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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 7, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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scene. >> and new information about a devastating fire in oakland. just how many people are left without a place to live this morning. three more counties moving in to the less restrictive orange tier. what it means for you. and the vaccination milestone california is breaking that puts our state ahead of every other in the nation. good morning. it's wednesday, april 7th. >> good morning to you. today will be another sunny day in the bay area. first we need to get through morning clouds. give them the boot. >> get them out of here. we are looking at that gray start to the day with that on shore flow. still in place. that machine influence for us. as we head through the afternoon mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. mid to upper 40's to low 50's at this hour with those clouds and areas of fog. as we head through the afternoon, daytime highs slightly below average. 59 in san francisco, 63 in
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oakland. 63 in san jose and 68 for concord. going hour by hour on future cast and you can see we are looking at a little bit of sunshine in spots, especially inland, but with partlysunny skies. let's check in with gianna. it's still causing a big back up. this is northbound 101 near that off ramp just past broadway. that's as you head out -- there are lanes, three right lanes until further notice. they are hoping to have it opened up by five. things are still closed. this is due to a fatal incident that happened overnight. you will want to stick with 280 or el camino. moving at the limit with no issues. this is northbound 101 as you go in -- near the off camp. we have delays on the pass. ly have more on that in the
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next report. let's go to lynn. he has more details. we are learning it all started just before 11 when chp officers were doing a dui test. while they took the person into custody the suspect took off running into the northbound lanes and that's when the person was hit by a sheriff's office vehicle and died there at the scene. investigators have been out there all morning long. developing this morning the investigation into a house fire continues this morning. this was in oakland late last night. the fire broke out at around 11:00 p.m. on the 800 block of 20th street. it was burning out of control. this video from citizen app showing that house on fire. up to 14 people have been living there. >> we have -- the fire department we made an aggressive inside attack. it's hard to investigate because the house has been
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damaged due to the fire. we are working to try to nail down and figure out what is causing it. >> according to neighbors around that area squatters may have been living in the house. that cause of the fire under investigation. big steps made on the road to recovery. entire bay area in the orange tier except for solano, napa and contra costa the latest to get the green light. we are live where it'll soon be much busier. >> i think everybody is really excited that it's one step closer to normal. everybody used to be relegated to the areas underneath the tents. for all of the counties that will move forward.
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basically universally in the orange. that has been about five months since contra costa was able to be in the orange and roll those back one step closer to normal. here is what that means for folks who can get lost in this tier system because i feel you. it changes so much. with the orange tier, restaurants can move inside at 50% as well as museums, and gyms can now move to 25% inside. the cool thing is that sporting events are allowed to come back at 33% capacity. have you to have reservations, prereservations to make sure that everybody stays out and -- stays apart i should say. six feet of distance there. overall one step closer to normal and the business owners and the people who live in contra costa are excited. >> of course it'll invite a lot more people out to enjoy themselves.
