organized that rally on jan. 6, before the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol. and his speech is part of a gala dinner which has a theme of americana, featuring "b.b.q., boots & bluegrass." not to be confused with gaetz's usual theme of "molly, minors, and mandatory minimums." the group has received a lot of criticism for booking gaetz, but they defended the decision, and called gaetz a "fearless leader in d.c." yes, gaetz fears nothing, except the parents of whoever he's texting.
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if gaetz is looking for tips on how to flee the scene, he can should look no further than head of the n.r.a., and man describing what he'll do for $5 at the bus stop with his cold, dead hands, wayne lapierre. in a deposition for the n.r.a.'s bankruptcy trial, lapierre revealed that, following both the sandy hook and parkland school shootings, he hid on a yacht. okay, you out-of-touch liberal elite, if you want to come for wayne's guns, you're going to have to hop a jitney to the hamptons and make it down to the boat basin by 4:00, because we have to launch in time for sunset cocktails! buffy is making spritzers! in light of the revelation, the n.r.a. has made a slight change to its logo: >> see ya, suckas! ( horn blows ) >> stephen: the yacht in question is "illusions," named after what you're living under if you think lapierre cares whether you live or die. lapierre claims he fled to the
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yacht after the shootings in 2012 and 2018 out of fear for his safety, explaining, "i remember getting there going, 'thank god i'm safe. nobody can get me here.'" great plan. which is why, instead of supporting any sensible gun control, the n.r.a. has founded this new charity: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 1-877-yachts for kids y-a-c-ht-s, yachts for kids ♪ 1-877-yachts for kids and hide from what you've wrought ♪ >> stephen: the n.r.a.'s lawyer promises more embarrassing details will inevitably come out during the bankruptcy hearing, saying, "are there going to be facts that are moderately cringe-worthy? the answer is yes. we're not going to run from them." yes, the n.r.a. doesn't run. because the yacht club has a concierge who picks you up in a golf cart and takes you to your boat.
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anyway, (bleep) you, wayne. (bleep) you on the boat you floated in on. oh, there's exciting news for all you fans of coffee and breakthrough technology, because starbucks is launching an experimental "borrow a cup" program, in which customers will order their drinks in a reusable cup and pay a $1 refundable deposit. when the customer is done with their drink, they will return the cup and receive a $1 credit. each cup is then cleaned and sanitized and put back into the rotation for another customer to use. okay, let me get this straight: there's a vessel of some kind, into which you pour licked, and after you consume said liquid, you're going to "wash" it? sorry, that's not how i roll, grandpa. ( laughter ) now burn the shards! everybody okay? everybody's eyes okay? >> yeah! >> stephen: no rehearsal for
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that one. if you want to take the cup to go, no problem, because starbucks will send someone to pick up the reusable cups from your home. okay, that is not only environmentally wonderful, but super convenient. i can't wait to get a knock on your door at 2:00 in the morning. "hello? i'm picking up a cup from sterpen?" seriously, if everybody okay? they did not know i was going to do that. and i did not know it would shatter quite so satisfyingly, but, boy, did it! in civil war news, this week, a chair honoring jefferson davis was stolen from an alabama cemetery and held for ransom. someone stole jefferson davis' chair? my god! please tell me they've got security around robert e. lee's hammock! the jefferson davis memorial chair was supposed to be guarded by the united daughters of the confederacy, or u.d.c. of course, you might know them
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by their more common name: the aunt you've blocked on facebook. the monument was stolen by a group called "white lies matter," who sent a ransom note to the u.d.c. threatening that failure to meet their demands would result in "the monument, an ornate stone chair, immediately being turned into a toilet." makes sense, because in the civil war, the confederacy finished number two. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the host shall slam again! >> stephen: so what are their demands? the group wants the u.d.c. to display a banner featuring a quote by activist assata shakur in front of the organization's headquarters, reading, "the rulers of this country have always considered their property more important than our lives." that is a very classy demand for a very childish threat. it's like saying, "write me a research paper on the use of liminality in post-reformation literature, or i will crap in your hat." the group even sent a photoshopped image of their plans for the jefferson davis memorial toilet.
