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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  April 6, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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again. why the board is planning to reverse course in just a matter of hours. plus a federal civil rights lawsuit set to be filed against contra costa county city. and a mass vaccination site saved by the vice president. the announcement just made. thanks for joining us this morning. it is tuesday, april 6th. we could see a shift in tiers today. there is another count dwla could go orange. we have a lot to talk about. >> good morning to you. a cool and breezy day on top on this tuesday. darren joins us now with today's forecast. good morning. >> good morning. you throw in clouds in that description, too. a little less in the way of clouds. it will be a bit breezy. here are the headlines. it is a cloudy start once again today. we are waking up to that for
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sure. if you are near the water, it will be breezy. low clouds, visible from our camera. that is 880 right there and that is all clouds over head. it stays that way when you get into inland alameda. the one location on this right now when we look at the currents there is a cloud for all of these except concord. waking up to clear skies right now. that is a good sign, too. it was cloud grow everybody yesterday and you can see how widespread it is from taking a quick over view. daytime highs today as we clear it earlier we will go to the low 70s for inland spots. [ indiscernible ] you seeing any trouble on the road? >> yeah, i sure am. you see all that bumper to bumper traffic already starting to build for that ride westbound heading into san francisco. you will have brake lights pass
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this point as well. that morning commute in full swing for that right ride out of the east bay into san francisco. also seeing a few brake lights off the east shore freeway. slow ride into the pass. it is the usual stuff here out of tracey getting an to 580. we are getting first reports of a crash. traffic busy this way. new now to the coronavirus this morning. california is poised to reach a major goal in the vaccine roll out. this one focused on equity. sometime today the state will reach four million doses administered in the move economically disadvantaged areas. now once that happens health officials are going to relax the requirements for counties to
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advance in the reopening tiers. meaning they will get more privileges. taking a live look at oakland right now where the coliseum mass vaccine site will remain open. the facility is run by fema and cal oes. it was supposed to shutdown next sunday which would have been four days before eligibility opens up to every californian 16 and older. this reversal was announced by vice president kamala harris yesterday during her first visit to the bay area since taking office. we are still waiting for more details on exactly how long it will remain open. right now four bay area counties are in the state's red reopening tier. we are going to learn later on this morning usually around noon whether anymore bay area counties will be advancing to the orange tier loosening restrictions.
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. also in the north bay the napa city council will take all proposal to require called hazard pay for grocery workers. the idea is to compensate workers for the risks they are taking through frequent interactions with the public. as schools reopen across the bay area, one district is stuck battling challenges outside the classroom. kpix joins us live from san francisco usd headquarters with the vote happening today. emily. >> yeah. san francisco unified is working to repair its reputation and its relationship with the community. all of this has to do with renaming several schools in san francisco. now it is all about those names of the schools. rather than actually do that today the board is expected to reverse its decision to change the name of 44 schools that are either in their opinion named for racist, sexist or somehow
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otherwise unjust character. all of this is an effort to avoid costly litigation and to tone down outrage. in a meeting happening today the board will vote on rescinding the january decision to strip those names. the resolution said the board will revisit the matter after all students have returned to in person learning. critics blasted the board for some of its targets and its timing. >> they didn't open any biographies on any of these people and they are famous historical figures. sometimes it looks like they got the name wrong, they got the wrong person. >> and by the way san francisco unify second-degree one of few school districts that doesn't have a plan to get kids back into the classroom yet.