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it'll give our business an opportunity to give those guests a chance to have an experience out that they haven't had in the long time. it'll make a lot of positive things happen and we are very happy for that. >> we are also very happy for that. positive changes are moving in the right direction. that's the direction we want to keep going. for that to happen case rates need to continue to drop. that's why contra cossa. one of the first bay area counties to allow 16 and older to get the vaccine and encouraging everybody to do that so it continues to move in the right direction. all very exciting. they will have to stay in the orange tier for three weeks before they can move to the least restrictive yellow tier. we will talk about that system in the future because it'll be changing coming up in the next half hour. in the meantime we are live in walnut creek. >> all right. thank you. for a list of what's reopened in your county and across the
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bay area head to now to the latest encore h1n1 vaccines across the state. another big milestone, 20 million doses now given here in california. >> we have given more doses than all but five nations in the world. the state of california, at 20 million mark represents over 7 million more doses than any other state in the country. >> the mayor of berkeley said more than half of the people living in that city have received at least one dose. in san francisco, over 50% of people over the age of 16 have also been vaccinated according to the mayor. that number even higher for people over the age of 65. that age group is over 85% of people vaccinated. a new sight is opening
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today. this is the most recent neighborhood site san francisco is opening to ensure that liely impacted neighborhoods have equal action sense. its beginning at 9:30. china town residents, 50 and older can start by portsmith square to register for the johnson and johnson vaccine. up to a hundred slots are available. it'll be held friday. happening today the house speaker will be here in san francisco. she is hosting a teach in aimed to help people understand how they can benefit from the resources of the president's american rescue plan. its being held at the china town northeast medical services pay center. the governor has revealed new back to school guidance expected to become a mandate. measures include having all k through 12 california schools open in the fall for full time
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in person instruction. all campuses are expected to open by june 15th including higher education. taking a live look at the city. the school board has been taking action on controversial actions. last night the board approved a pledge to offer full time in person learning to all students in the fall. that is if the pandemic allows. families would still be able to choose remote learning. one more school now this morning, we are learning that the pandemic has brought low acceptance rates for ivy league schools. harvard university admitted a record low of 3.4% of candidates this year. columbia in new york city the second most difficult school to get into with a 3.7 acceptance rate. we are learning and hearing a witness who shot video of this arrest that heyward police are calling a use of force incident. >> you can see officers take
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that man into custody there. this morning the department is launching an internal investigation. during the arrest and on the video officers were seen shooting commands at the suspect, eventually kicking and punching him. you can hear them ask him to get his hands out while they try to arrest him. >> i was surprised. i was like this is real. this is still happening, still going on. it hasn't changed yet. it was out of line. it was completely uncalled for. >> a statement from the heyward police department reads in part we do not draw conclusions about whether the officers acted consistent with department policies and the law until all the facts are known and the investigation is complete. we recognize the community trust us with the legal authority to carry out our duties and he with don't take that responsibility lightly. the department added the incident is under review by its internal affairs unit and it takes all use of force
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incidents seriously and conducts complete investigations. happening today a teenager arrested in the death of an 84- year-old man in san francisco will be back in court. the 19-year-old has pleaded not guilty to murder and elder abuse charges. that attack happening late january. authorities say that he had allegedly knocked the 84-year- old to the ground on his morning walk. the attack was caught on camera. you can see watson charging across the street and slamming into the victim. the victim's family believes it was racially motivated. ten minutes now after 5:00. a new ballpark in the east bay on thea again a. >> still ahead, the hearing today to get the ball rolling on the a's waterfront park. another start to our day
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with the clouds and then we are looking at mostly sunny skies. san francisco you see a high of 59. oakland in at 63. and looking at 68 this afternoon in concord. as we take a look at the roadways we have a lot of brake lights for that ride along 101. a traffic alert is does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? onlyly nature's s bounty doe. new immunene twenty-fofour hours has longnger lastingng vitamin. plusus, herbal and otheher immune s supers. onlyly from natuture's bountn.
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. more details about the massive new google village coming to san jose. the plan shows offices, shops, and affordable housing. it'll be called downtown west. they are pledging to spend $200 million. the mayor is back the plan and the city council expected to make a final decision on the development later next month. live to oakland. today the city's planning commission will hold a hearing for the public to give their input on a proposed new waterfront ballpark for the a's. the project may include a ballpark with capacity of up to 35,000, up to 3,000 housing units and nearly 300,000 square feet of retail space. the public has until april 12th
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to submit comments. the relocation of the mlb all-star game to denver is still a point of contention. it was move from atlanta over controversial new voting law in georgia. the braves said they are working to refund season ticket holders. the all-star signs were pulled and remove from the stadium. the game was scheduled for july 13th. happening today children's fairy land will reopen its rias. it welcomed visitors last month. officials say that digital tickets sold out the first two weekends since reopening. puppet shows will resume next week. a theme park that won't reopen some of its rides is disneyland. the popular rides -- star wars ride will be off limits. the jungle cruise, astro
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blasters and the matterhorn will be closed for renovations. >> the park released details about how to get tickets. guests will need a ticket and a reservation for the same day starting on april 12th. people with tickets during the shut down will be able to make a reservation online. the system will open to all residents in california on april 15th. disneyland will officially reopen on april 30th. some major adjustments set to take effect in about 24 hours at orlando's disney world. >> details in its live money watch report in about 20 minutes. it's now 5:16. you go head. >> checking in with dianna. we have been talking about the breaking news all day after a suspect ends up being hit and killed by a sheriff's patrol car overnight. its been a real mess of a commute because of that.