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okay, that's just lazy. if you're going to deface a confederate monument by turning it into a toilet, at least do it right! okay, you want a soft-close lid, one of those wands that has ten different spray modes, but all the commands are in japanese. i don't know what "supurejetto" means, but i do know it made me feel like i was in a common-law marriage with plumbing. ( laughter ) we've got a great show for you tonight. my guests are leslie odom jr. and physicist michio kaku. but when we come back, i've got some science news that is a little light on the science. and the news. stick around. batter up! ♪ ♪ ♪ ok, so there are good deals... and then there are kohl's epic deals. like spring tops for just $9.99 and under... $29.99 and under sandals... and huge savings on bedding. oh, did i mention no coupons needed
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>> stephen: ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to "a late show." let's say hello to mr. jon batiste. hello, jon. good to see you. >> jon: yes, get into the chicken... >> stephen: what's the chicken grease? >> jon: that's what prince would say. there's a chord. ♪ ♪ ♪ chicket-a-checket-a. >> stephen: and that's called chicken grease? >> jon: that's right. he would look at the band whenever he wanted to play that chord, and we would say, "give me the chicken grease," and everybody... chick a-chicka-chicka. that's what i learned from prince right there. >> stephen: there it is, there it is. will you share with us a little more chicken grease. can you grease us? >> jon: oh, yeah, i can grease it all the way. ♪ ♪ ♪
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( laughs ). >> stephen: the grease master himself, jon batiste, everybody. thank you, jon. >> jon: let's get it. yeah, baby. >> stephen: folks, because the country is starting to open up, people can finally go places again. and one of the places they want to go is off the planet. and i'll tell you all about it in tonight's episode of ( echo ) spaaace neeews! space travel edition. until now, space travel has been limited to super smart astronauts and super bored billionaires. but that's about to change because a new reality show called "space hero" will feature 24 contestants competing for the grand prize of a ticket aboard a ship bound for the international space station. ah, yes, the perfect combination: people who will do anything to win and a limited supply of oxygen. but i should point out, the show
11:55 pm
says the grand prize is a ticket on a ship bound for the i.s.s. it doesn't say anything about being let into the vessel when you get there. "hi! hello! can i come in? i'm not here to make friends! hello?" to find a winner, "space hero" will test the participants' physical and mental strength in preparation for spaceflight. it makes total sense. reality-style challenges are the perfect way to pick an astronaut. remember, nasa only chose neil arstrong after he ate that pickled bull testicle. and it's all space all the time, folks, because when not competing, contestants will have to live together in a "space village." so it's like real world space camp. i can't wait to see those confessionals. "kristy is such a bitch. if she uses my poop tube one more time, i'm gonna throw a glass of dehydrated wine powder nher face! her fat face!"
11:56 pm
scene. ( laughter ) when asked what inspired them to create this show, one producer said, "let's make space cool. let's make it sexy. let's make it pop culture." wait a second-- sexy people in space? why. hasn't. any. one. ev-ver. thought. of. doing. that? ( laughter ) but the show's-- kirk still sexy. but the show's goal is not just to make space travel sexy. it's also to make it more accessible, and not just to a few that are super smart or super educated. great. so let me get this straight. we're going to shoot people into space after making sure they're hot and dumb. good luck on your re-entry, chad. remember to point your toes when you hit the water. maybe two socks. the first layer might burn off. of course, blasting a reality show contestant into space isn't the only poorly-thought-out sci-fi news today.
