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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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stretcher through a field. no word yet on the extent of that person's injuries. this is happening near botana state park around the area of cloverdale and canyon road. another live look from chopper 5 for you. we will stay with the map to show you where it is. that medevac helicopter did take the victim to the hospital. we will get further details as it is on the move and bring you those developments as we get them. developing out of san mateo county, where eight swatting call forth a high school and abbott into lockdown . they said they got a call from a young man who said he was holed up at menlo atherton high school . he was armed with weapons and ammunition. a short time later, police received another call from the same person, saying he was held up at a house and was threatening to shoot. authorities say they did not take any chances, searched the home and school, and found nothing. students were finally able to
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leave campus about an hour ago. a traffic alert now . folks headed eastbound on 580 , a crash in the clearing state is causing this large backup on the richmond bridge . one lane was blocked earlier by an overturned car. take a look at the traffic map for you now. officials advising drivers you better find a different way to go. the richmond bridge commute always a tough one this hour, and it's even worse tonight. june 15th, that is the day california could get back to pre-pandemic life. governor newsoms set that day to lift restrictions and reopen the state's economy. kpix 5's kenny choi reports on what it will take to get there, kenny? >> reporter: all indications point to business as usual, and the state fully reopening by mid-june, but the big if is whether vaccine supply, hospitalizations, and other metrics continue to trend in the right direction. like weaving through a maze, getting a vaccine appointment even when eligible has been a
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challenge for many. >> it was completely random. i've been trying a week or two to get an appointment, and i just hopped on the website yesterday and was able to get it. >> reporter: fully reopening businesses and the economy by june 15th is the goal, with more supply anticipated in the coming weeks, and millions more 16 and over the coming eligible by midmonth. >> we will be moving beyond the blueprint can be getting out of the colored steers . we will be moving past the dimmer switch. >> reporter: 2.5 million doses went into the arms of californians last week. some doses have been administered so far, with 4 million going to disadvantaged areas. 30+ million doses are anticipated by the end of april. >> we are looking 10 weeks out that the expectation, the vast majority of people that want, we believe everyone who wants the vaccine will have an opportunity not only to receive the vaccine will have that second the does . >> reporter: the push to fully reopen this being questioned. >> i understand the economy needs to roll-on and needs to
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open , but i am still a little connectable about the variants. >> about a third of the states across the country have lifted their mask mandates or have never had them in place. when do you anticipate the state of california lifting that mask mandate? >> we are not anticipating lifting the mandate . we think wear masks, it's the most and powerful nonpharmaceutical medication we can do to minimize the spread of this disease. >> what did the governor say about fema and the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum? >> reporter: that site will remain open, but fema's role will be diminished in a matter of days . in terms of supply, fema will end that coming up on sunday, but the governor did say today that the state try to extend that date and asked them to continue its supply roll, but that will be changed. the state will now match the allocation that alameda county and cost account to conti, the amount the allocate to that site
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. so it is a partnership with the state and local counties. it will be a little different, but the governor emphasizing we're in a much different state today than when that mass vaccination site opens up at the coliseum way back when. >> all positive news . thank you, kenny. here's a look at where the bay area stands right now. three more counties are moving into the state's orange tear. napa, sonoma, contra costa county has joined the majority of the area . they will be allowed to ease restrictions, so what does that mean? restaurants can up the capacity to 50% for indoor dining. bars, wineries can also reopen outdoors with limits. as of right now, solano county is the only bay area county still in the more restrictive red tier. we brought you the governors update live on cbsn bay area. you can stream it 24/7 by going to or the kpix 5 news app. president biden wants to make all adults eligible to
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get vaccinated by april 19th. that is earlier than his previous may first timeline . the administration reached another milestone . 150 million shots in the first 75 days. most states have announced they will make all adults eligible this month, but demand continues to outpace supply. the white house still says there will be enough doses by the end of may. >> i believe by the end of the summer, we will have a significant portion of the american public vaccinated. >> the administration said in april 19th, the deadline to more there everts doubled, and it will be distributing vaccines. new at 5:00 on the more trouble for pg&e, that utility now facing criminal charges for its role in the 2019 kincaid fire. sonoma county district attorney announcing it has filed 33 criminal counts against pg&e, accusing the company recklessly causing the fire that started