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>> yeah. it has. you know i just got the update dr. chp. they are hoping to have lanes open up with in the next five to ten minutes. its been out there at least until -- since 11:00. since overnight and it's taking time to clear this one out of the roadway. this is northbound 101 right after broadway. three right lanes are shut down. as ann said chp was doing a traffic stop when the person they were taken into custody fled the scene, crossed traffic lanes and was hit by a sheriff's officer. this is taking time to clear out of the lanes. the investigation is still underway. they are hoping to have it opened with in the next few minutes. look at the maps here. look at all this back up, almost to 92 at this point. it's a very slow ride. it's taking about 46 to 50 minutes to go out of the south bay if you are going over toward the pen slam you can use el camino. if you are getting ready to head out the door and take that peninsula ride you still have
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choices and alternates. give yourself a few extra minutes this morning. again that is the 101 northbound. look at all this red for that ride in to the pass. another one of our spot that are getting very busy this morning. this is out of tracy. well beyond mount house. almost to 11 street on 205, westbound as you get onto 580. it stays slow. past north flynn. we are starting to track the new traffic pattern where we are seeing brake lights in to that livermore valley area. be patient. no accidents to the pass but it's certainly very busy there. it's 518. time to check the forecast and its been a little cloudy. depends on where you are the clouds could stick around all day for you, especially along the coast. we have that gray start ask as we head through the afternoon and some spots seeing partly sunny to mostly sunny skies, you may see a little more sun. ly show you future cast in just a moment. here say live look as we look
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east and those temperatures right now in the mid to upper 40's to low 50's. 48 for new concord. oakland at 49, livermore 47. 48 downtown san francisco, san jose at 51 and mid-40s's for santa rosa with those clouds. looking at westerly winds and on shore flow, bringing that gray start to the day. 12-mile an hour winds out of the west at sfo. looking at ten in oakland. 13napa and 26-mile an hour winds right to you in fairfield. looking at our visibility you can see all of that cloud cover, across the bay area with some areas of fog as we start off the day. could see a little bit of drizzle with that pacific ocean breeze kicking in for us. if you suffer from allergies, not a lot of relief any time soon. we are looking at high pollen count levels today, thursday, friday, and also expected for the weekend. we are settling in to that normal, just typical, april weather pattern for the bay area. as we take you hour by hour on
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future cast and you can see mostly sunny to partly sunny skies as we look to tomorrow maybe a little more sun and temperatures just a bit warmer as we look to the thursday and for the rest of the workweek and into the weekend. that's slow warm up for us. looking at our future cast wind was the westerly winds we are going to see breezy on shore flew for today. that will continue as we look ahead to tomorrow as well in the afternoon with the gusts up to about 20 to 30 miles an hour. up to 43 along the coast up to the north. daytime highs for today. looking at 67 in santa clara and for san jose. daytime highs slightly below average for this time of year. 68 concord, mid-60s's for the tri valley later this afternoon as we look around the bay. 59 in san francisco, looking at 63 in oakland and san leandro and the north bay mainly in the mid to upper 60's this afternoon. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect as we
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are looking at temperatures slightly warmer for thursday, friday and especially as we look ahead to the weekend with a little more sun coming our way by the end of the week. back to you. big change could becoming to kid's denim because of a 7- year-old's suggestion. why one san francisco based retailer is taking tips from them. dr. fau ci discusses why cases are surging despite vaccination rates increasing. and a new book looks at the power women have when they work together. hear from the author. and a group preforming live concerts at coronavirus vaccination sites. we will be right back. great party carly
