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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 6, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now at 7 pm. california has a new reopening day but is the ambitious new timeline realistic to get the economy fully up and running. >> i understand the economy needs to open but i'm still a little skeptical. >> i don't want another parent or father, to go through what we are going through now. >> a new lawsuit now filed in a deadly bay area police shooting the just-released video leading to new questions tonight. fighting back with donations, what the victim of a brutal local attack now plans to do with $1 million from the community. what one of the bay area's biggest school districts could do any minute now in response
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to a major lawsuit. >> the most important thing for the school board to do is educate our children. and they seem to completely have lost sight of that. >> right now on kpix 5 news , an ambitious new date on the calendar, june 15. that's the day governor newsom plans to lift restrictions and reopen california's economy. good evening i am elizabeth cook. let's start with what it will take to get back to that pre-pandemic life. >> reporter: the state fully reopening by mid june, but the big if is whether positive trends continue including supply hospitalizations, and other metrics moving in the right direction. like weaving through a maze getting a vaccine appointment even when eligible weeks ago has been a challenge for many. >> it is random i have been trying for a week or two. and i hopped on a website
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yesterday and was able to get it. >> fully reopening businesses and economy by june 15 is the goal with more supply anticipated in the coming weeks. and millions more 16 and over becoming eligible by midmonth. >> we will be moving beyond the blueprint and going past the dimmer switch. >> 2.5 million doses went into the arms of californians some 20 million doses have been administered so far with 4 million going to disadvantaged areas the state anticipates 30+ million by the end of april. >> 10 weeks out that are the majority of people that want, everybody that would want the vaccine will have had the opportunity not only to receive a vaccine but will have had that second dose. vaccinated or not the push to fully reopen is being questioned. >> i understand that the economy needs to roll on and needs to open but i'm still skeptical about the variance. >> about a third of the states
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across the country have lifted their masked mandates or have never had them in place. when do you anticipate the state of california lifting that mask mandate? >> we are not anticipating the mandate for masks we think it is incredibly important it is the most important nonpharmaceutical intervention we could do to mitigate the spread. >> as for the mask vaccination site at the coliseum in oakland, fema supply will end on sunday it is unclear whether the state and the counties will be able to match the pace with more than 40,000 shots being administered at the coliseum over the last eight weeks. in san francisco, kpix 5. napa, sonoma, across the counties, they moved into that less restrictive orange tear today, the only one still in the red tear. a lot of people were out and about in walnut creek today as of midnight the restaurants can up their capacity for indoor dining up to 50%. and also meaning more people allowed in gyms, and places of
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worship. bars and binaries can also be open for tastings with limits. there's a lot of excitement for that napa right now. >> it is lovely to sit outside and have a wind testing when you can. you have the space to do it but, having the option to come indoors especially as the heat is approaching is absolutely phenomenal. >> to see what is opening your county had to online. they have been hit with a federal lawsuit. it alleges that there was no justification for the shooting of tyrell wilson. homeless man was killed by a danville police officer in march, wilson was armed with a knife and threatened the officer. it comes as new cell phone video recorded by a driver was just released. it shows officer andrew hall firing a single shot at wilson. hall was on administrative leave he was also involved in a deadly 2018 officer involved shooting.
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>> i do want there to be justice because i don't want another parent or father, to go through what we are going through now. >> we do not have tyrell being aggressive and running a threat. >> they were originally called to the area to investigate a report of someone throwing rocks at cars. from the freeway overpass, the police department would not comment on the case because of the pending lawsuit. in san francisco tonight the asian grandmother who fought back against her attacker plans to start a nonprofit, there's a new picture from xiao zhen xie she received more than $1 million in donations and now plans to create a foundation to support the aap i community, the 70- year-old was assaulted on market street last month, she was able to fight off her attacker but she was left certainly with some terrible bruises on her face. her grandson tells kpix 5 that she is finally feeling better
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both mentally and physically. a look at san francisco the school board is back in the spotlight tonight to the group is meeting right now and will likely resend their controversial decision to rename dozens of schools. my some say they lost sight of a bigger goal here. >> reporter: that resolution to resend the renaming of schools in san francisco came after a judge told them they must do so. and in their response in that resolution they called the lawsuit to change the names frivolous but amidst all of that parents say they are still not focusing on the right things. and i is giving kids the right to go back to school. >> while they discuss a resolution to bring students back on campus full-time in the fall, parents say the time is now. >> the cdc says we can safely
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bring back our middle school students, our high school students. >> the district is looking to roll back a proposed renaming of campuses. but only after a lawsuit was filed taking aim not at the cause of removing racist names but the methodology. >> we sent letters to them. explaining what they had done was inconsistent with the law and how they could fix it but they just ignore those letters. so we had to file suit. >> all of this comes less than a week after board member allison stripped of her vp role and committee assignments over tweets many viewed as racist. had levied a multimillion dollar lawsuit against her fellow board members. >> there is potential first amendment claim there, i don't think it will be successful at all because she is in a policymaking position. >> parents say the focus of the board is not on students at all. >> the most important thing for the school board to do is to educate our children. at is the one job and they seem to have completely lost sight of that. >> bother private school
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counterparts are back in person, they are left on jim and struggling. >> i don't know any of my teachers. i feel like i used to be a really great student and this year i have lost all my motivation. >> the superintendent vincent matthews announced his retirement at the end of the school year the school board has asked him to stay on one more year. expect to hear more tonight as this meeting continues. kpix 5. you know the sound right now the city of alameda considering a ban on those leaf blowers. city council meeting to talk about it started a few minutes ago. supporters say that the gas powered machines are noisy and they contribute to climate change. annex of the band say they are necessary for cleaning up yards in the streets. oakland, mill valley and los altos have passed similar bands.
