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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 6, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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move that has been in the works for months. an elderly asian man dead after a violent robbery in oakland. the development to day with the suspect accused in the attack. plus a trip to the beach takes a tragic turn. what we are learning about the mother and daughter who spent decades working in bay area schools. good morning. >> good morning to you. another cloudy start but the sun will peek through. >> yeah. sooner today than it did yesterday. yesterday it hung around for most of the bay till we got into the afternoon. should don't that today. it will be around till late morning. top headline is we are waking up to gray skies once again. it is classic marine layer stuff over taking the entire bay area. it will be breezy near the water today. about 15 to 25 mile an hour breeze. that is the view down 880. you see there are plenty of clouds there. if we look at it on the map
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everybody has got them. concord you are reporting clear skies over head. as far as how the rest of the day goes, once we clear the clouds out of here, look at the difference in the temperatures. it will be in the mid 50s at the coast. it will be low 70s inland. 72 for inland spots. we will be in the mid 60s. see you with the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. good morning. it is looking a little busy already if you headed into the pass. we are tracking those brake lights. that is where those brake lights are. give yourself a few extra minutes. other than that, your ride to the interchange is fairly quiet once you are past all those slow and go conditions there. looking at 34 minutes now to go from 205 over towards 680. the rest of our major freeways are looking pretty good. westbound 80, 16 minute. no delays on highway 4. if you are headed through
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fairfield this morning, eastbound 80 there is a closure. all lanes are still closed. this is due to an overnight caltrans project. this will be happening for the next to five days. lanes should be opening up by 6:00 this morning. all right. two minutes after 5:00 and taking a live look at oakland this morning from our sales force tower camera. we now have word the has vaccination site at the coliseum will remain open. the details on how long are unclear. they were supposed to shutdown on sunday. this morning california is set to reach a major equity goal in the vaccine roll out. the state will reach four million dose administered in the most economically disadvantaged
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areas. we should learn whether any additional counties will advance to the orange. right now four counties are in the more restrictive red tier of reopening. sonoma county is likely to advance from the red to the orange as soon as tomorrow. it comes as coronavirus case rates plateau after several weeks of steady decline. happening today, another bay area city is considering hazard pay for grocery store workers. this time it is the napa city council taking up this proposal and that is happening today. the idea is to compensate workers for the risk they are taking through frequent interactions with the public. the napa proposal would require grocery stores to pay those employees an extra $5 an hour. tonight the san francisco school board is expected to scrap a decision on renaming 44
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schools. the board voted in january it would change dozens of school names with any association of slavery, oppression or colonization. a civil suit also claimed the board's decision was a violation of the brown act. a group called families for san francisco says the board also did not do its home work. >> as far as we can tell, they did not open any biographies on any of these people. they are famous historical figures. some times it looks like they probably got the name wrong, they got wrong person. >> well tonight the board is expected to reverse course in part to avoid costly litigation. happening today t suspect in a deadly attack against an elderly asian man in oakland is set to enter his plea. you probably remember this case. the suspect bailey is accused of
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robbing and punching 75-year-old while he was out for his morning walk last month. the attack left the victim brain dead. he was later taken off life support. bailey has been denied bail. also today the san mateo county board of supervisors is set to -- [ indiscernible ] on their agenda is a resolution to condemn hate crimes against the asian and aapi community this all comes as one san francisco bar owner said he's receiving death threats over accusations of asian hate after an 18-year-old was punched in in the face. the owner says its an unfortunate attack that happened outside his bar and had nothing to do with racism. he said he told cj to leave several times because he was underage. the young man acknowledges the owner did ask him to leave but he refused. that is when a bystander and
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patron of the bar took matters into his own hands and punched him. >> you are -- their son shouldn't have been hit. we had nothing to do with it. there was no threat. no threat. i was completely caught off guard by it. >> his mom created this tiktok video which alleges if you are asian, this is the type of service you get waiting for pizza. san francisco police have not name add suspect but say they have arrested someone for assault and battery. in a developing story, we now know it was a mother and daughter who died when their car plunged off a cliff this weekend. over the weekend a silver toyota plunged off the cliff at the west parking lot. investigators found bodies of 64-year-old mary and her 41
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year-old daughter elizabeth. she was 1st grade teacher at the elementary school in pleasanton. >> she was like really understanding. she a loving, motherly type feel. she was really fun to be around and she was a good teacher. >> this is a heartbreaking loss. elizabeth has been apart of our pleasanton community for over 15 years. >> the district will offer counseling to the school community when it returns from spring break. the chp believes the crash was an accident and right now they are looking into possible medical or mechanical issues with that vehicle. it is now seven minutes after 5:00. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, covid vaccines may have an unexpected benefit. how they could provide a shot at relief for patients with a mysterious ailment. >> i knew there was light out there at the end of the tunnel and now i feel like i can almost see that light >> that is why have to say.
