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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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multiple shootings. they say they consider him to be on the dangerous. that is the exact briefing for the ofofficers ininvolved in th shootingng. ononly one problem. by the time they caught up wit hihim he was not armed. three san jose police officers running on the second floooor balcony y at this apartment complex. they later claim they mistook a cell phone he was caring for a handgun. >> they never looked at it. never brandished a weapon at anyone. >> reporter: his family filed a federal lawsuit against the city of san jose claiming the shooting was not justified and he died a painful agonizing torturous death. san jose police would not discuss the case because of the immediate lawsuit. in the days that follow -- >> last year there was a person
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of interest in homicide. >> reporter: they had a lot to say. >> is a convicted felon. a documented gang member and was considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: police say he was a suspect in a murder, multiple shootings and several violent robberies. the family attorney says it still does not justify shooting a fleeing suspect. >> they played the judge, the jury and tragically, the executioner. >> reporter: of the san jose mayor says the shooting races a number of concerns including all of the innocent bystanders who could have been hurt. in a prepared statement he wrote, i am deeply troubled by the bodywork video of the officer-involved shooting. particularly given the surrounding residential setting. >> the investigation into the shooting itself, where does that stand? >> with any officer-involved shooting there are multiple investigations running parallel with each other. there is an internal affairs
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investigation within the police department will also a potential criminal investigation with the district attorney's office. both of those are active and ongoing and no findings have been made just yet. >> we will see where it all leads, they could. we are learning new details in a deadly officer involved shooting in fremont. authorities identified an officer who opened fire as brian burch, a six year veteran with the department. the shooting happened last month on highway 84. investigators say burch shot and killed 34-year-old joshua gloria. they say gloria was armed and driving a stolen car when he led police on a chase. a man is dead after chp says he was hit and killed by a car while running from officers. what happened just before 11:00 last night on highway 101. ch people the ban over and were conducting a dui test when he took off running. they say he ran across the highway and that is when he was hit by an oncoming san mateo county sheriffs patrol vehicle. the man's name has not yet been
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released. berkeley police investigating a hit-and-run that sent a car slamming into a home and a gas meter. it happened early this afternoon on page street near san pablo avenue and the west brady neighborhood. eyewitness says the suspect ran a stop sign that hit another car, prompting that's car to then lose control and hit the house instead of stopping, the suspect drove away. but there was something in the apartment when it happens. >> you are the crash? >> i heard it and i felt it and we came outside. of course i did not see anything and i saw the car on the sidewalk in the bushes under the porch. a cruise were able to shut off the gas a short time after the crash. police are still searching for the suspect. investigators say tiger woods was driving 40 miles over the speed limit before a severe crash in february. reporter rachel kim has more with new details released
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today. >> reporter: seven weeks after the accident the lesson was county sheriff's department released findings about what caused it. excessive speed and the inability to negotiate the curve in the roadway. >> the first area of impact, 84- 87 miles per hour. the final estimate speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 miles per hour . >> reporter: nearly twice the speed limit on the downhill stretch of hawthorne lavar where woods crashed february 23rd. the sheriff explain why investigators did not seek a search warrant or a blood sample which would have screened for drugs or alcohol. >> without signs of impairment, we don't get to the point where we can actually authorize a search warrant for probable cause and execute the search word. >> the no alcohol, no open containers in the vehicle and no comics are evidence of medication in the vehicle or on
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his person. >> reporter: investigators also said there was no evidenc of distracted driving. the sheriff said no traffic citations were issued and emphasized that his department did not give woods a special trip. >> the situation would be the same for anyone in the room in the same situation with the solo traffic collision. no witnesses, and we do not issue a citation. >> totally run-of-the-mill findings. the same findings you find with thousands and thousands of other reports that don't get, you know, publicly revealed. >> reporter: he is the los angeles criminal defense attorney who says the sheriffs departments findings are surprising and pretty straightforward. >> it will be interesting when it's tiger woods and also, what adds to that, he was involved in another situation involving a car and at that time, there were questions about was he impaired.