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. a live look outside from the sales force tower camera. you can see the ballpark there on the bay. this cloudy wednesday morning in the city. new, this morning, a san francisco based retail giant is taking fashion advice from a 7- year-old. >> this after she wrote a
5:25 am
letter to the company demanding real pockets in kid's jeans. it was part of a class assignment. she had to write a letter so she wrote old navy expressing her annoyance that the front pockets on kid's jeans were fake. she wrote saying all she wants to do is put her lands in her pockets. old navy wrote back thanking her for the idea saying that the old navy kid's product team appreciates your information. it's great feedback for us as we develop new products. they sent her four pairs of jeans and jean shorts with real pockets. >> real pockets. >> real pockets. >> they are extremely useful. >> you need them. god bless the parents, god only knows what they will find in those pockets after a long day as they do the laundry. >> right and they have a mini lawyer on their hands. this girl is making things happen. >> she is. we will probably talk about her more in a few years doing
5:26 am
something else. pausing a vaccine trial. >> in the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area why a drug maker is pumping the brakes on its trial for kids and teens. >> what color is everybody in? soon you won't have
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wantnt to save h hundreds onon your wirereless bill? with xfifinity mobilile, you . how about t savig hundndreds on the new sasamsung galalaxy s21 ultltr? you cacan do that t. alall on the m most reliabe network?k? sure thining! anand with fasast, nationwnwg inclcluded - at t no extra c? wewe've got yoyou covered. soso join the e carrier rara1 in c customer sasatisfaction. ...and leaearn how muchch you can s save at xfinitytymobile.comom/mysavi. . live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5. counties moving to orange today. that tier ranking will soon be null and void. when california will transition out of the system. the especially is in sight
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but not here yet. the warning coming from the president's desk. and this mpd trained neck restraint? >> no. >> another hard day in court in the trial of chauvin. his fellow officers taking the stand. and it was a hectic morning this morning after a deadly crash involving a san mateo county sheriff. we will have more on that in just a moment. first thank you to joining us. it's wednesday, april 7th. >> the morning clouds will make way for a sunny afternoon. here is mary with the very pleasant wednesday forecast. >> good morning to you. we are starting off the day with the clouds and depending on where you are for the coast you may see the clouds stick around longer for you inland. may see a little more sun. here we go. a live look at san francisco, knobb hill and the temperatures
5:31 am
in the mid to upper 40's at this hour. our daytime highs slightly below average for this time of year. settling in to that quiet weather. that typical weather pattern. 59 san francisco, 63 oakland. the coast you may see the clouds stick around a little bit longer for you. let's check in with gianna. tracking a lot this morning with that traffic alert. we still have brake light as long 101 northbound as you head out this was due to an overnight incident. more details on that in just a second. as you look at the happens all these red on the sensors which indicates slow speeds. the trouble spot was northbound 101. last check chp was in the process of picking up the cones. we are seeing better speeds as you pass at area. hopefully things will get better in the meantime.
5:32 am
use alternate itself you can. 280 looking better -- instead of 101 until that traffic area recovers. 51 minute from the south bay toward sfo. here is anne with more. this started just before 11:00 last night. chp officers were conducting a dui test on a man they had just pulled over and while they were trying to arrest him they say that suspect took off running. right in to the northbound lanes. that is when he was hit by a san mateo county sheriff's vehicle and he died at the scene. officers have not identified the man who was killed. we will bring you more details as we bring them. businesses will be opening up with fewer restrictions today because of moving in to the orange tier which means you won't be relegated to the outdoor tents and it won't be just 25% inside. that will bump up to 50. fantastic news for business owners.