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give it a shot. >> as we take a look at the roadways we have brake lights building in fairfield. i will have the latest information coming up. taking a live look outside before we head to break. this is the view looking at the bay this tuesday this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california
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we from been reporting on coronavirus patients with a mysterious ailment known as long hall syndrome. turns out up to 30% of people infected with covid have not fully recovered. on the road to recovery this morning kpix 5 reports they may finally have a shot at relief. >> the bay area out performs most of california when it comes to getting vaccinated against covid. the very shot aimed to prevent the disease may turn out to be a potential treatment. >> bruce discovered he was infected with the new virus. >> the symptoms went away in about ten days and i felt some fatigue. >> a few months later a negative
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test. bruce felt better. he thought it was over. the nightmare was just beginning. >> i began to get a series of new symptoms. >> headaches. it was like two daggers into my temple. >> he is one of many thousands of people in the u.s. who are suffering from what is called long hall syndrome. with it the virus seems to disappear but in its wake it leaves a constellation of persistent debilitating health problems. >> i would be up for an hour or two and need to go back to bed. >> i don't feel like me anymore. >> laura gross, her upbeat personality took a dark turn into a deep sadness. >> i'm a pretty happy little chappy. i don't -- i am not a sad person. it took me away from me. >> laura tested positive a year ago. the virus then appeared to disappear. that is when the terrifying symptoms began. >> i had joint pains, muscle
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aches it could not think straight. >> more than year later they both became eligible to get a covid vaccine. within 72 hours the inexplicable. >> i woke up and i was -- i'm back. >> laura's brain fog lifted as did her mood >> i had so much energy and i was back in my head again. >> it has been a very pleasant surprise. >> bruce was starting to feel better but after getting vaccinated the improvements accelerated. better memory and fewer headaches. >> for the first time in over a year i can now go out and not hike mountains but hike with inclines. >> no one knew if a covid vaccine would exacerbate these problems. >> we were prepared for every terrible side effect. >> diana heads up survivor core. members are covid survivors who
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are highly motivated to share data. >> among 900 long haulers, 14% felt worse. 45% felt no difference. 41% felt better reporting slight relief to complete resolution. >> you could have knocked me over with a feather when we found out that people were actually improving. >> it is really interesting. >> dr. ann is an infectious disease expert. she told kpix 5 some long haulers treated at the medical center are reporting the same benefit. no one knows why. >> i think it is all speculation. >> the vaccine could be clearing out left over viral particles hiding out in the body or resetting a malfunctioning immune system. it might also be doing a better job at creating antibodies. >> we have some evidence to suggest the antibodies maybe higher levels and better quality than the antibodies made from a
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natural infection. >> this demands a lot of study. >> infectious disease expert dr. john said there is no time to waste. long haulers need help. >> it could lead to a bunch of people not functioning well and needing a lot of medical resources. >> as for laura and bruce. >> i knew there was a light out. now i feel like i can almost see that light. >> that is what i have to say. give it a shot. >> back to you. >> they both felt a little crumby after getting vaccinated. to our fire watch now. crews continue battling the springs fire in the angeles national forest. that sparked yesterday afternoon. it has burned about 60 acres and structures including a fire
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training camp are being threatened right now. so far nobody has been hurt and the cause of that fire still under investigation. happening today, san francisco transportation officials will vote on whether to expand the slow streets program to include less flew end neighborhoods for fluent neighborhoods. the board will vote on the nine finalists today. some problem spots out there on the roads. here is a check of traffic. >> hey good morning. we have a few brake lights now as you head through fairfield. this is eastbound 80 near highway 12 and that 680 connecter. this is due to overnight road work. looks like they are picking up the cones early this morning. they expect to to the have things wrapped up by 6:00. looks like lanes are starting to open up but certainly busy. give yourself a few extra minutes if you are traveling
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through fairfield. westbound 80 seems to be doing okay with no brake lights or issues. we will keep an eye on that. also keeping an eye on your commute. it is already a busy one this morning. you have those slow and go condition starting on 2025 right around mountain house extending over into the pass. chp issued a wind advisory overnight. i haven't updated it recently. be extra careful. right now speeds should be down about 17 miles per hour as you work your way near that exit. east shore freeway clear westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze right now checking in at 16 minutes. all clear out of the south bay this morning. no delays through san jose or along the peninsula. overall still a pretty easy commute with no delays out of the east bay. if you are headed out of oakland, emoryville making that trip into san francisco, haven't had any brake lights or issues yet this morning. the san mateo bridge so far so
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good. taillights are headed westbound towards 101 foster city. right now your travel time to go both directions between 880 and 101 is about 13 minutes. it is 5:17. time to check your forecast. >> we are not seeing the clouds quite as far inland or they won't be as persistent today. we will not do that gone day. it will clear a little bit faster. it is still just as cloudy right now as it was yesterday at this time. that is 80. those are clouds. entire east bay is looking at this. the one location i have reporting clear skies over head is concord. everybody else has clouds. that is good because concord you were looking at gray yesterday. if we time it out we will let this play forward. after about 9:00 a.m. they start to clear. we will get them back to the coast and the beaches by the time we get to late morning.