11:57 pm
which brings me to tonight's installment of "dinosaur newwws"! you know how rich tech bros know everything and have only good intentions and good ideas? well, one of them says we have the technology to build an actual "jurassic park." wow! what a groundbreaking way to tell people you've only seen the first third of "jurassic park." the prehistoric plans are being hatched by elon musk's business partner and guy who moved in next door right before your cat disappeared, max hodak. this weekend, hodak tweeted, "we could probably build 'jurassic park' if we wanted to. wouldn't be genetically authentic dinosaurs, but-- shrug emoji." way to casually toss off that your dinosaurs would be genetically suspect with the old... i can't wait to see his tweets after the park is open. "park temporarily closed. tyrannosaurus just ate a fourth grade field trip-- dancing
11:58 pm
lady, dancing lady." oh, and in case you're wondering what hodak does when he's not musing on creating a nightmare future of rogue hyperpredators, he's the president of neuralink, that company you may have heard of that wants to "implant a computer chip into the human brain via a robot surgeon to wirelessly connect the brain to the digital world." hey, techno-bucko, if you want to surgically implant a chip in my brain to jack me into the matrix, no side hustles! focus, buddy! also, you don't need robot neurosurgeons. just have some hot person who won a reality competition do it. let's make brain modification sexy! stick around. we'll be right back with leslie odom jr. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free.
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my first guest tonight is a grammy and tony award-winning actor. he recently received two oscar nominations for his work in the film "one night in miami." ♪ i was born by the river in a little tent ♪ ork oh, and just like a river, i've been running ever since ♪ it's been a long, a long time coming ♪ but i know change going to come ♪ >> stephen: please welcome back to "a late show," leslie odom jr.! leslie, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure, stephen. thanks for having me. >> stephen: i want to get to tat incredible performance in just a moment for the new film
12:04 am
"one night in miami." but, first, congratulations on the new baby boy. abel finnuous. that is-- that is big news. and a second child, right? this is your second. >> that's our second. how do my bags look on late night, on zoom? >> stephen: you look-- we have-- we have digitally removed thim them. nobody at home will know how ragged you look to me. >> thank you. >> stephen: now, this is your second child. how is-- i think we have here-- yes. okay, this is lucille holding her little brother. that's a beautiful shot. how is she adjusting? because some older siblings say, "okay, take him back now." how is she handling it? >> as you can see with the crown on and everything, she's taken to it very, very well. she knows her position in the house and his position. you know, she's letting him know early who the princess is. she's doing very well. >> stephen: what about your adjustment as a parent? because now a-- you and your wife are on man-to-man defense
12:05 am
here. one more and you have to go to zone. >> yeah. >> stephen: but are you-- do you have things that you've learned from being a parent of one that you've got all this wisdom that you can now use to raise your second child, to add another child to the mix here? do you have pearls of wisdom that you've learned from your first parenting experiences? >> you know, speaking of pearls of wisdom, i really thought that that's what fatherhood was about. i thought that's what it entoday. i was going to open up my boork my literal-- and i was just going to read to my children. a couple of times a day i would say, "gather around, "and impart wisdom to them, and say, "that's the lesson for today." but my daughter has taught me that it's just really so much more-- she tells me what she need eventually. you know, you're parenting the kid that you have, so the first-- i feel like the first part of this is really just getting to know abel, and he'll
12:06 am
tell me what he need to learn. >> stephen: now another congratulations in order. as i said before, in the intro, two oscar nominations for your performance as the great sam cooke in "one night in miami." i lways like to ask where people were when they found out about the nomination. did it catch you by surprise? were you hanging out waiting for it? what was the moment like? >> i was asleep. very exciting story to tell you. i was deep into r.e.m. sleep. it happens very early in los angeles. >> stephen: of course. >> and, yeah, i got one of those phone calls. my team did let me know. they said, "we know we know you don't want to know what tomorrow is. we know you're not going to get upup and watch but leave your phone on. be a grown-up and leave your phone up in case we need to reach you in the morning." so i did that, at the very
12:07 am
least. >> stephen: did you celebrate? >> i did. nicolet was still-- she was about to pop, so i had some champagne all by myself. it's been a celebration ever since, though. yu know, it's such a-- you know, the oshar nomination is just such a moment, you know. so it's-- it's been a celebration in the weeks that have followed, really. >> stephen: you've got the grammy and the tony and now the oscar nomination. let's see if we can get you an emmy for tonight's interview. we're going to egot it up in one fell swoop. i want to talk to you and i also want to talk to the audience about this performance as sam cooke. first talk about the idea of the movie itself. we had regina king on here to talk about it. and it's this extraordinary story of four great black americans meeting-- based on a true story. tell the people what happened. the true story it's based on and what the story the movie tells. >> yes, true story. young cassius clay, february 1964, is going to go down to