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worker had to be rescued after he was hit by a falling tree it happened a few hours ago, near pescadero. the man fell down nearly 300 feet with a steep hill, rescue crews were able to get to him he was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. up next, reality tv to the recall election, another republican may try to unseat governor newsom. scary moments inside one bay area airport, the suspect who caused delays for travelers for hours. >> i saw the knife up to his throat. >> are april 1 fuel sample indicated that the fuels are very dry. >> but first bay area wildfire experts are now testing how dry our plans are. and the results are not good. new criminal charges tonight for pg and e the ruling for this devastating bay area wildfire.
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quite a bit of fog and now it's trying to make its way back to the golden gate but that makes for a beautiful respective temperatures all over the place, 50s, 60s and 70s on the map earlier this afternoon. tomorrow, similar temperatures will take a look at
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new trouble for pg&e tonight at the utility now is facing criminal charges for its role in the 2019 kincaid fire. district attorney announced it has filed 33 criminal counts against pg&e. the company is accused of recklessly causing the fire that started at the geysers geothermal field. the fire burned more than 120 square miles destroyed 374 buildings. and tonight there is new
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research prompting a warning heading into fire season. craig from san jose state university's fire weather research lab told me earlier today things could get worse this summer. because of very dry samples of fuel or wildland vegetation. >> is a manual process you have to drive out to the mountains, dry it so you get a fuel moisture content and the information goes into our fire danger rating system that is used throughout the united states. so that's the process and what we have found for april 1 is pretty grim in terms of fire danger for the coming season. and our april 1 fuel sampling trip indicated that the fuels are very dry. and this is the time of year when those fuels should have the most moisture content of the season. they are actually the lowest that we have ever measured for april. paul hagan is here and savvy paul we are staying dry for a while. >> drought conditions continue
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and it's important to keep in mind there is really only one way that they naturally start and that is with lightning, the rest is up to us. drought conditions pretty much where they have been since the atmospheric river moved in in late january which should shrink that area a little bit but it still here for much of the counties. the rest of the bay area in an area of moderate drought, the latest update came out last thursday we will get another update the day after tomorrow. but we don't have any rain chances to speak of in the near future or even further down the line and the extended forecast there is an outside chance that the fog would be thick enough to register a trace of moisture but that's not actual rain. otherwise 0% as we had through the weekend into early next week which means the pollen count is still going to be skyhigh for the foreseeable future. there are plenty of other types of pollen in the atmosphere and now on the hoods of all of our cars if you parked outside, those high temperatures from
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today did manage to climb up into the 50s or along the coast and bay, 60s for san jose and fremont and 70s further inland which is all in all fairly close to average for this time of year a bit more of a spread than we usually see in april right now as we look towards the tower which is being enveloped by fog the temperature stay mostly in the 50s it is the mid 60s still but you are the outlier on the warm side still 52 degrees downtown san francisco and 57 degrees right now in oakland. temperatures tonight will drop down into the 40s to early tomorrow morning the very cool spots in the map into the upper 30s briefly in the valleys of the north bay but mostly low to mid 40s inland with upper 40s around the bay and around the coast. it will be more low cloud cover than fog for most of us now some of the higher terrain spots will poke up into that low cloud cover that's where you will see the reduced visibility's and it wi tall its time backing up. it will happen the fog shrinking as we had through the late morning hours tomorrow but it doesn't really back up towards the coast until about noon a little bit later than
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what happened today so temperatures will be may be a degree or two cooler further inland. upper 60s further inland that's close to normal for this time of year let's zoom in for a closer look mid 50s right along the coast, even that might be a stretch he barely made that level today, temperatures in the low to mid 60s for the south end of the bay and upper 60s to around 70 the santa clara valley, east of the diablo range you will see some of the warmer spots or above 70 degrees a mix of upper 50s and low 60s around the bay with mid 60s for the north bay. temperatures warm up once we get past the work week mid 70s inlet saturday and sunday with mid 60s around the bay and even close to 60 along the coast that warmer air will stick around for at least the first couple days next week. another update coming up at 11. here's a look at your top headlines at the white house tonight, president biden has moved up the date when all adults will be eligible to get the vaccine. instead of may 1 the president says it will happen april 19. and despite some problems with demand outpacing supply, the