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with all that sunshine we will have daytime highs will climb a little higher. look at the numbers here. we will go up into close to 70 for a lot of these spots. we will go to 69 for santa clara. 68 as you start to get -- for the -- up towards mountain view. it will be in the low 70s inland contra costa county. 70 for pleasant hill. 70 for liver more. we will top out at 68 in vallejo today. the temperatures in the city right near the immediate opening of the bay along the water will stay cool and breezy today. that will make it feel a little more chilly than it otherwise would be. you only going to the upper 50s in some spots. we will get to the mid and upper 60s as soon as you get away from the water. winds are at 70. clover dale 73 today. weak little system still off the coast. look that the thing spinning its
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wheels out there. closer to home we stay under the influence of a center of high pressure which will keep us relatively clear. it will keep this pattern going. if you look across the 7-day forecast there are mid 70s coming our way by the time we get to this next weekend. 76 even by sunday. we will keep the temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for much of the bay. look at how cool it is staying at the coast. this is starting to look a lot more like an early summer pattern where we get big differences in temperatures from the coast to inland and we keep the clouds around for the overnight hours. see you with more on this coming up later. i would like to say it is good news in the forecast but of course the lack of rain means californians may be asked to conserve water again this summer. the city of santa cruz is
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considering restrictions. some of the recommendations from the water commission right now 10% water usage reduction city wide. that is around 136 million gal lons limiting water usage in each household to 37.4 gallons of water per month. the city council will vote on that proposal next week. it is 5:21. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, they split a single lotto ticket and won big. the jackpot for a group of south bay workers. and coming up later at 7:00 on cbs this morning, baylor winning the ncaa basketball title. the tournament's most outstanding player talking about that victory. a look at what is next for electric cars in the eye on earth series. plus a few easy ways to build up the retirement savings. we will be right back.
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onlyly from natuture's bountn. welcome back. time is 5:24. that is looking east at the city of oak land the morning. five people are cashing in an an $18 million lottery ticket
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sold at a san jose restaurant. this was the lucky spot cafe paradise. a group bought ten super lotto plus tickets back in december. one of them hit the jackpot. lottery officials say the group is taking the cash option that ends up being more than $13 million or about $2.75 million each before taxes. no word yet on what they plan to do with their winnings. >> that is amazing for them. congratulations. this morning congrats to the stanford women's basketball team. the cardinal receiving a warm welcome back home yesterday after sunday's big win against arizona. >> thank you for everything! >> it was electric in the room. people were so happy. >> this is the first time they have won the championship title
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since 1992. that was three decades ago. >> about time. >> yes. 5:25 now. >> in our next half hour testimony set to resume for day seven of the derek chauvin murder trial today. the explosive comments made on the stand. and taking a live look outside before we head to break. this is from our camera on top of knob hill on the mark hopkins hotel. i love this shot. you can see the sales
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new developments on the coronavirus variant found right here in the bay area. what experts are now saying.