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this was just somebody who was speeding. nothing to do with alcohol. you know. there is no smoke, no fire. >> rachel kim reported. tiger woods tweeting about the fighting today he thinks the good samaritan to called 911 after the crash and all the first responders who helped it. would says he will focus on his recovery and his family. free-market area counties now in the orange tier, they are loosening health restrictions. wineries, breweries and gyms now able to operate with 25% capacity indoors. want to creak says it's only is open a week and already there classes have a waiting list. >> we hope eventually we can make classes bigger because we are starting to get wait list and, you know, people are more comfortable coming back i think. >> also order the orange tier, will be theaters, places of worship and restaurants will be able to have indoor service at
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50% capacity. restaurants like hickory pits in walnut creek says it soon will be able to add more staff to the payroll. >> we are hopeful for just being able to stay open and not have to go through the trouble of shutting down again. >> we are just happy to be open and have people come to the restaurant again. >> reporter: contra costa county says it must stay in the orange tier 3 weeks before it can move into the less restrictive yellow tier. for a list of what has reopened in your county at across the bay area, head to our website, new at 5:00, santa rosa getting out of the fire season and giving thousands of residents a potentially life- saving tool for free. wilson walker explains the strategy. >> i take care of my mom and she is in a wheelchair. we had to evacuate twice now in the list for your four years. >> reporter: ask anyone who showed up today and they
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probably have more than one fire story. >> we actually have been through two of the fires, you know, 2017 than last year. and evacuated for a week each time. you know? in the middle of the night. >> reporter: everyone at the park in sonoma county is dialed into the importance of communication, especially when things start to break down. >> we lost the cell phone towers and had massive outages from the infrastructure damage during the fire and the wind. so, the benefit of the radios, they are preprogrammed and ready to receive emergency alerts in santa rosa in sonoma county. >> you have a great day. >> reporter: 12,000 of these radios will be given out thanks to the largest fema grant ever of its kind. so many people turn up here on day one for the fire department was a bit overwhelmed but they were not entirely surprised. >> the community has been through a lot. >> absolutely, everyone is commenting how this is a light year for rain. everybody is worried. >> it makes you nervous. it is hard to live that way. we get used to it i guess. >> reporter: fire officals say
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questions are coming early this year, not unlike the anticipated fire danger. >> with the drought and concerns we have a plea will end up with critical lack of moisture level essentially in sonoma county as well as the north bay . >> reporter: you do not have to look far to see the aftermath of the last fires are co- organized by the santa rosa fire department. the turnout today might ultimately change strategy for the rest the radios. they had a big crowd today and it is dependent on their supply of radios. more giveaways to come, check with them for details. they will do it through the spring and the summer and on to this anticipated fire sees. live in santa rosa it. chopper 5 over uc berkeley where a few dozen people gathered to call to an end to the tax on the aapi community. organizers also called and members of other amenities to raise their voices and make it clear they stand against racist intimidations and brutality
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against asians. house speaker nancy pelosi made a stop in the segments as well sign it town. she talked about legislation being proposed to combat hate crime. she advised anyone that witnesses and attack should write down what the perpetrator says. >> listen to what the person has to say. usually they will say something nasty. because, they are doing something very nasty. >> the house speaker was also promoting healthcare held included in the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan. here is a flashback to the house speaker visit to chinatown this february at the start of the pandemic she towards shops and encourage visitors it was safe to come. >> you have to be careful how to deal with it but we want to say to people, to chinatown, here we are. careful, safe and come join us.
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president biden trying to rally support for in the structure plans. the multitrillion dollar proposal aims to upgrade roads and bridges as well as broadband. >> the single largest investment in american jobs since world war two. a plan that puts aliens of americans to work to fix what is broken in the country. we are american. we do not just fix for today. we build for tomorrow. >> the president also is defending his proposal to raise the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28% to help pay for the package. >>, he is facing pushback from republicans and some business. we are taking a look at the white house now. tomorrow the present is set to unveil a series of executive actions addressing gun violence. track still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn area. testing in california right now
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a journalist in the news this evening. for the second time in two months one of our colleagues was a victim of a crime while reporting a story. the reporter and his security guard were pepper sprayed in an attempt robbery or could happen this afternoon by still like in the golden gate park in san francisco. the guard managed to chase the suspects down at one of the robbers was hit by their own getaway car. in the end, they dropped the camera before speeding off. the suspect's left the scene and a chevy ss with nevada license plates. thankfully, we are so glad to read report both reporter and guard are okay deceiving.