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one of the few cities, major u.s. cities that does not have that plan to get kids back in the classroom. little bit later this afternoon students from middle school high school will be showing up to the school board asking them to let them be back to in perp learning. back to you. happening today a federal civil rights lawsuit is set to be filed against city of danville over the shooting death of a man by police. police shot wilson on march 11th. officers claim he pulled a knife and advanced toward them when they tried to talk to him. however his family claim wilson is mentally impaired. a witness said he did not charge at the officers. civil rights attorney is expected to release never before seen video of the shooting today. we have reached out to the city of danville for comment on the civil rights suit and have not heard back. 6:06. today the suspect in a deadly attack against an elderly asian man oakland is set to enter a
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plea. that suspect is aused of robbing and punching 75-year-old pack while he was out for his morning walk last month. the attack left the victim brain dead and he was later taken off life support. bailey is charged with special circumstance murder and has been denied bail. also today the san mateo county board of supervisor social security e -- supervisors is set to meet. this all comes as one san francisco bar owner is getting death threats over accusations of asian hate after an 18-year-old filipino decent was punched in the face. the owner said it is an unfortunate attack that happened outside of his bar and he said it has nothing to do with racism. he asked c.j. to leave several times because he was underage. well the young man acknowledges
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the owner told him to leave but he refused. that is when a bystander took matters into his own hands and punched that man. >> their son shouldn't have been hit. we had nothing to do with it. there was no threat. no threat. i was completely caught off guard by it. >> the man who was punched mom created this tiktok video. the viral video has led to hundreds of negative reviews of the bar after that incident. sf pd has not named the suspect but said they have -- they say they have arrested somebody for assault and battery. the stanford woman's basketball team still basking in the glow of their historic victory this morning. their first national championship title in nearly three decades. >> thank you everything, sanford. >> take a look. they received a warm welcome
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back yesterday after sunday's big win against arizona. the victory came down to the last seconds and buzzer of the game when arizona failed to convert their play. the stanford women won by one point. >> how does it feel? >> it is awesome. it is awesome. we are smiling. >> it was electric in the room. i was wild. people were so happy. everyone was jumping up and down. the last second it was wild. >> yeah, pretty wild for sure. for the first time in almost two years men's college basketball has a new champion. baylor defeated gonzaga 86-70 last night in the ncaa final. the bears jumped out to an early lead and never trailed against previously unbeaten zags. >> this is a heartbreaking loss. >> tragic trip to the beach for a mother and daughter working in bay area schools. what we are learning about the deadly crash. and we are starting to see a
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little more sun breakthrough those clouds now. sunrise coming up about 6:45. what is with those clouds? how long are they sticking around today? we will time that out. it will be a little different than yesterday's gray out was coming up in the forecast. a trouble spot on the upper deck of the bay bring causing a back up at the
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whicich means every y fruity skekewer is likike another r sweet nal inin the rebuiuilding of our e economy. hahammer away y craftsman.. calling alall californrnians. keep youour vavacation herere and help o our state get backck to work.. and pleaease travavel responsnsibly. welcome back. breaking news right now at 6:13 in san jose. a fire at a fast food restaurant and a possible arson investigation. this is new video. this fire broke out just about an hour or so ago. this is on story road. roadways are closed right now in that area. we are hearing this location has caught fire several times recently new video out of indonesia in morning shows of the
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devastation following flash floods triggered bay tropical cyclone. at least 128 people were killed. rescue teams continue to search for dozens of others still missing this morning. efforts are underway right now to speed up disaster relief and restore power. developing news this morning, the investigation continues after a mother and daughter died when their car plunged off a cliff. the mother worked at the elementary in san ramon. her daughter was a teacher in pleasanton. it happened over the weekend. their vehicle plunged off a cliff. investigators then found the bodies of 64-year-old mary and her 41-year-old daughter elizabeth. she was a 1st grade teacher. >> she was really understanding. she had a loving motherly type feel. she was really fun to be around.
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she was good teacher. >> this is a heartbreaking loss. she has been part of our community for over 15 years. >> the district will offer counseling to the school community when it returns from spring break. they are still looking into any possible medical issues or mechanical problems with the vehicle. this was the scene outside a restaurant in campbell. the fire was contained quickly but not before leaving the restaurant with smoke, fire and water damage. >> so the fire appears to have started in the restaurant opt corner here and then call some damage to the adjoining struck sures. >> no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. fire crews say there is no evidence of arson. today san francisco transportation officials will vote on whether to expand the
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slow streets program to include less affluent neighborhoods. more than two dozen roadways have been closed to through traffic. they are mainly in higher income areas. they are considering adding more streets. they will vote on the nine finalists today. i know for some familis that has been a god send. i have a friend who lives out in the valley and feels like she gained a backyard with that program lets head over to check in how the commute is shaping up. what you got? >> it is a tough this one morning. we have police activity near treasure island. there is some emergency crews on scene as well. not a lot of details. that right lane is blocked. i did see a lot of activity