5:33 am
the entire bay area actually will be in the orange tier today but for solano, napa, are the latest to get the green light to help their restrictions. this system may not be around for longer. you can't hardly keep track. the governor mead a manager announcement on the pandemic front pledging to end restrictions and reopen the state this summer. the governor said if cases remain low and vaccinations continue to trend up the state could reopen june 15th. then we would be able to get rid of the colored tiers. that means businesses could reopen without the capacity limits. >> we are announcing today that on june 15th, we will be moving beyond the blueprint and we will be getting rid of the colored tiers, moving past the dimmer switch. >> and so just in case you have a hard time keeping track when it comes to the orange, restaurants, museums, that kind
5:34 am
of thing. those will be open 50%. gyms can move to 25% capacity inside which we saw the orange over here and they were letting people in. sporting events can return. that's at 33%. you have to have reservations to make sure everybody stays apart. all fantastic news moving in the right direction. soon you won't have to keep track of the numbers which, i can tell you i will be glad for that. >> yes. you have done such a good job keeping us posted as all the changes have happened. going live to the white house, the president urging all americans this morning not to become complacent as cases continue to rise in some parts of the country. he also called on states to make vaccinations available to all adults by april 19th. about a third of americans have received at least one dose. in the meantime variants
5:35 am
continue to spread. >> viruses spreading because we have too many people who have seen the end in sight, think we are at the finish line. >> we are on the brink of the surge. >> nine states reported at least a 20% increase in coronavirus cases. next week fema is going to start to reimburse families for coronavirus victims burial costs. the agency will cover up to $9,000 in expense that happened after january 20th of the will year. the death certificate has to indicate coronavirus as the specific cause of death. for all the latest news, on the coronavirus you can download the app by scanning the qr code there on the screen right now and we are going to have that code for you again coming up in just a few minutes as we go to break. the trial for the form police officer charged in the death of george floyd moves in
5:36 am
to its 8th day. >> is this an mpd trained neck restraint? >> no. >> has it ever been? >> not to -- neck restraint? no. >> records and court testimony show chauvin received training on the appropriate use of neck restraints. one instructor said that police are taught to stay away from the neck when possible and to restrain with a knee on the back or shoulder if necessary. >> once he was placed in the prone position on the ground, they should have slowed down or stopped their force as well. also central to the defense's case, possible testimony from maurice hall. he was sitting in the suv when officers approached last may. his lawyer said that he wants to avoid testifying so he doesn't incriminate himself. nine minneapolis police officers have testified against chauvin. some of those called to testify
5:37 am
yesterday will reappear on the stand for cross examination. back here a local lawmaker's plan to tax gun and ammunition sales has cleared a key hurdle. the public safety committee approved the proposal tuesday. that tax money would boost funding for violence prevention. this morning katelyn jenner is considering a run for governor. the former reality tv star is apparently talking to political consultants about running as a republican. she had been a trump supporter until a few years ago. former san diego mayor has announced his run for governor. we will find out at the end of the month if there have enough signatures to trigger a recall for the governor. taking a live look at capitol hill this morning. where infrastructure is the next big debate. it's a debate worth some two
5:38 am
trillion dollars. the plan covers roads, bridges, water systems, technology, lit may related measures and more. the plan to pay for it in part by raising the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28%. the president said he wants bipartisan support on this one. this morning in is a new push by an airline to hire women and people of color. and why oxford is hitting the brakes on its teen vaccine trial. good morning. a vaccine trial is on pause in the uk. the university of oxford said that it'll stop testing the shot on children and teenagers until more information is known about a rare blood clotting issue in some adults who have received the shot. the vaccine has not yet been approved here in the united states. despite a great jobs march report, the nation's jobless rate is high. nearly a quarter of all
5:39 am
unemployed workers have been without work for at least a year. according to the bureau of labor stats about 1.6 million more people were without jobs in march of 2021 com bared to march of 2020. overall the bureau reported that 9.9 million americans remained unemployed last month. as airlines started ramping up pilots its pushing for more diversity. the airline wants women and people of color to make up at least half the 5,000 pilots it plans to train over the next decade. currently only 7% of the airlines pilots are women. just 13% are people of color. disney rolling out a new mask rule. what the going open there? >> starting tomorrow, guests at the orlando park will be able to remove their face coverings temporarily for outside photographs. it updates a corrupt require helicopter that all workers and visitors wear masks but when
5:40 am
eating or drinking when at least six feet away from others and i know so many others, i'm really looking forward to taking a picture without a mark on. once we get out of this pandemic. have you to show that smile and you can show off the matching outfits even more without the mask on. the matching t-shirts. i love to see those couples. we will see you at 6:30 when the stock market opens up. pg&e sued after a devastating fire. after the break on kp ib 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area why attorneys say the goal of this lawsuit is not to help the victims. >> all right. good wednesday morning to you. it is a cloudy start to the day as we head through the afternoon. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies depending on where you are. daytime highs below average. 59 in san francisco. this afternoon. 63 oakland. 67 for new san jose and 68 for concord.