12:08 am
miami and fight his first heavyweight championship bout against sonny liften. nobody expects cassius to win this fight, of course, except for cassius. but his three closest friends show up in miami to help him celebrate the night. and they happened-- they just happened to be malcolm x, jim brown and sam cooke. that's the strew story. they spent the entire evening after cassius won. there's no victory party planned for young-- for young muhammed. so they spend the evening palling around in malcolm's hotel room, one of the all-black motels down in miami. and this movie-- nobody knows what the gentlemen talked about in the hotel room where it happened as it were. but kemp powers, oscar-nominatad kemp powers, received a nomination for this beautiful script. he supposes what these men might have talked about all night long. >> stephen: it-- the-- your performance, everyone's performance is incredible on
12:09 am
this. but, also, powers' writing is amazing, the sort of writing i associate with patty chaifsky. every character saying what that moment is about. and when they do, you think i agree with them. it's very balanced. and there's a great tension between the character of sam cooke and the character of malcolm x about what the position is. what a black man of notoriety in the 1960s should do to better his own people. and, tragically, both of those men-- i don't believe-- survive another year, or maybe barely more than a year for one of them. i know sam cooke dies within the year or just shortly after, correct? >> sam dies in december, and malcolm dies, i believe, in-- malcolm was assassinated in february. >> stephen: besides the human tragedy of anyone's death, sam cooke has been one of-- the great lost voice, in my opinion,
12:10 am
of the 20th century. and i never thought i'd hear anything like that again. and while you still sound like leslie odom, you have captured this extraordinary tone and style and soul of sam cooke. what was that process like to become-- to embody that voice? because i never thought i'd hear it again. and i got chills every time you would start singing in that movie. what was the process? did you go all the way back to the soulsters? what did you do to get accustomed to him? >> yes, i went in chronological order. i'm a fan, too. and in many ways, sam is one of my teachers. singing is an oral tradition. it's passed down from generation to generation. we learn the way we're supposed to approach a song and what is required of us as storytellers. so-- but i went back to the beginning, and i really kind of tried to understand the evolution of his sound, and try
12:11 am
to understand-- you know, kind of like the psychology of it, you know, for maybe why he was making the choices that he was making. i have to tell you, i did not-- for real, true story-- i did not think that the person that they hired to play sam cooke was going to sing the sam cooke songs. we've seen-- we've seen lots of actors, you know, rami malik, beautifully, he plays freddie mercury, and nobody asks him to sing the freddie mercury song. so i did not think that was going to be a part of my job. >> stephen: listen, but then again, not every person you ask to play a part is leslie odom jr. i have seen you sing in person before. i was there early on in "hamilton." i was in the third row in the center, and when you came out to do "rumor it happens" i turned to our mutual friend carey and said, "who the ( bleep ) is that?"
12:12 am
regina king was on, as i said before, talking about this film a little over a month ago, and i was asking-- i was talking about you and your performance. and she said, you know, i wasn't really that familiar with "hamilton." and she goes, "really it was that nationwide commercial that sold me." admittedly, those are fine commercials and you do a fine job in it. does it surprise you at all that that's what pushed you over the top for her? >> can i tell you, not at all. because, you know, that's a good partnership. that's a good brand partnership, when a commercial-- when an insurance commercial is getting you roles of a lifetime as sam cooke, that's a good brand partnership. but at my concerts, i would sometimes do a poll of the audience at the end, you know, and i'd say, "who is here for 'hamilton'" and of course 85%, 90% of the people are clapping. 5% of the people are there because of some other tv show they saw me on in the early 2000s-- "grey's anatomy" or
12:13 am
"gilmore girls--" and 5% of the people were there because of the nationwide commercial. all these years later and... ♪ nationwide is still on my side you know. >> stephen: cut him a check, nationwide! that's inclusive sponsorship. leslie, great to see you again. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> stephen: "one night in miami" is available now on amazon prime. leslie odom jr., everybody! we'll be right back with physicist michio kaku. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ just when you thought it couldn't get any better than crispy, juicy and tender,, we wenent and addeded... spicyyyy intrododucing mcdodonald's new y crispy chickcken sandwicich. ♪ ba da ba a ba ba ♪ people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes intrododuare waking upld's new y crito what's possiblewicich. with rybelsus®.