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at the geysers' geothermal field, northeast of geyserville. that fire burns more than 120 square miles, destroyed more than 370 buildings. six firefighters were also injured, battling that inferno. in a recent criminal case, pg&e pleaded guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter for its role in the camp fire in 2018 . now, pg&e said it will accept cal fire's finding that a transmission line caused the kincaid fire, but in a statement, adds, "we do not believe there was any crime here. we remain committed to helping those impacted and further to reduce wildfire risk on our system." let's take a life look at the oakland airport, where operations are back to normal this afternoon. terminal one was evacuated this morning after a security incident. kpix 5's emily turner reports on what happened. >> reporter: it was a very tense moment, and it all took place right here near this baggage carousel . that is ultimately where he was taken
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down. now, just down here, you can see flights are back to normal, and everything at least at the airport at this point is back, business as usual . terminal one of the oakland airport came to a standstill this morning, stranding travelers and delaying flights. a man in a mental health crisis with threatening to kill himself, so police evacuated of the terminal, locked it down, and tried to talk him down. >> i looked through the window, and i saw a man in a gray sweatshirt, tall, and i physically saw the knife up to his throat unfortunately . >> reporter: for more than three hours, christ negotiators talk to him with little success . that's when they changed tactics and took him into custody just before 10:00 a.m. >> they started to close in on him a little more and a little more and decided they would try to go hands-on with him, but again, he was very agitated. at the last minute, they decided they would deploy a taser . >> reporter: deputies don't know what started it or who he is but say they had to wrestle
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the knife away from him. he did manage to cut his neck before he was taken to custody and away in an ambulance. the terminal finally, then, reopens. >> we were waiting a while now, and obviously, he is more important than my flight, so i'm okay with waiting . >> reporter: emily turner, kpix 5. >> airport official told us there were only a few flight delays during the ordeal. they were able to travel funnel travelers through other terminals. the asian grandmother who fought back against her attacker in san francisco plans to start a nonprofit. here's the new picture of xiao zhen xie. she received more than $1 million in donations, and now she plans to create a foundation to support the aapi community. the 70-year-old was assaulted on market street last month . she was able to fight off her attacker, but was left with terrible bruises on her face . her grandson said she's feeling better mentally and physically and should make a
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full recovery. the man accused in the deadly attack of an elderly asian man in oakland face a judge today. deionte bailey was expected to enter a plea but his lawyer asked for more time. another court date set for later this month. he's accused of robbing and punching pac . the 75-year-old is left brain-dead and was taken off life support. bailey is charged with so special circumstance more and has been denied bail. get into the newsroom, san mateo county has become a zero tolerance hate zone . the county board of supervisors adopted that plan today after some crimes against the aapi community. it's going to allow the county district attorney to coordinate with surrounding law enforcement agencies. in minneapolis, training officers took the stand and derek shelton's murder trial . a specialized and crisis intervention and use of force. and cbs reporter michael george says they were highly critical of chauvin's restraint of george boyd. >> reporter: a minneapolis police officer who trained
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derek shelton on how to perform approved the next strains took the witness stand. >> is this an mpd trained neck restraint? >> no, sir . >> reporter: the defense showed various angles of george boyd's arrest and suggested the position was actually an approved facedown handcuffing position. and that chauvin's knee was not on floyd's neck, but rather, on his shoulder blade. >> does this . to be a prone hold that an officer may apply with his knee? >> yes. >> reporter: floyd repeatedly told chauvin he could not breathe in the moments leading up to his death last may. >> reporter: defense attorney
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eric nelson cross-examined the medical support coordinator about how the crowd at the scene could have affected shaman's ability to render emergency aid. >> one thing that you train officers to do in the administration of first eight is to consider other circumstances, right? >> correct, you would have to make sure your scene is safe before you're able to render aid. >> reporter: earlier, floyd's family held her prayer even outside of the minneapolis courthouse, joined by ben crump and the reverend, al sharpton. >> we get the verdict and disconnection? we will be able to breathe. >> the judge heard motions about whether floyd's friend, maurice hall, who was with him when he was arrested will be called to testify. >> he was in the car. that puts them in close proximity to mr. floyd and close in time before he is alleged to have ingested drugs . >> reporter: the judge that he will make a final decision on the matter later this week. michael george, cbs news. >> maurice hall told the court he will refuse to testify if he is called to the witness stand to avoid incriminating himself. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new twist in the effort to recall the governor here at the hollywood celebrity who may be