5:41 am
a slow warm up. we will talk about that coming up. and we are still tracking brake lights as you work along 101. i have better news about the closure. ly have details on that coming up.
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. the shooting happened inside a military storage facility. he was stopped at the gate. . victims have filed civil suits against pg&e but attorneys say that criminal charges won't help victims at all as they only aim to hold corporations responsible and force them to pay fines. >> the problem with criminal charges against a corporation and pg&e in particular, nobody at pg&e is going to go to jail as a result of the criminal charges. even if a jury renders a guilty verdict. >> i'm not looking for
5:45 am
millions of dollars. i would just like to be able to have what i had before. >> pg&e released a statement saying it takes responsibility for causing the fire but said we do not believe there was any crime here. we remain committed to making right for all those impacted. the fire department in sonoma are preparing for what could be another active fire season as california continues to experience drought like conditions. >> i expect the fire season this summer to be bad. we may not see the amount of acres burned as we saw last year in 2020 because that was associated with a lot of lightning. we sample the wild land fews twice a month and april 1st fuel sample trip indicated the fuels very dry. this is the time of year when they should have the most moisture content of the season and they are actually the lowest that we have measured for april. >> with the prediction of climate change we can expect
5:46 am
even hotter and dryer conditions and that will put more stress on vegetation in the future. developing this morning the city of san francisco one step closer to giving first dips on their old jobs. the board passed the back to work ordinance. it opens access to laidoff workers old jobs, if or when their former employer reopens or rehires. it's up to the mayor to approve or reject the law. let's get right over to gianna for a look at 101 where lanes just reopen. some positive news for that commute this is northbound 101. the three right lanes were closed overnight due to a fatal consistent. one person died in the accident. chp was conconduct ducking a traffic stop when the suspect fled on foot, ran across southbound lanes to the northbound side of 101. that's when they were hit by a
5:47 am
san mateo county patrol car. that investigation took some time. they have the three right lanes shut down since about 11:00. lanes now open and as we look at delays through the area it's still pretty slow from beyond 92. you have brake lights as you approach into foster city. san mateo and just a bit north of there. it's improving. there's no brake lights past that point. hopefully things will get back to normal. you can use 280 if you want to cruise on through. that's a good alternate to 101. we are still seeing a few brake lights northbound 101 as you head through san mateo and foster city. things looking better just north of there. also slow for the ride in to the pass. westbound 580 is sluggish as you head out of tracy. coming away from 205 around 11th street and it extends to well beyond north flynn. you have a slow ride as well. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza things
5:48 am
starting to get crowded. we are still moving at a nice pace out of the east bay into san francisco. no meet time to check the forecast. >> it's a great start to the day. really settling into that typical weather pattern. a quiet weather pattern for the bay area with that on shore flow. that marine influence kicking in. you can see the clouds as we look to san francisco with our treasure island camera. temperatures are running in the my to upper 40's to low 50's at this hour with the clouds and the westerly winds. that pacific ocean breeze you know and love. looking at westerly winds of 12 miles an hour. 13 in napa and 28-mile an hour winds in fairfield. we have those clouds as we start off our day, areas of fog as well and could see a little bit of drizzle in spots this morning with that strong ocean breeze. as we look to our pollen count
5:49 am
if you are suffering from allergies, not the best news here. we are looking at the sky high pollen count levels, not just today but through the rest the workweek and likely into the weekend. again that normal april weather pattern for the bay area with those clouds to start off and then looking as we head through the afternoon, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies depending on where you are. i think along the coast the cloud wills stick around all day today and around the bay looking at mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies, maybe inland could see more sun. as we look to tomorrow we will see more sun and temperatures slowly on the rise. little warmer as we end our workweek and as we look to the weekend. the westerly winds will continue. a breezy afternoon with that on shore wind flow as we look to tomorrow. very similar with those westerly winds continuing for us. as we look to the sunrise at 6:45 and the sunset at 7:38.