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there as well. lots of car in those couple of lanes. somewhere heads up it is causing the back up there at the bay bridge. we are starting to see those delays now extending on to the east shore freeway. slow and go there. you will see those brake lights as you pass treasure island. once you passed that point things look a lot better. give yourself sometime. taking a look at traffic here as you head into the pass, looking at our map we are seeing a lot of red here on our sensor. a slow ride coming out of tracey, well beyond mountain house. looks like it is right around 11th street. you tapping the brake lights again as you connect over from the dublin interchange. a little slow westbound 580. if you are headed south there is a trouble spot on that northbound side of 680 right
6:18 am
before bernal avenue. i do have some better news report. look at this. look at our speeds heading through san jose. looking loot better -- a lot better. it is 6:17. time check your forecast. here is darren peck. good morning. >> good morning. we are coming up on sunrise in just about 30 minutes or so. that will happen at 6:47 this morning. we are seeing some light breakthrough from our cameras. if we look at the van teenage point we got from our view that over looks the city from the top of the mark hopkins hotel, plenty of clouds out there this morning. much like yesterday we are all waking up to gray skies. it won't last as long today as it did yesterday. we will clear these clouds back sooner. we will get it back to the
6:19 am
beaches by late afternoon. look at the pay off of the clouds. it is relatively warm out there this morning. coldest spot is in the mid 40s up in the north bay. if you watch the future cast on the clouds, slowly dissolving as we get towards about 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. most of us should be looking at clear keys if not breaking up the clouds and getting to clear. with the more sunshine, the daytime highs get higher. inland locations will warm up to the low 70s to day. 68 would be an average daytime high. we will be 72 today. there's a little bit of a dip tomorrow. look at what happens for the rest of the week. going into the weekend we will warm back up into the mid 70s. if we look at today's daytime highs, here in the south bay we will be right on the verge of 7 today. palo alto 68. san mateo will hit 67 on the peninsula. we will be in the low 70s for inland contra costa county. it will be 67 in dublin. livermore goes to 70 today. it will be breezy near the water this afternoon. take that into consideration
6:20 am
with these numbers as we take a look right into the heart of the bay here. that 63 in berkeley, 62 in mill valley comes along with a little bit of a breeze. weak system off the coast. it will just sit there for about the next week. we have a big block over us. there is no rain in our forecast. noun day. you don't see any showing up here either. just that warm up we looked at which really stands out by the time we get to the weekend and day high highs climbing to the mid 70s. we will keep it in the mid to upper 60s for the bay. all right. back over to you. new before and after photos this morning of california's san luis reservoir. you see the area in march of 2017 compared to the same time this year. it is half empty. it used to be at 98% of total
6:21 am
capacity. it is 6:20. winning big right here in the bay area. >> coming up, the lucky santa clara county spot letting a local group cash in big.
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welcome back. it is now 6:24. you see some fog, low clouds looking like summer in the bay area here ton 6th of april. this morning five people are cashing this on an $18 million
6:25 am
lottery ticket. >> it was sold right here in the bay area. this is the lucky spot you are looking at right there. cafe paradise in san jose. a group bought ten super lotto plus tickets all the way back in december. they just came forward. one it was jackpot winner. the group is taking the cash option. no word yet on what they plan to do with their winnings. the store by the way gets $90,000 for selling that winning ticket. >> oh. i think if they still don't know what to do, they could take some inspiration from your suggestion earlier, heading to greece. >> yes. and a bigger suggestion, take us with them. even better. >> yes. i'm in 6:25. coming up in our next half hour on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a $200 million investment in
6:26 am
stan clara county. and the big backwards move that san francisco unified is making.
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breaking news right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a major back up on the bay bridge. we are hearing there is an issue
6:30 am
with a pedestrian on the roadway. we would expect this variant to be -- potentially more transmissible. and the san francisco school board hoping to ditch some hefty cost. what officials hope will happen with the controversial vote. good morning to you. lets get right to that big back up on the bay bridge. what is happening? >> it is a mess of a morning commute. i will show you one of my maps here. we had some police activity possibly involving a pedestrian. emergency crews were called out. the latest from chp is in the process of opening those lanes. the damage is done. we are seeing some very slow
6:31 am
speeds. look at a live look here. it is bumper to bumper as you make that way out of the east bay. delays extending now back on to 580, 880 and coming off the east shore freeway. pack your patience. you need at least 30 minutes to get through just this portion of the morning commute. definitely slow and go there. also one of our slowest spot social security into the pass. there is no accidents here. darren is in today for mary with a look at your forecast. >> happy to say we will have less of a marine layer today than we did yesterday. not is a say we don't have it. it is gray out there. that is the top headline to start. so we are waking up to gray skies. we will see more sun by early afternoon. it will be breezy again near the water. pretty typical when you get an on shore flow like that. that is what it looks like right now. here is what it looks like over 880 showing us the east bay
6:32 am
experiencing this right now. when you look at the currents, it is subtle. look at concord. it is the one spot without a cloud in front of its moon. that tells you we don't have the low clouds over that part of inland contra costa county you can see how widespread it is here pretty much for everybody. when it burns off we have a beautiful day and we are going to the low 70s for daytime highs. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. back over to you. the school board will b reversing a big decision. now this is all about the names of schools or rather the renaming of them. today the board is expected to reverse that decision they made to change the name of 44 schools that they say are either named for racist, sexist or unjust characters.