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baseball's all-star game pulled out of georgia over a new voting law has a new home this morning as the political battle heats up off the field. march madness wraps up. how officials kept the tournament covid safe. and was very exciting game last night. good morning. thanks for joining us tuesday april 6th. i'm ann in for michelle. >> and i'm lynn. good morning to you. let's get right to darren. it won't take as long today for the gray skies to go. >> good news on if you wanted to get more sunshine earlier than yesterday. today even though that low stratus gray wet blanket is back with us gone start the day and we are waking up to gray skies, it won't hang around as long as it did yesterday. we will clear it out by early afternoon for the bay. it should be late morning for many inland spots. concord last report you were
5:31 am
looking at clear skies. it will be breeze chrissy near the watery -- breezy near the water today. there are the clouds from our camera on top of the mark hopkins hotel. here is another view looking right down 880. that is the east bay. numbers have stayed low. it does keep the temperatures warmer in the overnight hours. speak of warmer, look at the inland number for daytime highs. 72 today. we will be in the low 70s. i will see you with the rest of the forecast later. how is the drive doing? >> it is a little busy this morning. eastbound 80 overnight construction still slowing things down near way highway 12 and 680. this is an ongoing project. this overnight close will will
5:32 am
be throughout the week. lanes should open up by 6:00 this morning. westbound 80 moving at the limit with no issues there. we have brake lights heading into the pass this morning. once you get to the interchange traffic is moving nicely there. 39 mint social -- minutes is your travel time. highway 4 so far, so good. bay bridge toll plaza pretty quiet. tonight the san francisco school board expected to scrap a decision on renaming 44 schools. the board voted in january to change dozens of school names asos souated with
5:33 am
-- associated with slavery. a civil suit also claimed the board's decision was violation of the brown act california's open meeting law. a group called families for san francisco said the board didn't do its home work. >> as far as we can tell they didn't open any biographies on any of these people and there are famous historical figures they only considered for a few seconds. sometimes it looks like they got the wrong person. >> tonight the board is expected to reverse course on this controversy in part to avoid costly litigation. the first time in almost two years college basketball has new champion. baylor defeated gonzaga 86-70 last night in the ncaa tournament men's final. the bears jumped out to an early lead and never trailed against a previously unbeaten zags.
5:34 am
>> our team has been special. we have been really, really good. >> baylor's victory was also a win for the ncaa. the coronavirus forced last year's tournament to be cancelled. to reduce risks the organization decided to play all of this queer's games near its indiana headquarters. teens were required to have seven daily negative tests before they arrived in indy and then daily testing upon their arrival. mean tile major league baseball's all-star game will now be played at coors field in denver. last week the league pulled the game out of georgia. the vep new change is expected to be officially announced later today. corporate america is also getting involved in the debate over georgia's new voting law. lets take a closer look at the details of the law. it would sling it can window for sending in ab senty ballots
5:35 am
absentee ballots. president biden supports the decision to move the all-star game although the administration said it is not asking businesses to boycott the state. the ceos of a number of major companies have criticized the new law. republican lawmakers are hitting back. >> my advice to the corporate ceos of america is to stay out of politics. >> our focus is on working with congress. republican governor greg abbott said he won't throw out the first pitch at the rangers home opener. a live look at minneapolis where the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin resumes in about 90 minutes. on monday jury heard testimony. he said chauvin violated his
5:36 am
training by pinning his knee on his neck while floyd was handcuffed and lying on his stomach. once there is no longer any resistance applying that level of force sun they. he also said it goes against department's ethics and values. >> that action -- is not de-escalation. that action goes contrary to what we are talking. >> a detense attorney grass examined the chief. he sought to show at the time of the incident last may it was not against policy to use a knee on the neck as a method of restraint. to coronavirus coverage now. researchers working as quickly as possible to try to learn more about another coronavirus variant found here in the bay area. sanford researchers detected the called india variant. it carries a combination of mutations. the effects are concerning to researchers. >> it is concerning that vaccines may be less effective
5:37 am
against this variant. we have seen that with other variants of concern. >> scientists are basing their assumptions on its similarity to other mutations seen. the cdc has updated its tips on how to best clean and disinfect your home. the agency suggest cleaning high touched surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, handles, light switches and countertops regularly. britain's prime minister said england will begin to ease some public health -- [ indiscernible ] nonhe sental stores can reopen while restaurants can serve good and drinks outdoors. limited mixing of households outdoors will also be allowed. this new zealand the prime minister said her country is a safe place to visit. >> you know you are asking me to
5:38 am
give a promo for new zealand. the thing i would say is we are safe and we cannot underestimate how important it is in this covid-19 world. we are a safe place to bring your family to come and visit. >> most of australia already allows quarantine free visits from new zealanders. now that policy will soon exist in the other i can recollection. new this morning, norwegian cruise lines say no one will be allowed to say on its ships if they haven't been fully vaccinated against covid-19. all passengers and crew members will have to show proof they got their last shot at least two weeks before boarding. for more news like this you can download the kpix app by scanning the qr code on your screen right now. we will show that to you again in a few minutes a was go to
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break all right. now to a push by the feds to help home openers. bus what -- plus what you need to know before booking that trip. >> good morning. treasury secretary is calling for a worldwide minute mum tax rate for corporations. she said it would make u.s. companies less likely to move overseas. president biden has already proposed raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. the feds are proposing banning foreclosures until next year. the consumer financial protection bureau also recommending giving borrowers behind on their payments more time providing a pre-foreclosure review period. as of february there were nearly three million homeowners behind on their mortgages. the supreme court handed google a major victory.