5:50 am
daytime hypes for today. slightly below average if -- not right around where we should be for this time of year. santa clara and san jose -- 68 in concord and pleasant hill. the tri valley in the mid-60s's late their afternoon antioch and brentwood at 70 degrees a. round the bay, san francisco you will see a high of 59, 57 for daley city. for the east bayshore line, alameda 61, oakland and san leandro and the north bay mid to upper 60's this afternoon. here is the extended forecast as we are going to slowly warm it up as we look to thursday, friday, and especially for the weekend with those highs inland into the mid-70s with that sunshine. back to you. tonight is the serious premiere of kung fu. >> it's a reboot of the popular 1970's show and it's based here in san francisco. >> to master kung fu you must
5:51 am
find peace, peace with your family. >> it features a heroine who return home. she then uses her new found values to protect her family. we talked to the actors about having the show premiering. >> never knew that us premiering in april 2021 would be so poignant and relevant and right now the media coverage of being asian american is full of a lot of tragedy. we are really happy that we get to bring some asian joy to the screens and the home. >> it remeres tonight at eight. or on the cw. probably said cw. it's on the cw. a nasty crash live on tiktok.
5:52 am
next, how teens quick thinking and the actions of someone hundreds of mile away helped save his life. and taking a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge this morning. traffic moving smoothly for a wednesday. gianna will watch the commute. also later, the united states verses billy holiday. i can't wait to see that. the director stops by and a chat with godzilla verses kong star. that is all today at
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5:55 am
. this is a wild. a teen tiktok user is making headlines. >> the call for help came during a live stream more than 800 miles away in west virginia. >> it happened during this live feed on tiktok showing a 12-year-old driving an atv. caden follows him because of shared interest over hunting, fishing four wheeling. seconds in to the feed he fell and got trapped under his atv. >> i was -- pretty like sad to hear like -- he was scared he wouldn't make it out. >> i couldn't hardly breathe. i was yelling out my grand parents's house number. >> he could hear trent calling
5:56 am
numbers and was able to contact the family. he is doing okay. tiktok is good for more than their -- just those weird dance moves. >> i guess so. that's pretty amazing that both knew what to do. like the kid yelling out his grandparent's number. all right. four minutes before six. >> in the next half hour on kp ib 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the governor's biggest back to school plan yet. when student across the united states could be back in the classroom. and if you are going to be out and about things may be more crowd. ly tell
5:57 am
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. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. a dui test ends in a deadly
6:00 am
crash overnight. the hours long investigation. and more than a dozen people displaced in alameda county after a devastating fire. what crews say is making the investigation so difficult this morning. and restaurants bracing to reopen as a trio of bay area counties enter the orange tier. we are live with the last minute rush in contra costa county. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. it is april 7th. good morning to you. a lot to get to this morning. we start with ma rr lee in the mix of sun and clouds today. it's a cloudy start but we are going to see partly sunny skies as we head through the afternoon. as we look to san francisco, knobb hill and looking at that yeah start to the day. mid to upper 40's to about 50 degrees and as we head through the afternoon the clouds sticking around along the


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