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>> a close call. police arrested an armed robbery suspect. happened at a 7/11 yesterday. police say he entered the store wearing a mask, holding a semiautomatic pistol. he pushed the clerk, held him at gunpoint demanding he empty the registers. officers say he ended up stealing $1200 in cash and more than $800 worth of cigarettes. before he took off authorities say he ordered the clerk to lie on the ground and proceeded to stomp on him. police also say there is a link to at least one other armed robbery in sunnyvale. in southern california, and accused keller is in custody after led police on a dangerous high speed chase that spent hundreds of miles. it's how the chase ended that has investigators praising a driver. police say the suspect was going speeds of 90 miles per hour on the shoulder of the freeway in the middle of
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traffic. at one point he let officers through the streets of l.a. county traveling on the wrong side of the road. at least a dozen times he did that. the wild chase came to an end when the suspect slammed into the cab of a big rig. the driver says he knew the chase was going on and wanted to intervene. >> i waited for him. then i waited for the right moment and blocked him. and hit him. because if i did not stop he was going to kill somebody else. that was my main concern. >> amazingly no one was hurt during the chase other than the suspect. he was taken to the hospital it is expected to recover. in minneapolis, the california use of force expert testified how long derek chauvin had his knee on the neck of george floyd before his death. the prosecution hired the los angeles police sergeant jody steiger to assess the actions of showmen. under cross-examination the defense pressed him on whether chauvin's tics that day were objectively reasonable. steiger pushed back saying
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derek chauvin had an obligation to render aid when he repeatedly cried out he could not breathe. >> it was not objectively reasonable. >> the officer on scene has a responsibility to realize something is not right. >> the current a former map was police officers testified this week derek chauvin acted outside the bounds of public safety and policy. pastor nancy pelosi waited on the border in san francisco today. she said the administration is working to resettle migrant children. >> a good path at the border. there are about three things. about restructuring how we do what is happening there. because we were in a very bad situation under the trump administration. it is about a refugee plan. >> the washington post reports u.s. border patrol detains more than 171,000 migrants crossing
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illegally in march. that is the most during march in the past 15 years. biden administration said it doesn't want to churn children back to dangerous conditions and that leads to chronic detention centers at the border. heartbreaking video from the u.s.-mexico order recently surfaced online. the abandoned 10-year-old boy was caught on camera tearfully asking a border patrol agent for help. >> it just breaks your heart. the last agent driving in texas, he spotted the boy alone on the dirt road. the boy started crying and asked agent for help. he said he was traveling with a group of people who left him behind. agents found out the 10-year- old from nicaragua was checked out by a doctor and placed in federal custody. federal reserve officials
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say they will keep this policy in place as the u.s. continues to recover from the pandemic. the policy is designed to help support and boost the economy here is a look of the closing numbers on wall street but the news and the s&p 500 sent to a record close. speaking of keeping things in place, looks like we keep the forecast more or less in place. >> no major changes as we head through the rest of the work week. a little bit of a warm-up in time for the weekend. i like what things work out like that. remaining dry, that has not changed at all in the forecast the past couple weeks but it is still going to be breezy at times and deceiving is one of those times. gusty wind up there, current wind speeds in just a moment. minor changes through friday, the wind direction will change very slightly. just never temperatures to jump a degree or two as we head through state the work week and a warmer weekend. by the bay and inland go along the coast temperatures will change very much. looking at side towards the old and gate you can still sea fog hanging on the horizon, that
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makes its way back in as we head through this evening. temperatures still on the cool side, 53 degrees on tap with 56 degrees in oakland. maria medina degrees for san jose, santa rosa and livermore . mid 60s in concord. there were spots further inland, they were up a little more but in general temperatures were slightly below average because of the strong onshore winds, pretty much straight out of the west. you can see numerous wind speeds between 20-25 miles an hour. it has been a breezy day. not enough for a wind advisory but because it is the onshore wind, temperatures have remained slightly below normal. tomorrow the winds don't change a lot. when speeds drop slightly and the winds will be running were parallel to the coast instead of straight onshore. because it doesn't sound like a major difference, but it does come especially away from the water with temperatures exacted to warm up a couple of degrees but it's like mostly dropping into the 40s. mid to upper 40s around the bay, mostly low to mid 40s further inland. >> the north bay as usual will be chilly. we start the day thursday, what