6:33 am
it is all in an effort to tone down outrage at what critics denounced as ill time activism. in a meeting the board will vote on rescinding that january call to strip the names of figures like abraham lincoln, george washington. the resolution said the board will revisit the matter after all students have returned to in person learning and in the meantime critics were blasting the board for some of its targets and timing. by the way there is still no official date on when kids are going to be back in the classrooms. also happening today here at the school board, middle and high school students , a group will be petitioning the board. that is happening at 2:00. back to you. a live look at the white house where today president biden plans to move up his deadline to make all adults
6:34 am
eligible for a coronavirus vaccine. this comes as all states are in the process of expanding eligibility. today mr. biden is expected to announce 150-00-0000 doses have been administered in the u.s. also this morning researchers working as quickly as possible to learn more about another another pose varin't about -- possible variant found in the bay area. researchers say based off assumptions made about other variants this one is concerning. >> we would expect this variant to be potentially more transmissible. it is concerning that vaccines may be less effective against this variant. we have seen that with other variants of concern. >> for all the latest developments on these variants download the kpix app by scanning the qr code there on
6:35 am
your screen right now. we will show that code to you again in a few minutes as we go to break. the time is now 6:35. stocks soared yesterday. lets take a live look at the big board. the dow is up close to 400 points. the plan also envisions new economic opportunities. the funding is part of a larger google development plan called downtown west. an up kate on that breaking news we have been following in san jose. a fire at a fast food restaurant and a possible arson investigation. the fire broke out at about 4:00 a.m. this is on story road. the fire is out right now and it looks like it started on the second story which is a storage
6:36 am
area. investigators are on scene and die -- today will work to determine what sparked this fire. the city develop add master plan aiming to turn 2,300 acres on the city's northeastern edge into its own community. it would include 13,000 housing units, millions of square feet of commercial use and a regional park. the developer previously selected pulled out of the project last year in march. meantime major league baseball's all-star game will be played at coors field in denver. this venue change is expected to be officially announced later on today. corporate america is getting involved in the debate over georgia's new voting law. last week major league baseball
6:37 am
pulled july's all-star game from atlanta. the controversial law slings the window for sending in absentee ballots, limits the number of ballot drop boxes available to voters, gives more control of local elections to state lawmakers and makes it a crime to give food and water to people waiting in line to vote. . my advice to the corporate ceos of america is to stay out of politics >> our focus is on working with congress to put in place voting rights legislation. >> in protest texas republican governor greg abbott has said he will not throw out the first pitch at the rangers home opener. texas is considering a strict voting law similar to georgia's.
6:38 am
today the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin resumes in about 30 minutes. on monday jury heard testimony from the city's police chief. the chief said chauvin violated his training by pinning his knee on george floyd's neck while floyd was handcuffed and lying on his stomach. he said once there was no longer any resistance applying that level of force is unnecessary. he also said it goes against the department's ethics and values. >> that action is not de-escalation. that action goes contrary to -- to what we are talking. >> a defense attorney cross examined the chief. he sought to show that at the time of the incident last may it was not against policy to use a knee ton neck as a method of restraint. 6:38 now. to the coronavirus again. britain's prime minister saying
6:39 am
england begin to ease some -- [ indiscernible ] limited mixing of household outdoors will be permitted. this morning there are also signs of progress in new zealand. >> you are asking me to give a promo for new zealand. the thing i would say is that we are safe and we cannot underestimate how important that is in this covid-19 world. >> that is new zealand's prime minister trying to emphasis her country is a safe place to visit for international travelers. new zealand will allow quarantined free visits by australian's later this month creating that travel bubble between the two nations. most of australia already allows quarantined free visits from new
6:40 am
zealanders. 20 minutes now before 7:00. >> uber drivers may soon see some changes. why the company might be shaking up some policies that are reportedly hurting business.