5:40 am
the computer software come -- it stems from a decade old case. the justices ruled google did not commit copy right infringement. we hear one travel company is offering a tax season themed give away. what can you tell us about this? >> this is a fun story this morning. is giving ten lucky winners $2,741 towards travel. that figure is the average 2020 tax refund for most meshes. this give away coincides with tax season. the entry form even looks like a tax form. you can enter on the hotel' website. you have till april 14th which is usually tax day. when you win , where are you going? >> i love that.
5:41 am
i feel that. i receive that. i think greece. lets go with greece. >> fun, fun. >> yeah. >> good luck. >> thank you so much. can't wait to get that $2,000. i can just see lynnize instagram lighting up with beautiful pictures from greece right now. the selfies. that will be great to southern california now where l.a. unified teachers will receive a monthly subsidy if they have children five years old and younger. officials say school employees including e -- [ indiscernible ] agreement coming after hard fought reopening negotiations between los angeles unified and union members resulted this some of the strictest school safety protocols in the nation. it is 5:42 now.
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>> coming up, the country pulling out of the tokyo summer games to keep its nation covid free. and marine layer is back. we are waking up to gray skies bay area wide. these clouds won't stick around as long a they did yesterday. show you what that means for daytime highs coming up in the forecast. as we take a look at the roadways, lots of brake lights. i will have a look at travel times coming up. and lets take a live look outside before we head to break. it is not greece but it is beautiful. this is a shot from our ex
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it is a quarter to 6:00. several airlines are grappling with online booking problems. american, united and delta all say the customers weren't able to book trips because the company's websites weren't uploading available flights. they are still investigating the cause of that glitch. meantime southwest airlines is recalling more than 200 pilots. those pilots have been on a voluntary extended leave program. now they will return to active status in june, go through that
5:46 am
requalification process and then fly with passengers over the summer. uker -- uber said allowing its california drivers to see ride destinations before picking up passengers and letting them set pricing has hurt business. the company is considering ending that access which was approved a year ago in an effort to prove that the drivers were truly independent contractors. now another check on the roads. >> good morning. it is busy already this tuesday morning. we will start off with a look at our maps. delays starting beyond mountain house extending ton 580. at last check we saw those brake lights around north land. now it is beyond that. lots of cars out there. a lot of folks going to
5:47 am
work this morning. it gets better as you connect on to 680. we are starting to see traffic build and pick up here as well. if you headed from that 680, 280 connecter northbound going over towards 80 -- 880 is where you will see slow and go conditions. south of there if you are making a trek out of san martin into more gain hill that is already starting to get busy as well. we are seeing some slow and go conditions and things loyal crowded for that ride out of gilroy this morning. lets check our travel times. westbound 80 still in the green. that is good news. 15 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. westbound 420 seven minutes to go from antioch over towards the east shore. i do have some good news to report if you are getting ready to head out the door and travel
5:48 am
through fairfield. that overnight road work has been completely cleared out of lanes. both directions of 80 moving at the limit. we shouldn't have any troubles there this morning as you head through fairfield. a quick live look at the bay bridge. no metering lights just yet. they don't go on till after 6:00. we are definitely seeing things getting a little crowded. it is 5:48. time to check your forecast. darren is here this morning. >> good morning. darken that view out at the bay bridge tollbooth. sunrise isn't coming up for another hour. it happens at 6:47 today. this will be one of those days where the majority of us miss the sunrise because the clouds are in the way. remember yesterday how gray it was? like until well into the afternoon for some spots in the bay and near the coast. well it won't be gray that long today. it is still going to be gray for the first part of this tuesday. we are look at low clouds that are covering the entire bay and they will burn back a little
5:49 am