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shall quickly dissipates. by the time you 10:00 in the morning, already pretty much obstructed visibility except right along the coast, once again you will have to be more patient and wait until midday for the sun to fill in the clouds. high temperatures tomorrow. still running a few degrees below average in san francisco but 60 degrees for the first time in the past several days. right around normal temperatures in san jose and a few degrees above average further inland in concorde with highs in the low 70s. still the rest of the map, mid 50s on the coast, mostly messages for the south bay. upper 60s to 70 degrees further into the santa clara valley right around 60 degrees will san jose but 71 degrees morgan hill, temperatures will be warmest on the east side of the double rage where you reach the mid-70s, upper 60s and low 70s together for the tri-valley which is not bad for a. right around next day in san francisco, low to mid is on the side of the bay, near 70 degree
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high temperatures for most of the north bay and not much change as we look farther north, 60s and 70s for northern sonoma and napa counties in mendocino and lake counties as well. for rain chances you will have to wait until the end of next week. even then, we are talking about a whopping 20% chance. we are not done quite yet with the wet season but chances are looking pretty limited. >> the 7 day forecast the weekend warm-up and the mother temperatures stick around into next week. we check out the hour by hour temperatures at 5:30. coming up, the a's and the giants play day baseball. the giants capitalize on help from their opponents? the states lifting more restrictions on high school spor come experience the grand opening of flooror and decoror's newt locacation in plpleasant h l! our expansnsive store e is fulllly equippeded with safe e distancingng guid, so you c can browsee our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selectionon. or easasily order r online, anand pick up p all the producucts you neeeed for yourur flooringg projoject curbsiside! so come didiscover thehe perft floor r at the pererfect prie in whatevever way is perfecect for you.u. floooor and decocor, now opn inin pleasant t hill for r safe in-ststore shoppg anand curbsidede pickup.
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phase early-season slide continue, the doctors found three homeruns of oaken pitching. and won the game five minus one. whether or not the streak ended this afternoon? >> never a doubt.
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they started a potential 0-7 start. kidding. on the board now. a tough task. trevor bauer today at the coliseum struck out 10 from the da's. cup the dodgers lead to one. in the ninth, the all-star closer had problems finding the strike so. the lie dissenter was deep enough to get home to tie the game up 3-3. dodgers did not score in the 10th but the a's did. the new guy mitch moreland found a hole. down to the 80s, walking it off for the first win of the season. they are now one and six opening the series on the road in houston. kepler the getaway came today in san diego.
5:26 pm
they face lefty blake but he took a big swing, connected. off the glove scoring a two run shot to open the scoring. a run back in seven innings, spectator in this one. wil myers. he has 21 career homeruns because of the giants. tyler rogers gave it up, tie game. this one is extra. deep enough for alex dickerson to slide in. the giants close it out, a final of 3-2, jives with a record of 3-3. they have a home opener friday in front of fans against the rockies. >> takes the mound. double your pleasure, double your fun. the bay area big leaguers. >> 11, so glad they're back. >> a couple extras. great stuff. great stuff. more on the:news at 5:30. the california roping plans raising hopes of a comeback for
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travel. we talk live with our travel editor peter greenberg, everything you need to know about looking a post pandemic trip. coppell work just as hard as a vaccine in fighting:? the experiment underway in california right now. a warning from
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right now at 5:30, a traffic alert on the bay bridge. crush in the upper deck is backing up the evening commute. it happened within the past hour. one of the lanes remains blocked. you can see the slow crawl into the city. here is an overview from the traffic computer. slow across that span. chp has issued an alert. we will keep an eye on this free. also new at 5:30. the rules changing for sports. new guidelines making it easier for teams to compete. testing and oral vaccine for covid. how it works differently than a shot. a live look at sfo were a travel boon could be right around the corner. good evening, i am allen martin. >> i am elizabeth cook. with more people getting faxed it in more places relaxing health guidelines, it's a matter of time before airports are packed yet again. travel editor peter greenberg joins us with


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