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welcome back. it is 6:43 as we take a look at the roadways right now. want to start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. busy ride this morning. we some earlier police activity on the upper deck of the bay bridge. all lanes have been cleared. everything is out of lanes but the damage is done. you have a slow ride coming out of the east bay. you might try bart as an alternate if you want to use the san mateo bridge instead things
6:44 am
are getting crowded here. still only 14 minutes to go 880 and 101. officials say school employees will also get a $500 month stiepenned through the end of the semester. it is 6:44. stocks sitting in negative territory this morning. elise joining us live now in new york with more on the numbers. good morning, elise. >> good morning. well trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. right now the dow is down about 68 points. the nasdaq down roughly 2 points. game stop has no plans to stop
6:45 am
just yet. it plans to sell nearly $1 billion worth of stock to help shift its business model towards e-commerce. shares fell yesterday. the move comes after game stop saw a surge in evaluation earlier this year amid a reddit fuelled rally. if you didn't file your 2017 tax return listen up, you could be at risk of losing out on your chunk of $1.3 billion. the irs said more than 1.3 million tax payers have unclaimed tax returns from 2017. the window to claim the funds closes on may 17th. nearly half of the refunds are worth more than $865. the pandemic prompted the irs to extend this year's filing deadline too may 17th. so folks need to get on it. claim your money. you don't have to tell me twice.
6:46 am
thanks for that. norwegian cruise lines said no one will be allowed to sail on its ships if they haven't been fully vaccinated against covid-19. all passengers crew members will have to show proof they received their last shot at least two weeks before boarding. this morning north korea has become the first country to pull out of the summer olympics. the north sports ministry said it wants to protect its athletes from the coronavirus. these delayed games set to open in july but north korea may not be the last country to withdraw. the host country japan has been seeing a sharp rise in virus cases and a slow domestic vaccination campaign. back here in the bay area uber may start making changes to its driver's policies. allowing the california drivers to see ride destinations before picking up passengers and letting them set pricing has hurt business. the company is considering ending that access which was
6:47 am
approved a year ago in an effort prove the drivers were truly independent contractors it is now 6:47. lets check in now on traffic. >> no relief yet on that bay bridge toll plaza commute. it was dad -- caused by police activity. all lanes are open. the damage is done. it is a slow ride. you have delays beyond the foot of the maze. 580 getting a little slow approaching as well as the east shore freeway and that 880 connecter. definitely give yourself some extra time. san mateo bridge 14 minutes here to go between 880 over towards 101 getting a little bit crowded but moving a lot better than bay bridge commute. taking a look at traffic along westbound 580 through castro valley, that castro val
6:48 am
valley y area starting to see some -- [ indiscernible ] speeds dipping down about 34 miles per hour. keep that in mind if you are headed towards 92. the pass still busy. status quo here with a 47 minute travel time to go from 205 over towards 680. those brake lights start out of tracey and extend well beyond north flynn. we are starting to track brake lights on highway 4. getting busy here as well. we are seeing slow speeds as you head into bay point. just a pocket of slowing on 242 as you head towards that 680 connecter towards pleasant hill this morning. that earlier trouble spot on 680 is now in the clearing stages. it is 648. time to check your forecast. >> it is gray skies once again for about everybody to start this day. it will not last as long as yesterday. it was gray for like until well into the afternoon for most of the bay area yesterday. even though it looks similar now, these clouds will burn off
6:49 am
a little sooner. it looks exact think same here in the east bay. you looking down 880. there is plenty of clouds here. theks tends well into the drive valley as well. one benefit is it has kept the temperatures relatively warm. everybody is in the 40s. in fact mid 40s are the coolest temperatures i have. if we watch the future cast, this stuff will slowly melt back. it takes its time till we get to about 10:00 in the morning. we will start to break it up and then once we get past that it will be sunshine across the board. as result the temperatures climb a little from where they were yesterday. going to be a lot more in the low 70s range. 68 palo alto. 64 hayward. we will hit 68 in milpitas today. we will go to 70 in liver more. 68 in vallejo. remember under a situation like this it will get breezy as we
6:50 am
get into the afternoon the closer you are to water. that will make you feel cool with breeze. if you are inland you don't know that is going on. it will be sunny and low 70s here. clover dale is going to 73. weak system off the coast. big block of high pressure is centered over us. so it is really just a story of marine layer clouds and the overnight hours in the morning burning back to the coast. and then daytime highs climbing into the sunny 70s for most of the inland locations on there that will take us into the weekend. we will stay in the mid to upper 60s for daytime highs for much of the bay. notice coast in the 50s. we have kind of turned a corner here and with this marine layer coming back in and the big differences in temperatures now from 70s inland to mid 50s at the beaches. it is starting to look more like our summer type pattern.