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jumping into the race. and s south bay fast food restaurant erupt in flames. the disturbing pattern that has investigators looking into arson. the a's making history for the wrong reasons . the team weighs in on a rough start to the season . at least the weather is looking good for the a's game this season . there is the non- june gloom hang above the coast and the golden gate is going to move back in as we head to the rest of tonight. lots of sunshine further
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new at 5:00, axios is reporting that kaitlyn jenner is considering to run for governor in california. the former reality tv star is reportedly talking to political consultants . jenner, a republican, had been a trump supporter up until a few years ago , when she penned an op-ed in the washington post," saying trump made trans people into
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political pawns . she transitions back in 2015. this report comes as governor knutson faces a recall election. former san diego mayor kevin faulkner announced his run for governor. businessman john cox as well, both republicans. we will find out whether there are enough valid signatures to put a recall on the ballot. arkansas is banning gender treatments and surgeries for transgender youth. it is the first states to do so . lawmakers there voted to over ride the governor's veto . the measure prohibits doctors from providing hormone treatment, puberty blockers, or surgery to anyone under the age of 18. opponents have bound to sue to block the measure before it takes effect this summer. major league baseball has tapped denver as the site for this year's all-star game . the announcement comes after the league canceled plans to play that game in atlanta . cbs reporter skyler henry on how politics is playing a role. >> reporter: major league
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baseball announced coors field in denver will host this year's all-star game on july 13th. the mlb says it chose the colorado rockies home stadium because they were already in a bidding process to host the future all-star game. oh we're ready to get this together and have a great experience quickly . >> reporter: the league withdrew it from georgia's truist park. activist are please. >> we are grateful that major league baseball took a look at these issues and spoke up loudly . >> reporter: while georgia's law does expand access to early voting statewide, it shrinks the window for sending absentee ballots, limits the number of ballot drop boxes, and gives more control of election to georges lawmakers, who are majority republican. colorado estimates the all-star game will bring in $190 million , money that would otherwise have gone to the peach state. a number of corporations are joining major league baseball and condemning georgia's law,
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including american airlines and two atlanta-based companies, delta airlines and coca-cola. >> what i think it is doing is irritating a whole lot of hell fans. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell double down on his message for ceos. >> my warning, if you will, to corporate america is to stay out of politics. it is not what you are designed for . >> reporter: come at the issue, now putting a political spin on the old ball game. skyler henry, cbs news, washington. >> colorado is one of the easiest dates for voting. mailing ballots are sent to every voter . the state has the second highest percentage of voter turnout in the presidential election . >> reporter: two neighbor sailors were shooting in frederick, maryland . military confirms it was a navy medic who opened fire . police say the suspect used a rifle to shoot the two sailors. he then drove to a military base about 10 minutes away. he made it through the gate and onto the property before being confronted and killed by base personnel. >> they were able to stop him in the parking lot.
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he then ran and brandished a weapon, and our police department was able to neutralize the subject. >> our suspect has been identified as 38-year-old fantahoon, middle game gurna. >> the two victims were airlifted to the hospital . so far, no word on a motive. arson investigator trying to determine what caused the fire at a san jose wienerschnitzel. this happened earlier this morning. the restaurant is on story road in mcginnis avenue. firefighters say this is the third time the fast food joint has burned. there's video of how video looks now . crews began repairing that restaurant . you can see flames tore through the roof of the building . luckily, police say, nobody was hu. when talking about the
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weather today, it depends where you were . if you are closer to the water, it was chilly, but further inland, it was pleasant. >> things warmed up inland, and even if you stayed in one spot, things went very as the clouds that hung out to start retreated towards the coast, but they did not make their way all the way off the coast. this is the satellite perspective, and that is the low cloud cover and fog hanging right along the coast. only about 52 degrees in pacifica right now . farther inland, abundant sunshine . we will see clouds filling in as we head into the rest of the night and spilling into the inland valleys tomorrow morning . it will back up toward the coast but take an hour or two longer than it did today , and that hour or two makes a difference in terms of temperature, so probably a couple degrees cooler across the board. the fog hanging out in the coast around noon tomorrow. we may see a clearing trend by the customer afternoon . the onshore wind is still going to be with us throughout the day tomorrow , occasionally gusty. not too bad for the first part