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yes, i i've been w waiting for this d day. wewe just got t what? vavaccinated.. we just t got vaccininated! let's s get you ththere. lelet's get toto immunity.. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back. my next guest is a theoretical physicist and "new york times" bestselling author. his new book is "the god equation: the quest for a theory of everything." please welcome michio kaku! michio kaku, thank you so much for being here. it's always good to talk fizzibs with you. you are not only a theoretical physicist, but you are a futurist, which i believe is another me for an enthusiastabout the fe some enthusiastic things going on right now. look at that photo. that is the helicopter drone that perseverance has dropped on the surface of mars. i get incredibly excited seeing that there and knowing that we're going to soon have flight
12:19 am
on mars. does that excite you? >> yes. we're entering a second golden era in space exploration. the first golden era, we went to the moon. but that was the vision-- beat the russians. beat the russians. well, we beat the russians and the vision fell apart. now we have a new vision. silicon valley billionaires are opening their checkbooks. new visions, costs are dropping. we're witnessing the second golden era in space exploration. that's what's so exciting. >> stephen: when i was a young guy reading a lot of golden age science fiction it was always industry that got us to space. if my childhood it was the government. now the early vision has become true. it's industrialists getting us to space. do you think that's the best way to go, or do you think the government should stay involved? >> i think a partnership, a public-private partnership is the way to go. because private industry brings you new vision. we're talking about becoming a
12:20 am
multiplanet species. they're opening up their checkbooks, and they're taking risks to create the reusable rocket. that has dropped the cost of space travel. that's where private enterprise comes in. they're gamblers. they're willing to pay for their gambles because they want, of course make a profit at the end. >> stephen: you have said-- you predicted we will make contact of some kind, or have awareness of some kind that there is intelligent alien life out there in the next century. do you still stand by that prediction? and if so, how do you think we will stumble across them? >> yeah, i think that in this century, we will make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. to be honest i get emails from people that say, "you're wrong, professor. the aliens are already here. they're here because they know--
12:21 am
they've been in the flying saucers. they have been kidnapped. i tell them the next time you are kidnapped by an alien-flying saucer, for god's say, steal something. i don't care whether it's a pen, a chip-- steal something. because there's no law against stealing from an extraterrestrial civilization. you're not going to go to jail. >> stephen: well, what do-- what do-- a lot of people think that there is life already in our solar system. do you believe that we're going to find it soon on mars? i think they already know what's out there, and that the rest of us, us schlubs in the public aren't ready to know it. it's either in the clouds in venus or on mars or underneath the ice on europa. do you think there is already life in our solar system giwould love it if there is life form on mars, maybe even microbial life. but the best bets are the moons
12:22 am
of jupiter and saturn. they have liquid water oceans. oceans, billions of miles from the sun. who would have thought, and the oceans, the volume of these oceans is larger than the oceans of the planet earth. so i think that even in our own solar system there's a chance for aquatic life to develop in the moons of jupiter and saturn underneath the ice cover. that's a game changer. >> stephen: correct me if i'm wrong. have you said asking-- trying to make contact with alien civilizations may not be a great idea? >> it's a bad idea to advertise our existence. because look what happened to cortez and montezuma. montezuma in mexico made the biggest mistake in history. he assumed that cortez was a god. cortez was a pirate, a blood-thirsty pirate, carrying smallpox, armed with steel, the horse, the written language, gunned powder. the aztecs were a browns age
12:23 am