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white house still says there will be enough doses. >> i believe by the end of the summer we will have a significant portion of american public vaccinated. >> mlb's power play to move this year's all-star game to denver is infuriating republicans the league foldout of holding it in atlanta over objections to george's controversial new voting law, critics say it will restrict access for people of color. >> and it's irritating a lot of republicans. >> we are grateful they took a look at these issues. and spoke up. >> tonight arkansas has become the first state to ban gender treatments, hormone therapy and surgeries for transgender youth, under 18. lawmakers voted to override the governor's veto opponents are now promising swift legal action before it takes effect this summer. and tonight caitlin jenner is considering a run for governor of california.
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the former reality tv star and olympian is apparently talking to political consultants about running as a republican. she had been a trump supporter up until a few years ago. former san diego mayor, kevin has announced his run for governor. both are republicans. and we will find out at the end of this month if they are still enough signatures to trigger a recall. >> thanks liz, up late, vision for downtown san jose it is much clearer tonight, the plans just released that are drumming up some excitement. if anybody could really make a dent in the problem it is them. >> they decided that they would deploy a taser. >> how crisis negotiators were able to de-escalate a scary situation for travelers inside a busy bay area airport terminal. what is going on with the oakland a's, why they still have high hopes even though
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they still haven't won. >> it seems like everything could majestic mountains... scenicic coastal h highways.. fertile e farmlands.s...
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there'e's lots t to love about calilifornia. so put o off those c chores and ususe less enenergy frfrom 4 to 9 9 pm when l less clean n energy is availabable. becacause that''s power r down .
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traffic security incident caused a scary trip for travelers at the oakland airport authority say that a man who was dealing with mental health crisis entered one of the terminals and threatened to end his life with a knife.
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the terminal was evacuated for several hours. >> i looked in the window and i saw a man in a gray sweatshirt, tall and he i physically saw the knife up to his throat unfortunately. >> they started to close in on him a little more and a little more and decided that they would try to go hands-on with him but again he was very agitated. at the last minute they decided that they would deploy a taser. >> authorities were able to get that man into custody, some flights were delayed but operations b back to normal tonight. tonight new details are emerging about the massive new google village plan for san jose. it's for the site near dear don station known as downtown west, plans for the new urban village show offices, shops, parks and affordable housing. google is pledging to spend another $200 million on community benefits like parks and open spaces. >> it's good that google is doing more. okay? but they can do more, if anybody can really make a dent
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in the problem it's google. >> there will be neither a supplicant nor a savior of our city. they would rather be a community partner. >> backing the plan, the city councils expected to make a final decision on the development later on this month. why the a's aren't that worried despite having some of the worst stats in the majors.
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fofor the bestst reverse m morte solutions. . call now so you can... retire better baseball fans the a's last win in front of the home fans, september 21, 2019 they are 0- 5 this season, they're hoping to get their first win tonight against the dodgers and clayton kershaw statistically the a's have the worst pitching staff in baseball they have been outscored 45-12. the team batting average in
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fact 172 but they won the division last year so nobody hitting the panic button just yet. >> it seems like everything that could go wrong has at this point. we also know we have a whole lot of baseball left. so, i think everyone, the mood in the clububhouse is steady. >> we know we are a good team and it was just a little funk. we will be running. >> one game at a time. as for the san francisco giants, they are in san diego tonight. with a 2-2 record their home opener friday 130 against the rockies. season just getting going. thank you for watching the news continues streaming
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all. thank you, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from ohhh, long island, new york, it's the champs, it's the drury family. [cheering and applause] and they're back. from shreveport, louisiana, it's the hunter family. [cheering and applause]
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