6:51 am
we really just rounded that corner just within about the last week and it looks like it will stay this way for much of this next coming week. all right, back over to you. all right. ten minutes now before 7:00. here is some good news. one of california's most famous flower fields has reopened. >> the tourist attraction about 30 miles north of san diego just opened up after being closed for most of 2020. people from all over flocked here to take selfies. the flower fields also served as a a working farm. the fields are open to the public till may 9th. i can picture you taking all those pictures. >> yeah. i don't know if i will make it down there but we have plenty of beautiful fields here to check out. nine minutes before 7:00. >> next, bay area a possible arson investigation into a bay
6:52 am
area fast food restaurant fire. what crews are just telling us about that early morning fire. good morning to you. ahead on cbs this morning baylor wins. the ncaa men's title spoiling gonzaga's bid perfection. we will be joined by jared butler. also gm plans to stop making gas powered vehicles by 2035. first on cbs this morning we will get rare access to the auto makerers factory to see the future of car making. and what does it mean the be an adult? still asking that question. we will talk with the author of a new book who offers the guide on how to find success in the early stages of adulthood. everybody is trying to grill out. we will see you at 7:00 on the dot. all right. eight minutes now before 7:00. time to take a quick live look outside. little gray out there to start off your tuesday. this is the view of the bay from
6:53 am
our camera on the sales force tower. coming up later on the drew barry more show, mom star allison stops by. that is all today 2:00 here on kpix 5. we will be right back
6:54 am
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four minutes now before 7:00. we are following some breaking news out of the the oakland airport. there are multiple law enforcement agencies on scene right now. this incident is being called critical. our emily turner is on the right now. we will have much or then story soon on our website a fire at a fast food restaurant in san jose may lead to an arson investigation. it broke out at at about 4:00
6:57 am
a.m. on story road. it looks like it starteded -- started on the second story there. today the san francisco school board is expected to reverse its decision on renaming schools. it had voted in january to change the names of 44 schools. now it wants to avoid costly litigation over the issue. president biden is about to move up his deadline. the new date is april 19th, two weeks earlier than expected. this comes as all states are in the process of expanding eligibility. and sometime today california will reach 4 million doses administered. once that happens health officials will relax some requirements to advance in the reopening tiers. we should learn this morning whether anymore bay area counties will advance to the
6:58 am
orange tier, possibly contra costa, sonoma and napa counties. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we talk to actor and director rocky carol about the episode of ncis he directed himself and how the show changed his life. that is at 8:45 this morning. you can watch that on or on the kpix app. the bay bridge toll plaza continues to be one of our busiest spots this morning. lanes are now clear on the upper deck. the damage is done. you have brake lights well into the maze that the point. looking at one of our maps you see all of that red coming off the east shore freeway, 580 as well as 8780. pack your pay she said there. looks better once you are on the upper deck of the bridge. your travel times are pretty slow. now highway 4 seeing a slow ride. pretty dramatically gray when you take a look at the
6:59 am
view. it will not be that way all day. even though it is gray in the east bay and this extends over into the drive valley as well, we will see the clouds break up and clear out earlier today than they did yesterday. that means you will see more sunshine by the late morning into the early afternoon and it will be a little warmer today as a result and then we keep doing the same thing for the next seven days. we will get into the mid 70s in fact for daytime highs. there is no rain on there, not in the next seven days. probably not even through the rest of april. >> going from dramatically gray to a little sunshine in the bay. >> yes. earlier today, too than we did yesterday. good news there. >> i like it. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. don't target the er to -- forget the news continues
7:00 am
all day on cbsn bay area. cbs this morning is coming up next. we will have another local news update for you in about half an hour. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's tuesday, april 6th, 2021. i'm game king, that is anthony mason and tony dokoupil the minneapolis police chief said derek chauvin violated policy by using his knee to restrain george floyd for a long period of time. how prosecutors are using police officials to undermine the defense only on "cbs this morning," a harrowing escape story, survivors described living through an isis siege in the african country of mozambique. breaking news on the showdown over georgia's controversial voting law. after leaving ata,


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