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of the day. the strongest gusts 20 miles an hour, but the strongest gusts taking in and more the 20 to 35 mile an hour range in the strongest gusts . this in store wind will be cooler . of sunshine over is the downtown san francisco with the cloud cover hanging out in the background , lurking, waiting to move back in. it will last the sun goes downtown. it is of the a degrees right now in oakland, low 60s for san jose and a wide variety of temperatures, thanks to that strong, onshore breeze. for most of us, it's at least a little bit warmer than when we were 24 hours ago, especially further inland where the clouds and fog burned off of it quickly. two or 3 degrees warmer around the bay itself. tomorrow, you can put a minus sign in front of those numbers. we will be cooler this time wednesday evening. temperatures aren't going to be a whole lot different than the are right now . there's going
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to be a noticeable breeze. temperatures in the upper 30s for the first a's pitch in an hour and 20 minutes. a few clouds to start again, but the low cloud cover and fog is going to be trying to approach the east bay as we head into the evening and overnight tonight. temperatures tonight drop down to the 40s. it is just a bit in the chilly side in the valleys of the north bay. high temperatures tomorrow, not quite as warm as today . the warmest spots barely above 70 degrees . the coolest spots along the coast , once again, struggling to make it through the 50s, but we will start warming up a bit thursday, and near-normal temperatures friday before more substantial warm-up arrived in time for the weekend. it is not going to feel like summertime, but it should be noticeably warmer. mid-60s around the bay with upper 50s to around 60 degrees along the coast. does mild temperatures should stick around at least the first couple of days next week. no rain chances headed our way. some of the long-range data is pointing at a chance of rain beyond the scope of the seven- day forecast, but it's about 11
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or 12 days down the line. a forecast date that far advanced is notoriously sketchy. we are not quite done with the rain chance this week yet, but time is starting to tick down on us a little bit. i will have another update coming up at 5:30. the a's find themselves on the wrong side of franchise history. what the team is saying in the middle of their winless start.
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it is fans became the first to watch live sports in over a year, and they are still waiting on a win. >> last night at the coliseum, the doctors beat them, 10-3. more on the historically slow start. >> the a's last win if you are scoring at home, september 21st, 2019, and issue so far in 2021? hitting, pitching, and defense
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has been a witness protection . statistically, they got the worst pitching staff in baseball, and they have been outscored 45-12 in 5 games. team batting average, .172, worst in the american league . easily won the division last year. what is the clubhouse reaction now? >> seems like everything that could go wrong has at this point. >> we also know we have a whole lot of baseball left, so i think everyone -- the mood in the clubhohouse is steady eddie >> we know we'r're a good team, and it's just a little funk . we will be rolling . >> you want some historical context? here it is . the a's have been your-5 2 other times in franchise history . in 1987, they finished the season anyone- 81, but in 1979, he ended up losing 108 games . both of
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these years, the a's won their sixth game, so if they want to avoid going 0-6, they're going to have to beat the world series doctors in just an hour. if you want to take a wild guess as to which team has the worst start in big-league history? i am throwing this to the anchors. spoiler alert. i was working in that tv market when it happened. >> virginia, baltimore? >> ding, ding, ding! baltimore orioles, 1988. >> i was going to say cups. >> melted down before my eyes. i was really screamed at by frank robinson, the manager. but that is the story for another time, and we have a lot of time to kill. >> i want to hear that one! we're bringing it back to you for that one. more local news at 5:30. the grim outlook for the upcoming fire season. bay area experts tell us what they are learning from plants that could give us a preview of
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. a major boost in tourism in wine country . the excitement over the return of indoor
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winetasting. bricks thrown on the highway. now, a break in the series of frightening attacks in contra costa county. new research , telling us we're in for another dangerous a fire season. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm allen martin. new research, prompting a warning into fire season . craig clement from san jose universities fire research lab said things could get worse this summer. >> i expect the fire season this summer to be pretty bad. we may not see the amount of acres burned as we saw last year in 2020 because that was associated with a lot of lightning. we sampled the wildland fuels twice a month, and our april 1st fuel sampling trail indicated the fuels are very, very dry, and this is the time of year those fuels should have the most moisture content of the season, and they are actually the lowest we have measured for


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