civilization with no written language, no steel, totally vulnerable to smallpox. it was no contest. so i think it's a good idea to keep our presence a secret so that the aliens don't put us in their sights. who knows what the aliens believe in? >> stephen: we have to take a quick break but we'll be right back with more michio kaku. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be righght back. with m moderate to severere crohn's s diseas, i was therere, just nonot alws where i i needed to o be. is she alrlright? i hope so.o. soso i talked d to my doctcr abouout humira.. i learned d humira isis for peoplple who stilille symptoms o of crohn's s diseae after trtrying otother medicacations. the e majority o of people on humirira saw signifificant sympmptom ref in as lilittle as 4 4 weeks. and d many achieieved remisssn ththat can lasast. humimira can lowower your ababy to fightht infectionons. seririous and sosometimes fatal l infectionsns, includuding tubercrculosis, and cacancers,
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where did you get this imported cheese? hello? grocery outlet bargain market. oh, more bubbles? more bubbles for less benjamins our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hey, we're back with the author of the "the god equation," michio kaku. you have a new book here called "the god equation, the quest for the theory of everything." >> it all started when i was eight years old. a great scientist had died. it was in all the papers. a picture of his death was flashed and the caption said,
12:31 am
"this is the unfinished manuscript of the greatest scientist of our time." i was hooked. i had to know what was in that book that was so hard. i went to the library, and i found out this man's name was albert einstein. and that book was to be "the god equation, the theory of everything," an equation no more than one inch long that would allow us to quote, read the mind of god. well, i was hooked. i wanted to spend the rest of my life chasing after this god equation. so when i was in high school, i decided to build... in order to be part of this revolution. i went to my mom, and i said, mom, can i build a 2.3 particle accelerator in the garage?" and my mom said, "sure, and don't forget to take out the garbage." i took out the garbage. i got 400 pounds of transformer steel, 22 miles of copper wire. i plugged it in.
12:32 am
i blew out all the circuit breakers in the house. and my poor mom, she come home late at night, all the lights were flicker and die. and she must have said, "why couldn't i have a son who plays basketball? why can't i have a son who plays baseball? and for god's sake, why can't he find a nice japanese girlfriend?" so i wanted to be part of this great revolution to find the god equation. and today, we think we have it. it's not in its final form. >> stephen: really? >> but it's called string theory, and we think it is the fable theory, the final theory that eluded einstein for last 30 years of his life. >> stephen: correct me if i'm wrong-- string theory is essentially everything, including us, is actually an expression of a vibration of some sort of fiber that we can never see? >> the missing pardine, the missing theory, the missing idea is music. music, music of tiny particles.
12:33 am
if i had a super microscope and i could peer into an electron, i would not see a dot at all. i would see a rubber band. and as the rubber band i have brats at a different frequencies it changes into a neutrino, in fact, all the hundreds of subatomic particles we've seen are nothing but different vibrations of the same thing. so physics is the harmony you can write on these strings. chemistry is the melodies you can play on interacting strings. the universe is a symphony of strings. and the mind of god, the mind of god is cosmic music resinating through hyperspace. that is the mind of god. >> stephen: got it. we're good. we solved it. thank you, doctor. the books is "the god equation: the quest for a theory of
12:34 am
everything" is available now. michio kaku, everybody! thank you so much for being here, doctor. >> the book is now a bestsaler by the way. >> stephen oh,
12:35 am
i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccinene.
12:36 am
i'm not evenen sure if i'm m convinced.d. hihi darius, i i think thaht peopople respondnd more toto what we d do than whahat w. so aftfter lookingng at all thta and ththe science e about thee vaccccines, i gogot the vaccc. and i madede sure my m mom andd got the e vaccine. because ththese vaccinines are . ♪ ♪ late show." tune in tomorrow when my guest will be hank azaria and musical guest cheap trick. james corden is next. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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