sooner today than they did yesterday. that is 880 right there. those are all clouds obscuring our view. better way to look at it is seeing how widespread it is. the one spot right now that is reporting clear skies over head is actually concord. that is a good sign for the rest of us because if it hasn't gotten that far inland, that also just kind of reaffirms this idea. there is not as much of it. it will melt back sooner. lets time it out. time is tick by up here. once we get to 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning, a lot of this has melted back to the coast which sets the stage for a warm up to day. we are starting out relatively warm already. when you get the clouds like this, it keeps the temperatures mild. in the mid 40s right now in the north bay. 45 right now for santa rosa. it is 51 in san jose. 48 in livermore. the temperatures are really going to be able to take off once the sun comeses -- comes
5:50 am
out. union city will go to 66. fremont will hit 67. danville you will hit 68. there are more low 70s out here. it is a low 70s degree day with -- this is where the sun will clear by late morning. in the bay going to take longer. we will see daytime highs climb into the mid 50s and low 60s. as we go north there is santa rosa at 68 each will see 70s up in mendocino. there is clover dale going to 73. no rain to discuss here. as we get into april we really start to kind of turn that possibility off in general. this april is looking particularly bleak. there is a storm off the coast. that could have been hope for us to get some light rain. we could use it. look at that thing. it is just stuck out in the pacific. there is a big block of high pressure out there. with that said, let's enjoy sunny and mid 70s. that is what is coming back our
5:51 am
way by next weekend. that is the forecast for now. back over to you. north korea said they won't be sending a team to the upcoming summer olympics. the north sports ministry said they want to protect -- [ indiscernible ] north korea may not be the last country to withdraw. the host country japan is seeing a sharp rise this virus cases and a slow domestic vaccination campaign. next, a massive effort by northern california women to rescue abandoned cats. how she's leading the charge. lets take a live look outside before we head to break this tuesday morning. this is a view of the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic moving relatively slowly. >> coming up today, mom star
5:52 am
allison stops by. and welch helps drew with some diy make overs. that is all today at 2:00 on kpix mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. wewe had this s joke, 'oh,, that's a s senior momement, ri? but itit wasn't. i'm drivining her to t the doc, phphysical theherapy... mamaking sure e that she's's g and d staying hyhydrated. home carare with ann entirere support t team. mom coululd stay in n her hou, as l long as shehe wants. thatat would bee the peperfect solulution. she cocould live i independen, and d do her ownwn thing. but wiwith supportrt, and d transportatation. i i can focus s more on my familily too and d be sece in knonowing that t she's happppily lookeded after. hehe could keeeep doing his vegegetable gardrden,
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and d get reallyly good, spspecialized d care. and i cocould just b be her r daughter a again.
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come back. it is just about five minutes before 6:00. taking another live look outside. you see some boats on the bay there. it is a cloudy morning.
5:55 am
new this morning a massive effort is underway to save dozens of cats found abandoned in a sacramento county neighborhood. >> animal rescue groups say conditions are so bad that some have already died. so far about 100 felines have been found abandoned in and around a vacant home. an animal rescuer said the property is now owned by a nearby church. >> there are more than 40 cats still on the property. have some wild. some are friendly. they are believed to be kittened left behind. >> several healthy looking cats were also found dead and rescuers fear they may have been poisoned. an allegation they have investigated but could not prove. all right.
5:56 am
in our next of hour on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, winning on and off the court. the huge celebration for stanford as the bay area welcomes home the new national champs. and a big walk back. i will tell you what it is they will undo just ahead. another quick live look outside before we head to break because we can't get enough oh view of the city of san francisco we have from our camera on the mark hopkins hotel on knob hill. it is -- yeah 5:56 on a tuesday. we are rolling alo
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area t san francisco school board
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ready to vote on school renaming again. why the board is planning to reverse course in just a matter of hours. plus a federal civil rights lawsuit set to be filed against contra costa county city. and a mass vaccination site saved by the vice president. the announcement just made. thanks for joining us this morning. it is tuesday, april 6th. we could see a shift in tiers today. there is another count dwla could go orange. we have a lot to talk about. >> good morning to you. a cool and breezy day on top on this tuesday. darren joins us now with today's forecast. good morning. >> good morning. you throw in clouds in that description, too. a little less in the way of clouds. it will be a bit breezy. here are the headlines. it is a cloudy start once again today. we are


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